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Ittindi vs Tōga

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Ittindi vs Tōga  Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 6:42 pm

Ittindi was enjoying his time in Seven this time, his Young Master had decided to establish their old guild once again. This time the location would be in Seven, this served Ittindi well the Magic Council’s reach out here wasn’t as concentrated. As long as Ittindi tried to serve in the interior and in the war ministry he shouldn’t have to deal with them at all. If he did then he had tried to create as much separation as possible, hopefully it wouldn’t be anyone he knew. Either way Ittindi had started to frequent Seven more and as a result the arena. He had been talking to Colonel Tōga over different forms of correspondence and it seemed they were both training their weapon skills sans magic. Him with his sword, Ittindi with his gun they figured why not put on a show while they were at it. It never hurt to showcase the potential of the Rune Knights to the public to remind them what stood between them and unrelenting chaos or even worse unserviced trash cans.

Ittindi was dressed in his usual get up, Top Hat cloth emblazoned with a bright gold. Tuxedo firmly pressed and recharged from his last unfortunate encounter. He also had something new in his arsenal, feeling the power of transcending his limits as a human coursing through. He’d walk past the powerful architecture of the coliseum the sandstone or marble pillars holding up a clamor of people their cheers creating a human storm. In front of him laid the first gate, the second past that would lead into the arena, first they would be brought to the waiting room between the two doors.

After what felt like ages they’d call both competitors to the arena last time Ittindi had been surprised by the water stage. Hoping for something like help with his range advantage Ittindi couldn’t believe his eyes. The entire arena was segmented into large rectangular 5 x 6 meters with small strips between them. The announcer would start speaking while jumping directly into one of the rectangle areas.

”Welcome to Friday Night! Trampoline Fights!”

Ittindi and some of the audience would gasp at the same time as he bounced up even higher in the air, colliding again with the rectangle. The announcer’s body pose was different. He'd go even higher and land back in his booth.  Speaking one last time before the crowds’ chants would overtake even his voice while he gave out Colonel Tōga’s and Ittindi’s introduction.

” Competitors may Begin!”

Ittindi would have his gun draw in his right hand and take a full running start to jump on the first trampoline directly in front of him. He’d try to build up momentum and was very uncomfortable with jumping his stiffness reducing his total air gain.

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Ittindi vs Tōga  Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 7:41 pm

The sun, a blazing golden orb, showered the city-state of Seven with its radiant embrace, while the Arena of Champions thrummed with an electrifying energy. The air crackled with the anticipation of thousands, their voices merging into a symphony of excitement as news of the impending duel echoed through the cobblestone streets and bustling marketplaces of this rich and prosperous country.

In the hushed sanctity of the combatant's chambers, a soft chuckle escaped Tōga's lips, a playful melody against the backdrop of mounting tension. "Who would have thought he'd agree to this?" he mused, a mischievous glint dancing in his mismatched eyes - one a rich, molten chocolate, the other a mesmerizing fusion of crimson and ebony, a reflection of the blazing spirit that burned within him. The echoes of the burgeoning crowd outside, a tidal wave of anticipation, hinted at a spectacle that would ignite the imagination of all who bore witness.

But Tōga remained unfazed, a serene island amidst the storm of excitement. Battle was his muse, his life's passion, a symphony of movement and energy that resonated with his very soul. Unlike the rigid formality of his duties as a Rune Knight, which often felt like a stifling cage, combat was where he truly soared, his spirit unfettered, his instincts honed to a razor's edge.

"I mustn't keep Ittindi-san waiting," he murmured, his voice a soft caress against the silence. Rising from his seat with the grace of a predator, he drew a deep, invigorating breath, filling his lungs with the intoxicating scent of eagerness. The vestibule beckoned, its shadows promising a grand stage where destiny awaited.

As he stepped through the final gateway, a thunderous roar of cheers washed over him, a tidal wave of adoration that threatened to sweep him away. Tōga raised a hand in a humble wave, his steps measured and confident as he navigated the path towards the trampoline-like platforms. The vibrant hues of the arena swirled around him, a kaleidoscope of color and energy, a tribute to the grandeur of the occasion.

Across the arena, Ittindi, the famed Rune Knight butler, stood tall and proud, a warrior forged in the fires of an indomitable sense of duty. A mutual salute passed between them, a silent acknowledgment of the respect and camaraderie that transcended the thrill of competition. "Ooooi, Ittindi-san!" Tōga's voice boomed, a clarion call that echoed through the arena, igniting the already fervent atmosphere.

Adorned in his eclectic collection of mystic armaments, each piece humming with latent power, Tōga took his position, locking eyes with his opponent. The air crackled with anticipation, a palpable tension that hung heavy in the air. With a flourish, he drew Zangetsu and Rengoku's Kimetsu, the twin blades shimmering like iridescent jewels in the sunlight. Ittindi mirrored his action, his own weapon drawn as he launched himself into the air from the trampoline, a graceful arc of defiance against gravity.

Tōga's instincts screamed for a mirroring leap, a mid-air clash of steel that would set the arena ablaze. Yet, prudence prevailed, a testament to the wisdom gleaned from countless battles. Ittindi's use of firearms and the unfamiliar terrain demanded a more measured approach. Crossing the obsidian blade of Zangetsu over the ornate Kimetsu, Tōga settled into a defensive stance, his eyes fixed on his opponent, ready to counter whatever challenge fate had in store. The stage was set, the actors poised, and the audience held its breath, for a duel that would be etched into the annals of history.

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Ittindi vs Tōga  Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 11:58 pm

Few people had the ability to make Ittindi laugh, on that short list was Colonel Tōga. When he spoke as he came out Ittindi laughed before responding while soaring through the air. It was an odd feeling, and Ittindi wasn’t proficient enough to feel comfortable moving so fast and shooting from far away. He’d angle his next jump to try and get to the next trampoline pad, the air soaring through his unkempt hair was quite a distraction. For once in his life, he understood why he received complaints about his air, in an aerial battle it seemed to prove a disadvantage, did the head butler have this kind of foresight the entire time?

”Unlikely focus up Ittindi.”

Naki’s voice centering him as he saw that Colonel Tōga was around 18 meters away from Ittindi sailing through the air himself. He had two swords brandished, they looked enchanted and quite powerful. Then again, with Colonel Tōga it was a possible dragonslayer trick, Ittindi had met a couple others but rarely got to see any in action. His defensive stance said all that it needed too Ittindi, who hated to be the aggressor. That was fine he needed practice out of his comfort zone, he’d fire his first of many shots, a slow trigger squeeze. The timing had to be perfect, he only had a couple windows where he had time to shoot. He’d line up the shot firing his first at Toga right after he’d hit the apex of the jump, then he’d make a diving motion towards the trampoline in front of him looking to push forward again.

"Not exactly what I was expecting Mr. Tōga exquisite blades by the way."

Ittindi had theorized what he wanted his gun style to be, he had consulted with multiple experts in combat. In the end Ittindi had decided to opt for mid to close range, the mid part was easy. Colonel Tōga was offering him practice in his most deficient area up close. If he were going to go on the defensive, the best way Ittindi would bypass it was using his gun’s immediate speed on bullets up close less reaction time. That also meant Ittindi would have to actively dodge attacks and protect his gun if Colonel Tōga decided that would be easier than dealing with Ittindi himself.

Only one way to practice Ittindi would keep moving towards Colonel Tōga looking to have a face off, but still wanting to keep peppering him to make sure his guard was up. Firing another shot at Colonel Tōga at the apex of his jump, he wanted to establish a pattern early so he could break it later when necessary. Ittindi was curious would Colonel Tōga be instinctual like him, or was he tactical cold and cunning that could happen even with people as cheery as Colonel Tōga.

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Ittindi vs Tōga  Empty Sat Jun 08, 2024 1:23 am

Ittindi, the Rune Knight butler, was a man of quietude and unwavering resolve. A stoic figure with hair as dark as midnight, he embodied the very essence of the earth itself: steadfast, nurturing, and unyielding. His days were a harmonious blend of servitude and swordsmanship, his loyalty to his master matched only by his dedication to the ideals of the Rune Knights. His impeccable manners and adherence to formalities often led him to gently nudge the exuberant Tōga towards a more decorous demeanor, reminding him of the dignity expected of a Colonel. Yet, beneath the veneer of propriety, a mutual respect blossomed, a silent understanding forged in the fires of shared experience.

Today, that bond would be tested in the grand amphitheater of the Arena of Champions. While their training sessions typically unfolded within the familiar walls of Era, today's spar would be a spectacle witnessed by thousands, their collective breath held in anticipation. The familiar training ground had transformed into a stage, a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of expectation and excitement.

"He certainly favors that Dominator," Tōga mused, his gaze lingering on the elegant firearm in Ittindi's hand. The weapon, a symbol of the Rune Knights' prowess, was a familiar companion to Tōga, though his own heart belonged to the twin blades that danced at his side. As Ittindi, propelled skyward by the trampoline's elastic embrace, took aim, a playful smirk tugged at the corners of Tōga's lips.

With a fluid sidestep, he evaded the initial shot, a mere opening gambit in the intricate dance of combat that was about to unfold. Landing gracefully on the springy surface, Tōga crouched low, his muscles coiled like a panther ready to pounce. Ittindi, ever the tactician, prepared for another aerial maneuver, his movements precise and calculated.

In the split second between the butler's ascent and descent, Tōga became a blur of motion. Zigzagging across the trampoline, he maintained a low profile, his movements as elusive as the wind itself. Ittindi fired another shot, but Tōga, anticipating the trajectory, met the bullet with the flat of his blade, a metallic clang echoing through the arena.

"Your aim is as sharp as ever, Ittindi-san!" Tōga's voice, a playful taunt amidst the chaos, reverberated through the charged atmosphere. With a flick of his wrist, he ignited Rengoku's Kimetsu, the fiery katana radiating a warmth that defied the cool air of the arena. A sweeping arc unleashed a torrent of flames, a majestic dragon taking flight, its incandescent breath aimed at the descending butler.1

"Let's see how you handle a bit of heat, Ittindi-san!" Tōga's voice, a symphony of challenge and camaraderie, echoed through the arena. As the dragon of fire roared towards its target, Tōga launched himself into the air, propelled by the trampoline's springy embrace. He soared towards the western edge of the arena, his movements as unpredictable as the flames he commanded, a witness to the raw power and boundless energy that defined him.

Ittindi would have to think quick and choose his options wisely. A battle afar may have been more risky then one close. They both possessed abilities to fight from distance, though Tōga assumed his would eventually hit harder, and he had the mana and stamina to maintain it.

wc: 549 [1,140]
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Ittindi vs Tōga  Empty Sat Jun 08, 2024 1:37 pm

As Ittindi first two shots were deflected he’d remain focused on his target, the jeers reminded him of his Young Master. Ittindi had never bothered learning the psychology of battle, it was too boring for him. What motivated others to fight, he’d rather know if they preferred a sponge or a sponge on a stick when washing dishes and why?  The only part that Ittindi enjoyed about fighting was the risk, he was a sucker for gambling. The rush was unreplaceable, fighting gave him something similar but stronger like the feeling after getting out a decade old stain in the floor. Sometimes a little vinegar was needed just like now against Toga’s flaming dragon, leave it to a dragonslayer to find an enchanted sword that unleashes flaming dragons. It’d be like if Ittindi had a gun that fired brooms, either way it cemented to Ittindi that he’d want to get up as close as possible. As the flame approached him along with the ground, Ittindi would fire a shot at the center of the dragon. Both their spells mana neutralizing each other as Ittindi flew through the smoke from the clash.

”A fire dragon sword, Mr. Tōga a little on the nose don’t you think? Try not to cut my arms off time for me to show off.”

Ittindi normally wouldn’t reveal his plans, but he didn’t see this battle as one for the death. This was practice for him, he’d either have to drill for hours countlessly for months or he could throw himself into the ring. It seemed obvious his choice as instead of jumping high Ittindi angled himself and lunged forward at Colonel Tōga’s front. It’d be a less than a second from lunge to his gun aimed at Colonel Tōga center mass another smooth trigger pull. Ittindi was fast, faster than he ever imagined after his awakening. That’s why he had opted for close range, he had the ability now he just needed the skill and refinement. He had zero experience in fighting up close besides creating distance.

The best angles to shoot at, where he would need to pause, how to dodge and make sure he wasn’t being baited into a position. The thoughts were racing through, and Ittindi couldn’t determine what was faster his heart or his mind. In the background of his mind he could hear music, it started soft but was slowly crescendoing. Ittindi knew it was from Naki, another tool for focus, it was hard to think of Naki as a demon when their relationship seemed so symbiotic at times. He’d hum the rhythm, considering how the trampolines affected his small movements, especially since he knew he'd be taking a hit sooner than later.

While Ittindi’s focus would be on dodging Colonel Tōga’s strikes he’d also want to keep him off rhythm. So after his first swing Ittindi would attempt to shoot a shot at his right foot to keep him from having a steady base. He knew enough about melee fighters that once their rhythm was established they’d feel more comfortable.

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Ittindi vs Tōga  Empty Sun Jun 09, 2024 8:33 am

Tōga's gaze followed the trajectory of the fire dragon, its incandescent form a attestation to his mastery over the infernal arts. Rengoku's Kimetsu, still radiating heat, hummed softly in his hand, a dragon's heartbeat echoing the anticipation in his own chest. The battlefield crackled with the aftershocks of his attack, the air heavy with the scent of ozone and singed magic.

The sheer audacity of the attack, a fiery tempest unleashed so early in the duel, spoke volumes about Ittindi's resolve. It was a bold gamble against a comrade, a risk Tōga knew his friend wouldn't take lightly. But the Arena staff, ever mindful of the delicate balance between spectacle and safety, had assured them of skilled healers on standby, a safety net that allowed both warriors to push their limits without fear of lasting harm. A calculated risk, a dance on the edge of a razor, but one that fueled the thrill of the duel.

Tōga's mismatched eyes, one a deep chocolate brown, the other a mesmerizing swirl of crimson and ebony, narrowed in concentration as Ittindi, still descending from his previous leap, raised the Dominator once more. A sharp crack, like a whip cracking through the air, echoed through the arena as the gun unleashed its most potent shot yet, a piercing beam of concentrated magical energy that intercepted the fire dragon in a blinding explosion of light and heat. The shockwave rippled through the air, sending dust and debris swirling in a chaotic dance.

With practiced agility, Tōga had already completed his evasive maneuver, landing gracefully ten meters away from his opponent. But to his surprise, Ittindi did not maintain his distance. Instead, he used the trampoline's rebound to propel himself forward, closing the gap with astonishing speed, a blur of motion that belied his normally composed demeanor.

"Huh?" Tōga's eyebrow quirked in surprise as Ittindi, gun leveled, unleashed another magical projectile aimed squarely at his chest. In a split-second decision, born of instinct and countless hours of training, Tōga dipped his knees, adjusting his trajectory so that the bullet grazed his shoulder, its impact a sharp sting against the Ryōhi hunting armor, evidence to its resilience.

This calculated sacrifice, a pawn offered in the intricate chess game of combat, created an opportunity for a resolute counterattack. Using the trampoline's elasticity, Tōga launched himself into the air, defying gravity with the same grace as a soaring dragon. As he ascended, he swung Zangetsu in a wide arc, its obsidian blade a crescent moon seeking to cleave through the butler's defenses1.

The aerial assault served a dual purpose: it allowed Tōga to evade a third shot aimed at his feet, a foil to Ittindi's relentless pursuit, and brought him within striking distance of his opponent. As he landed, a mere whisper away from Ittindi, he unleashed a lightning-fast strike with Rengoku's Kimetsu, aiming for the arm that wielded the Dominator,2 a viper striking at the heart of its prey.

The two attacks, executed in perfect harmony, were a point of emphasis to Tōga's  aspired mastery of both swordsmanship and strategy. He knew that proximity was key, and he had leveraged the chaos of the battle to create an opening. As he retreated, assuming a defensive stance, he couldn't help but grin. The duel had reached a fever pitch, a breathtaking dance of steel and magic that pushed both warriors to their limits, a spectacle that would be etched into the memories of all who witnessed it.

Something seemed different about Ittindi. Something distinctly different, and yet so familiar. He smelled of divinity?

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Ittindi vs Tōga  Empty Sun Jun 09, 2024 7:06 pm

Ittindi was impressed with Colonel Tōga’s resolve, reacting as fast as his Young Master they fought similarly. Though Tōga wasn’t holding back while his Young Master had yet to show Ittindi his unadulterated form, then again Ittindi remembered back to that time with Colonel Tōga’s form changed. They had both agreed no magic though, Ittindi had a couple new tricks up his sleeves on that front. In the end that’s what he was a loyal liar, that meant using tricks anything for his goals. Not to many at once, this was an exhibition. Ittindi couldn’t reveal all his moves in case he did make the wrong decision in the future regarding his Young Master’s life choices.

Ittindi’s signature move one learned with years of practice, when Colonel Tōga went in for the counterattack he’d find immediate purchase. If the audience were to look at the right moment, they’d see why; Ittindi had bounced/lunged the same direction as the strike. As a result, he’d go flying back 10 meters attempting to avoid Tōga’s second strike.

Ittindi would shoot then, this time the trigger was jerkier. He was starting to lose perfect finger control, Ittindi knew the adrenaline was getting to much. Part of the reason he had opted for close combat, the longer battle went on the more excited Ittindi would get. While his face remained neutral, his veins itched.

Colonel Tōga used a sword style that Ittindi was unfamiliar with, it seemed more focused on swipes than the thrusts and overhead swipes that most Fiore swordsman favored. Another custom from Joya probably, Ittindi gazed across the battlefield knowing it was time for his next risky move. He was fully in the thrall of the battle at this point, the crowd’s cheering had reached raucous heights. Ittindi heard it as a murmur a light buzzing as his focus laid entirely on Colonel Tōga. His two swords meant that whenever Ittindi went for an attack, he’d have to expect two concurrent every time. That didn’t mean he would let up on any pressure, shooting a follow up shot when he landed 10 meters away keeping a light bounce in case he needed to lunge or move quickly again.

It meant that the battle needed to be over sooner than later for Ittindi. He wouldn’t be able to keep that pace for very long, that was the likely reason Colonel Tōga was playing defensively. A shame Ittindi couldn’t use his magic, then he’d be able to be more reckless. This and his other match had laid bare his dependency on his magic he had a lot of work to do. His sweat was already starting to sting his eyes, the constant movement with the sun beating down increasing the difficulty of an already impossible challenge. Ittindi’s muscles still seemed to be fine, he could feel the lactic acid build up in his calves and thighs from sprinting. Yet he had pushed harder before, he knew that he wasn’t close to his limit.

”Hm, this has been quite informative Mr. Tōga. I always mistook you for a more aggressive fighter.”

WC: 516/1,968

Combat Log:


Ittindi vs Tōga  Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 8:48 am

Zangetsu, a ravenous shadow in the form of a cleaver, found its mark. Ittindi staggered back, the impact of the blow resonating through his body, a testimony to Tōga's strength and precision. The dragon slayer's asymmetric eyes, one a warm amber, the other a magnetic combination of crimson and ebony, tracked the weapon's recoil, anticipating the butler's next move.

"His Dominator shots are weakening," Tōga observed, a spark of insight igniting within his mind as he effortlessly deflected another bullet aimed at his chest. He understood that magic, even when channeled through a weapon, was not an inexhaustible resource. Ittindi, like any mage, had his limits. The butler was conserving his energy, biding his time for a more decisive strike.

Tōga's tiger and onyx blade, Rengoku's Kimetsu, sang through the air, seeking to capitalize on the opening created by Zangetsu's attack. But Ittindi, ever the agile tactician, evaded the strike with a graceful backflip, widening the distance between them to a full ten meters.

"Not so fast, my friend," Tōga declared, his voice a playful taunt that belied the intensity of the duel. He pivoted on his heel, his movements as fluid as water, and lunged forward in hot pursuit. The trampoline's springy surface amplified his speed, propelling him across the arena like a bolt of lightning.

Within moments, he had closed the distance to a mere five meters, his eyes locked on Ittindi's every move. The butler, undeterred, raised his Dominator once more, a faint glimmer of magical energy coalescing around the barrel.

Tōga, anticipating the shot, swung Zangetsu in a wide arc, the blade humming with a newfound energy. Particles of light danced around its edge, a prelude to the spell he was about to unleash. As the bullet struck his armor, a dull thud against the resilient metal, Tōga unleashed his counterattack1.

A wave of mana, a brilliant surge of ethereal energy, erupted from Zangetsu, washing over towards Ittindi in a blinding torrent. The attack, a symphony of light and power, was designed not only to inflict pain but also to drain the butler's mana reserves, leaving him vulnerable to further assault.

The dragon slayer's gambit was a calculated risk, a daring exchange of offense for defense. But Tōga, ever the gambler, thrived on such moments of calculated chaos. The outcome of this exchange, a pivotal turning point in the duel.

Oh, I am!” Tōga shouted, now allowing his pursuit to end as he bobbed once more, looking for the space Ittindi to occupy follow his attack so he could begin his chase there.

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Ittindi vs Tōga  Empty Tue Jun 11, 2024 4:23 pm

Colonel Tōga wasn’t one to take Ittindi’s jeers, closing the distance between them with his own speed. Ittindi had to admit, if it wasn’t for his new awakening Colonel Tōga would be vastly faster, a satisfying purchase if there ever was one. Colonel Tōga would take Ittindi’s shot straight on, it barely denting his armor as he unleashed his own devastation. A large wave of unstable magic energy moved at him horizontally. Ittindi wasn’t sure about its strength, but assumed he could take it, he needed to push hard on Colonel Tōga again, while he thought Ittindi was retreating.

He'd launch himself into the sky absorbing the slice, well his armor would. Ittindi was surprised when he felt part of his mana disappear with the strike to his armor. It seemed that Colonel Tōga used some from of mana draining. Interesting Ittindi had heard rumors of such magic but had never encountered it until now. It was an odd sensation feeling it be sapped away, he wondered if Colonel Tōga had the mana come to him in some form? It just meant that Ittindi’s strategy of an up-close quick fight played out better.

As he ascended at a diagonal he’d travel around 10-12 meters before he was directly above Colonel Tōga. Ittindi would shoot his first shot above Tōga followed by a second, before Ittindi would prepare for whatever aerial Colonel Tōga had planned. When he had launched he assumed that the follow up attack would be swift. The aerial placement would normally be a problem, but Ittindi wasn’t just fighting Colonel Tōga in this battle he was practicing his gunplay. Such a move would spell out death for a normal gunman, but Ittindi was far from that. In a regular battle this is where he would draw his spear and come soaring down with a thrust. Instead, he left himself open, knowing that all his defenses wouldn’t help improve his gun skills. Ittindi wanted to feel the pain of every mistake, here it was fixable out on the battlefield that’d be it. Well not for Ittindi, but he still would try to train as if he only had one chance.

If one couldn’t battle injured, how did Ittindi expect to ever take on his Young Master. Or even worse Lady Lumikki if he still felt that his Young Master needed his humanity. He could feel Naki’s discomfort, and even know he could feel his progress transforming him. Awakening his potential as a human, but somehow different. He’d have to spar Colonel Tōga again soon.

Combat Log:


Ittindi vs Tōga  Empty Tue Jun 11, 2024 5:17 pm

Success! The Getsuga Tenshō, a radiant crescent of energy, found its mark, engulfing Ittindi in a blinding flash. The impact sent a shockwave through the arena, a testament to the raw power behind Tōga's signature move. But the attack was more than just a display of brute force; it was a calculated maneuver designed to exploit Ittindi's mana reserves, a strategic move aimed at disrupting the butler's rhythm and forcing him into a defensive position.

From the dissipating cloud of smoke and debris, a silhouette darted skyward with astonishing velocity. "You're a fast one, Ittindi-san!" Tōga called out, a smile playing across his lips as he prepared his counter. Utilizing the springy platform beneath him, he coiled his legs beneath him before explosively unloading his weight upward in a calculated burst to intercept Ittindi before he could fully capitalize on his aerial advantage.

A mana-enriched bullet, sharper and more formidable than the earlier ones, grazed the strip of Tōga's Ryōhi armor along his shoulder, narrowly missing a more debilitating trajectory thanks to a quick, instinctive tilt of his head. The force of the impact was significant, but Tōga's protective attire—both ornamental and functional—proved its worth by blunting the blow. The second shot would hit Tōga’s crown, or would have had it not been for the fortified headdress he donned. While the fabric looked soft, it was both durable and flexible, safeguarding his head for the time being.

Undeterred by the pain, Tōga pressed his advantage. He swung Zangetsu, the obsidian blade slicing through the air like a ravenous shadow, aiming for Ittindi's center mass1. In a seamless flow of motion, he spun Rengoku's Kimetsu, the fiery katana, its blade igniting with a hungry roar. A torrent of flames, coalescing into the form of a majestic dragon, surged towards Ittindi, its incandescent breath seeking to consume him and drain his dwindling mana reserves2.

The aerial battlefield crackled with energy, a symphony of clashing elements as fire and magic intertwined. Both warriors, suspended in mid-air, locked in a breathtaking duel that defied gravity and convention. Ittindi, hopefully caught in a whirlwind of fire and steel, faced a difficult choice. He could evade the attack, but at the cost of losing precious ground. Or he could attempt to counter, a risky gamble against a dragon slayer in his element.

Both combatants were now locked in a high-stakes aerial duel. The dynamics of airborne combat were always tricky, but for a dragon slayer like Tōga, the sky was as much a battlefield as any earthbound arena. His attacks, designed to maximize both impact and mana depletion, tested Ittindi's defensive capabilities to their limits.

Tōga, his eyes ablaze with a fierce determination, waited for Ittindi's response. He knew that the butler was a formidable opponent, a formidable tactician with a wealth of experience. But Tōga, too, was a force to be reckoned with, a dragon slayer whose powers were only amplified by the thrill of the chase. The duel had reached a pivotal moment, a crossroads where instinct and strategy would collide.

wc: 532 [2,724]
Combat Log:


Ittindi vs Tōga  Empty Thu Jun 13, 2024 1:22 am

Ittindi had expected an aerial from Colonel Tōga it satisfied him, that he knew in a different situation a spear would be impaling his friend. At least he saw his shots land, they still didn’t seem to phase Colonel Tōga, he’d need to upgrade his gun. He had his eyes on one, it was created by a fanatic, but Ittindi liked its capability.  Colonel Tōga first strike was straight at Ittindi’s torso, he didn’t have any defense in the air at least. Well not against Colonel Tōga as his mana spear staff element was fire. That would only serve to make him stronger, even if they had agreed on no magic it was in his nature to eat flames right?

He could feel his suit loose its usual tautness after the enchantments wore off, it was like going from a tailored suit to something you wore to a dance as a child. And right behind that was another dragon of fire like earlier, with how close they were Ittindi didn’t have time to respond to it. He thought for sure this would be the end and that he’d wake up next on the floor of the arena. To his surprise as the flames washed over his body he felt every nerve ending being singed with the equivalent of a severe sunburn. Every inch of him felt pain, even worse the sweat, the wind every feeling seemed to amplify the burn, even the sun’s ray intensity seemed to increase.

Ittindi couldn’t stop, if he was still standing, that meant it wasn’t over. He’d point his gun straight at Toga’s chest. He couldn’t fully feel his finger, but the motion still seemed to go through as he’d hear and see the shot, firing another shortly after. Ittindi knew that by the time they fell to the trampoline it’d all be over. Every indication showed that he wouldn’t win, but he still wasn’t ready. Instead of firing another shot he’d prepare himself to weave the next sword swing. He had seen a couple since the start, and there weren’t many other options available.

Ittindi could create space and keep the fight up longer, but Colonel Tōga’s speed and his were evenly matched. It would just be a stalemate and what kind of arena fight would that be. He had tried to be a physical fighter with his Young Master when they were kids. One of his worse qualities was his fear of being hit. He had worked himself up past that fear in this fight. Ittindi readied himself for his final stand, and deep inside he felt the acknowledgement from Naki.


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Ittindi vs Tōga  Empty Thu Jun 13, 2024 8:50 am

Each resounding clang against Ittindi's defenses sent a ripple of unease through Tōga's core. He was acutely aware of the Arena's post-battle restoration protocol, where wounds would be mended and equipment rejuvenated. Still, striking a comrade, even with the assurance of future healing, felt profoundly wrong, especially with the full force of his weapons unleashed. A heartfelt apology would be in order after this, though judging by the bullet-riddled state of his own armor, Ittindi would likely share similar sentiments.

Their simultaneous attacks found their marks, Tōga's fiery onslaught draining Ittindi's mana reserves further as they plummeted towards the unforgiving earth. Tōga observed with a tempered intensity as Ittindi, despite the gnawing pain and exhaustion, raised his Dominator once more, unleashing another volley of projectiles. Both found their target, piercing the heart of Tōga's breastplate, but the Joyan warrior refused to falter. The sting of the impact paled in comparison to the bitter taste of defeat.

Ittindi braced himself, anticipating another flurry of blows, but Tōga had a different strategy in mind. With a burst of speed, he charged forward, feinting at the last moment before unleashing a devastating two-pronged attack. Kimetsu, the blade of fire, led the charge, followed swiftly by Zangetsu's diagonal slash, both aimed at the exposed vulnerability of Ittindi's chest, now unprotected by the shattered remnants of his armor.

Time seemed to slow as the blades descended, the air thick with anticipation and the unspoken language of friends locked in combat. The fate of the battle, perhaps even their future training sessions, hung precariously in the balance, the culmination of their staunch determination and honed skills. The outcome remained shrouded in uncertainty, a thrilling testament to the unpredictable nature of combat and the indomitable spirit of those who dared to test weapons against friend hummed as the battle was nearing it’s close.

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Combat Log:


Ittindi vs Tōga  Empty Fri Jun 14, 2024 7:27 pm

The wind scoured every burn on his body, he felt like he was getting raked by a skin brush before an eastern massage. They would both continue to plummet towards the ground, as Colonel Tōga came at Ittindi he would feint and since it was the first time he had done such a move Ittindi fell for it. Dodging preemptively while Colonel Tōga would strike him then hit him with both blades straight at his chest. If not for Ittindi’s magic and the arena’s protection he would have died on the spot, as blood would come pouring out and drench Colonel Tōga’s armor from the power of both strikes. Ittindi’s limp body would go flying, hitting another trampoline 4 meters away, bouncing up and down a trail of crimson followed by gasps from the audience.

”We have a brutal winner folks, look at all that blood! That’s for you! Congratulations Tōga what an exciting match.”

The audience would erupt in fanfare, as a stretcher unit with healers came to pull Ittindi out of the arena. As he was being picked up Ittindi would be in his own inner mind palace, talking to a formless Naki. They still didn’t approve of Ittindi not using all his abilities including his gift of resurrection. He had tried to explain to Naki that the only way he’d increase his abilities with his gun to catch up with his Young Master was extreme training. Though he almost reconsidered after Tōga’s final slashes, but that was just his anger at his loss speaking.

He was aware of his exponential growth in the last year, ever since he had decided to start taking more risk. While Naki had served to triple his risk taking in the short time, he hoped with his gun training that he’d keep up the progress.


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Combat Log:


Ittindi vs Tōga  Empty Fri Jun 14, 2024 10:10 pm

"Ittindi-san!" Tōga's voice, thick with a mixture of concern and remorse, echoed through the arena as the butler's body was sent sprawling backward, propelled by the force of the dragon slayer's strikes. Crimson droplets, a grim testament to the newly inflicted wound, splattered the ground, painting a vivid tableau of violence.

Without hesitation, Tōga abandoned his weapons, lunging forward to catch his fallen comrade. With a gentle yet firm grip, he cradled Ittindi's limp form, his brow furrowed with worry as a wave of conflicting emotions washed over him. "Quickly!" he bellowed, his voice a sharp command aimed at the medical personnel who rushed towards the scene.

The medics swiftly relieved Tōga of his burden, their practiced hands working diligently to assess and tend to Ittindi's injuries. In that moment, the deafening roar of the crowd, the jubilant cries that should have accompanied his victory, faded into a distant hum. Tōga's triumph, once a source of pride, now felt hollow and tainted. This was not the glorious victory he had envisioned.

"I'm tagging along," Tōga declared, his voice unwavering as he fell into step with the retreating medical team. The cheers of the crowd, the celebratory atmosphere that pervaded the arena, held no allure for him. His only concern was for the well-being of his fellow Rune Knight, his comrade in arms.

As they exited the arena, Tōga's mind raced, a whirlwind of guilt and self-recrimination. He had won the battle, but at what cost? The sight of Ittindi's blood staining the arena floor, the knowledge that his own hand had caused such harm, gnawed at his conscience. In the depths of his heart, he knew that this victory was a pyrrhic one, a hollow triumph that left a bitter taste in his mouth.

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