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A Meeting With Chaos [Storyline]

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Name: A Meeting With Chaos

Difficulty: Short

Participants: Khalfani

Story: Khalfani, after becoming a vampire has been unable to connect with whatever entity bestowed Nephilim powers unto them. In a desperate attempt to regain those powers, the young Desiertian attempts to Astral project to meet with the sun god again without the help of the lost Daisia, in hopes that this entity may once again bestow those powers unto them. What the descended child doesn't know is that someone- something new awaits them in the spirit realm. Henceforth, Khalfani must make a decision that could change their life forever. Will they choose the path of chaos?

Objective: Meet someone new | Choose or decline the path of chaos.

Name: Safe Travels

Rank: C

Type: Bad

Participants: Khalfani | Gryphon

Summary: In order to Astral project, Khalfani is forced to resort to the dark forces of nature. Without the help of Daisia and because their magical abilities aren't up to par with Daisia's, Khalfani must initiate a blood magic ritual using their Gryphon as an anchor to Earthland.

Others: Khalfani's Gryphon

Enemies: N/A

Rewards: 50,000 Jewels | +2 Endurance


  • Successfully initiate the blood magic ritual
  • Astral project.

Name: In Limbo

Rank: B

Type: Bad

Participants: Khalfani

Summary: After finally Astral projecting, Khalfani finds their spirit in a shadowy forest. Voices of despair could be heard, tempting the teenager to fall into a deep depression. The voices are the spirits of those trapped in Limbo; the realm between the underworld and the heavens. These spirits whisper your deepest darkest fears and untrue omens. Suddenly a black snake appears and Khal must follow it. However, some of these spirits are dark and are capable of interacting with Khalfani, seeking to destroy their soul. As Khalfani follows this black snake, they must also defeat the spirits attempting to claim them. After reaching a certain point, a smoke-like portal appears before Khalfani enters it.


Black Serpent: This serpent is an old and wise spirit capable of speaking the common tongue.

Enemies: 10x Limbo Spirits

Limbo Spirits: These spirits are those who have died and were either denied entry into both the heavens and the underworld, o weren't ready to leave. Many of them hold grudges against people on Earthland. Because of this, some of the spirits are vengful and will stop at nothing to consume the souls of the living.

Rewards: 100,000 Jewels | +3 Endurance


  • Follow the Black Serpent
  • Defeat or avoid all of the Limbo Spirits and make it to the end of the forest
  • Enter the portal

Name: Tests of Ket

Rank: B

Type: Bad

Participants: Khalfani

Summary: After stepping through a mysterious portal, Khalfani seemingly transports from Limbo into another realm. This new place is nearly void of all light, almost completely darkened if it wasn't for what seems to be the universe beneath them. There, a giant serpent appears before the young Desiertan, introducing themselves as a representative of the Zharian god of evil, destruction, and chaos. The Serpent explains that they were sent by the God with a gift if Khalfani could pass a series of tests. The test would be broken into 4 parts, each part representing Apeps fangs. The first test would be a series of riddles, the second would be a guessing game, the third would be a battle between friends, and the fourth would be the final and hardest test. If Khalfani should succeed they will awaken back on Earthland, however if they agree to take the tests and fail on any of them, Khalfanis body will be used as a vessel for Apep.

Ket: This giant serpent is one of the representatives of the Zharian god Apophis. She is wise, cunning and always hungry, often expressing her desire to feast on those she encounters.

Enemies: Jamie

Example NPC: Jamie is a bubbly, mischievous Neko that Khalfani met on Earthland-9 when they were banished there by cultists. Jamie was apart of a group Khalfani ran with to survive, ultimately becoming a loved one to the young Desiertan. She's fast, sweet to her friends and is secretly inlove with Khalfani.

Rewards: 100,000 Jewels | +3 Endurance


  • Pass Kets test of wits and answer each riddle correctly
  • Pass Kets test of awareness and see through the illusion game
  • Pass Kets test of sacrifice and kill Jamie
  • Pass kets test of commitment and commit suicide

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Assuming that NPC is not a Quest giver. Approved

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