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The Fairy Mother's Personal Challenge. (FPHS – Climbing Cookout/Open)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

The Fairy Mother's Personal Challenge. (FPHS – Climbing Cookout/Open) Empty Sun Feb 11, 2024 4:17 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was about time Judith set up her own verison of the climbing cookout. After all she intended this to be a really hard challenge. So she would prepare and spread the word around to see if anyone would do this her way. It was just for fun because to Judith it was about seeing if you could do it.

To start with doing this with no magic, preparing and cooking with out magic to climb up what they where told too while making sure you did not spill anything or burn anything. Was a lot harder then how most people might do this challenge. So she left it open to everyone and set up the exactly made back pack that would be used by her to function enough to cook the things you might want to cook. She just had to hope people weren't going to be lazy with this and just find something simple enough that could be passively made while climbing. But that was Judith internally wanting to take this to the extreme.

She would be pondering what to cook while she was strapping this werid backpack travelling cooking station on her back. Making sure her shoes where tied up and she was prepared to climb. It was now down too what she would cook, when everyone else was ready and if anyone else showed up for this.


The Fairy Mother's Personal Challenge. (FPHS – Climbing Cookout/Open) Empty Fri Feb 23, 2024 10:00 pm

Lazarus had only been in Fiore for a few weeks, and he can confidently say he was thoroughly enjoying himself. It had been many years since he visited this land of flowers and guilds, and while much had changed, other things have not. Fiore was still wonderfully diverse in all things, from food to people. Hosenka was a perfect example of this, the elegance and regality of Joya wrapped in a little resort town. Marvelous.

Technically Lazarus was here to do some networking with the local yakuza and legal merchants on behalf of his company, but this evening he decided to take some time to himself. In an effort to enjoy Hosenka even more, the vampire left the town to the mountains above, finding a wonderful spot to see the town below in all of it's beauty, particularly the cherry blossom trees. He had already hunted earlier to drain a local boar of it's blood and rid of the body, so all that was left was to sit and relax with a quickly cooling thermos of coffee as he enjoyed the chill and the view. It would soon be interrupted by the approach of footsteps in the snow, causing Lazarus to turn around to check for danger. But he really need not be worried.


The Fairy Mother's Personal Challenge. (FPHS – Climbing Cookout/Open) Empty Wed Feb 28, 2024 5:31 pm


The Fairy Mother's Personal Challenge. (FPHS – Climbing Cookout/Open) Zendre18

Zendreyu showed up for work directly prepared to make sure climbing lines were secure and to hand out cooking materials to those whom might not be prepared. He was well set with climbing gear, hooks, tassels, hammers, pinions, pistons and clips. Zendreyu was over prepared to charge down the mountain to reinforce any climbing points that weren't properly anchored. Havings staged extra gear at the first 3 cliff faces for any competitors Zendreyu stood on the lookout ready to help or give out cooking needs. If the judges hadn't mentioned their love of chicken pasta Zendreyu wouldn't be so well stocked.

Armed with recipes, climbing gear, cooking utensils and the fixings Zendreyu had arrived to make sure this event was safe, and if he could help it delicious. He carried a set of chicken recipes that weren't too terrible for high altitude cooking.
10 boxes rigatoni noodles
10 jars extra virgin olive oil
10 packs of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite size pieces
10 lbs of  white onion, chopped
10 lbs of varying olives, chopped
10 lbs hot or sweet pickled peppers, chopped
10 lbs of garlic cloves, minced
5   lbs of red pepper flakes, optional
4 bottles of dry white wine
6 gallons of tomato sauce
5 lbs Freshly ground black pepper
10 lbs Freshly grated parmesan, plus more for garnish
5 lbs Fresh basil, chopped

Corn, carrots, broccoli, potatoes, dill weed, cilantro, greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes... all settled in easily accessible pockets on his pants legs and his service backpack.

As Zendreyu staged himself to assist in the event he hums a song from Bellum that was stuck in his head from an old lady that lived near the main city. It was very catchy and motivating.

Humming and working up his internal energy for work. Zendreyu took a look over the edge of the mountain face to see that two people had begun ascending the mountainside. As Zendreyu set up his own climbing gear and anchors memories of his training emerged as he began to rappelling to secure more anchor points to make sure that the climbers were safe.

Zendreyu set up 4 additional ropes along with his personal two for the safety of the two climbers that were already ascending. After making sure the clips were locked on to several anchors he had deeply embedded into the cliffside. With the rappelling ropes special loops set into there locking point. There was thigh length strands of rope set for the heavyweight backpack and materials he was already carrying not to mention his own body mass. Along with the memories pouring out Zendreyu's muscle memory went in synch as he clipped his retaining ropes in.

With the slack in his lines Zendreyu made two special knots for each rope to keep openings in lines for emergency anchor points. With his kneepads and gloves reinforced for proper friction along his safety harnesses. Zendreyu was making sure he carry a lot of weight so he made multiple anchor points and left free ropes coiled at set cliffs that people could sit on and rest.

On his way down Zendreyu made sure to dig out proper feet and hand holds that could be comfortably grabbed and would not crumble if people supported their body weight.

Zendreyu continued down till he reached the base of the mountain side after setting up extra safety points and multiple hand and feet holds so that there are multiple paths to climb the mountain.

WC: 600

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#4Judith Karlinius 

The Fairy Mother's Personal Challenge. (FPHS – Climbing Cookout/Open) Empty Thu Feb 29, 2024 7:39 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed that two people had finally arrived for her challenge, Judith seemed delighted. She just had to hope people took the challenge how she intended still, Even if she figured some might not when she was not around but that was another time for another story to hear. This was about challenging yourself to do this just by sheer will and strength, Passing the challenge even if hard, Even coming first or last place, Was never what Judith wanted some one to focus on, Judith wanted people to just do it and do the best they can to learn form it.

But before she said it was time to start, She looked around at who all was here."Is everyone prepared?"Judith made sure for good reason she was not the type to make sure everyone was ready and prepared. As well she looked over to check if anyone else was coming up to join the event.

And after that mention it would be time to go and start the climb, Judith was taking her time to start with. After all the climbing part. She seemed to have taking off her cliff climbing with a casual walk forward towards the climb. But she was casually cutting an onion while she walk forward.


The Fairy Mother's Personal Challenge. (FPHS – Climbing Cookout/Open) Empty Tue Mar 05, 2024 1:57 pm

Well, it looks like his prediction of danger was most likely correct, unless he was sorely misunderstanding the situation. Just walking past him were two individuals, one a woman with white hair and white robes, the other a bald man wearing camo. Both had large bags on their backs, food bulging out of it along with cooking utensils, causing Lazarus to raise his eyebrows. Hikers? Now the man was curious, so he put the cap on his thermos and wandered over. "Hello there," he greets with a friendly smile and a wave. "What brings you both up the mountain this fine day? Are you also here to enjoy the view?" The man questions, giving a vague wave towards Hosenka not far down below.

Then another idea occurs to him, something he heard from one of his contacts. Was there not some sort of event going on with some guilds? "Or are you both with Blue Pegasus or Fairy Tail, off on an adventure? If so, I apologize for interrupting you. I am Lazarus, a merchant," he introduces himself, giving them a short apologetic bow, hand over his heart.

WC: 188


The Fairy Mother's Personal Challenge. (FPHS – Climbing Cookout/Open) Empty Tue Mar 05, 2024 6:39 pm


"Is everyone prepared?" Judith said.

Lazarus raised his eyebrows, as he put the cap on his thermos and wandered over. "Hello there," he greets with a friendly smile and a wave. "What brings you both up the mountain this fine day? Are you also here to enjoy the view? Or are you both with Blue Pegasus or Fairy Tail, off on an adventure? If so, I apologize for interrupting you. I am Lazarus, a merchant," he introduces himself, giving them a short apologetic bow, hand over his heart.

Zendreyu nodded with a responsive accepting smile, "Mr. Lazarus, M'Lady, I am Zendreyu. I was hired as a safety coordinator for special events. I am not a part of any guilds, I am just a veteran working to pay taxes for the family ranch. At your behest M'lady, I will compete with you. I carry a pasta recipe that is easily prepared at high altitudes. If you would rather challenge different recipes I can accommodate you there as well. Mr. Lazarus I carry enough ingredients for a dozen servings. If you would like to participate in this event I have set up 7 separate climbing lines and rest points on each ascension point on the mountain. M'lady I would like to point out that cooking at higher elevations will be harder than the normal cooking. If you would state the conditions to succeed in your challenge I will do my best to reach your standards."

Zendreyu set aside climbing harnesses for Lazarus should he choose to participate.

"M'lady would you like me to check over your climbing gear, and harness? Mr. Lazarus should you choose to participate I can check over your gear and harness or provide them to you and fit them properly."

Zendreyu was thoroughly prepared to do his job and participate in most competitions as long as he was informed of the standards.

WC: 260

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#7Judith Karlinius 

The Fairy Mother's Personal Challenge. (FPHS – Climbing Cookout/Open) Empty Thu Mar 07, 2024 4:13 am

Judith Karlinius
These were both fairly different and interesting people ones she was not expecting for such a matter that was going to be happening, in some manner it was in fact a welcoming shift what from Judith expected from the the challenge ahead."This mountain is going to be a part of a wonderful challenge that I have invited everyone to try with me."Judith answered because it was overly a good thing to inform some people who might have missed the starting words about Judith's challenge.

For the question about guilds Judith would answer."Well Good sir.I am Judith the Guild Master of Fairy Tail. I set up this challenge to see who all is ready to try things that might be hard to do...but the entire point was to do your best."Judith mentioned because as it all came to light it seemed like a really hard challenge over all.

But Judith would make that all clear."There are two ways, I would consider the challenge completely. climb the mountain while cooking everything, trying not to spill anything. Or climb the mountain have stopping points to cook and make it to the end. your end goal is simple. Reach the end with a fully prepared dish. with out the use of magic to aid you."Judith was not going to watch them but hopefully the entire idea and spirit of what she wanted people to do would hopefully be there. Just try.

She would even make sure make it clear."My goal will be with out magic, no spilling or dropping anything and having a clean and prepared dish by the end with out magic, But over all i expect one to just try."With that out of the way it seemed herself and one another where preparing to start.

With that offer Judith would actually say yes."A second set of eyes is always good to look over, You we more then welcome too Zendreyu."Since he did state what his name was and she merely forgot in the moment to knowledge it."Then we can either wait for anyone else, Or prepared and start." Judith seemed if anything more then happy to start it was entirely more about when everyone else was ready for Judith seemed already prepared to go. Everyone else seems to have just been setting up when they found her here.


The Fairy Mother's Personal Challenge. (FPHS – Climbing Cookout/Open) Empty Sun Mar 17, 2024 2:24 pm


Zendreyu nodded to Lady Judith and in a very professional manner checked her climbing gear and straps. Zendreyu made sure her climbing rig was snug but comfortable for her repeatedly asking how she was after he adjusted the harness on her back and hips. The footwear Lady Judith had on was okay but Zendreyu offered some climbing spikes that could reinforce her footing if she wanted. Zendreyu then checked her gloves to make sure they wouldn't slip involuntarily or get in her way. Zendreyu then looked over to Lazarus with an expectant eye. Surely this man would participate but Zendreyu would not touch anyone without permission.

"I have some cookware that can be sealed to prevent dirt and rocks from falling into your meal preparations. Would you like to use some or do you want to use your own?"

Zendreyu addressed both Lazarus and Lady Judith to ensure they were ready as it was quite the challenge before them. Although Zendreyu would be participating he was mainly there for safety measures.

"Mr. Lazarus let me know when you are ready or if you want to be checked over."

#9Judith Karlinius 

The Fairy Mother's Personal Challenge. (FPHS – Climbing Cookout/Open) Empty Fri Mar 22, 2024 5:58 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed everything was working out well side from some one who seemed either not paying attention anymore or still thinking on it. Not that Judith minded. She was making a simple idea extreme for little more then just feeling like she wanted too when she could have just done to reason and dealt with it as it was agreed upon in the end. But she since the spirit lingered on. But with all of the things checked on and suggested the ideal changes Judith seemed okay with it."I had intended to use what I already had, but if you have some to spare I will not refuse."

After all supporting one another was not argued for or against either. What better is a victory when you knew everyone could achieve it equally. Then well it seemed she needed to wait just to in case the third person here was going to join them or not. Believe it or not they could not wait here all day they did need to actually do this challenge. Judith herself would not say anything as it seemed some one else was already doing all of these check overs just as well as Judith herself would have done it.

#10Phoenix Shields 

The Fairy Mother's Personal Challenge. (FPHS – Climbing Cookout/Open) Empty Fri Mar 22, 2024 1:21 pm

Phoenix Shields
'Damn it!'

A young werewolf was rushing toward the mountain region with a backpack and a large blue-and-white wolf by their side. They weren't much for cooking, but the mountain climbing challenge had caught their attention. Phoenix saw it as an opportunity to hone their skills and get some good strength training and cardio in the process. As they drew closer to the small gathering, their nose caught the scent of cooking ingredients. Had they started already?

Thankfully, as Nick arrived, they discovered two men and a woman conversing. Good, it looked like they hadn't started yet. Maybe they were on time after all. Adjusting the backpack on their shoulders, Nick bowed apologetically, sweat on their brow from the jog. "Sorry I'm late! I lost track of time... and missed my train... ah, not that any of that is an excuse or anything." As they spoke frantically, their wolf nudged them with her nose. "Oh! I'm Phoenix... this is my best friend Blue."

Blue slowly wagged her tail, eying the three strangers warily. She wasn't dangerous, but she was a bit shy—much like her friend Nick, who was a bit of an introvert themself. This was way out of their comfort zone, and even though they had packed a few bare cooking essentials, their main goal was to see if they could reach the top at all. It was a long climb, from the looks of it, but they were up for the challenge. A soft whine and bark from Blue confirmed that she was ready as well.

[WC: 252]


The Fairy Mother's Personal Challenge. (FPHS – Climbing Cookout/Open) Empty Fri Apr 12, 2024 12:56 am


ooc: I made a post on April 2nd but it somehow disappeared, odd but okay I will accept being an April Fool yet again.

Zendreyu greeted the newcomer after passing some portions of food to cook to Lady Judith having already made sure her climbing gear was safe and secure. Zendreyu turned to Phoenix Shields in a professional manner and spoke in a clear and concise manner.

"Hello Phoenix, I am Zendreyu and I am both participating in this mountain climbing cooking challenge and working as a safety measure. I have climbing ropes and lines securely placed on the mountain that you may use at your leisure. I also have safety harnesses that can fit your friend blue if you want her to climb with you." Zendreyu approached in a calm and direct manner so as not to anger Blue by seemingly approaching her and her friend in a dominant manner. After arriving within 3 feet of the couple Zendreyu would lay out weather resistant material and set down 3 sets of harnesses specially worked on for four legged companions. Carefully smiling without showing his teeth as his Sinese beast warrior teams had taught him to do while he had been in the military, Zendreyu also set down 2 climbing rigs that he wagered would fit Phoenix as well. "Here are two climbing rigs for you as well Phoenix, please let me know if either of you need assistance placing them on. I also have food and cookware of the portable variety that can be used for the contest. Feel free to request however many portions you would like and whatever cookware I carry is available for your usage as well. Whenever Lady Judith is ready for you both we can start the competition. I am certain that as the source of this challenge she would have something to say to you about the rules and her expectations for this event. After you have conferred with Lady Judith, please let me know if you need any further assistance."

Having presented himself before Blue in a nonthreatening manner Zendreyu took 3 steps back while facing her and then slowly but smartly turned around in a professional manner so as not to trigger any of Blue's instincts that a challenger was toying with her presence.

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