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We Will Not Be Forgotten [Epic]

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We Will Not Be Forgotten [Epic] BmjR7Dj

Name: We Will Not Be Forgotten

Difficulty: Epic

Participants: Saturn

Story: Hunting for various artifacts over what many would consider a small timeframe has lead to him discovering something greater than he could imagine. Every other instance of discovery he had ever come across was something minor, trinkets and the like., Not to be dissuaded from his course saturn eventually finds himself stepping beyond the boundaries of creation to find something more than he could ever have bargained for.

Something deep within the void calls his name; but rather than shrink from this call he steps forward to embrace it. Already touched by the void in a way he couldn't explain, this further venture will inevitably change him. For better or worse.

Lore Implications: Saturn ties himself stronger to the void, not becoming the true vessel by any means but strengthening the ties he had to the plain of nothingness that already drummed deep in his core as a demon.

Rewards: Mythic Custom.

Objective: Delve into the reaches of the void and discover what resides there... or what does not.

Name: Of Our bones
Rank: A

Type: Good

Summary: A ritual site has been discovered outside of one of the major cities. One that reeks of a ritual by his host body's parent.

Non Player Characters's: No one but dead bodies and the bones of his enemies made unreal.

Objectives: Investigate the ritual site and ties to someone that should be long dead.

Name: The Hills
Rank: A

Type: Good

Summary: Using the ritual site to figure out what happened saturn stumbles upon a living cultist that's barely breathing. Restoring their vigor through magic he is able to ascertain what the ritual is for.

Non Player Characters's: A single cultist.

Objectives: Help the cultist and learn more about the ritual.

Name: Onward
Rank: A

Type: Good

Summary: Using the information that was given to him by the cultist Saturn activates the ritual site with the latent magical energy he has. It's costly and takes much but...

Objectives: Activate the ritual.

Name: Huddled in the Shadows
Rank: A

Type: Good

Summary: Saturn arrives at what only could be described as the void itself, an endless expanse of deeper darkness and light that no one can properly understand. Infinity stretches on from far to close, it boggles the mind of those nearby. Many dead or dying cultists that cannot understand what is going on, cannot understand. They're slowly losing their minds... all save one.

Non Player Characters's: Cultists and a ritual host.

Objectives: Saturn arrives to the Void or at least a pocket in it. He must learn about this new location from the one individual that is seemingly unaffected...

Name: Cut With a Keen-Edged Sword
Rank: A

Type: Good

Summary: The ritual host is not someone that is friendly, they hardly even understand why saturn has come here. Drawing their weapon they attack him, saturn must fight to break their will to understand the place here.

Non Player Characters's: Demonic Ritual Host.

Objectives: Fight and break the Host's will in order to learn about this place.

Name: Long Past that Last sigh.
Rank: A

Type: Good

Summary: With the ritual hosts will broken they share everything they know, which spans much time and goes until their last breath leaving saturn alone in an ever increasing expanse. The pocket collapses and the void slowly seeps in...

Non Player Characters's: The ritual host, voidlings.

Objectives: Listen to the explanation of the void from one that merely understands its surface. Defeat the voidlings looking to consume him.

Name: We Are All Guests Upon The land.
Rank: S

Type: Good

Summary: The void is unlike anything that he has ever been to. It is welcoming, hating, gorgeous and staggeringly ugly at the same time. It whispers promises, it whispers threats, it tells him everything but tells him nothing. It's everything and nothing at once, it hurts. It seeps into his being, changing him irreparably. His demonic nature was already sturdy and filled to the brim from the sacrifice one had done to him. To survive in the void is not to embrace it but to embrace himself.

Non Player Characters's: The Void.

Objectives: Survive.

Name: Three Days to Cross
Rank: S

Type: Good

Summary: How many days had it been since he arrived? How many days had it been since he started to suffer? Since the voidlings nipped at his heels, tore at his bones? Thrashed him? Tried to sup from his marrow. Tried to take everything and leave nothing?

Non Player Characters's: Voidlings, void beasts, demons and other individuals both from past or present.

Objectives: The days have dragged long, longer than he could hope for. Survive Saturn, dispose of the voidlings, tear into the beasts. Feast upon the demons, look upon your past. Take the present, take the future. Become who you are meant to be Guest.

Name: A Few Words on themes.
Rank: S

Type: Good

Summary: He had survived till this point. Supped on the marrow of the void. Broken and barely breathing, battered and twisted into something else. His core beats with a hum beyond; raising him above all else.

Non Player Characters's: The Void.

Objectives: Become a conduit for a short time, fighting off stronger foes. Fight them until your form flickers and falters...

Name: An Oath, Until the End.
Rank: S

Type: Good

Summary: The Justiciar of the Damned stands tall in the face of the void. Looking deep within, staring and sharing a gaze. When the void looks to him...

He does not blink.

Non Player Characters's: The Void.

Objectives: Become who you are meant to be, keep the oath that you have sworn from the first few weeks of your first breaths.

Name: Faces to the Wind.
Rank: S

Type: Good

Summary: The void brings forward thousands of instances, millions of instances of every timeline, every possible version of him, a king, a conqueror, a believer, a dealer, the list goes on and the information its giving him is invaluable. He sees the failings... of both them and him.

Non Player Characters's: The Void.

Objectives: Learn the lessons that are being presented. Grow. Fight. Live. Love. Laugh.

Name: Children Of the fallen.
Rank: S

Type: Good

Summary: The void's gaze is unmoving, it has not blinked but neither have you. Neither have you. Neither have you. The void seeps into every pore, every instance of flesh made manifest. For you are a being of magic and much must be sown.

Non Player Characters's: The Void.

Objectives: Survive the infusion and return to Earthland.


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This storyline is approved to start.


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Reductions + boosts:
Jewels Bonus:
10% [Weapon], 15% [Ring], 15% [Relic], 20% [Comp 1], 10% [Rk], 15% [Helm], 20% [Story] = 100+

Exp bonus:
20% [Ring], 20% [Relic] , 20% [Comp 1], 20% [Comp 2], 10% [Helm] [20%] Story = 100+

20% [RK], 20% [Hermit], 10% [Helm] = 50%

Overall Rewards:
156 Strength
5,400 fame
9,000,000 Jewels
300,000 Exp
Mythic Custom Coupon


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This storyline is finished

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