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Pegasus Beach: Fishing Contest

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She only had to wait a little while before she started seeing other contestants, such as Snowflake, Xandra, and many others. Among them, only one looked completely unfamiliar to her, a redheaded man. After smiling and waving at each of them, she took to wondering if she might actually have time to do any other games after this one. Indeed, the slowly setting sun had all but turned the sky orange, and considering how long a decent fishing session often took, there as a pretty fair chance this would end up being her last game. She sighed and allowed any sense of seriousness to fade from her body, even though she wanted to win, she understood she'd be at a disadvantage on this game, not to mention her main concern here was to enjoy herself first and win money second.

The other participants too also showed some signs of exhaustion, and she wondered if she shouldn't ask Snow, Xandra and the boy from her guild to come have a drink with her. Maybe the other two as well, but since she neither knew them nor belonged to the same guild, she may end up feeling obligated to invite everyone else on the party, and the sheer number of people would likely turn unmanageable, especially for her...

She'd have plenty of to think about this, even as the annoucer had them all grab their fishing rods and start the contest....

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