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Reconstruction [SUPPORT: CASSIA | Jikan]

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Reconstruction [SUPPORT: CASSIA | Jikan] Empty Thu Jun 03, 2021 9:37 pm

Being in Bosco was an interesting experience for Jikan. The sight, the smell, the people, totally  different than Fiore and Minstrel. But she had her reason to here, well reasons. Although, the travelling through the territory was still hard for the woman. She was lucky she knew a decent amount of the language due to her past time of traveling. Thankfully she had some prior exposure to the language. Not enough to be fluent, but just enough for her to handle herself in conversation. She was here orignally  purly for her own needs. Her gathered information told her that her brother had left Fiore and had taken a trip to Bosco. So here she was, in a country that appeared to be in the middle of a civil? civil war on the matter of a new ruler after the death of their late king. Why the heck Destin wanted to be here was unknown to her, but wherever he went she would go, she wanted answers to her questions. She had so must to catch up on, it had been at least over twenty years since she had last seen him.

But regardless of her prior experience to the towns and people of Bosco, the female wizard was not used to everything of the country. From the language to the cities, to the food and the culture, geez she was already starting to get confused with trying to adjust. But really, she was   just trying to find somewhere to eat, but nothing really matched her taste all was either something she found strange or just too expensive. She was tired of the stentch of the food swirling around her. Her nose of a food lover was not something that was, well use to these type of smells yet. Just my luck.


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She would have loved to sit down but she had things to do.  But man, her feet were starting to ache! Jikan looked up and around her as she considered her options, as even though she had somewhat decided that she would probably not rest right now, she would still like to have marked places in her head that could be a nice place to relax.  She saw a few far off benches, mostly outside of stores, a few under trees but not many held enough leaves to provide an adequate amount of shade. So sadly, it seemed that she would really have to just keep moving on.

She was starting to think everything was going back to normal, sure, Bosco was different but Jikan was used to it.  She traveled so much that she knew about how each town or cities had their own things that made them stand out. With that in mind, Jikan was curious to see if and what aspects that would stand out to her in Bosco. Grumble. And maybe what food they got...

Jikan was hungry, which makes sense from the length of her journey to get here. But where was the best place to eat at in her current area??? No no, the food was nice, and she had a slight appetite but this was not the time. Bosco was so huge and so different, she really could not afford to get distracted by a small snack and not search for her brother. "Ugh....the dude moves far too much" she groaned. Her head was pounding at the though of how many times she had though she had finally found where he was, just for Destin to scamper off to somewhere else, almost like a ghost. Today she wanted to be nice and comfy, he wore a white T-shirt and blue shorts that were knee length and tennis shoes. Her hair was loose and untamed like always flowing toward and free.


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While she had never actually been to Bosco in her lifetime, she heard tales of its beauty. The visuals of the ships, homes, and the small pieces of nature life so far were simply sublime in her eye. Definitely something that she was enjoying. Somewhat. As she walked through the town she heard the buzz of the day to day citizens of the town. Random gossip talk, people talking out loud about chores they needed to do or what groceries to pick up today. However, she caught wind of an interesting conversation that gained her interest, partially for the material being discussed and the information to gain insight of why Destin was allegedly over here. Politics. Royal politics. Great. Another event of people fighting over trivial things such as 'power', position, making people listen to your words, and a comfy dang seat. Jikan hated politics, during her travels, she saw more often than not that people who were in charge were not people who SHOULD be in charge. People who cared about the people they will over. People who actually had adequate knowledge and skill towards the things they needed to handle. People who actually had common sense and used that to make decisions instead of their own inflated super egos. Jikan sighed, although she was raised in a somewhat well to do family, who had their own issues. They knew how to rule. They knew how to lead. And for the most part, they knew how to take care of their people. That did not stop every aspect of politics to be dull and at times hypocritical. With that, she wondered why her brother would choose to come to a country dealing with such things?
Although Jikan did not much like getting involved in politics, considering the fact her bro was here apparently, she had some interest in what was going on, for now.


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But she was out of her scope of area here. Out of practice, lacking useful connections, lacking knowledge. And with that knowledge, came the reality of needing to be informed. Using her tricks, and to a certain degree luck and charm, Jikan used her charisma and intellect to do research. What was the civilian life like recently? What events have transgressed? Major impact and small. Who were the people at play, and what was their history? It was long, and at times annoying work, but after doing research for quite an extensive time, she found information about the situation. Apparently, the late King of Bosco died, and the need for a new ruler was string up the nation. Unlike other royal houses or country, Bosco seemed to allow all who held a blood relation to call a right for the throne, an act Jikan assumed was to ensure the best and most liked ruler was received, or at least the one that could play the game the best. And there were many, many people playing the game, all with different agendas and plans for the nation. Jikan normally would want to stay out of this, but from the factors at play, she found that a few of the leaders were decent in her eyes, and perhaps could benefit her or her family in the future possibly. In her opinion, it seemed this Cassia Sachsenwald was the best, given that she seemed to aligned with Jikan's personal ideas the most. A little arragont, but she believed because of that, this lady would be the most productive. The appeared personality helped too. But it was always good to have a back up plan. And if she had to say, she would declare that Hildegard would be a nice second option, and if worst came to worst, Reiner would also be better than the rest. But man, she did not want things to go that bad.


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During her search, she found an interesting and opportunal situation. It seemed that enemies of Cassia and this Stella force were trying to gain control by force and destruction. Ugh....typical. It seemed that info was gathered that an attack on a town would be occurring soon, and not that far from the town she was currently in. Jikan twirled a pen in her hand as she circled the town's name in black ink, a smile on her face. Perfect....Guess it is time to have some fun in this country.

So one of her first 'quests' in this country would be rebel clearing. A major upgrade to her first mission in Fiore of just pirate clearing. Oh, the fun to be had! Well, hopefully. These rebels were more like insects most of the time, but granted, small chaos adds up to an advantage in a war. And even as civil it seemed to be, at least right now in this 'debate' of the new ruler, it was still essentially a war for power. They had in the past few days, weeks, months, who knows how long, been found responsible to be causing anything from annoyance, minor mischief, and all the way to things much more serious such as arson or thievery of crops.

It seemed that sign ups, who the heck has sign ups for this?, were already done. The fighters for Cassia gathering together and being put in squads to fight back. Besides the hired wizards. They would be put in pairs of twos or threes to further spread out their power during the battle and make themselves more useful, or in Jikan's opinion, more likely to save the lives of the non wizards and warriors that got into this mess. With some luck with over hearing, she found out that a particular mission was to be started in a specific part of the town, a gathering point. But given that she has just gotten here not that long ago, and found this information out even shorter ago, she was not on the sign up at all, and that meant she was not familiar with anyone who was actually meeting with or joining in on the task.


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But the day had come, and with or without a square to fight in Jikan would be there to protect the town. Night came, and the supporters came, bumbled in the shadows of the night, and prepared themselves for the inevitable harassment to come. Jikan tailed them, following in their steps quiet like a mouse. Far away to hear them and see the outline of their figures, but not enough that their untrained eyes and ears could make her out from the nightlife. In the middle of trees, ​she stayed, outside of the town ready and waiting for the noises of contact to begin.


Time's up....and it seems they are already starting things off with a bang. Light and sparks shined in the distance from Jikan. She moved in. Rushing past the falling leaves, her feet thumped against the earthen soil as the green leaves fell and flowed around her moving body like feathers. The crisp clap and snap of branches as she speeds forward annoyed her, there was a chance that the sound would give away her surprise entrance, more importantly, any surprise attacks or openings she could get if anyone was unprepared.

Getting to the edge of the space afforded to her, ferocity that even a wild lions would shy away from. Bodies clashed against each other, a few here, a few there, oh look there were a few even fighting right in front of her. Civilians decked in armour were being pushed back, some falling down on their butts not that far from her. They were so preoccupied by the fear of dying and the sounds before them that they had not even noticed her approach. It seemed the approaching warriors shared the same case of tunnel vision as well. The chaos of it all, it felt like just the everyday cost of human competition and issue that caused a continued descendion of potential. The auburn haired wizard was ready to correct this path and put it towards ascension though. Her emerald shoulders tightened, her stomach churning from the adrenaline before beginning its usual settling of calmness. She cracked her knuckles before lowering her stance and jumped into the air using her powerful thighs. It was on.


Reconstruction [SUPPORT: CASSIA | Jikan] Empty Mon Jun 07, 2021 7:36 pm

She was not caring about whoever came at her. A mercenary, or a wizard. She would face them if they seemed to be going against Cassia and crush them into the dirt. And in her approach of just flying into the battle in the air, some could see it as a foul tempered approach or an attempt of an individual to get attention. But that was not really the case, sometimes Jikan preferred to get wild, and her actions sometimes reflected that influence, movements neglecting the throughout strategic actions she was normally used to doing. But when she had the urge, she had the urge.

And maybe that would play to her favor? Opponents may make sloppy moves thinking she was just to half massed fighter. Or perhaps the common folk here and who held the tale of her, would be convinced easier of her as an ally or that Cassia would be more of a supportive, benevolent, and protective ruler if they connotated Jikan's actions with royal canadate. After all, it was one thing to get people in power to side with you, and the individual people who were being affected, but to get a stranger, a foreigner, to side with you and fight, well that would acquire intellect, negotiation skill, and a witty mind that would come in handy in the various potential situations in the future. But never matter that now, shouts were being thrown and alarm bells rang to signal the enemy's arrival!

In the air, Jikan scanned downward, still being able to adjust her body somewhat before reaching impact with the ground. As she looked, she saw what looked to be an enemy soldier hovering over a downed civilian funny enough just above where she was falling. Throwing her body forward, Jikan quickened her descent slightly before slamming a kick into the back of the unsuspected warrior.


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The blow hit the unknown soldiers back, giving out an unexpected crack after the initial thumb of the kick's impact when they hit the ground. A nasty sound. Jikan jumped away when her kick landed, landing on her feet a short way away from the downed Cassia supporter. A frown upon her face as she looked at the civilian and those around her. Were these the people who were really planning on fending off an armed attack? From what she could tell, there were no wizards, no mercanaries, anywhere near their location. Where the hell are the specialist?! These people are doomed if this is all they got over here.... The displeased look on Jikan's faced continued as her ears picked up the sound that echoed around her, through the plains, the tress, and even off into the small hills, there was the possibility of danger everwhere. And she found herself smack down in the middle. While the solemn musical comosure of battle raged forth, this woman with her Blue-Green eyes gazed onto the field with a hint side of disappointment within her. She expected, no, more like hoped, that the combat for these defenders would be doing better. But seeing this, the optimism was leaving her now.

Reaching down, Jikan offered her hand to the down solider. They gripped onto her hand, and with a single heave, Jikan pulled them off of back and back onto their feet. "Oh, uh, um...thanks". Jikan patted them on their back, looking around to keep track of the pace of the battle. It seemed the warrior Jikan kicked earlier was incapitable of getting up, he was not going to use his speared staff so she will. She reached down and grabbed the weapon, only then did she respond, "No issue. But dude, less laying on the ground, more taking control of the area".


Reconstruction [SUPPORT: CASSIA | Jikan] Empty Tue Jun 08, 2021 3:33 pm

The soldier looked embarrassed for a moment, looking down at the ground before steadying himself and looked towards Jikan. "A-about that. We are trying, but it has been a lot harder than we expected. The number of wizards and warriors we thought we needed here were outmatched by the number of skilled fighters they have in this section. ...we were overwhelmed and foolish. The majority of our better fighters are in other areas, here, we lack what we need to face them".

So that was the case, Jikan sighed after the fellow finished speaking. Perhaps it was just a fate of bad luck, or maybe the ones making plans for them were ill informed at best, and idiots at worst. Regardless, in the end their plans had holes in their structure of forces that lead to this current situation. At least it seems the few wizards and mercenaries here seemed to do their job the best they could. Seems like they took out a lot of the other force's tougher guys before getting held up. Just as Jikan was about to speak, in an attempt to put an optimistic supportive tune into the air around them, a cracking sound filed the air stopping the thought in its tracks.

The crack of a well-aimed pistol in the air was all that  took for the desperate cries of battle of the nearby soldiers to stop. The civilian's military, the church's forces, silenced. Despite that though, there was no moment of oy or hope from Jikan in that moment. Because she knew fully well that this quietness, and illusion of stillness within the area would soon be erased and from it would erupt a wave of intensity of a higher level.


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Figures appeared off in the distance. The smoking gun in the air as a figure stood out from the huddled masses around them. The figure's gun's smoke slowly disappearing before their hand lowered. Their huddled wall of body guards still around them. How bothersome, another warrior hiding behind his toys. Jikan slowly began the trek onward, moving forward toward the armed group. As she moved forward she began to see the stir of combat starting again. A clash of a sword onto a shield, the gathering of magic through a magic circle, the soft than harsh steps of people running. When she moved even closer, she saw that there was another huddled group now, people who were apparently huddled in the protection of a fallen man. The half a dozen brutish goons stood in the open looking towards the huddled crowd with the look of delight and curiosity in them, as if they were itching to discover what miserable unfortunate and carnage they might be able to cause. The large figure at their center seemed to smile at the dark aura around them of their troops seemed to grow and grow steadily. A wicked grin could be seen through the lead warrior's head armor.

"Well, I think its time to start having some fun. Let's go boys!!!".


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The ‘man’ that led the men seemed to be happy that the sound of defiance had been silenced, with one hand he rushed forward drawing out his sword. As they approached, he began cleaving through all those that charged towards him, striking out, he slapped the back of a gunman of slim build with the back end of his hilted sword. Warriors tried to surround him but their attempts were only met with defeat by the hands of his armored squad and blade. One defiant warrior, a female, got through the bodies only to be grabbed easily by the wrist, lifted into the air, and thrown into a nearby tree.

Slumping to the ground dropping their weapon. A loud chuckle that oozed confidence escaped the man as he simply watch the effects of his actions with pride. Their eyes felt like they held a cold aura, Jikan felt as if he was giving off a gaze full of malice wherever he looked. Their troops actions, aura, attacks, their yells, all of which by contrast less fear producing as their leader. Jikan saw the ripple effect, numbers within the field that quivered and shook at the sight of the warriors approaching them.

The brutes closed in on Jikan, well, more like become in a close proximity. During the time that the leader and his troops moved forward and dispersed, Jikan had continually moved closer. Yelling at people to fight, lifting downed soldiers onto their feet, stabbing and knocking down fighters one by one as the tried to take her.


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Now the special soldier was near her, the brute snared as he dragged his axe against the ground. The axe acting like a lower to the earthen soil, a single hand only needed to punch and knock out the one or two fighters that dared to fight him. "My my....is there no one here that can entertain me??".

At the rate of things going, she was right with her feeling of concern after all. It seemed that indeed the town's defenders were simply being outmatched here. She could only hope she could turn the tide of battle and that more help would somehow be on its way. Or else things were going to contentiously get messier. Jikan continued to move forward, aiming to reach the soldier that was causing havoc and decimating everyone. She was not an elite fighter nor did she have many offensive spells, but maybe she had what it took to occupy and defeat this guy. Give the others a chance to make a break for it, get a chance to breathe, and gather themselves. Hopefully.

"Hiya big boy, how about you play with me for a bit??".

The soldier turned to confront Jikan, a gleeful smile on his face. “Finally, some excitement. ...I was starting to think I would be stuck in this skull dance with these pitiful fools. But my my, never did I think  I found find such an appetizing beauty before me here. I hope to have fun, much much fun, with you young lady".


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Jikan shivered from the sheer repulse she had from this creep's comments. "Ugh...why is that no matter where I go, there is always a pig trying to take a bite out of something that does not belong to him". Looks like I was right about that bad feeling, eh? Ugh, just when I was beginning to think that this place was better Fiore.

Perhaps the luck of the poor girl was really just that bad today. First was the nausea, then the hunger, now dealing with this fiasco of a battle....with this unwanted pervert. The build up of these strings of annoyance would not reach its breaking point quite yet though. But man was it close. And it did she would happily unless that pent up aggravation at whoever popped the lid open. Maybe it would be soon, as the man started to charge forward towards her. A thunderous roar echoing over the field as he appeared to cleave through the earth, she was itching and waiting for him.  The stolen spear was used as an extension of her body, like a wing. Agile, brilliant and swift motion, precision, grace was with her as the moon shined on the auburn haired wizard as she narrowed her blue green eyes upon her down towards her fellow Cassia supporters than back at the man charging, her eyes filled with a burning fire fueled by her anger on her target.

"If you truly believe in Cassia, then stand!!".

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Jikan could not do this alone, she was fully aware and accepted that fact. No matter how strong one person was, enough numbers relative to their power would tire anyone out and eventually be their destruction.
She saw the remnants of her unit on the ground, scattered and motionless. She could feel the adrenaline rippeding the veil of dazedness from their battered state, revealing a painful clarity and the never-ending nightmare before them.

Will surged reflexively through their veins as they noticed Jikan's stand. A soothing light radiated within their soul, giving them hope. Limbs straightened themselves and braced to keep the fight against the enemies. Weapons held to lift their worn out bodies up. Outnumbered, they could only dig heels into the ground and push and shove and push, to the path of victory.

Before them the number of childish scumbags who she felt needed a sound whooping. The repulsion towards these enemyes oozed from her, this was different from simply doing a job, their personality agitated her.

An instant sense of revulsion toward the man of the in front of her made often her blood boiled specifically. She charged forward, her motion of soaring forward overwhelmed any doubt her allies held. She was a warrior, one could have easily noticed how agitated the girl was by how her magical power disturbed the air around her, her wind magic aiding a level of oof to her steps. The enemy fighter met her half way, throwing a slash out with his long sword that  was avoided with a weave around.


Reconstruction [SUPPORT: CASSIA | Jikan] Empty Wed Jun 16, 2021 10:22 pm

“My my!!! I got a real woman before me! oh the fun I am going to have with you”.

Jikan did a half hearted courtesy. Using grace in a mocking action towards the man. “Well, you may certainly try, but I assure you. This body is much too much for you to handle...". The words of the salty woman filled the male warrior with wrath. But that was playing into Jikan's hands. Using the tip of her spear, Jikan stabbed towards the exposed calf muscles of the fighter. Using swift and precise motions around the goon, he had no chance to recognize and react to what she was doing. Jikan was unleashing the weapon she kept in hand and gritting her teeth as she did so, and with a single swipe at their immobile warrior, she exploited his size and gaps in armor. Attacking while going in and out like a wolf circling her prey, the element of surprise was far gone by now, but that did little to help the weakened man. Jikan cut the man down where he stood, the torturous act sent some of the rest of these repugnant rebels running away from her. The ones that had brains, at least. There were a few hard headed big shots who saw this as an opportunity to move up in rank in their little rag tag group.

Jikan twirled the staff in her hand, moving her weapon around in a smooth and tight faction. Graceful and fierce, she was ready.


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“Don't just sit there…!”. The warriors that willed themselves to Jikan's feet when she engaged the with soilder that caused them trouble. Dumb struck by the speed and ease she attacked him, even more so that she did it by herself and refused any help from them. Waving them off to focus on their own fight and to protect their own position.

It was not done out of an inflated ego or a lack of sympathy towards them, she was just thinking like a tactician. She needed them to focus on the small fries so that they did not get overwhelmed. The more of their side that fell, the more members were free on the opposite side to blitz them. The moment Jikan did let that happen, they would really be doomed.

"Stand! Push! Live! Who do you do this for? Cassia? Your family? Friends? Yourself? Whoever it is for, fight! Will yourself forward. Forward pass the ones before you that wish to burn it to the ground and rule you by force!". The essence of surprise was gone from her fight, now it was just a simple reality for them. The only thing Jikan could get was a place to start, and it seemed to be working for there was rousing of the people and rallying around her, a simple lady with a pointed staff,  carving a path for the distressed step by step. But she needed them to band together and handle themselves, she could not spend the whole battle covering both of their asses, not when she was facing numbers like these.

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It seemed that it was working though, and that was all she needed, for them to get on their feet and to continue fighting. She needed their will to not be broken, and for them to ultimately believe they can win and defend themselves. She was glad to see that some combination of actions, words, and as well as probably the terror of the enemy had them moving again. Jikan glanced over her shoulder to see her a few pairs of shaky legs slowly making their way forward. A few aiming to support and move other people out of the way to some form of cover as best as they could.

Giving some of them a much needed break from the tight losing battle situation. She just hoped that the ones that remained and fought would be capable of cutting through the scabby swords and heavy clubs that these thugs had in their hands. And truthfully, that the enemy had no magic accessible to them, if they did Jikan could use hers and hopefully get an advantage. The magical nature of her aura allowed her some advantage, quick bursts of speed, sense of vibration in the air, and the eco of foot steps on the ground. All of which gave her an extension, further awareness to what was going on around her and a little help with responding quickly.

The gaze of the blue-green women picked up the sight of a pistol being pointed toward one of the unaware soldiers aiding a hindered comrade.


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She had to respond quickly, she had to do something. She had no outright defensive spells, a thing she had to correct eventually, but for right now she had to use what was available to her. Before they could pull the trigger to their gun, starting from Jikan's feet a whirl of wind was created and expanded until it reaches her chest. She then quickly threw out one of her arms, the wind suddenly extending outward in a sudden rush as she did so. This blast of wind traveled and hit her target, moving them back 5 meters back from the angle of the blast while dropping their gun. A white magic seal 0.25-Meters in diameter, was seen below Jikan's feet while she casted this spell.

Phew....just in time. She made it in time, a useful wind spell to create space, not enough to actually cause damage, maybe a little if they got pushed into a structure. But overall the end was more of an aid spell than an offensive spell. But it did its job. Jikan stopped the shot before it could happen and the two fellows got away. But now she had to worry about herself. More groups of thugs formed around her, their weapons readied to strike, them letting themselves be guided by their rage and thirst for blood. But Jikan would not be alone in her fight, for the soldiers Jikan had helped earlier was not charging to her aid.


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A welcoming delight to the auburn haired enchantress. Now that aid was here they could not surround her, she could take down the ones that approached her one by one. Soon thinning their numbers and making her way to her target, their leader. Jikan's eyes shined with excitement as she stood before the man, his human shields no longer present to get in the way of her getting to him. Her fingers twirled the staff in her hand as if it was a toy as she approached, reaching out in a dance among te field, she oked and cut in order to make her way through. The presence of the other fighters on her side made it easier, for the brutes were preoccupied with trying to handle the renewed will of the Cassia supporters. With that, not many had the option to see her coming, nor even attempt to think of stopping her before someone jumped in and stalled them.

The cries of her enemies seemed to draw further confidence the people that moved along side her. Confidence, tenasity, power, speed, with each step Jikan took forward, they moved behind her increasing. Until Jikan stood face to face with the leader, his  attention and interest of her clear. She turned to him, in the middle of driving her spear into the shoulder of a swordsman who had tried to blind side her, failing spectacularly in their attempt.

Soon as she was able to make her way to face the leader, one on one. She engaged in combat, her with her spear, him with his sword.


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The blades of their weapons clashes with each other as each side's representative lunged head first into the final stage of their battle. The none existent armor on Jikan's body had her at a disadvantage against the man who was decked out in armor to protect his body and limbs. Jikan attacked with stabs with her spear but she did much more than that. Whenever she had to deal with the warrior trying to dive in to her space to fight close range to gain an advantage against her, she would use her other weapons to attack, her body's natural weapons. She would kick him away or on the side. It was work but it was working for her. And the blows seemed to be getting through, grunts and gasps of air were escaping from the man's body. However, each strike she threw was counter with a quick slash by the warrior. Try as she might to protect her body, the man was experience and precise, he would manage to get strikes through.

This was a hard fight for her. She knew her blows were landing squarely and that she was being smart, but even with that, she knew that she could feel resistance to what she was doing. She tried to fight in the gaps of his armor, the openings to the flesh. But those chances were hard to land and even with the times they landed, Jikan could tell that something was robbing the strength from her stabs.


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But thankfully, it seemed that bandit brute was human. He was losing steam. His foot work was getting sloppy, the slashes with his sword, the speed, the power, the success of him dodging and blocking Jikan's attacks. They were getting poorer and poorer. Jikan was losing energy too, but it was clear that she had better stamina and preserved it better than this heavy hitter did. The question next was when, not if, could Jikan take advantage of this and strike a blow that would end this one and for all.

This opening would come to her eventually, after a few more minutes of them exchanging blows, the poor man got sloppy and unlucky. He missed a predictable strike with his sword and while Jikan moved out of his range, she strikes upward with her spear. The angle was perfect, knocking the helmet her was wearing protecting his head off, and striking his left eye. The man screamed before covering it, rage intoxicating him as the blood dripped through his hand trying to cover it. His anger made him act untrained, mad wild wide slashes were all he could do. Predictable. The blades were not close to touch her as she side stepped side to side to avoid each one. In the end she decided to put an end to this, and in one quick motion, she kneeled and lunged forward aiming to put the tip of her spear through the man's neck. Her blade struck true, putting an end to this man's life and this conflict, for now.

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