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Pegasus Beach: Fishing Contest

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Pegasus Beach: Fishing Contest Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:42 pm


Name: Fishing Contest
Reward: +250,000J
Type: Solo
Participants: This game requires six users.
Description: With a rod in hand, who will catch the most beautiful fish?

  • To play the game, each player must grab a rod in the Pegasus Beach: Fishing Contest topic. Users must wait till an ongoing game is finished before they may enter.
  • When six people have entered the topic, the contest begins.
  • Throw your baits into the water and roll the dice.
  • When the last person has rolled, the player with the highest total value wins.
  • When the game has concluded, everyone is considered removed from the topic.
  • Whoever rolls over 95 will get a special reward.
  • Each user only has 24 hours to reply, if they do not reply within 24 hours they're considered disqualified and may not enter the other games in the event anymore.


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Fortune was in his favour as the holy Knight had been gifted the chance to test out his fishing abilities in a competition. He had only just recently learnt how to fish through the aid of an unusual fisherman who was odd to say the least, who view fishing as an art form rather than just a profession. Of course he wasn’t one to judge as he had his own radical ideas on other things, with his fishing gear which he purchased days prior he left his temporary residence and came to the beach section allocated for the fishing contest. It would truly be a case of luck for the most part for the man even with the experience he had gathered, after all the first fish he had caught was through pure chance when he was at the docks with “lucifer.” With the weather being fairly mild, the pale figure chose to don a more casual appearance wearing some plain khaki cargo pants, a buttoned up green shirt finishing off with some more appropriate footwear for the job at hand. Reaching the beach was easy enough just as it was to spot the fishing event, joining it through a quick purchase of a ticket, he headed to the water and flicked out his line.

#3Atlas Prime 

Pegasus Beach: Fishing Contest Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 9:57 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas found it unfortunate that he lost the last competition. He thought he did pretty well, but it seemed he was beat by a couple different people. Atlas though felt like he shouldn't give up. It was a festival, so he knew he couldn't get upset over one event. He looked around for the next event he could try to do. He grabbed Totodile and walked around until he found another interesting event. It was a fishing competition. Atlas remembered fishing a little with his adopted father when he was traveling with him so he somewhat knew what to do. "Lets go try and fish something and see if we can get something big," Atlas said to Totodile. He walked over to the booth holding the event and signed himself in. He wondered who else he might see here. As he went to the correct area he found himself looking at the man he saw at the last event. Atlas wondered if he should say hi or not. Well it was a festival so it wouldn't hurt. "Hello again, hope we do better in this one then we did last one, right?" Atlas said to the man. He walked away after that to a spot where he wouldn't be as disrupted and grabbed a fishing rod, waiting for the event to start.

#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
It seemed the last contest he came in second and it was annoying as he wanted that money. Sigh he could have used it really good to fix some stuffs in the forest. He walked with Elisa to an ice booth to get something cold to eat while he would search for another event to do.

He took the flavor of vanilla and Leafeon got melon. She did always eat melons after all the little bugger. He paid with his jewels and walked off. He was licking his ice cream and it was glorious so good. He wondered how the guy got so good in ice cream making. He sat down with Elisa and looked at how happy the people where he wondered how people could change their emotions so fast. It was fun to see though. And then he suddenly saw fishing poles and people getting ready to fish. “OMG Elisa they are fishing! We have to join are you up to eat some fish tongiht”, he said to her and she let a little mew out. He started to walk to the pier where people were sitting on the edge with a fishing pole. He took one too and sat down. He hated water but goddamn fishes where the best.

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Kenny nodded his head and walked along the beach, was gonna be a fun day this was. A nice long day of sun beach and bikini babes for him to mack on. Oh how he missed his family, but there was no use in crying any longer. They were gone and he had to move on as much as it hurts. He put his hands in the pockets of his swimming trunks and sighed to himself as he hummed happily. He saw a bunch of lads lined up for the fishing contest, he shrugged his shoulders and sighed. He wasn’t going to win but whatever, it’ll be fun to just fish at least. He picked up a rod and placed it on his shoulder as he sat on his own. This should be interesting. Despite not being competitive he was confident in his angling skills since he could wrangle up fish with the best of them he felt. Though given his luck he’d probably land a minnow or two. He’d be lucky to pull a pike or large catfish at least. It was salt water so he’d need good bait at least. Whatever he didn’t care it was nice just to be fishin again with the possibility of some sort of prize.

Pegasus Beach: Fishing Contest Qurywgl
#6Káilètte † 

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Yawning softly she would walk towards where there was some fishing contest. It sounded fun and honestly she was hoping to at least get a fish. She never has gone actual fishing with some fishing pole besides during that mission. She didn't really remember fully of what that mission was about since it was so long ago, but she would look and gaze at the sky with her sunset brown eyes. She bit her lower lip with her right canine as she swayed her hips upon her walking. She was wearing a dress of light pink with her sun hat from what she wore with her bikini on that sand contest and some bamboo sandals. Her eyes wandered and then saw the same people from the last contest. 'Interesting...' she thought as she would go towards a spot she was intending to sit. She was thinking that maybe there was always going to four, but as soon as she saw that one edgy friendly guy she knew there might be more. Was there going to be more competitions? Was she going to see the same people? Arisa didn't know as she would then find her spot, get whatever she needed to get and got ready. She finally would gaze at the sky, waiting.


Pegasus Beach: Fishing Contest Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:20 pm

Today was a beautiful day, and Geb was intending to live it to the fullest. Today he would be going into the fishing contest and thankfully he was in a firm, solid belief that he was pretty damn good at fishing. So, he walked up to grab one of the rods and inspected it. Ah, this reminded him of a painting he liked. Well, it certainly seemed to be quite the artful rod, so he took it while he could and would start to get ready for the contest. Would he win, or lose? Sink or swim? Reel or fail?

The question was about to be answered. Geb's heart raced. This was going to be the most important moment in his entire life, at least since that one time he dabbed in front of a statue. This was his chance to prove himself to the world, to blue pegasus, to everyone, and most importantly, to the creatures of the sea. He would catch the best goddamn fish he could. Gripping his rod tighter, Geb's resolve coursed through him. He was ready, and he would stay that way. It was time to fight, and stand up for what he believes in. And now, the time to shine had come. He waited patiently.

Pegasus Beach: Fishing Contest BORZAPv

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There had to be almost a hundred contestants partaking in the event itself, once again he spotted individuals who he had interacted with fairly recently spotting her cousin once more scantily clad inappropriately so for such an event along with Chelvaric equally less prepared in the clothing department. “This is a fishing contest not a swimming contest.” He thought to himself as he looked at them. Returning his focus back to his fishing and his rod, he noticed as he caught a bite, a big one, with the fish taking his bait he quickly pulled his rod upwards and continued to draw back his line. Eventually the fish itself came into sight with its fin extending out from the waves before being thrown into the air from the force of his pull. Catching the wobbling fish, he placed down his rod removed the hook and took it over to a judge who was otherwise busy with other fisherman. Waiting in line as the others had their fish judged, eventually his time came and the judge inspected the fish which was respectable in size and in appearance. “Here is that good enough to win?” Picking up the fish from the knight’s arm and weighting it the judge responded in a grizzly tone. “I don’t know, let’s see what everyone else gets eh?”


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#10Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
Atlas waited for the event to start. He flashed back to when he was learning to fish a while ago. He tried to remember whatever advice he may have gotten or was told. He wanted to use whatever he could in this event to try and win it. He lost the last event he was in so he wanted to make up for it in this one. He looked around and noticed all the other people who where in the last event with them. Now he really felt like he needed to win, or hopefully beat the person who won the last event. Soon the event started and Atlas cast he line. "Hopefully we get a big one," he said to Totodile, who was beside him. Atlas waited patiently until he felt a firm tug on his line. He knew he couldn't just real it straight in for fear of breaking his line, so he let the fish tire itself out. He would real in while it was trying to rest and let it go out when it was trying to escape. He knew this would eventually get him to grab it. It took a little while but eventually Atlas was able to pull his fish out of the water, he just hoped it was good enough to get a win.


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#12Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric stroked his rod softly with oil as it would keep the wood in perfect shape and not rot or get eaten by termites. He took some special worms out of his pocket and used it as bait on his fishing pole. It seemed to be a great day to fish. No bad weather or anything and the sea seemed to be calm. It was noisy at the beach so that would be bad. He Casted his line out with a mighty throw and then waited for the fish too come.

Fishing was a stake out game. You had to have patience and diligence. Without those two you would never be able to catch a good fish. It seemed the contesters of the last event where here too. He wondered how good they were with fishing. He stroked elisas head who was sleeping next to him. The seagulls were noisy above them and the wind was a little bit chilly. Not that he minded that as it was a good way to feel the cold while the rest of the day had been hot and sweaty. “I feel like its gona be a good catch Elisa.”,he said to her and then waited for the fish to come.

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Kenny yawned and looked at his watch, he was just about ready to call it a day. His rod wasn’t as strong as it used to be it seemed. It was a bit dingy not as pretty as he wanted it to be and that made him sad. He was mostly ready just to get on up and groove on to the next part of the beach to see some babes. But this was okay too… For the most part. “I hope this doesn’t take too long.” he yawned as he looked at his watch again and casted his line weakly. Maybe he could catch a TV special or something before time was up. He was also feeling like chicken for dinner tonight instead of more ramen. Hmm… Then again if he got a date he could take her out for fancy ramen. Decisions, decisions… He tapped his chin and looked down at the shore line. It was going to be a long day, if only he had some entertainment, luckily same came in the form of that purple woman with the yuge personality and slender decision making ability. He awaited his fish as he watched her out of the corner of his eye, what a sight it would be to see her wrestle a big writhing… Fish.

Pegasus Beach: Fishing Contest Qurywgl

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#16Káilètte † 

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Arisa would see that one other person arrived and then they started. The last guy gave her a weird feel... in her fists. It was as if she punched the guy before, but nah. That guy was rather odd, but not ugly. She shrugged as she grabbed the fishing rod and looked forward in the water. Her sunset eyes matched the sky in its sweet horizon and smiled. Her hand felt so soft against the handle of the pole. With her free hand she would grab the bait and some tackle from the box, putting it all together. Her heart was trying to calm down. She bit her lip, casts out the line and put her one hand on the turning wheel while the other was on the base. Her violet long hair would rest on her shoulder, taking a deep breather and watched the bobber. The bobber reminded her of this one thing she saw once that was white and red, it had eyes though. The object was kind of strange when she really thought and looked at it. Arisa wondered on how the other people were doing and if they were going to catch something. She wasn't really good at this kind of thing. Finally, she would kick her feet slowly as she would wait for something to happen, anything.


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It was finally time to begin. This reminded him of the occasional time that Geb went fishing with his dad.. eh, his dad wasn't exactly a good memory. After all, Geb chose to leave that life behind him. Still though, it did seem to be very dad-related, the sport of fishing that was. It was like they go hand in hand. Geb put on his bait and cast the fishing rod into the water. Now was the fun, relaxing but also exciting part of fishing: waiting. It always was a good sensation whenever that came around, your peacefulness suddenly broken by the intense pull of the fish that had taken your hook in it's mouth. What a truly great thing to behold. And now, here he was. Waiting for that exact moment. He was like a hunter waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on it's prey. Geb's heart rapidly rushed it's beats, Geb being awfully tense. It was simply that he had to show everyone else here that he was the absolute best fisherman on this beach, no, the best fisherman who ever lived! Suddenly, his line got hit. Here he went. Geb was about to either make or break his entire fishing career.

Pegasus Beach: Fishing Contest BORZAPv

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The Beach Party hadn't been very fruitful to Alisa, at least, as far as rewards were concerned. She was enjoying herself a good deal though, and in the end that was better than nothing, but maybe this time fate could be her ally? Maybe? Probably not... But she still intended to play every Minigame she got her hands on, walking though the warm sands, kicking it up ever so slightly with every step she took. She paused for a little while, crossing her arms, giving her chest the much needed leverage her skimpy swimsuit clearly didn't provide, scanning her surroundings with shimmering wine red eyes.

There had to be another minigame here, in that short canal where the river met ocean. She rubbed her cheek, remembering what she heard from some of her friends on the other games.

Ah, there it is! Her full lips drew into a smile as she spotted a few people with fishing rods in hand. This had to be it! Now, Alisa was never really good at fishing (not that she tried mind you), but how hard can it be? You just grab a rod and wait. And it just so happened that she was a very patient woman, so she'd likely not struggle with that part most people found insanely boring. Who knew what she might reel in?! Just the thought sufficed to make her excited about this, wondering what kind of fish swam in these waters...

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#21Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

It seemed that luck was in the favour of the snow-haired mage, for she had been winning quite a decent amount of games and she preferred to keep it that way for the rest of the day. Snowflake had been feeling hungry for a while now, which was why she had been walking around the beach, searching for food vendors and devouring everything that she could possibly find. Now that she has her stomach filled and her energy restored, she was ready to get back into the games. With a nice cup of cold lemonade held in her hands, the female wandered the beach once again. In a warm weather like this, lemonade was the best solution that refreshes your mind. The liquid slid down her throat and the coolness of the juice spread the rest of her body, soothing her chest like no other.

There were only a couple games left since she had tried out most of them already – the interesting ones at least. “Fishing contest, fishing contest!”, she’d hear people say as they ran towards the location. Seems like there’s one more left. The female thought to herself and tagged along with the rest of the people to see what was up. There, she’d encounter her guildmate once again, and she wondered if this was just coincidence as they had been in so many games together without expecting each other.

#22Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Covered in mud, the red-haired mage cursed to himself as he washed himself off. This was his third consecutive loss. It all began with losing to the tall basted in limbo and stumbling across the finish line in the bucket race before ending in a pool of mud in the tug war. All in all, it had been a horrendous day at the beach. One way or another, he ended up with a loss on his name. What he needed was a simple game and there was no simpler game than fishing.

Shirtless, he made his way over to the fishing contest where others began to line up. There were two other participants in the event and he was unsure of how many were needed. What he did know was that it was now or never to win. Fishing was a game of patience -which he did not have much of currently- and luck. The bait had to be perfect along with the swing of the rod. In theory, it was easy to do but pulling it off would be difficult, especially for a first timer. Despite this, Shin believed he had a good a chance as any to win this contest. It was now or never.

#23Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
The Fire Mage wasn’t really having his luck in these contests himself. He had always been pretty close to victory, but something kept him from glory of becoming number one in any of the contests that he had participated in. However, there were still a few left that he had yet to try out, and who knew; maybe his misfortune earlier was to compensate for the huge luck that would be gathered at the last contest that he would participate in. Thinking about it that way, it eased the heavy feeling of lack of luck that followed him like a shadowy cloud over his coal-black hair. Coda had nothing to worry about; she wasn’t really going to help him, and even if she wished to, he concluded that it would be against the rules. “There was another contest that I passed earlier…” he mumbled to himself, remembering the fishing rods that were laid out for people to grab. He began strolling towards the place near the delta where the fishing contest would be held.

Noticing the two girls who beat him a fair amount of times in some of the other contests already, he couldn’t but give a crooked yet honest smile towards them, feeling that he may have been in need of some good luck in order to get a single win against them. There was a third, red-haired male present too, so the Fire Mage simply walked over to the fishing rods and waited for the contest to begin.

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#24Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
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Indeed a day it was, full of enjoyment as joyous laughter echoed through the air. Everyone appeared to be enjoying the everlasting day that showed no signs of weariness and exhaustion. Hours had passed since the event had began and countless games had been played by young mages, some resulting in the winning of splendid rewards, and some ending with a failure. The blonde happened to be one of those unfortunate individuals who hadn't won a single thing so far.

As surprising as it was, she didn't mind as she found herself having fun. Surely, if her luck was good enough, which so far proved otherwise, she would win something. The day still laid ahead of her. She strolled through the sand, allowing her gaze to wander off from one side to another until captivating her attention was the presence of familiar and unfamiliar faces that stood along the canal, seemingly awaiting the arrival of other contestants. Xandra stood there, watching out to see what the game was and it came to her when she glanced upon the fishing rods. Recalling the fact that she had heard about it from her surroundings, her curiosity sparked up.

Surely, fishing was a task that requires luck, which she seemed to not have at that moment, but who knew whether fate would play a small game with her or not. After a moments hesitation, she made her way towards the crowd before standing alongside them as she too wished to participate in this contest. The chances of her winning were unpredictable, but even if this match resulted in a failure, she really didn't have anything to lose except a small proportion of her pride.
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#25Liam Kawitika 

Pegasus Beach: Fishing Contest Empty Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:44 pm

Liam Kawitika
Liam had recently already finished and event that had to do with bucket racing,now he was off to do something completely different.He walked around trying to find an event that would be fun,he really couldn't find anything but he kept overhearing people talking about some type of fishing contest.It was something that Liam had never been able to do,and it was probably only today that he could do it,so he headed off trying to find the fishing contest.And he did find it it was just a couple of fishing rods sitting there.And with that there were 5 other people there grabbing their rods and readying up for the contest,but there were two girls who he had remembered from the bucket race.A blonde haired girl and a long black haired lady from Blue Pegasus.

He ran over to the group of people and grabbed a fishing rod,it was a bit lighter tan he thought it would be.Which made sense since the only time it would probably be is if he actually was catching a fish.He was just looking around the group thinking about what would happen if he were to win,which would be pretty amazing if he did actually end up winning.The only thing he needs to care about is patience,as long as he has patience he will be able to catch at least a tiny fish.

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