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All Lands Have Different Tastes.(Open)

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The only other location to note Miriko wanted to be at while she was here in the west the Swineherd Pub was something she heard about in passing while she had been walking to the gallery to look at art, Miriko did just want to take a break from travel and painting and just be a normal person. As normal as she could be anyway, So she would walk in with Alistair not too far away and find a rather comfortable stool to sit at, With a corner being large enough for Alistair to remain close to Miriko, Since Alistair personally did not like leaving Miriko too far out of sight.

It was a remarkable place to Miriko, It was interesting in it's own manner, That could be from Miriko often looking at the details of how well a place is taken care of normally, The lay as well. After sitting herself comfortably in a stood she would look back to her cat."Did you require anything Alistair?"She would ask him and wait an answer, While she was thinking over what she wanted as well since it often used it as a chance to think herself, Since Miriko was not a heavy drinker in terms of alcoholic drinks, Being more of a juice or water type, even just an off chance coffee or tea. she often did limit herself but just seemed to enjoy the areas rather then what she had to explore drink or food wise, for now it was the starting of Miriko's experience here.

At least in doors, Miriko did not need to use her umbrella in here with enough shade here she would not be as hot, however Miriko would keep in mind she would need to be hope she did not get cold either, Since that was also something she knew she did get easily, for now it seemed like just something to keep in mind, She would not need to reach for her checkered blanket, But much like had Alistair carried art supplies she had that blanket too.


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Figuring she hasn’t really stopped to check the local haunts, she figures she should walk in and see if they serve actual alcohol or just the piss water you would expect of a small country tavern. She strides in not really taking note of the big animal in the corner she takes a seat on a stool and orders a on tap ale. While waiting she looks and notices another woman not far from her.

Now what is a pretty thing like you doing in a pub alone? Her voice is sweet and kind sounding. She figures this one might not be a bad choice for future use all she need do is hold back and not cause this woman to have a bad taste for her. Having a normal connection here is how she wants to play this encounter so she might one day be able to call upon her.

She begins striding over toward Mimi and she notices the beast in the corner and wonders if maybe this will be a bonus if she plays this right not slipping up as she can see the beast is being watchful of her. I can only guess but is that handsome beast over there yours, like a beast masters mount?. Her voice stays to friendly so not to raise any reason to distrust her.


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It seemed just as she thought, These places would always have something interesting to show Miriko, in this case Vex was an interesting kind of person to see, You did not see many people like her even in a land and place of many magical wonders. Mutual interest seemed to be the theme between the two. Miriko internally freeze for moment at mention of being pretty, mostly because she did not assume she was pretty, She just kind of dressed how she liked, Alisa's mention of her being the eye of people with out doing it intentionally. Nonetheless she recovered quickly and would not be too effected in the end. "I am taking a break from my normal exploring upon the lands, Drawing or painting the things I see that are eye catching. To actually sit down and drink something since i am empty on my supply of water."

Alistair on the other hand just seemed to quietly stare for a moment. Then speak up."I would not call her a beast master, Just happens to be my owner."It would be interesting to hear Alistair speak for himself, Then again they where not master and tamed, just two people who looked out for one another."I do not need anything right now however."Alistair then quietly settled sitting in place and watching.

Then well Miriko would continue."I might be in title the owner of Alistair, But I do not treat him like a slave or a pet, I treat him was the wonderful companion"It might not be that different of a few, But Alistair was smart enough and seemingly able of his own free will to not really be considered a tame animal."Nonetheless, People here seem fairly tame and casual which is to my benefit."So far Miriko did not seem to ask any questions, Even if could just as easily ponder up a few.


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She looks at the woman upon hearing she is an adventurer and an artist. She thinks maybe this one is more impressive then she first thought. This one’s soul would probably be worth a lot to her goddess, but would most likely be more worth alive to her for the time being, to maybe use as bait later to lure a bigger fish. Mind if I join you? she smiles a sweet smile looking at the beast again. Oh the beast can speak?

She is somewhat stunned by this creature that can talk as well, even more worth to her now to remain on her good side. She takes her drink and sips of it while standing waiting for the okay to sit near her without being intrusive. From the masters I have seen treat their beasts in the same manner as an equal working together. she keeps her smile and softer tone.


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At least it was a simple answer from her."Yes, do feel free to join me." These kind of things where more her enjoyment in life to see, learn and understand people from across all place she can go. Not knowing underneath the thoughts of a person would most likely to be Miriko's benefit, She was more interested in how this lady looked and seemed to dress herself, in some manner it was interesting to see some one else generally in darker colours. "I do not mind if you do, It can be interesting depending upon what subjects are brought up." Most likely a blank statement because well she did not really think of one right away for a starting basis, unless well it was just going to be about Alistair.

Which she did not mind either."Been able to speak to as long as I have had him around."This most likely left a few easy to ponder from Vex. So far since it was all normal for Miriko she did not leave a lot of information for the most part, maybe it was just easier to ask questions that way."Alistair is a bit of a different case, But that is a given so far with what you figured out."She was curious what else would be asked, For the most part, Miriko was easy to ask question to, depending on the subject, but what could.

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Nathaniel Hikyuu

His feet sluggishly dragged across the tavern floor, his katana held by his side, it's sheathe rubbing against the floor as he slouched and stepped inside. Defeat heavy on his brow as he picked himself up and slumped onto a stool somewhere towards the back corner of the room. He sighed, his body rising and falling with his breath while he placed his weapon on the table in front of him, his arms folded atop it before he turned his head and reflected on his journey so far.

Instead of heading to Baska for a quest he somehow ended up at Oak. He walked a lot of the way, thinking it couldn't have been that far but he was most definitely incorrect. The boy dressed in a plain beige t-shirt with orange khakis, his attire had clearly seen better days. His brown sandals revealed clearly battered feet and his body seemed to scream for a break. He could feel his joints ache as he placed his body into a comfy position before opening his eyes to see a rather large ball of fluff.

He blinked twice, momentarily unsure of what exactly sat in his field of view before he slowly lifted his head and eyed the animal. It was a two meter tall cat? Was he sure he wasn't hallucinating. He knew of exceeds but this, well, exceeded even them by a fairly decent amount. He rubbed his eyes once, sure of what he saw as he stood to his full height and moved over to the animal instead.

He ignored the conversation between the women almost entirely as he locked his gaze on the feline. Determination and confidence seeping through his very being as he got as near as he dare. He stopped for a second, focused on his face as he pointed with his sword's pummel at the ground. "How much would it cost to sleep against your tail?" There was no way he'd give up on the chance to sleep in the comfiest place in the house.


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She takes a sit near her, but not close enough to be in her personal space. She looks the woman over noting she doesn’t look like a fighter so alistair must be her sword if she gets into trouble. She keeps sipping from her drink and wonders what next to talk to this woman about. Are you from around these parts? Wondering how far from this area she might be from, and if she might know some stronger mages. That she might leak info on to her to have her cultists look into for her.

Figuring it will be mimi’s turn to ask something of her next, but realizes she was rude and didn’t introduce herself. Oh how rude of me I forgot to give you my name, my name is Vex by the way. She smiles then giggles softly so she doesn’t s even threatening to her or her big furry friend. She gently tucks her hair behind her own ear and looks at the big cat thinking he looks kinda cute.

She figures she is being rude by staring at her companion to much then looks back at Mimi who seems more like a gentle soul, to allow a stranger so close without a second thought as to her own safety. Vex isn’t currently looking for a fight as of right now just some loose Allie’s that might feed her some info. She signals on her side so Mimi and alistair will not notice to some cultist in plan clothes to leave she will be fine alone.


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With Vex's question it would get into simple detail."No, I am from Eastern Magnolia, These parts are not my common place. I do tend to come around here pictures and painting ideas."The subject of what she did normally just came up, travelling art mage not a common thing but does not mean one did not show up. But Miriko was more then just a painter."I may browse markets from time to time in other areas, Seeking out materials for:Sewing,Knitting or making things like blankets or clothing."Now Vex knew Miriko's hobbies really she just happen to often see the art and live off of it.

So that was her name."Wonderful to meet you Vex, I am Miriko however sometimes to avoid the twisting of tongues people do refer to me as Mimi,It does seem to be easier to say."With that out of the way the interesting part seemed to have arrive. Miriko would however remain quiet about it. Because Alistair could speak himself."I do prefer, if strange people did not sleep me."Alistair would mention sounding slightly annoyed about it.

Miriko also would not sell him in the matter of for other people to sleep on, That for people she trusted and knew well like Tempris, Or maybe smaller children. Miriko herself hated using Alistair as a bed, only really just as a backrest.Then again Miriko would just remark."Rather bold and brazen of you to just out right ask for a price, Rather then if he would be okay with it to start with."Miriko only mentioned not in a mean of controlling it, But more to see why it was just ask how much it would cost, It almost seemed like they skipped a step, It could be considered rude or bold. maybe a mix of both.

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
The boy sighed, dropping his head as he placed his sword hand on his hip. The other stuck ruffling his hair as he donned his typical boyish smile. "My bad." He responded, clearly embarrassing himself in foreign lands. He stood up straight and looked at the three individuals before him. "Didn't mean to intrude, I'm just looking for a place to rest." He did however, hear enough before the feline spoke to assess the name's of the women as Vex and Miriko respectively. "Name's Nathaniel, you can call me Nat." He added, clearly uninvited as he tapped his right foot playfully against the ground.

"I'm not sure how you guys do things here, I was told you guys put a dollar value on everything. Sorry if I was offensive."  He added, bowing with both hands placed on his knees while he assessed the situation, he didn't even know what he stumbled into but since he was here already. He leaned against the wall, slumping down against the floor and relaxed for a moment, the weariness grounding him like an anchor. He placed his sword against a raised knee, letting it rest against his shoulder as he sat down. "I'm from Enca, I was not raised here, sorry again if I was rude at all." His elven ears remained hidden behind his hair, eyes shut as he spoke.

"Mind if I sit with you guys for a bit? I don't think I could move if I wanted to." He laughed behind his smile, not only that, even if the cat had given him a dollar amount, the boy carried no form of currency on him. Looks like he was haphazardly stumbling from one mess into another, but at least today he could blame his fatigue.


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Nice to met you Miss Mimi. She smiles at Mimi then she notices the man and Vex sighs at this bumbling fool just haphazardly wandering in and asking such a tactless question like that figuring his soul is probably a taint, a bane, not worth even thinking of giving to her goddess. She keeps her smile knowing she has to keep her cool because she is looking for people to use as unknowing  pawns, so she can’t risk giving off a bad aura that might be read by the woman at least.

She looks the man over wondering if he is also an adventurer or if he is just a wandering idiot that is out to ruin his own guilds name by acting like a tactless idiot. She notes his weapon, figuring he must be new with that weapon. She feels kinda embarrassed for him, having done something like that. As to his question she figured it is up to Mimi if she wants to allow this very rude male to join them after acting like her friend is a sellable thing he can just buy like that.


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Miss Mimi? that was something she could manage to be okay with, She never really tired to make things so formal."Does this mean, I should call you Miss Vex as well?"Miriko said with a bit of a laugh about it, meaning it all in good way.

It seemed however Miriko was a bit more light hearted about these things after all, She had not met some one who claimed to be from Enca. A nation that she had in fact her very little about, So in some manner it was information she had never had a chance to pick up upon."I mean, I do not mind if you join, I have a few question about your country of origin."Miriko has her interest and she laid it pretty clear."Enca is not a place I hear of people being from often, So needless to say I would like to hear what it was like there."It was just her making it clear to what she could learn, Which well in this care was literally anything, Books could only take you so far.

Miriko would just be stating a few normal and basic this."We may apply a money value to things here, But in Alistair's case. He has just as much free well as a human being."Which well he might have already learned, But Miriko wanted to be sure was stated right away for the sake to make it clear."Where if I where to get a something for Alistair or myself, the person I order from would wish for money for what they bring."Now Miriko was hopefully she was not explaining something he already knew but it was just her dealing with it her own way.

But now she would ask."If your customs are a bit different, Might you provide with me an example, I am rather curious myself."Miriko was starting to show that even if she was a tall gothic painter. She was also a massive nerd wanting to learn things, Alistair just seemed back to being his normal slightly quiet self. Even if the massive cat he is. He did not really attempt to make himself stand out all that often unless needed. Maybe it was how his protecting ways of Miriko worked.

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
The boy had dozed off momentarily before snapping back to reality. He was groggy at best and weary but he felt well enough with the quick shut eye to maintain accurate (prompt) focus.

Alright, the other ladies name was Vex, this one was Miriko, he repeated it to himself mentally for a few moments as to avoid further blunders. He wasn't particularly good with names, everyone sort of ended up with nicknames but given the situation he had found himself that didn't seem like much of an option.

He looked to Miriko with a relaxed gaze. It was pretty common to here people had not heard much of Enca, not many of it's inhabitants tend to leave to other regions. Especially the elves, he wasn't even sure if his elven tongue would fly in Fiore, he had yet to fully try. "It's a giant block of ice." He started, smiling as his eyes shut momentarily and he recalled visions of home. "Harsh winds, blizzards...It's a freezing hell if you stray to far from civilization." He smirked, his smile warm despite his cold and astute views on his homeland. " You learn early you have a role, you rely on others and together the cold becomes the warmest place you can be." He remembered his aunts and uncles and the myriad of individuals who helped him along his journey. "Everyone paves the way for one another, there is no I, only we."

He perked up a bit disucssing him home, it brought about a sense of familiarity in the foreign lands. "At least in the fishing village I grew up in anyway...anything you wanted to know specifically?" He asked, firing back a question to the group before giving a moment to and speaking again, "How about you two? I'd love to know more about this country, or whatever country you call home."


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I am pretty fresh of the boat here as well, I am from minstrel. she takes a decent sized drink from her glass then she sighs. It is mostly just people fighting for status, one little mistake and you get backstabbed by a better deal and good luck if your own child takes a wrong step and you decide not to banish them from your home… she looks down into her drink not sure what she decided to share this not sure if it is the alcohol or just getting it off her chest as a whole. Either way she decides she has probably had enough alcohol after she finishes this drink.

She guesses the boys home land didn’t really sound like a fun place either, she sighs and sits back in her chair and looks at the big cat wondering what it is thinking of all this, but she knows better then to be nosy, you get more followers by not being nosy but by either iron will or having them believe you care about their well being, she has no want to make enemies till she truly has too when she takes a stronger seat in this country with Tutrix’s word spread and her own cultist army to back her every step.


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Both were enlightening details to Miriko, Who better to learn of this things then for people from the nation themselves, No book really showed you what you wanted to know in the end, It is why she travelled so much and explored different places, Just so she could learn these things often time reflecting them on her paintings."I do have to ponder if it is different from Iceberg, I could see some kind of varying crossing effect in terms of needing to live through the cold and working together."Then again Miriko was going off of just the werewolf woman from iceberg to go off.

So much to learn from one another."Something, In my travels can admit is uncommon, No I, Only we."It seemed to get the painter thinking a fair amount, These were the details Miriko continued to dig into. for Miriko being a painter raised from Nuns, This was all so interesting. She only really could know that the world is not the most friendly of places, Just what happen she could never quite figure out, She was more fearful as a child then she was now."Well do keep in mind, Any details if minor are useful to me, I have never really been able to get a lot of details on what your land is like, It is interesting to hear in it's own way."Miriko did leave it off there for a moment after all she was not ignoring Vex either, Just needed to take her time.

Before she did continue she would get up from her. Then again a bit hard to think she was sitting on this stool rather then resting on it because standing seemed to take a bit more effort then sitting down."If you could, Get some a glass of cranberry juice, As well as bowl of water for my companion here."Miriko mention that for Alistair since well she would never expected anyone else to drink from a bowl.

Then she would continue Vex's conversation piece."I had not heard much of Minstrel up until rumours of people who went there or come here from such lands started arriving."Miriko did seemed interested in hearing about it."Status,Greed,Wealth and power. All things people chase here. Just shows it is not just here in Fiore it happens."Nonetheless it was Miriko's turn.

"I am from here in Fiore, My early years are not ones I tend to mention enough because it is mostly being raised in a church with my sister, being in a room to myself drawing and paintings away at whatever my minds work into image."It was short and did not explain much, But it seemed Miriko openly showed where her interest where, She was interested in the other two's stories, She was just some sheltered artsy gothic woman, learning things in her way while enjoying her life. the only thing missing of Miriko's normal was either being head first in a painting or a book.

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nathaniel had problems understanding and comprehending where the former could possibly have lived. The idea of being unable to trust others was completely bewildering to him. In many great nations he was told they fought each other more and more, but to hear others speak of it was surprising all the same. Minstrel sounded interesting to him, like there was a lot of espionage and the like brimming under the surface, but also someone constantly waiting on your mistake sounded stressful at best. "That sounds like a pain in the neck...imagine not even being able to trust your family..." He pictured his parents for a moment before shaking the image away. "Well believe it or not I'm always down to have your back." He grinned, his naivety on full display before he giggled quietly to himself. "Do you miss you home?" He asked Vex, eyes calm and caring as he looked upon her with a feint smile lingering on his face.

Upon the comparison to Iceberg he shook his head, the lands were both cold but held plenty of difference. "Iceberg is mountainous, the cold and elevation are a factor but they are much bigger than us and connected other nations on all sides." He didn't mean to teach, but it was something he received fairly often. "Economically, we're just an island, fishing is our main piece of commerce and why choose us when every other nation is so well connected? Enca believes it best to be by itself, but Enca is not strong in military or economy so we take value in each other and nature." He paused for a moment, thinking about the tundra he called home for another moment before adding, "I'm pretty sure the cold and ice are where are similarities end."

Geography was a neat topic to him, someone who wanted to travel the world and learn. "What was the church like?" He questioned, he hadn't heard much about the church and anything beyond geographical location was far outside of the scope of his learning. He hadn't had many religious experiences outside the Encan belief structure. "Anything you learned then that would be worth sharing?"


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Yeah let’s just say Illumin didn’t shine his graces on me.She tucks her hair behind her ear, just trying to not really think just focus, on her own goal and what her game plan is gonna be going forward, she expects heavy resistance the further in her word spreads, she doubts she can turn the artist into a believer. She looks at the man saying he would have her back believe it or not, she really has no interest in him cause she sees no potential in turning him either, plus the dude seems very inconsistent to her. She has very low hopes for the out come of this meeting, to her gaining followers, but maybe the artist might have info on some stronger people in the easy not contaminated by Illumin.

Do I miss it ? No not really, I don’t miss being shamed, getting side ways glances, and spit at. She rolls her eyes and finishes her drink as Mimi’s order comes out, she stands and takes the bowl over to the beast and sets it down being careful not to crowd the handsome strong beast. Looks like you got lucky big guy, they seem to have decent looking water here. She gets out of his space then returns her gaze to the other two and wonders if this is what making friends is like, though she doubts the painter sees her as more then a passing meeting, and it is hard to tell what darker thoughts could be driving the man that joined them. She plays with her thorn vine strand of hair nervously to make herself look more human to them and approachable.


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This part is where Miriko would try and made good of a moment that was starting to feel a bit dark. Then again Miriko was just a curious study person learning things she wanted, She was having a wonderful time learning things."I see, Then a bit different then I first thought. That is wonderful to learn."Already that cleared a few things, Enca was interesting in theory. She would also reveal something about Miriko that showed why she would ask these things."I do not however, picture myself visiting Iceberg or Enca, For I can barely handle the cold temperatures." Miriko might not seem like right away, but she did get really cold quickly, With that fact maybe it was why Miriko was asking about other lands.

as for Vex's part."Well I can just be thankful you ended up here and alive rather then in minstrel, Because there is always better and more wonderful things in life as you figure out how to live it."It sounded like the normal pieces of conversations of some one who viewed the world in better ways, but Miriko just seemed to enjoy people and the things she could learn so this was her normal.

Alistair seemed delighted."And I thank you for letting me know."At least it seemed to settle the massive cat, he did not have to worry about Miriko at all."What memories I retain of my early years of the church was not anything remarkable, Just learning the basics, understanding, teach and overall of churches,gods and how to behave."Miriko mention however maybe at least the look part where far different then anything nuns would teach a person. long purple and black dresses, well taken care of hair. Even the giant cat was most likely not something accounted for.

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nat winced upon hearing about the way Vex was treated. He definitely couldn't imagine a place where people felt so comfortable to act in such a manner, let alone to someone raised on the land. He didn't condemn them, there was clearly information about the way this country operated he knew little about and his understanding of his own shortcomings lead him to a neutral route. He did not fuss or complain, not did he make any abrasive comments about the people or there traditions. Instead, like the elders taught him, he leaned into kindness and compassion. "I can't blame you, plus I hear the food here in Fiore is top notch. Can't imagine many other places to be." He grinned, joy spreading from ear to ear as Mimi commented on the little chance of her entering Enca or Iceberg for that manner to which Nat couldn't help but laugh. "I don't blame you, It's a Tundra, not a fundra." He laughed for a moment, knowing he'd likely be the only one before recomposing himself.

Seeing everyone get something he lifted a hand, "Could I get a green tea please?" He asked a passing waitress, her brow raising momentarily before it became a grin and she nodded scurrying away.

"Mannerisms are important, the elders always taught us to be kind, but wary. 'Cautious enough to protect yourself, warm enough to attract their mercy'. Or something to that effect. Translating from Elvarin can be tricky for me." He concluded, reflecting some more as he spoke to these women. He didn't expect these kind of conversations from random people in a pub, maybe Fiore wasn't so bad after all. "The religious aspect of Enca is pretty intertwined into the culture, I can imagine it was similarly enlightening and exhausting learning it all so young."

"Do you two have any plans going forward? I'm supposed to be finding things to do in Baska but...uh...I ended up here instead." Not even a little embarrassed, he casually rubbed the back of his head as he awaited a response from the ladies.


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She sighs at his joke, cause not only was it out of line it sorta felt belittling to mimi's lack of cold resistance. She wonders if this boy is right in the head or if he might of taken a few to many blows to the head, she keeps the disgust for him hidden for the most part. Yeah I figured a new start is what I needed from that place. I figured here of all places was a good start sorta want to check out that big castle I saw, earlier, but not sure if it is really safe to be near. She rubs her chin and doesn't really know if she wants to go near it, she watches the waitress take off to get his order and she wonders if the waitress will do anything to it.

She looks at the big cat that just thanked her. You are very welcome my furry friend. She smiles glad to see he has manners, probably means he has seen his fair share of people and places as well. She looks back at the half breed, who claims he can speak Elvarin and wonders how and why. If you were told to find things to do in Baska why are you here...? She wonders just how flaky and flighty this boy is, and who told him to find things to do in Baska? If it was a higher up does that mean he is disloyal and doesn't follow commands? She just rolls her eyes wondering where this is gonna end up taking her in the end.


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It was a good attempt at humour but alas the painter did not laugh, It was a clever pun. Even then Vex had some one she could most likely pick up could open up to her, was Alistair after all manners and not seemingly being a danger seemed to help Alistair's watching seem less uptight. Then again it was just Alistair doing a job, To the massive Cattian the only thing missing was fish but he did not mention it."Fiore is always a good place to pick up in life, The area's are open enough that you find your place some where."Miriko mentioned in general.

Then again, hearing of a large castle. It interested Miriko."forgive I must have missed that, Did you say a castle?"Miriko seemed interesting,There was entirely a reason for her question too."If I had known there was that, I would have sought it out to draw it."Shows Miriko's interest and where they lived she wanted to see interesting things and draw them.

"I have one simple plan that spans out many ways...I go to place find interesting things,places,people or scenes and draw or paint them. Thus I have not fixed area I really need to be often times."This also made it simple to understand how Miriko works. Might also show why Miriko had a massive cattian like Alistair around. He carried a lot of stuff and watched over this lady.

"Baska seems...like it could be interesting I heard of a spot that is really interesting look,I may have to go there to draw it."
Not buy them, Make them herself so Miriko was not just a tall pretty dark looking painter, She had her own set of skills with the giant cat.

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nathaniel listened to the two interact momentarily, the castle did sound intriguing, he actually never saw a castle either. He was accustomed to no one laughing at his jokes so he simply held his tongue as he listened to the women converse for a moment, looking over to the giant tiger with relaxed joy. While he was not exactly friends or connected to these people, the company had brought a warmth to his heart that he could not replace with anything. Though this could potentially have to do with the tea with was being handed as well, the thin liquid splashing side to side in the cup with gentle ambition to merge with the wooden floor beneath him. So he claimed and refused to believe his hands were unsteady.

"Painting sounds so wonderful, do you have any of your works with you?" He asked, the tea settling and rubbing the fatigue down his frame, returning him to a much more positive feeling state. His hands gripped the cup, his second hand aiding in keeping it still despite his weary demeanor. "Oh so you're a bit of a nomad? Me too." He smiled at her for a moment before continuing, "I'm even more happy that our paths have crossed then."

Turning t o Vex his eyes widened for a moment, then he laughed quietly and rubbed the back of his head. "I really had no idea where I was going and I think got the towns mixed up when I asked my mentor." He was a little embarassed but he was here anyway right? "I definitely shouldn't have walked this way without a map though if I'm being honest."

He let the awkward feeling run off for a moment before he added anything else "Do you know much about Baska, Vex? I don't know the area particularly well."


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She wonders how that makes it much better for him if he got lost so easily and didn’t even think to keep a map on him, she shakes her head and taps her arm. She kneels and puts her hand out to alistair to pat his head gently more to see if he would let her. Yes I did say castle my new female friend. she smiles at Mimi, feeling like maybe she is just gonna be friends with her instead of using her for now.

You really should be more careful, some not very nice people might make the most of your thoughtlessness. Her tone is strict yet caring toward Nathaniel, thinking this boy is gonna walk into the jaws of a dragon without even looking or thinking, she rubs her temple like this guy just gave her a headache. Not really it is very limited what I know about it just of it.


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When it came to that question if she carried some of her work with her, It was a fairly simple answer. Even looking over to Alistair for a moment."Alistair is not just a pretty talking Cattian, He carries my supplies in my travels."It did not seem right away that he was answering that question right away it was just being longer winded in the end."That has, drawing books of mine for pencil and paper drawings, canvas' of various sizes and paints. So I always have examples of my work and materials to work with."So no matter time of place, she had example and was ready to work. An on the go painter was never gonna miss a chance when it called for it.

But not one to lose a chance for something interesting."I will have to look at that castle later, For the view of a castle is always wonderful and interesting to see."So mentioning of a castle, now showed Miriko wanted to see it, So she might end up there later.

As for the nomad part. Miriko could some what agree."I could say yes, But equally, I have a mother who request me to return home,A guild master as well waiting for me to my guild."So Miriko was balancing it out in the end. But at least she seemed to be good at that balance in theory, She knew she had places to return too, Just when she did not really know or attempt to remember. Surely she would get her own problems later when she return to either places.

But this was a nice conversation, Miriko seemed to be able to casually enjoy herself, Rather then dive into paintings and drawings for a bit like she normally did, Then again who knows how this will go.

#24Nathaniel Hikyuu 

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
He heeded Vex's warning with a smile, "Aye, you're right. But I've never been one to be scared." He replied, a combination of confidence and naivety on his part, however the boy did learn less through fire. Maybe it was from his time in Enca. "Some lessons are better learned with flesh than with words." He said it gently, not meaning to sound harsh or dismissive of the woman's warnings. "When somethings are meant to happen they just can't be stopped." It was like a motto, if it is to happen, it'll happen and there is nothing they can do to stop it. It kept him stress free, but vigilant, he had the courage to change what he could but the wisdom to know somethings had to be left to fate.

As for the paintings, the boy definitely had a keen interest, he loved art. Most of what he saw existed in sculpting. "May I?" He asked both Mimi and her companion, clearly demonstrating he had learned some manners in his time around them and wasn't just some ruffian from the cold. His finger limply pointing towards the things decorating the beast. Hopefully this read better than it did last time.

He smiled at the mention of a guild, "Ah, I see. I guess this is more to do with free time on your part then? A hobby and break in your duties?"


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If you say so. Fear is a good thing, it stops someone from dying recklessly if they are smart enough, lacking fear means their must be a disbalance or a misunderstanding of power. She doesn’t want to rock the boat or risk scaring her new friend away so she remains silent on what the boy is saying.

Sounds like you keep yourself busy Mimi. She scratched behind the big cats ear with a smile at him. And you make sure she stays safe huh? She wonders if Mimi has trouble connecting to people on deeper levels. She knows she isn’t one to talk about connecting with people as she had spent a good amount of time a sheltered rich girl then a homeless street dwelller to a cultist, to a leader that does anything to spread the word of Tutrix and grow her following as she can, rather it honest work or slight of hand to flip a happening to make her look like she is better and more enlighten to some. She moves making room for if he is to get up and show off Mimi’s work to the other man.

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