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I have mixed drinks about feelings. [FPHS – Drunken Hiking] (Drakkon)

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I have mixed drinks about feelings. [FPHS – Drunken Hiking] (Drakkon) Empty Thu Jun 13, 2024 7:09 am

Yijun had been having a night on the town and enjoying himself but it had all ended in the same way him being kicked out for having had too much to drink and he was not accepting that. Before he knew it he was on the outside of the town in the more untamed area's of the town. He found a ball and he started kicking it around the ball was a bit weathered and was probably abandoned because of children were probably warned about coming into this area as there could be animals and other things here that will hurt those that just wander in unready and not expecting them but Yijun knew he was finneeeeeeee and he had his trusted spear and if anything happened he would be able to fight it as he was full of liquid courage and he was not going to back down from the fight with an animal.

Yijun weaves in and out of the trees as he kicked the ball around and he was trying to keep the ball on his foot but he was missing it now and then and he then tried to do some keeping the ball up but all that really ended up with was the ball going soaring to another part of the forested area and Yijun having to chase after it as he tilts a bit at the effects off drinking. He wasn't even thinking at this point he was just doing. The ball ended up bumping off a tree and coming back to him and he smirks with victory as he had the ball back and he tries to remember which way he had come from as he hadn't really been making a mental picture of the way he was going or how he was getting where he was getting but he pulled out a flask and he sipped a bit from it and started to wander a bit more while kicking the ball around in front of himself for good measure and because at the moment this ball was his only friend and traveling companion to help him see his way through the forest.

#2Go D. Drakkon 

I have mixed drinks about feelings. [FPHS – Drunken Hiking] (Drakkon) Empty Thu Jun 13, 2024 8:29 am

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon had gone to another Hot Spring that had been hosting another competition when it came to drinking. He had enjoyed himself there, but eventually, that was over. He started to notice that the hot springs were closing down for him. He didn’t understand why at first, but then he noticed that these guys might have been communicating with each other. They weren’t allowing him to go into these establishments because of what he was doing to the alcohol. He shook his head as he was sure he wasn’t the only person they were turning away.

The Dragon Slayer had his own supply though, so he didn’t care. He didn’t want to use it, but this was what it was supposed to be for. He did feel the influence of the drug he had been consuming all day. This brought him to move around Hosenka without a care in the world. Luci was on his shoulder but would smoke and say nothing. The two were part of the same being, so he was feeling what Drakkon was feeling.

People moved away from him as he walked around aimlessly. He was bored and wished that there was something for him to do right now. He figured he could go back to his own hunting ground, but before he knew it he had found himself surrounded by trees.

“How the hell did I get here?” He asked himself curious for an answer.

He shook his head due to the silence that came from his speaking and started moving around. If he had gotten himself here, then he could get himself out, right? He moved aimlessly and soon enough a smell overcame him. It was familiar, it was the man he had beat in the Hot Springs. That man had drunk a lot and he did tell him they should drink together. He moved in the direction of the smell, and when it came to he would see him walking around kicking a ball.

Drakkon scratched the side of his head trying to figure out what he was doing and why he was out here as well.

“So we meet again. I don’t think I got your name last time.” He slurred his words a bit as he hoped to get his attention.



I have mixed drinks about feelings. [FPHS – Drunken Hiking] (Drakkon) Empty Thu Jun 13, 2024 5:55 pm

Yijun on hearing the voice had kicked the ball really hard as he thought that he was fully alone out here and he didn't expect anyone to be out here with him and the ball sailed off and into a nearby tree. Yijun thought he had been ready for anything but another person was not in the cards of things that he was expecting to see or should he say hear out here. "I did not expect to see another person out here, do you know the way back?" Yijun asked as he called his spear out and he walked up to the tree and used the non-bladed end to try and knock the ball out out of the tree where it was stuck and the naginata seemed to pulse to him like it wanted a piece of the other man and the man spoke to the weapon. "No we don't attack friends rather he is a dragon or not."

Yijun got the ball out of the tree and he caught it on his foot and looked toward the other man while putting his weapon back away it returning to the tattoo that was on his arm from when he picked up the weapon for the first time. He wondered if it seemed odd to the other man that he had spoken to the weapon like it was a person, but that weapon had many souls of the slain in it. His weapon liked the taste of dragons and dragon slayers. He knows that it's reaction to the other man that he must be a user of a dragon art or a dragon in human form himself. He didn't really care either way as his mission in life isn't to end dragons or the slayers that now claim the pieces of their corpses for power.

He kicked the ball toward the man seeing how the other man reacts to the ball coming at him like that this was a chance to better feel out the man. "My name is Yijun and what is your name?" He was not sure if after what he said that the man would react well to being asked his name. Yijun would thing if he saw a man talking to his weapon he would thing that the man had lost his coin purse and all the screws came loose.
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I have mixed drinks about feelings. [FPHS – Drunken Hiking] (Drakkon) Empty Thu Jun 13, 2024 8:33 pm

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard his words, and he looked around a bit as he was trying to figure out how to get them back into society’s hands. He thought about it for a bit as he looked at Yijun. It seemed like he had taken out a spear. He wondered what he was doing with the weapon, but at one point he heard him talk to the spear. It made him tilt his head as he was confused by the act. It brought him to think, was the spear a sentient being.

When he put the weapon away in his tattoo, Drakkon had found it rather intriguing, to say the least. He was about to say something, but then he noticed the ball flying in his direction. He had seen it coming and where it would head to. He had done what he needed to do. The young man would dodge the ball with ease, but he had reached his hand out extended his arm, and he would catch the ball. He was drunk, but his eyes and his instincts did not fail him. He looked at him wondering if he was trying to test him with this action. He would drop the ball down and he would kick him without too much pressure.

“You put the spear away but attacked me with the ball it seems?” He said to him as he heard his name and figured he could introduce himself as well.

“Nice to meet you Yijun, the name is Drakkon. Your Spear talks to you?” He asked curious to hear what he had to say.

It wasn’t a weird thing to see people talking to things about stuff and he did that a lot himself. He could imagine how people looked at him when he was talking to Luci. The Demon was part of his soul, but nobody knew that.



I have mixed drinks about feelings. [FPHS – Drunken Hiking] (Drakkon) Empty Fri Jun 14, 2024 9:51 am

The man looked at Drakkon a bit as he was asked if the spear spoke to him. "The spear itself talks but not with a voice it is like a feeling, now the dead dragons and dragon slayers whose souls are in it do though." He was not sure how the man would take it that he said something that was so strange and probably creepy to hear. He walked closer to the other man and he smiled as he knew that he probably sounded crazy. He was drunk and he said something that he shouldn't have admitting to what the weapon was. He wondered what the man's next words or action would be, would the man come at him to attack him or would they just move on thinking he was only a mad man.

When the ball comes back to him he kicks it around. "I wasn't attacking you with the ball was trying to get you to kick it as well." He gave a thumbs up as he missed the balled and he stumbled falling onto his face in the soft dirt that was at his feet. He started getting up to his but he slipped and fell back onto the ball which rolled under him and he went into a tree. "I swear I am not normally this bad." He has no idea to why he is trying to convince the other man of this not being normal but he had already tried to at this point so there was no going back from it as what is done is already done and he get up and he tried to play it off by keeping the ball up off the ground or at least that is what he was trying to do.
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#6Go D. Drakkon 

I have mixed drinks about feelings. [FPHS – Drunken Hiking] (Drakkon) Empty Fri Jun 14, 2024 2:30 pm

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard his voice and he nodded. That makes sense and he understood where he was coming from. He had similar circumstances to him, so thinking he was nuts wasn’t like him. Instead, he brushed it off. What they spoke about was attacking him because of Dragon. It seemed like that spear might be something that was meant to slay dragons possibly?

He didn’t care for the time being, instead, he was waiting for him to speak back to him. He heard his words and nodded, for now, he believed him, but he didn’t feel that was the case. When he fell the first time, Drakkon was going to help him up, but then he fell again. That was crazy and all he could think about was if this man had bad luck.

He heard his words as he approached him. Before that, he picked up the ball, and with his free hand, he offered to help him get up. Yijun was drunk that was for sure, but so was he. It seemed like fate brought them to this forest, so they could speak. He wasn’t sure what though, but he did tell him that they should be drinking buddies.

“I see, so your spear is meant for killing dragons. That is actually not a bad weapon to have as there are a lot of those roaming around lately.” He laughed as was one.

“If you want we can find our way together. I do have a very good nose, so I can find us back to society without a problem.” He said to him waiting for him to take his head.

Once he had done that or gotten up on his own, Drakkon would take a jug out and he would open it as he took some before stretching his hand out.

“Want some?” He asked Yijun waiting for a response.



I have mixed drinks about feelings. [FPHS – Drunken Hiking] (Drakkon) Empty Fri Jun 14, 2024 2:30 pm

Yijun had taken the man's hand and got up, he wondered why this man found his weapon interesting and were there really a lot of dragons around? He should probably ask about that and where they are so he can go and feed the spear the blood of the dragons that it seeks. "Yeah we should probably get out of here and back to the city and you can tell me about these dragons that are around and where I can find them and deal with them." He sounded over excited to actually be able to attempt to deal with them with his spear and get a good use out of it if there was an actual chance to do so. Yijun was a bit taken off guard by the man offering him a drink and he nodded his head in agreement to take some as he was wondering what it was and how powerful it was.

The monks would not be looking on him with much respect right now as he was being a sinner and harming his body with the drink. He was not a monk but they had beaten their teachings into his head and that he needed to make sure that he knew the right from the wrong and the hardships that came along with it rather than that he was to watch his steps but he was a daemon so why should be caring or worried about some god that had no real baring on the world or the changes that were taking place for them. He was sure that if the monks heard or even saw the attempt to make that thought a thing he would get knocked around by the monks and their staffs. He knows that no matter how strong he gets that he would never be able to face the monks and their magics and faith as they would die for it. Yijun got the ball back and started kicking it around again as he was thinking to much and not working on the drunken training that he was doing before he had come across the other man.
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I have mixed drinks about feelings. [FPHS – Drunken Hiking] (Drakkon) Empty Sat Jun 15, 2024 3:32 pm

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard his words as he had gotten up to his feet. That wasn’t going to be a thing and he wouldn’t tell him anything like that. Still, he was sure that most of the Dragon Slayers that he had made throughout Earthland could hopefully handle themselves.

“If you want follow me. As for the other Dragons and Dragon Slayers, they are all over the place. I’m from a guild where Dragon Slayers are gathered. I’m defending it because of something important there.” He said to Yijun as he looked at him.

Drakkon looked around and sniffed around. He was looking around for where to go. While he was doing that, he thought about what he had said.

“If you want you can fight me. I’m a Dragon Slayer if anything, and apparently the worse one out of all of them.” He said to him as he wondered what he was going to say to that.

Drakkon drank some of his other stuff that he had on him. His body was moving through the forest as he was following his nose. He moved around looking down on the ground and making sure he didn’t stumble on anything. While doing this he looked over to Yijun for a second as he wondered if that man was alright.

“Do you want to kill dragons? What if they never did anything to you?” He asked him curious to hear what he had to do.

He was curious to hear what he had to say. Drakkon had a horse that was cursed as a Dragon. It wasn’t just that, but it seemed like the place he wanted to go to have a Dragon Egg for him from what he had gathered. He wasn’t sure how that was going to work, but he was going to find out soon enough. It was his next destination after all.



I have mixed drinks about feelings. [FPHS – Drunken Hiking] (Drakkon) Empty Tue Jun 18, 2024 7:23 am

Yijun looked at the man who said he was part of a guild that was full of dragon slayers and dragons and he wonders where such a thing could be from, as dragons should mostly have died out and dragon slayers much like their dragon counter parts would be some what territorial about what they did and didn't do or that was his understanding of the case. Yijun guessed he would have to ponder about it more. He keeps kicking and moving with the ball as he was trying to keep his focus and hit the right ball of the many in front of him but that was just one part of it he guessed.

Hearing the man saying that Yijun should fight him cause he was a dragon slayer was an odd thing to hear someone say to him as he said his spear was after dragons but Yijun was not going to fight the man as there was no real reason to do so. "I don't want to kill or fight you, as you seem friendly." Yijun hearing the next part about killing innocent creatures, or innocent to him in that way of asking he guessed he would need to think about that answer as answering with a bad answer will only cause more confusion between them.

Yijun starts keeping the ball up with kicks and he looked to Drakkon. "It depends if they have done wrong at all and not just to me but to others." He thought this answer was one that made the most sense of it all but he knows that he can only do so much and be in so many places as well as him being a daemon and not some kind of saint but his current guild or in this case group he was not to be acting rashly or causing issues for the shogun so he needed to watch what he says and does else it will come back and blow up in his face.
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I have mixed drinks about feelings. [FPHS – Drunken Hiking] (Drakkon) Empty Tue Jun 18, 2024 11:12 am

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard his words and he nodded. Of course, calling him friendly made him laugh. He didn’t think, so but he wasn’t trying to pick fights with everyone. He was just trying to make jewels, be rich, and party. Those were what mattered to him, of course, he wanted to confront his father and see what was up, but he didn’t know how that would turn out.

“I understand. I get where you’re coming from, but whenever you want to spar, you can always ask me.” He paused for a second.

“As friendly, I guess you could say that. I think I’m more chaotic than anything. But I guess that doesn’t mean I’m a bad person.” He laughed at his own comment.

While they kept moving he could see that Yijun was enjoying playing with that ball. He, on the other hand, was drinking more. He didn’t know when to stop and honestly, he didn’t care to. He stumbled a bit, but was not enough to cause him to fall or anything like that. He had gained his composure as he looked over to Yijun as he spoke again. He listened to the man and he nodded; Drakkon had threatened people before, he also was part of a Gang within Hosenka, so there was that.

He had done a lot of fighting, so there was that, but apparently, there were stronger people out there and he couldn’t believe it.

“I see, so if they did nothing wrong, then they are in the clear. I guess that is good of you at least you give people a shot regardless.” He said this to him as he would intake more alcohol.

He followed his nose and while doing that he could smell that they were getting closer to their destination. The Son of Chaos didn’t get lost as easily anymore. That was due to the enhanced smelling power that he had gotten from his nose. He wondered what the future held for him.

While moving he could see that they were reaching civilization again. They were no longer hidden from the world, but they were both still drinking. The Dragon Slayer would look at him and wonder how he had gotten his hand on a weapon like that.

“So, how did you get that spear?” He asked him curious to hear what he had to say.



I have mixed drinks about feelings. [FPHS – Drunken Hiking] (Drakkon) Empty Tue Jun 18, 2024 3:35 pm

Yijun thought for a second about if he could even have a chance against this guy his aura was quite something that would seem to make Yijun stay back from him as there was no winning if he went against the man he can already feel the difference between himself and the man that just said he was a dragon slayer and he hadn't even tried to throw any kind of attack at the man yet or even saw what the man could do just the aura he gave off was more than enough to stop him. Yijun was at this point starting to get the hang of keeping the ball in the air without looking though he was starting to lean a bit as he was still drunk but he could feel the buzz starting to wear off and him starting to return to the realm of sober. "Yeah I don't think Sparring with you would be a smart idea you give off a very intimidating aura friend."

Yijun took another big drink as he missed the ball and it hit the ground and Yijun still following the dragon slayer. Yijun did kind of wonder what kind of a dragon slayer the man was. He heard the man speak of people getting chances and he wonders who doesn't give people chances and just kills and attacks with no rhyme or reason to it at all, well he guessed he had been attacked for being a daemon so there were people that would do such things to others but he wasn't one of them though he wondered if maybe not all dragon slayers were bad people as he had heard of a dark guild opening up in a different land that had dragon slayers and he wondered if this man was one of them.

He then heard the man ask about his spear and he wondered if there was going to be a problem when he explains this to the other man. "As crazy as this sounds I was in the robot country I had a weird dream that a hole in the sky offered me a special gift for a sacrifice and I agreed thinking it would turn me into a mean uncaring demon lord and instead it gave me a weapon to defend the weak that was from a hero from what I can tell from what it seems to tell me." It was a crazy thing to say out loud but he did and kicked the ball a bit harder chasing it as they made it out into the clearing beyond the wilderness and he challenged the other man to play some drunken football with him and take turns drinking on scoring.
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I have mixed drinks about feelings. [FPHS – Drunken Hiking] (Drakkon) Empty Wed Jun 19, 2024 9:24 am

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon continued walking with Yijun; he watched the man kick the ball and this time it was in the air longer than it was previously. He thought the man was a person trying to play sports in Earthland. If it weren’t for the spear he had, he wouldn’t have thought of him as a fighter. Still, he had offered to fight, and that was turned down. That sucked, and he sighed with disappointment; when he lost to Ikazuchi he could tell that there was more growth that he had to do. He wondered how the fight would have been if he had used his spells.

He was about to express his disappointment in the two of them not sparring, but then he heard the man talk about the spear and how he had obtained it. He nodded listening to the story as he understood where he was coming from. He had done something similar as he had gone into the void of this robot island called Talaz Lagaar.

“I see, so you also had a similar experience in Talaz Lagaar. I thought I was the only one, but that is good to know. I also went into a rift and I gained a power of what seemed like immortality. I can’t say for sure, but I heal quickly but in return became weaker than I normally was.” He said to Yijun.

It was soon enough that following his nose had paid off. The two of them had made it to civilization once again. It seemed like the man was still kicking the ball around and was trying to interact with him with this. It seemed like this was going to be the only sparring that this man was going to get today.

“It sucks you won’t spar with me, but I guess we can leave it for another time then. It would have been fun. I wanted to see how your spear works, but it’s all good.” He said to him as he would stop the ball with his feet, and then he would kick it back to Yijun.



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