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The God's Messenger (Epic/Lore)

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Name: The God’s Messenger.

Difficulty: Epic

Participants: Yuurei, Lumikki, Knuckles

Story: Yuurei was always a leader, but to seize control of a country had never been in his thoughts. Still, the thought of leading his people and making sure they were safe was always a thing. The impact of the Oni, Shuten-Doji, and the Demon Leviathan, occupying pieces of his soul, have corrupted the young man’s mind. The negativity and darkness that they have continued to bring out have brought out even Yuurei’s desires to come out. The Warden of the North had left Paradise Dawn in the hands of Lumikki due to this corruption and even though still in control cannot stop the two from the damage that has been done.

While in Seven, Yuurei has enjoyed his time within the Arena of Champions. He had become the champion of the people in Seven, constantly winning his battles against any and every opponent that he faced. That is when an idea occurred, conquer Seven, become the Emperor, migrate the people to the North here, and no longer be tied to Fiore. Why this was a thought though? Simple, he was the Warden of the North and an underling of King Reign. If that King wanted he could take it all away from him. He didn’t want that, and that is why he made the decision to take over an entire country. It wasn’t just that, but he promised Shuten-Doji and Leviathan that he would go after this country if they left him alone until he did so. Then there was also the sudden attack of more giants in the North. All of this brought him to wanting to migrate the people of the North to the North which was a simple solution as Seven was right above the North side of Fiore. Of course, those who wanted to stay were more than happy to do so and he would take those willing to be under his protection.

Yuurei brings this idea to those in power within each Polis; he explains that he wants to create a Polis that is above every Polis. The City-State laughs at his idea and basically explains that he will not be welcome here if he continues with these ideas. They explain to him that Seven is ruled by the Gods, and they are just the messengers. Yuurei, explains he is a Seraphim or what they would call a messenger of the Gods, showing his true form to them, and tells them that if they do not submit willingly, then they will submit through force. This brings each of the leaders of the City-State of Anthea, and Ludis to bring forth their warriors to fend off their newfound threat.

Even though some people were fine with this idea of someone of higher power ruling above all in the mortal realm, leaders of these Polis were not interested in that, so they would not budge.

Yuurei, corrupted, gathers those he trusts, to help him achieve his goal, have the leaders die, and be replaced, or submit and govern their city-state and accept the Seraphim becoming the Emperor. While this happens, the City-State sees the lives lost and decides on a solution. It was one that, would consist of the audience to watch Yuurei’s demise, an off to do a Tournament would be sent. They would gather forty-five of their best fighters to join in a 3 versus 3. This would bring forty-eight people to compete in this tournament. If Yuurei and his team are knocked out then the tournament would be over and he will no longer be allowed to set foot in Seven, but if he wins, then they would submit and accept him as the Emperor of Seven.

Rewards: Mythic Custom Ticket
Access to Purchas Story Line Companion
Base Experience before Bonuses 150,000 Experience
Base Jewels before Bonuses 4,500,000 Jewels
Infamy or Fame 5,400
Base Stats After Story Line Bonus 156 Stats
Allowance to create Real Estate in Seven
Become Emperor of Seven

Objective: To become the Ruler of Seven, and move the people who want to leave North Fiore to the new Polis under the rule of the beloved Yuurei excluding the nobles.

Lore Impact: Seven and the rulers of Polis within Seven, will be under the rule of Yuurei. Yuurei will be seen as a God of his own right for being a Seraphim; winning the tournament allows the people to accept him as their champion and the rightful ruler of Seven. This also allows the migration of the people in the North to move to Seven as it is a neighboring country of Fiore, and right at the border of the North. Yuurei will create a Polis above all Polis in Seven, giving him the right to govern things on how he sees fit. The Polis created by Yuurei will have majority of the people in the North within it, alongside anybody else who likes to make their home there.

Required Progress:  27,000 words before Word Count Reduction

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