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[FPHS – Climbing Cookout] Eelzad/Lumikki

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The crisp morning air of Hosenka's outskirts was filled with the aroma of wildflowers and fresh earth, the sun just beginning to peek over the horizon, casting long shadows and lighting up the landscape. Amidst a serene morning in the wilderness, today was the day of the Climbing Cookout, an event that promised both adventure and culinary delight.

As Eelzad Kors stood at the base of an imposing mountain near Hosenka, his eyes scanned the rugged cliff faces. He was dressed in lightweight climbing gear, a series of pouches and hooks around his belt holding various cooking utensils—a rather unusual ensemble, but essential for the day's challenge. Beside him, a portable cooking station was compactly secured, its contents meticulously arranged for easy access during the climb.

Eelzad announced to the small crowd gathered to witness the event, "Today, we take cooking to new heights -- literally." His voice carried a mix of excitement and challenge. They included adventurers, culinary enthusiasts, and a few curious locals, all buzzing with excitement. Though Eelzad wasn't certain who he would be facing, he already had a strategy in mind that would mitigate any downsides of being weaker than his opponents. As a result of his ability to make ripple magic, Eelzad had the advantage of a particular cooking method that he could make on the way.

Known affectionately as the "Solar Flare Simmer," Elzad's strategy relied on a unique cooking method that utilized the unique properties of his Ripple Magic. With Ripple Magic, he was able to demonstrate not only his culinary skills, but also his adaptability and creativity, which made it well suited for cooking while climbing a mountain.

Eelzad explained his plan to the curious onlookers as he prepared for the climb. "Ripple Magic allows me to channel the elemental energy of light," he explained, gesturing to the portable cooking station beside him. "Today, I'll use it to capture and intensify the sunlight, transforming it into a consistent heat source—a solar stove, if you will. This will allow me to cook without the need for traditional fuel, which is both cumbersome and impractical on a vertical climb."

The crowd murmured in appreciation, their curiosity piqued by the innovative approach. He continued, his voice tinged with innovation, "This 'Solar Flare Simmer' is not only efficient, but also environmentally friendly, leaving no trace on our beautiful surroundings. To enhance the flavors of the ingredients, it utilizes the very essence of the sun. I hope you cheer me on!"

In terms of interesting tales, Eelzad liked being remembered. No matter if it was a tale he would tell himself or one he would pass along by word of mouth, he wanted to leave a memory worth remembering.

"I want to know who my challengers are! Let's make a good tale!"  At the very least, Eelzad wanted to get some of the greetings out of the way before they began. However, even though Eelzad explained his strategy to the crowd, it wasn't anything they could do about it.

Or so he believed.

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Lumi was dusting the morning out of her eyes while cursing to herself for ever agreeing to this.She wandered toward the mountain in her human form. Brown skin with hands stained with black and legs coiled in shadow. Her eyes differed in hue, one of citrine and the other as sapphire but they were hidden behind very dark and circular shades. Her lilac hair was pulled back in braids that swung behind her. The Demoness deplored wearing pants so she chose a black oversized short instead, her Paradise Dawn emblem clearly visible on her left thigh. But the tools for her venture were oddly missing.” I need to stop saying yes to challenges with a belly full of whine….” She grumbled and groaned. Tenevi, the Demoness’ harpy of three feet, nodded in agreement but didn’t dare voice her answer. And the pair would walk over to the meeting grounds for the task at hand.

It was then that Lumi was able to catch the final moments of a man’s explanation. He was explaining the validity of his magic in conjunction with cooking along the mountain. All the folks around her cheered along to his words as if they were enthused for the display to come but Lumi silently wore a scowl instead. His chipper attitude and solar light based magic didn’t appease her and she would not suffer this challenge without proper entertainment. So it was this moment that Lumi quietly decreed to herself within her thoughts, that she didn’t aim to win this quest as much as she wanted to impede on his efforts. So no matter how he tried to heat his grill, she would make sure her chill would rob him.

A smirk would show on her face but she didn’t flash it toward him. Only Tenevi had noticed, but it was enough for the small harpy to understand.

Lumi approached the base of the mountain sheepishly, positioning herself not too far from the boastful man. It was then that she would make a circle in the air with her index finger that conjured a portal to a black void from which she pulled out a simple grill akin to ones used from her homeland in Iceberg. Square in shape with runes carved among the surface and a crevice where one would feed the fire.

Lumi would then look over to the man and nod with a sweet smile on her face.


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As always, Eelzad was aware of his surroundings and noticed Lumi's arrival and the subtle undercurrent of competition she brought with her. It was hard to miss the distinct chill that emanated from her demeanor and the distinct aura that seemed to emanate from her. Despite all this, Eelzad greeted her with a gracious smile, embodying the spirit of both challenge and camaraderie that the Climbing Cookout was intended to evoke.

The voice of Eelzad carried over the murmur of the eager crowd as he called out, "Good morning!" His gaze flickered briefly to the icy grill she conjured, acknowledging her intention with a playful nod before he asked, "It seems you're ready to crank up the heat? Or should I say, cool down the competition? Come on, girl!" he called out.

During the time it took Lumi to set up her grill, Eelzad occupied himself with his preparations, and he acted in a smooth and deliberate manner. "I must say, I'm impressed by your choice of equipment," he said loudly enough for her and the other people watching to be able to hear him. "It adds a certain flair to the challenge. May the chef who comes up with the best dish win!"

Eelzad summoned a burst of concentrated light with a swift gesture, warming his cooking station in preparation for cooking the first dish he was going to prepare. As he began to sauté vegetables that would later form the basis of the mountain herb risotto, he had his Solar Flare Simmer ready. The pan was already sizzling as he began to cook his signature dish. The aroma of cooking food quickly began to mingle with the fresh mountain air.

Eelzad's tone was friendly, but the competitive sparkle in his eye was undeniable as he turned slightly towards Lumi, saying, "I hope you've brought something just as delicious to the table. After all, this isn't just an exercise in skills, but also in flavors." His tone was friendly, but the competitive sparkle in his eye was unmistakable.

As he stirred his risotto, he kept an occasional watch on Lumi’s progress, curious about how she would use her icy magic to counter his sun-fueled techniques. The contrast between their magical styles provided an interesting dynamic to the competition, drawing cheers and whispers of speculation from the crowd around them.

"Now, let’s make this an event to remember," Eelzad declared, raising his wooden spoon like a conductor's baton.

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The man across from her was indistinguishable from his magic. He was like the brazen sun in the sky, shining in radiance, confidence, and alacrity. His overwhelming zeal would contrast her sleepy and disgruntled demeanor. But like the sun, it agitated her darkness and thinned her patience. So in his display of good sportsmanship, Lumi would look at him with annoyance.

” A fellow,” she began in her airy and otherworldly voice, but quickly thought better of it and pulled back. She did not want to appear more bothered than she’d like and so she corrected her exchange rather quickly.” like ya really suits a steep rise into the sky. Hel I believe ye belong right by the sun.” This was the most polite she could muster her message of how she’d preferred him flung to the heavens. And if he were to plunge or be incinerated by the sun, she did not care. Long as another being of light could leave her presence as her distrust of them surpassed her apprehension of her own kind.

” Aye, the best ta ye as well.” she followed his compliment and optimism. And with the lighting of the wood in its enclosure, she got to work on heating her grill.

The gesture was far less flashy than that of her opponent but she was not in this for the show. Though a perk to her equipment she did not disclose was its endurance to the cold. Iceberg at a norm was beyond colder than where they were now, and so an innovation like this were be made with an intention to maintain heat through tundra gales and flashing cold. So when her chill picked up to offshoot the sensation of being hot and bother while also eating the heat from the grill of her opponent, her hunk of metal would sit unbothered. Picking up in degrees as it warmed up for that task.

While she waited, the Demoness would dip her hand in and out of the portal. Pulling out containers of meat sitting in juices and herbs native to her lands. It had been a while since she cook. The convenience of her magic and raven form would circumvent the need. But there was pleasure to such a task and Lumi learned much from her mother and Nan to forgo it all.

And so when the grill was a nice warm, she slather the surface with a little fat and grease, before carefully placing the slabs of meat atop the grill. There were various kinds and textures of proteins as the Icebergians were opportunistic hunters. So a variety were a norm to their diet and cuisines. So rabbit, pork, and stag sizzled in a medley, softly and slowly. With a few minutes of watching over her dish, and pulling other containers. Lumi would pour the juices the meat marinated in on top in careful pours and covered the meat so that the water could not escape. From there she pulled a mor and pestle and worked through more herbs while blissfully singing old songs she’s heard from home.


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Eelzad listened to Lumi's veiled barb with a discerning ear, detecting the subtle tension beneath her words. However, he responded with grace and humor. "Ah, well, I have always considered myself more earthbound than celestial, but I am grateful for the sentiment," he replied with a chuckle, his tone smooth and unfazed. As he maneuvered around his portable kitchen setup, the smell of sizzling herbs filled the air.

Eelzad was intrigued by Lumi's methodical approach to cooking despite the undercurrent of competition. Despite the complexity of her setup, her simple actions stood in stark contrast to the warmth emanating from his own cooking station. Her equipment, designed to endure the harsh climates of Iceberg, impressed him, and his respect for her skills and heritage grew.

Eelzad glanced over as Lumi's grill began to sizzle, noting the variety of proteins she employed. In addition to being intrigued by the aromatic blend of juices and herbs, he acknowledged the expertise required to prepare such a wide variety of flavors.

While Eelzad's risotto cooked, he prepared his next ingredient, a selection of mountain greens that he had gathered early in the morning. As he laid them out neatly, preparing to incorporate them into the dish, their freshness was a perfect complement to the risotto's creamy, earthy texture.

He was momentarily swept up in Lumi's soft singing as he turned his attention back to her. The music provided a soothing backdrop to the crackle and pop of their cooking. "Your song adds a lovely layer to our cookout," he said, a sincere smile playing on his lips. "As with magic, cooking is an art enriched by the spirit we put into it."

Eelzad's focus sharpened as the competition between him and Lumi intensified, his attention converging on the task at hand. He observed Lumi's methodical cooking, noting the innovative use of Icebergian techniques that contrasted starkly with his sun-infused culinary approach. The challenge was not only about creating a meal, but also showcasing the uniqueness of their respective magical and culinary styles. It was a contest, after all, and Eelzad was here to win.

There's still time!"

In order to perfect the simmering of his risotto, Eelzad adjusted the intensity of the magic light. Infused with the essence of mountain herbs and robust flavors of locally sourced mushrooms, he stirred the pot methodically, ensuring that every grain of rice was perfectly cooked. With its creamy texture and rich aromas, the dish was coming together beautifully.

Under Lumi's careful watch, Eelzad observed how the different meats sizzled, her grill unaffected by the chill she wielded so skillfully. Lumi's challenge had pushed him to refine his own techniques, and he appreciated the challenge. Eelzad had to use more of his magic to keep the food at a good temperature in order to combat the chill, with him already dedicating to give it his all without saving anything.

With a quick motion, Eelzad added a splash of white wine to the risotto, the liquid sizzling as it hit the hot surface, deglazing the pan and pulling all the flavors together. He allowed himself a small smile of satisfaction at the perfect balance of flavors, the wine enhancing the natural sweetness of the onions and the earthiness of the mushrooms.

"How about we make it even more interesting with a little side wager?" Eelzad then looked towards Lumi. "If I win this cookout," Eelzad proposed with a confident smile, "you'll share with me a tale of one of your adventures. I'm intrigued by the stories you carry, especially with the magic and heritage you've shown today. It’s clear you’ve seen and experienced things that could fill books, and if there is anything I like, it's tales with a side of good liquor!" Eelzad then took a few gulps of the white wine and put the bottle away, the warmth of the liquor giving him the illusion of warmth from the chill he was experiencing at the very least. "Deal?"

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Lumi, while keeping in song would turn over to Eelzad and listen to what he had to mention. And with a nod she would agree with him, but she wouldn’t answer until she completed the verse. The flow of melody took priority for her. ” Me thanks. Such idle moments I find, pair better with song. Sometimes the tone of the music would even bleed into the sensation of the moment. Merging the two so that the experience becomes inseparable. But of course, singings just a good way to sooth as well.” Her tone was more sincere than those times prior as her temperament had settled amid her preparation and song. Though it would still feel cold and indifferent, more so paired with the warmth that Eelzad So graciously and eagerly provided.

Lumikki would have settled back into another song, when to her faint surprise the man spoke again. She was ready to regard him an over talkative man when his interjection finally proved interesting to her ears. She shifted her focus to his wager and thought it through. His winning demand not proving insufferable brought a smirk to her face. Lumi couldn’t deny that such little things indeed spiced up boring moments and couldn’t fight the urge to take it on. And in the moment of her excitement, the chill would intensity. Not to sabotage his further but to give hint the intensity of the small woman that sat before him.

“Deal,” she uttered with delight. This was the first time her voice gave way to a tone that was joyful.” But what exactly is in it for me? What does a man like ye have to offer?” Her grin was mischievous and wide, the fangs that had been hidden were now glinting in his excess light.

Lumi stood up to approach man, her motion smooth and swift as if she was light. Her frame much smaller to his as the Demoness was only four feet and eleven inches tall. She reached out a hand to take his forearm in a gesture of agreement. Waiting on his offer and reaction.

Meanwhile behind then, Tenevi was peeling and cutting the potatoes in preparation for the meal.

If Eelzad took her arm in hand, he’d note how cold her skin really is as the chill shoots up his arm. Though her skin felt soft and her appearance seemed fragile, aspects of her revealed otherworldly.


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Eelzad's eyes lit up with appreciation when Lumi accepted the wager, his smile widening. Despite her request for clarity, he nodded in acknowledgement. His voice was both amused and thoughtful as he replied, "Fair enough. If you win, I'll cook anything you want, as well as take you on a guided tour of some of Hosenka's best-kept secrets - places only a few know about."

A stark contrast to the warm sun-infused environment around them, Eelzad felt the surprising chill of Lumi's touch as she approached and touched his forearm. Instead of recoiling, he welcomed the sensation as a vivid reminder of the diversity of magic. With a firm voice and a gentle yet firm grip, he indicated his commitment to the friendly challenge.

As both competitors finished their preparations, the contest was nearing its conclusion. As the judges approached to assess their culinary creations, the aroma of cooked meals filled the air.

In his presentation to the judges, Eelzad explained how he integrated Ripple Magic into his cooking, enhancing the natural flavors and bringing a unique element to the traditional risotto. It was served with a side salad of mountain greens, the light dressing complementing the rich, creamy risotto perfectly.

The assessment of Lumi was that she showed off an array of perfectly cooked meats, seasoned with herbs from her homeland, and cooked on a cold grill that maintained an optimal temperature despite the heat outside. The precision of her presentation reflected the pride she took in her cultural heritage and culinary skills.

Judges tasted each dish carefully, taking notes and exchanging murmurs of approval as they jotted down notes. As the gathered crowd awaited the verdict, they were filled with anticipation.

In spite of his competitive spirit, Eelzad watched the judges with a calm demeanor. He nodded respectfully at Lumi. In spite of the outcome, he felt a sense of accomplishment and a newfound respect for his competitor.

"Moment of truth."

A final announcement of the results was made by the judges after they completed their assessment.

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As Lumi’s various meats settled to a simmer, she tossed the potatoes prepared. The plan was to create a stew very reminiscent of her homeland. Whether it sat well with the judges’ tastebuds, she did not really care. The Demoness was preparing herself a meal at their expense as she never intended to sign up in the first place. It would be the prank of her drunken self that compelled her to do so.

Of course, it would be a lie to say she didn’t care if she won. Though she’d do all she could to hide that yearning. Instead Lumi chose to maintain a nonchalant facade as the meal was almost done. It’s rich smell overwhelming her patience for it to be done.

By the time she poured the bowls meant for the judged, she was scarfing down a bowl of her own.

“ It’s a bit tougher than I’m used to….and what’s that texture?” Inquired the eldest man of the judges, his face contorted as he tried to process the food in his mouth and it was clear Lumi lost his favor. The other two doubled down on his inquiry, struggling to understand the gist of her meal.” I mean, did she really intend to put that many of choices of meat in the pot? I just think it would have been stronger with one. Something to tie it all together.” Declared the second, “ Yea, it’s just shame it smelled so good,” followed the last.

Lumikki had half a mind to freeze their throats but chose to dive further into the food instead. Her face unamused by the time her competitor walked over.

” Deals a deal lad.” She spoke a with a groan in her voice. She cleared her throat and followed with a chug of wine straight from the bottle.” Yer privy to Hosenka, then maybe yer aware of Joya. Me guild was one of those pledged to fight the war. I was still a fledgling then but me potential was clear, I had a knack for scouting. There were few battles of note…” As she spoke now she gestured to Tenevi to help her pack the things as she finished a lot of her hardy meal, carving another portal in the air so that things could be easily tucked in.

” Few of note compared to the might of me Uncle or me destructive magic; but it would be one of me final battles that lingered in me mind all this time.” Lumi would sigh deeply and take another swig of the bottle, finally looking over the man akin to the dazzle of the sun with a solemn expression. ” Eventually we’d converge at a fort. A final bastion to the previous shogun’s might. Two shinobo of comparable strength approached us both loyal and resolute….fools who catered to the losing side.” Lumi stood up, bottle in hand and gaze turned towards her inn. It was far too bright and early for her to want to linger for any longer. “ They fought with lightning at their finger tips, spells I’ve never seen before. Conjuring dragons and channeling bolts through their kunai. They even wounded me Uncle despite his renowned strength, of course the was before I entered the fray meself to aid him. The man don’t have magic of his own, tis his nature; but he conjured an armor for us like a first rate mage, trickling the battle in our favor. Mixed with the mutual snow storms of our magic, we were ghosts in the night. Eventually….the two shinobi were separated and conquered.” Lumikki looked over to Eelzad one last time before reading to take off.” Not before I realized how cruel it all was. Hanabira was her name, I saw meself in her. But a las, our one sided battle came to an end and so did she. I gave her a moment to make her peace and buried her when all was done…..All to say lad, take care when hunting monsters.” The last line uttered as she began to walk away. Lumikki kept to her word, a story was told. Just not a dazzling one.

And though she left him with her grim tale, there was likely a chance they’d meet again. Setting forth on their own adventures, making their own stories. As during this time, they were not privy to the other but they hailed from the same guild in the north; and what more the man was not yet entirely sure of who he crossed.

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As Lumikki recounted her tale, Eelzad listened attentively, the sunlight casting shifting patterns on his face as he absorbed the weight of her words. Her story was not one of triumphant victory but of reflection, loss, and the hard truths learned in battle. It was a stark contrast to the lively competition they had just engaged in, and it brought a somber note to the otherwise cheerful atmosphere.

"Thank you for sharing that,"
he continued, his eyes meeting hers with a profound sense of understanding. "It’s easy to forget sometimes, amidst our quests and battles, that the lines between hero and monster can blur. Your story... it’s a poignant reminder of the weight our choices carry and the shadows they can cast."

He offered her a small, encouraging smile, hoping to lighten the solemn mood just a bit. "We both are stronger for having both the dazzle of the sun and the chill of the snow. Until we meet again, may your path be clear, and your burdens light."


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