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Tears [Alisa]

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How was she to respond? How was she to react? Vyra remained there upon the ground, looking for some sort of answer, something to convince her that what Alisa was saying was a lie.

But her face did not show it. The solemnness of it. The hurt that the woman seemed to carry with each word as she spoke to Vyra, every second, every wood spoken seeming to reaffirm the seriousness in what she said.

And to be so sure, even if she may have said otherwise, Vyra had come to know Alisa did not speak on such serious matters without conscious thought. For her to suggest something as grave as the idea that Vyra did not control her own body, it terrified the Demi-human to her core.

Vyra’s face seemed to infinitely carry an expression that teetered between absolute panic and disillusioned uncertainty. She couldn’t speak, for what was she to have said? How much of this plight had Alisa known of? For how long? Vyra could not help but feel a level of betrayal coming of this, if what Alisa were saying were true. How long would have she have kept it a secret, why would she have even?

It stung. That even though Alisa undoubtedly had her reasons for keeping it from Vyra, that she would in the first place. But wasn’t she entitled to? Throughout everything that she had done towards and for the Demi-human, she had asked nothing in return, sought nothing from her, wanted nothing from her but happiness.

No, if Alisa did not want Vyra to know of this, it was for Vyra’s sake. Not her own.

The look of concern upon the woman’s face as Vyra lifted up her head for the first time to meet Alisa’s as much proved that. She had been so panicked before, the dark secret that were her blackouts being brought forward so terrifying to her that she had been ignorant towards how much it seemed to affect Alisa too. It made her heart sink. It made her just come to hate herself as a feeling of guilty interjected itself within the existing thoughts of panic and confusion.

“You’re… You’re not serious…” Her speech was stammered, her words as much trying to convince herself that what Alisa was saying, despite how much she may have found herself believing it, wasn’t true. A faint feeling of heat radiated from beneath her, the impact of her having fallen now coming to a realization, but even the delayed pain paled in comparison to the torment she found herself enduring now.

“That, that can’t be…” Less-convincing than before, Vyra looked upon Alisa with desperation. While one might figure that knowing what was afflicting oneself would be welcoming, but what Alisa was saying was simply supplementing the existing problem with another, one that could arguably be that much worse.

She glanced down onto her hands, eyes unable to take their focus off of the light shaking that was going on. Then, as if struck by a bolt of lightning, Vyra came to understand. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she understood exactly what Alisa was saying, the realization of just why it was so difficult for her to convey to Vyra, the implications, everything. Like a wave, her mind raced as every memory, every smallest little fragment within her memory coming forth like a tidal wave. Where she was, what she had been doing, what happened, where she suddenly returned towards, everything.

The smallest little fragments, some as complete as though she were reliving it, with some as brief as though it never happened, all of it flooded forward as nearly a decade’s worth of these fragments overwhelmed her. The room around her seemed distant, her vision cloudy as thoughts upon regrets upon worries laid into her consciousness. How many of the instances that she remembered were because of this other her? Was it the same her that she had met within her mind earlier? Why would she have done that? Why? Why her?

Vyra put her hands to her ears as she cried out, struggling to contain the doubt that crept throughout, her focus so grossly split that all of everything occurring within the room that she was overwhelmed. Not by her own reasoning she found herself shifting towards a corner of her bed and the wall, bringing her knees to her chest in an effort to keep everything contained, muttering aimlessly to herself as her body shook.

After a short time that felt like forever, Vyra seemed to calm down, the shaking ceased, and her breathing steadied more to that an intense, yet consistent deep breathe upon deep breathe. She did not look up, she didn’t say anything, nor give any sort of indication to anyone or anything within the room. Seconds passed, her behavior did not seem to change much, nor her actions. Vyra simply remained there, motionless, her focus perpetually set to the ground, her breathing having calmed now to a normal rate, her limbs no longer showing any apparent shaking.

Movement returned, first the subtle twitching as though a body returning to consciousness, followed by the slow, methodical motions as Vyra began to return to her feet, “You really don’t care for me, do you?”

Her gaze met directly with Alisa’s, Vyra’s body in all of its capacity, but something different. Her eyes, not that of a young girl struck with terror, but that of a predator as much scoping out a contemporary. They remained fixed on Alisa for a moment, the faintest hints of a smirk forming upon the edges of her lips before Vyra broke her focus, shifting it instead towards that of the room, as though appreciating the effects within it for the first time.

“Gotta admit, like what you done with the place. For the most part. Could do with a little less,” Vyra cut herself off, having taken notice of the blue silken robes that she was wearing, a look of credulity upon her face. “All this blue… you’d think there be some variety.” An almost-fiendish smile appeared as she shrugged her shoulders, her eyes darting back up to face Alisa, “But, one probably shouldn’t expect you to have much sense now, should we?”

Closing what distance lay between the two of them, Vyra sauntered over, stretching out as though having woken up, all the while casting a look upon Alisa that likely erased whatever last bit of doubt that there may have been in the woman. “After all, not even a day after you nearly killed Vyra by encouraging her to play with that terrifying Magic, you decide to traumatize the girl enough to cause her to breakdown.”

Having reached the table now, Vyra did not immediately take a seat opposite Alisa. Instead, she looked right into the woman, a cold look in her eyes, full of contempt, one that seemed amplified by the eye level between the two, this being now one of the few times in which – even if by a small degree – that Vyra would be looking down upon Alisa. “Incredible that for someone who claims to care about her how much anguish you’re willing to put her through.”

With that, she proceeded to finally take a seat, wasting no time in helping herself to the banquet laid out before them. A slice or two of bread off one plate, a small helping of meats from several other, even going as far as to take a sip from the heavy milk-infused drink Vyra had earlier, only to shake her head with displeasure after just a single sip.

“Of course, she won’t appreciate that fact,” Vyra said with a hint of disappointment in her voice, “though how could she at this point? These clothes, this food, this nice room you gave her, at this point the girl damn near worships you.” Her eyes surveyed the table, briefly fixating upon a knife, not particularly large but sharpened, before returning their focus on Alisa, “Hell, you probably could ask her to open her legs for you and she’d say yes.” She smirked, “But hard to imagine many saying no to something like that from you.”

Vyra poured herself a mug of coffee, not like that of the mug filled mostly with milk like before, but rather one black, similar to what Alisa had poured earlier. A small sip here and there, her focus remaining on Alisa, only breaking on the occasional bite of food. “Which begs the question, just what about me makes me your blood boil so? Is it that, deep down you know Vyra wouldn’t be here without me?”

“I’m the one who’s kept her alive, who’ll continue to do what’s best for her. You’re the one who’s leading her down the path of inevitable doom. You know it. I know it. And rather than do what’s best for the girl, you pat yourself on the back, you present her with power that we both know she can’t control, and then you try to turn her against me.”

Vyra leaned in close now, hatred fully evident in eyes that so often had conveyed that of excitement and delight, “You wanna keep pretending you care about her, just remember it was YOUR actions that caused her to break down. Not mine! All you’re doing now is causing her pain, Alisa.”

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That desperate look... The scream that followed... Alisa chewed her bottom lip. One look alone made her want to turn her gaze away, once again doubt filling her mind. Had she really made the right decision here? To not tell her...? And if she made the right call in telling her, why not act sooner? Truly, Vyra would never believe her. The first time she saw this very same scene unfold before her eyes, if Alisa said anything along those lines, she'd have called her crazy and fled, never to be seen again.

"V-Vyra, I...", she rose her rump off her chair, yet something stopped her. Her very instincts clamoured for her to rush in and pull her into her arms when she saw the girl scrambling away from her and towards her bed... A sorrowful look crossed her face, tinged with guilt at the sight of what she'd told her. Yet that same guilt made her clench her fist as she sat back down, shaking her head, her chest heaving up and down with a deep sigh.

Alisa reined in her instincts as they clarmoured to go over and hold her tightly, squeezing her close, letting her know it would be okay. She couldn't... Right now, nothing she could say would ease her aching. Both of the solutions felt awful in their own right, and even now she wasn't convinced she'd decided correctly. Simultaneously, after such a shock of this magnitude to her system, there was a very good chance that... Ah, there she was. The tone alone left little doubt to who she was talking to, and she all but rolled her eyes on reflex:

"Had a feeling you'd show up sooner or later.", Alisa replied, her nose twitching at the sight of the other woman.

Her often showing on her Vyra's moment's of weakness made her feel more like an opportunist than anything else, ready to prey on the slightest hint of vulnerability. That relatization, that smugness off her woman's lips, at least had one positive effect in all this. At the sight of her, Alisa reminded herself of just why Vyra had to know about her.

"Oh yes, I can see you're a woman of exquisite taste.", a sarcastic tone shrugging off the insults with a self assured smirk, "How fortuntate that you came along when you did."

Truly... This woman is bad news. Bad enough when she had a say in Vyra's life without the girl being none the wiser, but now she'd act taken a more active approach and tried to wrest control of the girl's magic. Alisa could no longer talk to the demi human while constantly ignoring the elephant in the room:

"My my, that's quite a wonderful deflection there. And there you were, trying to take control of her magic without even telling her what you'd been doing with her body all this time. Why were random people chasing her down the streets and who knows what else? Incredible, what a good samaritan you turned out to be.", Alisa sneered right back, her brow twitching as she gazed unerringly into that detestable woman's, "Truly, she'd be completely lost without you hmm?"

The closer she grew to Vyra the more negatively she viewed her other self's infleunce, the destructive effect she had on the young demi human's life. Indeed, she wouldn't appreciate it, but at the same time, neither would she appreciate how the lithomancer approached her condition. Alisa and the other Vyra both knew that. Even now she doubted Vyra would ever trust her again, but not for the reasons her other self imagined.

"She damn near worships me because I'm the first person you haven't been able to chase off.", taking another sip from her coffee, Alisa's idle hand rose beside her her head, doing air quotes as she repeated the other woman's words, "I wonder, just how many people did you turn away? How many tried reaching out to her only for you to decide she didn't deserve that?"

Compared to the earlier few moments, the tension in the air stood in stark contrast to the lightheartedness of Vyra and Alisa's breakfast, and yet neither of the two women seemed the least bit intimidated by the tension. On her own, other Vyra was Alisa's least favourite kind of person. The ones who exploit others and believe their victims are at fault for being exploited. You can't really have a society where everyone has that kind of behavior... And yet the woman, in her twisted way, still seemed convinced she was doing it all for Vyra's sake, and her very origin resulted from the girl's painful past. At the same time, the differences between the two meant she'd always see her as a rival in her efforts for Vyra's wellbeing:

"If you're curious about that, look no further than the present: You're sitting there gloating at her pain. Seeing her pain as an opportunity, and worst of all, how you honestly seem to believe you're doing it for her sake.", ignoring the crassness of her remarks, Alisa all but laughed at the notion, her scoff turning into a chortle as she placed the cup of coffee back down, wiping her mouth, clearing her throat as she concluded, "You turn everyone into her enemy, then leave her to clean up the mess. You try to decide what life she'd lead, even if it means she deals with the consequences. Enlighten me, what would you have done with that magic She would have woken up one day, surrounded with destruction and no idea how she got there."

At this point, Alisa had still not figured out just how much of those blackouts had Vyra just recovered. In her mind, she assumed Vyra at most saw little glimpses, bits and pieces of the life her other self had stolen from her. And even though she doubted Vyra would trust her again, her confidence in the girl's resilience never wavered. When that accusation reached her ears, Alisa's lips curled into a confident smile:

"Fufu~... My you're still going on about that? Break down? How laughable~", raising a hand over her mouth as she brushed a loose black lock behind her ear, Alisa placed the cup back down, hands coming to rest on her lap as she leaned in, eyes narrowed, every word unshakable in its confidence as she reasserted her faith in that kind hearted demi human who kept her kindness despite all the hardships in her life, "She'll come out stronger in the end. She's survived far worse than anything her life, or you, could ever throw at her. Far more than the self destructive spell you left in her hands, or a raging baker chasing her across the streets."

The other Vyra seemed intimately aware of everything that went on while she wasn't controlling her actions. So why in the world would the reverse not apply? Even more so now she'd grown aware of her other self. If anything, this little spiteful back and forth between herself and the other Vyra reinforced her initial decision: Vyra needed to know about her other self. With a renewed sense of clarity, the look on Alisa's face changed, a soft smile she'd have only ever shown to the good Vyra:

"Vyra... I'm sorry. I was so convinced you wouldn't believe me that I would up keeping something very important from you.", even if the other Vyra was still the one in charge, before she got any unsavoury ideas of running away... Alisa made sure to speak her piece while she was still right here in front of her, looking into her eyes, hopeful that she'd at least get some of the memories of her words, "I can understand it if you never trust me again... But I meant what I told you. You'll always have a place here, as long as you want it. Regardless of what anybody else says."

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A sickly feeling radiated through the air. Not through Vyra’s Magic, which had now more than a few times shown to have that sort of lingering effect intwined within it, but rather between the two of them. Alisa and the version of Vyra who often kept to the shadows, having only shown its face now for one of these such confrontations.

The Blue Pegasus Guildmaster versus the Plague within Vyra.

They both exchanged cruel glances, Vyra having a hard time not taking some level of delight throughout all of this exchange. On the surface, it seldom seemed that her words had any significant effect towards Alisa, who was all the ready to fire back with her own retort, deflecting her own selfishness towards the vessel whom both had taken such interest towards back onto her. Every so often, Vyra’s eyes would part from the staring contest that seemingly took place between the two, glossing briefly at the table, notably the knife that lay upon it, before returning back towards Alisa.

She sneered, “You don’t get out much do you?” A light sip of coffee before turning her head slightly, as much a conveyance of dismissiveness as much a direct slight towards Alisa, demeaning in the kindness of words. “I don’t create enemies. Them. This world really, it’s all her enemy. You can think otherwise, but go back to anyone who welcomed her earlier and ask yourself, how would they treat Vyra without you there?”

Her eyes darted back at Alisa, a coldness in them that had very seldom, if ever, been upon Vyra’s face while the two were in the company of one another. “I’ve seen that same story play over and over again for her. But since you’re so smart, you tell me. What’s better? Her being beaten, raped, left for dead, hungry and suffering in the cold? Just as before? Or someone using this little gift you unlocked and preventing all of that?”

“After all your world has put her through, what’s wrong with a few dead bodies if it can save her?”

A hasty turn of the head to scan the table, still plenty of food left upon the table that neither she nor the true Vyra had had a chance to try yet. But, given the circumstances at the present, it seemed that food was more that of a secondary thing. That did not stop Vyra from seemingly diverting her attention completely from Alisa, selecting delicious treat upon confectionary, the casualness of it within the looming darkness of the remarks she had made only a moment ago still lingering about.

Perhaps out of glee, perhaps a nod to Alisa, or otherwise just an attempt at taunting, but it was hard for one to not imagine seeing what appeared to be the hints of a fiendish smile upon Vyra’s lips as she reached for one of the slices of bread, still arranged in a manner that nearly resembled a full loaf. “Funny isn’t it, that something as minor as this, could illicit such a hostile response from some, isn’t it?”

She didn’t have to say specifics, she knew fully well that Alisa understood to exactly what she was referring to. That fate circumstance that – while not her initial intentions – ended up resulting in Vyra and Alisa meeting; the catalyst that set all of this forward. “Whatever you think of me, perhaps before you brand me as the monster, perhaps consider the baker.” Vyra’s gaze turned directly to that of Alisa’s, her eyes cold, cruel to some degree, but having a quality that was seldom seen, honesty. “He’s no different than most people in this world. I could be disappear tomorrow, never to exist again, and they would be no different towards her.”

Her hands gently caressed against the evening attire that for as comfortable as it was, the smallest hint of a smile appearing upon her face, appreciating the quality of what Blue Pegasus seemed willing to provide Vyra. That smile disappeared as her gentle caress shifted to a rough grip, pulling open the clothing to reveal the exposed skin of Vyra, the bruises that first came to light the other night exposed to the world again. “I had no hand in this, despite what you no doubt think. Her well-being and her own survival are all that I care about.”

Another sip from the coffee, whatever elegance Vyra carried with the gesture eroding away as she slammed down the mug with enough force to cause the nearby plates to vibrate slightly, the coffee within to splash about outside of it. “Were it not for you those people, the people that you simply let walk about unhindered, she would not need me,” her words trailed, as though conceding a cold truth that she hated to reveal. “But, that’s not how it is. Your world has been nothing but cruel to her. And for every injustice that she was dealt by their hands, every action that justice was never met towards, all the more demands that I exist.”

“So think however you’d like of her, or me for that matter. Unless you plan for her to live under this roof for the rest of her life, you know as soon as she steps outside this room that the world is going to be no different to her than it was before.” Ripping off a small piece of bread, she glared again towards Alisa, the coldness again on her face, mired alongside a boredom. Boredom of Alisa, of this conversation, of knowing the cycle was bound to repeat.

“However strong she may be, it’s only a matter of time before she encounters something far worse than whatever you imagine I may lead her down towards.” Vyra stood, pulling herself from the table and for once, finding herself looking down upon Alisa, a satisfaction of this situation evident on her face. “When that happens, know that the consequences will be on your hands.”

Her eyes narrowed, a look of death towards Alisa, “I only hope that I’ll be able to fix the damage that you’ll inevitably lead her down upon.”

There was a moment of silence in the air, an eerie one that particularly given the conversation between the two seemed to make things all the more awkward and uncomfortable. A weak chuckle escaping from Vyra’s lips seemed to be the closest thing to breaking the silence. “Oh, one last thing,” Vyra snidely remarked. The sound of skin slapping against skin echoed through, truly penetrating through the silence, the sting of it as sharp as glass shattering. A wicked look of satisfaction lasted upon the face of Vyra as her hand settled, whatever pain may have radiated off of her hand paling in comparison to the satisfaction of laying her hand upon Alisa, even for as insignificant as that may have been.


The warped smile seemed to immediately disappear, the coldness in Vyra’s eyes seeming to disappear as a frantic look of fear settled upon them. Her pupils darted all throughout, regaining her attention and focus towards the room around her, the image before her causing her to open her mouth in utter disbelief and shock. “Alisa!” Vyra cried out in sheer terror, knowing not what happened, only seeing the reddish mark upon Alisa’s face, the stinging pain within her hand helping her put together a weak, albeit sloppy idea of what may have happened. Her mind raced, her breathing intensified, her legs felt weak.

“Alisa, what, what happened?” She struggled to figure her words, struggled to figure out just what happened even. The last thing she remembered, it was her mind racking with the possibility that something, another her, could have been behind the blackouts she so often suffered from. It seemed ridiculous, she wasn’t sure what to think, but now, to be standing before Alisa, seeing what she could only have imagined that she had done, it broke her.

Her arms threw outwards, the tears almost immediately beginning to form as she held onto Alisa, pleadingly apologizing between cries of guilt. “I’m so sorry,” she begged for understanding, to convey just how awful she felt, “Please, I’m sorry.”

Vyra’s heart ached. Whatever may have happened over the course of her blackouts, that was one thing. They often only affected her. But now they seemed to have affected Alisa, someone whom had come to mean the world to her.

“Why? Why did this happen!?” She sobbed, her mind as much searching for the answer as she hoped for some sort of indicator that Alisa was alright. “I’m so sorry Alisa…”

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If an innocent girl's life hadn't been at stake here, Alisa might have actually enjoyed this little back and forth. It's not every day you meet someone with such a genuine, unadultered contempt for the world at large. Most nihilists grow into those views, but this woman, created by the gruesome damage Vyra had endured, effectively embodied those ideals from the very start. But intrigue stood far away from agreement, and the lithomancer all but scoffed as she shot those venomous insight her way:

"Almost sounds like you genuinely believe that... That I'm the only person who'd reach out to help her. I'm flattered that you'd think me one of a kind but the world doesn't really work that way.", she shook her head, glancing out the window, idly sipping her coffee as she sighed before looking back at the woman in front of her, "So yes, I most certainly think so. The world can be harrowing at times, but you'll always find someone willing to lend a hand. If you'd rather decide everyone is out to get you, that's your prerogative, but you have no right to make that decision for her."

There was so much good in the world, even if some take the easy way out and opt to never look for it. To dismiss everyone else as something beneath you, instead of looking for the good things in life. Even Alisa at her worst had never stooped so low, but she directed an eerily similar hate to specific foes. Without a doubt, that darkness would have easily consumed if she hadn't found her way out. And when the woman ripped open her dress, she could only appreciate Vyra all the more for it as her lips parted in shock. No matter how much she'd endured, she still hadn't lost what made her human:

"Indeed, we can't change the past... No doubt it's the very reason you're here now.", a sullemn sigh left her lips as she laid eyes on those scars, wounds Vyra had recieved throughout the years, damage that had culminated in the existence of the vile woman now standing right before her... Yet Vyra herself didn't let her past steal the light in her eyes. Alisa loved her for it, and shot back a scornful look to the one who'd detract from that strength, her brow twitching in annoyance, "But you would have her remained shackled to that past, lashing out against those who had nothing to do with it. She's lived in the past too long, and you're not really helping her. In your eyes, she's still that same traumatized girl that went through all this."

Dead bodies create more dead bodies. Alisa felt no need to speak this out loud, knowing the woman couldn't even understand what this meant, let alone care about it. Loved ones of the people you kill, painful childhoods like those Vyra herself endured, ready to punish the world for it in their own right. Once you lose yourself in your thirst for vengeance, that's it... That's all you have. Anger, hatred, contempt... That's no way to live. Vyra understood that, deep down, even if she didn't know it yet... Thus, hearing the other's words filled her with renewed resolve. Some way to protect the girl even while she wasn't around:

"It may be impossible for you to understand, but even that obnoxious baker would have somebody he'd do anything for. Friends, family... Even if it means witholding a pitiful loaf of bread for a famished young girl. You and him have more in common than you think. Luckily, not everyone is like that.", she shot back, infuriated by that selfishness, that desire to get ahead at the expense of others. For however much contempt this woman might hold for her, Alisa held just as much about her, "Though you'll never wrap your head around that concept... You refuse to accept that people can be good, because if you did. This would mean you are not needed."

High and mighty though they may be, the other Vyra's existence depended on people being their most horrible selves, to validate her own presence as a "protector". Fighting off enemies, and if none exist, create them. But her abilily to achieve this depended on Vyra's distress... In which case, Alisa saw one simple solution. With their less than pleasant, if enlightening conversation drawing to a close, the sculptress picked the coffee pot and poured herself another cup, taking a sip as she watched the woman stand back up:

"I disagree. It's sweet of you to worry, but... Nothing will ever be like how it used to.", she retorted, putting the cup back down, "Are you done now?"

Apparently not. As she placed the cup back down, Alisa's brow arched, not the slightest bit concerned about the woman standing in front of her. The very picture of cool, she needn't look down on people to prove her superiority, casually sitting down as she finished her drink, poise and refinement as she stood with her legs crossed... But unlike what the woman might assume, Alisa hadn't gotten this far in life by getting struck so easily by every hostile. She could have sensed the woman's malice from a mile away, from the first word from her lips, from that self entitled posture of someone who sees the rest of the world as something to exploit.


When she swung her hand out so suddenly, Alisa responded in kind with the trained reflexes of a martial artist. A reaction so impossibly swift it let little doubt: She never trusted the other Vyra, let alone drop her guard around her. Vyra's hand collided not with her face but the back of Alisa's hand as she rose it in unflinching guard, partly expecting the woman to try and punch her, hoping to find her distracted. She'd have no such openings with her, and instead merely recieved that unerring gaze shooting right back at her, brow furrowing as she smirked:

"My my, did I strike a nerve, I wonder~...?", she replied, her left eye turning white as a clear show of her will to fight back.

She had no doubt the woman would easily resort to violence if she felt pressured, much like how she never hesitated to steal that bread and whatever other misdeeds she'd done before. Not that Alisa would fight back when it meant injuring Vyra's body, but she made it clear enough she'd defend herself without hesitation. There were ways to subdue an opponent without injuring them if that was the path she wanted.

That sense of satisfaction far outweighed the sharp, stinging redness on her hand as it throbbed up her arm, the refreshing realization that other Vyra couldn't simply stand around and sneer like she'd been doing thus far. She had no right to live this girl's life in her stead, to rob her of free will. So long as Alisa stood by, she never would... But she did raise an unsettling point... Alisa wouldn't always be around to protect her. Sooner or later Vyra would carry on her travels as she'd been doing thus far. Yet all her worries for the future faded away when she heard a familiar voice calling out to her:

"Vyra!!", echoing her call as she briskly got back on her feet, she draped her arms around the girl, pulling her into a tight, loving embrace. Her hand reached for the back of her head, pulling her onto her shoulder, her own body hiding the sight of those scars the other Vyra revealed, a view Vyra herself struggled to keep hidden at all costs, "I... had a not so amicable conversation with the other one."

She couldn't lie to her anymore... No reason to, especially now that the girl knew the truth. Alisa peeled away, just enough to look back into those shimmering hues, an apprehensive look crossing her face as she chewed her bottom lip, pausing as she yet fought the urge to keep it from her. No more... She should have told her right from the start. Though the other woman had failed her mark, Alisa's white eye and the throbbing, stinging redness in the back of her hand painted a clear picture for the caring young demi human, more than enough for her to get the picture and feel responsible:

"It's not your fault Vyra. You had no way of knowing what she was doing.", she pulled the girl back into her arms, her tone a soft, reassuring whisper, squeezing tightly to her back, making it clear she held none of the other's actions against her.

Perhaps one day she might be able to interfere with the other Vyra's misdeeds, but whether she found the means or the will to do so was anyone's guess. Alisa knew not if she could even achieve this manner of control, but she suspected it considering how liberally the other Vyra interfered with her life.

"I don't know why... I wish I did. She seems hellbent on proving that you need her and nobody else.", Alisa clenched her fist, eyes narrowing as she looked away, frustrated at her own powerlessness, peeling away just enough to look into those shimmering hues, her brow furrowed, unflinching, "No, Vyra... Never let anyone tell you what she does is your fault, ok? It's absolutely, unquestionably not your fault in any possible way."

Even the supposed breakdown the other Vyra boasted about lasted little more than minutes. The supposed blunder with her magic was brought about none other by the one who gloated about her lack of skill. The other Vyra might have done much to protect her from others... But between the two of them, she never hesitated to hurt her physically or emotionally if it helped prove a point:

"You're a wonderful young woman. Every step of the way you've done nothing but make me proud.", another kiss, a gentle peck against her forehead. Trust and tenderness in equal parts as she held the girl in her arms, after that little back and forth, making her all the more open about Vyra's own worth. Not pulling away until she wiped away her tears on her shoulder, Alisa stood there, brushing a hand down her hair, speaking up only when she felt that tension seep away, something else to draw her attention away, "I suppose... After this you might need some new clothes hmmm~...?"

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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Nausea maybe.

Guilt perhaps.

The feeling, whatever it be, seemed to sit within her, it swaying uncomfortably as Vyra simply held onto Alisa, as much concerned for the woman as she were afraid of herself. The past, however long it must have been; a few minutes maybe, perhaps longer, it left her afraid, vulnerable, fearful of what happened and what had been said. Her clothes were ajar, an unwelcome taste permeating in her mouth, the stinging sensation seeming to radiate throughout her hand, holding on seemed like the only thing that she could do.

The tears had waned; the damage, whatever damage it may have been, that had been done by whatever existed within her – another her, an evil, cruel version of her – there was nothing to be done. She could not reverse time, nor fully know just what happened save for Alisa’s retelling of the events, but her mind raced wondering if that were something she even wanted to know. Everything still left her uneasy, her body feeling weak, the idea that this other version of her that in their lone interaction had seemingly tried to help her, had been leading her – leading her body – astray all along.

She could not help but flinch ever so slightly at the woman’s touch, as genuine and caring as it had was intended to be. She struggled to trust herself, struggled to believe her body right now, and it all caused her to be further frightened. Only upon the soft words uttered by Alisa did it seem that things seemed to calm. The air warmed, her breathing returned to normal, her grip – for as tightly as she held onto Alisa – seemed to relax, and the tears that fell gave way to a pair of lone streaks that trailed along her cheeks.

Another pat upon her backside seemed to light the fuse within her, a rush of something pouring within her, enough for her to pry free of the paralysis she seemingly found herself within. The vice that her fingers entrenched around Alisa waned, parting as they gently grasped upon the woman’s arms, functioning as an anchor as she pulled away, just enough that the features of the woman came to view.

To look upon Alisa’s face, Vyra could not help but feel conflicted, her heart as much envious as it were broken.

Stripping away the flawless features that she so effortlessly carried, the pained look were upon Alisa’s face, the remnants of her encounter with whatever iteration of Vyra she had just encountered still lingering. It stood as a striking contrast to the other look that the Demi-human witnessed, that of pride. Pride towards Vyra. A pride that she did not feel that she deserved. Rather, guilt lingered within her, guilt that made it all the more difficult for her to muster up much more than a weak smile.

But when Alisa spoke again, giving the quick synopsis to the reality that Vyra dreadfully feared, whatever spark that had been within her burnt away. The smile faded into a pained look, her waning again as her hands barely rested upon Alisa’s arms. She found herself too exhausted to cry, the exertion by whatever possessed her earlier not having taken its toll, but rather the combination of shame and feeling of weakness.

“I’m sorry,” she said dejectedly as her eyes lowered to the ground, too ashamed to look Alisa face to face. Her apology was different than before. There weren’t the pleading that had come before, the wishing to take back everything. There was, as warped as it were, acceptance, a sense of ownership in her failings. It stung, the cacophony of revelations as it all became more and more evident and apparent to her of what was to come.


Sooner or later, it was bound to happen again. And what excuse would she have then?

Though Alisa tried to reassure her, Vyra could not muster even the ability to agree. Even reflecting back in the past, the incidents that had befallen her at the presumed hands, she wondered, could she have done more to try to understand? She could have, no she should have, done more to try to figure out what happened during those gaps of time. She felt something in her chest just drop, thinking that if she had done even just the most basic amount of follow-up, who knows how things could have been different.

She lingered in her self-pity for a moment, looking distantly at nothing in particular, coming only somewhat out of this trance as Alisa spoke, pondering aloud the motivations behind the other Vyra, something the Demi-human found herself wondering too. Her eyes rose slightly, enough to catch Alisa turning her head; for an immediate moment thinking that Alisa were disappointed in her. The motion of her fist clenching, the faintest bits of movement seemed to spring like into Vyra as it dawned on her just what she was seeing.

It wasn’t disappointment in her that she was seeing in Alisa.

It was frustration in herself.

Perhaps it was the light, maybe Vyra’s imagination, but she was certain that even just for a moment, she saw something of a tear forming at Alisa’s eye. A silent cry escaped her lips. The next moment, she had thrown her arms around Alisa, as much seeking refuge within the company of the woman as she were hoping to help her, quite how she weren’t sure of. This was the only thing that she could think of.

She held on, like a child reciprocating the affection shown by a parent. But inside, a level of anger seemed to begin to brew within her. Assuming much of what had befallen her in the past years had been by this other Vyra’s hand, that were one thing. It only affected her, though hardly an excuse or justification. But now, whatever had happened in the past several minutes had affected Alisa, more than perhaps anything she had seen of the Blue Pegasus Guild Leader so far. It was in that, seeing someone that she cared deeply for, to have been affected in this way, somehow it hurt all the more than knowing what she herself had been put through.

Her body moved in alignment with the actions of Alisa, Vyra practically surrendering her grip and weight as Alisa provided her with the same sort of affection, if not something different, something more pure. Vyra could not help but blush slightly as Alisa spoke, feeling the soft kiss upon her forehead, innocent in nature, but still meaning the world to the Demi-human. She simply remained there, basking in the tenderness of this moment, a far cry from the circumstances that had only moments earlier preceded it.

As Alisa’s hands softly brushed against the light blue hair of Vyra’s, the Demi-human reached out and grabbed it, not with any apparent suddenness, but instead with a rather telegraphed exhibit. Holding it, one palm of her’s within Alisa’s, another holding onto her wrist, Vyra looked directly into the older woman’s eyes, “I won’t let her hurt you, I promise…” There was an unease within her eyes, possessing not a lack of conviction, but rather that of confidence. Regardless, whatever reservations she may have had towards her own ability, Vyra was determined that she would do all she could to protect Alisa.

“Oi, whas all this bein’ ‘bout,” a familiar voice echoed through the hallway just beyond the walls, the sound of it getting louder with each passing word. “Nas I swear I be walkin’ in on some bloody crime scene or these youngins be hearin’ bloody shadows.” There was no mistaking the slight disgruntled tone in the woman’s voice as she seemly stood just outside Vyra’s door, but as the door flung open and the elderly woman presented herself, never once did either her tone or face seem to indicate as much.

“Good morn – “ her words were cut ajar at the sight of Alisa, her presence clearly something that she was not made aware of. Standing straight as she represented herself in a more formal manner, “Oh, a thousand pardons Master; seems not a soul be informin’ me that ya be bein’ here. Color me surprised at tha omission, wouldn’cha know.” She seemed slightly flustered, taking Vyra a little by surprise at this contrast to the other night. The woman had given the Demi-human a reason to be fearful, and yet right now, she seemed more cuddly than anything else.

“Oh, seems like you two be havin’ ya selves a nice ol’ little brunch ain’t yas,” the old wrinkled face formed that of a wide smile, admiring the options that had been laid out across the table. It wasn’t that of a look of personal hunger, but one of relief instead, her eyes subtly darting from the arrangement to the plates, connecting the dots to whose plate was whose. “I do be hatin’ to be interruptin’ the pair of ya’s, but seems the ‘less worldly’ members we have can’t seem to allow a girl a chance to settle in, now can’t they?” The mentioning of the other Blue Pegasus members caused Vyra to perk up, a slight look of distress on her face as her focus shifted towards the door.

“Don’cha worry dearie. Them boys be more worryin’ and thinkin’ with the wrong head if ya get my meaning. All fine and good normally, but I don’t be needin’ hormones distracting them from they responsibilities from this Guild,” she said with an adamant look towards Alisa, “Nor I be needin’ them harassing our favorite guest now do we?” There was a kind smile as she looked right at Vyra, who found herself shifting her focus between the healer and Alisa, not quite sure how to interpret her remarks. “So don’tcha be worryin’. They ain’t gone be disturbin’ ya anymore.”

No sooner had the woman said this that a small frown appeared upon her face, “Oh, now what supposin’ be the cause of this,” she asked as a finger pointed towards the torn garb. Before so much as giving either Vyra or Alisa time to respond, it seemed the healer’s attention had shifted, gently tapping against the maid whom had been summoned by Alisa earlier before everything seemed to have spiraled out of control. The maid who seemed to have been lost in all of the confusion. “Oi miss, be a dear now and go ‘head and get your Mistress’s apprentice here something appropriate to wear, wouldn’tcha please?”

Though she had said she had spoken in jest before when she referred to Vyra as Alisa’s apprentice, the Demi-human could not help but find herself blushing at the same suggestion. Was it an intentional misspeak? Was there more to what she was saying that Vyra did not fully understand? A part of her was hoping that there would have been some back and forth, whether it be the maid or Alisa to interject, but it seemed that as quickly as the healer had ushered off the maid that she was staring right at Vyra, a look that seemed to seethe disappointment at Vyra, “Din’t I make a point to say to NOT TRY YA MAGIC?” Vyra glanced at Alisa, only to have the old woman take hold of her lips and turn her face back towards her own, “Don’cha be lookin’ to the Master. You look at me, understand?”

Vyra nodded, admittedly too afraid of what this woman may have done otherwise. What Vyra had seen of her up to this point, she had a level of intimidation to her, that was never in question. But this, she was looking at genuine anger; anger for disobeying her. In an instant, the elderly woman had her grip wrapped right around Vyra’s wrist, “You lucky ya know that? Could’a lost ya arm easy, or worse. Now then, lemme see.” Vyra simply remained there, having effectively surrendered her arm to the woman as she scoped over it like that of a jeweler inspecting a gemstone’s quality.

After a few moments, the Blue Pegasus healer sighed, letting go entirely of Vyra’s arm. “Look at me child,” she said, her words hoarse. Vyra, having lowered her head in shame, could not help but widen her eyes in slight surprise as the woman slung her finger beneath the Demi-human’s chin, pushing it upwards to meet her at eye level. “I understand the want to learn ya Magic. I get it. The worlds open up for ya, but this in’t the thing to be gone at alone. Ya have yaself a Magic with potential man can only imagine, all the more reason ya ain’t afford being reckless.” Her stern face remained as her eyes darted for the briefest of moments towards Alisa, then back to Vyra, “How ya think the Master gone feel if something happens to you?”

“I’m sorry,” Vyra responded in a dejected tone.

The healer nodded her head slightly, “Don’t ya be apologizing me. Apologize t’ her,” she said, pointing to Alisa.

The Demi-human didn’t move for a moment, soaking in what the healer had said. A look began upon her face like she was about to cry, but a deep breath managed to maintain her composure, if only for the moment. Looking up to Alisa, her eyes like two small fountains of pain, she spoke softly, her voice seemingly gone, “I’m sorry.”

Almost immediately, the Blue Pegasus healer’s temperament changed, becoming softer again as she watched the apology. Likewise, her tone also improved, “A place like this, ain’t something everyone getting. Building ain’t big ‘nough to be supporting all of Hargeon, ain’t it.” She placed a soft hand upon Vyra’s shoulder, the faintest of shaking meant to reassure the girl as a weak chuckle escaped her lips.

She glanced up at Alisa, a smile on her face, one as much to convey how earnest she meant, and in the same right, one that was intended to serve as a manner of apology towards Alisa for what just happened. “The Master cares about ya, a great deal. Last thing she be wantin’ is something horrible happenin’ to ya, ain’t that right Master?”

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Just what kind of thoughts were swirling around inside her head...? Alisa couldn't know for sure, but she could see it in her eyes. Vyra had shaken off the torpor that brought her down when the lithomancer first came clean about her insiduous alternate self:

"Don't...", Alisa shook her head, smiling as she brought her hand up, running those deft, dainty digits over Vyra's cheeks, her gaze gentle as she looked into those vibrant, misty hues, brushing away the tears, "You didn't do this... That wasn't your fault at all."

Assertive, if not repetitive, determined to utter these words again and again until her feelings sunk into the young girl in front of her. Alisa bore her no ill will, no resentment in any shape or form. They weren't her deeds... She couldn't blame herself for what her other self had gotten up to, when up until this point she didn't even know the woman existed. She, on the other hand, should have done more to help her. But she didn't know how... If there was anybody to blame, then she was defenitely the one. But Vyra would have none of it. As though she could sense that insecurity, she threw herself into Alisa's arms until the tall woman's eyes shot wide, gasping as she surrendered immediately. At that moment, all of the negativity faded from her thoughts as she supported the girl's weight, holding her close, her warmth seeping into her, as though using her own body to provide Vyra a measure of modesty despite the torn, ragged mess her clothes had been left in. Squeezing tightly, not pulling away, chest pressed so tightly to the girl she'd feel that drumbeat of her heart, racing, slowly winding down with every passing moment:

"Vyra...", all but mumbling her name, Alisa's plush pink lips steadily drew back into a smile, holding onto her until the tenderness melted away whatever tension yet lingered, her hand drawing a soothing caress up and down her back.

When the girl finally pulled away, her eyes widened visibly at the sight before her... That look in Vyra's eyes... After all this time together, she'd never actually seen her with that kind of look on her face. The way she took Alisa's hand in hers and professed her desire to protect her... Despite the audible insecurity in her voice, those words shot right to her heart... No, perhaps because of that insecurity did they hold so much power, far more than Vyra gave herself credit for:

"Thank you, Vyra... You're such a sweet girl...", a hint of redness drew on the older woman's cheeks as she heard her. Alisa had grown stronger with every passing year, reaching a point where most people just assumed she didn't need protecting... Whether or not she did, the intention alone was worth more the prettiest of diamonds. Moments like this happened so rarely Alisa felt utterly stunned, yet that feeling soon gave way to something else as her smile widened, "You deserve so much more than this."

Alisa couldn't really stop her alter ego from coming out, especially not when she didn't even understand how or why that happened. But she was far from powerless. Drawing her palm down to their joined hands, she cupped Vyra's firmly between her own, returning the gesture and the words it accompanied:

"And I promise you, as long as you're here with me...", she whispered once more, equal parts love and resolve as she narrowed her eyes softly, matching that same determination to protect the girl before her eyes, "I won't let her misuse your body ever again."

To shield and cherish one another... Like a mother to her daughter, an sister to her younger sibling, the two women's words felt akin to a vow, the unyielding desire to protect each other. Alisa lost track of time as they comforted each other, barely even registering that familiar voice until she heard the door flung open. She peeled away from Vyra, ever so slightly, just enough to turn and look into the healer's eyes, greeting her with a welcoming smile:

"Ufufu~... Good morning Fiona. I trust you had a good night's sleep as well~...?", after the events that transpired, Alisa seemed reluctant to pull away from Vyra, understanding fully well the girl just had an intense, unsettling experience and needed all the solace she could find.

Alisa wanted nothing more than to provide that, but as the old healer entered the room, she realized her appearance might be just what she needed to help pull her away from that bad headspace:

"Oh you're quite welcome to some of it if you'd like.", she replied, motioning towards all the food laid out on the table, their breakfast interrupted by the other Vyra, an appearance that understandably dulled one's appetite.

Reaching a hand up to her head, Alisa slowly ran it down the length of her long, lustruous dark hair, idly running her fingers under the plunging neckline of her shirt, adjusting the fabric over her shoulder, making herself presentable while Fiona stood there preoccupied with their meal. That subtle show of vanity Vyra could easily pick up on as she hung so close to the guildmaster, for the most part something quite characteristic of Blue Pegasus. Almost as much as the young males' fixation on the breathtaking beauties before their eyes, though in the guild's defense, boys will be boys, no matter what guild they're in:

"Oh dear... They still haven't learned that curiosity kills the cat hmm?", she noted, a faint twitch of her brow as she shot a look tinged with annoyance right back at the door, one hand sliding down to the swell of her hip. Even now, Alisa still held the troubled young demi human close to her, that contact between them a constant she wouldn't easily surrender, as though that closeness could give Vyra the solace she so desperately needed, "I guess we're lucky to have a guardian angel looking out for us~"

Shooting a complicit look with the demi human at her side, Alisa chuckled playfully as she flashed the old healer an appreciating smile. Ever attentive, she caught on to Vyra's torn up clothing as soon as the sculptress pulled away from her. Alisa had been so preoccupied with her mental state that she completely forgot about fetching her a replacement outfit... Thankfully, the down to Earth Fiona wouldn't let that slide for even a second.

"Right away ma'am.", ever courteous, the maid bowed her head softly and turned around

Far from the only sight she wouldn't stand for, Alisa soon gulped as she saw that look on her face turning into a scowl. Unlike the understanding, sisterly guildmaster, the stern, equally worried healer didn't hold back one bit one bit, immediately snapping at the girl with the kind of strictness that made even Alisa look on wide eyed:

"Fufu... There's nothing scarier than a healer when a patient ignores her orders~", sharing a complicit look with the older woman, reaching one arm behind her neck as she an awkward, worried smile drew on her lips and soft sigh escaped, chest rising and falling with a heavy breath, "But she's right, you know?"

Even now she still felt her heart clench at the thought... Alisa gulped as she thought back to that sight as she left the bathroom, that shuddering sense of dread at the thought of what might have happened, and the relief she felt upon finding the girl safe and unharmed, despite attempting her magic once more in a weakened state. She understood why Vyra did it, or at least she thought she did. But she couldn't help but worry about her. Nodding in agreement with the old woman, those wine red hues fell on Vyra's as she spoke:

"Indeed... I understand you're eager to learn your new magic, just...", Alisa reinforced, her words soft and honeyed, her look not one of disappointment but simple concern. Like a worried parent, Alisa reached gently under Vyra's chin, tilting her face upwards ever so slightly, "Promise me you'll be careful...? That you'll give your body the chance to rest."

Doubly so since she had a hostile other self ready to take control of it at any moment... Ever opportunistic, Alisa knew she'd waste no chance to take over if it presented itself, and wouldn't really be surprised if those chances came more often as Vyra exhausted herself, either physically, mentally, or both... By now Vyra probably understood as much herself. Alisa gazed deeply into her eyes, just enough to let her know she wasn't angry at her. And before long, the maid cleared her throat, drawing Alisa's gaze away... She'd be standing there for a few moments now, wary of stepping in until the angry Fiona had finished scolding Vyra, only then approaching the demi human with a soft smile and a fresh change of clothes:

"Here you go miss. Might not be the same as what you had on, but I do hope you'll find it comfortable."

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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Her heart sank into her chest.

A pain radiated through her; it wasn’t just disappointing Alisa, it was the manner in how she had. Though Alisa had seemed to understand before, the anticipation, the excitement that came with the idea of experimenting with a newly-discovered Magic, Vyra did not appreciate the other aspect of what came with that fascination. The risk, the danger associated with it.

She had ignored her own safety. She had ignored Alisa’s safety. The safety of those within Blue Pegasus, who had taken her in.

Never did she consider why. What risk was she truly putting herself in? She looked down upon her hand, her eyes seemingly never detracting it from it upon pulling her gaze from Alisa, and though everything looked normal, her mind raced as she reconsidered everything she thought she knew. Was it her? Was it her Magic? Was this how it went?

Her mind flashed briefly back to the other night, to her within her own mind. Or wherever that place had been, the font of Magic within her. She thought of the copy of her, how she stood tall within the toxic clouds that surrounded everything in sight. Clouds of her Magic. Disease Magic.

Disease Magic. Was that what it was actually? Was that why they were so fearful? For her, or of her? Both perhaps?

Vyra’s head lifted, breaking her focused gaze upon her hand, instead peering into the look upon the Blue Pegasus’s healer’s face, the apparent concern and worry for her hidden behind the guise of a stern healer. “It’s my Magic…” She turned slightly, glancing towards Alisa, “That’s what you’re concerned about? It's what you’re both worried about, that it’ll kill me?”

An answer didn’t even seem needed. Between what that darker imposter said, the scent of it, the taste that lingered, the shiver that went down her spine every time she gave a thought to trying her Magic further, there was little doubt in her mind. The more time that passed, the more the sinking feeling built that it was true.

“Alone? Probably would,” the elderly woman’s words were cold, matter-of-factly than anything else, but not cruel. “Look at ya company though. Ya in the arms of one of the Wizard Saints. Ain’t no teacher that you could more ask for than that.” Vyra could feel the hand gently patting against her head, the solemnness that she was feeling waning in favor of some comfort. “Probably no one better that understands what your Magic is either. Sure you seen it once or twice in your day, wouldn’cha master?”

A break from the conversation came from the maid whom had otherwise spent the time cleaning, bringing herself before Vyra, a pair of garments folded neatly within her crossed arms. Vyra could not help but smile as she carefully reached out, taking hold of the garment as it unfolded within her grip, revealing itself to be a casual blouse. Running her fingers through it, it may not have been the same silky material like what she had been wearing, but it still felt nice, nicer than whatever Vyra could remember before.

“Thank you!” she said, the sincerity in Vyra’s voice being a welcome change from the mournful setting that had otherwise been conveyed. In a lapse, she seemed to simply strip what remained of ripped garment, allowing the torn silken fragments to fall to the ground as she put on the otherwise more modest, but arguably more appropriate article of clothing. Never during this sequence did the panic that had earlier come with her having shown the bruises of a past time bring it self forward, a level of comfortability or just assurance being the clear distinction now.

Properly dressed again, Vyra could not help but glow a bit, her disposition having completely shifted into the loving young woman whom Alisa had begun to get to know so well. So pronounced was the turn it would be quite imaginable to the unaware party that the events earlier and all of the circumstances and fallout surrounding it never happened. The Demi-human could not help but model the garment slightly, appreciating it for herself as much for the others within the room still. “They look nice! Thank you again,” she said with the kindness radiating through her voice towards the maid who simply nodded and smiled in response.

The Blue Pegasus healer said nothing, though could not entirely hide the faint forming of a smile upon her face. Maintaining composure, the woman turned her attention towards Alisa, “Well, I supposin’ now that I taken up enough of your mornings. I bid you farewell Master, and you,” she said, turning her focus back towards Vyra, “I don’t expect I should be-“ A knock on the door seemed to cut her thought in half completely. It was a tempered knock, no particular urgency behind it, but also one that did not lack the conviction of its intended purpose.

Another pair of knocks came upon the closed door, with the same behavior as before. After a short pause, the door opened with a steady pace, revealing the man whom Vyra had met the night before, the tall man, dressed in a proper suit standing within the door frame; a warm smile on his face as his view cast upon the four women, the roles vastly different amongst them, yet all warranting the same courteous bow. “A pleasant morning to you all,” he spoke, the solid look upon his face making it hard to decipher the tone of his voice beyond what the ear could pick up on. “Have I arrived at a poor time?”

The healer sighed, “Who was it this time? One of those youngin’ fools fall out a window again? Knew we ought to be having the more rowdy bunch on ground level or beneath. I swear, they putting them-“

A cautioned chuckle escaped the man’s mouth as he shook his head, “No Madame, you misunderstand my arrival. I do not bring any poor news as to the health of the residents. Rather, I have arrived for our latest arrival.”

Vyra looked at the man for a moment, it not immediately dawning on her that he was referring to her, “Me?”

“Aye. Your arrival, while certainly becoming a healthy topic of discussion amongst the guild, does come with it some formalities that we must adhere to. The earlier, the better, as they say.”

“Like what? I don’t get it.”

“Just a few things, nothing horrible or otherwise should give pause for concern. If anything, they are matters that more extend to the Blue Pegasus guild itself. Legal tender that we aim to remain on top of, ensures that there are no issues as far as our standing relationship with Hargeon, as well as making sure that we have what records we can on you, lest something awful happen,” a quick glance towards Alisa before he finished his thought, “Though, it’s more a precaution than practice. But, we wish to remain prepared.”

Vyra frowned, the prospect of doing this stuff seeming boring. “Do I have to?”

A weak nod was returned, “Unfortunately. I know it fails to compete against the possibility of enjoying the day with the lovely Master, but it is something that we do need to keep on top of. Under most circumstances, it would be done before being provided a room. The Master is quite convincing though,” the man said, flashing a smile.

“Will Alisa be here when I get back?” Vyra asked, looking up to face Alisa, a desperate look on her face, before turning back towards the man.

“That I cannot say. There is a potential, though I suspect that she also has things that she must tend to, people whom require her attention as well.” He could see the look of disappointment on Vyra’s face as he said this, “But you need not worry. Undoubtedly there will be time for the two of you to catch up again. Fret not. Now come, the sooner we get through this, perhaps the sooner you two can enjoy the day.”

Like a disappointed child, Vyra got up, but not before turning around and giving Alisa a tight hug, one echoing times earlier between them. “Thank you for everything. I promise, on my life, I will make you proud,” Vyra said, her words audible certainly to Alisa, perhaps those in ear shot, but the Demi-human wanted it absolutely clear, that she for all that she had done for her, somehow, she was going to make it up to Alisa.

After a couple of moments, she finally released her grip on the taller, beautiful woman, slowly walking towards the man just before the open doorframe. “Shall we?”, he asked as the young woman took a final glance back towards Alisa, soaking in the sight before shifting her focus towards him, giving a weak, almost defeated nod. “Do not worry, it will be painless. Farewell Fiona, Master. You have my word, I shall make the process as smooth as I am able.”

With that, the door closed, leaving Alisa, the Blue Pegasus healer, and Alisa’s maid still within the room while Vyra and the man stood within the hallway. Already hating this, Vyra followed the man towards wherever it was that they were going, the only thing that was apparent was that with this, this was going to be her home now.

And, despite the disappointment in having to tend to this, to leave Alisa for the time being, the thought of having a place to call home, she couldn’t hide how excited she was towards that.

It was something that made her wonder if she were dreaming. In a matter of a days, her fortunes had changed so much. Once alone, now she was to have a home, and from what it seemed, she had found a family too.


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Alisa didn't really want to scold the girl too much but... She supposed that came down to a weakness of hers than anything else. For all the ruthlessness she showed her foes, Alisa Vollan seldom showed anything close to that side of herself to her loved ones. Perhaps the memories yet lingered from those days where Sofia looked at her with genuine fear in her eyes, over something as simple as training their magic... But Fiona on the other had, had always been as strict as she was caring, and her scolding soon have way to a genuine piece of advice:

"Mmm, some magics are more dangerous than others but... I suppose greater risk can also yield greater reward?", Alisa nodded, folding her arms under her bountiful bust, cupping her chin, a no nonsense approach to magic, even one as seemingly vile as Vyra's, "But It also means you need greater caution with the power you wield..."

Even the most beautiful magics can be used for the most foul, revolting purposes... During the war, she'd seen angels using their holy magic for ends so revolting she felt her stomach churn... Whole villages, erased from the face of the world with holy fire, for the most pathetic reason imaginable: The sliver of possibility that a single demon may be hiding. Seraphim were weak and pitiful if they needed such means to erase a single demon... Or maybe they were merely callous enough as to not even consider the weight of a single life, or even that of a whole village. Even now, those thoughts brought a frown to her face. No magic, no matter how holy, could ever bring light on a corrupted wielder - and the reverse held true as well - no good natured mage would ever be diminished by the worst of their magic:

"Indeed... I've seen stronger and weaker versions of your magic as it is... A Wizard Lord even wielded a particularly deadly variant for a while, used it to raid a light guild, not unlike our own...", she chuckled, smirking smugly still finding a smidge of satisfaction in a menace like Odin Morningstar being repelled by two rookie mages amounting to less than a quarter of his experience... Just goes to show how far down you can fall when you underestimate your foes, "...Or attempted to at least~"

A lesson for Alisa to teach Vyra someday maybe, but at the moment... Didn't seem as though the girl was hurting from any form of blinding, overwhelming confidence. On the contrary, she suffered from the opposite problem, lacking any semblance of trust in her own power, her own talent... Alisa could only hope that she'd stay right here by her side, in Blue Pegasus, so she'd have a chance to show her everything she'd been missing... To discover everything her grueling life had kept from her. Even now, she found her gaze idly following the girl, smile curling just a bit wider at the comfort she showed when she changed clothes. Only yesterday, she'd been hiding her scars in a panic, and now, here she was:

"Mmm, not at all, it's always a pleasure to see you, Fiona~", Alisa shook her head, raising her hand, silently noting how she should make a point to visit the old healer more often... As she got stronger, Alisa Vollan also got hurt less often and found less of a need to see the woman as much, but... That's no excuse, is it?

Sharing a thankful, appreciating smile to the healer, her gaze however would soon turn to a new arrival, the guildmate who first helped Vyra get settled into the guild:

"Oh good morning...", Alisa's brow arched, and even as she chuckled at the healer's words, her hand rested on the older woman's shoulder as she stepped forth, "Ufufu, not at all Fiona... I figured we'd get to this eventually."

Even Alisa couldn't keep away the bureocratic machine for so long, but she was prepared to join the demi human as she trudged through the hardships of paperwork. She'd brought Vyra to the guild to give her a warm meal and a cozy, well made bed to sleep in, the last thing she wanted was to watch her end up having to sign a myriad papers whose purpose she didn't understand. But in the end, she slowly realized it wasn't her place to take care of this for her... Even if she'd offered, she was sure Vyra would refuse it. Ultimately, she could only offer her support, turning her face to the girl, hand resting on her shoulder:

"I may not be here in your room, but... Don't worry. I'm never too far away, so... You can come find me whenever you're done~?", instead, Alisa flashed her that soothing, loving smile as it drew on those supple lips, only widening when Vyra slipped her arms around her, "You don't have to thank me~..." ,all but a mere whisper, her nails dug onto the girl's back, squeezing the girl into her chest, her chin over her shoulder, those soft, honeyed words full of warmth and affection, "I'd do it all over again~... You deserve this, Vyra, never forget that."

Like a mother to her child, Alisa clung to the young demi human, her arms reluctant to peel away, hesitant to give the girl her personal space back... Indeed, she knew the man had a point. Alisa had her own duties to the guild, and even while adequately supported, she could scarcely put aside any more than this on a regular basis. She took good enough care of the guild that it could run itself in her absense, but not optimally by any stretch of the word. Alisa gulped as she finally watched the girl walking:

"Call for me if you need any help with it, okay...?", she rose her voice one last time, those last few words as she watched the girl leave her warmth, her smile fading with a sigh as the girl left... Alisa rubbed her temple.

She wished she could have just kept the girl company, as long as it took until she understood she was loved, wanted... That she had a place. But deep down... Vyra already knew that, didn't she~...? Alisa smiled at the thought, cooly taking a seat back at the table, crossing her legs, idly pouring herself another cup of coffee, admiring that clear blackness of her cup, rippling ever so visibly. It had been quite the eventful day huh?

Alisa knew she couldn't reach everybody in the world who needed help... But Vyra of all people... She needed it like one needs air to breathe. Enjoying one last cup of coffee, the guild master lingered just a bit longer, now alone in her room as her maid vanished once finished with her duties, mulling over the past few hours:

"Rest assured, Vyra... In return, I'll make sure you have a home you can take pride in~"


Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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