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A toast to something unknown? (Drakkon) [FPHS – Drinking Contest]

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A toast to something unknown? (Drakkon) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Empty Sat Jun 08, 2024 7:44 pm

Yijun had come in to the drinking contest in the hot springs and he wonders how bad it could really be as there was nothing that seemed overly dangerous about it besides someone getting to drunk and then drowning but he highly doubted that, that would be the case here as they were going to go at it in just the normal spring. Yijun signed up and then got himself changed in the changing room and walkout to the spring they were all going to be drinking in and he wondered if this had any like strategy to it or anything and they were keeping the men out side of the water for the time being and he wondered why but he figured that he would find out soon enough if he was to commit to taking this drinking contest on and if anything were to get out of hand he had his weapon stored away on himself ready to be called forward if he might need it.

He looked around at the other men that were going to be taking part in it against him to see if he could size up the other men and know who he will really have to be out lasting. Yijun thinks that he might have a good chance of wining this as a daemon. His race was of human and demon mixed so he is a formation of lust and a lust for power so some drinking contest should not even be much of an issue for him to take on unless he is a weak follow and his human side beats out his demon side of the coin. He thinks the game is to avoid overheating while drinking but he was not sure how he was going to do this feat without being caught cheating the game but he had to do it some how or see how others are doing it and try and copy it while not getting caught doing so. He had to admit the saki looked good that was waiting for them.


#2Go D. Drakkon 

A toast to something unknown? (Drakkon) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Empty Sun Jun 09, 2024 11:40 am

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon had heard about a drinking contest that one of the guilds was hosting. It seemed like the catch was that they were going to be in a hot spring in Hosenka. This was his home turf, so that wasn’t a problem; he knew all the hot springs that were around this place, and at the same time he was happy to be back home. While he walked through the city, he noticed that people looked at him, their eyes widened, and they walked away from him. He forgot that he had a lot of gang activities here and the wars that happened in this city. He brushed his hair as he had gotten to his destination.

When the person who owned the establishment saw Drakkon, he’d bow down to him, and he would welcome him here. The devourer would nod as he would dismiss him, and he moved over to get change. The Dragon Slayer had changed into nothing, but a towel and he moved into the hot springs. Drinking was nothing to him, it was something he always did; the man had left his jugs in the back since they were going to give him some free drinks.

That was good, which meant that he didn’t have to use any of his supplies. There he would see several people in the hot spring. It seemed like they were also participating in this. The Son of Chaos had wondered who gave him the competition he needed. He was trying to drink his life away from here. He would enter the water and feel the nice heat that he was in.

“Who do you think is going to be here until the end?” Luci asked him.

Drakkon looked over to everyone and he shrugged his shoulder as he didn’t care right now.

“I don’t know, but they better make this fun.” He said to him as he was waiting for all of this to start.

The man who was hosting the event was making sure that every spot was filled before he would make an announcement for this to start.



A toast to something unknown? (Drakkon) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Empty Sun Jun 09, 2024 12:14 pm

The man that was clearly in charge of this part of the event moved and stood in front of the other men that were here to get the event started and underway. "Welcome all and good luck this is a contest of your medal as men and those that seek to be the best of your kind. You will all be going round for round drinking while you all sit in the hot spring and the last able to keep drinking will be the winner and we will be watching for cheating." As the man was talking other staff had been handing out the drinks to the men as they are lead into the hot spring water to have this all begin and see if any of them will even last past the first few drinks as the heat mixed with the alcohol will surely take it's toll on the men as they progress in this drinking contest.

Yijun had seen the dragon slayer come in and he felt like that one will be the one to beat as they seemed to give off a strange aura. Yijun is pretty much at the back of the line as they seemed to have been lined up by their name in lettered order. Yijun takes his cup as it was handed to him and he headed down into the water, which was indeed fitting of the name of hot spring as it lapped at his skin and it felt slightly like it was cooking him in a way. Yijun knows that he can not show weakness here that could be taken as someone's cue to force themselves beyond the limit and maybe beat him out cause they can see he was weakened or nearing a breaking point so he was going to make sure that he doesn't show anything and he takes his seat across from one of his opponents in the water.

Yijun waits his turn with his opponent looking at him and Yijun looks back with snake like eyes at the other man who looked away from Yijun quickly and the man running the event yelled to take the first drink and after drinking the first drink everyone is given another drink.
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#4Go D. Drakkon 

A toast to something unknown? (Drakkon) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Empty Sun Jun 09, 2024 12:39 pm

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon waited and soon enough it began. The rules were simple, and he was fine with that. He was given his drink, and he was tempted to drink right now. Still, it seemed like they were going to be ordered when to drink. His eyes scanned through the area, and it looked like there were a lot of people who drank there. That was good to hear, but with the effects of the hot spring who could actually stand their alcohol?

Once everything was set, one of the people there would tell them all to drink. He would take the sake that he had and drink with ease. It was lovely within him, and the soothing feeling made him thirst for more. He leaned back in the water as it was a nice feeling. He made sure not to bump into anybody. He didn’t want these disgusting people touching him. They weren’t woman, so that was a problem.

When everybody drank it would seem like everybody was fine. That was normal and it made sense. This was the first round after all. The people here moved around as they were giving everybody their second round of drinks.

Drakkon took him without a problem; he, of course, waited for them to tell them to drink. When the last of the group had gotten their drink, they would yell out to take another drink. The devourer would do that again without hesitation. It was just as smooth as the one before, which was good and relaxing.

“Let’s see which of these punks can't handle their liquor.” He laughed as he moved about without a care in the world



A toast to something unknown? (Drakkon) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Empty Sun Jun 09, 2024 1:50 pm

The man was laughing as he watched them drink and he wondered if any of this batch were going to be up to the task and find there way through or if this would be a drunk bunch that all pass out as none looked overly incredible to him. "Make sure you are drinking every last drop in your cups or you will find yourself in trouble and out in the cold of the changing room!" He figured that might put some fear in them to actually do what they are to be doing and that is drinking.

Yijun wasn't having any trouble with the sake as it was like a warm embrace to his insides that made him wonder if this place was all it was cracked up to be or if this was all just flashy lights and places with no real thing outside of it being a tourist trap and something that was not going to be able to hold his attention as his drink ran dry and they gave him more along with the others that were daring to take on the contest for bragging rights. Yijun looked around at the others and he could see that some of them were already starting to fall apart and were not going to be holding out for much longer and he smirks but his smirk disappeared when he saw Drakkon. Yijun can see this man was deep in his element here so this man was going to be the boss to beat here of the people that were taking on the contest against him.

The fresh drinks just coming as the rounds passed the staff growing more and more concerned looking as some of the men were starting to turn green and were having to be pulled out before they let their insides out into the waters as that would be a hard thing to get out. Yijun can feel that he was doing well at least but he was starting to have a bit of a strange feeling from the drinking and the heat.
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#6Go D. Drakkon 

A toast to something unknown? (Drakkon) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 7:10 am

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard the man warn them to drink everything. The son of chaos would give a thumbs up hearing those words. He was planning on drinking every last bit of drop no matter what. He came here for the free drinks that he could obtain, so that meant that he was planning on staying here until the bitter end.

He had a smile on his face when he saw people were getting affected by the alcohol and the hot spring. That was quick, and soon the next round of drinks would be given to everybody. When they were given the next drink, he waited for them to tell everybody to drink up. When they did, Drakkon would take it all in. That was when he saw it, the people who looked like they were going to call it quits actually did when they took in their rounds of drink.

He could only laugh as he kept floating in the water. They would get out quickly as if they were going to hurl everything out of their system.

“What punks, I figured that they would last longer than this.” He commented watching them go.

Still, with the numbers going down it meant the tougher drinkers would be the ones left in this competition. That was good as he would sit up now and scout the competition. He noticed one person who looked at him every now and then. It seemed like he was okay so far as well, which made him think he might be one of the people who might make it to the end.

The people who planned this event looked around and started giving out another round of drinks to everyone in the water again. This was now entering the fourth round, which might see more people drop out of the race.



A toast to something unknown? (Drakkon) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 1:06 pm

Yijun wondered if there was something that he could do as he was feeling a bit of unease and he wasn't sure if it was from the heat, the drinks or that mans aura. Yijun tried to think of what he can do to make this all come out in his favor but he has a feeling that it is very much not going to come out in his favor. Once the drink was in his hand and the command to drink after was called out, drink it all down and he wondered what they were hoping for here. He was fine and the drink seemed to go down easier that time and that could be from a mixture of things but Yijun needed to stay focused as this was a big deal that he stayed as long as he can. The staff were checking the cups and replacing them as they checked on the people that looked like that were starting to faulter and Yijun wondered if they were ready in cause someone gets alcohol poisoning from this.

Yijun looked at his cup and this one looked more like water than sake maybe it was a test or a cool down round so they didn't just have people passing out in the water. Yijun looked closer and he wondered if this was just watered down sake and not a full cup of it, which might mean they were cheap or someone had bet on him and was helping him to try and win. He wanted to stay on the fence on it as he was not sure that he would be able to believe someone would hedge their bets on him to win while the other man was here as this was not something that was going to be a easy fight this is one of endurance and fortitude that they want to make last. Yijun tried not to look at the other man as more drinks are handed out to them as they finish the last one. He didn't know what he was to be doing in this as he was not one to come to things like this but he wanted to prove that he could do well here.
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#8Go D. Drakkon 

A toast to something unknown? (Drakkon) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Empty Tue Jun 11, 2024 12:21 pm

Go D. Drakkon

Drakkon wasn’t swimming around anymore; it would seem like things were getting interesting here. He looked at the remaining people as he got his new drink. He took a whiff of it and closed his eyes because these were strong drinks indeed. This was what he had come here for.

“Let’s go with his round.” He said this as he would take down the shot without hesitation.

The liquid went through without a problem and he just sighed with relief as he handed the empty cup over. They looked at him and it seemed like Drakkon was still ready to go. They figured that would be the case, some of the people there knew who he was after a bit. He was from Hosenka, so their drinks were something he was used to.

A lot of the men there would feel it; that last drink was stronger than the others and it started to hit them. They were not expecting that at all. When they retrieved everything from the players still here, it seemed like a lot of them were not able to go on.

They had announced the next round of the contest, and a bunch of the players had gotten up and out of the water. They had grabbed their stomach as they stumbled out of the place. Drakkon saw this and he just had a smirk on his face.

“Come back, you guys. This isn’t fun if all of you leave like this.” He said as he looked at who was remaining.

There was the man he caught looking at him earlier and two other guys as well. It seemed like they were still in it, but he wondered for how long.

The officials took note of the remaining players here, and they would prepare the next drinks for the next round. It seemed like it was going to be coming to a close soon. This wasn’t a problem and they expected a winner last round to be honest.



A toast to something unknown? (Drakkon) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Empty Tue Jun 11, 2024 10:40 pm

Yijun was starting to truly understand how deep out of his element that he was as this was more intense than he had thought it was going to get and he was in need for this to end soon as there were not many choices that he might have but he was going to have to push through and not give up. He kept a straight face on the outside while on the inside he is struggling to keep it together but he has to push through and keep himself together. The next drink had a strong bite to it and a dragging after taste almost like it was a poison that he had just drank but he knows that no one is going to cheat the system and hurt the people competing in the contest unless they wanted to fully rig it. Yijun can see that the other man seems completely unphased by the drinking and it made him wonder if he was really going to be okay or not.

The man running it looked like he was getting nervous that this contest had lasted as long as it had and he wondered if they had enough sake left over or not for more than another round or two and if there is more than one person left who would win the bragging rights. The man gives out the word to drink again and he hopes that this drink takes out three of them as the staff are alerting him that they are pretty much run dry and probably only have enough for one more round after this one if two make it through to the next round. The man sighed and watched as two of the people in the water had seemed to be heading for the exit of the water which would means it would only be down to the last two men in the water. Yijun had held out and he hopes that he can last a bit longer as if if the other man was showing no sighs he also had to be feeling this right?
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#10Go D. Drakkon 

A toast to something unknown? (Drakkon) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Empty Wed Jun 12, 2024 6:47 am

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon watched as things were unfolding. The son of chaos could see that things weren’t going as planned as the organizers wanted them to go. He brushed his hair back with his hand and shook his head. They should have expected this, a drinking contest would bring forth a bunch of drunks to come to this place. If they were truly running out of alcohol, then it meant one of two things. They were unprepared or two they put stuff in their drinks to have other effects. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he didn’t care either way.

The Devourer Dragon Slayer drank a lot and took a lot of drugs. It usually meant combining the two of them, so in the end, it didn’t matter. His face was a bit red, he knew that he wasn’t immune to alcohol. It was just that he had done this a lot, and his liver was never going to fail him. He just waited for the next round as he took his drink and noticed another group had taken a hit from this round.

When they had given everybody the next round of drinks. The rest of them would look at the cup and would feel sick to their stomach. It was then that he would watch the remaining participants getting out of the water. He was surprised about that, and he figured he won this right? No, he looked around and he saw that someone was still there.

It was the guy he looked at earlier and it seemed like he was holding on to dear life. The poor guy didn’t understand what he had gotten himself into. The collaborators noticed that there were two of them left, and he was glad now. This would end soon, right? Drakkon looked at Yijun with his cup in his hand.

“I commend you for getting this far. After this, we should hang out. I’m in need of a new drinking buddy, and it seems like you can hold off on your own.” He said as he raised his cup toward Yijun.

It was then the host would tell them to drink, and Drakkon wouldn’t hesitate. He downed it without a problem and he let out a huge sigh. That was strong, but good at the same time. This could do the trick in getting anybody drunk in one to two drinks. Still, he felt a bit more, but not enough to put him down and under.



A toast to something unknown? (Drakkon) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Empty Wed Jun 12, 2024 9:42 am

Yijun raised his glass toward Drakkon and then he spoke back to the other man. "Friends with you sounds a bit dangerous of a thing to offer but maybe we can be friends in some form." The daemon wasn't sure if he should be friends with the man or not but for now he took the drink and it hit him all at once, he had lost and this was the end of the road for him. The man put his hand out to Drakkon to shake his hand and after doing so he left the water, his head felt like he had been kicked by a horse what was in that drink and why was it so strong at the end. He would have to worry about that later but he had to submit that he was at his limit and he wasn't going to be able to go any farther in this contest.

Yijun headed to the changing room to get some water and to cool off, he figures if the monks had seen him they would yell at him that he lost because of his lack of discipline and that he should have used his mind and will power to over power the bodies feelings of defeat and limit but he was not like them and he had lost this contest and he lays back on a towel in defeat as the heat releases from his body into the bench.
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#12Go D. Drakkon 

A toast to something unknown? (Drakkon) [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Empty Wed Jun 12, 2024 6:00 pm

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard his words and h would laugh at him. that was true and he would be dangerous to befriend, but still what was bad about that? It didn't matter because they were going into this round, and he wondered if it would be the last. He watched Yijun drink and when he saw the way it had gone down, a smirk would appear on Drakkon's face. It seemed like the alcohol had proven too strong for him. He watched the the man get out from the water and it brought Drakkon to be the only one in the waters.

He would float again as he had been the final one here. This was sad because he was expecting that he could continue for a bit longer. He came here to drink and that was what he did. The son of chaos wished though that it lasted a bit longer, but that was too late. The people hosting the event were happy that this was over. They did not want to go into their reserves and it seemed like the man in the hot spring was someone from Hosenka.

The group would go to the edge of the water and they would look over Drakkon. The Devourer looked at the men and had a smile on his face.

"You guys have to do better in hosting these events. You almost lost the alcohol that you had prepared for this event. It was kind of sad to see, but I wished it continue. I came here to drink myself under the water, but I guess that will be for another day." He said to them as he made his way to the edge of the water.

When got there, he pushed himself out of the water and he looked at them. His towel had come off, but he didn't care. He moved his hand out as he was waiting for his reward. They knew what he waited for and they would give him the jewels due to him winning this contest. When he got what he wanted, he moved away from them and to the room where his stuff was located.

There he saw the man who stood with him until the very end. It seemed like he was laying down and trying to gather himself before moving on from this place.

"You should be proud you lasted that long, if I wasn't here you would have won." He said to him as he was preparing to get ready.


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