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All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open)

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#51Nathaniel Hikyuu 

All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Mon Jan 24, 2022 5:29 pm

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Vex made a decently funny comment, he chuckled to himself. Nathaniel was definitely the child who spent more time with the elderly than the kids his age. On more than one occasion he was responsible for mending the clothing of his friends and neighbors but that wasn't particularly interesting information for the conversation. However he did find it interesting Vexx was so on the nose despite not knowing much about him. "Be sure to call me if you need me."

Vex's second question caught him off guard momentarily, his eyes opening as he responded, "Was...was that a joke?" He asked, clearly mocking her a bit, "You must have really warmed up to me. I should try to sleep on Cattians more often. No offense!" He added. To actually answer her question he merely stated, "I'm a learner. I love cultures, I love history and I love languages. I just love to connect with people."

Miriko mentioned the reason behind her personal skills, shifting the focus back to her as he listened, "So you're a merchant? Do you own a boutique somewhere?" He questioned, genuinely curious as to how merchants functioned in Fiore. Obviously it was currency for objects but some of his people exchanged favors or bartered for what they need when money was low. He had no idea how to operate an actual shop.

Her riddle seemed simple enough, he heard it and within a moment or two responded, "Is it the time of day?" before smiling cleverly hoping he was right.


All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Mon Jan 24, 2022 6:58 pm

She just rolls her eyes at Nat's comment and listened to Mimi speak, to be honest she isn't surprised Mimi would have issues finding clothes normally as she is extra tall with curves. What Mimi says about falling back on the clothes and other sewn goods and it makes sense, though she can imagine that Mimi's shop would probably be full of people coming for the wrong reasons to window shop on her instead of her goods, but that was probably just her being cynical about people. She listened to Mimi's riddle and to Nat's answer figuring that sounded right she didn't feel the need to answer with anything.

She looked around the bar at some of the people that were around the place. "Either of you two feel like you are being watched but you don't know where from?" She turns back around in her seat and she doesn't know why but she feels like someone is watching them but she doesn't see them.


All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Tue Jan 25, 2022 6:23 am

At least in the end Miriko had kind of made it simple."Very good, I figured it might have been a very simple riddle."There were find more complex ones she could most likely think of but it really did not seem like it was needed at this point. If it was gonna be too much of a problem Miriko would not really worry about mentioning riddles.

Merchant? ahh well."I would not say i am a Merchant, I have no store front and travel everywhere far too often for that to be a logical option."Needless to say, anything Miriko could paint or make were not in stores normally you would have to find Miriko and strike a deal with it."Only chance you could find things in a store related to me, Is if some one who was a previous customer of mine choose to sell whatever they got second hand."So that was something interesting to note, along with something else.

When it came to clothing."I have not made clothing for anyone else but myself, No person has yet really asked me to make a dress or an outfit for them."Was it a lack of interest? Was it because of how out there her outfit was? could be many things but that was just something Miriko mentioned.

As for the mention of being watched."I am use to being watched, But I know who is watching me."That was Alistair she was mentioning Alistair with that. But if that feeling was happening Miriko might consider it a sign that maybe she needed to leave, crowds were not her thing after all. So she would pick up and pack up all of her things."But if that feeling is happening, Who knows what it could mean. So for now."Miriko quietly left for if that was an underlying theme of something yet to come Miriko wanted to be be clear of it.


#54Nathaniel Hikyuu 

All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Wed Feb 02, 2022 5:53 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
It wouldn't bee too long before Vex had mentioned a feeling of unease as if eyes were on her. Nathaniel, raising a brow looked about but didn't feel anything of note, however it was enough to get Mimi to figure it was best to take her leave. He seemed unphased by it, smiling as he remained seated and watching the pair exit, he couldn't help but feel like not everyone was cracked up for this kind of life. Nathaniel had been battling for survival for so long he didn't even budge but rather laid back rather provocatively. If someone wanted problems he would be right her with a solution.

"I'd understand if you'd choose to go asd well, they're no hard feelings. I probably don't have the energy to run even if I wanted to so I guess I'll deal with whatever it is in your stead."


All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Wed Feb 02, 2022 7:28 am

She looks to Mimi and smiles at the thought of maybe getting her picture drawn or something made by her. "I would welcome a picture or clothing made by you." she listened to her talk how the only other way to find a piece from her is by someone selling it and getting it second hand. "someone must be dumb to sell something from you Mimi." she watches Mimi raise and start leaving she waves to Mimi. "safe travels Mimi."

She turns to the fully relaxed Nat looking at him and wondering why he says he feels like he doesn’t have the energy to run. "why you lacking energy? Was talking to two pretty women that hard on you?" She giggles in a teasing tone, she knows she could hold her own in a fight and doesn’t need this man to fight her battles, she sips on some water from the cup in front of her.

#56Nathaniel Hikyuu 

All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Wed Feb 02, 2022 8:33 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
He turned to the elf, sizing her up quickly before returning to the still warm tea in front of him, sipping slowly between glances around the pub. "Not when you're so easy on the eyes." He responded, a half smirk parting his lips before he took another sip. He straightened up a little before releasing a gentle sigh, the tea was definitely hitting the spot.

"Better question is why aren't you scared if you feel watched? Something you're used to?" He turned to her and met her eyes before he made another comment, letting a moment pass between them before he considered his next sentence. "At least you know you're pretty." he added, chuckling enough to to cause a gentle bounce in his shoulders. He had the opportunity to do many a things, but not one of them was sit and talk to a girl one on one since he came to Fiore. He would definitely enjoy the peace while it lasted, if it lasted, since his blade was by his side he felt prepared for anything.


All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Wed Feb 02, 2022 8:53 am

She laughs at his words about being easy on the eyes. "Best watch where your eyeing or I might relieve you of your eyes." She did a fake sassy meaner tone. When he questioned why she was not uncomfortable she shrugged. "Like I said I can hold my own, plus if need be they will get their eyes removed." She knows she is pretty because that is just who she has been her whole life like a doll she was made pretty on the out side through routine and work, plus being a wood elf didn’t hurt her looks at all, as she will look young and pretty for a very long time, probably longer then this half-elf male in front of her will even be alive for. "Pretty is a thing an on looker sees and judges, so it is only skin deep."

#58Nathaniel Hikyuu 

All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Thu Feb 03, 2022 6:59 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
He closed his eyes and leaned back, for a moment, holding the chair with both hands and he hummed the song she sang for a few notes. "As long as I can still hear you sing." He replied, "I'd still count that as a win."

Hearing her back up her abilities, Nathaniel didn't seem to have even a smidgen of doubt, if she said it he trusted it, he had no reason not to. Her confidence disclosed a rather silent yet intense power to her he didn't really wish to question, who knows how things my go if he tried to dig too deep. "i see you have a thing for removing eyes, any reason in particular?"

"So besides pretty, what else do you have? You told us about the skills you had but what do you think makes you, you?"


All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Thu Feb 03, 2022 7:36 am

"You seem to be a smooth one all the sudden huh?" She smirks as this guy some how has gone from a bumbling idiot with no class to trying to be the smoothest man in this side of the country. She looks at him talking about her thing for removing eyes, even though she never has really done that she thinks it might be funny just to mess with him a little. "Not really, just like to collect them." She points at him with a wink. "hmmm not sure what you mean by that."

She stands and stretches a little. "If you mean magic wise, I am more of a supportive role." She is still unsure what he really wants her to answer that with, alot of things make different people different things, and them self at the same time but nothing hits her harder then Tutrix but she wasn't gonna tell him about her.

#60Nathaniel Hikyuu 

All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Thu Feb 03, 2022 9:32 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
"Don't elves excel at being sneaky?" He questioned, raising a brow as he reflected on his elven blood. While familial, kindness was often the extent of that feeling, everyone pitched in and helped but from what he recalled all of his bloodline enjoyed their privacy and secrecy. Maybe this trait was a relic of his elven nature, but Nathaniel was always one to show himself in pieces, he definitely had a bigger strength in one on one encounters and the woman here put him in a place he could shine.

"Not sure if I should be concerned or curious." His joking response brought a nervous smile to his face, maybe she was actually crazy and she was about to make a move and off him. "Well you say pretty is skin deep, nothing specific really, but who are you beneath all the beauty. It's okay if you don't have an answer, it's a pretty vague question." Nathaniel always preferred deeper conversations, maybe it was because they felt so trusting and relaxing or it was what his human blood yearned for. "Gonna support yourself out of a knife fight?" He questioned, chuckling as he finally found an opportunity to tease her back. She may have been up but he's glad he can get a shot or two in.


All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open) - Page 3 Empty Fri Feb 04, 2022 12:06 pm

"That and how nimble we are and better at keeping balance." she can tell he is starting to feel uncomfortable with how she is talking so she decided it is time to return to being more polite. She makes sure she is in order before she starts speaking or moving again.

"Under my beauty I am just a normal woman with skills to tend to a man." She looks down and doesn’t look at him as she knows she shouldn’t share her real self to him because it would only cause more issues then it is worth. Plus she is sure if this man finds out if she is a cult leader he would probably be ready for a fight. "No in a knife fight I would probably let the enemy make the first move then break there arm, then put them down…" She rubs the back of her head not making eye contact with the man cause he might have found that answer a stupid woman’s joke.

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