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House Tilon Trials

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House Tilon Trials House_10

Nestled deep within the Shanshui Mountains lies the Citadel of House Tilon. The people of House Tilon consist of demihumans of Ursine and Leonine descent. They were once only known as a clan of warriors and rarely strayed deep into the realm of magic outside of their matriarchy. Through centuries of warfare and honorable deaths the bloodlines of House Tilon were forced to change their ways and with their needs the families began marrying outside of the lands of Sin to grasp greater strength through new blood. Patriarch Danneth of the Leonine side of House Tilon had several sons and three daughters. Of his seven sons Danneth expected the most from Willicus the 3rd born as his blood was the only bloodline accepted by the sacred rites of the Temple of House Tilon.

As such he was bonded with a set of armor that had been distinctly forged through blood magic to ensure that the bearer of it was able to host the power of the greatest weapon within House Tilon. Willicus was not so caring of his father's wants and needs and left the realm of Sin after one tour of military service for the Earthlands. While living his life in the Earthlands Willicus attracted a great deal of women due to his manly yet bestial features. The royal look of a lion and the natural capacity of a warrior's muscles gained him a great deal of attention.

Due to Willicus' conquer all nature he sired many children. His firstborn son Zendreyu however seemed to be a bit off. Unlike his half siblings he carried none of his father's blatant features except for his bone structure and instincts. Were it not for the bloodline reaction and Willicus having been there for the entirety of Zennikki's pregnancy few would have believed Zendreyu was a demihuman's child. As the first-born son Willicus passed on his bloodline armor and secretly a blessing of the soul.

Willicus was rather pleased that Zendreyu looked human instead of bestial like his mother and father. As such Zendreyu was never truly accepted by House Tilon even after serving in the military of Sinsese like his father before him, Zendreyu received not one look of approval nor any resources or even a letter for his birthday. Eleven other siblings were received, tested and trained fully simply because they carried demihuman features.

After twenty-two years of military service and accolades despite 2 final disastrous missions that cost Zendreyu most of his strength and capacity to ensure the survival of his fellow soldiers; Zendreyu retired medically with honors only to find out his father was murdered and his mother missing. His second sister had informed him in a plain and uncaring manner, but she was not allowed to interact with Zendreyu in any other manner. Zendreyu's very name was taboo in House Tilon.

Zendreyu had found a strange magic tome that was sending him all over to search out the past for clues to his parents' dilemma. As he worked odd jobs to keep his family ranch going Zendreyu received a summons to come to House Tilon Citadel to speak with the Patriarch.

Zendreyu had never been to House Tilon, so he was a bit floored when he arrived from the transport. Patriarch Danneth waited for Zendreyu alone with a plain face, but his eyes seared with disapproval. Patriarch Danneth was over 120 years old, but he didn't look like he was over 30 years old.

House Tilon Trials Dannet11

Danneth spoke in a formal tone that allowed no reply or denial, "Zendreyu, first born of Willicus... You have been summoned to House Tilon to take the Trials of our great house. Although you have not been formally accepted into my family lineage, your bloodline fluctuations are true. Despite the lack of obvious features like your siblings it is apparent that you carry our blood. As such it is long overdue for you to accept the Trials and take your place among our ranks. I know that you have suffered distinct injuries during your military service. As such your trials will be adjusted to your current strength and not your age. Follow me."
Patriarch Danneth turned in a graceful catlike manner and walked away with his back completely exposed. Zendreyu did not care and followed quietly but for others of House Tilon this was a blatant sign of disrespect as Patriarch Danneth left himself wide open to an attack from behind without a care. In a warrior’s house hold they should be walking nearly shoulder to shoulder but Zendreyu knew none of that. With this those working around the citadel yet trying to be nosey noted the manner in which Zendreyu walked behind the patriarch and turned their noses up subtly. ((He follows along like a child… how humiliating for House Tilon to have such a simple human spawn with only military achievements and no known powers.))

Zendreyu could hear some snippets but he didn’t care. He only made sure to take in his surroundings and ensure he would not lose his way when he left the same way he came in. Zendreyu was thinking of how to finish whatever test he needed to do for the family that hated him when he felt a calling to his very soul. It was very faint but Zendreyu could hear his father’s voice like a whisper on a breeze.
Willicus: ”Stop holding back Lil Zen…”
Danneth heard nothing at all as he pointed out the Temple of House Tilon, ”Once you enter the sacred temple the trials will begin. You may not believe me at this moment but I look forward to good news about your efforts. I will await you here.”
House Tilon Trials Trial_12

As Zendreyu entered the temple tiny needles jabbed his feet and shoulders without his notice taking samples of Zendreyu’s blood. The blood caused a violent reaction within the sacred orb. A forgotten portal opened up to a world of the Fae. Taotie Realm emerged with the 5 inner worlds of martial elements. One of dark blood without binding oaths to the realms had given his blood to the sacred orb. So long as his blood was given freely the Taotie realm would remain open. A fairy of lost lineage would hear the call of this realm and the spirits bound within it. They called for a champion, They called for release.
Fei Yu would find a strange portal opening before her as a man’s voice could be heard clearly yet it sounded as if it were coming from a great distance, ”Faeries of Sin, if you can hear me… please aid my son in his trials I can not bear for any of my children to be sacrificed because they bare the sins of my blood.”
Five elemental martial worlds would open before Fei Yu and Zendreyu.

House Tilon Trials 5_tao_10

The Trials of House Tilon had begun…

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Fei Yu
It all began during the time Yu had found herself back at the clock tower. With the recent discovery that she too had been afflicted by voidal corruption, the fairy had started to investigate further into the recent otherworldly phenomena that started happening around Earthland. Not only were there plenty of cases were people suddenly showed unusual artifacts or powers they previously didn't possess, the reports of her agents at Talaz Lagaar only intensified her concerns about the Fractured Sky. The rift was growing stronger by the day, and it was only a matter of time before it would expand to such a size that the barrier between Earthland and the void would collapse.

Seated in the director's office the fairy was gazing quietly at the papers in front of her, a hand raised to her cheek as she pondered about the recent events. "It seems the cases of voidal corruption aren't as localized as we first presumed."

A soft feminine voice called out from the entrance, leading Yu to lift her gaze to meet the small elven-like child that was entering the room. Despite her fae-like features the presence of this child was something different entirely, wise and regal beyond her age, and the dragon-like irises in her eyes betrayed her role as the Aspect of Albion.

"Ah, Albion~ I was just wondering what might had been the cause for these recent events." Yu's words made the disguised dragon ponder for a moment. "Although my lack of interaction with mortals makes this but an assumption: I have reasons to believe that as long as there is power being offered, there will be some to take the bait despite knowing the consequences."

Even if it could lead to the destruction of all they held dear? However, it was during the same moment she spotted Albion was carrying a piece of paper with her, likely a report from the Clock Tower. "More work?" Yu's whince earned a brief chuckle from Albion. "I'm afraid so, but this one is more practical. Our agents in Sin have discovered a rather... problematic situation."

Sin... Why did Albion sound slightly hesitant when she mentioned the country? Disregarding her curiosity she listened further to the aspect's explanation. "Are you familiar with house Trion? They are an ancient lineage within Sin, although they have kept mostly to themselves our inside agents suggest that they might be involved in otherworldly phenomena."

Yu groaned at these words. "You're saying the house is a front for a cult?" To which Albion shook her head lightly. "I wouldn't go as far as calling them that, but the house has had supposedly dealings with otherworldly beings in the past. Recently one of their kinsmen has been called back to the estate of their family to undertake the rites of their clan."

Yu blinked in confusion at that statement. "Why is that supposed to worry us? We don't get involved in political affairs." To which Albion nodded her head firmly. "Indeed, but it seems that there been sightings of demons happening within the very same area the citadel is situated at."

She didn't like where this was going, not in the slightest. "Demons are far more chaotic than devils, the mere attempt to parlay with them is just asking yourself to be damned."

Indeed, even if there were incredibly rare occasions of demons possessing a sliver of goodness in the form of feelings like affection and friendship, they were far from the norm. For most Mortals were just simple playthings.

"I guess we have no choice but to get ourselves an audience with their patriarch."

Heaving a soft sigh the fairy rose up from her chair and approached the nearby relic chest that was on display at the wall, tenderly tracing her fingers over it. "Time for me to get to work Nyancelot~"

Yet the moment the duo approached the doorway to leave a mysterious voice called out to them. Yu warily gazed around, her hands at her side, clearly twitching with anticipation to draw her staff at a moment's notice while Albion gaze fixed itself onto the enigmatic portal emerging in the middle of the room.

"I don't exactly like to be referred to a 'Fairy of Sin, my name is Yu, Fei Yu." Yu muttered softly, not exactly happy with this intrusion in her office while Albion stepped beside her. "The mana surging from this portal seems unlike that from either the void or the abyss. If anything it seems like a pathway to some location within Earthland."

Albion's words made sense, the magic from this portal felt too familiar to be the designs of void magic or demonic powers. No, if anything she would say that Fae magic was at play here.

"Well, if they are sending us an invitation, it would be rude to not answer them. Not to mention, I have the feeling something tells me that the ones responsible for this portal are directly related to our earlier topic."

Hearing these words made Albion's gaze narrow as she stepped in front of Yu. "So you mean that you believe this portal belongs to house Trion? If so, I will enter first. Your magic can nulify the powers of these waiting at the other side, and I have yet to meet a mortal who can best me in physical combat."

It was a fair suggestion, not only was Albion stronger than her physically, but she could always turn into her true form and teleport them back to the Clock Tower if this had indeed been a trap of some sort. Nonetheless, with nothing left to say the duo entered through the portal. What would await them on the other side? Would it be a hospitable reception or a war-torn battlefield? That was the thing about portals that you didn't make yourself, you never truly knew where in the world you would end up at.


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As Fei Yu prepared to enter the portals after Albion she heard the faint roar of dragon speech that seemed to be slurred with that of some kind of feline entity. Albion might feel a sense of Kinship from the heart of the mystic realms before them. The knowledge of what they were seeing through the portals easily filtered into their minds for Albion it was the near omnipotence of being a dragon. For Fei Yu it was the feeling of elemental spirits somehow gifted towards balance in nature and war. This was something that was not traditional to the Fae folk. Out of necessity the Fae were naturally prepared to defend themselves but the feeling of the elemental energy of metal that presented itself was not harmful. The energy was stern, direct, firm and powerful, sharp at times and surging between gold and dull black iron in colors. The energies felt subservient to the both visitors Albion and especially Fei Yu.

As the energies flashed then released them in Kinzoku (Metal realm) the heavy scent of metals was all around but it wasn't poisonous as normal iron and its relatives would be to Fae. The metallic scent was oddly cutting like a sharp vinegar. Large Green Skinned males with insectoid wings and sharp iron weapons at the ready. The moment Fei Yu materialized with Albion they all kneeled subserviently, "ALL HAIL HER MAJESTY and the Dragonness... may they know life and happiness eternal!!!" A large troll with unique wooden horns took up the role of speaker and guide effortlessly. "We of the Kinzoku Trolls offer greetings and welcome to the Tao Trial Realms. YOUR MAJESTY, We will make every effort to provide any information or assistance to you should you decide to take up the trials of the Tao realms. For the Dragoness do you seek the Purgatory of Clawdeus?"

House Tilon Trials 5_tao_10

House Tilon Trials Kinzok11

Concurrently on the other side of Kinzoku Zendreyu stepped through the Temple barriers and felt some distinct pricking sensations before he found himself before a mountain of green muscle swinging his axe down upon him with a mighty roar as the troll yelled, "WELCOME TO KINZOKU HUMAN TRIAL TAKER!!! MAY YOUR BLOOD GRANT RELEASE!!!"

The troll had expected Zendreyu to dodge or at least bring forth a shield in defense. Zendreyu did neither, he directly counter-attacked the axe handle itself knocking the axe and thereby the axe blade back from chopping into him. Zendreyu took a deep breath before charging towards the troll was intrigued as he roared once more in simple acceptance of Zendreyu's challenge.

Dressed in black and wielding metallic battle gauntlets Zendreyu moved in closer methodically as a trained military combat specialist. Zendreyu did not notice 4 more troll warriors hovering in the sky observing that battle.

The lead troll smirked in appreciation, "This trial taker is unusual he carries an ancient scent but none of the features of the beastman race, he may be a hybrid of some sort. He is far older than the normal trial takers and his movements are too precise but slow. Do you think he is here to sacrifice his blood essence like the last old trial taker Willicus?" Another mass of emerald and blue muscle shrugged, "We have not seen a human trial taker awaken Clawdeus in 200 cycles. I doubt this one can but he is at least doing well in combat unlike the younglings we have face before this one has the scent of a killer, we can accept this kind of warrior quite easily. Are the lords of House Tilon getting smarter?"
The 3rd troll shrugged as the fight continued.

Zendreyu's injuries left him limited in his combat methods so he stuck to infighting, close counters, blocking and enduring damage to outlast an opponent. Kinzoku Trolls were appreciative of his style of combat, chasing their opponents was very aggravating. Zendreyu managed to grapple the troll before the troll could redirect the energy he had pushed into his axe and adjust his posture and defensive footing, Zendreyu hip-tossed the Troll to the ground and then leveled his heel over the Troll's forehead. Zendreyu did not recognize their species only their wings gave him the hint they were probably of the Fae. They smelled of trees and metal like the best of weapons which was very soothing to Zendreyu. The Troll gave a smile and a nod and Zendreyu removed his heel.

The troll slapped his chest with the flat of his axe in salute, "You are a very respectful warrior, I formally welcome you to Kinzoku. You will be challenged 3 times in each realm, the first challenge of each realm is up to the Trial realm host. The second and third challenge are up to your preferences. We have a cottage you can rest in until the next challenge is appropriate unless you wish to continue immediately. Zendreyu accepted the offer to rest. "Thank you warrior of Kinzoku, I will rest for now."

House Tilon Trials Kinzok10

Zendreyu's mind was still spinning from the teleportation as he headed to the cottage to wash up and rest. After multiple deployments Zendreyu was used to immediate combat without explanation and easily adjusted his attitude to be respectful of the Kinzoku warriors. Questions rumbled through his weary mind... How would his blood grant release? Why did he hear his father's voice before entering the temple?

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#4Fei Yu 

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Fei Yu
An eerie tension lingered between the duo as Albion could hear the dragonic roar, the words oddly familiar but at the same time her disguised form displayed only a frown as any hints of acknowledgement toward the interaction. Meanwhile Yu could feel the familiar presence of spirits, although unlike the ones aligned to nature, these seemed much more closely tied to the various different elements. Yet sensing how they seemed to resemble an enigmatic balance between the neutrality and passiveness of nature, and the concept of action through war was peculiar for her to say the least.

In a way Yu was quite close to the classic representation of nature: While she was a passive mediator, she rarely took action unless the world itself was threatened. She was not certain why, or how she had become this way, especially since after the events involving the void's grip on her powers she had lost her memories of her past alltogether.

When the portal's gateway finally arrived and they arrived in what seemed an entirely different realm Yu gazed around with a hint of curiosity. "We are clearly no longer in Earthland..." Yu muttered softly, sensing her connection to Gaia having dimished significantly compared to before.

Meanwhile Albion was the first to notice the presence of the green-skinned beings, and despite the fact they bend the knee toward her contractor, she still protectively took a step closer to Yu.

The title they used to describe her filled Yu with equal amount of curiosity as it did grant her a bout of confusion. "Majesty?" Yu inquired, while at the same time Albion blinked in bewilderment. "Kinzoku? I thought the pathways to other realms were closed during the recent crusades... To think that something was capable of forcing a stable pathway to one..."

Albion muttered under her breath while Yu hesitantingly raised a finger to her face. "Majesty? I'm not certain you got the right person ser... While I might have lost my memories after my contact with the void, I am fairly confident I am simply a Fairy, and considering I do not lead any settlement I doubt I would be considered one of their Queens either."

Yu frowned, clearly trying to comprehend what was going on here, while at the same time she lightly extended a hand sideways, allowing a flash of golden light to emit from her hand as the light seemingly manifested into the form of a majestic golden staff. "I see that there is neither illusion nor magic at play here, which seems this place and your greetings are done in earnest honesty. Please ser of the Kinzoku tribe, would you be so kind as to explain both what this realm is, and why you call me of a royal title?"

Albion could sense it, the presence and power of the corrupted arbiter who had lend its aid to Yu during one of her darkest moments. Despite the fact these who possessed a take-over magic were generally doomed to be corrupted and influenced by their benefactor, it seemed Yu was entirely unaffected by it. A peculiar event for sure.

"Ah no, I do not seek any purgatory, I am merely here to protect my charge as her bodyguard." Albion started calmly while observing the nearby crowd."

Yu meanwhile gazed around at her surroundings with clear fascination. As the leader of the Clocktower organization she always held an interest toward otherworldly phenomena and all things related to magic, so something like entering a foreign realm was quite interesting to her to say the least.

"My name is Yu, Yu of the Fei, it is why the people of Earthland know me by the name of Fei Yu, unfortunately I do not know my birthname, for the memories were sealed when I made my ascension recently, and trying to unseal them would be unwise for everyone involved."


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The Kinzoku did not raise their heads as their strongest warrior responded to Fei Yu's words, "We trolls of Kinzoku the Metal Trial lands of Tao do not have personal names worthy of your lips or thoughts so we are all simply Trolls to you lest you decide to name one of us at your leisure. This realm is one of many sealed long ago for humans, fae, daemons, nephilim, and dragonborn to seek the powers of the Elements of Tao by trials that suit them. Should those whom partake of the trials prove worthy they can earn a benefit or boon as it were. The fallen dragon Clawdeus both created and was sealed in this trial realm to prevent further wars between the races over his powers. Currently 3 Demihuman Bloodlines remain that can claim a portion of Clawdeus power should their blood prove worthy. The daemon attempting our trials at this very moment has done admirably and his blood has begun to thoroughly resonate with our fallen lord. As to why you would be a noble it is because all the lineages of Tao are from the war forged races that the Ancient Fae bound to the elements of Tao in order to grant us greater abilities and stronger minds. Although we can practice war, we are no longer consumed by it and our looks and features are no longer those of the original warborn we are now the Elementals of Tao. We of Kinzoku are the metal tribe, we can use metals in many fashions and forge items that could make even the Elder beings smile. Although we are only trolls, we are strong, smart, and capable of great harmony even when not fighting. As a true Faeborn you are ultimately nobility. I pray these words answer your questions. Should you feel like journeying the next land we support is Mizu, the Tao realm of Water that serves as the lands of the merfolk. They are known for their exceptional singing and tailoring. If you wish to participate in the trials you may join the human as he prepare to head to the realm that supports us Tsuchi..."

The Dragonfly Troll Grandmaster was very polite and easy going, yet ever respectful of a true fae, he would not raise his head until granted permission to do so.

Zendreyu passed out in a simple chamber with wooden windows and a bed that smelled of soft earth after his trials. While Zendreyu slept he dreamt of his father being forced to kneel before an altar as a sword was then stabbed through his father's back. 'Unsettling' was the least the word to describe Zendreyu's thoughts as he somehow managed to focus during his dreams and noticed that the sword that pierced his father's heart was very familiar. It was a sword from House Tilon.

Zendreyu slept while the Kinzoku spoke to Fei Yu. Perhaps she would join Zendreyu in his Trials...

#6Fei Yu 

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Fei Yu
Yu had remained silent as the leader of the trolls explained the origins of his people and this realm to her. While one might had initially expected her silence to be out of curiosity and a desire of knowledge, it was also out of respect for the people of this realm that she chose to let them finish their story. Although...

"Having no name of your own is kinda difficult isn't it. That almost makes it as if you and your kin have no personal identity of your own. I can't help but feel sad about that..."

Hearing Yu's dejected response worried Albion for a moment, however the concern seemed unfounded for a smile graced the youthful fairy's lips as she declared cheerfully: "Then I will give you all a name! Gather your people 'Tetsu'! I will give each of you a name to treasure as truly your own."

Hoping that the trolls would agree, if they did Yu would have spend however long she needed to think of a name for each individual troll. Of course, keeping their origins in mind Yu had chosen to have each name have some association with metals.

Finally after she had finished her little quest she turned toward the leader of the trolls who she had blessed with the name 'Tetsu' and decided to inquire about her next choice:

"Tetsu, I would like to meet this human that is currently undergoing these trials. What do you know about them? And what exactly does these trials for them involve?"


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Fei Yu had a big heart and with it she granted the current leader of the Kinzoku a name. Yes, they all had TRUE names that were only spoken by their parents and their betrothed but to receive a name from a Fairy of the outside world was a rare and true blessing and Fei Yu had declared she would give them all names. This would empower their tribe considerably. The newly named Tetsu fell to his knees in gratitude and the vast group of warriors behind him all 'bent the knee' in recognition of her words and desires.

"I, Tetsu first of his name, am truly grateful for your gift of sacred words. I offer my life to your service and vow to honor your ways in all things!!"
Tetsu was both visibly and emotionally moved beyond words. Never did he imagine in his cycle that he would receive a name beyond his True name. Humans could not grant names of honor like the Fae and it had been many cycles since a True Fae had visited the Tao realms.
Tetsu's fellow tribesmen were moved as well as they all had tears in their eyes as they chanted in unison. "By the LADY'S words WE RECIEVE HONOR!! THE THRESHOLD!!! TAKE US TO THE THRESHOLD!!!"  With a heavy metallic earthshaking thump 108 weapon bases struck the ground in synch as metallic energies rose up from the very earth and surged into Tetsu granting him armor while placing a glowing orb of metallic energy within Fei Yu's presence for her to do whatever she willed with it. 107 warriors remained hoping for a name as well.

Whether Fei Yu took the time to grant them all names or not Tetsu explained the human trials.

"For the humans, their trials are offerings of blood to maintain Tao through trials of combat, willpower, honor, knowledge, spirituality, and sacrifice. The human whom has taken part in the trials this cycle is unusual for the House of Tilon. His blood is powerful but he bears no signs of bestial lineage upon his visage. His heart thunders and he is much older than our normal trial-bearers. Normally they are youths except for those that come here to sacrifice their essence for the Tao realm's existence. That is one of the burdens of House Tilon. They must willingly sacrifice a true-born body and soul to maintain their place and their bloodline through the Tao realm. The current Trial-bearer has many tests of combat to complete but he has already passed the trials of Kinzoku. He is very direct and shows no fear. His conduct displays a distinct honor few humans have ever displayed here. Most of the trial bearers have been fearful and cunning, taking a very long time to come to grips with the need to be true warriors and not just quick witted fighters. In my opinion this current Trial bearer will be a great man. If we could adopt him as a member of the Kinzoku we would. His ways are very much to our liking. He will soon be able to leave our tribal lands to continue his trials after his wounds heal and he absorbs metallic energy into his body and soul as a sign of his passing our trials. "

Zendreyu slept peacefully as metallic energy slowly merged into his body reinforcing his bones and his lungs in the ways of Tao.

WC: 575

(ooc: not a lot for Zendreyu to do yet hence this post is short for his actions and heavy for the Kinzoku as they have been granted the opportunity to gain names.)

#8Fei Yu 

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Fei Yu
And so it was done. Despite the lack of an initial answer from the Kinzoku about whether they wanted names or not the fairy had insisted on naming each and every single one of them. After all, she herself only had her own name as a memento of her forgotten past. Her memories forever gone as a consequence of the void's power. Still, despite the fact she might had decided to give each name some sort of reference to metals and ores, she still took time to think of an original name for each of the trolls, often focusing on various traits like their appearance or mannerisms and such.

Finally at the end of her own little trial the girl decided to take some time to listen to what they had to say about the current human who was undertaking these trials. Based on what she was told she could presume that it was House Trion whose intrusion into this realm had been felt by her agents, but then who had opened the portal at her office? So many questions left unanswered... Her gaze briefly shifted to the disguised Albion. She knew that as long as Albion was at her side she had nothing to fear or worry about, and so her decision was made. "I would like to observe the trials of this person as well. I'm somewhat curious to see what type of individual he is."

A simple choice was made, but one that could have set a lot of things in motion for the future!


House Tilon Trials Empty Mon Apr 15, 2024 12:01 pm


"I would like to observe the trials of this person as well. I'm somewhat curious to see what type of individual he is."

With the metal energy of the Tao realm now at her disposal Fei Yu's request was responded to almost instantly. A Metallic screen condense from the orb of metallic energy given to Fei Yu which instantly displayed Zendreyu from the moment he entered the Tao Realm of the Kinzoku till his current actions of collapsing in the rest shed set aside for human trial takers. Fei Yu witnessed his act of accepting the challenges of the Kinzoku and being slated for combat against beings that were physically superior to his current capacity. Zendreyu stepped into each fight with pure skill and intent. He never backed down nor did he use treacherous tactics like sand in the eyes, or attacks to the groin area. Zendreyu seemed to follow a golden rule he would face his opponents in the same capacity with which they faced him. If his opponent used an axe, Zendreyu would wield an axe whether he was particularly skilled with it or not he fought in a very honorable manner unlike many of the previous trial takers whom did anything and everything to win. This was not that kind of battle so Zendreyu did not fight that way. The Kinzoku appreciated Zendreyu's respect of their warrior culture and in return fought him at the very limits of Zendreyu's physical capacity. Zendreyu fought each battle with an earnest zeal that almost made it seem like he was a battle enthusiast.

Fei Yu could easily determine from the mystic replay that Zendreyu had a lot of life force damage that he was somehow overcoming. His fighting capacity completely exceeded his current physique. Whenever Zendreyu downed an opponent he would step away to allow his opponent to stand up anew before continuing. Whenever Zendreyu was knocked down he would assume a practiced defensive position before retaking a fighting stance in a quick and overly efficient manner. Blood shed by Zendreyu was instantly devoured by the air and soil of the Tao Realm so he never looked as injured as he could be.

Through the metallic energy Fei Yu could look upon any of the Kinzoku and know their exact strengths and capacity. It was like looking at a video game interface. There was a percentage gauge on the metallic screen the showed Zendreyu's blood compatibility. It was over 110%... This was an odd readout, it showed Fei Yu that in human years Zendreyu was 47 years old. It also showed Zendreyu's combat stats. Zendreyu's battle ratio was outrageously high, it showed over 3700 battles completed with 3623 wins 52 draws, 22 defeats, and 3 near death experiences.  

Zendreyu stood up from his rest and showered in the lukewarm waters of a natural stream set up as a tiny waterfall. His body was covered in well tended scars. It was evident that he had always fought tooth and nail for everything. After washing Zendreyu donned his reinforced cloth armor and well worn steel toe boots before setting off for the next trial realm.

Zendreyu was unknowingly following the cycle of acceptance in the realm of Tao instead of going against the natural flow as most human trial takers were informed to do prior to accepting this bloodline ritual. Zendreyu had not been given any prior information other than survive and return to House Tilon for his Grandfather's inspection. As Zendreyu bowed to the Kinzoku tribe members that were seeing him off metallic energies of Tao entered his lungs and skeletal system reinforcing his internal organs and armor. A seal began to form upon his lungs unbeknownst to Zendreyu.

House Tilon Trials Chart_10

Fei Yu however, could actually see where the energies were going and some of what those energies were doing. Zendreyu's blood seemed to have earned a response from the Kinzoku portion of the Tao Realm. Following his instincts Zendreyu headed toward the massive seas nearby. Zendreyu was heading to the water realm. As Zendreyu left the Kinzoku lands the metallic screen dimmed, it showed a tracker and a map of Kinzoku up to the edges of the water realm.

As Zendreyu approached the edge of the sweet scented sea a surge of mental energy wrapped around Zendreyu yoinking him into the waters. Although surprised Zendreyu calmly held his breath until his lungs began to burn as he was pulled deeper underwater. Unable to breathe Zendreyu finally involuntarily sucked in a huge surge of water which filled his lungs to compacity. Ordinarily a man would drown from this but somehow Zendreyu was able to process the water like liquid oxygen. Air pockets from within his body were forced out of his nose, mouth, and oddly enough his ears. The water was cool yet there were warm currents everywhere as well. Zendreyu found it odd that he could breathe like this but his body seemed to remember life in the womb before birth where he had to breathe fluids then as well. Soon Zendreyu found himself caught up in a massive current that pulled him quickly yet gently towards a large city made of coral, crystals, gems, and volcanic stone. It was immensely beautiful. As Zendreyu was gently released from the current into a pristine somehow well lit and remarkably white area. A woman of the sea approached in a dominant manner as the water pulsed around his body delivering her message.

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"I am Shellsea of Umi, the Underwater Kingdom of Tao. To speak here you must concentrate your will upon the water, if your mind is not strong enough you will not be able to speak here. Make yourself known."

Zendreyu was completely unprepared for this but following her will Zendreyu focused... The Underwater trial had begun.

WordCount (excluding Fei Yu's Quote): 975

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