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Setting Up Ship [Alisa/Storyline]

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Not that I wouldn't mind spending a little longer on the wind and tides with my lady love…? Found sitting upon one of the crossbeams with her hand above her brow as the magnificent craft on which she saw out the storm now drifted along by courtesy of the aid of the sea, Sofia Serena was looking out toward the horizon in search of a port of call after more than a few days out in the weather, and as such found her eyes widening at the sight of a small patch of land rising from the endless sea beyond her. This enhanced eyesight of hers had a million and one uses, right?
“Land hoooooo!!!!” Naturally prompted into a call because of the image that this sharpened vision which the vixen possessed in an effort to rouse the pair with whom she had set out on this journey, the words of the young woman on high echoed around the sails as she shouted out with a sense of adventurousness and excitement, and were meant to stimulate interest and attention from her allies who had to be said seemed to have been enjoying the time to simply drift and scour their surroundings. Though, on this occasion, the girl with the green gaze had been no different.

Not that I wouldn't mind spending a little longer on the wind and tides with my lady love…? Standing up to try and get a better look at the place they were heading for and seeming to swear that she could make out the shapes of what looked to be some form of building in the distance, as she did so the bubbly brunette couldn't help but to bite into her lip, and felt a shiver run up her spine as she remembered the past days of 'searching' and the sizzling sentiment which had been held in it. That being said not everything seeming like fun and games and that torrid tumult through which they'd had to break principal among her concerns, as Miss Serena looked around herself for sight or sound of her allies she couldn't help but notice the strain that's been placed on the ship and her, and sighed because of that.

Though, our ship might? She looks a little worse for wear after the storm, doesn't she?  The sails torn and ropes frayed and the timber that built her seeming to creak now more than ever, she knew that it would needs fixing up before they face another challenge like the storm that they had broken through, for certain, but that wasn't entirely a loss now was it? After all, maybe they could find a little fun on the island ahead of them to keep them entertained, at least while their sturdy craft had a rest and repair that it now not only needed, but surely deserved as well…

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- Sofia Serena

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Sofia's call brought Alisa's gaze up from the sculpture in her hands, brow arching as a curious glimmer shone in her eyes. Uncrossing her legs, Alisa sashayed across the deck, striding over towards her lover, that loose, free flowing number fluttering with the wind at the slightest of gusts. Now that they took to sailing closer to the waters, the air around them had grown decidedly less chilly, allowing the pair of star crossed lovers to stroll around in breezy garments such as these:

"Oh my~... And this one has a proper port for once~", spoke the sculptress, fanning herself softly as the eye catching swell of her hips swayed subtly to and fro. Even with the skies heavily overcast, the sheer humidity left the air hotter than any summer day in Hargeon, leaving Alisa's hair clinging to her skin at every turn, a trickle of sweat trailing down her cheek. Yet that didn't stop her from seeking the hottest sight nearby by, striding closer to her lover, hand gliding around her waist as she pressed her bountiful bust gently behind her, nuzzling the crook of her neck as she smooched her cheek tenderly, shooting a cursory glance at the weather worn sails on their ship, "And perfect timing too hmm...? Seems like our Serenita has seen better days..."

The air felt damp and heavy, as though a tropical storm could surge before their eyes at any moment... And considering what happened last time, that possibility had turned from a simply exhaggeration to a very real concern. After all, with every little turn and gust of wind, they could hear the ship's wooden frame creaking audibly in ways Alisa had never heard before since she'd first gotten this ship many years ago. Far too young to be showing its age as such, she blamed it solely on the aggressive weather they'd faded not so long ago, which Sofia had skillfully managed to avoid the worst of until now:

"Still, I'd settle for finding someone who knows something about this weird weather..."

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- Alisa Vollan

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Setting Up Ship [Alisa/Storyline] CyhFjWA

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