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House Tilon's Trials

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Name: House Tilon's Trials

Difficulty: Short

Participants: Zendreyu & Fei Yu

Story: Zendreyu is investigating the murder of his father and the disappearance of his mother. The things he has found so far have led him into conflict with Demons. Due to his recovering health and strength Zendreyu must undergo family trials that were unavailable to him during his younger days.

Objective: Find the truth about his parents. Stop whatever enemies may come about. Gain enough strength to be a decent adventurer to pay the taxes on his family land back in Earthland.

Name: - The Trials of House Tilon Chapter 1

Rank: B
Type: Good
Participants: Zendreyu & Fei Yu
Chapter 1- Summary: Zendreyu seeks the truth about his father's murder and his mother's disappearance. Fei Yu seeks to stop a possible demonic invasion. Together they should both survive the calamities ahead of them. If nothing else Zendreyu has to earn enough to cover the taxes on his family property as his veteran's benefits simply aren't enough.

Zendreyu is the unwanted child of the century. So much so that his Father's Bloodline deliberately restricted him from taking part in the family trials and sold off the other portions of Zendreyu's inheritance from his father just to spite his family. Zendreyu served the Sinsese Military with honor however and many things were noted about how he was besmirched at every turn by those allied with his father's family.
After being released from military service his inheritance must be regained and the truth about Zendreyu's father must be found out or Zendreyu could lose what little he has left.

- Defeat the Trials of House Tilon despite Zendreyu's current injuries
- Face off Against those in House Tilon that are acting against Zendreyu's family
- Earn the respect of Patriarch Danneth

Name: - Demonic Ritual Sites

Difficulty: Medium
Participants: Zendreyu & Fei Yu
Chapter 2 Summary:

Ancient Ritual sites have been found in many places. After returning home and further investigating an odd magical book Zendreyu found. A ritual site was revealed beneath the barn, and it is apparently active and functional. Zendreyu is not gifted in magic nor is he exceptionally astute when it comes to rituals. Somehow, he must find a way or get help to stop the ritual site from fully activating and unleashing hell.

- Defeat the Demons guarding the Ritual
- Find a way to stop the ritual or at the very least get help figuring it out
 (get the assistance of those skilled in magic)
- Seek out Zendreyu's mother's whereabouts

Name: - Mighty Maid Cafe's

Difficulty: B-rank

Participants: Zendreyu & Fei Yu

Chapter 3 - Summary:
The magic book has given Zendreyu many clues and all of them have led to some maid cafes. One of the Maid Cafe's is in the city and easily accessed while the others require special access passwords and for guests to dress in a very specific theme that varies year round. If Zendreyu and his ally/ies are lucky perhaps they can attend one or all 3 of these maid cafes and find out why the magic book had many clues leading to their locations.

- Investigate the Maid Cafe's
- Discover the secret password or phrase to enter the VIP Maid Cafe
- Survive the services of the Maid Cafe's

Others: Danneth Tilon Demihuman, Crystalinda Sangremortis Human Blood-Mage of House Tilon, Sephiro (Nephilim), Nunu Maid Cafe Owner

Enemies: Various Demons abound, a cult, a crime family, and 3 maid cafes...

Maid Cafe Owner NPC: Nunu is a beautiful woman whose age cannot be determined although she looks to be under 20 years old. She runs 3 maid cafes and also works at each one through weekly rotations. Most people know her only from her work and cooking at the cafe's and even her employees rarely see her outside of work. She has exceptional cooking skills and is very handy with tools and making various drinks.

She has a hard-work = great rewards lifestyle and philosophy as far as anyone can tell she is a workaholic. Her signature blue hair is always well kept.

Crystalinda NPC: Crystalinda is a beautiful powerful woman, a blood mage whom married into House Tilon at her father's designs. She is the current maker of House Tilons Bloodline weapons and equipment. Crystalinda is very kind and helpful and has no idea of her father's designs or deeds. She genuinely loves experimenting with her blood magic and the ancient designs of House Tilon. Crystalinda is somewhat addicted to blood and is fascinated with all the powers it hides within it.
Sephiro NPC: Crystalinda's father is a devout warrior of the Seraphim's Elite Corps. He mastered a forgotten blood magic that makes him very dangerous to Demons and their like. He is a devout warrior and follows the lead of his contract holder. His hidden agenda is to have his daughter create a set of bloodline armor just for him so that he might succeed where his contract holder has failed. Sephiro is obsessed with defeating the enemies of his contract holder.
Danneth of House Tilon NPC: Danneth is Zendreyu's Great Uncle and current leader of House Tilon. He is a master fighter and skilled in the usage of many types of weapons. Danneth is the 1st of House Tilon to elevate and evolve his bloodline's living armor. He is honorable but far too ruthless especially when it comes to his family members. Danneth believes in battle strength above all things. He is currently Crystalinda's master as she is his 1st concubine. Fate stole his 1st wife from him in a deeply traumatizing manner resulting in his overprotectiveness of his concubines.

Rewards: Stat growth, monetary improvement

Objectives: Zendreyu must somehow reclaim his father's honor while searching for clues about his father's killer and his mother's whereabouts. Fei Yu must discover and implement ways to prevent a demonic invasion. Both of them must survive the "KAWAII" terror of the maid cafe's

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This storyline is approved to start.


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The first quest is done here:

+12.000 EXP (+30% new character bonus, +20% SL, +10% gear)
+150,000 Jewels (+30% new character bonus, +20% SL
+300 Fame
+8 Strength

Fei Yu:
+15,000 EXP (+60% from Monoply, +15% from necklace, +20% from SL +10% from tarot)
+300,000 Jewels (+50% from Monopoly +15% from necklace +20% companion, +20% SL)
+300 Fame
+8 INT

This is a template example for how to do your SL rewards, next ones you'll have to do yourself.


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Zenderyu and Fei yu have completed chapter 1 and have been rewarded.

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