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Deadliest Catch 1 (Mishiko)

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#1Iza Bicdic 

Deadliest Catch 1 (Mishiko) Empty Wed Nov 01, 2023 1:00 am

Iza Bicdic

Iza had been wondering how he would be able to grow within the Shinigami Convocation. He wanted a way to get closer to Mishiko. She was the Shogun of Joya, and he wanted to be her personal jester. It was quite amazing that she decided to personally go with him on a quest. He had to put on his A game for this as he was hoping to make a joke or two with her around.

Still, at the moment he was nervous as he had taken on a job that both of them could do together. He had gotten ahold of the job description, and he had sent it to Mishiko as well. The Wood Elf was hoping that she would show up because this was something he was waiting for.

He was by the ship as he would lean on the ship itself, tapping his foot on the boardwalk. Sylph had noticed that Iza was nervous and she looked around. She was wondering what made him this nervous. She would fly around the area and then look at Iza with a pout on her face.

“What’s the matter Iza? I've never seen you this nervous before. Who are we meeting here anyway? I know you said this was important to you, but why?” She asked him waiting for an answer.

Iza would hear this and he would rub the back of his head for a second. After that, he would exhale and he would smile at her.

“Yea, we meetin with the Shogun of the country that I represent right now. If I get in ha good grace, then I can make my dream a reality. I know ya don’t like when otha women are nea me, but please behave with this one fa me?” He asked her.

Sylph would hear this and she would look at him with a bigger pout on her face as she would look at him angrier than before.

“Find, but you have to promise me that you will buy whatever I want later?” She asked him.

Iza would hear this and he would pat her on the head and he would nod as if he had agreed to it.



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Mishiko was walking down the path where she was going to go. Her long black hair trailed behind her as the wind caressed her face. Her face was unreadable as it showed no emotions besides calmness. Next to her was her companion and friend, Ohta, one could say he was a part of someone that was more than just a friend. The Demi goddess was carrying her weapon which was a scythe. And her other hand was a chained kunai where the chains were wrapped around her wrist. On top of her head was her mask that came from being an Ascian-like being. Today she decided to wear her black and white attire from being a Shinigami.

"So which one of your members are we going to do it this quest with today?" her companion asked in his sarcastic tone. Her own dark eyes corner to gaze at her companion's golden eyes and then look forward. "I suppose you will find that out when we get there," her voice was soothing yet Ghostly and alluring like a siren of the dead.

Finally, she saw a member from her guild as she only knew him by name due to the fact he was in her faction. The ten-foot-tall Demigod gazes down at the figure and their fairy-looking companion. Ohta, in his human form, gazed towards the man in quite the outfit as well. His own burgundy with a white streak in his hair that was short, his golden eyes that looked like saucers of golden-yellow suns. "You must be Iza, shall we begin?" Mishiko asks in her tone, her hip out a little to wait patiently for the man to speak up. Her dark eyes then flicker towards the fairy-like creature, back to Iza. She was going to see how this person played their 'game'. Maybe to see which division they'll set their foot in. She had many options and she wasn't the type to judge someone due to appearances and clothing choices. Deception is quite dangerous.


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Iza Bicdic

Iza was waiting for his Shogun to arrive, and soon enough it would happen. He was wearing his majestic silver outfit with the purple mask covering his face. His jester hat had purple on the edges of the hat. He only knew the waiting had ended because a shadow had engulfed the sun that he was showering in. he wasn’t sure what was going on, but he looked up to see that someone had arrived.

When he took a look at this person, he would hear her words. It wouldn’t take long for him to realize who was in front of him. His smile was like no other as he would take a bow to the woman in front of him.

“Yea Ma’m. Glad you took time ta do this wit me.” He said to her as he acknowledged that this was Mishiko.

Sylph saw how huge this woman was in height and she was surprised. They were solar opposite as she wasn’t even a foot tall. Still, her comments she would keep to herself and it was only because she told Iza she wouldn’t do it and he asked. She would sit on his shoulder, and things would start from here.

He would walk onto the deck of the ship and he would look at what was ahead of them.

“The crew hea hired us. It seems they need some help with catchin a sea crea’cha. I’m not even sure what it is. I asked and they said I would see it when I see it.” He said to her.

The sailors on the ship would see that their guests had arrived and knew it was time to set sail. The men by the anchor would lift it up and someone else would let go of the sails as it would pick up wind and move away from the docks that were at.

Iza would look over to Mishiko as he wondered how he should approach her. Her eyes filled with despair made him want to put on a show.

“Would ya like me to put on an act fa ya Mishiko?” He asked her wondering what she would say.

The crew sailing to their destination, were excited to finally get the catch they were hunting today. Still, what they didn’t know was that there was another crew, a pirate crew looking for the same catch as they were and were on their way to the location as the catch as well.



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Mishiko gazed at the jester-like man and listened to him, her calm expression then faced the ship and started to walk towards it as did everyone, "Of course. I am willing to help those who wish for my assistance. It's nice to see those who are in the same Faction. No other best way to learn about them than to witness them on a mission or even battle,", her voice was breathy, soft, and haunting. I think about what they were hired for and nod, "Then let us set sail immediately," Mishiko spoke and Ohta followed behind silently, his golden gaze looking at the fairy of the jester's and then at the Jester as if looking into your souls before looking at Mishiko.  

"Mmmm, a sea creature that we have no idea the shape, size - other than giant nor does it have a name. Quite mysterious," Mishiko speaks and then as the sails leave, she looks at Iza and listens to him. "Alright, humor me," she gestures for Iza to start as the ship sails. Ohta decided to sit on a crate as he was going to watch this play out. The wind felt amazing as Mishiko then looked around to see where to sit. She instead decided to sit on Ohta's lap since she didn't want to sit on the ship's floor and have a hard time getting up due to the height and the uneven waters as this was not sooth sailing. Her dark shining eyes gazed at Iza, nodding to gesture to begin.

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Iza Bicdic

Iza would hear Mishiko’s words and he would nod. He wasn’t the type of person who would fight, but he did have moves that he hoped she would enjoy. Still, for now, it was getting there that was the main goal right now. The jester would agree with her on the fact that they were given any information on the sea monster. Of course, he figured they would find out soon enough, so it wouldn’t be a problem. While they wait he would entertain his shogun.

It would make his eyes sparkle to see that she was fine with him doing a quick end. It was what he wanted and it was why he joined the Shinigami Convocation to begin with. He wanted to impress her and since he would give her an act, then it would be just that. He would take out five balls and he would begin the juggling. While juggling he would sway back and forth while the ship sailed. It wouldn’t take long, but Iza would ignite the balls, how he did that, well magic my dude.

The jester would continue to do this, and he would launch them into the air. When he did that, he would do a handstand and the jester would start juggling with his feet. Some of the members of the ship would see the jester do this and were intrigued by what was going to happen. While this was happening, they were getting closer to their destination.

“Thisa trick took me while ta learn.” He said as he prepared a joke.

“There once wasa a king who wanted ta hire a different jester fa each month of the year. His advisor advised that it would be best ta only get eleven jesters, and have one repeat a month. The king agreed ta this and they were hired. Months went by and everything was great. The October jester was hoot, the November was a holla. December, January, and February were his favorite. Sadly, the King wasn’t fond of the March Jester. He was glad that month was ova. When the next month came the king asked fa the next jester, and the advisor yelled. I’m sorry sir, we have no April Fools.” He said the joke while performing and he would laugh a bit.

They were arriving at the location while this was happening, but little did they know there was also another ship close by.



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Mishiko watched as Iza started his act, it was first by juggling five balls and then igniting them. Her dark eyes paid attention to the igniting balls that were going in rotation so fast that it made it look like a circle, a hoop and finally Iza started a joke. She listened to every detail of the joke as it started to be about the king, jesters, and the months. She waited and wondered if these were the type of jokes that were long and the punchline was at the end. When it came, a small smirk appeared on her lips and chuckled, amused by this joke. "Quite amusing," she commented Iza as she looked towards him.

She saw Ohta who also had a small smirk on his face as that was a sign he thought it was amusing as well, despite his scowling face. Her eyes then looked toward Iza and felt simply entertained. She did not know what was coming up, but she will find out as a ship that was close by. Slowly, she stood up as the seating was getting rather uncomfortable for the amazonian tall demigod. Ohta's eyes gazed at Mishiko to see if she spots anything and he then stood up to look around as well. His golden irises looked across the distance as his eyes squint. He swears in a direction that he sees another ship, but maybe he was seeing things because the fact of him hating to be on the water made him see things. Ryūjin would have a field day if he knew that Ohta, who is a piece of Inari despised being on water because of him.  



#8Iza Bicdic 

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Iza Bicdic
Iza would see that his Shogun had found what he had said amusing. It wasn’t just that, but it would also seem like her partner enjoyed it as well. That was good and he was happy about it. He would bow to them with her words, and the juggling balls would fall from the air and onto his head. He would do this as part of his act, and his head would be lit on fire as he would roll on the ground to turn it off. When he looked over at them he would see their attention was elsewhere.

He would get up from the floor as the fire would disperse from his head. The jester would get up from the ground and he would look over to see what they were looking at. That was when he had seen a ship in the distance. He wondered what was going on, but he knew they were going to find out soon enough. It was then something could be seen emerging from the water as well.

It was hard to tell at first, but then it would come out from the water. There it would be revealed to be a huge Kraken that would reveal itself to both ships. The men on their ship would start sailing and making sure they didn’t get too close to the Kraken. The other ship would see them, and they would shoot at their ship alongside the Kraken.

He would rub the side of his head as if this was going to be annoying. They ruined his act, and he would shake his head. Sylph would hand him his balls and he would take them and put them away.

He looked over to the Shogun with a smile on his face.

“It seems like we bein attacked by the ship. Are ya gonna handle the ship or the huge monsta.” He said to Mishiko waiting for her to answer.

Sylph would get on Iza’s shoulder, and she would look at Mishiko.

“We can do that thing to be able to go around without having the ship get too close.” She said to him.

Iza would look at her and he would pat her on the head.

“We could do that, I don’t mind love. It would show everyone what we can do.” He said to her.

She would hear this and she would fly into the air as she was excited to pull this off. Still, the two of them were waiting for Mishiko to decide on what she would handle first.



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Mishiko tiredly gazed at the monster and then the ship before trying to decide which one. It wasn't going to take long if she were to just fight the monster. Her dark eyes then looked at Ohta, "Ohta, we're going for the Monster, but please protect the people on this ship." she instructed and took out the weapon of her scorpion hunter. The chains slinked down and the kunai was at the end. Her head tilted and her expressions were unreadable. "We can do both of defeating the monster with range while also going around." She spoke calmly and she felt like there was no point in getting too close to the deadly creature when they had range abilities.

She felt the intense wind against her face, caressing the strands of black silk away from her. "Iza, Sylph, whichever you do, I believe in you," Mishiko tells them as she gazes at the monster who is gazing at us and then at the other ship. Ohta got into formation as Mishiko thought about all the other beasts she had gone against in the past, Ohta including. It was a reminder that just because a creature is giant, doesn't mean it's more dangerous than one that could be so small in comparison. With that, Mishiko went ahead and shot a meteor-like bullet toward the monster that was in the distance, at least to a body part of the Kraken. This couldn't be the legitimate Kraken, right? She has heard many stories from her Kami parent about it so to see it was an odd feeling.  

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Iza Bicdic

Iza would look over to Mishiko and it would seem like she was deciding what she wanted to take on. That was good, and he would look at her as if he wanted to see her in action.

“Ya got the monster, I will take care of the people tryin to disrupt our activity.” He said as he looked over to Sylph.

“Spirit Dive: Sylph.” They both said at the same time that she would start merging with Iza.

His left arm would become cloaked with green mana, and a circle designed with crosses would appear around their wrist. A green wing would appear on the left side of Iza’s back and his half of a green crown would also make an appearance on the left side as well. He was shiny with mana and he would bring out his dagger with his right arm. He would start to fly in the air now because of this transformation.

“This is amazing. I can’t wait to see their face, when they find out they were messing wit the wrong people.” They said at the same time.

They would make their way to the ship, and when they saw something flying their way, the ship would retaliate. They would shoot some magic at Iza. The wood elf would bring for his Stand magic and it would get hit by the attack. When he saw that it was wind magic, he would laugh because his Stand would be unaffected. That was good, and he would continue forth.

When he got to the ship, he would make it to the side of the ship. When he did that he would stretch his arm out toward the ship and he would let out a concentration of large mana. It would release a spiral of wind that pierced through the ship. It would shake the whole structure causing the men on board to hold on to their lives.

This would screw them big time; Iza would make his way up into the air and look at the men on the deck. They would look at him angrily wondering what he had done. It was then someone would come out from below the deck. They would relay what the damage was, and the crew would attack Iza. He would shake his head, and his stand magic would activate a spell. A magic circle would appear above the ship and a bunch of daggers would rain down on these men.

Iza would have a smirk on his face as he watched them get hit by the attacks. Of course, he wouldn’t allow his stand magic to do the work. He would bring out his Zephyr’s Sword as it would be held in his left hand. He knew what he was going to do, and he would swoop in on the deck of the ship, and he would cut down the men with his sword.

They would feel the blow from the attack and they wonder who this man was. The jester would cut down anybody with his dagger as well. Those who were too close or on his left side would be met with the dagger. It resonated wanting to be released, but he held on to it. He wasn’t going to allow it to become the spear it wanted to become. The people on the ship would scream from the pain; they didn’t expect anybody to come to their ship to stop them from pursuing the sea creature that was out in the open.

“We should do this more often. I feel like, I can do anything in this form. I can also help Fool Crimson in the fights.” They said together.

The people on this ship were suffering from Iza’s attack, but the clown hated humans, so cutting them down wasn’t a problem for him.



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Mishiko was gazing at the Kraken-like creature who was now a little further. She tried to think of when the last time she had to fight a creature that had a history among mortal beings and her eyes shot towards Ohta who was one-third of Inari as it was just a fragment, but when she had to battle Ohta after releasing him, she was glad to see that he was no longer the way he use to be according to the stories she heard. She brought out her weapon as she was using it to swing around from place to place, her scythe in her other hand to slice the tentacles that were wailing around. The wind against her face felt more as if she was free when she knew deep inside she would never be free from her duties. Not only has the Shogun now, but as a demigod who was related to the highest Kami of all.

She witnessed the happenings on the enemy boat that was trying to take their target, their trophy for the clients that wanted this gone or taken, she was not sure anymore on what exactly they wanted to be done, but Sushi was being ordered. Her long black hair was flowing carelessly as her dark eyes showed no emotion. Ohta, while Mishiko was swinging about like Tarzan with chains, was using a spell to at first shoot the Kraken, but to barrier and defend those that were on the ship that belonged to the client's and them as well. It didn't take much to defeat the Kraken, assuming it was the real one, a baby one, or a fake that could have been an experiment all along.

When she lets her chain be free from being attached to the creature, she uses Ohta to help her land safely back onto their ship. She turned her head to see Iza and the Fairy of his do their own work. Ohta checks out Mishiko to make sure that nothing was indifferent, hurt or damaged. Mishiko saw this and sighed quietly, "I'm fine, Ohta.  It'll take more than a fake legend to do much to me," She spoke coldly and calm, hinting a tone of softness towards Ohta. She finally gave Ohta her weapon to hold as he could only hold a single one anyways, the other was put away in her pocket ability. Her eyes studied Iza and the fairy as they seemed to be in some fuse. Mishiko has heard of this ability and her eyes looked back at Ohta as she wondered what it'd be like to fuse with him.

His tired, strong gaze looks at Mishiko, "You can't be serious..." his voice thick with a sarcastic tone and annoyance. "I mean, if they can do it, why can't we try it?" Mishiko jested in her calm and haunting tone. Mishiko then went to the navigator of the boat and then the other men who were there to assist them to get the 'trophy' of their sea creature to bring back. She awaited now for Iza to come back after he had his own fun as her dark eyes witnessed the souls that were floating from those Iza were killing or died by the sea creature itself.


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Iza Bicdic

Iza’s attacks were brutal and harsh; he didn’t have the exact power to cut things with ease, but he tried his best and didn’t pull his punches. That was what was scary and soon enough the sinking ship would become quiet. The people on the ship were no longer screaming and his task was done. His Zephyr would disappear from his hand as he no longer needed the weapon. He would look at his dagger and he could hear the god in it begging to be released. He had a smirk on his face as he didn’t care about things like Gods.

“It seems like we’re done here. “It also seems like your Shogun has finished the creature off without a problem.” They spoke to each other.

Iza would look back to see that the crew were reeling in the catch, and Iza would make his way toward them. When he got there, he would drop down and while he walked to Mishiko, the one being would become two again. Sylph felt the drain of her mana but knew it was worth it.

Still, with him on board, the crew had gathered the creature, and they would set sail back to where they had come from. When they arrived the two of them would be rewarded without a second to waste. Iza would look at Mishiko as he bowed to her slightly.

“Wha are ya next plans, Shogun?” He asked as he was ready to follow her wherever she would go.




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Mishiko saw the creature being reeled and knew that was going to be the end of today's mission. Her eyes gazed towards Iza and his fairy friend due to them now returning from their flight and fighting to the other ship. She saw that they were unscathed and nodded, "My next plans are to continue to build the Facility of the Convocation, the New Joyan area for the citizens, plus see if anyone else wishes to do anything more," Mishiko spoke ghostly and softly as her voice had a chill. It wasn't that she was a cold person who didn't like people, it was more because of the whole thing of being the Demigod of Death, soul, and war, it took a toll after so long.

They finally returned to where they had to go and they all walked off. "Iza, what do you plan on doing?" Mishiko wondered curiously as she tried to talk more with her fellow Faction members. She knew that despite her sister's ways of ruling, she didn't want to fully become devoid of emotions and detached from the people.



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