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All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open)

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All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jan 12, 2022 9:44 am

When it came to her work, Miriko was more then happy to share. She just rather get the pieces herself and show them."Merely a me thing, I tend to get these things myself and pass them around to whom is interested, They are still my personal belongings, So I would rather you not go through them."She was polite about it, because it was just her nature to be polite about it.

But now Miriko would stand up from her chair and walk over to Alistair and dig up a few of her pencil and paper drawing books. This situation showed how tall Miriko was compared to other ladies, After all she did stand at six foot three inches tall, She was taller then most ladies around, She just did not flaunt it keeping it rather quiet much like the meek woman would normally be like she was fairly polite and not one to show off herself, Just what she could do.

She in the end had two books. She would return too walking over she would hand one over to Nathaniel, Then even a drawing book for Vex to look through."Some one has to make sure she is safe,when she zones out during her painting times."Alistair would say in return, Sounding a bit happy. Alistair after did not seem to put himself that much out there to yield very little attention. But you could tell how much he was valued by Miriko after getting the books and handing them over. She would then embrace Alistair resting his head on one of her shoulders and petting his head slightly.

Then she would return to her chair."There are various pictures from my travels from the places here in fiore I have been too."Miriko would mentioned as she settled into her chair. There was a fair amounts of pictures of landscapes people could see anywhere in fiore, Each unique to the books they held in their hands. Vex had a picture of Alistair laying upon a grave in a grave yard, with that grave being covered in neatly arranged flowers, The details were strong enough that you could see Alistair's sad emotions, The name marked."Judina Charlotte Karlinus." Vex got the book that might contain the drawing of Miriko's first citing of Alistair.

Nathainel got a picture of church, With the images of two faceless children being take away from one another, and with in the corner of the pencil drawing looked like that in fact the church was just set ablaze. It seemed like it did not tell a story with in it colourless features, after all the people in it were faceless, It must be left to Nathainel what he took out of this picture, But there were a lot of nice things with in the books to see, These were just pictures that might stand out with in them."Take your time looking at them, Just let me know when your finished. So I may put them back."Miriko mentioned because she was delighted to shared her creations with them both.

#27Nathaniel Hikyuu 

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nathaniel hesitated to get up, he didn't want to impose but also felt as though she made room for him it would be disrespectful to turn her down. Nathaniel stood and moved to the chair, he was visibly much shorter than Mimi was but made no comment, certain things he felt should be left as they were. Sitting at the table with the ladies he felt like an equal of sorts, he smiled at at Vex. "Thank you." He added, looking back towards the taller woman as she returned with two art books. She was kind, polite and incredibly well mannered, Nathaniel would do well in not pissing her off, the other girl however was more difficult for him to read, she wasn't clear and gave very little to be observed, he felt a little wary with her but not so much so he was uncomfortable.

Receiving the book, an image of a burning church and the children with no face Nathaniel paused for a moment, recalling her upbringing from just moments ago. "Is this...a memory?" He questioned, it was hard to discern the inherent emotional weight of the piece without imposing his own, but Nathaniel could not help but feel mildly saddened by the images. Children weren't always separated for positive reasons and the burning church felt like it couldn't have been anything good. Was the church burned by the kids and they were to be separated? Was the church burned and they were divided by separate conquering parties? Was it an accident and this was the only home for the kids they could find? There were so many uncertainties within the piece but one thing definitely sprang to mind.

"You're really good at this." He added, his voice plain and void of emotion for once, clearly he seemed deep in thought. He hadn't even inspected the piece that Vex obtained yet here he was so engrossed in what was a piece void of expression yet somehow he felt it was very full of meaning.


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Seems you do a good job at it seems she holds you very dearly. She opens the book and he looks through the pictures, she can tell this woman has a very skilled hand on her for art, plus she is a giant compared to her, seems she is both an artist and a beauty, she feels a bit jealous of the guy that manages to hook her. She looked at Nate who had smiled at her, She wonders why he was smiling and looks down at he clothes wondering if he is being a perv. She goes back to her thoughts and the book and sorta plans a murder plan for if some dumb horn dog breaks her heart in the end, not that she would even find out about it, cause she doubts Mimi would be quick to let it out with her voice that some dumb guy wasted their chance at her. Though she doesn’t know how Mimi swings so she starts planning if it is a woman instead that does it. She stops nearly dead when she sees the picture of the saddened cat and reads the name, the last name sounds like one she had read in some intel her scout cultists had given her on landing about a murderer in the east that killed his wife and daughter.

If you don’t mind me asking, where is this grave? She gently sets the book down and points from above the picture to the grave not wanting to touch the picture so not to risk smudging it or harming it. She thinks she might have to plan a trip to where ever this is once her following has grown and her cultists won’t just lose their foot hold here while she is out on a journey to look for strong allies. She figures Tutrix might have given her a vision for who to seek on the journey.


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Both were question she most likely should have expected to hear, Then again she did not mind answering either. Just which was one a fairly good thing to ponder. Since paintings could have many meaning depending on the person."Well I generally leave a person to take what they want wish too from a painting or drawing. It is up to their interpretation. "Given each one was generally not about the painting directly, It seemed that she was not facing her normal possible questions that she would expect from anyone who looked at her work.

For Nathaniel his answer was fairly simple."It is a memory of some one's past, Who it is a good question, Because I have drawn images of people's past before."Which was true statement it was power she had just did not use often because it means of being useful was limited, Nor did she flaunt it unless entirely needed.

Sure, Nathaniel's drawing was a part of Miriko's past, But that did not need to be known. Since it was not important for anyone here to know of Miriko's past, They just needed to know Miriko was a respectful gothic lady with a fair amount of life skills.

As for the second question, Miriko would tell Vex that information. It would come with a warning."Magnolia, A tucked away graveyard away from the well known ones."Vex at least knew the town now, It was something to go off of, But now she got the warning."Give heed however,The person buried with in there has eyes fixed on it."Miriko was saying that just in case, She did not assume Vex was going to do anything to ruin the graves."I do not assume wrong of you, But I will warn you, That grave even if I found and got Alistair from there because it is his former master's grave, Is always being the watched by the mother of who died. Never assume you are alone visiting."This would show that Miriko had been there, However if she met Judith she left in air, But it was the starting picture of show she met and gained Alistair, Maybe Alistair needed Miriko just as much as Miriko needed Alistair, It was mutual comfort between one another, Miriko seemed to have some how talked the Cattian to walk away from just resting by a grave, To give him a new life.

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nathaniel did not pry further, he could place two and two together and in his eyes if she wished to speak about it she would, if not he would leave it be. Ultimately this was none of his business and he was indeed curious, but he knew better than to dig into someone's history like that. Maybe if the time was right he would be able to speak to her about it in a bit more depth, however now, with Vex was likely not the time. "The clan and identity of your clan was so important back home...I couldn't imagine being forced away from them and being happy." He closed the drawing book and handed it back to Mimi with a slight smile pain slightly visible in his eyes as he thought about it, "I hope they found each other again."

He didn't take anytime to look at what Vex was given, but he did listen to what she said about Alistair and the grave. Was it bad the boy wanted to see the haunted place, or at least assumed it was haunted. He perked up a bit as she spoke about it, "I never assumed Alistair belonged to anyone else, you two look like quite the pair. I can't imagine him belonging to someone else."

Nat looked at the beast with a look of wonder and delight, "What do you even eat?" He asked, a bit curious as to whether or not he was a herbivore seeing how big they could be, or maybe even an omnivore. He tried to picture Mimi feeding him and the thought just feels so hilarious in his eyes due to how dainty and polite she seemed. Did the beast just hunt for himself? He seemed independent enough to care for himself without her aid, their relationship did definitely feel very independent, neither needed the other, but out of respect and loyalty they stayed together. Something he could definitely admire.


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Vex looks at the book a little bit more enjoying some of the nature she sees in the other pictures and hears the warning the woman is giving her about the grave, she wouldn’t dare think to tear up a grave or make this poor gentle giant more sad or to anger him, she looks up to Mimi with a smile to reassure her of what she is about to say right now.

I wouldn’t dare to cause harm to a grave. I had just wondered if it had anything to do with the east. Plus he looked so sad, does he visit there still when you are back there? She looked highly interested in the answer, but wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t get one cause it was probably too personal. When she heard ants question she looked at the cat from the book she is holding figuring by his look his diet was probably mostly fish based with snacks in between. She hands the book back to Mimi gently to keep it from getting damaged in anyway.


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With noticing the details about Miriko and Alistair. Then again they were not exactly hiding it either. There was never really the need to do either, Then again it just seemed like her normal. Either way the continued way of everyone being, Miriko was unsure how to feel being the general center of attention and solution focus here."Well, you never know anyone past right away, Sometimes everyone has an interesting story to tell."It was another way to be a casual about lessons in life you could learn from other people,If they could open up a person to get them comfortable with it.

As for the statement Miriko mentioned."Well, It is where I found him, I do not know much about Alistair's first owner, Only know that grave and that mother of who passed is watching it."So that was the limit to Miriko's knowing that both now knew clearly, If they wanted anymore information about the people with in the image of Alistair, It was something they needed to dig into themselves.

But Vex had her own question, It was a simple answer really."I do often plan to bring him by there. Alistair has managed well to move on. But given the nature of what he told me, Moving on is hard sometimes."There were always ways to show caring Miriko seemed to always plan to figure out and make sure Alistair needs where met in a good way."It has been a few months, So I might have to return there sooner rather then later."So it seemed it could be they both knew where Miriko might end up next, Or could find this painter eventually, She might stand out but she did not seem to try and draw in that large of a crowd over all.

Magically much like the strange big cat he was in the situation, Alistair did answer his own questions."Fish mostly, Whatever else I can eat is good too as long as it does not poison me."Could have to wonder how much food bills would be for Alistair, But he did eat enough."I am often pretty lazy, So I do not complain about too much."when Alistair was actually engaged in conversation, He did actually talk.

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nat nodded as he agreed, he was happy he felt like she had shared something important with both of them. Art always spoke to him, albeit never through him, and he did have some feeling of happiness flash through his core as he reflected on the image, burning it into his memory for the time being. Maybe, when he ran into her again he could ask her and connect more personally.

"And you two have only been together a few months?" He seemed amazed, "Do you have any pets Vex?" He asked, turning his head for a moment before attempting Mimi's idea of sharing more about himself. "I've never had one but I did consider the animals to be companions. Call it something I learned back home." Nat chuckled for a second, "I feel like I mention that a lot." He scratched his head and snickered for a second, a bit embarrassed.

It was another moment when Alistar answered, confirming that he was indeed a fish eater and that made Nathaniel quite happy. "Fishing is the Encan specialty, maybe next time we meet I'll bring you a fresh catch." He offered cheerily, before continuing, "Or you can come with me and maybe I can pick your brain. I'd love to hear your thoughts on things." His love for animals was hopefully showing and not misconstrued, he was pretty upfront about his feelings, he never felt like hiding the way something made him feel or ideas he had. No's might suck but at least he'd know where he stood. He gingerly sat back, leaning on the seat a bit and looking at his katana momentarily before looking back to the women.


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I do not have pets, nor do I really think at this moment having one who be a good idea for me. She had thought about getting a pet but knows it would be unwise because of what she does. She watches the big cat as he speaks, she wonders if he is the last of his kind or if there are more like him somewhere in the world. Are you the last of your kind or do more of your kind walk this world? She hopes he isn’t the last of his kind cause that would be a scary thought, to be the last of a dead breed of animal, so no one of the future would ever get to meet them, but she guesses that is life and as a wood elf she will have to realize that everyone she ever cared about will die far before her if they aren’t an elf.

She looks to Nat and narrows her eyes a little like she is looking through him. So what is your talent? I guess it is only fair since she has shared with us. Mine is my singing I guess if I had to pick one. Her face gets a little red with embarrassment knowing she might be asked to sing now, that she ran her mouth and admitted it.


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It was funny enough of a ponder that Miriko never intended to be a pet owner, It just happen out of Miriko own understanding of another's feeling of sadness for what they had lost, Only wanting to be sure he not alone and ate something."Well, I would consider Alistair more then a pet. But that is more given for the nature of what he is."Maybe the better word for him was kind of familiar or companion, Since pet seemed so simple and plain. When a pet does so much more it seems more fitting to make it seem like it was more then just that.

As for Vex's ponder."In my research, So far to date Alistair is the only Cattian both on and off any records I can get my hands on or listen in to. Maybe just maybe Alistair could very well be the last of his own for all I know."Miriko did not make this fact sound so grim, Then again she seemed to have done a lot of searching so far about it."If there is another Cattian out there, I very well would like to know for I wish to know if they would be anything like Alistair."It sounded like now they knew one of Miriko's current goals in life.

Then since they both seemed to be with her drawing books Miriko would pick them up and put them away."If you mention Enca being cold like iceberg, It would be last one my list of places to go since Miriko can not handle the cold."Alistair would mention, She was a woman of many talents resisting weather was not one of them.

So she could sing something that she did not think to ask, Then again Miriko could admit she had other ideas,like drawing Vex since she looked interesting to Miriko."Are we sharing talents now? interesting."Two people have share talents, Mind you Alistair did not have talents mentioned. He walks, he talks, He can climb things with ease.

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nat was surprised, but then again she didn't have a strong familial bond, maybe that extended to pets too? He felt kind of bad as Miriko chimed in as well, he seemed to have demeaned Alistar again but he really didn't intend it in any derogatory manner, it was difficult to change his way of thinking so quickly but it was something he meant to do. Even hunting companions for his people were family, but pet was still a common way to address them because some hunted, some gathered and companion referred to friends, significant others and more. This was definitely a mild cultural barrier he would try to address.

"My fault, I didn't mean to to that again. Definitely going to work on that..." His voice faded towards the end before Miriko explained the existence of the cattian race, this made him so much more rare than he had imagined. Now he was definitely interested in picking his brain. How did a 'cattian' view the world. It was like being able to speak to a wolf and having it explain why it hunted the way it did, chose its mate and how it say itself in relation to its environment. It was so interesting to him. "If there's another one I hope he likes me." He commented, "Or maybe it can be Vex's companion." he said eyes falling onto her as he spoke.

His attention was snapped away from her momentarily when Alistar spoke, he smiled at his words before rebutting, "Aye, I recall she was not a fan of the cold, should have been a fire mage I'd happily help you out. Maybe we can find a lake or stream in the area one day, the best fish may be Encan, but I don't catch bad fish." His confidence beaming as he responded, his personality and conversation heating up since his previous groggy state. It was hearing Vex speak that stirred him further, however.

His eyes traced the wooden table and he could feel the visible mischief etch itself across his exterior as his grin widened. "You sing, eh?" He asked, " Guess that means it's your turn then." He smirked as he dodged the question mildly, temporarily applying a bit of light pressure on the girl next to him. "I dance, I also skate a bit but dance is definitely my forte."


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I see, if you were looking into it I think it is in good hands. She sits back in her chair a little and looks up a bit. Well I just hope if you do find another one it is at least friendly, so if you do find one use safety. She doesn’t want Mimi poking bears and getting hurt by something in the wild, even though she has Alistair he is still only one person. She looks at Mimi feeling like she might be able to get close to her.

She looked at the man who again has himself stepping all over himself, she worries this guy will probably get himself killed for stepping out of line with the wrong people she sighs shaking her head. She looks at him when he says maybe if another were to surface it might be her companion. Yeah I would teach it to eat you. She giggled clearly joking about it. I think if that were to happen I don’t think I would be a good pick for them.

She looked to Mimi with a smile, and she wraps one of her thorny hair vines around her own finger playing with it. well it is only fair cause you shared with us. she notices the creepy smirk the boy is getting and she stops playing with her hair. I can indeed sing. You trying to ask me to do it? When he said skate she wonders in what form of skate he can do, but she wonders the dance skill a little of this man.


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These two seemed to be very different, at least with how one of them was even if he was clashing with the other, Miriko did not seem to mind the both of them, Since each person did kind of work and live differently, However depending on how often Miriko saw either of them, She might considered being able to fit them into to the idea of friends it did over all matter when they saw each other again as well as how often. Only because Miriko did a lot of moving around and did seem to also lose track of things sometimes, So it would be something interesting to unfold later on what would happen.

Miriko did not think too much about it."I would not force one to show talents if they do not wish too."Miriko mentioned to be sure of a middle ground, Surely even if she was showing her skills off it was fairly engaging and talking at the same time to make it seemed more then just show boating. If Miriko ended up being the only person to show off her talent in the end that did not bother her, Since she was for too use to it in the end.

Even noting it seemed Nathaniel mention dancing, Which was something Miriko did not dive into also never did consider because it was not something she ever think she could enjoy doing, It was something required something she lack, She was a woman of many talents, But there was still something she could not do. Then again Miriko was also far too meek and shy for dancing as well."After all, My talents might be my life style, Does not mean it is for everyone else."This at least for now would put the pressure of it away, at least in theory it would.

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