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Creepy Crawly Creatures [FPHS – Pest Control]

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Yijun had gotten a request from the hot springs to come and help deal with an issue about creatures coming into the springs, some of them causing issues like making the waters too hot from guests and others that were just plain creepy and crawly. Yijun was told he would be working with someone on this job and he had went into the changing room and had changed into his hot spring uniform that they had given him so they know who he was and why he was wondering around the grounds, so they don't mistake him for a creep or a peeper that was looking to cause issues. Yijun didn't have any issues with this order to wear a uniform thought he had rolled the sleeves all the way up to his shoulders so his arms could breath as it was going to be hot in the hot springs and he had walked back out the entrance while he waited for who ever he was going to be working with so they could get a ground plan in order rather they were going to work as a combo or a divide and conquer type of mind set. Yijun called out his spear and he started to stretch and limber up as they were going to be very active.

Yijun couldn't believe his eyes with who he had seen walking up to the hot spring was that man going to be the one that he was working with or was it going to be someone else and he was only here to peep or just relax in the hot waters of the springs but he thought that the hot springs were going to be closed soon so they can work in peace without making the usually guests upset that their private relaxing time was being disturbed by people running around with weapons and dealing with creatures and critters that were coming into the springs to bother them. Yijun figured that he was here to be his team mate but he knows that he could just be here for other reasons maybe picking up a female guest from the springs as they close to the day for him and the other person to work on getting the area cleaned out of unwanted guests and the things that they caused while they were here but Yijun would just have to wait and see where and what happened.

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon had taken a job for the hot springs. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, but when Jewels called his name, then he was going to answer. They wanted him to get rid of some creatures that were occupying the Hot Springs. It was a center one, and it was why it wasn’t available for the customers right now. He figured he would do it as they were paying him well. It also seemed like he was going to be working with someone as well. He was fine with that, but he just hoped that he didn’t hurt the person he was working with.

The Son of Chaos had brought himself to the location. His eyes scanned the area, but he didn’t take notice of anybody just yet. They told him to change his clothes, but he wasn’t going to listen. He didn’t know what he was getting himself into and he rather have what was on him now than anything they wanted him to wear. Still, he knew that apparently, these creatures had magical properties, affiliating with the fire element. This was going to be interesting, and he knew that he just had to take care of them by any means.

When he got in there, he noticed there were staff around. They had gotten close to him and were about to tell him that they were close. He ignored them at first but looked at them with a smirk on his face.

“I’m here to do a job. You guys want me to get rid of whatever is occupying your springs. Well, here I am.” He said as he kept walking to his destination.

When he arrived, he noticed who was right in front of him. His eyes widened as it seemed like his time in Hosenka was going to be met with Yijun every time. He wasn’t mad about it, but he just found it funny they were doing another activity together again.

“I see, so you’re going to be my partner today? I don’t mind this at all, I hope to see what you can do today.” He said to him as he started stretching a bit.

He wondered what kind of danger they were going to be getting themselves today. He saw Yijun had his spear out, so he decided to take out Yamato. His Enma didn’t want to be wielded ever since he fought Ikazuchi, and he would have to figure that out later.



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Yijun looked the other man in the eyes as he heard the other man speak to him. He guessed that was the truth he was once again with the other man for something more than what was once the plan of this being simple was now lost to the wind once more. "It would seem that you and I are once again together. Lets try not to get in each others way." He knows that the other man was something more than he looked as the other man had admitted to being a dragon slayer but he was also a dragon slayer just not one of the magical kind and his weapon was his way of slaying them and protected him in part from their attacks. He would have to be careful not to get too caught up in the heat in the springs.

He voiced a question out to the other man. "Do you want to work side by side or do you wish we divide and conquer?" He figured the other man would have something he would want to say about it and that was only a small part of this all and he spun his spear in his hand again and then slammed down the not pointed end onto the ground killing a fire salamander that was attempting to go past him and into the spring. Yijun was making a point that he was able to defend himself and trying to make it count in any way that he can would be the way that he was going to be able to do this. He needed to make sure that he was fighting and making the most of the time that he had left to use here before he has to leave again.

Yijun no matter the man's answer went toward the woman's side where he had heard a lot of noises while he was waiting and he wondered if there was a large group of the creatures or if there was something else over there that he would need to watch out for so he doesn't get crushed or burned. As the man walked into the spring area he sees a large ground of the heat and fire salamanders and he hurried into the spring to start to deal with them though he is not sure how bit these things can get or why they were being pulled to this area like they were.
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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard him and it made him laugh. He was demanding, now wasn’t he? He didn’t mind what they had decided to do, so he suggested that he figured that the man didn’t want to do this with him around.

“I guess we can work separately, I will stay here and work on clearing things here.” He said to Yijun.

It was then he saw the young man take out a salamander with his spear. It was then he watched him walk away from him. He cracked his neck as he looked at the water in front of him. The son of Chaos had watched the water boil, and he had a smirk on his face. He was thinking of jumping in, but something had come out. It was another Salamander, and when the creature saw that one of his friends died, it looked over to Drakkon.

It was enraged by this and it had started using its fire magic. Drakkon had seen this and a huge grin had appeared on his face. This was perfect, and he was going to try out his fire magic on this thing now. He wanted to see just how powerful, Toga’s magic was, but he refrained from using it. He would just damage this place, so instead he swung his blade and used a different magic spell. A slash of magic would head toward the Salamander as it had also released its attack. The two spells had clashed with each other, but his spell would still exist as it had rushed straight toward the beast.

It was too late for it to move from its spot, and it would get hit without doing anything. When it was hit, the creature was sliced in half and screeched when it died. This alerted the other creatures around the Hot Spring, and they would start revealing themselves. He laughed a bit because it seemed like they had all come out to play. He figured he might have to use Toga’s spell after all, but he was waiting to see what they were going to do at first.

“It looked like you started a chain reaction.” He puffed smoke out of his mouth as if he was just smoking.

Drakkon didn’t care what he had started, but he hoped these things would be good enough to entertain him. They were enough to cause a problem, but would they be enough to fight?



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Yijun having heard the man loud and clear about not wanting to work as a team with him had gone into the women's side to fight the group of salamanders. Yijun thinks on if he should use the spears power or not on this group of salamanders. He hopes that the walls in this place are strong as he started spinning the spear above his head and a black hole like sphere appeared above him and the spinning spear and it started sucking the creatures up into it and killing them on contact but other things were being pulled in to it as well like these strange looking bugs that were in the water and Yijun was guessing that was another reason that the salamanders were being drawn to the springs was the bugs that were here as well as the hot waters that would help them stay warm and toasty.

Yijun in a way was hoping that he was not causing Drakkon any fright now that there was a monstrous orb sucking things in and shaking the boundary walls of the hot springs area. This was consuming a lot of Yijuns mana swiftly but he couldn't back down now he needed to make sure that this area was cleaned out quickly and once the last of the salamanders in the area went up into the death orb Yijun stopped spinning the spear in the air and the orb of death disappeared and Yijun rested his arms a little as that weapon technique is a tough one to keep going for long both mana and stamina wise, the voices in the spear seemed pleased with the use age of the weapon skill. Yijun started poking around to see if he finds any more of the creatures before he heads into the women's changing room to see if any had taken shelter in there before they were sucked to to their death and Yijun put his spear away as he doubts there is room to use it in there so he will be having to rely on his hands and feet covered in magic to protect his skin.

Yijun headed in and he looked around finding a few of the small creatures and he blasts them with bits of his bane magic so if they aren't killed right off the bat they are slowed down and debuffed to make them easier to find and he deals with them as swiftly as he can as he doesn't want to get found in here and accused of doing something that he shouldn't be doing.
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#6Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon had looked at all of them. They were ready to fight him. Well, they actually looked like they were ready to make him their next meal that was bad, but he was ready for it. This was going to be fun, and his eyes stared at the group of Salamanders that had come out of the water. They had roared from the death of their friends, but Drakkon could only keep a smile on his face.

“You all going to come at me at once? Bring I got something to try for you all, so I’m more than happy to try.” He said to them.

They didn’t understand him, but they didn’t care because they did exactly what he wanted them to do. The group of Salamanders would all use their fire magic, and Drakkon would do the same thing. His skin is all scaly as he waited for them. This was it and when he saw that they were ready to attack he had created fire so hot in the palm of his hand and that was when he launched it. The orb headed to them and it was then it crashed into one of them and it exploded.

Drakkon watched as it expanded around the area, but not too high to destroy the ceiling. He made it enough so that it would land on everyone in front of him. They would all feel the intense heat, something they thought they were used to until now. His spell came from the Inferno Dragon Sayer. It was then that the area would disperse of the debris eventually. The outcome would be that all the Salamanders were just there, frozen without being able to move. They were paralyzed due to Drakkon’s attack, and he knew what to do next.

The Demigod had gone to each and every one of them cutting them down as there was nothing they could do about it. When he had finished up with this, they were all done and out. His eyes looked around the place though as he was wondering what else he had to clear out of here. He was sure it wasn’t just Salamanders that were making this place unsafe.

“They did withstand the fire attack, but I figured that would happen since they are fire-based creatures. They just didn’t know that it had powers from other dragon Slayers as well.” He said to himself, well Luci, so himself.

His eyes looked around the place to see if there was anything that he had to do. He looked over to the Hot Spring and he could see that the temperatures were changing. It didn’t change outright, but he knew that it would get there. He looked around to see where else he could check to see if things were fine. He knew the men’s room was fine, but what about over there? His eyes looked at a path that was opposite of Yijun and he figured there might be something over there.



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Yijun got out of the changing room and moved around the spring area and repairing holes and places that the creatures would of gotten in and he killed any extra that had gotten into the space while he was out of it and clearing other areas. He then walked for the next area just out side of the hot springs to clear the perimeter of the place to kill any more that were going to try to get in and make their jobs endless here and he wondered if this job was even worth them to be handling and if he was just wasting his time here and now when really he could be off somewhere else doing something productive or learning how to unlock himself and become a demon and learn to more understand his skills and his magic but he knows little of how one could do these things and if there was a point to keep trying.

As he finds a large group of the salamanders in a spot behind the wall he summons his spear back to his hand and with one mighty swing he sends out a slash of magic that hits the group devastating their numbers. Yijun almost felt bad for them but he had a job to do and he moved to kill off the ones left behind to make sure that they couldn't bring more back in revenge of the ones that were lost the bane magic user debuffs them making them nearly helpless and they are not even able to cast fire magics back at him because they had lost the understanding of how they could use it or even if they could use it he was merciless in his slaying of the creatures as he was not going to waste his time needlessly.

Yijun was a warrior honed by monks he needed to make sure that their training wasn't misused or that he strayed too far from their teachings even if he didn't believe in their gods he understood their methods and tried not to spit in the eyes of their gods who may seek revenge for these things on them instead of himself. Yijun finished off the last of the ones that were there and started to get rid of the nests that some of them had made near by the walls that lead into the springs and he wondered if this was over kill or not but he knows they need to be removed or more will come.
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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon was moving to the area that he knew Yijun didn’t approach. His movements were cautious as he didn’t want to have anything get the jump on him. He could feel the vibration of things moving, but he couldn’t tell what it was. Of course, he was going to find out soon enough. When he entered the place, something flew right at him, he dodged the launch of their attacks, and he noticed that it glowed from the back. His eyes widened when he noticed how big the flying creature was and soon enough he noticed that it was a firefly. One big ass firefly at that, and it looked over to Drakkon as it knew he was a threat.

The Dragon Slayer smiled when he saw this and he noticed that there were more around the area. This was great and he laughed a bit as he looked around. They had all come out to play, and he understood why they were here. The heat source was filling them up. The Salamanders were making them stronger and he took that away from them. That was good to know that they were coming for him, and he was getting ready for them. He dodged them as it wasn’t hard to do as their intentions were too straightforward. He looked at them as he shook his head. This was getting nowhere and honestly if he finished this, then he could leave this place, right?

He was pretty sure that there wasn’t anything else around here, which meant he could just meet up with Yijun after to see how he was doing. The Devourer decided to put a stop to all this buzzing he was hearing. He would swipe his hand and he would create a crow from above. This crow would drop down on all of them and when it did a huge explosion would occur hitting everybody in the room.

Drakkon would stand still as he couldn’t move, but he would use his healing spell to fix what was damaged. The fireflies would fall to the ground unable to move, but they were still breathing. He shook his head as he decided it was best to kill them now. He would swing his arm and he would use Yamato’s attack. This would lead to a bunch of slashes surrounding him and attack the nonmoving enemies. This would be enough to take them all out as they had no life in them anymore.

When he saw this he had to wait a bit before he could move again.

“I forget I shouldn’t use my own moves on myself because then I can’t move.” He said as he waited for things to wear off.


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