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So the concern of the young man that when people coming, if they were coming from good intentions or from a manipulative point of view. People are people, and such, the faces that one interacts with and come into on the day to day can have various possabilties. The ones that came, lookng to make a dollar, or playing the field to get what they wanted regardless of what was going on, or the times were people with good morals came, aiming for the goals while taking in and reflecting on the enviroment, of how the lives around the situation were impacted by their words and actions. People led their lives, choosing which one that woould be like, most of the time, they would be both during the course of their life.

This was nothing new for Jikan, same as the physical
drain of the work on her body was not knew to her as well. Give her time and effort in training her body as well as the results of the simple physical  tasks she had to deal with on a day to day exposure. Considering all of that time spent, of fighting against bandits, pirates, warriors, and wizards, the growth of her body and mind was a simple side effect. Given that, the work of carrying bricks and slabs of stone might as well be nothing but a pebble. Jikan smiled with satification as she soon easily hauled another pile of steel over to where the contractor commanded.

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No sooner did she finish hauling her load did someone come up to her, piling their own pile of material onto the designated secured area while beginning to speak. "With how you are going at it feels like you could probably do the rebuilding of the town all by yourself". It was the woman from earlier. On a closer inspection, Jikan saw the features of the young lady. The lady stood waiting it seems to engage in a conversation with Jikan, a small trail of sweat was coming down her forehead, only to be casually wiped away and flicked away to the ground using her hand.

Jikan was not sweating though, it had not been really that long since she had joined them and started working, but the work was not particularly stenuous for her,  although, the long swletering rays from the sound would probably eventually change that with enough time. A person may have high endurance and stanima, but heat was heat, and that would cause pesperiation to anyone eventually with enough of a level and exposure. Jikan smiled and gave a soft laught at the comment, "No no. I may be a little different from you all, but I am still one person".


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"Well, yeah you are one person. But your abilities are far greater than anyone here".

"Well sure, but we are talking about rebuilding here". Jikan finished laying down a small amount of timber down onto the floor. She sat down. "And rebuilding, rebuilding from something like this. Is not about just building up a house, some stores, or even the land again. I mean, sure, it is partially that. But when you are coming back from destruction, from fear, from a moment where you, many people, everyone thought it was over. The thought of death, that was just moments away. To rebuild after something like that, to go on, it requires strength. Beyond just simple strength to fight or something like magical power. You need inner strength, will. And hope. You need to be able to get back up and to hope, to try and go back to those moments of enjoying what you were just fighting to protect. You have to be able to live your lives, not under the fear or influence of the event or the people that caused it. And coming together as a community, as people, to do that is the start".

Jikan got up and patted the shoulder of the lady as she went. It seemed the words she spoke were taken to heart. She hoped that they could take their first steps, but for right now, she would aid them as best as she could.

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