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Tears [Alisa]

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Even as their embrace parted, Alisa's hand yet lingered on the girl's back, gently brushing the tips of her hair, as though that faint, unassuming touch could keep her from losing sight of what mattered most... She wasn't alone anymore. Even if everything may end up falling apart one day... She'd make sure to give Vyra moments she could treasure for the rest of her life. If she had her way... She'd ensure the girl would always have a home by her side, to come back to no matter where the winds took her. She could almost sense her anxiety as the night drew nearer, and the look of relief washing over her face when she heared her offer. Alisa nodded, then chuckled, finally placing a tender peck on Vyra's cheek as the girl leaned in for a hug:

"You don't need to thank me.", she replied as she accepted that warm, caring hug, smiling as she peeled herself away. Alisa shook her head as she gazed into those wide, hopeful eyes, delight at the thought of simply showing this lovely yet lonely lost girl the love and affection she deserved, "Just remember you always have a home here~..."

In a land constantantly consumed by war and strife, year after year after year, with no lack of those wishing to prolong it, caring people like Vyra would grow rarer by the day, all the more so if they found themselves forced to exploit or be exploited. Alisa for one, refused to live in a world where kindness was a weakness. As such, she strove to preserve at least the South of Fiore as a place where people could live in peace without constant quarrels between guilds and races, but even she missed the negativity some people harboured towards demi humans, for no reason other than being born different... Clearly, she still had a lot of work laid out before her, but for the time being, she devoted every ounce of her attention to the girl in front of her, finding she cherished her more annd more as time went on:

"Shall we go~...?", she spoke at last, smiling as Vyra collected the towels and indeed, using the power of her ring to tuck away their picnic basket and the two towels, and replacing her swimsuit for proper street clothes. A short pair of denim hotpants below and a green tank top above, with a pair of sandals on her feet.

As she idly ran her hand down her hair as though to brush off the excess sand, she found herself merely watching Vyra as she admired the beach, those dusky shades of sunset reflecting upon the ocean's waves in a dazzling display. She too couldn't help but linger at the bottom of staircase as she watched it, her hair fluttering about with the breeze as her hand came to rest upon the railing. Eventually, the pair climbed up the stairs, away from the beach and back out on the streets, Alisa offering her hand in almost complete unison as Vyra sought it out, holding it tenderly as she found herself looking towards the girl:

"My~... One of the loveliest afternoons we've had this summer."

For the most part, Alisa didn't really speak up, merely feeling the young woman's warmth against her hand, her thumb gently stroking the back of her hand as she allowed the girl to simply take in this breathtaking view of sunset in Hargeon. She took the scenic route, promenading along the breakwater by the sea... Of course, choosing this particular path meant a steeper climb up the streets, bringing the two higher and higher above sea level, with the breathtaking view of the sea spreading wider and wider behind them with every step. Soon enough, the two finally reached their destination: A large, lavish building with a proud pink front, adorned with the very same symbol tattooed on Alisa's midriff. The same sight that had graced many covers of Sorcerer's Magazine long before Alisa even entered the guild:

"Here we are. Welcome to Blue Pegasus, one of the Crown Jewels of Hargeon~", she spoke at last, pausing at the front gate, tucking a loose black lock behind her ear those wine red hues fell on the girl at her side, a smidge of curiosity crossing her face as she watched the girl take in the place where she'd spend the night.

She'd considered remodelling the place before, but in the end, Alisa Vollan couldn't bring herself to redecorate something so iconic as Blue Pegasus' guild hall. She could, however, renew the painting every so often, and ensure even something as classic as the home of Blue Pegasus kept up with the times. The attention to detail on the myriad decorations and the front yard alike hinted at that taste for artistic modernity, but even that didn't compare to the renovations she'd made to the guild's backyard, or the residential annex she had rebuilt from the ground up:

"Let's see what kind of room we can find you, hmmm...?", swinging open the front door, Alisa motioned inside, where a spacious lounge awaited them. Adorned with countless pieces of fine art tastefully distributed across every corner, with silken courtains draped along the windows and velvety sofas just tempting you to sit down and relax, every inch of the guild's common area hinted at something you'd seen if a classy lounge bar met an art gallery. Against the sheer size of the place, the handful of stylishly dressed people spread about seemed almost alone. Guildmembers of different races, ethnicities and backgrounds, brought together by a shared appreciation of beauty in every shape or form, inside and out. Alisa sashayed inside, looking over her shoulder as she let the girl look around as much as she pleased before speaking up, "Once you're settled in, if you'd like I could give you a little tour of the place. You're welcome to use the swimming pool if the mood strikes you~"

As for the people themselves, they seemed just as open to her presence: Cooly respecting the girl's personal space unless she approached them herself, they'd react not with those shocked, speechless, if not suspicious looks Vyra knew, but with much of the same welcoming warmth she'd been recieving from their guildmaster. All smiles, some even waved gracefully at her when their eyes met, giving out graceful words of "Welcome" if she passed them by, evidencing that same posture Alisa hoped the demi human had seen more often:


Still holding onto Vyra's hand unless the girl wished to look around the common area, Alisa approached the mostly unoccupied bar, looking through a discreetly placed drawer right beside it. Heading right for where she'd knew to find the keys to an unoccupied room, Alisa smiled and returned the greeting the guildmates who greeted her in turn, for the most part paying little attention to her surroundings as she leaned over the drawer and fished out a key... Only when she turned around did she spot the pair of hefty pastry boxes carefully placed at the edge of the bar, adorned with the same sign as the Café earlier. Alisa's eyes flared open, hand raising over her mouth as an astonished gasp left her lips:

"Oh my, Lorenzo really didn't hold back, did he...?"

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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As she accompanied Alisa through the streets of Hargeon, Vyra could not help but wonder just where it was that Alisa was taking her, an equal amount anticipation and mystery swirling within her mind as the two ventured deeper within the city, the rougher exterior that much of what she had seen within the city seeming to be less and less common. In its stead, refined marble and polished stone lined the walls, windows that she would expect to be barred instead decorated with stained glass. The level of elegance and refinement seemed to only become more pronounced with each step taken, Vyra’s curiosity as to where Alisa was leading her similarly growing.

That Alisa had been kind enough to provide Vyra with as such a kind gesture as to allow her a place to stay, that by itself was something that left her wondering if she could ever repay. But she wouldn’t have suspected anything like this, never in her wildest dreams. Perhaps a small room within a local tavern, a place for her to rest her head, nothing fancy, nothing too outrageous. Yet here she was, traversing through the streets with homes that had handcrafted statues, quality stone constructs, or beautifully-arranged shrubbery located on either side of her. It left her without words.

After a certain point, Alisa’s tour through the upper echelon of Hargeon seemed to finally come to an end, leaving Vyra only to wonder what was in store. She did not look initially, keeping her eyes to the ground as Alisa introduced her to Blue Pegasus, the “Crown Jewel” of Hargeon, as she described it. That name, Blue Pegasus, it was not one that she was particularly familiar with, but still a name that she had heard plenty of times since she had arrived in the city. It did pique her interest admittedly, to have so often hear about this entity, always being spoken of in a positive light, and yet be still in the dark as to anything actually about it. It was like folklore of Hargeon, and Vyra was only to wonder just what it was.

It seemed that she was going to know soon.

Lifting her head, perhaps what first struck her was the large symbol that seemed to peer even through the impressive gate, the same symbol that she had noticed Alisa had tattooed on her chest. Vyra wondered what that was, the meaning behind it. It was certainly pretty, a much nicer look than the other tattoos she often saw on people, full of rough images, symbols that were intended to be intimidating rather than pleasing to look at. She had thought to ask Alisa about it, but it was drowned out by the events that took place at the beach earlier in the day. At least partially, her question surrounding it was answered, although it opened the door for another question that she could perhaps ask later.

Before that were to happen, she first followed Alisa through the gates into a rather impressive yard, the foliage that existed throughout it having the same immaculate detail and leve of detail applied to them as the handful of shrubbery that some of the neighboring homes had in their possession. But unlike those, everything that had been presented had as much emphasis put on them to ensure that they not only looked magnificent, but also that they tied in perfectly with everything else around them. It seemed like an exhaustive project, the hearty greenness of the grass having not a single blade of grass exhibiting signs of the changing of seasons that was slowly taking place. A small band of men, all adorned in attire more resembling that of those she had seen in past taverns, having arrived from a fancy event, began to tend to the gardens, working with both impressive efficiency and precise detail, ensuring that not a single stone were left unturned.

“This is where you live?” Vyra asked in wonderment. She had yet to even step within the actual building, but purely from the exterior, the mechanical efficiency in which went through to maintain such an exquisite presentation outside, she had to believe that it was no doubt just as impressive.

A feeling further reinforced at the mere sight of the doors to the compound, two imposing, yet expertly-crafted works of art in their own right, hard polished wood ornately cut and fixed around a masterwork arrangement of stained glass in the shape of the same symbol that Vyra had seen upon both Alisa and the greater exterior of this building. The Blue Pegasus symbol, she had to assume. Pushing through inside, Vyra – despite the ever-increasing expectations that she had – was left stunned at what it looked like inside. White walls, a chiseled marble sanded down to a perfect polished texture lay out defining the dimensions of the large open area, expanding further down into an even larger open area. Intricate yet not overly fantastical chandeliers hung from the high ceilings, providing a nice central bloom of light, complimented by small lights amongst the walls arranged in a way that no point of the area was neither oversaturated in visible illumination, nor hurting for it either.

It helped compliment the finishing touches, large pieces of framed artwork all arranged throughout the building’s interior, their content, the sizes of them, the amount of color present within each, whilst they all varied in these aspects they were all carefully arranged, almost providing more the feeling of an art exhibition than that of a place where someone might have lived.

Or to be more accurate, multiple people. Vyra could not help but notice that as her eyes darted all around her, trying to absorb as much detail as utterly possible, the number of people whom were present, all spread about as such to give the deceptive perception of only a few people. Yet even then, there were a good number of them in total, one or two of them perhaps having lifted their head upon Vyra and Alisa’s arrival, if for no other reason than to see whom arrived, but then returning to their own business shortly thereafter. Their reactions did not seem to differ too much as Alisa led Vyra through the lounge into the main lobby of the building; a cordial enough look of acknowledgement for some, a polite response from most, a wave, a warm smile, a brief hello, collectively it was a welcome that Vyra did not expect, and was not sure how to react towards.

Alisa’s kindness displayed towards her was something that she had never encountered before, something that made her stand out and had made the remarks that she had made towards it being of people’s natural instinct to help feel so out of place. But through her experiences with people, Vyra had become convinced that that weren’t true. But right now, being not just in Alisa’s company, but also surrounded by these people who didn’t view her as some sort of monster, who weren’t looking at her horns and thinking she were a creature unworthy of life, that didn’t find her ragged clothing and disheveled appearance as something beneath them, she didn’t feel like an outcast or a freak. She felt just like a person.

At some point, perhaps due to the significant contrast of atmosphere here than anywhere else she had been earlier, Vyra found herself wandering about, when her grip lifted from that of Alisa’s she was not completely sure of. She found herself entranced by everything around her; the art hanging on the walls, other bits of furniture that gave the place a welcome, yet refined point of view, to the people, all adorned in clothes that Vyra never imagined in her wildest dreams being in a position to wear herself, showing her kindness on top of that. It was like living in a dream.

She walked about, a part of her still a bit concerned and worried for her own well-being. While the Demi-human had seen nothing to give pause or reason to distrust the people here, particularly given whatever their association towards Alisa – something she was giving them a great deal of benefit towards – her reservations towards people was going to be something that would take a great deal of time to build up. At the moment, the only person she trusted was the woman who seemed to have been handling something at a nearby bar counter.

Not particularly focused or paying attention towards she had been going, after a short while Vyra found herself coming down a hallway, having much the same qualities like what she had seen earlier, the same polished marble walls, precise lighting, and more art adorned upon the walls. One portrait in particular seemed to catch her attention, an elaborate painting within an ornate bronze frame. Within it, the interiors of a large coliseum, scores of people dressed in greens, blues, oranges, and the occasion purples littered within the stands, looking down upon the scene below. A frail figure in orange standing before a youthful figure in black, two other figures in blue off to the side. Vyra was not quite sure what she was looking at, but it was certainly, the painting style of it – although feeling a bit odd – certainly giving it a unique look.

“An impressive piece, isn’t it?” A voice came from behind Vyra, causing her to jump with surprise before turning back to see who spoke. Just beside her stood a man, perhaps as tall as Alisa, maybe a few inches taller, dressed in an impressive suit like those that Vyra would see advertised in fancy store displays, with blond hair slicked back and thick spectacles which the lighting glared off. His attention seemed glued upon the portrait that Vyra had been admiring, “The Last Stand of the Fairy Dimitri, Abstracted. An original, Minstreli in origin, artist unknown. It’s a lovely work, different in style, but certainly not of poor taste. More than anything, a chance to appreciate how other cultures interpret our history. Seldom do we get to see such a faithful interpretation.”

The man turned to look at Vyra, a smile upon his face, while she found herself a bit confused as to the man and his intention. “A thousand pardons for the intrusion. The last thing I would ever wish to do would be to tear a woman from a piece of art, but I could not help but notice your current regalia and felt it would be improper that I do not extend an opportunity to refresh yourself. Certainly, as a guest of the Lady Vollan, I’d be dismayed to not provide as much. If you would follow me, please,” Stepping aside and motioning down the length of the hallway, he smiled and titled his head as to indicate that she should proceed that way.

A little uneasy, particularly given the suddenness of the man’s appearance and offer, Vyra nonetheless proceeded down, glancing back to the man with each door passed, looking for his verification, only to be met with a faint shaking of the head. This repeated on for several more doors, Vyra hoping for some sort of acknowledgement other than the head shaking, until she came about one of the last doors in the hallway, to which she was met with a simple nod. Glancing once at the door and then back to the man, she took a deep breath and proceeded inside.

Before Vyra there was a relatively large room, the polished marble walls largely covered by beautifully stained wooden planks that adorned not just the walls but also the floor. A simple, yet elegant marble slab lay within the center of the room, a set of garments, blue in color, silken in texture, lay neatly folded at the far end of the slab, next to a neatly folded white towel. Further, at the end of the room, there stood a polished stone encasement, a stainless pipe extending upwards attached to a contraption from which clear water flowed through into a steady stream, ever repeating and funneling water onto the stones, to simply be drained by a small plated filter that rest at the base of it.

Taking a moment to not only appreciate the beauty of the room, it much like the rest of this place having appeared immaculate, but also the function and reasoning for her being here, Vyra could not help but smile, a weight being lifted from her shoulders and a feeling of unease being cleared as well. As she was, clothing covered in grime, her skin undoubtedly smelling like some mixture of dirt, sea water, and whatever other odors she may have picked up on as well, to be in the company of people as clean and fancy as those in the main lobby area, she felt out of place.

Stripping herself of the ragged clothes, the makeshift efforts that she had made over however long in trying to maintain them being all the more apparent as she looked upon them. Taking hold of them, she held them close, giving them a final hug before setting them down. She thought back to everything that had happened to her, all the hardships that had come with those clothes, the efforts she made to try to maintain them, and could not help but marvel at how long she managed to make them last. As she stepped onto the stone platform, feeling the contrasting warmth and coolness that emanated from the floorboards just before, she could feel the heat coursing through her, her whole body warming as she stepped beneath the hot running water, the feeling at first being one of surprise, but quickly turning into one of pleasurable refreshment as she allowed the water to drench her time over, a long overdue cleaning that she sought to enjoy every moment of.

After however long had passed, Vyra finally stepped out from the water, an immediate rush of cool air hitting her as she left the enveloping blanket that the warm shower had provided her. Taking the towel and drying herself off, Vyra couldn’t help but feel reflect on everything, still in a bit of disbelief that just the other day, she was wondering if she would be able to find anything to eat, and now, she was sitting in a private shower in perhaps one of the nicest places within all of the city of Hargeon, a pair of clothes laid out for her that were nicer than anything she had ever worn before. She ran her hand across the material, the texture of it feeling nice, nicer than anything she had ever worn before.

Eventually she departed from the shower, admittedly shocked to see that the man from earlier still stood where he had been before she entered, having waited for her. As she came closer towards him, he could not help but frown slightly at her appearance, in particular the sleeves of the blue shirt in which were provided, “Oh dear. Appears I should have opted for a size smaller. Terribly sorry.” He gave her an examining look, “At least the lower garments seem to be of appropriate size. How embarrassing that stood to be. Now, if you do not mind, I do believe that the Lady Vollan is expecting you. If you would follow me please,” the man did not bother to wait for her response, instead immediately traversing back through the large building, Vyra following, both to be reunited with Alisa, but also due to her having no idea how to get back on her own.

They trekked through building, Vyra becoming all the more convinced that she probably would not have been able to find her way back on her own. She wanted to ask the man a number of questions. Who were Blue Pegasus? What was Alisa’s relation to them? Plenty of other questions came to mind, but neither those nor anything other question that she had asked seemed to warrant a response. The man was silent through their walk back, only finally speaking as they came within a few meters of Alisa. “My Lady, my apologies both for the interruption and delay, but I bring you your guest, refreshed and rejuvenated.”

Vyra peered from behind the man, not even trying to hide the wide smile upon her face as her eyes cast onto Alisa.

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On some level, she might have even felt ashamed about it... To think the girl at her side had been living out on the streets for gods know how long, while she and the rest of the guild basked in opulence. Wealthy, yet tasteful, never so ostentatious as to clash with the rest of city. The way they saw it, members of Blue Pegasus pour their heart and soul into their work, into bettering themselves for their own ideals of beauty and self perfection. And after a long, day at work, well... Everybody deserves a little pampering. If you treat yourself well, anybody with the slightest sliver of humility would strive to deserve that lap of luxury. Unless the girl seemed somehow intimidated, horrified by the display, Alisa wanted nothing more than to share it with her: To still posess that inner beauty, to react with kindness to everyone around her despite her grueling history... Vyra deserved it as much as the best of them. All the more reason why the mere sight of her entranced self made her giggle, looking back at her as she nodded:

"It is indeed were I live... Well, for most of the year anyway~", she replied, nodding as she looked over her shoulder at the blue haired beauty, pleased by her admiration as though it validated all the effort she and the rest of the guild had poured into their latest renovations, "Sometimes my work can take me away from the guild for quite a few weeks at a time."

More often than not, bringing a guest to the guild hinted at Alisa's interest in potentially recruiting them into her ranks. But not here... Not for lack of wanting to, mind you, with that firm yet tender grip on her hand speaking for itself, the warm, affectionate looks she shot her making it clear she'd like nothing more than to keep the girl close... But she wouldn't. After all, she had no clue whether Vyra had any knowledge, or even interest in magic. Even if it proved that she had some uncanny talent just waiting blossom, Alisa would still hold back until the girl expressed her own interest. To make that decision on her own without herself without feeling like the older woman would make it for her.

In the end, she trusted her guildmates to show her much of the same respect.

Despite the vain, shallow reputation they often carried, she always admired this in the members of her guild. Not content by simply wearing expensive clothing and admiring those who did the exact same thing, most members of Blue Pegasus strove to find the beauty in all things, inside and out. With Alisa preoccupied with finding the right room for Vyra to sleep in, she couldn't help but keep an eye out for her companion as she explored her surroundings, only for her smile to brighten at the sight of the man who approached her. Stylishly dressed like the stereotypical mage of Blue Pegasus, but more importantly, a fellow admirer of art. Alisa liked that in a person~... She didn't know whether Vyra had any interest in art, but she defenitely caught sight of the paintings around them, transfixed by one particular piece that similarly caught the man's eye oh so many times in the past.

She knew him well enough by now to understand the intention as he approached the dishevelled girl in ragged clothes, and felt not the slightest pang of concern as she watched the man whisking her way:

"Ufufu~... You're in good hands...", she mused aloud as she saw the man guiding the demi human away. Anywhere else, even in Hargeon, the sculptress might have worried over the mere thought of letting Vyra stray too far, as though the lost girl could easily lose herself once more, or her hateful other self deciding to take her away from her, once she realized not even the sight of her mental damage could repel this proud, powerful crystal mage.

She trusted her guildmates enough to welcome the girl as warmly as she herself had throughout the day, allowing her to focus on the task at hand. Without Vyra around to accompany her, Alisa lost herself in her thoughts as she mused on which room would the girl prefer... Size, sunlight exposure, direction of the wind when she opened the windows, the view she'd lay eyes upon every single day... Yet as she sifted through the keys and unclaimed rooms they opened, her chest rose and fell with a deep, disappointed sigh as her gaze fell on some of them, thinking back to the members who'd only just left a few weeks ago, off to found a guild dedicated to nothing but the rights of non human races.

Had they seen something in Hargeon she hadn't? Those very same thoughts haunted her more often than not, like the looming evidence of a colossal failure she hadn't even known was there. That baker... Had he only made life difficult for her simply because she wasn't human...? Alisa gritted her teeth at the mere thought, to think she had such blatant racism in a city under her protection, without ever knowing it was there...

An Elf, a Werewolf and a Demi human... None of the human members of the guild understandbly felt any such compulsion. Alisa for one thought little of any policies specifically catered towards accidents of births, but who knows. Perhaps she'd feel differently had she experienced what Vyra went through back there in that alley. As she looked down into all the myriad keys neatly arranged inside that mahogany drawer, her hands came to rest on the edge of the table, her long, flowing dark hair draping down in loose tresses over them. She no longer saw keys but the faces of those who once held them, idly musing on their motivations, leaving her companion to enjoy a warm, relaxing shower the likes of which she probably hadn't had in years.

In the end, only the return of the girl herself pulled Alisa from her pondering.

Though it took the man's call to her to get her attention, Vyra had all the credit for the tall woman's reaction: The moment she laid eyes on her, Alisa's eyes widened as her jaw dropped visibly, her plush lips parting with a look so astonished that she couldn't help but raise a hand over her mouth:

"Oh my~...", left speechless, that dazzled look spoke for itself all too easily as her eyes washed over Vyra's form, taking in the sight of her, noting how the stylish choice of clothes brought out the girl's unassuming beauty. Slipping the keys to the girl's room into her pocket, putting that matter aside for now, Alisa she strode over to her, meeting her half way as she reached out, her smile curling wider as she met the girl's gaze once more. Giggling at the endearing sight of her peering from behind the man, she offered her hand and a soothing smile, as if to gently coax her from behind him and back to her side, "You look absolutely stunning Vyra~"

Not hiding her admiration for a moment, instead Alisa spoke with a hint of... Something in her eyes: Pride in her companion. Alisa could knew she was pretty, admired her for holding on to those good looks despite her troubled path... But it's one thing to see someone's beauty behind all the dirt and grime; it's a whole different sight entirely to watch the same person actually showing her that beauty of her own voilition:

"Well, how do you feel...?", she asked walking closer to her, idly running her hand under the collar of her shirt, she adjusted it around her neck, her fingertips brushing those wet strands of hair, that quizzical look in her eyes awfully similar to the one the man himself had. The shirt was little too big huh? In the end, Alisa merely arched her brow, looking back into her eyes, "Comfortable I hope? Otherwise, I could always try to find something your size."

Like a mother to her daughter, Alisa twisted her body left and right, looking around Vyra, hand on her chin as she hummed softly, awaiting her words, confirming whether the new choice of apparel felt as pleasant to wear as it was pleasing to look at. Yet as she showered her in affection, one might actually think she'd forgotten the bespectacled blonde man, but sooner or later, her gaze finally peeled back up into his eyes, standing close to Vyra the whole way through, enough for the tall woman's subtle lavander scent wafting off the tall woman to reach her as she spoke to her guildmate:

"No apologies necessary Michel, on the contrary, I can only applaud your exquisite taste. Thank you for helping Vyra~", she spoke, flashing him an appreciating smile as she nodded in approval, shaking her head dismissively as she spoke. She did, however, have one particualr objection here, brow furrowing as a hint of strictness peered through her melodious voice, "Also... I thought I've told you time and time again to call me Alisa, did I not...?"

Alisa knew she was fighting a losing battle here... Even Kenzo still insisted on calling her "Boss" at every step of the way, which almost left her rolling her eyes. But she tried not to tease him too hard over that considering Kenzo had a... Somewhat different posture than most of her guildmates, considering his status as the former master of Advent World:

"My apologies, Master Alisa, it keeps slipping my mind for whatever reason.", with a somewhat sarcastic aplogy, the man rose his hand to his cheek, eyes widening, a hint of mirth drawing on his lips as he nonetheless stood his ground

She rolled her eyes, and yet still let out an audible chuckle. Ever though she'd taken the reins of the guild, she still saw herself as just another member of a guild far older than she was, one that would survive even her. Whether out of humility or simple level headedness, even a self assured woman like herself shied away from those laurels: She took the mantle of guild master not because she had any particular ambition to do so, but for no reason other than nobody else remained who would do so:

"Still better than Miss Vollan~", she replied, winking playfully, resigning herself for the time being, knowing fully well she'd probably bring it up again next time

Alisa would die alone on this hill it seemed, and by now she'd at least started to accept it. With a soft, exhasperated sigh, she left her guildmate back to his own devices, her gaze falling back on the girl at her side, looking between her and the two boxes the friendly café owner had left Vyra, complete with a caring little note:

"Now, Vyra... It's about time I showed you your room~" she inquired, her hand coming to rest atop one of the boxes with a soft, inquiring smile on her face, "Though I don't suppose you could give me hand with one of these~...?"

True, Alisa could just as easily store away these crates on her pocket dimension, but doing so for a simple walk across the yard felt pointless to the point of plain pointlessness. After all, the residential annex was no more than a few meters away. At the threshold between convenience and laziness, the sporty woman shied away from the latter, if for no reason other that simple respect for the men who'd brought the deliveries here without any magic to stow them away in.

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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Vyra glowed. A feeling of confidence radiated from her. For the first time, amongst the company of Alisa, of the men and women who all congregated within this place, adorned in lavish clothing indicate of the upper class and elite, the top percentage of society that she never would imagine herself a part of under the best of circumstances, she did not feel quite so alone. For a moment, she could feel like she belonged, like she wasn’t a product of whatever one would happen to salvage from the streets. She was like them, exuding the same traits that resonated through them.

Confidence. Self-worth. Refinement.

She wanted to believe that she had all of those traits. And in this fleeting moment, she felt like she did.

Her eyes remained glued upon Alisa, her heart racing when she witnessed her reaction to seeing Vyra. It would be a memory that would remain with her for as long as she could, the awe upon the exquisite woman’s face, the immediate rush that it brought, it felt better than anything that her new clothes could have satisfied.

As she slowed her way forward from behind the tall man who escorted her, Vyra could not help but feel a slight bit uneasy as waves of excitement were met by a faint feeling of self-consciousness. She had at first been so focused on Alisa, hoping that she would be receptive towards Vyra’s appearance, but she had not expected the plentiful eyes that now honed in on her from throughout the room. Faces that had only for a moment earlier provided her with half-attentiveness now having all turned their gazes upon her, similarly conveying opinions similar to that of Alisa, though subtle enough as to not fluster Vyra.

Vyra couldn’t help but blush as Alisa approached her, the woman approaching and inspecting the young Demi-human with a look that perfectly shared in affection and thoroughness. She glanced over seemingly everything of Vyra’s attire, her words reinforcing her primary focus of making sure that Vyra felt comfortable in them. But also that the attire fulfilled a standard that she would have held for herself, that someone who had been invited into her home would be treated as well as she would expect to be.

It was hard to say whether or not what she was wearing had passed Alisa’s test or not; up until this point, Vyra had more often noticed Alisa

A wave of anxiety rushed through Vyra as she felt the woman’s hands softly upon the collar of her shirt, her arms tensing as she crossed them into her chest, her eyes suddenly fixed upon Alisa as she monitored just what the taller woman may or may not have noticed. “Yeah,” she said hastily, a weak smile cast upon her face. Her smile widened as she hoped to clear any distress that still may have been present. “They’re really nice!”

She wasn’t thrilled at hiding things from Alisa. Alone, much as they had confided in one another earlier, she no doubt would be more willing to speak. But with so many others around, so many people she did not know, did not trust, could not trust anywhere like how she trusted Alisa, she would rather keep quiet.

It did not help that she didn’t know just what to say. Would anyone? For a brief second, her mind flashed back to the image that she wished to have removed from her memory; her standing there within the impressive bathroom, looking at her nude body within the massive mirror that lay upon the wall. She looked outwards at her reflection, her soul crushed as she examined the bruises; the blacks, blues, and reds that covered her body. The product of her having lived for so long in such horrid conditions, her body had ached for longer than she could remember, but to see it firsthand, her body appearing to be as physically broken as she felt, it crushed her.

The interaction between Alisa and the man whom had escorted her through the building brought Vyra’s mind back into the immediacy of the now. There was no question as to the respect she saw conveyed between the two. Vyra had seen it time again; from the baker to the café owner to the people in the streets to the reactions of the people here when they returned, and perhaps that reason came in the man’s words. Master Alisa? Their master? Blue Pegasus’ master!?

Her eyes widened as she found herself simply looking in awe of Alisa. Blue Pegasus, although it was something that she knew very little of, even she could piece together that between what she had heard of Blue Pegasus from the people in Hargeon and the entirety of this place, its luxury, its size, the people, it was clear that they were important. And that Alisa was perhaps the master of them, for however much Vyra might have wanted to be stunned by this, there was a part of her that knew she shouldn’t have been.

For the second time in a relatively short time, Vyra found herself clearing of whatever mental monologue she may have been having upon hearing Alisa’s voice. What she said though caught Vyra off guard. "My room. My room..." She repeated it again, the words still feeling foreign to her. The last time she had a room, it was her home back in Minstrel, if it could even be called that. A cell was a more appropriate descriptor. At best, it provided a roof over her head; a far cry from a place that she would call a home.

Feeling her eyes beginning to tear, she wiped them away, determined to save face in such new company. It was hard though to deny the whirlwind of emotion that she was feeling. She took the slightest glances to her sides, hopeful that nobody seemed to notice.

Then she turned her attention back to Alisa, noticing her gesture towards a pair of boxes that had been laying on the counter, there the entire time but having been out of focus throughout. At the woman’s behest, Vyra grabbed one of the boxes, immediately hit a familiar scent that she couldn’t help but smile with a bit of joy towards; the very same treats of the café from earlier. Taking one of the boxes, she was surprised by the weight; she remembered the basket that the man in the café had prepared for her before and the weight of it. This box felt like it was twice that, or at least seemed like it.

Just how much was in here? Just what was in here? As tempted as she were to open up the box and see what was in it, she showed restraint and waited. There would be time to take a look, like within her room. That would be something that she would have to get used to, referring to anything as ‘her room’.

Vyra shook at the box, trying to get an idea of what might have been in there while Alisa glanced down to the key she held in her hand, not saying anything for a moment. While Vyra placed her ear to the side of the box, she could tell that there were at least some hard candies of some variety. Another shake but she could not further decipher what may have been within it. Eventually she gave up and then turned attention towards Alisa, following behind as the woman led her from the lounge area to a part of the building that Vyra was unfamiliar with, large box of treats in hand.

Once the two had gone beyond the immediate company of much of the people previously nearby, Vyra picked up her pace slightly, walking alongside Alisa now, glancing up at the woman’s face. “Back there, that guy called you Master. Are you really?” She was confident that she knew the answer already, but there was something to knowing for sure.

“That’s why you have that tattoo right? It’s pretty.” Small talk to some degree, but nonetheless truthful. She was still confused about plenty of this; the relevance of the tattoo, not just on Alisa, but littered throughout this building, including even the clothing that Vyra wore presently. Even just the point of what Blue Pegasus was. All that was obvious was that there was money and influence associated with it. What went beyond it, Vyra hadn’t an idea of what it was supposed to be.

Glancing towards the various pieces of art that lined the hallway, Vyra could not help but think more of everything she had seen up to this point, still in awe over all of it. “So, you created all of this? Blue Pegasus, you’re the reason for this whole thing? That’s amazing…”

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Now there... That's one look Alisa wouldn't forget anytime soon, the kind of memory she'd carry with her for the rest of her life. That first moment on that bright, bruised flower bloomed just like the best of them, her smile tinged with the vibrant show of confidence. No longer was she standing in a room full of beautiful people, but now stood among them. Alisa's smile widened at the sight, almost chuckling as she wished it could last forever... She deserved it. Had she been born to a better life, she might have even found her way here on her own two feet, without a single doubt in her mind as to where she really belong, without needing Alisa to guide her hand.

With every step she took under that momentary spotlight, the greater the pride she felt in the girl before her, renewing her desire to give Vyra a proper home, somewhere she could be herself in, that one place where these alien, unknown feelings confidence and self worth could might her new norm:

"I'm glad...", she replied, a tender peck on her forehead as though she'd noticed that hint of anxiety suddenly taking over her form, carefully hidden as not to draw attention to her. She did a good job at hiding it, and Alisa had nothing but a subtle instinct to guide her way, encouraging her to leave her hand on her shoulder, gently as she added, "It suits you~"

She could tell the girl had something on her mind... Shooting a quizzical look into her eyes, the sculptress merely took note, not raising any questions and drawing attention to that matter. After the confidence and openness they shared earlier, she knew Vyra would tell her if and when she felt comfortable doing so, and probably imagined the handful of people around her might intimidate her against pouring her heart out in public.

Perhaps assuming she might feel intimidated in a room full of strangers, Alisa kept close to the girl, yet leaving it up to her to decide when she wanted to leave her side and look around of her own accord. This time though, Vyra stuck close, leaving the tall woman to giggle as she inspected the box with a glimmer of curiousity. Watching her just lean in, breathe in that delightful fragrance, shifting it ever so gently as though she might learn all the wonders it had in store for her... The sculptress bit her lip, a giddy thrill crossing her face at the mere thought of the girl's delight when she finally unboxed her gift. Instead, Vyra held back, letting Alisa guide her out of that pristine common area as she lead the girl across the hallways, a subtle sway to her hips with every step as she carried a similar box under one arm in turn:

"Mmmm, indeed I am. Are you surprised~...?", despite the palpable weight behind such a title, Alisa bore it with a visibly contrasting show of nonchalance, flashing the girl a soft smile as she looked at her out the corner of her eye.

Indeed, she never really went out of her way to announce it, especially not when she happened to meet somebody who didn't even recognize her. Alisa always shied away from the fanfare, but after all this time, finding people who didn't recognize as such grew rarer by the day:

"Oh not at all... Every member of Blue Pegasus has this tattoo, I'm no different from any other member in that regard.", catching Vyra's curiosity, she merely returned an understanding look, indulging the girl's curiosity with every question from her lips, her hand falling on her own midriff, brushing that spot where her tattoo stood, hidden underneath her breezy green tanktop, "When you join, you get to pick the colour and placement of your guild mark, some just pick... Showier places than others."

As they spoke, she'd slowly lead the girl further and further away from the heart of the Guildhall, every wall and corner adorned with different artworks of various styles, evidencing the distinctive tastes of each and every member who contributed to the collection, all carefully arranged with the same harmony you'd expect to find on a museum... Alisa had seen them all many times before, and yet she walked at a slow, leisurly pace, letting Vyra take in her surroundings to her heart's content, until she finally opened that conspicuous side door, heading out to the backyward, where the grand scale of yet another building awaited them, right past the lush, verdant garden, as carefully trimmed and tended to as the front yard.

"Oh, hardly~... You give me far too much credit.", flashing her a humble smile, Alisa shook her head as she soon reached the door, leading her companion past the courtyard, pulling it open and stepping aside, letting the young woman walk out first, "Blue Pegasus is much older than you or me... I took over at a time where there simply wasn't anybody else who could."

Large enough to accomodate every current member of the Guild plus any and all extended families if they so desired, the residential annex rivalled the Guild's main building in size, the contrast impossible to miss. Unlike the showy pink walls, guild symbols and winged ornaments on the main building, the architecture of the annex seemed almost plain by contrast, a large, imposing villa more in line with the typical style flaunted by the neighbouring houses. Unsurprisingly so, considering Alisa had hired an Architect from Hargeon to design it.

The skies had grown steadily darker since they last ventured outside, the breeze chillier than before as it brushed her cheeks, a pleasant, welcome relief from the afternoon heat of summer on the beach. Letting out a low, delighted sigh, the sculptress' hand ran idly down her hair as she glanced at the skies above, admiring the full specrtum of sunset shades in those scarce few minutes a day where those dusky hues showed themselves in their full glory.

"A few years ago, most of the guilds people had known for decades just collapsed... When the Kingdom left the guilds to rule the country for themselves, most people in those guilds scattered to the four winds, and went off to to carve out their own fortunes.", Alisa spoke sullemnly, her smile fading for a moment as she looked away from Vyra, thinking back to the great change that utterly decimated every guild save for Blue Pegasus and Fairy Tail. The sculptress shook her head, a hint of annoyance in her face at the negligence showed by the monarchy... But she refrained from commenting the politics any further, suspecting Vyra had no interest in those. In th end, the reason why she now stood next to her as master, not because she had any such particular ambition but, because it was the only way she knew to save the guild. She looked back at the girl and smiled, brow furrowing as a glimpse of that same determination, "So I suppose in that sense, I'm the reason why the Guild still exists, along with the handful of my guildmates who chose to stick around and help me. I've spend the better part of my youth wandering about without a place to come home to, and this guild changed that. Blue Pegasus is my home, and I'll do everything in my power to protect it."

Five years ago, if anybody asked Alisa Vollan where she saw herself at this point in time, not in a million years would she have answered "Guildmaster". She valued her freedom first and foremost, and even now she still did but... Like most people when they grow older, as time went on she started seeing the needs of her loved ones before her own urges. Approaching the main door of the villa, Alisa pulled it open, stepping off to the side as she once again motioned Vyra to walk in before her with an inviting smile:

"Mind you, this particular part of Blue Pegasus is something I've wanted to do for a long time, so... If you're looking for something I've built... Look no further~"

Lacking the pure, glimmering marbled whites from the main building, a warm, welcoming light greeted the two as they stepped inside, a faint, pleasant warm caressing their skin after the odd chilly gust outside, the colours duller, yet no less stylish. The artwork less prevalent, yet still tastefully distributed across the walls and different nooks and crannies, all but tempting one to take a long, leisurly stroll around the villa and find out all the treasures it held. The occasional guild members walking around showed much of the same difference. Hair down and jackets off, shirts untucked and unbuttoned at the top. That unassuming, laid back posture people could only show when they truly felt at home.

"Come on, your room is right up these stairs.", she added, closing the door behind her. Once again, her guildmates greeted her as they saw Alisa walking back inside. Even as she greeted them, she looked back over her shoulder at Vyra, guiding the girl up the staircase with her with a soft smile. They'd have only a single hallway left to walk through, far away enough that few to no people would pass by unless they'd come to see her specifically. As they reached the room Alisa chose, the sculptress once more slipped her hand into her pocket, fishing out the key and offering it to Vyra with a wink, shooting her a complicit smile as she waited for the blue haired beauty to unlock the room, "Here you go~... I made sure to pick the best view of the city I could find~"

A wide, expansive view from the balcony, queen size bed so soft you could just sink right in, her own bathroom... Blue Pegasus spared no expenses in guaranteeing the comfort and quality of life for their members and their families. At the same time, no two rooms were exactly alike and she didn't know the exact layout of most of them, leaving Alisa to hope that she'd picked the right one for Vyra.

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Their walk through the Blue Pegasus building, it was cathartic, a chance for Vyra and Alisa to spend time together more akin to how they had earlier. Within the greater area of the lounge that they were coming from, Vyra could not help but find herself a little conflicted towards the whole thing. That wasn’t to say that having been in the company of Alisa’s companions was a bad thing. The experience itself had been a huge benefit to Vyra; the sense of pride and confidence that came with being amongst Alisa’s fellow Blue Pegasus members, feeling like she belonged for the first time, and to have a chance for Alisa to see Vyra’s real beauty, she wouldn’t have taken any of it back.

But for as great as it was, it was impossible not to appreciate the time with the woman beside her alone. Vyra felt most at ease under this circumstance, and in the back of her mind, she couldn’t help but wonder if Alisa may have felt that too. Vyra admittedly did not know what sort of responsibilities, what expectations that there may have been for her, what the others in Blue Pegasus expected of her, the visage that she felt she had to keep up, but she hoped that Alisa knew that that she did not need to with her. Vyra had already opened herself up, having exposed her greatest vulnerabilities and pains to the woman that walked beside her; whatever Alisa felt comfortable to confide in Vyra, she did not feel the need to be fearful.

Listening to Alisa speak about Blue Pegasus, Vyra could not help but be intrigued, not only in Blue Pegasus itself, but also in how Alisa spoke of it. There was more than a hint of pride within her voice as she described it, like that of a statue being spoken of by the sculptor, or sculptress, to be more exact. Although Alisa’s words, her retelling of Blue Pegasus’ history was brief, if not vague even, Vyra could not help but notice what contrast there seemed to be within the story that she was told and the environment all around them. Alisa told of Blue Pegasus like that of a young fawn that had barely survived through a brutal storm, its companions having been lost. It was a far cry from that of how Blue Pegasus seemed to have been situated presently, every one of the valued pieces of art as much indicative of such.

“You saved them too,” Vyra said softly, a smile upon her face as she looked up at Alisa. She couldn’t have imagined what it had been like during that period. Other guilds, friends perhaps, comraderies likely similar to that of the report that Alisa held with her guildmates, to suddenly be gone. The fear of it happening to you next. And in a manner of speaking, having that still happen, but by the hands of those who wished for better for themselves. And to be left there, now as the leader of those that remained, being forced into that sort of situation, it was hard not to admire Alisa for keeping Blue Pegasus afloat, enabling them to flourish into something like this. With even the slightest of glimpses amongst all of the luxury surrounding them, it would have been easy to believe that such hardship never happened.

Vyra’s mind raced back to something that Alisa had said earlier, a comment that she had made about having fallen into darkness herself. At first, Vyra had come to fearfully believe that it had been similar to her, an abuse upon her womanhood, the gripping darkness that seemed to loom following it pulling her deeper within that despair. But now, she began to rethink what Alisa had said. Perhaps it wasn’t the horrible scenario that Vyra had come to know people capable of committing, but perhaps rather this. To have so much thrown upon one, to see families shattered, your own splintered apart, and you having been left to pick up the pieces, it would have made sense. But right now it were not Vyra’s place to ask, nor would she; it was clear it was at least troubling to bring up these memories. Perhaps some time down the line – if Alisa felt comfortable – then they be able to speak more towards it.

A thought came to Vyra’s mind, but it was interrupted as she felt the gentle touch of Alisa’s hand against the box within her hands, a simple gesture that as much snapped her back to reality as did have her wait in place. She caught glimpse of a mischievous smile on Alisa’s face, anticipation for what was to come clear.

Vyra didn’t know what to expect, but could not help but find herself impressed at the sight before her. Although an extension of some sorts to the main Blue Pegasus building, before the two of them was something far more resembling that of the buildings that she had seen within Hargeon. It was striking, particularly given how pronounced the contrast were between the building they had been in earlier versus this one. The Blue Pegasus building was adorned in lavish furniture, expensive artwork, and built with materials that seemed to sell the look of luxury and refinement that was evident throughout.

Here though, it had some of the same qualities, albeit in a much less abrasive manner. Beneath the expensive rugs that lined the floor, the polished wooden floorboards provided a perfect balance and complimented the furniture that were carefully arranged within the main room, each one appearing like it was crafted by masterwork artisans, no detail out of place and no blemish upon them. The same could have been said for the walls, which in spite of not being of the same marble material that the Blue Pegasus building was adorned in, instead seemed to be of similar material and look like that of the taverns within Hargeon, although without any of the imperfections that seemed to be abound in their crafting.

Compared with what she had seen of the rest of the Blue Pegasus building, this part seemed to be more homely. There was a level of intimacy, a kind of freedom that was afforded here than before. And perhaps it was the stark contrast between the appearances of the two. The main building seemed like that of a museum, a place in which typically the elite would gather about, where the glamour and elegance in which the people were adorned in was the standard. Here, this place had the feeling more like that of a tavern, of an inn, of a place where people could gather, not be held to such strict standards. Not to say that this place had the standard of upkeep like that of a tavern; everything was still incredibly high in quality, if only just to a slightly more casual standard.

The atmosphere within the room upon entry seemed much more relaxed than that of it had been like when they first arrived as well. While there were people about, all members of Blue Pegasus Vyra assumed, they did not seem to stop what they were doing on behalf of Alisa and company. Acknowledgements of her presence were made, all with a level of cordiality attached, but their introductions and greetings felt more natural, if that were an appropriate descriptor of it. Had it not been for the garments that Vyra were wearing, it was likely that little attention may have been paid towards her either; something that she couldn’t say would have been a bad thing. With attention came more prying eyes, and with that came a rabbit hole that she had no interest in venturing down.

Vyra followed Alisa close, ascending a staircase that upon the top had what Alisa referred to her as ‘her room’. It still rang as something hard to wrap her head around, but she was excited nonetheless, as much wanting to run ahead like a child awaiting a present, but showing restraint she followed behind. With just a hallway left, Vyra found herself shaking. This was real, not just a dream, not just some fantasy that she had wished to believe while within a dark alley in the rain. Once they came to a stop, Vyra watched with anticipation as Alisa pulled out a key and handed it to her, placing it within her hand as she gestured for the girl to place down the box she had been holding. Like a child handling a delicate ornament, Vyra carefully put down the box, her eyes having remained fixed on the metal key in Alisa’s hand. Seeing the faint nod of approval by Alisa, she reached for the key, holding it delicately in her hands as she carefully reached for the key, her heart racing as she heard the turning of the deadbolt.

“No way…”

Her eyes fell upon the room, a focus not on anything in particular, but rather the room in its entirety. She fell to her knees in utter disbelief as the room came more into focus and the various details, the nuances and features that Alisa carefully taken into consideration becoming all the more prominent. It was a large room; occupying an area that was close to that of the main store area to either the bakery or café which Vyra had been to earlier in the morning. Directly across the room from the doorway, positioned only slightly to the right from being exactly straight across from, there stood a massive bed, that could have more than adequately suited Vyra, with a deep mahogany wood frame, polished and maintained much like much of the furniture that had been within this extension of the Blue Pegasus building. A large mosaic extended upwards at the back of the bed, within the center being the Blue Pegasus chest with designs that danced about in symmetrical detail around it.

To her immediate right and just askew from being aligned with the frame of the bed, a moderately sized, yet imposing table with a pair of incredibly well-crafted chairs. All of which, much like the bed and seemingly all other furniture within the room, crafted of mahogany and diligently maintained. Upon the table, closest to the wall there stood a large fire cage, an ornate metal contraption in which a small ball of Fire Magic bounced about, contained via Magic, and manipulated to provide illumination throughout the room and place not either the room nor its inhabitants at risk. Vyra had not noticed in her initial reaction to seeing the room for the first time that Alisa had placed the box she had been carrying on this table, the store logo upon the box seeming to magnify within the magically-imbued light.

Rather, her attention had been focused instead toward what extended beyond the table and bed, barely noticeable at first behind near fully-closed doors; a large balcony, drenched in the moonlight. Getting to her feet, Vyra moved towards it, enthralled by the white marble – perhaps the first instance that she had seen of it within this part of the Blue Pegasus building – that glowed blue, painting a stark contrast to the dark brown hue of the room that was illuminated by the red glow throughout. Pushing the door open softly, to which both of the doors, mahogany in their wooden feature with stained glass designs encompassing the greater extent of it, mostly retracted into the walls as if mirroring one another’s actions, she stepped through and came to realize just how true Alisa’s words were.

From the balcony, Vyra could see everything. The entirety of Hargeon, even perhaps the lands that fell outside of the city’s limits, all of it was on full display. The bright canvas that the moon painted upon the city contrasted against that of the dark shadows that it similarly left, scattered torchlights littering throughout to provide an evermoving sea of bright spots of red that moved throughout, more appearing at times while some disappeared, but ever changing. Vyra stood there, overlooking everything, enthralled not just of the view, but of the changing of fortunes that seemingly had happened to her. This morning, she had awoken within there, within this city whose scope she was now finally coming to appreciate, deep within one of those many alleyways, saturated in utter darkness, at best trying to crawl out and find salvation within one of the many places within the city where the yellows of the interior light of taverns and inns glowed more brightly.

“It’s incredible…”

A minute or two more passed before she finally turned her head around again, noticing Alisa having taken seat at the small table, watching as Vyra came to appreciate the view of the room for the first time. The demi-human could not help but blush and smile, her figure highlighted by that of the moonlight. As she started towards Alisa, she took a final glance back out beyond the balcony, looking into the city for a moment before turning her head upwards to get a better glance at the moon above, it being the fullest that she could ever remember seeing it. She smiled one last time at it before finally making her way back inside, the doors closing behind her as though awaiting for her to step through them.

Rather than proceeding straight to take a seat before Alisa though, Vyra found herself drawn to the bed, her mind racing as to how exciting it was going to be to sleep in something like this. She had not had a bed of her own for so long now, and never one like this. She gently placed a hand upon the mattress, feeling the silken sheets pressing upon her skin, but she could feel and see her hand sinking into the mattress as well, leaving a faint impression of a handprint that quickly disappeared again as though nothing had happened. Putting both hands onto the mattress, she repeated this a few times, each time putting just a little bit more pressure and force behind it, each time watching as whatever indentation disappeared into nothingness.

Having stalled enough, she returned finally to Alisa, taking a seat directly across from her, repositioning the chair a bit as to not have the table between the two of them. Try as she might, she could not hide the smile upon her face, the happiness in her voice. It seemed like a dream to her, and yet, this was actually happening; she still couldn’t believe it. “I don’t know what to say… This is, I can’t believe it. Thank you! Thank you so much!” Her eyes watered as the feeling of tears, something that at this point had felt like instinct, began to form. Yet, she simply smiled, closing her eyes for a moment as she regained her composure. Even in tears of joy, she did not want to have Alisa seeing the image of Vyra crying; too much already had Vyra left her with that image.

There had been so much going through her mind, this room having so greatly exceeded any expectations that she could have possibly had. And that was not even factoring in the quick glance she had taken of the bathroom that much like the balcony seemed to have been hidden near similar stained-glass adorned doors, the features from the briefest glance that she was able to see having nearly all the same qualities as the one that were present within the Blue Pegasus main building. It had taken her a moment to fully process and resettle that she remembered the box that lay on the table before them, the one that she had made a halfhearted attempt to decipher the contents of. Looking to Alisa as if hoping to gain permission, Vyra began to carefully open the box, her eyes remaining as much glued onto the top of it as to as quickly as possible see just what the contents stood to be.

While she may have had an idea, once the seal holding the top in place was torn, even Vyra did not know quite what to expect. Once she did see, she held her hands to her mouth, holding back an admittedly surprised yelp of joy. The box was full to the point of bursting of various treats, from the candied items and dried meats that she had had earlier, to various things like some hard pastries, others that were soft and appeared to be filled with jelly of sorts. It was a truly incredible arrangement, with the sheer quantity being something that left her floored. The basket that the owner of the café had arranged for her earlier had been a hugely generous gift in its own right, and this box seemed to dwarf the contents comparatively.

All the choices enticed her so very much, it made it tough, if not impossible even to figure out just what to try first. Tempting as some of the newer treats were, she went with something that she knew she had liked, the candied treats, grabbing one for herself before turning the box towards Alisa, inviting her to have something from it as well. After all, they were not just for Vyra; as far as she was concerned, Alisa was entitled to as much of it as she would have liked. Licking the piece of candy as she surveyed her new room from the fancy chair she sat upon, the Magical light providing just enough heat as to leave her warm and yet not too warm, Vyra turned her head towards Alisa, finding herself wondering how she could have ever hoped to repay her. Her heart sank slightly, feeling that she may never find a way to fully repay the kindness.

She adjusted her position in her chair, less facing towards Alisa and more in the direction of her bed, albeit purposely. “I’m thinking right here,” she said as she pointed to her thigh through silken garments, her finger landing upon covered skin just a few inches above the knee. “Perhaps in like a purple, maybe something kind of like my eyes,” she glanced towards Alisa, “or do you think that may be a bad color? Should I get it somewhere else?” It then dawned on her that she had failed to explain what she meant. She flashed an innocent smile, “For that thing you were talking about earlier. The tattoo. When I join one day.”

In her heart, Vyra did not know what the future held; today had completely rewritten anything that she may have known once before, including whatever perceptions about destiny or fate she may have had. Perhaps it was for Alisa’s sake; she had given Vyra everything that she never had before. She had saved Vyra’s life. Maybe it was that she was lost in the moment, everything around her just being too much. She knew so little of what Blue Pegasus was, what its purpose was for, what was expected, she had no idea or way to know if it would be a place that she belonged in or that would even accept her. Friend of Alisa’s or not, she was someone of nothing who had come from the streets. However much she could be adorned in the richest garbs available, she would still be an outcast.

But in the moment, she had not given thought or consideration to that. She was nothing thinking as far as her role within something like that, the sort of difficulties that stood to come with it, or of the risks that it potentially put her within. All that had gone through her mind was the feeling that for everything that Alisa had done for her, if that would be something that one day would make her happy, it was the least she could do.

That is, if Alisa would ever want Vyra within Blue Pegasus. She was the guild master of it after all. However thoughtful Vyra might have hoped to have been with her words, the woman who sat across from her would know far better and have a far greater understanding as to what was best, not just for her own guild, but for Vyra too.

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The feeling was mutual... With every step they took she couldn't help but shoot those idle glances at the younger woman, wondering what she'd make of her surroundings. Her guild members had shown her the warm welcome she expected they might, the kind of openness the girl needed in her life, but... She'd met Vyra in a predictably fragile state, wary of anybody else who laid eyes on her. Despite the confort and security the guild hall could give her, the girl needed time... To adjust and grow used to a world where people wouldn't shun her for whatever reason she couldn't control.

Even a good thing can be too much, and she always had a nudging thought about the weight of it all growing too overwhelming for the young demi human. But with only the two of them, those troubling thoughts faded away entirely, seeping from her body with every step. She'd showed far more of herself to Vyra than she ever did to anybody she'd just met, and the kind of receptiveness and understanding they reached filled her with warmth, leaving her with a clear, reassuring sensation of how this was exactly what the girl needed. More so than the fancy clothes or even the classy room she'd soon show her to.

Perhaps Alisa too needed it in some way... The kind of unconditional acceptance Vyra shown her earlier... She'd only ever recieved that from her family. As her eyes fell on the girl, a soft, breathy sigh escaped as a content smile drew on her lips.

She was so much better than the world she'd been thrown into.

As she told her the short version of her leadership of the guild, Alisa avoided the more political aspects of her running the guild, shelving them for a later date depending on the girl's interest. Indeed, her pride contrasted with the heartbreak at the sorry state she described, with none but those loyal few members remaining to keep the guild going. The fruits of their labour now stood triumphantly before and behind them in turn, together with all the leisurly people enjoying themselves in a vibrant guild hall once again. And yet those words earned a soft, humble sigh as Alisa merely reached one hand behind her neck, brushing that loose, flowing black hair as it shimmered under the sweeping light of sunset:

"We saved them~", she corrected, not overly keen on taking credit for a good outcome which had all of their hard fought efforts behind it. In her mind, all of them shared the credit for Blue Pegasus' continued success, after all if there was one lesson to learn from the great change, was that no one man or woman, however powerful or influential, could possibly shoulder the burden of an entire guild all on their lonesome. Another deep breath, her chest rising and falling under the tightness of her top as her eyes fell on the box in her hand, her smile fading as she shook her head. It did hurt, perhaps more than she'd ever let on, to find how so many had scattered without looking back, most without even a word. Even if she'd been left alone, she'd have still tried to save her home. But she was never really by herself, "In the end, I'm only just one person... In the end you just grow to appreciate the few that keep you company through good times and bad, rather than mull over the ones who do not."

Many guilds fell during the change for that exact same reason, with two few members to support it, and the vast majority of those founded since then crumbled for the very same reason. Many of Blue Pegasus' current membership came from those others guilds as they too fell apart, as soon as that early momentum died out. Their return helped put things in perspective, and at the time, it proved that they didn't need to be stronger or more numerous... They simply needed to outlast the competition.

Once they stepped inside the guild hall, Alisa's hand rose over her mouth, all but hearing her blue haired friend gawking at the sights all around her. For the most part, she herself stood silent, walking with a cool, collected steps across the hallways as she allowed Vyra the chance to relax and take in her new home, noting the stark contrast in decor making this place feel far homier than the swanky lounge they'd just left.

Out here, she wasn't showing herself to the members as a guest, but rather, looking to them as potential new neighbors.

And she could spot that budding hint of excitement growing wider with every single moment, and with every look she gave her, the sculptress merely chuckled, that overjoyed thrill defenitely resonating with her at the mere thought of what reaction she'd lay eyes upon once Vyra opened the room. When she handed her the key, she kept her eyes fixed on the girl as she unlocked the door and took the first steps inside. With naught but a lingering scent of cleaning products and fresh bedsheets to greet them, Alisa soon followed, breath hitching when the girl fell down on her knees, until she relaxed with an audible giggle:

"Take your time and get settled in~... You have all the time in the world after all", she chimed, yet deep down Alisa knew that Vyra probably wasn't listening to her. Resting a hand on her shoulder as the girl fell to her knees, the tall woman merely stood there, the whole way through, rubbing it gently, not leaving her side for even an instant.

If she ever had any doubts, this moment would have dispelled them all in one fell swoop. A girl so battered and bruised by the world around her, who couldn't help but react with wariness even when greeted with kindness. Here she was, positively glowing with shock and astonishment at the sight of finally having a proper place to call her own.

"Indeed, you love to see it~...", echoing the words of the friendly Café owner, Alisa giggled as Vyra finally got up and darted towards the balcony.

Enthralled by the sight before her, only when the girl slipped out of sight did the sculptress pace back to pick up the box Vyra had left on the floor earlier, placing it on the table as well as she arranged the two of them neatly at the center, and finally running her fingertip along the smooth surface of the mahogany table, idly inspecting it. Clean and speckless, earning a satisfied look. Some of these rooms hadn't been occupied in quite some time after all, but in the end she looked pleased by the thorough cleaning provided. The girl needed this, deserved it even.

Leaving her free to get acquainted with her room at her leisure, Alisa sat her denim clad rear on the soft, cushy seats, crossing her legs gracefully as her elbow came to rest on the table, cupping her chin as her gaze lingered on Vyra at every turn, as though her rapturous joy reverberated with her at every moment, every look reminding Alisa how much she needed this, over and over, chuckling as she saw her marvelling at the pliant softness of the bed she'd sleep in tonight:

"M-My~... You really don't have to thank me Vyra?", she waved her hand in front of her, shaking her head vehemently, but even then her hand came to rest on her chest all too easily, "I only wish you'd have had something like this this whole time, so... This room is yours, as long as you want it.", smiling and nodding as the girl looked between the box and her, as if asking for permission, "Ufufu~... And so are those boxes. They're a gift for you, remember?"

People like her are hard to come by... The more Alisa looked at her, the more she remembered that heartwarming truth, the more she admired her for having held on to that joyous, hopeful side of herself. Most people who'd lost as much as she did, who hurt as badly and suffered so, often held on anything they could. But this girl... Even before she learned just how much would Alisa share with her, she still left all of her coins at the cafe... And now eagerly shared her gifts like the most natural thing in the world:

"Well... Don't mind if I do~", even with all her restraint, Alisa couldn't help but accept the offer, taking a yellow, buttery looking biscuit half dipped in chocolate, leaning into the table, one hand brushing her hair away from her face, then holding her hand over her mouth as she took a bite, humming in delight at the burst of flavour setting her tastebuds alight, "Mmmmm~... Delicious..."

Inbetween biscuits and their shared box of treats, her brow arched as she saw Vyra raising one leg high, pointing down at her thigh. It took her a while to understood what she meant, a quizzical look drawn on her face as she all but waited for the girl to explain it, looking between her leg and her eyes. Once it dawned on her, Alisa's eyes shot wide, all but pausing mid bite, a small trickle of crumbs falling down from behind her hand as a look pure shock crossing her face at the girl's suggestion. Alisa had considered it. She'd thought about it often enough once she saw the young demi human warming up the guild and its people. She knew the guild would welcome her, but she had no way of knowing whether she'd welcome the guild as her own.

She'd been through so much, probably with little room to make her own decisions, all the more reason why Alisa opted not to bring it up until Vyra showed interest of her own accord. And now, here it was, and that momentary look of shock soon faded away as Alisa's face lit up once more:

"Fufu~... That is a bold, vibrant colour... It suits you~ And if you put it on your thigh, you'll get to show it off with just the right choice of clothing. Though if you went with blue, it would match your hair, hmm?", resisting the urge to stand back up and pull the girl into a tight, welcoming embrace, Alisa settled for simply gliding her hand across the table, a subtler show of affection as she simply rested it upon Vyra's, a misty glimmer drawing in her eyes as she looked back into the girl's, "I'm thrilled that you'd consider it... Whenever you decide to join, I'll be here to welcome you with open arms. Regardless of where you choose to have your tattoo~"

Her heart warmed by her words and the intention behind them, Alisa squeezed gently on her hand, just enough for that soothing sensation to radiate up her arm, shooting her a playful little wink. At the same time, she took note of the girl's words, how she only intended to join one day... She knew not what was the girl's reasoning behind that, but she agreed for her own reasons: Too soon. After all, she still needed to find her feet. In a few days, weeks, maybe even months... If she decided she still felt that way, Alisa's words held true. She'd want nothing more than to have Vyra at her side.

For now though, even if she might leave Hargeon eventually, as suddenly as she came... Alisa would ensure she left with some pleasant memories, something to look forward to on her next visit. And most of all, she'd make sure she knew she always had a place here. Regardless of whether she chose to take on that mark and become a member of Blue Pegasus, she'd still have her place in the guild master's heart, and the key to this room. As that flood of loving emotions washed over, the lithomancer held on to her hand, just long enough for her to understand the answer:

Alisa wanted her here.

At her own pace, she'd have to decide if and when, or for how long she'd want to be here in turn. When she let go of her hand, Alisa leaned back into her chair, crossing those long, shapely legs as she brought the biscuit back to her mouth, taking a moment to savour the tasty treat, hand over her mouth before she broke the silence once more:

"Though that is defenitely surprising to hear... You never told me you were interested in magic...?", she mused, putting words to that startled look she showed earlier, taking another dainty little nibble from her buscuit as she arched her brow, leaning back into her chair as her eyes fixed on Vyra, indulging that ever so frequent surge of curiosity.

There was still plenty she didn't know about her, much of which she'd arguably prefer not to probe the girl on. Dark, unpleasant memories lurking in the corner that she had no interest of stirring, even if it meant that some piece of her history remained forever foreign to her. She knew not whether she herself held any of the same curiosity towards Alisa in turn, but regardless of motives she too opted to not press the sculptress any further... They'd share those unsavoury secrets if and when the wish or opportunity presented themselves, but until then, they still had plenty to discover about one another, starting with Vyra's interest in joining the mages guild. Blue Pegasus and Alisa herself would always welcome her, regardless of whether or not she joined.

"Until then, there's something or another I can show you about magic, if you're interested~", she added, that giving smile drawing on her lips once more as she spoke inbetween bites, wondering what relationship Vyra had with the art of magic, or what she'd like to have.

If anything, joining a guild of mages, or at the very least learning magic of her own, could defenitely help the girl along the way anytime she lacked Alisa to keep her company. Nothing quite compared to the confidence and security one could get from having power of their own, that they themselves nurtured through effort and hard work... And for magics, that kind of power gave them a means of subsistence, for there would always be people willing to pay. Though she'd stay in the girl's life as long as she wanted to, knowing she could stand on her own two feet would do wonders for her self esteem.

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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The two of them sat there as moonlight shone through the stained glass of the balcony doors, providing a faint spectrum of color that complimented the faint orange-hue cast by the Magical flame that alit the room. A small feast of carnal treats and a discussion of one’s future, it all too perfectly mirrored many a deeply personal conversation held between parent and child. And whilst their relationship may not be not quite that, both having walked completely different paths, having raised separately and growing through different circumstances, even then it bore striking resemblance all the same.

Vyra’s declaration to Alisa, her suggestion of joining Blue Pegasus one day, it was plainly evident how much it meant to Alisa, try as she might to hide it. Even Vyra, hardly a social savant by any stretch, could not help but find her smile widening as she watched Alisa’s reaction, a feeling of pride swelling within her. Having listened to the woman talk of Blue Pegasus, it was clear that the guild meant so much more to Alisa than just being her guild; it was her family.

Perhaps that was why Vyra envisioned herself within Blue Pegasus.

In her heart, Vyra hoped Alisa would consider her family too.

The idea was whimsical, Vyra’s intentions forged in good nature and thoughtfulness towards the woman whom had done more for her than anyone had ever before in her years alive. And in the same right, it was riddled in the same youthful ignorance and delusion that came with Vyra’s obliviousness and skewed perspective of the world. She knew nothing of what Blue Pegasus really was, save for what little Alisa had spoken of. Their purpose, their goals, if earlier she had been left with doubts if she could ever fit in with the people within the Blue Pegasus lounge, how would it stand any different that she could fit in with a guild she did not understand? With guildmates whose aspirations she were so aloof towards?

The reality was she had not given consideration towards any of that. Or perhaps even to the most basic level, she never given thought to what a guild actually was. Such so that when she heard Alisa bring up the term Magic for the first time, Vyra’s eyes widened. “Magic!?”

Magic? Interesting.

Prior to today, Vyra had never seen Magic before, never had reason to believe that it actually existed. During her time in the company of Alisa, she had witnessed what may well have been the first application of Magic, but never at the time had she come to appreciate or give too much recognition towards. Each interaction that she witnessed with Alisa had her more and more convinced that she was a person of prominence, a person of power. It would be fitting that someone who could command the level of respect throughout Hargeon that she did would be able to do things like use Magic, even in the limited capacity that she done while in Vyra’s company.

It made her feel foolish, to have missed the small instances that Alisa had performed Magic early throughout the day, every single action being an introduction into a world that Vyra had never seen before, but one that she had failed to pick up on. From as early as their first encounter, Alisa had performed such feats, and never had it registered. Perhaps it had been the circumstances surrounding such events, the emotional rollercoaster that she had gone through, even up to this most current moment leaving no shortage of things for her mind to otherwise be focused upon.

“Well I mean, I uh, wasn’t… I mean, uh,” she stumbled over her words. It was impossible not to indulge in self-doubt, to wonder what Alisa may have thought of her for having such an ignorant stance. How she had so casually asked about Vyra’s interest in Magic, as if it were a common thing, it simultaneously illustrated how detached from the world Vyra was, to be unaware of the connection between guilds and Magic, but in a way also highlighted them to her in a way that perhaps only could have been interpreted through her eyes.

She had heard how people in Hargeon had described Blue Pegasus, always seeming to be that of praise when spoken, seldom as it may have been. But even in compliments, it seemed they were always painted as slightly different. And perhaps they were.

How Vyra heard people describe Magic, it seemed a very polarizing subject. Very often it was spoken ill of, and if Alisa’s words meant that Blue Pegasus, or other guilds similar to it, were invested in the world of Magic, then perhaps it made sense that Vyra knew little of them.

Perhaps Alisa would understand. Hopefully.

“To be honest, I never really thought of Magic as anything…” She broke off the remainder of words, sighing as she slumped her shoulders slightly, “Something fun to imagine, something to escape into.” Vyra lifted her head a small bit, flashing a faint smile to Alisa before weakly chuckling, “It’s stupid, I know…”

It was hardly a great feeling. Rather, it felt awful. She listened to Alisa, how she spoke of those who stood by her, the pride in her voice. The pain too. Then to wish to join them and know nothing of their world, of their sacrifices, of what trials they’ve had to endure, her heart sank. “I’m sorry.”

Ashamed of herself, Vyra found herself leery to look at Alisa, at times glancing at the woman like that of a child who disappointed their parent. She reached into the box of treats and pulled out something new; a cookie, yellow in color, drenched in a dark chocolate dressing. She took a bite, the taste being enough to break herself out of her self-loathing. It was incredible. Not just the biscuit itself, but the chocolate as well, it having been such a rare treat in the past; to now have it available, she could not help but take delight as she chewed.

The chocolate-induced euphoria of bliss was soon interrupted by something that Vyra did not expect. An offer by Alisa, a chance to witness a taste of Magic. She all but froze at the proposal, her eyes widening as she unconsciously leaned closer to Alisa, the large piece of the cookie she had eaten still dangling out of her mouth, her mouth full of the remainder of the cookie. “Really?” She mumbled, the word hardly audible between the what was in her mouth and the large remainder of the cookie that she seemed intent on keeping within her mouth for whatever reason.

A couple more inaudible words came through her mouth, Vyra recognizing the futility of trying to speak and putting what was left of the cookie onto the table as she hastily tried to chew and swallow the remainder of the cookie in her mouth, nearly choking in the process. Upon regaining herself, she looked back up at Alisa with the same enthusiasm and excitement as she had earlier. “Really!? You mean it!? Yes! Yes!! Show me!”

She did not try to hide how excited she was at Alisa’s proposal. A chance to maybe see Magic, from Alisa no less? Not just as Alisa, the woman whom Vyra came to view as someone truly special to her, but also as Alisa, the Guild Master of Blue Pegasus, a guild that perhaps one day, she too would be a part of.

But before that could happen, she had to learn.

And with excitement in her eyes, she gazed onto Alisa, eagerly awaiting to see her first real glimpse in a world she never knew existed.

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Indeed, Family... With every moment, every memory shared between them, the more their bond deepened. As they made a dinner out of a full box of sweets, chasing away the hunger and enjoying each other's company, the more Alisa looked to the girl before her as such. To shelter her from the worst of the world while giving her room to grow and blossom at her own pace, to show her all the good things she'd been missing... However silly her own suggestion may have seemed to Vyra, Alisa thought differently. It reminded her how this girl looked to her in much of the same way. Plopping another biscuit in her mouth, her brow arched as she tried putting her thoughts into words. She could take her time, as long as she wanted, until she could finally share her views on magic, her image of it like something out of a storybook:

"Not stupid at all.", Alisa shook her head, brushing her hand down her hair, twirling a lock of that lustruous black hair around her finger as her gaze shifted up towards the ceiling, "Magic means a lot of things to many different people. To some merely a form of art, to others a means to an end... At first, for me it simply meant strength...", Alisa idly clenched her fist, fully reminded how her younger self looked to magic as just any other weapon. Alisa sighed, letting go of that momentary tension as the memory seeped away, her gaze drifting back down to the present, "But when you don't know much about it, it just feels so... Distant? Like something desperately out of reach, so far away you barely know what to make of it."

At the same time, she wasn't so dense as to miss why the young demi human wanted to join the guild despite having little to no knowledge of what it actually entail. The mere thought of that warmed her heart, enough for that hand to reach back over her chest. She found herself leaning back into her chair, uncrossing her legs in a smooth, graceful motion as she crossed the other way, reaching a hand out, those dainty, silky soft digits brushing the underside of Vyra's chin, all but inviting her to look back into her eyes:

"No, don't apologize~... You feel at home here, with me... Right?", to see her look back as she returned that soft. understanding smile, without the slightest hint of disappointment. Instead, Vyra would see nothing but that radiant show of joy on her face, as clear as the moonlight peering through the windows. Even if she didn't know anything about the guild, she still wanted to stay here, enough to make her gaze brighten at the mere thought, "Ufufu~... It made me happy to hear it."

It took having a taste of something new in her life, that savoury biscuit dipped in chocolate, that undenibale burst of flavour in her mouth making her face lit up. Alisa admired that about her, no matter how many times she saw it, she could only giggle and smile giddily, wishing nothing but to find an endless well of new, fresh delights for the girl to experience...

Everything her life had denied her so far.

At the same time, she could understand her apprehension. Though Vyra didn't really need to join Blue Pegasus to stay here, Alisa could see why she felt she had to. For her, the girl's happiness was her reward: Like a mother to her child, that smile alone weighed more than any gold and jewels she could find. Perhaps Vyra felt this was all she had to give back, and worried about not knowing anything about the guild or the magic they practiced. But in that case, they had a simple solution before them, and Vyra's excitement made it thrilling:

"Really, I mean it~... We have all the time in the world, after all so...", Alisa nodded as she echoed Vyra's own words, smirking playfully as she shot her a knowing, complicit wink, "I can show you as much magic as you'd like~"

Reaching her hands for the edge of the chair, she pushed her rear against the back, adjusting her seat as she leaned forward, bringing her face closer to the girl's as she brushed her long hair behind her shoulders. The space between them narrowed, as though Alisa stood ready to unveil a secret for the demi human's eyes only, offering her hand out to the girl sitting across from her:

"Here, give me your hand.", hooking her fingers at the blue haired girl, Alisa stretched her hand out, inviting Vyra to rest it upon hers. If she accepted her offer, the moment she rested her mitt against Alisa's palm, the sculptress let loose some of her mana. Just a modicum, a mere droplet in the vast ocean of reserves at her disposal, yet more than enough to create a magic circle above their joined hands, from which a crude crystal cluster soon emerged with a crackling sound, leaving trickles of diamond dust falling to the ground between them. The mineral formation grew larger, up to the size of an orange, with those smooth, crystalline facets beaming off the moon light in all directions in a dazzling display, and yet, at no point would either woman notice any weight whatsoever, leaving Vyra free to marvel at the magic and the sensation in her hand, "What do you feel~...?"

Now, actually sensing magic challenged all but the most specialized of mages. Unless standing face to face with someone with vast enough magic power, actively flaring it out, no way Vyra would have been able to detect it. Yet with her hand standing between Alisa's own and the magic circle above it, right between the flow of mana, she'd defenitely feel something. At least the lithomancer hoped she might - much like how Alisa herself felt as she manipulated it - especially once she channeled another trickle of magic power, steadily flowing along her arm and up to the crystal above their hands. Without warning, the crystal slowly warped and shifted before her eyes:

"Far from an inborn ability, everything around you has magical energy in them... And anything with magical energy posesses the ability to use magic, or be used for it.", narrating her own experiences with magic, Alisa manipulated her magic without even looking at it, her eyes fixed on Vyra's face the whole way through as the glimmering, pure white crystal hovering above the circle changed and shifted, grew and changed. Beckoned by an invisible force tugging at it, like a mold of clay at the hands of an expert sculptress, its shape soon grew tall and slender, a vaguely humanoid figure resembling Vyra herself as Alisa projected her own image of the girl running down the beach a few hours earlier, "However much natural talent you may have, don't think any more or less of yourself for it. Magic is a skill first and foremost, the ability to manipulate that magical energy for whatever purpose you can think of. And like any other skill, you can master it if you dedicate yourself to your craft."

Some wizards spend years nose deep in books, reading tome after tome after tome, absorbing as much knowledge as they can. A mage is only as powerful as what they know, an universal truth no practicioner of magic can escape. Yet some spellcasters simply focus on learning only the very basics until they get the feel for it, and carving their own path from then on, mastering magic through usage and experience.
Far be it from her to determine which was crude or studied, right or wrong, boorish or refined, she nonetheless preferred the more practical approach.

As expected of a martial artist, she saw no better way of learning something than to feel it with your body, again and again, sear the sensation it into your soul, until it becomes a part of you.

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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The reddish hue of the Magical light waned; parts of the room receding into darkness, that which had not been touched by either the moonlight that penetrated through the window, bringing a spectrum of color with them or otherwise illuminated from within seeming to join it. Upon the outskirts of the light’s boundary and the empty night’s encroachment sat Vyra and Alisa still, unfazed by the change, fixated upon one another like a reflection staring back onto its source. Even upon the times with which Vyra’s focus did shift, to see the room reinvent itself with the change in lighting, to have become a room that she could call her own, to a growing chasm of mystique, the structures and accents that gave it warmth and the feeling of invitation instead lost to a growing darkness, she still felt safe.

It were not the streets that she had been forced to endure. It were without the horrors that came with it, the cruelty that man could act upon, the indifference its people carried. That was not to undermine just how much of that safety came of the woman who sat before her. As the bond between the two grew, more Vyra came to view Alisa as her beacon.

Such, even upon the worst of fates, to be severed from this life introduced and thrown back to life more akin to demise, with Alisa things would be different.

A frightful thought undoubtedly, to imagine such a fate. Not for Vyra. Her life had been of suffering before, it being a miracle that she somehow managed to survive up to this point, to be exposed to that world, as horrid as it may stand to be, would not be new. But for Alisa? However much strength she may have derived from the woman before her, it would break her heart to have to force her the same conditions that she had once been. Though they sat across from each other now, discussing of Magic whilst enjoying delightful candies, if either of them were to experience life in the others’ world, Vyra could only hope that she suffer twice than have Alisa suffer them too.

Alisa had too much to live for to be thrown into Vyra’s world, if it were still her world even. She had her family, Blue Pegasus, a life that went beyond that of what she had shared with Vyra. And she had Vyra, who sat in utter rapture in anticipation of what was to come, listening as Alisa began to describe even what may have been considered the most basic descriptors of Magic. However simple it may have been, Vyra was drawn, her captive gaze only ever straying as she saw the sigh exude from Alisa’s lips, a small frown appearing on Vyra’s face as the woman spoke of her past. She could not help but wonder what happened to Alisa, if it were something that happened to her or to Blue Pegasus that seemed to illicit such reactions, as seldom as they may have been, of recent.

The feeling of the hand gently caressing her chin, guiding her head upwards to face Alisa, the most sincere of smiles that Alisa had shown Vyra seemed to break whatever thoughts she had a moment ago. Her eyes sparkled, seeming to rely upon all of her strength to resist the urge to reach out and embrace Alisa upon hearing her speak. In her heart, she knew in large part why she wanted to join Blue Pegasus was the woman before her. And the nagging feeling that had begun to fester within her, that Alisa did not want her, there was something reassuring in what Alisa said, it made Vyra think that she was wrong.

And she was so happy to have been wrong there.

Vyra was happy. It felt so strange really. From the moment that she had met Alisa, any particular point of time that they had spent the day together, from the time in the café, to being there on the beach, to just prior to and their arrival at the Blue Pegasus building, to moments earlier, to whatever display of Magic that Alisa was to present to her; any single one of these would have been the world to Vyra. A reprieve, a chance to escape the baker, the lost memories, the hunger, the fatigue, the cruel looks, even as brief as it may have been, it would mean so much more than what one could ever truly understand. But today, it was so much more than anything she could have expected.

This was happiness.

A moment passed and soon enough, Alisa found herself closer to Vyra, the demi-human’s heart beating faster, curiosity and excitement similarly competing against excitement to be the dominating emotion of what was to come. Anticipation too joined the fray as Alisa called for Vyra’s hand, a request that she did not expect in the moment, but did not delay in honoring. As she felt the warm flesh of Alisa’s hand upon her own, her eyes widening in bewildering amazement as the runic circle appeared just above their joined hands, faintly illuminating the area around them, a white glow pulsating out, overtaking the faint red hue and darkness that otherwise encapsulated them. From it, there emerged a small item, barely large than that of a fruit, light emanating all from within it, the product being a truly breathtaking display. Too, the faintest traces of whatever it was seemed to cascade down from it like that of a cup overflowing with water, raining down to the ground from atop their hands like a weightless waterfall of Magical essence.

Alisa’s words resonated within Vyra’s head as she watched on with wonder, ‘what do you feel’. It was hard to come up with words to properly describe just what she was experiencing. Amazement? Wonder? Disbelief? Superficial terms that failed to adequately phrase just exactly she was seeing, an element to the world that she never believed existed now present before her very eyes. Astonishment towards a close figure whom she already thought the world of. But neither of these were what she felt Alisa was looking for. It was something more than that.

Focusing, Vyra closed her eyes, desperately trying to understand just what she was feeling. The radiating blue and white symbols, a language undecipherable to her parading through the interiors of her eyes as her mind raced. Blackness cascaded onto the symbols, each exploding within her mind as fragments and artifacts of each lingered, dispersing across the confines of her vision. Another explosion followed, then blackness.

A taste.

Another rush, the color restored, the explosions continued until they stopped. A flash of blue, followed by white, then black again, the edges of her vision masked by this eruption.

Another flash, the color gone. Blackness around her. Not like blackness of the past. The blackness of shut eyes. She was still here. She was still Vyra. She opened her eyes, Alisa not having moved, her body as close as it were before, eyes focused upon Vyra. Atop their hands, still upon one another, the Magical creation of Alisa’s remained, radiant as it had been throughout, if not more vibrant than before. Alisa’s question resonated once again, to which the demi-human looked up, shifting glances between Alisa and the Magical structure between the two of them.

“I feel… something,” Her words were still unclear, her mind, her body trying as much to decipher what she was feeling as she was. “I just… I don’t know how to describe it…”


The key to it all.

She felt her answer was lacking. How could one describe a feeling that they had never felt, could not comprehend? Alisa undoubtedly expected more, but Vyra could not give it. At least, not before she felt it; a small surge, like that of heat, but not, a sensation of warmth that as much parroted upon the feeling of coolness that passed through. Her eyes widened at the feeling, her focus set upon her hand, not moving it, but rather allowing the sensation through. Once through, then again, a feeling of something swelling within, bringing with it a rush, only to dissipate away afterwards.

Not until the illumination that seemed to fill the entire room did she lift her head and turn her focus from that of the feeling within her hand.


Vyra could not believe her eyes.

The small crystal that once lay atop of their hands had blossomed into something so much more, like that of a living canvas. The same crystal-like material that had embodied the Magical creature before still resonating here, but now shifting into something different. A work of art it seemed like, but playing out before her very eyes. Moments later, the creation came to full view as Vyra could not help but raise her free hand to her face, at an utter loss for words at the sight before her.

Herself. Or an interpretation of her. Perhaps as Alisa saw her.

“This, this is Magic…” Her words barely resonated through her hand, sounding barely louder than when she was exhausted upon the beach earlier. To echo out a thought more than that, Vyra felt at a complete loss. Pulling her hand from her mouth and slowly reaching towards the Magical sculpture created by Alisa, she couldn’t help but mesmerized by it. It was indescribable how she felt towards it, but it was certainly enthralling.

Vyra was not quite sure what she was expecting, but as she reached for the sculpture and felt it, the hard surface like that of diamond, she was left stunned, her eyes fixed upon the meeting of her hand upon the sculpture, neither moving, both simply recognizing the presence of one another. “It’s me…”

She wondered, the words of Alisa’s lesson resonating through her mind. They joined through a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas and other things that left her in a daze of sorts, all this while utterly intrigued by everything before her. Alisa had offered to show her Magic and Vyra wasted little time in accepting such an offer. But never had she expected a display like this.

“Magic is a skill…” She spoke softly to herself, echoing bits of what Alisa had said, her eyes remaining glued upon the sculpture of herself, unsure of quite what to say. “Be used for it… Whatever purpose… you could think of…”

She closed her eyes, unsure exactly what she was doing, but nonetheless curious. Her hand still atop Alisa’s and just beneath that of the runic circle above them whilst the other remained touching the statue, she focused on a singular thought. A moment earlier in the day, her and Alisa, the two of them standing together within the ocean, Vyra holding onto Alisa while she did the same. Her words echoed through her, the memory one that she would hold onto until the day she dies. ‘Thank you for finding me,’ she remembered all too well the interaction, the words she had uttered to Alisa, all of it. Her mind replayed the image over again, her focus devoted towards the creation of beauty and Magic that Alisa had created.

She wasn't sure of what to expect, if anything. Wishful thinking, perhaps a delusion of worth. None the less, Vyra maintained focus. Hopeful perhaps, if not foolish.

What felt perhaps like a surge of something rushed through her, at least she thought she felt something. Perhaps the wind. Perhaps nothing. At this point, it was hard to tell quite what to be sure of anymore.

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She'd keep her safe. No matter the reason why she'd learned magic in the first place, as she grew older, she came to look at her strength, her magic as something that could keep her loved ones safe, and that same protectiveness shone through as she molded her magic right before her eyes. A loving, heartwarming gleam filling the room, beaming brightly from between the two women as Alisa introduced her to the world of magic, at this point not thinking of the road that lead them here, but the kind of future she could give her.

A better one.

To ensure she'd never have to go through anything she went through before, to give her a home and a family who'd cherish her no matter what. Alisa squeezed gently on that hand, her crystals brightening as that crackling sound filled the air. She too fought the urge to stand back up and pull the girl into her arms, as though every embrace could wash away the darkness that soiled her past, as though she could shield her from it all.

Instead she merely smiled lovingly at her the whole way through, controlling her magic with naught but a single glance, her eyes focused on Vyra the whole time. Even as the girl closed her eyes, Alisa still looked on, catching those hints of focus as the girl tried making sense of whatever it was she found, which she hoped, could give her a far keener understanding than any words ever could. Every living being posesses mana after all, and only the ability to freely mold and shape it separated mages from everybody else:

"Whatever you felt just now, remember that sensation... Hold onto it.", Alisa replied, brushing her thumb back and forth along the back of Vyra's hand, releasing another stream of magic power, widening the magic circle as that brilliant gleam filled the room, in contrast with the dim, soothing glow of that fierly lamp and the moonlit skies outside. Increasing the intensity of that magic power, ever so slightly, as though it could help rouse whatever sensation Vyra had picked up, "Don't worry if you lack the words to describe it. Countless mages practice their craft across the world, yet few to none can actually describe what magic actually is... If you ask a different mage, they'll likely give you a wildly different answer than what I just told you. We do our best to wrap our heads around it, though I suppose, the mystery is part of the charm hmm~...?"

With only that breathy, melodious voice breaking the silence between them, like a narrator Alisa merely allowed Vyra to explore this alien new feeling as it washed over her body. Perhaps at some point, she should have worried that the other Vyra would do with this new knowledge. But she didn't.

The thought never even crossed her mind.

To deny a hungry person food for fear it wouldn't sit well... To refuse a roof over a homeless man's head worrying it would crumble over his head... No way she'd deny Vyra something for fear of what her other self might do. That was no way to live, and Vyra deserved a proper life... Eventually, a time may come when to claim that life, she'd need to claim it back from her hateful other self. But until then...

Vyra's life was her own: She'd would never be powerless again. No matter what life threw her way... She'd never feel helpless if Alisa had anything to say about it.

And her joyous smile was its own reward. The more she looked at her the more that simple notion seemed undeniable in every sense of the word, cementing that sense of maternal love towards the younger woman, her desire to protect her, and the reassurance in knowing that, even without Alisa around, she'd have some way to keep herself safe:

"Indeed... Beautiful isn't it~?", Alisa nodded on both accounts, finally glancing down at her own artwork, a telltale warmth washing over her as she remembered that afternoon at the beach, the two women lowering their walls, baring the vulnerability underneath before one another. She'd never forget this day, or how much she cherished the girl sitting across from her. Her idle hand reached out, brushing a few loose strands of Vyra's blue hair away from her eyes, letting the girl marvel at the display in front of her as long as she wanted, running her fingertips over that smooth, sturdy diamond sculpture, "Magic can take any form that you can imagine, for whatever purpose you need it to. Spells and magic circles can help you channel it, though the most important is to simply reach into the magic power within you and coax it out... Let it flow through your body unimpeded."

As Vyra's eyes fluttered shut once more, the tall woman's brow arched, eyeing her intently, as though some part of her knew, deep down, that she stood right at the edge of a breakthrough. And then it happened, with sudden, unexpected surge shooting through the demi human's body. Alisa felt it alright, breath catching in her throat while her left eye turned white on reflex:

"You felt it again didn't you? Don't let go...", Alisa reinforced, that low, throaty tone filling the room, focusing her left eye on her as though she sensed something resonating within her companion, her idle hand coming to rest on the back of Vyra's, tenderly cradling it between both of her own, thankful for that connection between them as that whirling magic circle above still shone strong, spiralling faster now as a tingle of antecipation travelled across her skin, "I'm right here with you, the whole time~... Trust your instincts and focus on what you felt, imagine it washing over you, seeping out of your body."

Now, Alisa had purposefully neglected to mention one crucial component of magical study: The elemental affinity of one's mana. Instead, rather than explaining elements, she'd much rather save that lesson for after Vyra got a taste of weaving her own mana, and learned that affinity herself; without any bias, or desire to imitate Alisa holding her back. The demi human might notice she'd not once mentioned what kind of magic she had, outside from the obvious display of crystalline works before her eyes. She'd tell her if Vyra expressed her curiosity, yet soon enough, both women turned their attention solely towards the blue haired beauty as she explored herself and her own connection with magic:

"Ufufu~... You're quite talented, Vyra.", Alisa encouraged, a palpable hint of pride and admiration in her voice at how swiftly Vyra acclimated to the new sensations coursing through her body, and now stood at the cusp of reaching her own well of mana. She could feel it pulsing within the girl through their joined hands, just waiting to be let loose as soon as she started scratching the surface, "...Most people take weeks, if not months of practice before they can tap into their own magic power."

Would this really work...? She never really planned to get this far with the girl, merely intending to show her a few things about magic, let her familiarize herself with it and eventually decide whether or not that was a path she'd want to pursue... But now here they were.

Vyra's instincts responded to that show of magic far better than Alisa could have antecipated, and the sculptress gulped, curiosity and antecipation leaving her heart thumping in her chest the whole way through, a hint of eagerness even, smiling at the mere thought of the girl claiming something of her own, with only the slightest hint of guidance and her own raw talent behind it. Perhaps even a hint of concern for whether the girl's talent might progress faster than she could acclimate to it... But... That's why Alisa was here for her. Holding her hand every step of the way as she discovered herself, knowing...

...Whatever Vyra achieved here resulted from her own merit, a tremendous leap forward in her claiming the life she'd been denied thus far. And Alisa couldn't be prouder, smiling like an adoring parent the whole way through~...

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It felt as though the world stood still.

Vyra remained there, still seated across from Alisa, their hands joined together, an effective conduit from which the flow of Magic stemmed from Alisa to the runic circle just above. The masterwork piece of the Blue Pegasus Guild Master, the diamond-like statue of the young girl proudly displayed; heavy in its presence, yet weightless, utterly suspended by Magical efficiency. Brilliant in its attention to detail, craftsmanship by which artisans across the world would spend lifetimes trying to achieve on their own.

With a feeling radiating throughout herself, an indescribable sensation surging through every bone in her body; an immersible heat, the feeling of her blood boiling only to freeze as the warmth abandoned her skin, then to petrify as though turning to stone, to then feel weightless as though no longer within her body. A cyclic feeling, perpetually changing as the sensations traversed through her, the feeling of one occurring only to end and give way for another left Vyra in a state struggling to space out the world around her.

In that moment, there were only three things. Alisa, the master to the student, the mother to the child, the one who had introduced Vyra to this world, to this sensation, to this trial. Then the statue, an embodiment of the world brought forth, the potential that exists, one of the infinite possibilities by which the threads of power and Magical essence could interlace, intertwining to create marvels and monstrosities beyond ones’ comprehension. And then was Vyra, the actress left upon the grand stage with neither the script nor the presence to face the spotlight with the finesse expected. Thrown forth, introduced to wonderment, a mere taste, less than that of a sip within the well that was the Magical energies within the world, within her.

Beyond the three, there were nothing else that mattered. Air frozen, time suspended, for them this was their infinity.

Alisa’s words, her instruction, they washed over Vyra like that of a calm wind. Faint, but not weak, distant, but not fading. The sensations swirled through her, a cataclysmic wave of something of the unknown swelling, but she did not waiver. She moved, ever so slightly, her hand gently caressing down upon the skin of Alisa’s statue, finger pressed to diamond as it gracefully traversed down perfectly-polished cheeks.

“Focus,” she whispered beneath her breath. She opened her eyes, but not Alisa or to that of her diamond reflection, but upon a wall. Decrepit, weathered away by forces unknown and forces abound, the integrity holding if not out of a will to survive. Forever expanding in direction, it stood before Vyra, the distance no greater than that of her and Alisa’s diamond statue moments prior, the blacks of infinity echoing beyond her. A feeling of something indescribable radiated through the stone, the gentlest of hums resonating throughout the void around as the faintest of colors radiated behind the structure as if contained, but barely.

With caution, she reached to the wall, faint chippings severing what will to be retained as they fell to the ground. Each piece that fell brought forth the tiniest bit more of what were behind the wall to focus. A shade of color, only a pigment brighter than that of the wall remained where her finger stripped away.

She scratched away, another piece of the wall tearing down. The glowing color that resonated behind it glowed just a bit brighter.

“Reach in… And coax it out…” She muttered, the visage of whatever realm she found herself in, leaving room for her words to boom through thunder. Another scratch, the glow growing in its intensity, the blackness that surrounded her giving way as a faint hue of blue emanated from the wall. From her.

Another tear, the light shone brighter, the darkness fading further back, repelled by Vyra’s progress. The world shook, Vyra nearly losing her footing as her hand tore against the wall as she retained her balance, the imprint of her hand dragging across the surface leaving a varied amount of hollowed out stone, staggered levels of light blooming through, but none to the intensity of where Vyra had dug.

She tore through at the wall again, the realm around her seeming to collapse further and further with each effort made. The air began to draw cold, heavy. Time rushed around her, the breath leaving her lungs as she fell to a knee as she looked up, a nearly complete hole providing a peek through the wall, a blue illumination penetrating through with a near blinding force.

“Don’t let go…”

Mustering what strength she still possessed, she reached out, pulling her hand through the hole she had made, grabbing what rubble may still remain as she retracted her hand, dirt and stone being thrown to the ground as she threw that same hand to the ground to steady herself amidst the realm’s implosion. Glancing up again as her vision waned, she saw it; the rushing of a blazing blue substance, like that of water, glowing like light, all encompassing as it swarmed through the hole, further and further deteriorating the wall as it seemed to consume Vyra as blackness fell.

The veil has been pierced.

With a jolt, her eyes opened. A sight no different than before, Alisa before her, her focus fixated upon Vyra, the statue between the two, Vyra’s hand still upon the masterfully-carved face. Her breathing was heavy, her other hand still atop Alisa’s, the runic circle that had been created still there with all the same magnificence as before. She did not know what happened, the experience too surreal to understand for herself, but she knew that something had happened, but she was not sure what.

For a moment, she remained there, static as she recomposed herself, allowing for her breathing to steady and her mind to stop racing. The sensations that had echoed through her, previously deafening her senses to the world, had faded. Color returned, a sense of feeling, of hearing, of sound, of smell, it all shot back. An experience that left her perplexed, that left the world feeling new, as irrational as that may have been.

Vyra’s eyes fixated upon the diamond statue of herself. It was as though staring into her own soul, staring into something familiar to a degree, alien in a similar manner. Compared to only a few minutes before, Vyra could not help but feel closer to the statue, not looking purely upon a jeweled replication of herself forged by Magic, but rather that a part of her, stripped of her and remade again.

She looked to Alisa, taking in the look upon her face once more, their eyes connecting, not a word spoken but a moment of trust shared between the two.

Taking a deep breath, Vyra closed her eyes, focusing once again as the world around her slowed down. She felt that same sensation as before, not that of the myriad of elements that tore through her body, but of a feeling earlier, the very same feeling that she had felt when Alisa had first begun to channel her Magical powers. But this time was different.

As she began to feel the same reaction within her as the Magical energies began to build, she embraced it.

It appeared just atop the runic circle that Alisa had initially constructed. Smaller in diameter, faintly purple of color in contrast to that of the marvelous white that came from Alisa’s, it possessed neither the intricacies or refined quality either from it, but for this none of that was necessary. The only thing that mattered was that it was hers, her first runic seal.

Her first taste of Magic.

Vyra continued to focus, her mind fixating equally upon maintaining the world around her as she did Alisa’s words. They stood as the captain whom piloted herself through the sea that was this experience that came as foreign and as difficult to her as anything before. A strain ripped through her as she struggled to maintain, holding on with all of her ability, determined to outlast and overcome whatever resistance brought forth.

A moment of weakness, her focus waned slightly, but she was able to recover. Maintaining her focus, she adjusted herself in her seat, mindful to neither allow her hand just above Alisa’s, the conduit to which made all of this possible, nor her other hand still maintaining the softest of touch upon Alisa’s statute, to be torn from their respective grasps.

“I’m right here with you,” she breathed Alisa’s words, her mind flashing once again throughout the day. Event upon event, memory upon memory bombarded her thoughts with each passing moment, the only constant being the two of them. Vyra and Alisa.

Vyra and Alisa.

From her seal it emerged. An almost liquidous substance, purple in color, much like that of the runic circle from which it materialized from. As if defying gravity, it shot upwards, coming to tower over the diamond statue, similar to the two of them. More of the liquid escaped and followed similar motion, this continuing as eventually it began to take shape. For the first time, Vyra opened her eyes to see it before her, focusing as intently as she possibly could, even in spite of the disbelief she were in, the idea that this was something that she could have ever done being utterly impossible.

And yet, she was accomplishing just that.

With every passing moment, the grotesque creation of Vyra’s began to take more concrete form, the unappealing look layer by layer seeming to be stripped away as it took form into a true shape. A human of some sort, the figure rough in its appearance; not only due the nature of whatever sort of material it seemed that Vyra had manifested, seeming to be like a thick gel-like substance than anything else, but equally Vyra’s experience being as close to the definition of novice as possible. Untrained, unrefined, tried for the very first time.

More time passed and the figure finally seemed to give greater definition and paint a slightly more defined picture for the audience of two. Overlooking the beautiful diamond statue of Vyra were a slightly taller entity, its presence seeming to be more like that of a protector than anything.


Far from the most flattering appearance of the Blue Pegasus Guild Master, Vyra’s eyes twinkled with delight and satisfaction at what she had created, a feeling of pride, not only for its inception and creation, but also to have succeeded. Alisa had given her the encouragement, had shown her a taste of Magic and given her even a basic lesson on the subject, and with she could not help but take pride in perhaps having exceed those expectations.

“I did it… Look! I did it!”

She could not hide it in her voice, the excitement, the happiness, the hope that she had done well. Every few seconds it seemed that she was able to sculpt her image of Alisa slightly more, the quality nowhere close to being as good as what Alisa was able to accomplish with seemingly no effort. But for her first time, Vyra did not think she did a very poor job.

Yes. You did do it. Thank you.

She looked up, taking another glance upon the two figures, noticing the striking contrast between the two. The statue that Alisa had crafted of Vyra was perfect, like a masterwork sculpture, light refracting off it, illuminating the room throughout. Conversely, Vyra’s creation of Alisa had more the quality of someone drunkenly novice in their expertise, something one would never wish to display if given the option. Just seeing them side by side, it left plenty to be desired, something that would come with time.

“Do you like – “ She looked to Alisa, hoping to hear what she thought, if she had done well, but it never came as her words were cut off, the life draining from her face as the color in her eyes vanished into clouds of nothingness.

She continued to channel the Magic, the purple construct of Alisa that she had been maintaining beginning to crumble, the color of it shifting from its purple hue to a far more sickly color, a tainted mixture of purple, green, and brown like that of disease than that of Magic. Structurally, it began to dissolve away, breaking apart and collapsing into itself as though a body decaying from the inside out. Bits and pieces fell to the ground in a graceless motion, dispersing apart as they formed a faint cloud of the same corrosive color.

As the last bits of the construct dissolved away, in its wake there instead remain a large cloud, illuminated by the Magical Vyra statue, only managing to further bring forth the disgusting quality, having a look more like poison than that of Magical energies. In almost no time, the Magic had coalesced around that same statue, encapsulating it like that of mold, the light which previously shone through beginning to wane as more and more of Vyra’s Magic seemingly consumed the statue, the artisan quality that was once evident hidden beneath a grossly uneven coating.

From the runic circle, more and more of the same taint seemed to materialize through, similarly applying itself much like what had been to the statue of Vyra. Within a short time, the statue had been all but coated, the appearance of the demi-human completely gone.

She sat there throughout it all, simply glaring at Alisa, the same eyes that had once been drained of color having had them restored looking not with the excitable joy that they once conveyed, but instead that of condescending and arrogant hubris. Cockiness. A look that knew exactly what it was doing, and wanted as much to know that the woman across from her knew as well.

“I owe you. Without you, this may never have happened.” A snarky smile appeared upon Vyra’s face, the disdain towards Alisa completely evident, but at the same time her words sounded different. There seemed to be something else in her words. Appreciation? Across all of their interactions thus far, it was easy to believe this was the kindest she had been towards Alisa up to this point. It was difficult to appreciate though as she continued to funnel what she could of Vyra’s Magical reserve, illustrating a far greater control of the Magic than what Vyra seemed capable of. “Don’t worry, I know you don’t want to talk to me. I just wanted to say thanks.”

The color faded once again from her eyes, a momentary blank look upon Vyra’s face before the color quickly returned. But before providing with any sort of indicator, any sort of reaction to that of what happened, any chance even for Alisa to tell just which Vyra she might be looking at, a scream filled the air.

Vyra’s scream.

She was reeling in pain, Vyra hunched over in her chair as the hand which had at one point been placed atop Alisa’s was contorted in pain, her other hand similarly as though she were paralyzed, the veins in her arms seeing to bulge through her skin, a deep purple color resonating throughout, giving a frightful look. Blood began to flow from her nose, some falling onto the silken clothes she wore leaving purple stains throughout the fabric, while the rest began to leave a small pool on the floorboards below. She cried out as the pain radiated throughout, the runic circle that she had created earlier continuing to exert more of the toxic material, the beautiful statue that once stood between the two of them instead having become a horrid abomination, layer upon layer of Vyra’s Magic coating it and only seeming to continue to.

Helpless, she struggled to maintain any sort of composure, the pain unbearable, it being a miracle that she was even able to maintain awareness of her surroundings. But her focus was gone; her control over her Magic lost to whatever had happened moments before, the exertion causing her body to break down right before her eyes.

Through tears she looked to Alisa, the pain making even that little of an action a nearly impossible task as she cried out for help, “Make it stop!”

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Could she do it...? For somebody who, until a few minutes ago had absolutely no knowledge of magic in any shape or form, the mere though that she could actually, honestly reach in and cast it for the first time... Sounded impossible, to put it lightly. Alisa knew the girl across her had the kind of enviable talent many rookie mages would kill for, the type who not only managed to feel the taller woman's own magic power resonating across her body, but reach into it in turn, to notice that well of power deep within her, just waiting to be let loose. Many took weeks to reach the point Vyra had just reached in a matter of minutes. Brimming with pride, Alisa could do nothoing but watch as the girl closed her eyes, immersed in her inner world.

This whole time, the sculptress could do nothing but watch, keep up that flow of magic power as she all but lost sight of the statuette she'd only just carved. It had served its purpose, to show the girl a glimpse of the world of magic, a mere taste of the power needed to fuel it, to motivate her with the thoughts of what she herself could achieve if she followed down this road. Every ounce of focus fell on the girl in front of her, and yet her eyes stood silent.

Vyra wasn't struggling... She felt no strain in her body other than the need for constant focus, no distraction to tear her mind away for whatever went on inside her head. Alisa chewed her bottom lip, silently wishing there was more she could do... But with Vyra immersed in her inner world as such, she could do nothing else but stay there for her, cupping her hand a bit tighter, reminding her that no matter what happened... She wasn't alone. She'd never be alone again. Even in the confines of her own mind... She was there, holding her hand for what felt like forever, her heart racing expectantly, all but skipping a beat when the girl finally opened her eyes. Alisa squeezed tighter:

"How do you feel...?", she asked once more, knowing fully well that something had changed even if she hadn't felt something shifting withinn the girl. Hopeless question really, for she knew Vyra would inevitably struggle to put it to words. But she asked it nonetheless.

Her gaze fixed on her, running her hand back and forth along Vyra's... As the girl focused on the statue, she could tell she had something on her mind. She'd defenitely reached it. The lithomancer hadn't seen it but, she knew that look. That moment when you touched something deep inside you that for years you didn't even imagine was there. Exhilarating~... Few words could quite describe that sensation, even mages who never agreed on the essence of magic felt at one as they described that feeling.

That moment when you wield your first hint of magic... You feel like you can do anything. Far more so than their element, a mage's first creation speaks volumes about their personality, what kind of wizard they'd grow into as they mastered their abilities. When Vyra looked at her, Alisa smiled, encouraging, curious about what she'd do. She had no clue how much the girl had tapped into her latent power. Just a little spark would have earned the celebration... Yet she had so much more in store for her:

"Oh my~...", Alisa's plush lips parted, brow raising as look of utter awe dawning on her face as her gaze drifted down from Vyra's face, "Now that is... Quite something."

A smaller magic circle, appearing just above her own, dark purple in colour, evidencing its darkness element. Some people might feel unnerved by dark magic, though not Alisa: No magic was inherently good or evil, not even light or darkness. She'd met inspiring heroes wielding the powers of darkness, and horrendous villains relying on holy powers of light. Hardly surprising really, once she considered how Vyra had seen the worst the world had to offer. As somebody so familiar with only darkness as their companion, no wonder it became the most natural element for her.

That first creation mattered far more than the element itself, leaving Alise wondering, silently, wary to disrupt the girl's delicate focus. As something began to emerge forth from the smaller magic circle, Alisa kept her eyes peeled, that astonishment widening as she took it all in, gasping once she finally saw it take shape. Sure, it lacked the detail Alisa herself had mustered, after years of wielding the same magic over and over again. On the first attempt, Vyra created this effigy of the sculptress herself, and Alisa could only beam at the sight before her, heart beating faster at that show of love and affection returned in kind:

"Beautiful~... You made me...?", Alisa wanted to touch it... Her idle hand slipped out from beneath the magic circles, almost tempted to touch it, but instead let it rest upon her chest... But unlike the sturdy diamonds, Vyra's creation looked different. Like something made out of fire or lightning element, her creation was volatile, sustained only as long as she focused on it, touching it would undoubtedly disrupt it, "Incredible... To think you could have achieved something this breathtaking in only a matter of minutes. My~... You truly are an impressive girl Vyra~"

Yes. She'd done well. Alisa looked back up into her eyes, returning the adoration in kind. She'd not only cast her very first spell, but crafted it in her own image. At this point, Alisa needed no further proof of the bond they shared. Yet every time she looked into Vyra's eyes, her smile brightened, giggling in delight at the young woman in front of her, who'd blossom so much with only a single day of encouragement.

Lost in the admiring, enrapturing gaze of their success, Alisa merely nodded at here, ready to tell her how proud she was, but she never got that far. Vyra didn't even finish that sentence as the colour drained from her eyes:

"Oh no...!"

The worst possible time. Her heart stood still, frozen as she noticed the change from the magic alone, even before that woman spoke up, her tone as thorny as ever before. Magic reflected one's innermost self, and for this woman, there was no desire to create anything: Where Vyra's first creation showed love, other Vyra created nothing at all.

She simply destroyed.

The sculpture Vyra herself poured her heart and soul into vanished into nothing, leaving only a foul, menacing miasma enshrouding even the radiance of her own artwork. Alisa's brow twitched, infuriated at the thought of something defiling not her work, but that of a girl who'd only just started taking her first few steps in the world of magic. She could replace her sculptures at any time... Vyra's wellbeing was far more precious, and once those venomous words of thankful contempt reached her ears, the sculptress merely glared at her. Reminded that this woman was the very definition of bad news, how she'd unleash that vile disease against the whole world if she had the power to do so. Not to kill your enemies, but let them slowly waste away in darkness. No magic is inherently good or evil, but only a truly twisted soul could wield such a destructive power as easily as breathing:

"If you assume she'd stop living her life because of you, you're sorely mistaken.", Alisa returned that icy sneer, eyes narrowing as she held the woman's own, those same beautiful hues she'd shared so much love and adoration with, no more than a few moments ago... Now looking back with hate and triumphant scorn. Like she'd just won. And yet. When other Vyra came here to gloat, Alisa's lips curled into a knowing, confident smile, "More importantly... You're severely underestimating her. All this time, all you ever do... Is underestimate her."

True, at her most vulnerable, she needed somebody who'd shield her. But she was perfectly capable of making her own decisions. In the end, the other Vyra left as quickly as she came, leaving a startled, frightened young woman holding a dangerous, menacing magic that hurt her as much as it did everything else. A poisoned gift:

"Vyra!!", Alisa all but leapt forward from her chair, eyes flaring open as her arm wrapped around the girl's shoulders, pulling her close

And with that scream, the demonstrations came to a close. Instincts kicked in as the lithomancer's magic power from grew stronger, intensifying, that telltale cracking sound filling the air once more. She could feel the miasma sapping away her magic but... She had a lot more where that came from: The crystal that had once been Vyra grew faster than the darkness could dissolve it, no longer a beautiful visage of the demi human, but the crude, mineral formation that once gave it form, something more at home in a deep, dark cave than a bedroom. Her mana pulsing out without hesitation, unceremoniosly crystallizing the miasma as it oozed out, reaching higher until even that dark purple crest turned white, frozen, and then finally.


Cracking and crumbling, finally breaking into pieces with a reverberating sound, both women's magic circles and the power between them faded into diamond dust. But Alisa had only treated the symptoms, preventing the harmful effects of her magic from affecting either of them; she'd done nothing about the cause of this ailment. Gripping tightly to Vyra's magic wielding hand, her crystalline mana still poured out vigorously, balancing out whatever radiated off the untrained demi human, preventing it from leaking haphazardly off her body:

"Vyra, listen to my voice.", cool against her skin, yet oddly warm to the senses. The light elemental half of her mana overwhelming the darkness, filled with warmth and a mother's love, enough to provide her a moment of solace, relief from the searing pain as it felt like her own magic power turned on her own body. She pressed her forehead against hers, holding her close, tightly, tenderly. She was burning up... This close, she could see every frightened, misty eyed glimmer in her eyes, pleading for help. Gulping down the agony of watching her suffer, Alisa could ease her pain, perhaps enough that she'd be able to think. But that gravity in her gaze made it clear that none of it was permanent. Despite all this, her voice stood calm nonetheless. Focused, determined, hopeful. Alisa's magic power slowly radiated up her own arms and Vyra's body, slowly creeping up along their skin, leaving a thin film of crystal and diamond dust as it travelled upwards, shimmering under the moonlight as it gleamed through the windows, "I'm here with you, okay...? Everything will be okay. I'll never let go."

Alisa was no healer. For all her vast skillset, she'd never aquired this ability. In battle, she always preferred to take her foes down before they could hurt her. At the guild hall, well... She had plenty of capable healers to depend on really, and she'd have to rely on them once more at this rate. But she didn't want to. As Vyra's magic power spiralled out of control, Alisa knew that if she or any of her guildmates suppressed the young demi human to stop it, Vyra would inevitably go through the same ordeal again, the next time she used her magic. She could go find a healer and put a stop to it, but that wouldn't really fix the problem... Rationally, Alisa knew this all too well but... She gritted her teeth, then took a deep breath, her voice low, almost a whisper:

"Breathe in... Close your eyes, reach back into that well. You found the strength to open the tap... That means you can close it just as easily...", her chest heaving up and with every word, her breathing slow and calm the whole way, Alisa merely encouraged Vyra to follow her, knowing she'd need some semblance of clarity to achieve this. With the pain hopefully lessened for the time being, she now had the chance to rein in her magic power on her own: Any mage can open and close the tap as easily as breathing. The first time, however, can prove difficult enough, even for those who don't suddenly spacing out and coming to with a loaded gun in their hands, "...Breathe out... It's your power, is it not?"

Alisa looked on, stern yet tenderly, a concerned gaze as her eyes fixed on to Vyra, her pulse pounding not out of excitement but a palpable shudder of dread. Standing at the edge of her seat. Alisa spoke without the slightest sliver of doubt in her mind, she knew Vyra could do this. Unlike what the other her alternate self assumed, she wasn't weak at all. The only weak link here was Alisa herself... For she couldn't bear to watch her suffer.

As her hope and confidence and Vyra's power went to war against her maternal instincts, the girl might have noticed the faint trembling in her hands, the sweaty hint of anxiety in her palms... And yet her voice as cool and collected as always.

She believed in her.

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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Tragic as it were, the void, the emptiness that at times she found herself within, it had not become uncommon to Vyra. It had become something that while not common, was not unknown to her either. A moment of time, an experience stripped away, Vyra removed from the world briefly, only to be returned again sometime later. Sometimes it were brief as a few lines of a conversation lost, the briefest of departures from the world around her. Though seldom, large chunks of time had been lost; her having been in one location to only end up elsewhere hours later.

But never, even under the worst of circumstances, had Vyra returned from this emptiness into such an agonizing position.

The pain so intense that for a time, she wished to be lost to whatever void it was that had pulled her, if only to escape.

It was not a form of pain that she had ever experienced before. She had been hurt plenty before. She had suffered the emotional weight of living within this world, her life throughout up until today being a perpetual feeling of misery and sadness. She had had her bones broken, she had felt the brutality of the people who believed her less, and she knew the feeling of starvation, the gnawing hunger and pain that came with it, only to feel the sensation of the body slowly consuming itself.

But none of it compared to only a moment before.

It were as though her body were ripped apart, pulled limp from limp, every single bone, ligament, vein, and every other component of her body being forcibly torn out, her being forced to experience every waking moment of it in perpetuity. That she managed to maintain consciousness was nothing shy of a miracle, every one of her senses feeling like they were in overdrive, making it impossible to register anything going on around her, save for the agonizing pain she was enduring.

It were enough for her to want to die.

Death did not take her though, however much she may have wished for it in that brief moment, the agony of lifetimes’ worth of pain having been inflicted upon her. Rather, in a suddenness, there came a reprieve. Faint, but suddenness; enough for the calls for death to cease, but what life was within her weak. The world returned around her, but she did not respond. She could not respond. In the concerned grip of Alisa, Vyra remained there, statuesque as her body struggled to process and recover from her experience, seeming to walk the line between catatonic and in shock.

She could feel it, the embrace of the woman who had introduced her into the world of Magic, but it seemed so distant; moments where she felt the woman’s touch upon her skin fading away moments later only to reappear again elsewhere. She did not feel much, but compared to the option previous, it was a welcome change. Pain had given way to shock and through absent eyes, she thought she could see Alisa’s face, a look of concern that would leave Vyra disheartened. But to do so was so much more than what she found herself able to right now.

A moment passed. How much time unclear, but slowly, but surely, her senses regained strength, enough to bring her closer back to the realm of the living, if only just. Her breathing was erratic, the rising and falling of her chest at infrequent intervals being among the first signs of life that Alisa would have seen of Vyra. It were enough for Alisa to speak to the woman, her words penetrating through, reaching Vyra for the first time since the blackness had taken hold of her. She wanted to respond, to say something, but still lacked the strength, forced to simply remain there, as seemingly paralyzed as she was, hoping that she would understand.

Her breathing picked up, becoming slightly more erratic as Alisa spoke, perhaps a slightly worrisome situation if not for her current predicament, any sort of change in her condition being an improvement. But that aside, Vyra did little else, was capable of doing little else, purely at the mercy of a body having undergone such a horrid ordeal. An ordeal made no better by Vyra’s physical state, the exhaustion of today compiled alongside the wear and tear suffered over the course of years only having further exacerbating her predicament.

Unclear if by choice or by plight, Vyra’s eyes shut, the world around her seeming to dim as well, only the occasional word by Alisa breaking through, and even muffled by her waning senses.

Vyra opened her eyes to a somewhat familiar sight; the empty realm that she had been before, the empty blackness that seemed to expand infinitely in all directions, the massive wall that cut off whatever may have existed beyond it, the faint blueish hue of whatever lay behind it, the vast pool of Magical energies that had existed for her alone. Laying upon the ground, she stared outwards for a moment before she got up, making sure that she was utterly convinced she knew just where she was again.

Vyra’s well of Magic.

But to be here again, immediately she could tell that things were different, and from what she could tell, in no way for the better. There was an uneasy feeling in the air, a morbid one that seemed to leave her nauseous, if even such a feeling were possible within a realm like this. A faint purple miasma lingered just above the ground, rising up to nearly her chest, painting a sickly atmosphere within this mystical place that only seemed to look even worse as the sickly purple and brown hues that congregated within the had been blackness around them.

To her bewilderment, she found herself capable not just of being able to move, but to be able to do so completely unimpeded, as though the aftereffects of what happened moments earlier no longer mattered. She glanced to both hands, one to the other, trying to rationalize what happened, how any of this could have been possible, left wondering if she had mustered the ability to bring herself here.

Standing to her feet, the sensation of being able to stand upon two legs feeling almost foreign in spite of how seemingly little time had passed since she had last been here. But judging by the appearance of what was around her, it seemed plenty of time had passed already. Gingerly walking in the direction of the wall, her memory all too vividly recalling the events of what happened earlier when she had interacted with it, it seemed at first glance that it may have been the only thing not significantly affected by whatever was occurring within this realm. She took a few more steps before she found herself stopping, looking on in disbelief at the sight before her.

Before the wall, where Vyra had once siphoned whatever Magical energies had been on the other side, now stood her. Or rather, another her.

Another Vyra.

“No way… Who… Who’re you?” Vyra called out, the action of talking feeling awkward. Though much of the physical ailments she had been suffering through seemed to have remedied, apparently some still lingered.

The entity before her turned its head, glancing at Vyra from the corner of their eye. Even with as minimal of a gesture as it may have been, it was enough for Vyra to know that she was not crazy. She stood before an exact clone of herself, one who stood with all the confidence in the world. But whilst Vyra held a look of disbelief on her face, this other Vyra seemed to have a look of indifference to her presence. “Oh. You. Have you come to destroy us entirely, or shall you allow me to fix your mess?”

Vyra was speechless. She? Her? This Vyra seemed to speak harshly towards her, as though she were fully aware of everything that had been going on. But, for as intrigued as she may have been, for as many questions as she knew she had, one had far greater urgency, “Who are you? Tell me!”

The other Vyra sighed, “Isn’t it obvious? I’m you. Or well, a part of you. It’s complicated, but all you need to know is I’m here to help take of this,” she signaled, twirling her finger around her, condemning all of the miasma, the sickness within the air, all of it. “Though, as right as it may seem, it’d be wrong to blame you. Especially when she’s the one at fault.”

This encounter had left Vyra confused, unsure of what to make of it exactly. The origins of this clone of hers, its seemingly own mind, yet being able to be within what she had to believe was her mind. The answers only proved to create more questions, and yet Vyra could not turn her attention away from the ‘she’ that her double referenced. “She? You don't mean Alisa?”

“Who else? She coaxed you here. Then she threw you out to sea before you could even swim.”

Vyra could not help but grow frustrated at the words of this copy. She painted Alisa as being some sort of monster who abandoned Vyra, just like everyone before. But after everything, she was convinced that wasn’t true. “You’re wrong!”

The other Vyra was not convinced, turning to face her in her entirety. “Look around you,” she exclaimed as she threw her arms out, “You see all of this? This all could have been avoided.” Her eyes narrowed slightly as she looked right at Vyra, “You don’t think she knows you want to impress her?” She scoffed, “Come on. She didn’t just let you play with power you had no control over. She encouraged it.”

She shook her head, refusing to believe that that was how the scenario had played out. Vyra remembered it clearly, Alisa’s offer to show her Magic, how enthusiastically Vyra accepted such an offer, how she had gone too far. Despite what this other Vyra may have thought, it wasn’t Alisa to blame. It was Vyra. “That’s not true. What happened wasn’t her fault.”

A look of minor frustration appeared upon the other Vyra’s face. “You know, you are loyal to her. I can’t say I’d blame you, but tell me, do you think that she will show you the same? After all of this? Truly, do you realize what you’ve done?”

Vyra found herself speechless, her mouth open as though she were going to challenge the claim, but realizing midway through that she actually did not know what she had done. At first, she had begun to summon forth the statue of Alisa, and the next thing she knew, she was in unbearable agony. Whatever happened between those two events, she didn’t have the slightest idea.

“You called forth something evil. Disease Magic. Magic that destroys everything around it, including other Magic. With something like that, something that you can’t control, do you possibly think that she can ever fully trust you around her? Around her family?”

The reality of what the other Vyra spoke felt like that of a knife cutting through her. She tried to disagree with what she was hearing, but found herself unable to not find some truth in it. Whatever she had created, even if she did not want to believe that it was some sort of disease-like Magic, she had no control over it. It put herself at risk. It nearly killed her. What was to say that it didn’t happen to someone else? Some that Alisa may have cared for?

Would Alisa ever be able to forgive Vyra if that had happened? Could Vyra ever forgive herself?

As the harsh reality set in more and more, she found herself closer and closer to the point of tears. She desperately did not want to believe that that would be how her future would end up being, but it was admittedly harder to believe as time passed, “It doesn’t have to be. I can control it!” She pleaded, as much trying to convince herself as she tried the other Vyra.

“Do you truly believe that? You would put everything at risk for that? A hope to control something that you never wanted, never even knew existed?” The other Vyra approached her, coming so close as to being able to place a consoling hand upon her shoulder. “Sever your connection. Let me bear the burden. No downsides to it for you. No Magic, no risk, no reason to lose the family you’ve wanted.”

As she watched Vyra contemplate the suggestion, her legs giving way as she fell to her knees in a moment of self-self-doubt, the other Vyra could not help but form a cruel sneer upon her face, watching as everything was unfolding.

Only one of us were ever meant to have that power. The sooner you give it to me, the better it’ll be.

Just as it seemed that Vyra had given up hope, nearly falling into despair, a sound came that took both her and the other Vyra by surprise. A voice, one in which boomed throughout the endless void that they found themselves in. A voice familiar to both of them. Alisa’s voice. While the other Vyra could not help but draw forth a face of frustration at hearing this, looking to the sky as though trying to find where it originated from, the Vyra who had been on her knees listened, taking in everything. Everything that the other Vyra had said, everything that she felt, everything that Alisa had said, everything that the future could potentially hold.

After a moment, Vyra rose to her feet, slowly making her way towards the wall, the very same wall from which she had interacted with the last time she was here. The wall from which the power within her had come from. Just as Alisa had said, her power. And it was going to remain her power.

It brought tears to her eyes, knowing what sort of reality she stood to be bringing upon herself. The thought of losing Alisa, it broke her heart. Each step taken made her want to turn around and just allow the other Vyra to do whatever she was going to have done. But she moved forward. At this point, she trusted Alisa more than she trusted herself. She trusted the bond they had.

She just hoped that Alisa would still trust her at the end of all of this.

The other Vyra simply stood there, at no point challenging or urging for Vyra to stop, simply looking on, the conniving smile that had been upon her face having quickly faded away as Vyra moved forward, instead being replaced by an irritated scowl. She watched on for a short while before eventually fading away within the darkness of the void around them.

I gave you the chance to walk away from your mistake and you go all in on a future we know won’t happen.

Alone, Vyra could feel the realm around her change as she got closer and closer to the wall, each step bringing with it a greater amount of volatility. It made her wonder how the other Vyra were able to simply bask in it without feeling any sort of ailment. A sickly odor filled her lungs, the miasma that had lingered about now being so thick that it was though moving through several feet of snow. The air felt unhealthy, not difficult in the sense of breathing, but rather that each breath she took seemed to burn everything from her mouth down to her lungs.

A singular thought ran through her head as she pushed forward, fighting against the contagions with every step of her being. This is what my Magic does. How would Alisa ever accept me?

Standing once again before the wall, Vyra could not help but reflect on just how much this and her previous time here seemed to both contrast and compare. The afflictions upon the body seemed to mirror one another, albeit the ailments and causes different. The pure Magical energies, raw and having yet to take form had imposed their might upon an unsuspecting Vyra then, but this time her body had been poisoned, suffering through all of the toxic applications that that same Magic - now released - was unleashing upon everything, including her.

Stepping to the wall, she nearly collapsed under the strain of her Magic, the experience unlike that of the pain that resonated through her in the corporal world, but still agonizing all the same. The feeling of the body being ripped apart instead being replaced by a sensation of the body dissolving away, her strength and stamina being siphoned away with it. Falling to one knee, she looked up, her eyes fixating in on the very same thing she had in her previous time here; the hole she had carved out in the wall, now larger, with a layer of diseased pus now having caked itself along the edges of it.

It were a grotesque sight, evidence enough of the uncontrollable nature of her Magic, how much of a contrast it had seemed to be than before when it was first released. Then, siphons of blue and white mingled together into streams that had a beautiful, if not supernatural, appeal to it all. That was all but gone as sickly tendrils of green and purple protruded out, lacking any refinement and seeming more like vines that expanded out without direction or purpose.

Not quite sure of just what to do, she lifted herself to her feet again, the action being a difficult one as the weight of the miasma and the pungent scent of the air made movement all but impossible without concentration and focus being put behind it. Another step forward and she was brought again down to one knee, everything around her being just too much to endure. As she gazed up again, the hole now within less than an arm’s reach of her, she could see it, the faint brown mist that seemed to echo out of the hole along with the more formed vines of diseased Magic.

She rose her arm up, fighting back against the feeling of a million invisible hands trying to hold her back, willing herself with all of her might to place her hand against the hole, a rudimentary bandage to hold back the sickness that had been allowed to bleed out.

And just like that, everything seemed to stop.

Vyra did not know if she had accomplished anything or just the contagions being too much for her to endure.

Her vision clouded.

And then it all went black.

When she next opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was the face of Alisa, her head pressed close to hers, a mixed feeling of concern comingled with fear and pride upon her face. It was an admitted alien look for her, as far as Vyra was concerned. It had been the foremost thing she seemed to notice, only after having looked into the woman’s eyes that she realized she were no longer in the abyss-like place any further, nor did she seem to be under any of the ailments that she had been feeling either.

She sprang to life with a gasp and jolt, a shock travelling throughout her body as life seemed to enter it for the first time. Vyra breathed heavy, still coming to terms with everything she had just endured, trying to process everything, but it quickly became secondary as she flung herself outwards, surrendering herself to Alisa as she held the woman in an enduring embrace, an outcry of emotions overtaking her as she cried out.

“I’m sorry! I’m so so sorry!” The ominous thought that the other Vyra had left her still present in her mind, Vyra could not help but find herself both panicked of what had happened to her, but also of what could still stand to happen. “Please forgive me…” She hid herself within Alisa’s body, nestling her head as to hide the guilt and shame that were plainly evident within her face, but also to hide herself from whatever anger or disdain may have been upon Alisa’s. It utterly terrified her, the potential that she had returned from a state of utter agony only to have lost what mattered most to her at this point.

And unfortunately, she was not sure if that was just potential or reality.

A loud knocking upon the room’s closed doors sent a booming echo through the room, shortly after following by what could only be described as several different voices calling out just beyond the door. Vyra made little effort to try to hear as to what was being said, instead just burying herself deeper into Alisa, her grip tightening, her pleas seeming to become only more desperate with each passing moment, “Please! I’m sorry!”

I gave you an out. Now live with the choice you made.

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Every second dragged on forever, an eternity of anguish the thought of her, scared and alone with her innermost thoughts, that searing, ungodly pain looming right around the corner, providing little solace with the constant knowledge that whatever hit her out of nowhere could come back at any moment. Alisa knew her influence was having some effect, but she had no way of knowing how much. Without even a clue whether the girl could make sense of her words, the sculptress still spoke, on and on, as though compelled by invisible forces that defied all reason. Love... Trust... Tenderness... An unshakable confidence in the girl's talent.

Whatever poisoned gifts her other self had left her with, whatever sadistic talent she possessed with her magic, it wasn't she who opened the gates. Vyra did that all on her own. Which in turn meant she herself had the power to do so. Would she be able to keep her focus...? When she looked into her eyes, shaky, barely having the strength to breathe, let alone talk, Alisa merely looked back, unwavering, holding the girl close. That radiant magic power spread wider, travelling up her arm and most of her back, as the mere attempt to hold her close caused her mana to react in kind, all but enshrouding the pair in that glimmering crystal dust as she kept talking.

"Breathe in... That's it Vyra, keep going...", all but mumbling at this point, taking deep, calming breaths as she fought back the urge to scoop her into her arms and go find a healer, "It'll be over soon."

One way or the other... Alisa had no clue just how long it had been, or how much time she'd have felt had passed inside her mind. She didn't even know at what point she'd simply give in and call out for help, whichever person happened to be close enough with some ability to heal. But thankfully, that moment never came.

Her breath hitched when she finally saw the girl's eyes open, mere inches away from her own. Did she do it...? She'd done it, hadn't she? Alisa defenitely felt it, or at least, she felt something. Her mana no longer flaring out wildly, like an infection travelling all across her body... But Vyra was a unusual case wasn't she? Her other self had already proven she could make her life difficult, and though the sculptress had little notion as to how exactly the darker personality could interfere, a part of her worried she might meddle with the girl's inner world in the most unsettling ways. And yet for all these troubling thoughts, a mere glimpse into the girl's eyes told her all she needed to know, feeling her jolting in her arms:

"Vyra!!!", the two moved in almost completely unison, taking but an instant to register the other's presence, to know the danger had finally passed. Alisa slid her arms tighter around the girl, pulling her into a desperate embrace as she simply delighted in her presence here, back in the real world. No hatred, fear or resentment clouded her voice, a tone as smooth and melodious as ever, shaky if anything else as her nails dug into the girl's back, and as they clung tightly to each other, felt each other's heartbeat, the tension slowly and surely seeped away from her body with a sigh, at long last able to relax, "You're okay~..."

Even as she fell down to her knees between the two chairs, she wouldn't let go. Alisa held on to her for every single moment, that blissful sense of relief, washing over her like a cleansing wave, as though she'd just taken a much needed, refreshing dip into the ocean, just like they did that afternoon. She squeezed tighter.

She'd defenitely pushed her too much huh...? Or at least she'd been absolutely careless. She never doubted Vyra's talent, though she certainly knew her other self could rear her ugly head at any moment. Still, how could she have known her other one could unleash such dire consequences? Something to keep in mind next time she and Vyra decided to work on magic again, assuming the ordeal wouldn't completely sour the girl against from the idea. Alisa sincerely hoped it wouldn't, after all, potential like hers should be nurtured. And that's what she needed isn't it? A place where she could grow freely, without fear of being shunned or persecuted for it. As the reassurance at Vyra's safety and the guilt at her part broiled together in a turbulent mixture, Alisa could only hold the girl closer, the adrenaline leaving her heart racing as tears trickled down her eyes, all the more so when the girl's troubled words reached her ears:

"It's not your fault Vyra... It's not your fault.", she repeated those very same words, almost like a mantra so soothe away her doubt and self loathing. A soothing kiss to her head, a tender hand stroking her hair as she held her tightly to her bosom. The sculptress held onto to her like a loving mother to her frightened child. There was nothing to forgive. Vyra in particular had no blame in this... If anything, Alisa herself should have done more to prevent something like this from happening. But even she couldn't have predicted it to turn out like this. Never in her life had she seen an initiation to magic quite as grueling as this. She'd heard tales, sure, especially for those who dabble in the more destructive elements, to come close to ending their career as mages on their very first day, "Magic can defy the expectations of even the most experienced mages. The first time is always the most delicate... I know it was an accident."

Her eyes reddened and misty as she peeled away, just long enough to look into the girl's own, and yet despite this anguished look, her smile shone as radiantly as ever. She'd done nothing she needed forgiveness for. And even if she had, Alisa would still feel thankful to have her back safe and sound:

"...And what's more, you stopped it all on your own. I'm so proud of you Vyra~...", spoke, beaming with joy, bringing an affectionate hand to Vyra's cheek as tears ran down her own, looking back at the girl not with horror or disgust, but a far more palpable emotion: Relief. Solace in the thought that not only had their ordeal come to an end, but Vyra had gotten through it unscathed. Even now all but shuddered at the thought of that merciless pain wracking her body to the core, knowing fully well that even if she too had moments when her magic turned on her, they'd never felt nearly as painful as listening to that ear splitting cry, "It must have been scary... I only wish I could have been there with you."

At this point, she felt as though the world had faded into the background, leaving nothing less but the two of them at the center stage. Still kneeling on the floorboards, still holding each other tightly, just enough distance to gaze into her eyes, the floor beneath them a mess of blood, sweat and tears over a glimmering coating of crystal dust. She'd need to have that cleaned up later, but for the time being, none of those notions crossed her mind in any way, as that thumping in her chest slowly relaxed, Alisa's breath slowed down in turn. The sudden whamming on the door made her eyes shoot wide, gasping with a startled look on her face as she almost forgot there were other people in the building:

"I'm here!! Everything's alright now!", she called out, her voice reverberating across the room, grave and unflinching, with nothing of that frantic shakiness as she welcomed the girl back from the darkness.

"Oh, Master!! We heard screaming out here, what happened?!", he response soon followed, a concerned call by one of their neighbours and fellow guild members.

A male voice, young in sound at least, like the vast majority of the guild members. Alisa smiled, shaking her head as she rose one hand to her forehead, finding it dripping with sweat as she wiped it all away. This is usually why people don't practice magic in the dorms. She got a bit too caught up in the moment there, didn't she? With a pang of guilt as she looked back at Vyra, she replied soon after:

"Just an accident... Don't worry, we're both fine."

"Oh dear!! H-Hold on, I'll go find a healer!!", the voice soon faded into a mere murmur as the fading footsteps hinted at the man sliding darting off. Shouldn't take too long to find one, after all, many of the residents at least dabbled in some form of healing magics.

But it gave her a few moments alone with the girl in her arms. Alisa still wanted to ask about what she'd seen there... But she saved those questions for later, until she was certain of Vyra's safety. What had she found inside her inner world...? Her guilt seemed... Too visceral. Despite not having had any experience in magic, even when the lithomancer herself had come out shaken, but otherwise unscathed. Why did so much guild plague her so? She apologized as though she had killed someone. As though she imagined the display would have made any onlookers churn at the stomach and irredeemably cut her out of her life.

Did she...? See anything back there?

Probably just a bad feeling, considering up until now Vyra seemed wholly unaware about her other self and her wrongdoings. For once, she no longer knew which was the lesser of two evils: For the girl to remain in the dark, or to learn about her disturbing other self as soon as possible? If she felt powerless to face the other Vyra, that distress would make everything worse. Hopefully just a bad feeling, but regardless, Alisa knew better than to dismiss her instincts:

"Does it still hurt, Vyra? Anywhere?", for now, she could scarcely focus on anything other than the girl's wellbeing, looking away from her eyes, Alisa's gaze drifted down the girl's body, down that dress stained with trickles of blood, down those arms that a mere few moments ago looked absolutely ravaged by that menacing mana, almost like the other Vyra had purposefully unleashed it for no reason other than to hurt her. The mere thought of it sent a shiver down her spine. In that case, she'd always have some danger lurking right around the corner... Alisa would need to keep her close hmm? Smiling as he looked back up into her eyes, Alisa hushed gently, reassuring her concerns: She wouldn't kick her out or shun her out of her life instead she did the exact opposite, pulling the girl back into her arms, all but whispering in her ear, "Don't worry~... This is a mage's guild remember? A place where people can practice their magic without fear of persecution. And it's your home now, as long as you wanted. Regardless of how you feel about magic, you'll always be welcome here~..."

She hadn't seen anybody endure such a trial first attempt... But she'd defenitely seen her fair share of destructive magics, those who could desintegrate people and buildings, to those who could reduce entire armies to cinders in an instant... She even heard of a particularly deadly form of disease magic, once famously wielded by the Wizard Lord of Eternal Nightmare. But Vyra's awakening only reinforced Alisa's decision to bring the girl into her life.

What if she'd been alone when that happened? The mere hypothesis gnawed at her heart, and she squeezed the girl closer, dreading the mere thought of what harm could have come to her and whoever else stood around her...

Strength is also Beauty

"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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Even within Alisa’s embrace, the world still felt foreign to Vyra.

She could feel everything, the warmth that radiated off from the woman whom she had come to view as perhaps the most important person in her life, the faint brush of heat as she felt the woman’s breath upon the back of her head. It highlighted the contrast of the cool air that surrounded them, a lingering hint of Magic that echoed all around their vicinity.

Wherein the problem lay was Vyra, still coming to terms not with the experiences within whatever realm she had returned from, namely those of her physical being. In the span of time that seemed to move as quickly as that of a snap of the fingers, her body had gone through a faint feeling of euphoria into that of agonizing pain to that of a catatonic state to seeming no weakness whatsoever to now, having the energy and willingness to want to move while her body slowly regained itself.

It was a slow process, with each passing moment Vyra coming to feel a little bit more all throughout her body, all with the exception of her arm. It had been one of the last images that she had become lost to the pain earlier; her arm, the veins of it pulsating and having expanded as Magical energies had swirled through it, a heavy glow persistent from near her elbow extending all the way up towards her fingertips. It mortified her, terrified that that was a potential effect of Magic, that if that sort of pain came from just her arm being afflicted by her Magic, how much worse would she have felt if it had been another limb or her chest or head? But now though, as she and Alisa both found one another within respective embraces, she slowly felt some level of life returning to it. Otherwise, it felt numb, not quite dead, but asleep, only now her starting to actually feel as though she was regaining full control of it.

But, if there were a reprieve, it were that for the moment there did not seem to be any urgency. No reason to feel the need to immediately move. Neither she, nor Alisa, at all seemed intent on moving from where they were, the two huddled between another, Vyra reluctant to move, still processing whether or not to fully believe what she had encountered, what the other Vyra had said, and how true it may have been, something made all the more difficult by Alisa whom caressed her like that of a mother to her child, holding her close as to protect her.

While she had returned to the world terrified that everything she had come into was lost, Alisa included, Vyra found the panic within her calming down; her tense, if not erratic, breathing steading to a more consistent beat. The tears that she shed for a life that seemed ready to depart her ceased, if at the minimum for their origin, replaced instead by the slow tears of relief. After what the two of them had gone through, after Vyra had poured out her heart, her pain, her torments, all the agony that she lived with to the woman who now held her close, it should have been foolish to think that Alisa would have walked away.

But after having seen her own Magic from within the safety of her own mind, or wherever she may have been, to have heard the other Vyra speak with such authority and confidence, it was hard to know just whom or what to believe.

Alisa could have rid herself of the Demi-human, and likely most would have capitalized on such actions. Seldom any who would have criticized such a decision in this world.

That she was still here, holding Vyra close, one hand descending down the backside of her head, gently brushing the hair as it traversed its course and repeated again, it was hard for Vyra to quite put the feeling to words. Happy? Beyond it. To still be welcomed by Alisa was more than she could have ever hoped for. Frightened? It was impossible not to be. The other Vyra had made a point to say that what remained within that realm was but the remains of what her Magic had done. She nearly shuddered at the thought of what it would be like fully.

Conflicted was perhaps the best way to describe how Vyra felt right now.

She tightened her grip around Alisa even more when she heard the woman speak, her choice of words, the tone which she used, it all the more reassuring Vyra that everything was OK, which in turn led her to wonder why she felt so awful about everything. To strip away the pandemonium that came following, she had done truly incredible, not only discovering her own capabilities of using Magic, but also managing to harness it, albeit even for a briefest of moments. The reaction upon Alisa’s face at first, for her to realize just what Vyra had tried to create, it had been lost to the torment.

Like a child scolded, Vyra slowly pulled her head out from within Alisa’s embrace, reluctant so much as to even look the woman in the eyes. For as positively as she spoke, as much as her words should have stood to reassure her, Vyra still felt guilty. She had put Alisa at risk, put everything she worked for, everything she had labored and struggled through to make it what it was, and the worst part of it all was that she didn’t even know what she had done.

All she had were the words of the other her within her mind. A mind that wasn’t even safe from her own Magic.

Not until she had looked up that she seemed to spring to life in a manner of speaking, removing herself from the defeated shell that she had taken up in the last few moments. Her eyes met with Alisa’s, misty eyes meeting with the like, bringing the smallest of dismayed gasps out from Vyra. For the first time since she had returned to her body, she released her grip upon Alisa, still clutching her with one arm, whilst bringing the other arm towards the woman’s face, wiping away the tears that had begun to fall down her cheek.

Tears shed for Vyra.

“You… you mean it?” The extent of the Magical world that she knew had come almost entirely out of this period together with Alisa. With everything the Blue Pegasus leader spoke of, each bit of lecturing, all of it contributed towards painting a very small picture atop a canvas that was dedicated to something so much more. That extended to what she had done, even though she could not say for certain even what it was she had achieved. But to hear Alisa speak so highly of her, she had to have believed that she had done something right. The faintest of a blush appeared upon Vyra’s cheeks, though while still feeling a bit guilty, it was all but impossible for her to not take at least some appreciation from it.

That appreciation could not contain Vyra’s apprehension to the other remark that Alisa had made, the one about wishing to have been there with her, within whatever realm of her mind she had been to. She had little doubt that Alisa was earnest in her words, and undoubtedly there may have been some solace that she would have been able to provide, but Vyra could not stop wondering just how the other Vyra would have responded, and she in turn. She had made it quite clear that she felt that Alisa was the one that should have been held to blame, not Vyra. If brought together, how would she have responded? Beyond that even, how would Alisa handle the Magic that still lingered there. It had nearly brought Vyra to her knees; what was to say that it wouldn’t have done the same to her?

“I don’t… Uhm, I, uh, I’m not…” She fumbled over her words. How was one to convey to someone they cared about that they did not like the idea of them being within your mind? Not out of malice, but because you fear too much for what may happen. What did it say of Vyra, that her mind was so volatile that such risk should even stand to exist? What did it say that she found herself so unable to convey such concerns that were clearly among the top things concerning her.

She was hardly able to echo out another nonsensical word in her response before she found herself being pulled in tighter by Alisa, a response that Vyra had not expected out of her. While yes, Alisa had shown her no shortage of instances of hospitality, compassion, and warmth, seldom times had they had the spontaneousness like this. Vyra did not mind it though. If anything, it made her feel better, helping to wash away the feelings of guilt that still lingered over her. With what Alisa said next, of this place being Vyra’s home for as long as she wanted, it was as though a burden of immersible size had been lifted, not just from what she had endured only moments ago, but a lifetime’s worth of strife being removed from her.

She tried to think of a response, of something to say. It had become so often that she had allowed her emotions to get the better of her, especially with Alisa, that to express herself with her tears had become almost a natural occurrence. As much as she would have preferred to convey something more substantive, to appropriately express her gratitude for what truly was the greatest thing anyone had ever done for her, she found herself speechless. A cross between overcome with emotion and disbelief in everything.

Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that this would have been how her life stood to change.

The emotions within her seemed to build and build, like a volcano waiting to erupt, but without the words coming to her, as natural as it perhaps was, she did not wish for Alisa to see her cry again; for once, she hoped to be able to respond to Alisa’s kindness with a smile than with tears.

Fortunately, a reprieve came with the sound of knocking at the door, a sound that had seemed so alien despite it only having been a few minutes that the sound had been heard previous. Someone within this extension of the Blue Pegasus building that they were in, who undoubtedly had heard at least some of the commotion from earlier, disturbed enough to check on what happened. Fortunately, Alisa had managed to dispel them away, though it seemed only for a short while, but better that they return now than immediately following their first knock. Though perhaps neither of them were all too keen on people interfering in what was a rather personal engagement, better that the two of them be more composed than not.

“Uh Master,” The same voice from earlier, although sounding slightly more timid than before. While easy to figure the hint of concern within their voice, even through the door, it sounded like there were something else in his voice. “We uh, managed to find you a healer. Although-“

“Whacha standin ‘round for? No point in grabbin a healer if ya jus gonna make nice chat through the door, now is ya?” The voice of what sounded like an elderly woman boomed through the hallway, getting louder with each passing word, a clear indicator of them coming closer to Vyra’s door. “Well isn’t ya going to open the door?”

“Ma’am, just hold on a minute, please. I need to make sure-“ The man’s voice sounded almost as though it were cracking, as if trying to determine what were the more dire situation, what he imagined may have gone on beyond the door or having to face this woman.

“Ya come badging into me room in the wee late hours of the night tellin me that Master Vollan might’a had an accident and you tellin’ me to wait!?” The woman’s voice only seemed to get louder the more she spoke to the man, to the point where it was hard to tell quite if she were just normally this loud or just that angry. Whichever it may have been, Vyra could not help but feel a little uneasy, backing herself into the protective arms of Alisa as she listened on. “Well are ya gonna open the door or ain’t ya?”

“OK, OK. Now be careful, the Master didn’t say what-“ Again the man’s words were cut off as the door to the room flew open, the figures within the doorway obscured by the shadows, at least only for the moment as the Magical light on the table seemed to register their presence, illuminating the entirety of the room and making all figures easily identifiable.

Within the doorway stood a jolly, large, old woman. Almost looking like a snowman in a manner of speaking, the woman certainly looked the part for her voice at least, white hair arranged in a bevy of inconsistent curls and thick circular eyeglasses perfectly selling the old lady look. What stood out though was the outfit she was wearing; typical robes like that of any normal healer, the seemingly universally-recognized symbol for healer embroidered upon them. But unlike typical healer regalia, where the outfit would typically be of either white wool or cheap linens were instead replaced with rich blue silk. In fact, upon closer look, much of the outfit had various bits of personalization from design to material quality that gave it the personal touch of a Blue Pegasus healer.

The woman scanned the room very quickly, not seeming to focus on any particular person in her sweep, but rather making sure as to that the area was safe, or at least safe enough to work without the risk of active fires or small Magical lightning storms. “So, what seems to have been -“, the woman found herself stopping in her words as she looked onto Vyra, her eyes widening behind the thick lenses. Placing both of her hands to her cheeks, the old woman could not help but allow a wide smile to appear upon her face, “Oh! Ain’ she just the more adorable lil’ thing!”

Showing a complete lack of regard for the room or what may have transpired earlier, the elderly healer made a beeline to Vyra, showing a surprising amount of speed despite both her age and size. Within seemingly an instant, she had gotten to one knee just before Vyra, whom still found herself within the arms of Alisa, a bit unsure of just how she should have reacted to this woman; her demeanor within the hallway and now seemed to have been complete opposites of one another. “So, you the one who gotten everyone all up and ‘bout. Very curious ‘bout ya, seems they are?” She looked right at Vyra, a wide smile on her face that only seemed to grow as she studied Vyra’s face, clearly noticing the confusion in the Demi-human’s face, “Oh ain’ ya just a peach, bit out o’ta loop are ya? Not every day that Master Vollan goes out for ‘er mornin’ jog and ain’t return ‘til the sun long gone. Especially not with a lil’ kid in tow.”

Vyra looked at the woman, wondering if that sentiment that this woman was conveying were not shared by others. Amongst the people that she had come across since arriving at Blue Pegasus, the majority of them had done little other than offer simple and short greetings. Not a bad thing, by any stretch, and for Vyra it was certainly a massive improvement compared to what she had been used to before. To what this woman must have been describing, perhaps it was an interest that sprung after she had arrived. Certainly possible. The circumstances surrounding her arrival and now-residency, her closeness to Alisa, and Alisa’s respective role within the guild, it wasn’t outside the realm to believe that peoples’ interest grew as time passed.

“Though, I ‘pose nothin’ to be surprised by. All this uprousin’ and ‘citement, only fitting that it be account of the Master’s new apprentice, ain’t it?” A noise filled the air, almost as if a combination of an uneasy silence mixed by surprised gasps. The old woman simply turned around, her focus towards the man who had been at the door at first, alongside a few other individuals, dressed in a wide-range of attire from casual clothing to their sleeping attire, gathered outside of the doorway, almost as if afraid to enter the room.

“What? When’s the last time after all that Master bringin’ home a nice lass and provide a private showing of Magic over some treats and moonlight?” There were a hint of sarcasm within her voice, Vyra struggling to tell if she were serious or not. Judging by how the old woman every so often shot glances towards the younger group outside the door, possibly some sort of childish game between the two. Even then, she found herself blushing a little bit at the suggestion, whether in jest or earnest. “Now see, had one them said that, they be’a hootin’ an’ hollerin’ ‘til sunup I tell ya.”

The woman got up to both feet, surprisingly spry compared to what both her age and form would indicate, holding a hand out for Vyra to take. The Demi-human remained there in Alisa’s arms, unsure of just what to do, this woman being a bit hard to quite read. Undoubtedly her intentions were good and earnest, but it nevertheless made her a little uneasy. “Oh, now don’cha be worryin’ ‘bout nothing. Ye have me word as a member of Blue Pegasus and as a sworn healer, you in safe hands.” Her eyes quickly looked from Vyra to Alisa, “If you feel more comfortable, I can check ya up right at the table. No more than a few steps from the Master if you be feelin’ a bit more up for that.”

With a bit of reluctance, Vyra took the old woman’s hand, being guided just a few feet to the table, the Magical light that rested upon it dimming itself slightly as to better accommodate the woman as she got to one knee, looking over the Demi-human while she sat in the chair. A silence lingered for a moment before Vyra took the initiative for one of the few times, looking at the woman who seemed fixated upon her arm. “Is… is that what people think? That I’m Alisa’s apprentice?”

The woman lifted her eyes to somewhat match Vyra’s, a small smile spreading across her face, “Oh, no, no. So many lookin’ to join nowadays, all them thinkin’ that they gonna be a Wizard Saint like the Master. Never hurts t’ bring ‘em down a leg, and can think o’ no betta way of doin’ so than today’s lil’ guest of honor.” For the briefest of moments, Vyra couldn’t help but be disappointed; to be Alisa’s apprentice, there was something that sounded intriguing about the prospect. The woman looked to the box of treats that lay upon the table still, half-empty; a testament to how tightly packed the café owner managed to make it, “Oh, so the Master out here laying out the red carpet for ya ain’ she? Well, can’t say I much blame ‘er. Far worse ways to try to get anoth’ Magic user in the guild than a nice bed and best treats in all of Fiore.”

Vyra didn’t have to say anything for the woman’s smile to grow even larger, “What, you think I be just some old crone who be stickin’ ‘round cause I like the ale? More of a wine person me’self. No lass, I can tell the Master’s Magic from an’where. And somethin’ else too, a little Magic flourish, if we wish to call it.”

“How…” Vyra moved closer, whispering as to not draw the attention of the people who still watched from beyond the doorframe, “How did you know?”

A weak chuckle echoed from the woman’s mouth, “Darling, you talkin’ to the second most,” she turned her head, as though making sure nobody were around who might not have been before, “Excuse me, third most important person in Blue Pegasus. Whew, didn’ wan’ go makin’ that mistake again. She wouldn’ be all keen on that now, would she. I’ve been here since before the Master ‘came the Master and was just another member like them,” she pointed to the people in the doorframe, “And maybe like you. Trust me, I know Magic.”

A soft patting on Vyra’s leg seemed to indicate something, and as the woman got up from her knee, there was almost a disappointed look upon her face. “Fraid there nothin’ I can do right now ‘bout you arm. Whole ‘lotta Magic already been fed through there. Wouldn’t be very wise of me, or safe for you, to be throwing some even more Healing Magic inta there. Nope, gonna say you just have to rest. Old fashioned, but works like a charm.” She smiled, patting Vyra on the head, “Just gone speak to the Master for the moment, keep her in the loop of things. You just relax there a moment, why don’cha.”

Vyra sat there, a bit unsure of what to do. The older woman, although kind, seemed to know much more than what her appearance seemed to indicate. Whether she was just bluster or actually someone that she should be intimidated by, Vyra preferred not to challenge that, instead simply reaching in for a piece of the candied treats from within the box as she waited for the woman and Alisa to speak. Unfortunately, the healer seemed intent to keep her conversation private with Alisa, her voice far too quiet for anyone else, Vyra included, from being able to hear.

“Master, come with me for just a moment. Just a step or two, if ya don’t mind,” The older woman beckoned Alisa, just a step or two from where the Blue Pegasus guild leader had been. Still close enough to have a clear view of Vyra and the aftermath of their little Magical demonstration, but far enough to give some resemblance of privacy, if even just a fake sense.

“Can’t do much for her arm I’m ‘fraid. Arm on the verge of being overloaded with Magical energies. Don’t quite know whacha two were doing tonight, but I’d wait a couple of days before trying anything again. My advice, just let the girl rest, which, doubt that be much of an issue for her.” She peered out to get a quick glance of Vyra, “Girl looks like she hasn’t had a chance to rest in I don’t know how long. Sweet thing, lot of innocence behind those eyes, which I have to ask.”

The older woman looked to Alisa, her face quite serious, a contrast to that of the visage she had been casting before. “I can tell ya Magic with me eyes blindfolded, so I don’ need to be seeing the little dust about to know you were casting something. But I don’t much be knowin’ what else I feel in the air, but I don’t be liking it. Dark Magic, stuff that makes me skin crawl, and that girl be smothered in it. Sure it’s wise to have her here? For her sake or any of theirs’?” She tilted her head slightly to the couple of people that still lingered within the doorway, their interest seeming to have waned slightly, opting to look back and forth between Vyra and the two who were talking in private. “I figure ya this ain’ comin’ now as any shock to you. Just needed to ask all the same.”

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That touch on her face brought back her smile all too easily as Vyra wiped away the tears from her cheeks, gazing into the girl's vibrant amethyst hues. Indeed, none of it was really her fault, was it? All her life, Vyra had grown used to people shunning her for things she couldn't control, and far too few of them reached out and saw her for the wonderful young woman she really was:

"I mean it.", she nodded, reinforcing those very same words, her hand sliding up and cupping Vyra's, holding it gently, echoing that very same tenderness in her voice as she squeezed her hand firmly, her brow furrowing with a vehement, determined look in her eyes, without the slightest sliver of doubt or hesitation, "You'll always have a place here with me."

She could sense the girl's apprehension, and honestly, she couldn't really think any less of her for it. After all, Alisa could scarcely imagine just what she might have seen in the darkest depths of her innermost thoughts, with her insidious other self made her home. She'd never shake off this protective instinct towards her, even though she believed in Vyra and her own abilities, enough that she'd trust her to rein in her magic power even under that stressful situation... Somebody she wanted to nurture, to shower her with warmth and affection every step of the way.

With every show of compassion she witnessed, the more Alisa felt drawn to this weathered young woman, admired her for it, knowing fully well that in her shoes, she'd have probably not grown into this kind of person. She'd hold her tightly, every single time, squeezing the girl close, as though every moment together could undo the pain she'd endured up until now. She knew it never could... But she could at the very least offer the girl the kind of future she deserved.

To shelter this precious flower, give her room to blossom at her own pace, without fear hanging over her head every step of the way.

She lost track of time all too easily as she held the girl in her arms, not peeling away for a moment until she felt her stirring in that tight embrace. This time, the inevitable thumping on the door slowly pulled the sculptress' head from Vyra's shoulder, reluctantly, but not surprised by it in any way. After all, she'd expected a healer to come by shortly, considering they now stood inside the residential area of Blue Pegasus, at such late hours in the evening where most people retreated indoors and got ready for a good night's sleep:

"Ohh...? What's the matter?", the sculptress inquired, brow arching as she turned to the door, not yet peeling herself from Vyra's arms, quite the opposite. As if sensing Vyra's unease, her hand once again slid up to her head, gently stroking her hair. She wouldn't leave her side

That show of concern palpable in the man's voice, Alisa felt a smidge of curiosity piquing her interest... yet before she could properly connect the dots, the answer came with the booming voice of an old woman, rich with a familiar Caelese accent.

Now there's a reassuring voice~...

While Alisa defenitely understood their concern with Alisa and Vyra's privacy, she just as easily understood the healer's urgency, and frankly... There was no more reliable a healer she could have hoped to come to her aid. As that old, imposing Caelese woman entered the room, all eyes fell on her almost immediately:

"Good evening, Fiona~...", greeted the sculptress, an apologetic hint in her voice. She hadn't been the one who called for her, but she knew fully well how her name was the first any Pegasus thought of when they went to look for a healer, "My apologies to send for you this late."

In the end, she couldn't help but chuckle as the old woman all but fawned over the endearing young demi human in Alisa's arms, approaching her as if to gently coax her from Alisa's arms... Finding Vyra receptive to her words, the lithomancer merely smiled, staying silent as the healer reached out to the demi human in her arms, not in any way surprised by that show of warmth.

Unrivalled in her experience, Alisa had always felt a palpable admiration for this grizzled healer, a strong, imposing woman even in her old age, always making her wish to have met her in her prime. She'd aged with the class and elegance one would expect from a member of Blue Pegasus, yet still kept that homely, familiar warmth about her like the guild's grandmother.

Between Lance, Belladonna and herself, Fiona had seen three Guildmasters at the very least, to say nothing of the ones she'd met before Lance, the masters even Alisa herself never had a chance to meet. The woman knew Blue Pegasus and its members probably even better than she did, a tall order considering just how long had Alisa been here:

"Fufu~... Subtle as ever hmmm...?", and yet her eyes all but flared open as she referred to Vyra as Alisa's apprentice to the immediate shock and awe of their onlookers. Even as she quipped right back with that same cool nonchalance, she couldn't help but shoot a curious glance into Vyra's eyes, just as surprised as the girl herself.

She... Hadn't really thought of them that way? Was this something Vyra wanted? Alisa chewed her bottom lip, reminded of how she'd refrained from pushing any such labels on the two of them, determined to let Vyra decide for herself, knowing the girl mustn't have had many opportunities to choose what kind of life she wanted for herself, and who she'd want to live it with.

Alisa wanted to make her happy... To protect her, to see her smile, to give her a life she could enjoy... She never had siblings or children to know how that felt like, but she knew she treasured Vyra like one of her own.

Like family.

If Vyra still had an interest in magic after what happened, and if she wanted Alisa to teach her, she'd be delighted to do so. Did that make them teacher and apprentice? She supposed it did, huh...? Lost in thought, Alisa all but missed how she'd still been holding on to Vyra the whole time, until the healer beckoned the Demi Human to join her. Rubbing the back of her neck, Alisa too got back up to her feet:

"Well... I suppose I'd best give you two some privacy hmmm~?", mused the sculptress, her hand lingering on Vyra's shoulder for a moment before Fiona motioned the girl towards the table, leaving the patient with her physician as she strode back towards the door and closed it, smiling at the members still waiting outside.

She could understand their curiosity, though her concern for the girl shone through, as though she noticed her unease at so many eyes on her, unaccustomed to so much attention. And so she shut the door, trying her best not to overhear too much from older woman's words to Vyra, even though she couldn't help but roll her eyes at the mention of the most important people in the guild. Perhaps out of modesty, or a simple sense of camaraderie, she generally refrained from making such lists in her own mind, but at the same time, she already knew fully well that people all too often made them of their own accord. Though she also knew Sofia would just as easily roll her eyes too if somebody called her the second most important person~...

With a low, audible chuckle, Alisa merely sashayed around the room. Feeling a chilly breeze brushing against her bare legs as she walked by the open doorway to the balcony, she quickly walked up to and closed it, crouching down and pulling down the bolts, yet leaving the curtains open as she allowed the moonlight to peer through, a pure white, silvery gleam contrasting with the dim, fiery orange of the lamp. Yet as she walked, her brow twitched at the sound of a low, crystalline crunch under her feet, evidencing the mess they'd made of that particular patch of room. Her hand came down on her hip as her gaze turned down... She'd have to clean that up hmm? She could conjure one of her servants to easily do it for her, but too preoccupied by the sight of Vyra being tended to, Alisa pushed those thoughts aside for now.

"Oh...? What did you find?", when Fiona peeled away from her patient, Alisa's brow arched as a quizzical look drew on her face, catching that hint of unease as the healer motioned her a few steps away, just out of Vyra's earshot. Bringing one hand to her cheek as the shot a worried look at Vyra, she nonetheless felt a sense of relief washing over once the capable healer confirmed that was nothing that wouldn't heal itself after a good rest, "Thank you for looking over here, I'll keep that in mind.", she shrugged, shaking her head as her eyes fixed on Vyra, " It did seem to me like she hasn't had a good night's rest in... Maybe ever really."

Yet her next words... Alisa could pick up the gravity off the old woman's tone, she rarely ever saw Fiona this serious unless she'd seen anything truly appalling. Her smile faded in turn as her arms folded under her full figured bust, brow furrowing as one hand rose up to her forehead, fingers rubbing each of her temples as she sighed. She knew Fiona had a fair point, she herself understood the danger that magic posed. At the same time, Magic is only as good or evil as its wielder.

For all the atrocious horrors the other Vyra could unleash, the girl herself harbored no such malice. Year after year after year, constant pain and suffering left her with an unsettling affinity for dark magic, wallowing alone in darkness until it alone became her only companion. If she had a proper upbringing, would she have grown up attuned a different element? Most likely... Magics like hers are often learned by older, more experienced mages with the skills to control them and the ruthlessness to unleash them on their enemies. But Vyra wasn't like that. Now standing face to face with somebody who'd known her from the first moment she set foot in the guild, Alisa bared her heart for a brief moment:

"She has nowhere else to go, or anybody to go to. Vyra needs a place to call home, perhaps even more than we do... And in that sense, Blue Pegasus is without a doubt the safest place for her to be.", as her gaze wandered from Fiona towards the blue haired girl sitting at the table, similing if the girl looked her way, reminding herself of why she'd brought her here. The mere sight of her filled the tall woman with warmth, and yet it came with a bittersweet aftertaste as she remembered everything she'd been through. All the pain and cruelties she'd endured, many of which at the hands of her own other self. Her brow rose as she countered, "If you think that way now, can you imagine what would have happened if she went through this alone? Without the shelter of a Mage's guild."

How grievously could she have hurt herself or anybody else around her? If even a fellow mage felt apprehensive about her unsettling type of magic, she couldn't even fathom what ordinary people would make of it. Probably throw rocks and chase her out of the city... Alisa shuddered the thought. Indeed, magic on its own isn't good or evil. But a woman as experienced as Fiona knew that all too well. With thrice as many years as Alisa herself under her belt, the sculptress knew better than to try and teach a priest how to pray.

At the same time, she wasn't an idiot. Alisa understood the risks fully well the moment she saw her magic with her own eyes. Vyra wasn't the first person with a dangerous magic she'd ever met. Like Manzo for instance, who seemed to go out of his way to pick the most dangerous magics he could find... Vyra had been stuck with a fickle, troublesome magic without having any choice in the matter, and unlike more experienced mages, lacked the skill to rein it in if it spiralled out of control. Alisa could teach her, but at the same time, she fully understood Fiona's unease. Until she learned to control it, that risk would always follow her:

"Worry not, I won't let any harm come to them. Or you, or her, or anybody else here.", her smile returning, Alisa reached out and rested her hand on the old healer's shoulder, her resolve clear as the moonlight as she stated her intentions. How could they call themselves a light guild, how could she call herself a saint if she turned away such a caring, compassionate young woman in her hour of need? The thought never even crossed her mind. If she was stuck with a deranged other self and the darkest of magics, those were only two more reasons to help her. Her circumstances didn't make her any less of a person, or any less deserving of her aid, "I'll be keeping her company the whole time, so... She's in good hands~"

She doubted that answer would satisfy her completely. With completely understandable reservations, Alisa wouldn't think to dismiss them so easily just over a few words. She didn't go into the nitty gritty details of her magic, or how she'd spontaneously unleashed it with just a little encouragement, how despite being utterly wracked with pain still managed to rein in her power... Alisa believed in her. Without even the slightest hint of hesitation in her voice, she professed her confidence in the young demi human and the resolve to help her. At the same time, she hoped to at least allay the worst of Fiona's concerns before striding back over to Vyra:

"Well, seems like your doctor ordered a good night's rest, hmmm~?", returning to her side at last, arching her brow at Vyra with that ever warm, affectionate smile. Standing beside her, she brushed the girl's hair behind her ear, looking into her eyes as she showed exactly what she meant by keeping her company the whole time. Alisa wasn't the girl's mother, or her sister... But at the same time, she thought little of sharing a bed with her, much like a parent would to her child, "If you'd like... I could stay with you tonight...?"

Sofia wouldn't mind, quite the opposite, if she heard of the girl's plight and Alisa's intentions, she'd have probably joined them of her own voilition, without a second thought. She'd let the girl decide whether she wanted Alisa to keep her company, or if she'd rather sleep by herself. After such an intense, eventful day, after the frightening brush with the darkest side of herself, she felt reluctant to leave her alone, but she'd understand if Vyra herself wanted it.

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"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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A wave of exhaustion poured over Vyra; coming in like soft waves upon waves like that of the tide brushing against the fortified sea castle based upon the shore, each wave seeming to do little more than the last, but over time wearing down upon it. No different were it towards the Demi-human, the events that had acompassed all throughout the day slowly but surely taking their toll upon the girl. It was all too understandable that upon the latest event; her ordeal with trying to control her Magic followed by the arrival of the jolly, if not slightly frightening, healer of Blue Pegasus. To find herself almost wishing to rest her head upon the massive clean bed that lay just before her, anyone else would have wasted no time in doing so.

Perhaps she would have done so too, if not for the two women that remain within the room with her. Less so the healer, but more the woman she spoke with, Alisa. To have simply drifted to sleep, however much she found herself tired, would have been disrespect towards the Blue Pegasus leader. Even just in the room that the three currently occupied, it would have only been made possible thanks to Alisa. The treats in which Vyra snacked upon as she watched inquisitively to the two women speak, thanks to Alisa. Even the clothes she wore, richer and more expensive than anything she ever had a chance to wear before, now covered in a combination of sweat with her blood dribbled, thanks to Alisa as well.

Though barely more than a few feet from where she was seated, it was all but impossible to make out quite what was being spoken of, although Vyra wondered if it had happened to have been about her. It would make sense. She was a healer who had been called in by one of the other residents within this part of the Blue Pegasus building, and Alisa no doubt had a better idea of what and how to explain than what she ever hoped to be able to. She watched on, unable to not break out a small smile in the brief moments that Alisa turned her attention from the woman towards her.

The smile bloomed into that of a full look of joy as Alisa turned her attention away from the healer, returning towards Vyra’s company.

What almost felt like a sort of weight seemed lifted from her as Alisa mentioned getting some rest. Perhaps it had just been what had happened recently which had set such a wave of fatigue onto her, or simply something that had been built up over time, but the idea of rest was certainly a welcome one. That Alisa suggested such a thing, it was as though any sort of guilt Vyra may have once had seemed to disperse away.

If anything, it were instead replaced entirely by a different emotion; surprise. Surprise towards Alisa pondering to if she may have felt towards her spending the night with Vyra. It was flattering. Unexpected. It left her not entirely sure how to respond, not out of apprehensiveness, but rather just seeming unsure towards the formalness of it. Perhaps it were the fatigue more obstructing things; there were no doubt in her mind that Alisa’s aim were that of sincerity and of a caring nature towards that of Vyra. And after a moment of being left struggling to find the best response, Vyra simply hugged the woman, uttering a tired “Yes! Of course, yes!” though still loud enough that it seemed to carry far more energy than her tired body seemed to show.

“Aww, ain’t ye two just adorable,” the older woman said softly as she watched the interaction between Vyra and Alisa, unable to deny the fact that there was certainly a bond between the two. And perhaps merit as well to what Alisa said, as reluctant as she might have felt towards having someone with that sort of Magic within the confines of Blue Pegasus. Nevertheless, that was not the fight to have, especially not right now. “Best if we gone get ya’s some more fitting. Doubt you be wanting to go to bed in those,” she nonchalantly pointed to the clothes Vyra were wearing, “Little doubt the little scamps that come’a cleaning left at least something or ‘nother for ya. Go on and –“ a sound from just outside diverted the woman’s attention away from Vyra, drawing with it a frustrated sigh.

“Ugh, I swear, my pardon a moment Master,” With a clear hint of annoyance in her voice, she made her way towards the door, opening it to reveal nearly half a dozen people, all male and all either around Vyra’s age or just a year or two older, all having gathered just on the other side of the door. The woman closed the door slightly as she stepped out into the hallway, enough only such that from where they sat, Alisa and Vyra would not see exactly what was happening, but certainly could hear it. “And just what ye think ye be doin’? No better thing to do like I do’n know, sleep maybe? Perhaps ye be needin’ a bit of direction to ya rooms don’cha?”

A glow of yellow seemed to permeate through the room from beneath the door, a humming effect seeming to draw as well, before suddenly being replaced by a booming thud and a heavy burst of glowing yellow before dissipating away. At the same time, what could have only been described as a vortex or something to the like taking place within the hallway, the sound of multiple bodies being thrown back, alongside the sound of several other objects also having been knocked over. “Now ‘en, I don’t suppose ye be needin’ an’ more help finding ye’ rooms? Go on now and allow the Master’s guest some privacy don’t ya now.”

A moment or two later, the door swung open again, the healer stepping back in, a look that as much showed tiredness as well as satisfaction upon her face. As her gaze rose up to meet with Alisa and Vyra, she dawned a sincere smile, “Oh, I swear this gen’ration of Blue Pegasus, makes me wonder a’times how this guild gone look a decade o’ two from now. Get wind of Master bringin’ in a girl with a right fine face an’ suddenly they go all thinkin’ with they other head.” She sighed, “Don’t you worry though. I think I done made it quite clear that that ain’t bein’ tolerated. Not here.”

Vyra couldn’t help but shudder a little bit as she watched the woman. There were certainly something intense about her before and the more she seemed exposed to her, the more it became clear that this woman was someone you wanted on your side than not. In that sense, it did make me feel appreciative, if not a little bit frightened.

“Now, where I was sayin’. How’s ‘bout you check out the armoire behind’s ya. One thing ya can say with how the Master runs this ship, always has things prepared for when one of her chickens leaves the flock. Next one the Pegasus takes under Their wing, seldom hurting for support. Even something as simple as evening wear.” She gave the faintest nod of approval as Vyra looked to her side, noticing the large mahogany dresser that up until this point hadn’t much been noticed, much in part due to the impressive balcony that were not too far from it consuming most people’s attention.

As the Demi-human got up and opened it, she could not help but be impressed by it. Beyond just the cleanliness of it, accentuated by a small Magical light that seemed to be based somewhere within the actual armoire, illuminating just enough space such that Vyra could clearly see all of the content within it. Several rows of clothing, all designed and tailored expressly for comfortable sleeping, were nearly stacked and organized along polished and spotless shelves, as if it were prepared for only a moment ago. She placed a hand upon one of the outfits, enamored by the look under the light, the texture upon her skin. If there was anything that could have been said of Blue Pegasus, it was certainly that they had good taste; the clothes she were wearing now made her feel like a completely different woman. She wondered how wearing those, in that fancy of a bed, would make her sleep feel.

Perhaps it had been out of fatigue, Vyra being so tired that she wasn’t appreciating just what she was doing, perhaps stemming out of being so lost in awe of the clothing before her, this time less like a dream and rather just as a moment of excitement, or perhaps she simply was not paying attention. It had not been until a few moments after she had removed the shirt she were wearing that it had dawned on her that not that she had shown her bare backside to Alisa or the older woman, but that she had exposed all of the wounds that she had so vehemently wanted to have kept hidden.

Dark blemishes within her skin, some of them with a bloody hue, others a cascading rainbow of colors, some blue while others were more of green and brown to notate healing within. It was a horrid display, even of what may have been seen by the two others in just that limited of a sight. Bruised indentations within the skin seemed to loosely resemble imprints of shoes, like those that had kicked her, or worse even, stomped upon her. Patterns that lined around, indicative of internal injuries in various states of healing. The beginnings of a lengthy bruise ran along just above her shoulder blades, undoubtedly a gift curtesy of the baker whom had chased her earlier in the morning.

“Oh my,” the old woman was left aghast at the sight before her, holding her hand up to her mouth as to not draw any more attention than what her presence may have already garnered.

Even though Vyra did not look back to tell whether or not they had seen her, she nonetheless felt panicked, moving with haste that had seemed to have been all but lost to the growing exhaustion within her. Putting on the evening wear as though her life depended on it, Vyra had found herself so consumed in fear that as the old woman slowly approached and gently spoke, “Dear?”

Vyra recoiled as though she had just been struck, turning around with a look of panic upon her eyes as she fell onto the floor, a low thud echoing through, causing even the healer to step back out of surprise. She composed herself far faster than Vyra did though, swapping her focus between her and Alisa, a startled, horrified look upon her face. Particularly when her gaze shifted onto Alisa, the Demi-human seemed to feel all the more pathetic, felt all the more shameful to be seen in such a way.

Before, back in the main part of the Blue Pegasus building, she was mortified at the idea that Alisa may have seen her like that, but so much had happened, between gifting her this room, her discovery of Magic, everything that followed afterwards, meeting this healer, things just seemed to get lost. Her panic, while ever constant, seemed for a moment, just a fear. Only in that moment had it come to the surface, and now, having perhaps the most condemnable physical remnant of the life she had once been living exposed, if even just a glimpse of it, Vyra panicked.

Panicked that the same trauma that she only recently came to realize herself had been made aware.

Panicked that she would have to relive or retell however many things may have led to her being in that state.

But more, panicked at how Alisa would take to having seen her like that. Panicked at how she’d feel to Vyra having kept it a secret.

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Alisa beamed as the girl acceped her offer for a sleepover, eyes widening as she leaped into her arms, only to chuckle as she hugged her back, hand falling on that weary head once more as she merely held the girl close while sharing a knowing smile with Fiona. Maybe not convinced, but with every passing moment she at least understood the bond Alisa shared with Vyra, and why she trusted her implicitly. That said, when Fiona mentioned a change of clothes, she instantly looked towards the door, frowning as she caught sight of the crowd yet camped outside. The commotion had long since passed, and whatever concern they might have felt now replaced with idle curiosity, not so much towards the happily married guildmaster or the grizzled healer, but the only single woman in the room. She'd have settled for closing the door, though Fiona had a different idea:

"Fufu~ Boys will be boys hmmm?", snickered Alisa, smile widening at that protective sight of the healer, sympathizing with her every step of the way. Perhaps she was just used to shooing them away with a simple glare, far too long since she ever needed to use magic for that purpose. But even she all but shuddered at the booming display of magic power, and the multiple thuds leaving little doubt as to what happened.

Far too pushy for their own good, some boys just needed an equally assertive response to get the message. At the same time, Alisa at least apprecicated how for all their persistence, the men of Blue Pegasus were never really aggressive, and understood it well enough to steer clear of the room. Some would probably still try again in a different way at another time, but for the moment, Alisa knew she wouldn't see them again, letting her return to the matter at hand, watching as Vyra walked over to the closet and looked through the sleepwear available:

"After a long, arduous journey, can't have people running around in search for missing bedwear... Or run around the hallways naked for the bolder few~", quipped the sculptress, nodding towards the door, folding her arms under her bust, "Now that would get catch the boys' attention~"

Humour aside, she couldn't help but smile as she looked between Fiona and Vyra. The old healer understood her intention better than most, and Alisa appreciated her for it. Much like she was now doing with Vyra, she wanted the guild to feel like home, for its members and their families alike, as well as whomever they decided to bring in as guests. In every closet and dresser she'd find at least a handful of clothing for various sizes, shapes and preferences, at least, until said room had a long term occupant. Unused for a good few months now, Vyra's fell in the former category, but even then, the guild master stood confident that the demi human could find anything she needed with only a few indications. But then, she saw it, and whatever lightheardedness fell flat into the ground before them:

"Wha...?", once Vyra peeled off her clothes, Alisa's eyes flared open, hand raising over her mouth, almost in unison with the woman beside her as an audible mumble left her lips.

Shock... Horror... Incredulity...

She struggled for words to describe the sight of that beaten, abused body, not at Vyra for having kept it a secret, not even at seeing how she'd endured more than a battle hardened soldier... Alisa knew it, expected it even, just... Not to this extent. At that moment, Alisa knew she lacked the slightest notion of just how much damage the girl had endured... More so than the visible bruises, she worried about the ones too old, too deep for her to notice. Seeing how much she suffered, no wonder her mind fractured the way it did, or that her magical affinity grew this dark...

Yet she threw all of it out the window the moment she saw the look on Vyra's face. Shaking off the startled look, she once again conjuring that glimmering light from her wedding ring, enshrouding her whole body with a pale magical glow as she once again replacing her clothes. Alisa really hadn't been wearing much to begin with, she couldn't in this weather... A northern woman of Icebergian descent, her body was built for merciless cold, not searing heat... On some level, perhaps she just assumed Vyra felt vulnerable to have been seen so exposed, and responded in kind. Even though Alisa didn't think much of it as there were only women in the room, she now stood before Vyra wearing little more than she did, with a plain pair of panties and a matching white tanktop, leaving much of her pale, alabaster skin exposed to the air:

"It's alright... You're safe here...", she all but whispered as she strode over to her, slowly yet hastily, not wanting Vyra to suffer alone for even one minute more. Safe from the people who hurt you... And from the idle curiosity of others.

Without uttering a single word more, she simply draped her arms around the girl, kneeling down in front of her exactly the same way as she'd done all day today. Not a single question, no show of pity. In spite of the girl's inevitable curiosity, Vyra herself never caved, never asked anything about Alisa's own past... And the sculptress returned it in kind. She wouldn't probe her on who had done this or why, nothing that could bring back those unsavoury memories that brought her so much pain. Instead she simply held on to the girl, squeezing her close until the fear washed over her... Until she realized nobody would ask her about any of those wounds. Only then would Alisa turn back to the startled healer:

"Fiona, I don't suppose you'd have some ointment we could use? Nothing magical of course, just something for the pain.", she requested as she turned back to her, an arm still calmly draped around Vyra, holding her close as she offered a hand to help her back up, a soft smile slowly drawing back on her lips as she turned to the injured demi human, "If it hurts and you can't sleep, let me know okay?"

One simple request.

Something important to her if that look in her eyes were anything to go by. She wouldn't ask her about anything where did those bruises come from, at the same time, she wouldn't let them haunt her any more than they already had. Fiona understood her intentions at least, reaching into her pouch as she finally approached the pair:

"...Well, suppose i'd best be leavin ye both to it.", spoke the old healer, a deep breath leaving her as she approached the two women and gave her a palm sized jar at Alisa's behest, "Goodnight both of ye, don't feel shy about sleepin in hmmm?"

"Fufu~... Likewise, we've kept you from your sleep long enough, hmm? My apologies for that~... Goodnight Fiona, I'll check in with you tomorrow."

As the healer left the room, Alisa returned that affectionate smile back the girl at her side. Still holding onto her hand, she gently guided the girl back to bed, hoping her exhaustion would soon overhelm her apprehension. Placing the small jar on the nightstand table, she pulled back the silky soft sheet and slid right in, resting her weight upon the welcoming matress, hooking her hand at the demi human as she beckoned the girl to join her, letting out a soft, delighted sigh, trailing off into a tired yawn as she pulled down the mosquito net all around the bed:

"Close the mosquito net on that side, will you? They can be awfully annoying in this time of year.", lying lazily on her side, cupping her cheek with her palm, Alisa merely watched as Vyra joined her enjoying that soft, pure white fabric against her smooth skin. Silently wondering just how long she'd take to drift off... After all, she'd probably hadn't slept in a proper bed if months, years... If not forever really. She needed this. For the first time in a good long while, Vyra could finally enjoy a proper night's sleep. Waiting patiently, she merely watched as the girl got comfortable, offering her warm embrace before turning off the magical lights with a soft, soothing tone, "Goodnight Vyra... Don't forget, I'm right here beside you~..."

...After such an eventful day, Alisa slept blissfully, like a guardian to Vyra's desperately needed rest. She defied even her own natural instincts, after all, she rarely slept in like this. A morning lark by nature, on most days Alisa got up at daybreak, ready for a much needed morning workout much like what she'd been doing when the two of them first met. Not today though:

"Mmmmn...", today, she woke up in a different bed with the sun's rising ray's hitting her gaze, slowly pulling her from her slumber...

Squinting softly at those sunbeams hitting her face, Alisa slowly stirred under the sheets, her face brightening at the sight of the girl at her side:

"...Good morning Vyra~...", her voice low and breathy, she merely uttered that melodious greeting, silent as to not disturb her sleep. Slowly leaning over the girl, she planted a soft kiss on her cheek, brushing her hair as she tucked her in.

Even as she snuck of bed, Alisa all but tiptoed, hand over her mouth as she stifled a sleepy, satisfied yawn, stretching her arms up into the air as her feet reached the floorboards. Running her hand along her messy, dishevelled hair, looking back over her shoulder at Vyra, a playful look crossed her face as she thought of just the right way to surprise her when she woke up. Fetching the Servant Key from her pocket dimension, Alisa held it up in the air and twisted it, causing a radiant glimmer to ooze out of it, slowly taking the shape and colours of a person, until a finely dressed old butler appeared out of thin air:

"Shhhh~...", hushing softly, she greeted her servant with a finger to her own lips, the other finger pointed at the sleeping beauty beside her, promptly stifling the old man's greeting until he settled for a mere bow and a hand to his chest, "Could you bring us some breakfast...? She likes orange juice and croissants~"

With a silent nod and a wordless, understanding smile, the man bowed once more and disappeared back into the pocket dimension off to prepare breakfast, leaving Alisa to finally stand up from bed, stretching her arms left and right, up and down, before sashaying towards the bathroom.

After that long, stenuous morning workout yesterday, Alisa had yet to have a much needed shower, and though her dip in the ocean washed off the worst of the sweat and grime, it left her with a subtle hint of salt clinging to her smooth skin, one that she'd been visibly neglecting this whole time. With Vyra deep in the arms of Morpheus, Alisa chuckled and opted to leave momentarily, hoping a long morning's rest would do more for her than anybody ever could. As such, she slowly snuck off towards the bathroom, well, Vyra's bathroom really, though she hoped the girl wouldn't mind too much, for Alisa much preferred to stay close to her. Still far too new to the guild, the girl had yet to grow used to the people or the place itself, and would rather she woke up with Alisa in the vicinity:

"Haah~... I needed that.", thinking out loud as a soft, breathy sigh left her lips, she turned the tap, relishing in the cool water raining down overhead, cascading down her sinuous shape as it washed away the sweat and salt yet clung stubbornly to her skin. Rubbing her hands over her face, Alisa tilted her head backwards, eyes fluttering shut as she delighted in that soothing sensation washing over her body, those myriad droplets hitting her skin as she felt the sleepiness seep away...

They had quite the eventful day hadn't they...? Still, Alisa made sure not to linger too long in the shower, knowing that her servants wouldn't take too long with breakfast anyway. There was a fairly good chance Vyra would have a fresh tray waiting on the table before Alisa got out of the shower, if she happened to wake up and still hear the water running in the bathroom.

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"New year, new day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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She remain there, sitting upon the ground, her eyes trained upon the two; a fawn cowered before a pair of fiendish wolves, as much ready to pounce. How Vyra perceived it at least. More, her eyes lay upon the two figures, one as gentle of a guardian as one may have hoped to find in Alisa, whilst in the other the woman whom, whatever apprehensiveness may have been towards Vyra, the visceral display of the life that she once lived seemed to have, if only for the moment, waned that suspicion. And to how Alisa may have perceived what she saw; it was one thing to say that one had lived within the streets, having been subjected to a difficult life. It was another thing to see firsthand, the bruises and actual trauma that came with such a lifestyle.

Perhaps it was why Vyra was so against having revealed things to Alisa. Even whilst she had lived through it herself, only in the very recent past had she ever truly seen the effects that the lifestyle had upon even her, the shower that she had taken earlier being the first time that she could truly appreciate just how vicious of a world she had been living in. When she had gazed at herself through the mirror, terror had shot through her, to come to find out that this was what was happening to her, foolishness to not appreciate or realize it as well, and just the hard reality that despite Alisa, despite the kind café owner, or the people whom had met her with positivity even moments earlier, the world still held plenty of wicked souls that think nothing against committing such pain against someone like Vyra.

There were perhaps naivety in such thinking, that the cruelty of man was only that of myths and legends. Or to even just assume that she had been immune to such fate. Destiny, or whatever one may have called it, had not been kind to her up until this point, and for as much as it had stung to see the actual effects upon her person, it was something that she needed to see, whether or not she knew it.

It did not make things hurt less, to know that beneath the smiles, the affection she could reciprocate to Alisa, all the excitement for a lifestyle, let alone a world, that she knew seldom of, it did not change beneath all of that that she held a dark secret. A gift curtesy of a world that she had finally been presented with a chance to leave, one that terrified her of returning towards.

Perhaps it was shame. Shame of being seen in such a pitiful state, especially by someone as precious to her as Alisa had become.

It left Vyra not sure just what to think as Alisa came closer. Rational thought had seemed lacking in this moment, only unwarranted feelings of panic stemming from that of a irrational fear of a fate that she had felt she escaped.

To feel Alisa’s arm drape around her, her eyes widened, not out of shock but rather out of disbelief, a welcome disbelief. Though she had lay there, the scars of what had been come and gone still present upon her body, but now she was not alone. With her, Alisa, someone who had given her everything. Hope. Happiness. Love. Stripping away the room, the fancy clothes, the food, the woman had treated Vyra like a person, someone deserving of the most basic decencies. That in that moment she had come to feel differently towards her, as much as she tried, Vyra could do only so much to hold back the tears of relief.

She was speechless. Though the feeling of saying something, even a most basic thank you, seemed beyond her. A combination no doubt of her coming off of the emotional rollercoaster that she had just ridden paired with the fatigue that had all but claimed her now. Even the simple task of taking Alisa’s hand seemed to carry with it a level of burden that she had not felt up until this point. Mustering what strength she were able, she followed Alisa’s guidance, keeping her grip upon Alisa’s hand with all the strength provided, though likely it would have felt to the other woman that it were nothing more than a ginger grasp. The pair continued on, the last few words between Alisa and the other woman being lost to Vyra as her eyes remained fixated upon the bed.

There was an absolute appeal towards it. A large, bed, one that multiple Vyra could rest within and still have no shortage of room leftover. An expansive mattress, undoubtedly of high quality if the rest of the Blue Pegasus building was any indicator, resting atop a large dark mahogany frame, similar to that of much of the rest of the furniture within the room. Elaborate and elegant sheets adorned atop, rich in the same shade of blue as much of other fabrics seen about, a lighter shade weaved in the embroidery to convey more of a design. Presentation-wise, it dwarfed anything Vyra may had once had the luxury of resting upon. To know that this was hers, there would be an appreciation for it that she may fully come to terms with, though once she was more of reasonable mind.

As Alisa helped her onto the bed, with each motion, each bit of her further resting upon the mattress, the material conforming to her body, Vyra’s strength seemed to wane more and more with every passing second. Even the motion of laying her head upon the large pillows could have as easily been attributed to her having lost the last bits of her strength, the surface by which she landed on being the best that could have been asked for. Fluffy, soft to the touch, but at the same time strong enough to support herself, it was the best that Vyra could have possibly asked for.

And to see the woman whom she had come to idolize, the one who had showed her a world outside of the hell that she had come from, Vyra could do little more than hold a smile towards Alisa, watching as the woman followed a similar sequence as Vyra had. Her smile lingered; her eyes remained upon the woman until the call of sleep eventually came to overtake her entirely. In her final moments of consciousness, she heard the words of the woman call out, wishing her a good night. As she uttered, or at least, felt that she uttered the same response, Vyra’s eyes closed as the calming feeling of rest overtook her at last, “Good night Alisa…”

To have such a rest after the long, exhaustive day that she had had, the very idea of sleep had become such a thing of luxury. It had been such a truly foreign experience that she was not sure of just how she seemed to relive it. The feeling of sleeping upon a bed like this, a true example of modern luxury that had always been denied her, as drastic of an improvement from sleeping upon the cold ground within an alleyway most of the time, a timid resting upon the floor of some establishment under the best of circumstances. But of what comfort that should have brought, it did not. At least, not in the manner that Vyra expected.

It was not the residual pain of what had taken place earlier, the display of Magic performed by her and Alisa that had gone awry. She was no stranger to sleeping through and despite pain; at one point in the past even having slept through multiple broken ribs. But as she slept, what her body registered was something different, a feeling residing throughout her subconscious as she slept. Dreams perpetually interrupted by the flashing of blue and white glows, persisting around whatever sort of peripheral her mind registered the thoughts, only to disappear and reappear again.

It was unsettling. Not painful, but certainly not what lent to a comfortable sleep. Except that it did.

For as unnerving as it may have been, whatever distraction they may have stood to be or otherwise affected her unconsciously, Vyra did not struggle to sleep, overly lost within the confines of relaxation and comfort, the combination of the luxurious bed and her body having been overly drained of any sort of energy lending to a perfect union that kept her consumed whilst the strange visions continued to hammer upon her.

If nothing else, it stood as quite an experience to reflect back upon once she awoke.

It came with the greatest of reluctance that her eyes opened, the drive and desire to remain underneath the warmth and comfort of the heavy sheets that were adorn upon her, the pillow that seemed to allow her head to forever fall within a vortex of comfort. Not for anything did she wish to tear herself from it. Only upon opening her eyes again and actually processing the empty side of the bed beside her, the spot in which she would have longed to see Alisa beside her instead empty, the sheets tossed about with the indignation of someone who had awoken too late in the morning to care about the proper tidiness of the sheets and their appearance. Vyra couldn’t help but appreciate that and smiled slightly, if only to try and salvage some sort of good that stood to come out of actually following suit and getting out of bed.

As she resigned herself to shutting her eyes once again, hoping to afford herself a few more minutes of rest, it was the faint scent in the air that seemed to draw her attention, at least enough such that she got up from the pleasure of the pillow to put a face to the smell. It rested upon the mahogany table across from the bed, just beside the box of treats that Vyra and Alisa had eaten upon the night before. A large tray, one that easily could have accompanied the entire space of the table itself, with a bevy of breakfast items spread out upon it. Pastries, meats, cheeses, numerous small saucers filled to the brim with sauces, pitchers full of various colored beverages.

A feast. A feast for the two of them.

Whatever reluctances Vyra may have had a moment before about waking up, they quickly seemed to have passed as she threw off the covers in haste, or at least whatever haste would have been afforded to someone whom had just awoken. She certainly felt that, her eyes still not fully adjusted to the brightness of the room; the Magical light in which her eyes had gotten familiar with the other night no longer active in lieu of the intense beams of early morning sunlight that penetrated through the windows. They painted the room, providing a level of clarity and a different perspective that was not present the night before. The objects within the room were more clear, the excitement that had overwhelmed Vyra the night before having been cleared, allowing her with a chance to genuinely appreciate everything that now were present here.

Here in her room.

Her room. The very idea that this was something of hers was still something that she had a hard time wrapping her head around. Every piece of furniture, now further highlighted as Vyra viewed them from an objective eye, made her more and more wonder how anything like this could have happened to her. Each piece had been hand-carved, shown the quality of a craftsman that Vyra in only her wildest dreams would ever hope to come close towards. Yet, now she had a large room, with all of this, all thanks to Alisa. It finally dawned then on Vyra that Alisa was no longer there, causing a brief moment of worry to come to her, wondering where she may have gone off to, irrational as it may have been.

The truth was that Alisa had far more responsibilities to her life than just Vyra. Although the Demi-human knew that she was the Blue Pegasus guild leader, that was the extent of it. The difficulties, the obligations that came with it, she was completely in the dark towards. Even stripping away that point, Alisa had her own life, her own friends, her own family no doubt. Though Vyra was forever grateful for the attention and affection that she had shown her up to this point, in the back of her heart – as much as she dreaded to admit it – she knew that Alisa could not watch over her every moment of the day, nor should Vyra expect such a luxury either.

But for as long as Alisa would grant Vyra the honor of her company, she would appreciate it with every capability of her person. And as she scoped the room, trying to better appreciate the little details that she had missed the first time around, the sound of running water from beyond the bathroom seemed to bring a relief to Vyra. The godmother of her fairy tale was still with her, for the time being.

Shifting her attention towards the center of the room, the remnants of Alisa’s first lesson in learning Magic unfortunately removed whatever sense of a fairy tale that this may have been. Vyra could finally see the remains, the bit of Magical residue from Alisa’s Magic that littered the floor like snow, traces of blood that otherwise lay or had co-mingled on the floor, it all contributed to a picture that she had one perspective of. To see the rest of it, to reflect back on the night before, it did send a chill down her spine, knowing that when all was said and done, she had been the cause of all of this.

Wanting to spend as little time as possible thinking back, Vyra instead turned all of her attention towards the incredible breakfast arrangement on the table just a few feet away. From her bed, it had looked impressive, but seeing it up close, Vyra was all the more impressed. Truly, from the clothes to the room to the food, Alisa never did anything halfway. The absolute best or not at all. Vyra certainly weren’t one to complain though, but she found herself in a very unique, and arguably luxurious position to find oneself in.

Not sure just where to start.

Everything seemed so good. It was all so fresh, trails of steam still resonating off of plenty of the items laid before them. Her eyes darted back and forth from one entrée to the next. The croissants that looked all just so appealing to the muffins perfectly browned with the smallest bits of fruit laid within them to the ham glazed just enough to further draw ones’ eyes towards it, but not enough to tarnish the flavor. Everything was masterfully done, and Vyra genuinely struggled to figure out just what to have, her hand reaching out towards one thing only for her to recoil it back in second thought, repeating the process a few times over with several different items.

Eventually her mind settled on one of the muffins. She reached out and grabbed perhaps while not the largest of them, appeared to be one of the more impressive ones. Perfectly bronzed, with small bits of orange and chocolate within the outer layer of the crust. With just a single bite, Vyra could not help but smile in delight. It was perfect! It tasted far better than anything that she could have imagined if she had ever found herself in a position to prepare one herself. For that matter, just looking at not just the muffin in her hand but also everything across the table, she could not help but appreciate that the cooking stood to be greater than anything she ever could hope to achieve on her own.

It made her only appreciate the meal all the more.

Another bite, another smile. Vyra could not have asked for a better way to wake up to, but she could not help but find herself a little upset. Eventually, this food would be gone. Not just that of this breakfast, but of the treats that were still in the box beside the tray. The quality of all of this, this was not just some food; it was perhaps some of the best that she would ever hope to encounter. This was the quality of food for the elite, and however much she may wanted to dream, she knew that she wasn’t one of them. This room, her room, said otherwise, but it spoke more to Alisa’s kindness than it did anything of Vyra’s credit.

Vyra’s muffin seemed to be infinite, or at least as she thought it to be. Multiple bites in and she felt like there was still so much more of it remaining, another good problem to have. She took another bite as she decided to stroll towards the balcony, sliding open the two doors and stepping out directly into the sunlight, momentarily blinded as her eyes did not expect it to be quite as bright as it actually was. While the room certainly had come alive in the sunlight than that of what Magic had provided, but even that transformation had done little to prepare her for how intense it actually was.

It took some time for her eyes to adjust to the light; the sun seeming to cast down directly upon her as she stood in the center of the open balcony. Though after a short while, it became more tolerable and as she looked out onto the widespread view of the city of Hargeon that she had marveled at the night before, she came to more and more appreciate the view. The city was magnificent, albeit having a completely different look than that of night. Prior, the lights illuminated a city that seemed lively, the lights from the taverns and other establishments which seemed to highlight the active and social Hargeon night-life seemed to be lost in favor of a more quiet, reserved, if not, more hospitable Hargeon.

Vyra looked out, resting her arms as she leaned out against the balcony’s ledge, muffin in hand. It was a beautiful sight, the yellow-orange glow that radiated out from the sun casting down upon the rooftops of the city, an almost otherworldly shine seeming to reflect off from the distant ocean that covered much of the view ahead. She smiled as she looked on, her eyes maneuvering through all of what this perspective of Hargeon had to offer in contrast to her exposure previously to the city.

Alisa had been right; she certainly did pick the room with the best view.

A few glances down towards what could only have possibly been the various alleyways and dead ends of the Hargeon streets could not help but inspire a bit of a reflective stare out of Vyra, who simply watched them with both scorn and wonder. From this vantage, they seemed to be nothing more than minor inconveniences within the maze that was Hargeon, but to her they were far more. They were as much her salvation as well as her tomb; providing her with the only sort of relief that the city had offered, but in the same right it had condemned her into a seemingly unescapable trap. To now see where those trapmasters lay within the greater scheme of the city, it made her wonder equally how she had gotten caught and how she were able to escape.

But that was her life no longer.

Now she found herself within the company of the Blue Pegasus guild, the crown jewel of Hargeon, as a guest of their guild master herself. There was a sense of pride that came with it, and more to Vyra, there was a sense of belonging, of her having found someone who actually cared towards her. If she were to have stripped away this fancy room, the fancy clothes, the food, all of that, so long as she knew that she were no longer left on her own, she would be fine. And more even, now she found herself blessed with a talent that she never knew she had, let alone knew existed.


It should have been perceived as a blessing, but as she sauntered back into the room, the muffin in her hand reduced now to little more than a bite or two at the most, she could not help but frown slightly as her eyes connected with the aftermath or Alisa’s lesson. Vyra wish she had a better understanding of what happened last night; of what went wrong and why. She thought that she had done so well, that she had made Alisa proud, and yet she created, something. To call it a disaster would perhaps be appropriate, but it felt dirty to call it that. A monstrosity would more appropriate of a descriptor. And yet, it should not have been. Though everything about it was hazy, she still did remember a good deal of what took place and that it became so unhinged, it did not make sense as to why.

Though she was hardly even that of what one would consider a novice, or even that of someone who had even taken a few steps towards an understanding of Magic, it felt at least that she had some level of control. She recalled the statue that she tried to make of Alisa, that while it hardly had anywhere close to the level of craftsmanship that a master of Magic like Alisa would be capable of producing, at the minimum it at least had some level of similarity to that of the female figure, if nothing else. Glancing down upon the site of where she and Alisa had shared their Magical abilities, she fixated on the centerpiece of it, the area outlined by the splashing of Magical dust from Alisa’s Magic.

“I can do this,” she muttered, her eyes switching between the center of the floor and her hand, now free of the muffin but within her mind, the purple veins that protruded through her skin all too apparent even after the fact. Her focus had hardly been on it as it was happening, but the image was still seared into her mind, her arm contorted and effectively ripped apart by Magical energies, the sensation and pain having rushed through her body. And she recalled all too well the warning given by the jolly old healer.

“I can do this,” she said softly, a reassuring tone, more to convince herself than anything. Though conflicted, she looked on, fixated upon her other arm as she looked deep within, hoping to find whatever it was that she had touched before, left struggling as nothing happened.

She sighed, but tried again nonetheless, despite the potential benefit that had come with her failing to channel her Magic just then. There was no certainty that she could control her Magic, or even that she could stop it. She did before, but was it thanks to her, or was it thanks to Alisa? It didn’t matter. Vyra knew that if she ever wanted to control this Magic, she would have to be able to do it.

She closed her eyes again, focusing everything she could. Focusing upon the Magic, focusing upon what she was capable of, focusing upon what Alisa had said, the look of pride upon her face, the feeling of pride that Vyra had felt, everything.

And then it happened.

The small Magical rune which appeared upon her open palm, small, but having the same purple color that the first circle she had materialized had. From its center, it appeared. A small ball, barely the size larger than that of a chestnut, with a faint purple-like haze spreading around it. With each passing second, the haze seemed to latch upon it, covering it slightly more and more until it expanded to that of the size of a small ball, like those that a child would look to play with.

Vyra could not help but smile slightly at the progress, at the control she seemed to wield towards her usage of her Magic. Granted, the form in which she was applying was trivial, something to which likely even the most simple of active apprentices and those practicing Magic could accomplish with ease. But for her to be able to do it, a part of her wished that Alisa were not in the bathroom still to witness this. She would be proud.

But in the immediate moment where she would have clamored for pride, Vyra found only panic as the purple sphere that floated just above her hand seemed to grow out of control, the fullness of it fading into more that of a gas than a solid, small little clouds of smoke peering throughout it like ink dipped in water, the ripples spreading out and dispersing as thy reach out, forming into a faint fog that encompassed the area around her hand. Her eyes widened, shocked at how quickly and rapidly the Magic seemed to become undone. With little time to process what to do other than react, she threw her hand outwards, swatting at the Magic like that of a cloud of smoke before her.

The Magic seemed to dissolve away as her hand sliced through it, splitting the cloud briefly in two before completely dissolving away into little more than a haze that covered the same area. Vyra had expected to feel something like before, a shock of pain, or something that would indicate the damage that was done to her, but there was nothing. She did not feel the same brutal torture before, nor anything at first.

Then she couldn’t breathe.

The scent and the musk hit her at once, a choking sensation that seemed to envelop her. It hurt to breath, it hurt to see, everything stung. For every second that she remained within the miasma that lingered, she could feel the life be sucked out of her. Coughing, gagging even, Vyra covered her mouth as she backed up, tripping over one of the chairs left over, landing upon the floor hard as the sensation of being able to breath again came back with a force that was both unexpected but wholly welcome. Coughing still, trying to expel the last bit of the Magic that may have been within her, Vyra peered up, seeing the last little bit of her Magic disappearing within the air, eventually there seeming to be no trace of it whatsoever remaining.

She looked on, her face one of equal frustration and disappointment as she remained on the ground, simply looking at where the cloud had once been, then back to her hand, first the other from which she had cast the Magic, then to the one previously from the night before. She fixated on them for a moment, disappointment wholly evident within her face as she cursed aloud, “Why? Why can’t I do this!?”

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Alisa stepped out of the shower utterly oblivious to whether her new friend had already woken up, her hearing dulled by the insistent drumming of water against her body and the shower windows around them. Instead, she made the most of that opportunity to wash away yesterday's effort, relaxing in the notion of having Vyra completely safe and protected. In here, inside the Blue Pegasus guild hall, sharing a room with her of all places, she had nothing to fear from the curious, inquisitive eyes of others, let alone the wariness of strangers. Picking out a cozy, fuzzy towel, Alisa tucked it around the fullness of her bust and stepped out of the shower, picking up another towel and gently draping it around that long, dripping black hair.

Indeed, Alisa had her duties as guildmaster to attend to...

But nobody really needed her for the more menial, administrative work. She had people capable of picking up her slack for those day to day matters alone, and they could attend to it well enough that she felt comfortable leaving it in their hands. If anything, her thoughts mostly wandered to her wife, for she hadn't seen her for most of yesterday. Smiling as she wiped the fogginess from the mirror in front of her, Alisa wondered if she shouldn't probably introduce Vyra to Sofia sooner rather than later.

For now, she focused on her self grooming, gently drying her her hair as she admired her own reflection, eyes rolling towards the door, left sufficiently ajar for her to hear when Vyra finally woke up. Guess even the exhausted demi human couldn't quite sleep in with such a beautiful day before her, huh? For the first time in a long while, she could wake up comfortably at her own pace, and enjoy this breathtaking view out the window over a warm, freshly cooked breakfast. Just how much happier could she have been if could wake up like this every single day...? With a soft, sullemn sigh, Alisa nonetheless pushed those thoughts aside and instead focused on the road ahead. She couldn't change the past... But she could defenitely change this girl's life for the better. To give her everything she deserved but had been so cruelly withheld. Unless some unexpected emergency suddenly hit, she could devote all of her attention to the girl:

"Vyra...!", though nothing quite compared to that stressful first use of magic last night, the girl's coughing and the frustrated curses that followed pulled the sculptress from her leisurly pace. She'd barely finished pulling off her towel when she replaced it with a proper outfit, once again relying on the power of her ring to quickly clad herself in casual clothing, the soft, silken fabric yet clinging to her damp skin as she stepped briskly out of the bathroom, alarmed, "Are you alright?"

She back to find the girl sitting on the floor next to the litter from last night, and needed little more than a quick little glance to get the gist of the situation. What lingering hint of pungent smelling mist still making her nose twitch, though fortunately not enough to provoke a coughing fit like Vyra just experienced. Nonetheless, she rose her hand over her nose and waved it around, swatting away the smell as she turned her attention solely to the budding mage at her feet:

"Oh dear... You... You tried it again didn't you?"

Alisa walked up to her, offering Vyra a hand to help her back onto to her feet, a worried look crossing her face as she stood there. She already knew the answer to that question, and yet waited for Vyra to give it nonetheless. Even if she admired the girl's persistence, her concern completely defeaned out the rest, knowing fully well just how dangerous her Magic could be if mishandled:

"I can understand your eagerness, but you really should be gentler to your body~...", smiled the sculptress at last, squeezing tighter to Vyra's hand as that understanding hand came to rest on her arm, caressing it softly, yet feeling a smidge of the damage last night had dealt. As if appraising it, to see whether the night's rest had at least alleviated some of her ailment, "You need rest while your wounds heal."

She couldn't imagine how it felt like for her magic to turn on her like that... True, she might have struggled to control her magic when she was first starting out, though her crystal wasn't nearly that volatile. At it's worst, no amount of inexperience would have this kind of effect. Though Alisa couldn't imagine wielding something like this, she didn't think any less of her, or even think too long on anything outside the girl's wellbeing:

"Your magic seems quite difficult to control, so... Don't be afraid to ask for my help when you're starting out~...?", she spoke that tender, affectionate look drawing back on her lips

True, she couldn't be around her forever, but at least so long as Vyra had Alisa's company, she'd do everything in her power to assist her. She'd drawn the short stick and ended up stuck with a fickle magic that easily unnerved most onlookers. She'd likely struggle to find a good natured teacher who'd willingly train her in using a magic this dark, or at least somebody who wouldn't try to turn her into a weapon to suit their needs. Dark mages could be awfully unscrupulous when they smelled an opportunity. So even if she knew Vyra might eventually go back on her own travels, she hoped to at least leave her with a strong foundation, so she'd never be caught off guard by her own power like she did yesterday.

Shifting her weight between her legs, a subtle crunching reached her ears, drawing Alisa's wine red gaze back down to the glimmering patch of diamond dust under her feet. This was... The reason why Vyra thought to try her magic again so soon huh? Eyes narrowing as she mentally chided herself for leaving it that way, once again Alisa fetched her servant key and held it up in the air beside her, twisting it until that same radiant gleam filled the air, taking the shape of one of her Servants - a blonde woman dressed in a maid outfit:

"Good morning Ms. Vollan. What can I do for you?", greeted the woman, cool and poised as she bowed gracefully before the guild master.

"Good morning~... Would you mind tidying up this room for me...?", she greeted the blonde, tilting her head ever so slightly, vaguely motioning towards the bed and the floor between them.

"Right away Miss~"

And with a soft smile, the woman turned around and got to work, starting off with the bed, still warm from the two women sleeping in it... Alisa spared her but a cursory glance, before her hand fell back down on her hip, arching her brow as she returned her attention to Vyra:

"If you'd like, we could talk about your magic~...?", mused the sculptress, a sly smirk drawing on her lips as she rose a finger to them, "After all, Fiona said to avoid using magic, but that shouldn't stop you from learning more about it... A mage is only as good as what she knows after all~"

With these words, Alisa merely stepped forwards and turned on one heel, plopping her rear back down on the cushy seat of the nearest chair, crossing her legs with that flowing, graceful motion as she soon turned her attention to breakfast. The scent alone made her chest heave up and down with a long, satisfied breath... Nothing quite like the scent of coffee early in the morning~...

"Well, you've used your magic twice now... What impressions do you have of it...?", mused the sculptress, cooly pouring a full mug of coffee for herself.

Alisa had seen it, of course, but she knew no more about it than what she'd laid eyes upon. Only Vyra had actually felt it with her body, and judging by the way she coughed back there, in all the unpleasant ways too. Anybody could call it dark magic with a glance, but the mind of a pragmatist yearns for more than mere platitudes. What kind of dark magic was it? How could one use it, or train it? How could they tame its harmful tendencies and harness it properly? Judging by the effects she'd seen, Alisa guessed it was defenitely some kind of disease based magic, like the once once used by the Wizard Lord Odin. This made it ideal for subduing living beings, something that could serve Vyra well if she fell under attack when Alisa wasn't around...

But before she tainted the girl's own thoughts with her impressions, Alisa wanted to hear them from her mouth. As the user of that magic, now that the tension from yesterday had passed, how did she feel about it?

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- Alisa Vollan

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Though she could breathe again, it felt as though she were still choking. Not of the Magic whose foul odor seemed to linger still within the air, but rather upon her own words.

Upon her own weakness.

Vyra had caught only a smallest of glimpses of Alisa returning to the room, presumably from the large private bathroom that rested on the other side of the room; ironically enough perhaps the one area of the room that throughout her initial viewing the other night and earlier prior to her second attempt at Magic she had yet to view in any meaningful capacity. It was strange. Throughout the time that she had spent with the woman who overlooked her, Vyra had come to develop a level of safety towards her, a reassurance of her own well-being while in the woman’s company. But in this moment, perhaps similar to that of the irrational fear she showed last night with her broken body having been exposed, Vyra wished to have not been seen like this.

In part due to her own failing, her weakness and inability to control her Magic once again having been put on display, even just in the waning moments as now. Though it was not quite to the same degree, neither in respects to the magnitude of how her Magic had been allowed to manifest nor the physical toll that it had taken upon her body, it had mirrored the same result as before. Vyra unable to control whatever was produced, suffering to some degree as a result, and Alisa seemingly having to save her. It made her start to wonder if the clone of her that she had encountered within whatever that realm inside her mind was right, that Vyra wouldn’t be able to control it.

But that doubt, that sense of weakness, it came secondary to the feeling of disappointment that Vyra felt, the feeling of guilt. She had not been ignorant towards the words of the healer. Alisa had heard it too, had even advocated against such a decision, and yet Vyra had practiced her Magic again. She acted against them with her body in less than an ideal state, which even then may not have been enough. The Magic nearly destroyed her before, such that for her to escape having used it again with only a brief coughing fit was nothing shy of a miracle. But it did not change that her doing so came at the supervision of nobody.

She well could have died in that moment because she did not listen.

And though she did not quite fully appreciate that risk, she tended to believe that Alisa knew that all too well. Vyra did not doubt that during her time in Blue Pegasus, not just as the guild master but also as a member, that Alisa had seen no shortage of pain and death at the hands of Magic. She likely understood all of this infinite times more than what Vyra could have ever hoped to imagine. It just seemed make Alisa’s words cut even deeper into Vyra, causing the Demi-human’s heart to drop as she sat there on the ground, ashamed of herself. Whatever sort of praise she had hoped to expect for trying to grasp control of her Magic, there were no reason to expect that now. Nor should there have been.

Shame kept her head to the ground, her eyes too fearful of seeing the disappointment in Alisa’s face to raise up to exchange glances. Thus, the hand extended out before her only caught her off guard, her eyes widening slightly, Vyra half-expecting disgust and vitriol towards her action, instead being met with worry with perhaps a small hint of disappointment caked on top. The contrast to her expectations though were enough to snap Vyra out of the blanket of pity that she had wrapped herself within and while circumstances may not have been particularly kind, Vyra could not help but flash a small smile.

Accepting the outstretched hand of Alisa’s, Vyra got up to her feet; a part of her still anticipating some sort of scolding for what she had done. While it did seem that Alisa’s response at least seemed to make it seem that everything was fine, it was impossible not to recall the events of the night before, to think back to how vicious her Magic had been. How easily it had torn through her, a memory that Vyra could not help but slightly shudder at as Alisa gently drew her hand over Vyra’s. Though the physical effects seemed to have waned, the purple veins that looked to bulge through the skin having long since receded, a part of Vyra still recalled every moment of it, finding herself as much looking on with intrigue and disgust at the sight of her own appendage.

Her focus had remained fixed upon her hand, so much so that she had not noticed the woman suddenly appearing within the room. A young woman, looking perhaps some years older than Vyra was, perhaps closer to Alisa’s age than anything else, dressed in an outfit typical of what she had seen among servants and people of similar stature, not just during her time in Hargeon, but throughout her travels. Taken aback more by the suddenness of the woman’s arrival than anything, Vyra could not help but flash a quick glance at Alisa, impressed by the sort of accommodations the Blue Pegasus Guild has shown to be able to provide. Between the man whom escorted her through the main part of the building the other night, to whomever prepared this meal, to now this woman, it’s seemed that everyone under Alisa not only were incredibly proficient, but seemed happy too.

But her fascinations were only partial; as much a deterrent, a hope to distract not just herself, but also hopefully Alisa from what she had done. It nagged at her, similar to that of the same feeling that clawed at her before as she had first gazed upon the remnants of Magic that the servant was now cleaning; she had to tried. Much like now, a part of her felt compelled to explain. There was no certainty that Alisa would ever be able to understand, but Vyra had to try. The words lingered within her head, exactly how she wished to convey them being more of a mystery to her. As she gave thought, Alisa moved over towards the table, helping herself towards some of the various delicacies littered throughout the table, something Vyra as much wanted to do, having had a chance to sample just the muffin earlier.

“You made it seem so easy,” Vyra began, her words not so much speaking of admiration, but rather of disappointment. Though, it were clear whom the focus of that were directed towards, “I just thought that… That, if I could…” She sighed, “I just wanted to make you proud of me.” It pained her, not knowing quite what she was capable of. The other night, she had entered a world that she never knew before, still did not quite understand, nor could she fully explain just what it was that had happened, why, how, or how she had managed to fix it. Or even if she had fixed it. “I’m sorry,” She said with a pitiful voice, it was hard not to feel for the Demi-human, but she was not looking for sympathy. Her disappointment ran not just towards herself for failing to control her Magic, but also for having done it behind Alisa’s back. More than anything, that stung to her.

Her disappointed eyes scanned the table, internal guilt towards her failure to control to her Magic still upon the forefront of her focus, though looking upon the table made it hard to fully resonate in that state of pity. More items than what she could have ever imagined to eat, aromas and scents a plenty filling the area, more even as Alisa poured herself a glass of something, the scent of it seeming to cut right through the fruits and breads that otherwise dominated the table. She watched in intrigue as Alisa poured herself a cup of whatever it was, dark in color, looking more like water than anything else. Vyra was certain that she had seen something like that before, but the scent that came from it threw her off; it seemed odd that something so unappealing towards the eye could produce a scent so pleasant to the nose. After a moment passed, Vyra similarly poured herself a glass of the liquid, within a mug just as Alisa had, nearing to the brim of the mug such that as she tried to hold it, she found herself forced to carefully balance it with two hands. She leaned it upwards, taking a large sip.

And almost immediately spit it back within the mug.

A look of disgust upon her face, Vyra hastily put the mug back down upon the table, the descent of the glass having nowhere near the elegance or attention to detail that its ascent had; a contrast made apparent by an almost tsk sound echoed out by the cleaning servant just behind them, who could not help but have a small look of enjoyment out of presumably watching Vyra trying coffee for the first time, only to shake her head afterwards as bits of coffee spilled not just upon the table, but also the floor below. “Eww, what is that!?” Vyra looked upon the mug with disgust, her face flashing to Alisa, curious as to how she seemed to enjoy it. And yet, despite having tasted it, Vyra could not help but lean forward, taking in another hearty scent of the aroma that radiated out from it, and then perked lips as she sipped a little bit from the still near-full mug.

The second time was no better than the first.

Though she managed to not spit the contents of the coffee this time around, the taste was no better than before, to which Vyra simply gave up on the idea of having that drink. It made the smile upon her face as she saw the large pitcher of orange juice all the more satisfying. Grabbing one of the other mugs that had been placed upon the table, she instead began to pour herself a glass as Alisa spoke, asking her something that she was not sure of just how to respond towards. What Vyra thought of her own Magic.

She looked at Alisa for a moment, then at the glass of orange juice now in her hand, back to Alisa, before looking at the mug of coffee that she had abandoned, then back to the orange juice. She repeated this once or twice more, her expression not quite blank, but in a state of confusion, as the Demi-human struggled to quite provide the answer. For other things, her being uncertain weren’t an issue, but this was not something that she could do that for, nor would she expect that either Alisa would want, nor she would want to give to her. After a moment, she sighed as she put down the glass of orange juice.

“I’m not sure what to think really. I have… this Magic, this power that I never knew existed,” She stared into the glass of orange juice in her hands, the small vibrations within the liquid indicative of her gentle shaking, “And I don't think I know what to think. Should I want it? Should I hate it? This doesn’t feel like how they talk about Magic should be. It’s not pretty, it isn’t special. Not like yours. Yours is enchanting, the kind of thing that they can talk about in stories.”

In perhaps the first moment of being mindful of where she was, Vyra put down the glass orange juice beside the discarded mug of coffee. Once upon a time, whether or not a floor were stained wouldn’t have mattered, but all of a sudden, now she had to be mindful, particularly within this room. Her awareness though did not stray away from the harsh reality she was conveying to Alisa, “But not mine. I get sick thinking about it, seeing it, smelling it. And feeling it… that, what happened last night, I wanted to die, the pain that I felt. Like being cut to pieces again, and again, and again. Magic isn’t supposed to feel like that, is it!?” She swallowed hard, the painful recollection of what happened apparent in every part of her face.

“And in my head, my mind, wherever I was, it was there. Everywhere. It didn’t matter where I was, I wasn’t safe from it. I was… I was choking on it, I couldn’t breathe, and I saw me. At least, I think it was me. She looked like me, she sounded like me, but she… It... stood there, within the same poison that I was breathing like it was nothing.” Vyra’s eyes became watery as the conversation between the two, her and her clone, returned to the forefront of her memories. “And she said… she said she could make the pain go away. I wouldn’t have to endure the Magic, I could just live a happy life for once.”

Vyra held her hand to her mouth, the beginnings of tears starting to come forth near her eyes, “And I said no. I could control my Magic, I said. All I’ve been is weak my entire life. All you’ve seen me is weak, and I just wanted, I just wanted to feel strong, I just wanted to show you that side of me. I couldn’t walk away from it, not after you showed me this, I couldn’t betray that. I would find a way to control the Magic; I wasn’t going to let it control me, and I would make you proud.”

The tears that had begun to flow seemed to calm down, if only for a moment. If nothing else, Vyra seemed to calm slightly, the hysterics in her voice relaxing as her breathing calmed as well, “But I don’t know if I can… I tried, and I failed.” She sighed, a look of defeat upon her face, one that seemed not even the food upon the table could brighten.

A face that she was too ashamed to meet with Alisa’s.

“And I’m scared. I don’t know if I am strong enough. I thought I was, but… but maybe she was right…”

"Maybe it would have been better if I just allowed her to have the Magic instead..."

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Watching as the girl got back on her feet, Alisa didn't really know why she decided to try her luck in spite of the doctor's orders, but she could hazard a couple guesses. Eagerness to prove something, to Alisa or maybe just herself, a sense of lacking worth for the place she now stood in, or maybe just fear at the idea of her power spiralling out of control before she learned to get a grip on it. Alisa didn't knew if any of these reasons hit home, but she wagered whatever drove had a little bit of everything, a broiling storm of emotions the girl hadn't yet had the time to cope with. As such, she listened intently to every word from her lips, and finally smiled when the girl spoke:

"I am proud of you.", Alisa replied, without a hint of hesitation, almost baffled at the notion that Vyra thought otherwise, brow arching visibly before that same faint smile drew on her lips, "I mean, you got stuck with an impossibly fickle magic even experts would struggle to control, and even when it spiralled, you managed to rein it in. Without anybody getting seriously hurt, or worse."

Alisa sighed as she dipped the spoon in her cup of coffee, stirring it softly as her eyes drifted down to the swirling liquid in her cup, thinking back to her own journey to arcane mastery. She had plenty of mishaps when she was starting out, and with every young mage she met, more and more she felt like few to no rookie mages could ever muster the amount of patience needed to work through those first few attempts:

"I've had years to get this far, though I'll admit... It can be frustrating, when you're starting out."

Her words sounded more like a confession as she rested her elbow on the side of the table, shooting an understanding look into the demi human's eyes, watching as the girl poured herself a cup of coffee. Alisa arched her brow... Once again Vyra never shied away from trying new things and the sculptress watched her like a hawk, only to chuckle heartily at the reaction, an audible giggle filling the room as she rose a hand gracefully over her mouth, only for an almost awkward, apologetic look to cross her face when the girl expressed her frustration:

"It's... An acquired taste~...", she replied, winking playfully at her as she took another sip, taking a slice of bread onto her plate and spreading butter over it, before picking out the mug of milk pushing it gently in Vyra's direction, "Most people don't like their coffee black until they get used to it. Usually a bit of milk or a spoonful of sugar will do the trick~"

Moments like these reminded Alisa of what Vyra needed most in her life, a place where she could freely try new things at her own pace, without worrying what other people might think of her. Nonetheless, the dark cloud of last night's events yet loomed over them, and all the more reason for Alisa to relish lighthearted moments like these. When Vyra started answering her question, Alisa merely sipped her coffee, silent for the most part as she merely pitched in here and there, shaking her head as she found the girl unsure whether to want or to hate that kind of power:

"No point hating, or resenting it... Though magic is very much a living thing, it lacks a will of its own. If you decide you don't want it, well, no wizard is bound by their natural affinity. And with how challenging your magic seems, I don't even believe sticking with your affinity will make it any easier to learn... Whether you decide to keep it or learn a new one, don't worry. I'll be here to help you regardless~"

Learning a whole new element of magic would prove daunting, but defenitely doable. Ideally, if Vyra decided she didn't want anything to do with that power, Alisa would understand it, and help her through it. If she stuck to darkness element, she should at least still be able to make the most of her aptitude. Alisa nodded... Indeed, her magic was... Particularly destructive. Disease magic, something that exists solely to destroy life. She gulped, all but shuddering at the thought of the girl's past, how it could leave her so attuned to such menacing a power. Yet nothing compared to the shiver down her spine when she mentioned her experience in her innermost thoughts, complete with another Vyra who looked exactly like her, at ease with such a destructive magic:

"Whoever she is... Doesn't sound like her idea of a happy life is the same as yours or mine.", Alisa paused and took yet another sip.

Part of her imagined that the darker Vyra could very well be the reason Vyra got stuck with such a dark, hateful magic. It suited her, more than any other element or ability. For a woman who could do nothing but spew her venom every time she showed her face, her magical affinity seemed like the Gods' cruel twist of fate. Alisa smiled, and simply reached out, gently brushing away Vyra's tears as she spoke:

"Remember what I told you yesterday~...?", with that soft, admiring look drawing back on her face, Alisa's hand came to rest atop Vyra's, squeezing it gently, softly, tenderly, "I already know how strong you are. The fact that you've been through so much, and endured it long enough to meet me here... The fact that you managed to hold on your magic. You have plenty of strength, far more than you know."

With every word from her lips, Alisa's smile grew just a bit wider, overjoyed at a show of strength Vyra herself scarcely recognized. However weak she believed herself, she not only held on to her a magic that repulsed her to the core, but rejected the easy way out. She not only survived this long, endured every ordeal life or the other Vyra threw her way, but came out on the other side:

"There's so much more to a person than being strong or weak, and there's far more to strength than how quickly you can learn a new magic. Don't let anybody tell you you're weak.", her eyes narrowed, a hint of firmness crossing her face as she clearly saw what the other Vyra was doing.

Vyra's magic had a weakness in the challenge involved in controlling it... The darker Vyra never really tried to control it. She simply allowed it to run rampant, something a kind soul like the girl before her never could. She didn't know of her exact motivations, but she'd so far made quite clear she wanted Vyra to rely on her at every step of the way, without letting anybody else, or even the girl herself have a say in the matter:

"If you do that, all of it will have been for nothing. Surviving this long, staying true to yourself... Meeting me. I'm... not really sure what exactly would happen if you do that, but I do know that, one way or another...", a cold feeling of dread shot through her at the thought, and Alisa couldn't help but squeeze tighter into her hand, shaking her head as if she could rustle off that unsettling thought, "...You wouldn't be you anymore?"

Alisa didn't really know what it meant. But whether metaphoric or literal, she spoke with unwavering certainty. To let someone else live her life. And in Vyra's case, well... She'd lose her. Alisa didn't know how exactly it would happen, but that bad feeling deafened everything else. She didn't want to lose her, and she didn't want her to lose herself:

"I assume she didn't tell you... What would happen if you gave her the keys to the kingdom? Or what happens in those moments when you black out?", Alisa had been hesitating to tell her... But if the other Vyra was now trying to manipulate her into surrendering control, well... The situation took a turn for the worse.

And so Vyra at least had to know about the monkey's paw. That while the other Vyra could indeed "protect" her from the bad things that happened to her... That protection came with a steep cost.

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She couldn’t help but lift her head, a bit of surprise and perhaps disbelief within her eyes as they met with the kind face of Alisa’s, the words spoken leaving her weakly stunned. She was proud of her. Vyra didn’t say anything, finding herself just letting that sink in, occasionally looking down onto her right arm, reflecting on what had happened last night to it, what she had endured, and what she had tried only moments ago, despite being told not to. She had defied them, defied Alisa, in hopes of impressing her when she had not needed to.

After spending a bit of time simply looking at her hand, her mind racing with what could have happened had things spiraled out of control as badly as they had the night prior, she fought back tears, ashamed of what she had done. Vyra had gotten lucky that her Magic did not further manifest itself beyond that of the cloud, leaving her with only regret for going against Alisa’s and the nurse’s recommendation. She lifted her head sulkily, shame on her face, not just for trying to use her Magic, but the reasoning behind it – the idea that she had allowed fester within her mind, “I’m sorry.”

Vyra didn’t say much more, instead preferring to listen as Alisa spoke, her words more and more resonating just how wrong the Demi-human had been in her assessment of Alisa. It was comforting to hear, but did not detract from the fact that Vyra’s ignorance towards people left this potential. Despite Alisa’s noblest intentions, Vyra still found herself pulling out seeds of doubt within herself. What was to happen when she inevitably encounters people with less than honest intentions and motives? She silently dwelled on that as Alisa gently placed a mug before her, her eyes bouncing between it and the mug of coffee that Vyra had tried only a moment before.

Though a bit reluctant given how it had tasted moments before, Vyra poured a bit of the milk within the mug into her coffee, though only a small bit with how aggressively she had filled her mug earlier. Similar to before, with the contents of her mug almost entirely to the rim again, the Demi-human took another sip, half-expecting to hate it just as she did before.

Her widening eyes told the entire story. It was not bad. Not as good as orange juice was, but certainly drinkable. At the very least, having added milk to the coffee made it far better than just coffee by itself. Taking another sip to bring down the fullness of the cup to well below the rim now, Vyra decided to pour even more milk into the drink, the color changing to what almost looked like a very whitish brown, evidence of just how much milk she had added. Taking another sip of the again nearly-full mug, she couldn’t help but smile, “Milk does help it!”

Her eyes darted over towards the pitcher of orange juice that lay on the table and then to her mug, bouncing back and forth a few times before she eventually shook her head. It may have helped with the coffee, but that was a bit too much.

But shifting her view back onto the coffee mug in her hand, she could not help but think back to what she was wondering moments earlier. A part of her, despite how much she wanted to, could not help but doubt something of Alisa. It was inevitable that she would find reasons to distrust others who would come into her life. But like how she trusted Alisa with trying the coffee again, there would likely come times where she would have to show trust as well.

“Really? You can do that,” Vyra asked as she listened to Alisa describing the world of Magic, in particular the capability of changing one’s affinity. It seemed vague, how Alisa explained it, it almost seeming as informal as changing into a different dress, though that undoubtedly was painting in an insulting simple comparison. But it did make Vyra wonder if that would be the best option for her, as far as her Magic was concerned. It was destructive, sickening really, and in the few times that she had seen it now, neither time had the form been consistent outside of those descriptors. It certainly was nothing like what Alisa’s Magic had been; regal and defined, lovely and captivating. “What's yours?”

It would have been premature for her to switch her Magic, though after two harmful encounters in the real world and one within her own mind with it, the amount of leeway that one stood to have towards a Magic like that would certainly have waned. If she were to pursue a new variant of Magic, it was far too early to say what she would switch to, not even knowing her own Magic’s respective affinity or whatever else it may have been that she could have pursued. She peered from her milk with coffee and looked to her hand again, imagining if it wasn’t that sickly dark Magic that came from it, instead the same elegant crystal-like material that Alisa had, or something else entirely.

It wouldn’t terrify her quite the same as it did now.

Her mind wandered a little bit, Alisa’s brief mentioning of different affinities that Magic wielders were capable of using making her wonder more and more to this world. It was probably the most foreign to Vyra, as she had long been used to being on the other side of the social and economic perspectives compared tow here she had found herself now, but she was completely lost within the realm of Magic, her only guidance and means of staying afloat being the woman before her. Vyra could not help but wonder, if not worry, that there would be too much. Too much for her to learn, too much for Alisa to be willing to teach. Just based on her Magic alone, Vyra felt like she been a burden with how much care and precaution had to be taken towards it, or at least was going to require.

The hand that fell upon her own brought Vyra out of the brief daydream that she seemed to be under, her eyes shifting upwards to see Alisa, looking right at her, her eyes as much determined as they were earnest. Vyra admittedly was slightly startled at this; for so much of the time that she had come to know Alisa, the woman had always carried herself with such confidence and poise. There was something different though now; not to say that Alisa was not those things now, but something more now. It was in her words too, a sincerity that while perhaps having been there, did not hit as strongly as it was now. The words cut through Vyra, the honesty and truthfulness within each word, leaving the Demi-human to simply listen in utter rapture.

Despite the sincerity in Alisa’s words, there was something subtle woven in them, an underlying thought that Vyra could not make out. It was lost in how confidently the woman spoke of Vyra, praising the strength that she had seen for herself, a strength that Vyra did not believe she had. She never believed herself strong. Strength would have been to get out of the hell that she had been living for years on her own. Strength would have been to be able to control her Magic, to not rely on Alisa to save her. Her eyes widened as she heard Alisa dismiss that very notion entirely.

Alisa was right.

Vyra was a survivor.

She had survived in a world that never wanted her. Long enough to find here. To find Alisa. To find a world that she was always looking for.

Her heart beat quick, a sensation rushing over as she reached out and hugged Alisa, tightly as she was able to. She struggled to maintain her balance, one foot off the ground as she had thrown herself forward, a minor miracle that nothing from the table had spilled to the floor, no doubt to what would have been the chagrin of the woman cleaning behind them still, having been silently tending to matters making not an utterance during the conversation between Alisa or Vyra. Lifting her head towards Alisa’s ear, she spoke softly, the confidence in her voice a stark but welcome contrast to her tone earlier, “I always be me, don’t worry!”

For a time, she simply held on, neither her nor Alisa saying a word. It felt like forever, though in reality were little more than a minute or two at the most. But it was certainly long enough for Alisa’s words to cut through the silence like that of a knife, her question about the other Vyra being one that took the Demi-human by surprise, her eyes widening slightly as she released her hug from Alisa and pulled back. “Tell? Tell me what?” Vyra was admittedly confused, the uncertainty either of what she was asking or that of the conversation quite clear, “No, I mean, she was just going to take the Magic. Right? Right!?” Doubt began to creep into her mind. That was what the other Vyra had said right?

Vyra released her grip entirely from Alisa, stepping backwards as she struggled internally to remember the exact conversation, word for word, that she had with other Vyra. She agonized over not being able to remember, the circumstances that led to that encounter, the toxins that lingered within her mind, everything about it was cloudy. She looked to Alisa, desperation ripe on her face, “What do you mean?”

“What aren’t you telling me?”

Her eyes looked of fear and confusion. The cryptic message that Alisa seemed trying to convey seeming to make a bit more sense, but she still did not understand fully. She just looked on at Alisa, waiting for her words, hoping for something.

The color drained from Vyra’s face.

She was desperate for some sort of answer. Even a lie, if for no other reason than to give the illusion of everything being alright. But to hear Alisa mention the black outs, the things that had been plaguing Vyra for years now, it utterly terrified her. It brought forth everything; the frequency of them, the time she lost while under them, the lack of memory, how the world moved on without her. And though she had one or two during her time with Alisa, there could have been made explanations for them.

Alisa bringing them up as she did though, it scared Vyra to know that she knew of them. “How… How did you, how do you…” The Demi-human struggled to finish her words, finding herself backing up from Alisa slowly, as though having seen a ghost or something of utter horror. And in a way, she had. More than the streets in which she was found in, more even than the bruises that she fist displayed the night before, it was true terror now upon Vyra’s face.

Another step back and the faintest of slips upon the ground was all it required.

She fell back, the brunt of the weight falling down upon her right arm, the same one from which she endured the overload of Magic within, but at the moment that did not phase her. She kept her focus fixated on Alisa, her mind not sure whether to be more afraid that Alisa had come to figure out about her black outs and possibly knew why they happened or whether she should have more feared what was causing them.

“What… How… Please, tell me… please…”

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Even as she took her toast and brought it up to her lips, delighting in that satsifying, buttery crunch, she kept her eyes peeled as she watched the demi human in front of her, even as she hunched slightly over her table while a trickle of crumbs fell on her plate:

"Fufu~... I told you so~", she giggled, shooting her a complicit wink, adjusting her rear over the seat, uncrossing those long legs and crossing them the other way as she leaned back into her chair, nodding as Vyra expressed her curiosity regarding their changing affinities, "Indeed you can. It's not easy by any stretch of the word, but even without changing your affinity, there's a whole breadth of darkness elemental magics you could easily explore."

When questioned about her own element, her smile faded ever so slightly. She loved her magic, truly... But past experiences had made it quite clear she couldn't easily change if she wanted to. She had, however, transitioned quite seamlessly from her original magic into Crystal Demon slayer:

"Crystal. It's an unusual affinity, can be quite limiting at times...", Alisa sighed as she looked at her hand for a moment, thinking back to the one time she'd attempted to learn normal Earth magic. At that moment, she felt like a rookie mage all over again, having lost much of the magical power she depended on, "It's a subtype of Earth element, but different enough that I can't easily start making rocks if I wanted to."

Considering her apprehension towards her magic, the sculptress understood her completely if she decided to change it. She couldn't actively encourage Vyra to do so, for she couldn't simply force someone to get rid of a dark part of themselves. No, that decision had to come from the girl herself and nobody else. She supposed that was another difference between her own approach and that of her alter ego... Yet nothing quite made her breath catch in her throat like the girl's show of affection. Alisa caught her in her arms without hesitation, holding her tighter as her words of reassurance made her smile:

"Vyra... I'm glad.", smiling at her words, Alisa squeezed her closer, hand sliding up to the back of her head, stroking that soft pale blue hair, planting a soft kiss on her cheek, "You're a wonderful young woman... You really are."

Ordinarily she'd have liked nothing more than to simply hold the girl in her arms, to shower her with love, warmth and appreciation. But now... Alisa's nails dug softly into the girl's back as a different emotion washed over her. Fear... Worry... Protectiveness. Knowing the other Vyra was now actively trying to wrest more and more of the girl's life away from her, and that to protect her... She'd have to bring her face to face with that unsettling truth. Alisa felt her heart clench at the sight of Vyra as the girl shuddered with fright, as soon as she heard something the sculptress should have had no way of knowing... Her blackouts. Indeed, Vyra had mentioned losing time, but nothing else. Then how did Alisa knew they involved blackouts? She'd simply seen it first hand, watching Vyra space out as her other self took over, and come to with no memory what the hateful one had done:

"I...", Alisa put down her cup of coffee, chewing her bottom lip, stifling the sounds as she hesitated for a moment, glancing away.

Was this really for the best...? Yes, undeniably so... And yet her heart still ached this much. With every word from Vyra's lips, the more Alisa hesitated as she shifted her gaze right back to the demi human, eyes shooting wide as she caught sight of the girl stumbling back. Her breath hitched as she instinctively reached out, as though she could catch the girl as she fell back down on the ground. She was afraid. For the first time since they'd met, the girl looked genuinely scared of her, far more so than their initial meeting. It hurt to watch, knowing she had frightened her so, and an instant pang of regret came with it. Had this really been the right decision...?

Alisa gulped and held her place, fighting the urge to reach out as she took in that frightened, almost horrified look in her eyes. All this time she'd been holding on to the truth to protect her... To not put the girl through such a trouble truth before she had a chance to rest and recuperate. But now, with her odious other self hoping to seize every opportunity, she no longer had that option here, did she? Fighting her instincts to reach out and pull the girl into her arms, knowing she'd only scare her further, Alisa remained seated, looking away from the demi human as that look of guilt drew on her face:

"I only know what I've seen, I assure you...", Alisa spoke, shaking her head and sighing as she brought a hand back up to her cup of coffee, looking into the swirling black liquid as she recalled those unsettling events. Gazing into the liquid as it settled into stillness once more, as though she could gaze upon her own reflection in the cup, yesterday's memories as clear as the sunbeam's piercing through the windows, "There's moments when I look at you and you seem to space out. When after happens, it's almost as though... There's somebody else in your body. Somebody unlike you in every possible way, and yet she's there, in your body."

Alisa looked back up into Vyra's eyes, fighting the urge to reach out and pull the girl back onto her feet. That look alone made it quite clear she'd only frighten her further if she approached her right now, so the sculptress fought off her own instincts and took another deep breath, until she felt some of the tension seep away from her:

"Someone who seems utterly convinced that you're hopelessly weak and only she can save you... Sound familiar?", she added, arching her brow as she looked into the girl's eyes, hoping she'd at the very least recognize the woman from her description alone.

She'd only met her once, but with a personality that hateful, just one meeting would have surely sufficed. Alisa paused for another sip of her coffee as she continued nonetheless:

"She scoffs at the thought of your independence and sneers at the idea of anybody else helping you, and then vanishes as suddenly as she appeared, leaving you right where you were, or, in however state she left you.", that particular memory made Alisa's brow furrow, twitching as her fist tensed visibly. To think she'd stoop so low as leave Vyra with a loaded gun in her hand, just to try and prove a point, not shying away from the most nefarious means for whatever insidious purpose she had in mind.

Alisa saw no need to explain the implications, leaving it up for Vyra to work them out herself. The reason why she'd suddenly find herself with a piece of stolen bread and a very angry baker, caught red handed, and other similar situations she must have undeniably found herself in before. And why Alisa looked to her and never doubted it when she professed her innocence despite the evidence next to her.

Indeed, Vyra hadn't done any of those dubious deeds. Yet the real culptrit had used her very body for it:

"So when you told me you'd been losing time, I just... Connected the dots.", she added, waving her finger up and down in front of her, "I believe she's the reason why that's been happening to you... And if I had to guess... The more you rely on her, the more often you'll have those blackouts."

That said, the sculptress didn't really know what the other Vyra wanted. She clearly wished for Vyra to rely on her, probably to wrest control for her more and more as time went on. By why? Alisa knew the means, but not the end, and didn't expect the woman to answer honestly. But she did know her ideas of "helping" were impossibly warped. Assuming she had any semblance of honesty behind them, at least Alisa thought she genuinely believed she was helping:

"So... There you have it. I feel you shouldn't give her any more than that lost time.", with at least some of the weight lifted now that's she at least explained herself, Alisa kept her eyes peeled, unerring as she looked at Vyra, reaching her hand out and offering the girl to stand back up, even if she wouldn't be surprised if the girl rejected her aid, "Her idea of happiness is a far cry from yours or mine, so is her notion of help."

Alisa really wished she could have avoided this. Every time she looked at Vyra she couldn't help but feel that churning, that aching clench deep within, that undeniable guilt at what this unsettling truth had done to her... And more importantly... Alisa didn't really know how to help her. If Vyra asked for a solution, she would have none to give her, nothing else but theories, conjectures, possibilities. Experience had given her some insight to the workings of the mind, but she knew nothing about conditions such as hers, never having had to deal with posession of any sort, the idea of having something foreign living inside your head...

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- Alisa Vollan

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