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Rune Crashers [Event Thread, ft. Ittindi]

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The (K)Night Never Sleeps

Event Thread, ft. Ittindi

Pinata Destroying Madness

The tavern had welcomed the two Rune Knights with open arms, plying them with ale and revelry into the wee hours. But the friends knew that every party must come to an end. As the night wore on, the merriment began to take its toll - their senses grew dull and movements uncoordinated. They laughed and sang louder to hide their fading focus, pushing through the dizzy haze for just one more story, one more toast. Deep down though, the knights knew that regret loomed on the horizon. The morning would bring pounding heads and roiling stomachs. But that was a problem for tomorrow. For now, they clung to the last flickering moments of friendship and fun, determined to wring every drop of joy from the night before stumbling up to bed. The tavern had given them a gift; it was up to them to enjoy it before the hangover set in.

As the tavern door swung shut, cutting off the dying daylight, Tōga and his fellow Rune Knight were plunged into the vibrant chaos within. Santalicia came alive at night - the capital's streets now pulsed with music and laughter, lanterns flickering like rainbow constellations above the celebrating crowds. Even through the haze of drink, Tōga marveled at the beauty around him. This was the heart of Stella, rich with culture and life. The daytime crowds going about their business had seemed but a pale shadow compared to the joyous nighttime revelry. Here, the city was illuminated in its full majesty.

Weaving tipsily through the tavern, Tōga felt enveloped by it all - the chatter, the aromas of food and pipe smoke, the live band competing with the festival music outside. Every sense was engaged, immersed in the merrymaking. Outside these walls, a more somber duty called. But for now, Tōga let the tavern spirit him away, determined to appreciate every last drop of Santalicia's charm and culture.

"Y-you still awake?" Tōga slurred, squinting into the darkness. When had the sun set? Time had blurred amidst the tavern's revelry. Now night enveloped the streets, the purple-black sky dotted with stars.

Ittindi stumbled along beside him, as bleary-eyed as Tōga felt. They had arrived at the height of day, determined to sample Santalicia's festival. Yet somehow hours had melted away unnoticed.

Despite the late hour, the celebrations continued around them - music and laughter still spilled from the taverns and town squares. The party was far from over. Tōga sighed, weariness seeping into his bones. But through the alcoholic haze, excitement still flickered. There was too much of this city still left to explore. The night was young, and so were they. Steadying himself against Ittindi, Tōga pressed on. No, the Rune Knights could not settle yet. Exhilaration mixed with exhaustion as they rejoined the festivities. There would be time enough to rest when the sun rose again.

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The tavern’s revelry had started to wear on Ittindi, while nothing had changed since they started their party here. Somehow it all had become different after it was all said and done. Ittindi was still very much in favor of the festivals, looking down at his outfit, the random alcohol stains reinforced his idea to buy a separate suit for the festivities. Now he wouldn’t have to worry about staining one of his original outfits from his tailor. That’s when he looked up and Tōga was staring at him, pink hair poking through his dragon mask. Ittindi actually laughed heartily at the thought of a dragon slayer wearing a dragon mask.
”I’m azakke man…Letssss get outaa here.”

Helping Tōga while using Tōga to support himself they’d manage to hobble out into the streets of Santalicia. Ittindi would see something to help reinvigorate him, even though he was told in multiple briefings not to. There was a special coffee stand that had pure coffee in small mugs that would help pick him up. The brief he had before he went on vacation from the Rune Knights echoing in his head. They mentioned that in this country they often mixed caffeine with alcohol which wasn’t good for the heart. Ittindi wasn’t that old yet, he could handle a little shock, after all he got into adrenaline rushed life or death combat more then he should be comfortable with.

Sauntering up to the coffee stand Ittindi would order one for himself then look over at Tōga to see if he was interested. If he was he’d buy him a cup otherwise he’d just get his. Then he’d take the coffee as it was customarily done as a shot; it was very hot. Ittindi almost coughed some of it back up, but he did quickly feel the caffeine spike in his blood. He didn’t think his speech would suddenly be better, but it would definitely help him keep walking as the festivities were anything but done outside.

With the fog that had come into Ittindi couldn’t even tell what time of the night it was. The local didn’t seem to mind much as they all continued with the music and partying. Ittindi assumed that this fog must have been natural at this time of year, as they saw one huge crowd forming further down the street they were on.

”Want to zee what’s down the street looks pretty coolll.”

Ittindi wasn’t sure what was going down the street, but it seemed like a new vibe from what they had done before. Tōga was still down for more night time adventures, so Ittindi should fully enjoy his vacation with a fellow Rune Knight. Besides trauma it was one of the better way to bonds with coworkers.

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Exhaustion weighed down Tōga and Ittindi's steps as they trudged through the festive streets of the capital city. Their auburn eyes struggled against the pull of heavy lids, threatening to close with each sluggish stride. One foot reluctantly shuffled forward, the other dragged behind as if anchored to the ground. To their right, a joyful family twirled and spun, reveling in the holiday spirit. Their cheerful laughter rang out as decorative costumes glimmered under the rainbow glow of oiled lanterns. Skull-painted faces grinned wide, baskets brimming with sugary treats. While the merrymaking continued around them, Tōga and Ittindi plodded on, willing leaden legs to carry them through the night.

To their left sprawled small stands and local shops, ready to sate the needs of the revelers. The Day of the Dead festivals were cherished traditions here in the country of Stella, and the people celebrated with solemn joy. While fun took center stage, safety was equally paramount. The stands offered late night nourishment - water and bites to counter the spirits flowing freely. The proprietors knew the drinkers would purchase more as intoxication gripped the crowds. Tōga and Ittindi trudged past the bustling stalls, the scents of steaming food and libations intermingling with the sounds of laughter drifting through the festive streets. Though weary, they carried on, comforted by the watchful presence of their community amidst the night's merriment.

"C-c-coff-ee!" Tōga exclaimed, voice brightening as he powered through his stammer. The tantalizing words finally reached their target as the two came upon a humble coffee stand. The rich aroma of roasted, crushed beans danced with the yeasty scent of ale, mingling in a novel medley. Tōga's weariness faded for a moment, replaced by eager anticipation. The dragon slayer took a deep breath, savoring the unlikely harmony of coffee and hops that filled the night air. After the long march through the festive streets, the coffee's revitalizing promise beckoned. Tōga smiled wearily at his companion as they paused before the stand, the prospect of a comforting cup invoking a small reserve of energy to combat their exhaustion.

"I-I'll t-take one!" Tōga declared, emphasizing the "one" as he raised a single finger. Swaying unsteadily, he leaned against Ittindi for support as he addressed the coffee merchant. Rosy alcohol-flushed cheeks beamed beneath tired eyes as Tōga gazed around in wonder at the festivities. Citizens laughed and danced, lantern light glinting off their skull-painted faces.

Soon the steaming cup arrived, its heat seeping into Tōga's hands and spreading warmth through his weary bones. With sincere gratitude, he bowed to Ittindi and the merchant before accepting the mug. The coffee's robust aroma rose to greet him as he cradled the cup close. Tōga smiled softly, this small comfort chasing away the chill night air. The sounds of revelry filled his ears as he stood transfixed for a moment, simply savoring the prospect of revitalization from the drink's dark depths. With the first sip, energy slowly returned to his sluggish limbs, as if the coffee's magic was already taking effect.

"L-let's go!" Tōga declared, ready to continue their stroll through Santalicia's festive streets. He took careful sips from the dangerously delicious spiked coffee, wincing initially as the alcohol burned his throat. But the warmth spreading through his chest was worth the sting, melting away the bone-deep exhaustion with each drink.

Tōga sighed in sweet relief, the coffee and ale mingling in an invigorating cocktail. He could feel energy slowly returning to his weary limbs, chasing away the chill of the night. With renewed vigor, Tōga strode forward, no longer having to lean on Ittindi for support. The coffee cup provided a comforting warmth in his hands as he walked, taking in the joyful sights and sounds of the celebrations around them. Restored by the drink's rejuvenating magic, Tōga was eager to experience more of the holiday's merriment and magic as they ventured into the heart of the capital.

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The coffee had similar effects on his dragon slaying friend, who perked up from its warmth. Not needing to steady himself on Ittindi anymore, he hadn’t asked what element Tōga commanded. Looking at how much he perked up from the heat he wondered if it was fire. That would explain the pink hair color, he never considered it as a link. Then again he was wearing a dragon mask, it wasn’t like he was hiding who he was from the world. That was something Ittindi could admire in someone, bold brashness in declaring who you were. Ittindi could be imposing for others but found it hard to be imposing for much besides formality, and a clean room. Those two he would die on the hill for he had seen the effects of two and how they could change the world. Fire against silk threads, Ittindi would have a hard time against an opponent like that. It’d be good practice for releasing his spells sooner, he often kept a thread going longer than needed. His solution to that was likely going to be another spell as well, he had been thinking of starting strings at different locations than his hands. He felt that he had studied trajectories enough to be able to control them effectively. That was the real trick, understanding the space differentials in controlling an object far way from himself.

The streets were jam packed with tourist and festival goers a like a sprawl of people creating their own rhythm of movement against the backdrop of the festival. If Ittindi could fly he’d love to see what an aerial view of the festival looked like. His face paint was still on, and his suit still twinkled where there weren’t alcohol stains, while minor there was one on the bottom of his suit’s tailcoat, and another on the left side of his chest. You would have to stare at it for a while to see them, but Ittindi had noticed them immediately during his time at the bar. He had gotten better at not making faces at dirtiness, but as the coffee helped sober him he existed in a land between inhibitions. He almost thought about going on a rant about how dirty the streets were to Tōga, but he knew that wasn’t talk that would stimulate.

”So…any ladzies or mens in your sight right now Mr. Tōga.”

They were still moving towards the center square of the town, and Ittindi always found that this question worked well while drinking. He didn’t have much going on in that department himself, the last time he had been interested was the one woman at the guild raid. Of course, there wasn’t an easy way to approach someone when that’s your first interaction. He hadn’t heard word of her in some time, he assumed she passed or retired. It was unfortunate, he had felt a rare connection with her, maybe if he was stronger then things would of turned out different. Better to look ahead, he was already twice as powerful as then. He wasn’t going to stop there either. Another dirty foot…another person passed Ittindi as he almost winced. He needed a distraction, or he might find himself making a makeshift bucket to wash some of these disgusting people.

He never understood why, there was more than one occasion that his foot washing had caused romantic encounters. They always misunderstood his intentions; how could he form anything meaningful around that? To explain to someone that you cleaned other feet not out of righteousness but cleanliness it was a completely different ideal. The face that they made every time he had tried to explain, it wasn’t worth the pain. He often undertook those excursions in the morning and late at night for that reason, unlikely to run into anyone he knew from work or home.

Up ahead Ittindi could finally see what the crowd was gathering around, their was a line along with vendors selling drinks and even miniature chairs. At the front of the line was a man holding up a..well Ittindi couldn’t identify what animal it was suppose to represent. It was an eccentric colorful version of whatever that was, and their were people swinging bats at it blindfolded. The man who held up the animal by a rope would randomly move it to make people miss their swings. It all seemed so violently innocent, something that the Young Master would of loved. Ittindi had to give it a try, he was glad that he had convinced Tōga to walk this way…or had Tōga convinced him Ittindi forgot.

”Hey…Hey Mr. Tōga what do you think that izz..I want to do it lets go hit that thing with a stick!UGhhhh..I think I’ll get a chair.”

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Tōga lowered his coffee cup, eyes widening in surprise at Ittindi's unexpected question. "Huh?" he uttered, caught off guard. He had just been enjoying his morning coffee, savoring the rich aroma and warmth radiating through the ceramic mug. Romance was the last thing on his mind.

Tōga blinked a few times, his mind racing to process Ittindi's words. Where had this come from? He knew Ittindi tended to say whatever crossed his mind, but this inquiry seemed to come out of nowhere.

Tōga takes another swig from his mug, the bitter coffee doing little to sober his drink-addled mind. "A s-silly q-question, Ittindi," he slurs with a dismissive wave of his hand. "You k-know as well as I that romance is not for the likes of us. We who walk the path of the R-R-Rune K-knight have no time for such e-enjoyable t-times." He pauses, staring into the dark contents of his cup as if divining answers from the swirling grounds. "Though I admit, sometimes my t-thoughts do wander to what c-could have been." His voice grows soft, almost wistful. "In another life, perhaps things would have been different. Perhaps I c-could have loved and been l-loved in return."

Shaking his head sharply, Tōga banishes these fanciful notions. He nods resolutely, as if to convince himself. "So you s-see, my friend, it is best not to dwell on i-impossibilities. We Knights must harden our hearts and focus on the task at hand." Tōga's words ring hollow and unconvincing, even to his own ears. But the drink soon washes away any flickerings of regret, leaving only the cold comfort of duty.

Tōga's mind wanders back to a distant time and place - the sun-kissed shores of Joya, where he once pursued a love now lost. Her memory emerges like a long-forgotten song, faint yet sweet, beckoning him to revisit bygone days. He recalls her beauty, raven tresses cascading down her slender frame, eyes shining like stars that guided lost souls home. Her spirit was as vibrant as her figure was petite, possessed of a grace that transformed the mundane into the magical. She moved through the market with poise and purpose, laughing melodiously at the antics of the street children that flocked to her.

In unguarded moments his thoughts would linger on the silk of her hair, the warmth of her smile, the lilt of her voice as she shared ancient wisdom from faraway lands. She taught him to see the world through kinder eyes and find joy in the simple gifts it offered. With her the days flew by too fast, each precious moment a glittering gem added to the necklace of his memory. She was an unexpected treasure, one he let slip through his fingers before realizing her true worth. His elusive Joya pearl, perfection embodied in a woman as rare as she was remarkable. Though fate has long separated them, she yet retains her hold on his heart.

The memory of her still haunted him, even after all these years. She was his childhood sweetheart, the girl who had tethered his restless spirit to the shores of Joya. He could still recall their last conversation, her voice gently pleading as he told her of his dreams to venture beyond their homeland. How he had begged her to join him, to explore the far corners of the world side by side.

But her roots ran too deep. Though she longed to follow him, responsibilities and duties anchored her in place. She spoke apologetically, yet with resolve. Her life was here, her path divergent from his wandering star. He implored and cajoled to no avail. She would not abandon all she had ever known for the untamed promise of distant lands. Her refusal tore his heart asunder but left him no choice but to bid her a bittersweet farewell.

In his mind's eye he could still see her silhouette fading into the horizon as he sailed away in pursuit of destiny. An aching void opened within him that day, one no ocean or continent could fill. In his travels he sought spectacles to share with her in story and song upon his return. But when he came back seasons later she was gone, vanished like the morning mist. Her memory lingered, woven into the tapestry of his being. An invisible thread pulling him back every time his feet grew restless. His one lasting bond to the home he had left behind.

Wanderlust coursed through his veins, an unrelenting force that called him to distant horizons. As deeply as he cared for her, his thirst for adventure was an intrinsic part of his spirit, not easily quelled. To remain rooted in one place, even for love, felt akin to a slow death. The mundane rhythm of an unchanging routine would suffocate his soul, extinguishing the spark that made him feel alive. He required motion and novelty like air, his core needing to ingest new sights and experiences.

Stagnation was his greatest fear. A relationship - no matter how profoundly it touched his heart - could not override his most fundamental nature. He tried to deny it, to content himself with staying, but found only silence where his passion once reigned. In the end, he could not complete her by sacrificing vital pieces of himself. It was the cruelest paradox of the heart. To be with her fully, he first had to explore the farthest reaches within and without. If fate decreed they reunite, it would be as travelers who had woven the world into their relationship. Only then could it flourish in richness and understanding.

She saw the truth even as he turned away. A sad smile bade him follow his destiny, wherever it may lead. She was his foundation, a guiding light he would forever hold dear. Now came time to soar - though he remained tethered to her spirit, still longing for the day their paths would meet again.

Tōga's reverie ended as abruptly as it began, the sights and sounds of Stella's lively capital bursting back into focus. He blinked, orienting himself once more to the present - the bustling marketplace, the lingering taste of coffee on his tongue, his companion Ittindi gazing at him expectantly.

"Ah, my apologies, friend," Tōga said with a shake of his head and a self-conscious chuckle. "It seems my m-mind wandered for a m-moment there."

He took a swig from his mug, buying time to gather his thoughts. "You were asking about...romance, was it? Hah, well..." He trailed off, staring into middle distance. Then, as if arriving at a decision, met Ittindi's eyes resolutely.

Tōga took another draught of coffee, savoring the bitter warmth as he regarded his companion. Their meandering dialogue came to an abrupt halt as they rounded a corner and were confronted by a curious sight. "Huh?" Tōga murmured, eyebrows rising in surprise. Before them stretched an impressive queue, the line of people winding through the streets like a threadbare snake. He stepped aside, steadying his drink-addled mind as he traced the procession's path.

Ittindi was the first to find their voice. Tōga simply nodded, curiosity well and truly piqued. The coffee had done little to sober his foggy state, but the novelty of this scene filled him with interest nonetheless. Passing his mug to Ittindi, the slayer began maneuvering through the throng, excusing himself with mumbled apologies as he sidled past waiting patrons.

Let’s g-go!

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It seemed that Ittindi’s first question put Tōga off balance as he stuttered through an explanation. It sounded like he did find such a person in the past. Truly a painful memory, Ittindi had one or two flings in his time. They always ended the same for him, he would always choose work and ideal over a partner. Which was the nightmare of any partner, who wouldn’t want to be first in their lovers’ heart? Ittindi understood, but at the same time he wasn’t capable of caring for someone like that. Or maybe it was that he hadn’t found a person who was more important than his own hobbies. Was that selfish of Ittindi? He wasn’t sure maybe as he got older this feeling would change, but for now it felt right to him. Listening more to Tōga Ittindi could feel the weight of the memories and pain in his words, he must have had a much harder choice. After Tōga was done convincing himself that he made the right choice Ittindi would voice his support to help prop him up for now.

”I’m always curious, I’ve heard much of the zame from the other rank and file. I’ve never been muchs for romance myself having 1 or 2 courting attemptsz.

Ittindi would slur a word or here, trying his best to keep his speech as intelligible as possible. He would also make a note, that Tōga was a Rune Knight of passion. His words and actions betrayed it at every moment, the stoicism of an authority figure would be a hard for someone like Tōga. Ittindi once again wondered what rank someone like him had managed to reach, especially with such a rare magic. The way that Ittindi was valued for his strength, he was sure that a dragon slayer would soar through the ranks. At least until the higher decisions had to be made, that was a much more tempered process, Ittindi imagined seeing Tōga and himself in charge of different Rune Knights as Majors years from now.

Tōga would focus back in double checking on what the subject was with Ittindi.  His mind was still going in 18 different directions. Before Tōga could do another deep dive into his memories or maybe something else Ittindi wasn’t sure, they turned the corner and saw the ceremony currently going on. It snapped him back to reality. They’d start moving through the new crowd, gathering around this ceremony of animal bashing. Between the random apologies and the swagger from the drunkenness Ittindi was having a hard time keeping up with Tōga as he deftly moved through the crowd. Or was Ittindi drunkenness just at a higher level?

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Tōga weaved in and out of the meandering line, his pink hair flickering like a candle flame as he darted through the crowd. "C’use, m-me, Pardon me, s-sorry," he mumbled distractedly, focused only on pushing forward, driven by drunken curiosity to discover the source of the commotion. Oblivious to the disgruntled murmurs of those left in his wake, Tōga emerged closer to the front, stumbling a bit as the alcohol clouded his coordination. With his companion Ittindi in tow, he pressed on, the din of the gathering crowd amplifying with each step, beckoning Tōga towards its epicenter with an irresistible allure. The words of annoyance directed their way fell on deaf ears, muted by intoxication and overpowered by Tōga's insistent quest to unravel the mystery that had drawn so many here today.

After cunningly slipping through the serpentine queue, Tōga emerged at the front, polishing off the last drops of coffee in his cup. With languid, honey-colored eyes, he peered ahead through a break in the crowd, where a curious scene unfolded. "Ittindi, l-look there," he murmured, pointing to an open circle where children spun with blindfolds on, sticks in hand. As Tōga watched their disoriented swings at a hanging contraption, understanding dawned on his face. A wide grin broke out as he discerned the objective of this game - to smack the suspended toy and see what happens after. Tōga observed with childlike fascination, the alcohol induced haze unable to dull his innate curiosity and sense of wonder at the simple joys of such playful entertainment.

"A p-piñata!" Tōga exclaimed with delight, still nudging forward eagerly as the origins of the spectacle dawned on him. Though he had never before seen one in person, talk of these colorful paper crafts had reached his ears since arriving in the country of Stella. Filled to the brim with secret treasures and smacked open with sticks to reveal the surprises within. Candy or coins, the prizes stayed a mystery until some brave soul conquered the piñata, spoiling its hoarded bounty for all to enjoy. Tōga's eyes lit up, enchanted by the game he had only heard tales of until this moment. His curiosity to witness the unraveling of this cultural tradition propelled him forward, as if in a trance, longing to see the hidden wonders spill forth.

The children reveled in the process, tiny hands clinging to oversized sticks as they were spun around. Tōga watched the clumsy, inaccurate swings from afar, chuckling merrily along with the crowd as the piñata evaded strike after strike. The kids seemed unbothered by each miss, simply enjoying their turns as laughter rang out, free of embarrassment. After a few more valiant tries, it would be the next eager participant's chance to conquer the elusive paper prize. Even in his inebriated state, Tōga was adamant - he and Ittindi would be next. A childish impatience flickered behind his eyes, determination swelling in him as the sticks wooshed through empty air. When the time came, he would see those hidden treasures burst forth.

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Tōga continued to weave through the crowd, Ittindi close behind him, stumbling through the crowd. As he passed people some were rude and offended others complimented Ittindi’s outfit, it was a smorgasbord of different reactions as he tried to keep up with Tōga. He managed to catch up to him right around when Tōga turned to talk to Ittindi. He was panting, sweating from pushing through the crowd and the alcohol. Ittindi would look to where Tōga was pointing to see a scene of childish chaos. There were multiple children, the one in the front was being spun around in a circle while the adult was saying something in a sing song voice. The laughter of the children normally would warm Ittindi’s heart, but still being drunk they were just loud and annoying.  As Ittindi watched the children attempt to smack the animal with their sticks, he’d be amused by the one holding the imitation animal. They’d randomly pull on the string raising the piñata out of reach of the swingers who were blindfolded and thought they just missed. The screaming of the children trying to give the lead child instructions only helped aggravate his coming headache.

”Letsssss, show dem how occifers of the law break a animal thing.”

Ittindi would respond to Tōga, looking over at him, Ittindi could see that the man was excited, Ittindi did want to try the game himself. He was curious if they had any for adults or if it was primarily an event for the children of the city. If so he’d be a little disappointed but understand. Now they were at the front of the crowd, Ittindi could see that indeed there were adults waiting for a turn as well. They didn’t seem to mind Tōga and Ittindi pushing past the rest of the crowd to the front of the line. Ittindi wondered if it would be considered bad form to try and break the piñata on his first attempt. Not that he’d have to worry about that if Tōga was as enthusiastic at hitting as he was at waiting.

As the kids who were currently trying to strike finished up, a woman at the front would signal to both Tōga and Ittindi to go get a blindfold. He’d walk over to the table where there was a line of colorful bandannas to put over one’s eyes, Ittindi would pick purple. Then he’d be told to go wait to be called forward. He’d hold back on getting back in line letting Tōga go in front so he could have first swing.

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Tōga was captivated by the children's exuberance as they tried to break open the piñata. Their laughter rang out in delight with each enthusiastic but unsuccessful swing of the bat. The paper donkey remained untouched, swaying gently as the sticks whooshed harmlessly by. Yet the children were undaunted. For them, the thrill was not in the prize hidden inside, but in the merry chase itself. Tōga found himself drawn into their infectious joy, temporarily forgetting his own troubles and losing track of time as he watched their tireless efforts. The children kept swinging with carefree abandon, focused only on the pleasure of play. Their beaming faces and gleeful cheers warmed Tōga's heart and brought a smile to his face. For that moment, all that existed for Tōga was the children's infectious spirit of fun and adventure.

Tōga swayed tipsily as he waited his turn, watching the children flail wildly at the piñata. Their fruitless swings tried his patience until Ittindi grasped his arm and led him aside. Blinking in surprise, Tōga saw a rainbow of blindfolds laid out on a table. Ittindi claimed a purple one, leaving Tōga a vivid red. Tōga's eyes lit up and he snatched it eagerly, bowing his thanks to the owner. Gripping his prize, he rejoined the line, grin spreading. The silly game suddenly seemed fun now that he could participate blindly, not knowing where his stick would land. Tōga's impatience faded, replaced by anticipation. With the red cloth in hand, he was no longer just an observer but a player in the cheerful chaos. Ittindi smiled knowingly at his friend's change in mood, glad to see Tōga embracing the spirit of the moment. Together they would join the children's playful pursuit, taking joy in the journey rather than the destination.

"We're up!" Tōga cried out eagerly as the children dispersed, their stick clattering to the stones. The piñata now hung unbothered, awaiting its next challenger. Tōga swayed tipsily, senses dulled by drink yet sharp with anticipation. To him the wait had felt interminable, though in truth mere minutes had passed. As the parents herded the spent children away, Tōga turned questioningly to Ittindi. Ever gracious, his friend motioned for Tōga to go first. Needing no further prompting, Tōga surged forward, blindfold in hand.

The red cloth would be his looking glass, he realized, transforming the piñata from mere paper to mystical foe. With sight obscured, his other senses would guide him. Tōga smiled as he tied the blindfold, embracing this newfound uncertainty. For now the prize inside was forgotten, the present was all that mattered. He raised the stick, ready to participate fully in this game of chance. Tōga's impatience melted away, replaced by anticipation of the delights to come.

The crowd roared as the pink-haired Rune Knight entered the ring, blindfold in hand. Tōga's exuberant smile and shining eyes revealed his swelling anticipation. With a flourish, he tied the red cloth, sealing himself in darkness. The world vanished, leaving only Tōga and his elusive foe. He staggered briefly, then dropped to his knees, patting the ground until his fingers closed around the discarded stick. "Yes!" Tōga cried out triumphantly, surging upright with stick held high. Though he could not see it, he could feel the piñata hovering before him, ripe for conquest. This was no childish game, but a battle between valorous knight and sinister enemy.

Gripping his weapon, Tōga turned slowly, ears straining for any whisper of movement. A hush fell over the crowd, holding their collective breath. Then, with a mighty yell, Tōga swung with all his might! The stick whooshed through empty air as the crowd gasped. Laughter erupted around him, but Tōga smiled undaunted. The first charge was but practice for the duels ahead. With senses heightened, he pursued his crafty foe. Each miss only fueled Tōga's determination and brought him deeper into the game's thrill. For now, the prize inside no longer mattered - this contest was its own reward.

Tōga tightened his grip, feeling the rough grain of the timber between his fingers. He widened his stance, heels sliding apart as he lowered into a powerful pose. With senses deprived, he swayed gently, calculating trajectory from sound and memory alone. In his mind's eye, the piñata hung before him, ripe for conquest. Tōga inhaled deeply, then exhaled, centering his spirit for the mighty task ahead. This was no trivial game, but a battle between courageous knight and sinister foe. Just one clean strike would fell this crafty enemy.

Steadying himself, Tōga pulled the stick back, feeling the tension in his muscles. His focus narrowed to this singular moment, this one pure chance to prevail. With a guttural cry, he swung with all his might! The stick cut through the air with forceful grace. An instant later, a resounding swirl echoed through the arena - the valiant knight had hit absolutely nothing!

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Ittindi would watch Tōga enter the arena, ready to slay the imitation beast. The kids outside had much to Ittindi’s annoyance decided to gather around him. Since he was Tōga’s plus one they thought it fine to gather around him and talk excitedly about Tōga. Ittindi jokingly wondered if Tōga would have a new fanclub in this country if he put on a good enough performance. That was a part of service to countries in the Magic Council that was after all who the Rune Knights ultimately answered too. Though with how recent the restructuring was he doubted that there’d be any actions that were done without express approval of the general. Ittindi ultimately wouldn’t find out unless he ascended the ranks, that kind of knowledge would only be known to colonels probably.

That’s when one of the children’s parents would walk up beside Ittindi. He smiled at him and said in very broken Fioran “Friend Cool”, Ittindi would nod while looking back into the enclosure at Tōga. He had just found the stick and was feeling out for the piñata. The man with the rope had really shown his skill as well. Ittindi thought him a simple old man belly ripe from a good life, but when Tōga picked up the stick the most sinister grin came across the man’s face. With the strength and agility of gods he’d start pulling and releasing the piñata at a rapid speed. Ittindi could barely make out where it was, the crowd was going wild as Tōga went for his first swing.

With his skill it didn’t even seem to bother him, or maybe the blindfold made it pointless for the rope man’s speed. His first swing came close as the audience erupted in laughter, were they laughing at Tōga or the rope man probably both. Ittindi found himself laughing as well, as Tōga looked as if he was meditating on the perfect strike. He had a master that used to say visualization is key for actualization, though Ittindi mostly remembered him for his disgusting toenails. Oh, how he wished to clean that man, he just didn’t know how or didn’t care. With money it was always impossible to tell. That’s when Tōga would go for another strike, so precise, as the rope man barely pulled the piñata away from Tōga’s stick. The sound of piercing air was audible to the children and Ittindi.  

 ”Youzz gott thizz”

Ittindi would shout out to Tōga after his second miss, the crowd hushed for a second having no idea what Ittindi said. He wondered if the rope man would get tired or if he would keep up this speed for the entirety of Tōga’s round. When Ittindi went at least he’d rest assured that his missing had a pretty good reason. I guess to be fair if they went at the speed they did for kids they’d need a lot more piñatas.  Ittindi thought about possible spells that could help in this situation, something that they advised in some of his Rune Knight onboarding. He did have a talent with his magic he needed to lean more on it. In his mind there were two possibilities one was using his magic to puppet his limbs, the other to try to use a combination of threads pushing and pulling to augment his muscles. He had no idea which would be easier for him to sustain, that was the bigger issue they were both possible but could be very inefficient. That or he could bind the rope at parts, that would be hard to pull off without the audience seeing. Were their other options, Ittindi couldn’t think of any as he focused back on Tōga unsure what he planned next as the audience hushed in anticipation for his reaction of another miss.

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[justify]The stick sliced through empty air, missing the pinata by a mile. Tōga stood frozen, retracting his arm to ready another swing. Laughter erupted from the crowd, their merriment turning to playful jest as they poked fun at the dragon slayer's flub. Though all in good fun, Tōga was in no mood for games, having imbibed enough spirits to sedate a herd of elephants. The mocking pricked at his pride. Gripping the stick tightly, he narrowed his eyes, resolve hardening like tempered steel. The pinata's days were numbered.

Tōga rocked on his heels, stick clenched in white-knuckled grip. His first swing had gone wide, eliciting raucous laughter from the crowd. But failure only stoked his determination. As the pinata swayed mockingly before him, its sugary insides called to his heightened draconic senses. The sweet aroma was a siren song, promising triumph. This time, his aim would be true. Even if the puppeteer jerked it out of reach, Tōga could track its path by scent alone. On the next swing, pinata would meet stick in a glorious eruption of candy. The dragon slayer allowed himself a sly grin, imagination conjuring the satisfying impact. The onlookers' mirth would soon turn to awe. With luck, the perfect strike might even crack that damned donkey's smug smile. Tōga tensed, ready to try again. One way or another, the pinata's days were numbered.

The moment had arrived. Tōga sensed the air currents shifting as the pinata swung tantalizingly before him. "L-let's go!" he slurred, steadying his stance. With a mighty roar, he launched into motion, pivoting his hips and torso while swinging the stick overhead. It sliced through empty space once more, woefully missing the scarlet pinata by a hair's breadth. Laughter erupted from the crowd anew. Tōga stumbled, cursing under his breath. How could he fail again with victory so close at hand? The pinata's sugary innards continued their siren song, almost taunting him now. Gritting his teeth, the dragon slayer tightened his grip on the stick. The blasted thing would not evade him a third time! He shut out the jeering spectators, narrowing his focus only to the swaying target. Tuning his senses, he tracked its erratic movements, waiting for the perfect opening. At last, the moment came. With a guttural roar, Tōga struck, his aim misled. The stick collided in a shower of nothingness and empty promises.

"Darn it all!" Tōga erupted, flailing the stick wildly in his frustration. His drunken state overpowered any vestige of judgment or honed senses. Though blindfolded, he should have been able to hit the blasted thing. Instead, each wild strike sliced through empty air, eliciting howls of laughter from the puppeteer as he effortlessly jerked the pinata out of reach. Tōga staggered, cursing and swinging with reckless abandon. The crowd's amusement only further fueled his drunken rage.

In his mind's eye, he saw the pinata's stitched smile, mocking him, daring him to land a blow. With an incoherent yell, he lashed out again and again, a blind whirlwind, never connecting. The stick-man's laughter echoed in his ears over the spectators' guffaws. At last, spent and panting, defeated. The pinata still dangled triumphantly, shedding candy scraps from earlier hits but somehow remaining intact. Lip curling, Tōga vowed that one day, somehow, he would have his revenge against the scarlet donkey. For now, it had won this round.

"Ittindi! Y-your turn!" Tōga barked, discarding the stick as he ripped off the blindfold. Suppressing his irked pride, he stepped back from the still-swaying pinata. The blasted thing had gotten the best of him, evading even his drunkenly determined strikes. His competitive spirit burned to keep trying, to smash the paper donkey to bits. But causing a scene would only further the crowd's amusement at his expense.

Handing the stick to Ittindi, Tōga nodded brusquely. "Give it a whack." Stepping aside, he took a deep breath, willing his embarrassed frustration to abate. Watching his friend take clumsy swings in the same futile fashion would cool his temper.

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Ittindi had hoped that somehow against all odds Tōga would find a way to hit the piñata. That dream died as Tōga went for a few calculated strikes, but was still outwitted by the man with the rope. The crowd was in an uproar laughing at his new acquaintance, even worse Ittindi was next. He knew that if Tōga with his dragon slaying senses couldn’t sense the piñata, what hope did he have? That was when Ittindi finally got to see a bit of Tōga’s rage, as he swung rapidly trying to make one connection with the piñata. The rope bearer handled it smoothly, like Tōga wasn’t’ the first powered individual he had dealt with. The crowd was getting the show, Ittindi wondered if they did this to any adult who tried their hand? Or maybe it was because they were foreigners, Ittindi could take a joke at his expense, after all he was used to being a butler.  

”I’ll do my best.”

In truth Ittindi had zero confidence in his ability, but that didn’t mean he’d give it his best shot. There was something in the attempt, he had learned that when he was apprenticing. His favorite rendition was journey before destination. He had heard it from another mage, who probably read it in a book. Either way the words set a fire alight in him as he put the blindfold down walking to where the piñata was. The rope man was even kind enough to touch Ittindi’s stick he was holding out with the piñata to assure him he was in position. Then he’d hear the piñata moving, it truly was an animal in this man’s hands. How to hit an animal blindfolded? Ittindi didn’t know the answer to that question he was a butler. First swing the only sound was the slice of air, before the laughter erupted. Ittindi was drunk enough that he couldn’t hide the redness of embarrassment in his cheeks. It only made them laugh harder, as he sliced air again with his second strike. He wasn’t even sure if he was in the right direction anymore, his swings were heavy and inexperienced. Ittindi had never welded a weapon in combat, and that’s what this felt like to him combat.

He'd try something different; doing the same thing expecting a different result was the definition of insanity. He saw that in a cleaning advertisement once, it was for his favorite brand of pine oil-based grease remover, that was for the layer after a good bleach cleaning. People expected a certain good smell with clean, when bleach should be the best smell, effective and basic just as Ittindi saw himself. Except for when it came to swinging at piñata apparently as he feinted then swung a half second later, his heart alight with satisfaction for his cleverness. More air, even more laughter as he heard some words being chanted now, they hadn’t done that with Tōga? Or had they Ittindi didn’t remember, it always felt different being the one on stage, especially being surrounded by so many blindfolded. It was a new experience. Ittindi would go for a couple different strikes some feigned some not with no success, he wouldn’t go wild swinging. He really wanted too, and he saw now why Tōga did, its so frustrating not even being sure if you’re in the right direction. Everyone laughing, when they’d fair no better…oh well not as bad as the masters who debased him.
Turning around and taking off his blindfold Ittindi would start to walk back towards Tōga handing the club off to a child, who smiled and told him good try. Ittindi would sigh as he walked back upon Tōga, head down still half stumbling.

”Well maybe a muccch later in the ceremony we come back then wes hit it. That was ratherz embarrassmasing, close to some of the darker Masters I’ve worked for.”

It did bring back a darker part of his life, darker in his opinion than his time in that guild. Not that he’d talk about that with someone like Tōga he seemed purehearted, Ittindi had a little more crisis in life before his time in the Rune Knights. He was glad to have turned a page on that life, though he did make some exception for his Young Master. Something he’d eventually have to confront, but he had a plan for that.

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Ittindi approached the pinata hesitantly, doubt clouding his usually cheerful features. His friend Tōga watched on encouragingly, wishing he could lend the dragon slayer some of his own bold confidence. But Tōga knew this was a battle Ittindi had to fight for himself. As Ittindi took the wooden stick from Tōga's outstretched hand, Tōga smiled, hoping to transmit even an ounce of courage to his comrade. Ittindi squared his shoulders and marched towards the taunting pinata and its mischievous puppeteer master, who had thwarted Tōga's previous attempts. Tōga gazed after his friend, pride and hope rising in his chest like the rays of the morning sun. This time would be different.

The lively sounds of the festival carried on the warm autumn breeze, but beneath the laughter lurked an undercurrent of longing and grief. It was the Day of the Dead after all - a time to honor those who had departed this world too soon. While the people of Stella celebrated their ancestors with riotous colors and flavors, there was an inevitable melancholy that crept into even the most joyous hearts. The games booth was meant to be an oasis of lighthearted fun amidst the swirling tides of emotion. Here, people could take a respite from painful memories and bask in moments of shared amusement. Laughter rang out as children and adults alike partook in the simple pleasures of festival games, providing a uplifting balance to the weight of remembrance. Tears still flowed, aimless wandering continued, but many found solace in the bursts of joy and community offered within the creaky wooden walls of the games booth. A space to breathe, to reconnect, to celebrate life alongside the inevitable specter of death.

Tōga swayed tipsily as shame crept into his intoxicated mind. In his reckless desire to win, he had lost sight of the deeper meaning behind this festival night. The spirits of loved ones were to be honored, not used as an excuse for foolish games. As Ittindi tied the blindfold around his eyes, Tōga felt a pang of regret pierce through the haze of drink. He opened his mouth to shout encouragement to his friend, but could only manage a slurred, "You got this!"

Ittindi turned towards the sound of Tōga's voice and nodded, gripping the wooden stick purposefully. Tōga watched through blurry eyes as Ittindi swung with all his might at the dangling prize, his movements fluid and focused even without sight. In that moment, Tōga was reminded of the true spirit embodied by his friend - perseverance, courage, faith. Qualities not measured in mere games, but in the content of one's character. Tōga vowed he would honor that spirit going forward, rather than betray it for petty competition. There were more important things in life than just winning.

Tōga watched with bated breath as Ittindi wound up to take his swing, auburn eyes fixed on his friend's blindfolded form. In his sober state, Tōga's mind was no longer consumed with the desire for victory. Rather, he hoped to see Ittindi enjoy the game regardless of the outcome. The stick whistled through empty air with an audible swoosh. Tōga tensed, then let out a slow sigh as Ittindi missed the mark, just as he had done earlier in his reckless determination. But rather than grow frustrated, Ittindi simply lifted his blindfold and passed the stick to an eager child with a smile.

Tōga felt a swell of admiration for his comrade. Ittindi embodied the true spirit of the festival - finding joy in the experience rather than the results. There was no tantrum or outcry at his failed attempt, only an understanding that there were more important things than hitting a target. Things like sharing laughter and creating memories. As he watched Ittindi help the child take a turn, Tōga was reminded that while winning may be fleeting, the bonds forged along the journey last forever. He resolved then to focus more on cherishing each moment with friends, and less on short-lived glory. For it is connection, not achievements, that make life worth celebrating.

W-Whatcha mean?” Tōga inquiries, somewhat confused to how Ittindi’s words correlated with some of the masters he served in the past as butlers.

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Though most of the encouragement didn’t get through Ittindi, he could hear it now that the child was going at the piñata. Was it his own mental block that prevented him from hearing the encouragement or is the crowd’s mood different for children. Ittindi leaned towards the children changing the audience’s attitude after all being angry at a child being cute was a feat. Just as not laughing at a grown man swing and miss is a feat. Ittindi appreciated that Tōga had not jeered at him and was thinking about a proper thank you platter. Possibly cookies, that’s when it struck Ittindi he could learn how to make one of the desserts here while he was on vacation. While it didn’t happen often, there were times when a butler needed to be able to make meals for their employer. Ittindi wouldn’t call himself anything besides a homely cook, compared to the work that some chefs went through. Deserts often weren’t to hard to learn and its what Ittindi strayed towards besides outfits when looking to borrow from other cultures. That’s when Tōga’s question would come as they watched the festival continue, they now side characters in the tale of the piñata.

”Haha, well no need to ruin the evening thinking about specifics Mr. Tōga. Lets just say that mistreatment of staff isn’t uncommon in the butler industry. The more interesting question would be is mental vs physical I can’t say experiencing both which is worse when done properly.”

While Ittindi wasn’t outright dismissing Tōga’s question he tried to shift it to a comedic light. Nothing Ittindi hated more than a pity party, he was living perhaps the best he had his whole life. Ittindi would think back, knowing that his life was only going to continue to get better. He didn’t have any doubts about that, as he looked around at his vacation, once again absorbing it all. Here he was in a different country a member of the largest enforcement mechanism seen in the world. Even here he had run into others in his organization and made new acquaintances.

”So did we want to try again in a bit Mr. Tōga? Or was one round of embarrassment enough or us? I could be swayed either way honestly.”

While it was embarrassing to get laughed at by the crowd, deep down Ittindi wanted to prove them wrong. He wanted to land a hit on that cursed piñata, no matter how silly it sounded in his head. For a split second he almost thought about casting a binding spell or something to stop the man pulling the rope when he went next. He quickly pushed it from his mind, thinking that was the part of himself he wasn’t trying to feed anymore. However, that didn’t mean Ittindi wouldn’t want to come up with a better strategy if they went again. There had to be some kind of trick to hitting the piñata this festival didn’t seem new. Would it be to desperate to ask vendors around here how the adults hit the piñata?

Ittindi decided he’d wait to see what Tōga wanted to do before stressing over strategies. He wasn’t sure if Tōga had calmed down since his swinging or if he was still ramped up like Ittindi. Granted Ittindi’s emotions didn’t always connect the best, he was less stoic than usual due to drinking. The embarrassment/anger of the piñata had sobered him up significantly. He was barely slurring at all now. He was still having some walking difficulties as the world still had a decent spin to it. The smells of the festival were starting to become more aware to Ittindi as he sobered up. Some of it wasn’t as pleasant as the food, or was it the food smell? Ittindi wasn’t aware  what he was smelling was some of the cumin used in dishes for seasoning, he just thought of it as musty. No matter Tōga’s answer Ittindi would suggest they move to a different area to observe the piñata as the smell was starting to nauseate him.

”Hey, do you mind if we move I’m getting a very musty scent that isn’t sitting well with me.”

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Tōga seethed internally as Ittindi's flippant words about his role as a butler continued. Anger boiled within him, his thoughts turning dangerous and volatile. Though he maintained a stoic exterior, inside he was a roiling mess of violent impulses, barely contained. Ittindi remained oblivious, prattling on and dismissing Tōga's dignity with each callous remark. Tōga focused on keeping his face an impassive mask, not betraying the rage that grew with each careless word.

Despite the copious amounts of alcohol coursing through his veins, and the recent humiliating failure at the piñata game, one thing cut through Tōga's drunken haze - his intense hatred of bullies. It didn't matter to him that someone was rich or held a high status. Those things didn't inherently make them better than others, they simply afforded more access and privilege. But to impose your will on another, not through fair combat or contest, but simply because you could...that was an undeserved talent of the worst kind. Bullying represented a complete disregard for another's dignity and autonomy. And as the pompous noble continued his verbal assault, Tōga seethed. His body may have been unsteady from drink, but his mind was focused, raging against this casually cruel demonstration of power. Tōga would not stand for such callous disrespect. Not now, not ever.

Tōga's mind raced as he contemplated the possible abuses Ittindi may have faced in his role as a butler. Perhaps he had served some wealthy family with entitled children who saw themselves as minor deities, lords of the manor. Had he been subjected to changing their soiled nappies, chauffeuring their bratty selves to school, and catering to their every juvenile whim? Or maybe he was butler to a widowed socialite who viewed him as her property, calling on him to satisfy her needs and fleeting fancies like a human doll.

With each hypothetical indignity, Tōga's irritation grew. His eyes narrowed as further scenes played out in his mind - Ittindi reduced to a servant at beck and call, devoid of autonomy or dignity. Compelled to bow and scrape before cruel, petty, and self-important overlords. Forced to swallow his pride while they looked through him as though he were part of the furniture. Tōga's hands curled into fists, jaw tightening. How dare anyone treat another person so callously, he thought angrily. To dehumanize and demean another for their own gain or amusement was unacceptable. As Ittindi continued speaking blithely, Tōga's rage simmered just below the surface.

Tōga was jolted from his angry musings by Ittindi's conciliatory words. "O-Oh...Let's let the kids have fun with the piñata for now, we have all night," the butler said with a strained smile.

Inside, irritation still simmered despite the disarming statement. Through the alcoholic haze, Tōga's mind lingered on the possible mistreatment Ittindi had endured. He pictured the butler cowed by cruel masters, dignity stripped away by those who saw him as less than human. Tōga hid his simmering resentment beneath a relaxed, congenial facade. He would play along for now. But this was far from over. The thought of anyone being subjected to such denigration made his blood boil. Tōga swore that no matter how long it took, bullies would get their due. And he would enjoy watching them fall.

The overpowering stench hit Tōga's enhanced senses like a physical blow. Under the assault of smells, his body recoiled instinctively. The noxious mélange of odors - cloying seasonings, human sweat, the effluvia of celebration - curled permeated the air, inescapable. As the minutes passed, the reek only intensified, accosting his nostrils and turning his stomach. Tōga winced again, the riot of smells growing stronger as the drinking crowds swelled. It was a palpable miasma, clung to their clothes and hair. The scents mingled sickly with the lingering alcohol in his system.

Yeah, let’s g-go somewhere else,” Tōga said happily, fingers pinching at his nose as if to cut off his ability to smell for the time being.

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Ittindi’s statement seemed to have cooled the situation down, as Tōga’s face was stoic instead of the usual worry he saw. Ittindi had only received respect from Rune Knights that he had spent time talking too, and there was always the point where they learned parts of Ittindi’s past. Whether he was talking about his time in that dark guild, or his time as a butler most tended to side with pity or compassion for his upbringing. For Ittindi it just was, there was no right or wrong to it. People live their lives, and the strong like to create categories to put the weaker into to better make sense of their world. Ittindi had heard viewpoints from all over the world studied and practical, and at the end of the day he mostly just wanted to clean and help people see the power of service. Ittindi didn’t need a reminder, to see the effects of a clean room, he had helped many inspired masters create deals of the lifetime, while also creating punishments or fines of lifetimes as well. He didn’t even start to discriminate about his masters until his time with his Young Master in the dark guild. Now he felt that everyone deserved good service, regardless of their background. For Ittindi that really meant the common man, plenty of rich could afford his services, but his free time where he went around towns cleaning peoples feets. The times he went to taverns doing a full cleaning than showing their staff how to replicate, those were the times of service he had come to enjoy more as of late. It was the same feeling helping a citizen in need provided, reminding him of his wise choice in joining the Rune Knights.

Tōga would respond to Ittindi noting that they could come back later tonight to try and get a swing in. Ittindi would nod as Tōga also agreed to move, it seemed that the scent was starting to get to him as well. He wondered if dragon slayers had dragon’s scent abilities if so it must have been even worse on Tōga. As they walked off he’d pinch the bridge of his nose confirming that the smell wasn’t just in Ittindi’s head. Ittindi would pull out one of his handkerchiefs and cover his own nose as they walked away from the crowd.  The rigmarole of the festival died down as they delved deeper into the side streets of the city. It didn’t take but a few minutes before the sound was just a distant rumble of rhythm. If it wasn’t for he was recovering from their antics earlier, Ittindi would of suggested stopping in a bar. Instead Ittindi just wanted to sit down somewhere, there wasn’t anywhere near in sight. The ground wasn’t the dirtiest, but Ittindi would rather exhaust his options before leaning against a building like a youth.

”Hmm…Weee shoulz geta  place to sittat I need a little break”

While swinging at the piñata hadn’t been particularly tiring, the long day had started to wear on Ittindi. He wanted to rest his legs for a tiny bit, he had done so at the bar, but when there were that many people around Ittindi never truly felt relaxed. Better to find a café or something small with some chairs and benches to sit down at. Ittindi hadn’t thought of what subject to broach with Tōga yet, so far it had been natural for him, but he could feel that limit starting to approach. The truth was Ittindi didn’t find himself that interesting of a man, and as the majority of his employment was listening to others his social skills still needed more work.

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The moon hung full and heavy in the star-strewn sky, casting its pale light over the slumbering land. Tōga stumbled slightly as he walked, the effects of the day's revelry still lingering in his system. Beside him, Ittindi was a silent, steadying presence, seemingly untroubled by the drinks they had shared earlier. Though the day had been filled with joy and growing camaraderie, Tōga now felt bone-weary, the vibrant energy of the festival drained away with the setting sun. A dull ache settled into his muscles, the day's exertions catching up with him all at once. The cool night air helped clear his fuzzy head, but did little to alleviate the dragging exhaustion seeping into his spirit.

As the hour grew late, a pensive mood fell over Tōga. The euphoria of the day's pleasures had departed as swiftly as it had come, leaving him feeling hollow and brooding. He glanced sidelong at his companion, taking in their tranquil aura. Their solid reliability was a small comfort amidst the maelstrom of his thoughts. With the festivities dying down and sobriety returning, the transient delights of the day seemed to lose their luster. The world once more weighed upon Tōga’s shoulders, a burden only partly eased by the steadfast presence of his companion under the watchful moon.

Tōga's legs felt like lead as he trudged over to a nearby bench and collapsed onto it with a grunt. The cold wood pressed against his back, grounding him as he took a deep breath of the night air, letting it fill his lungs before releasing it in a long, slow exhale. "What a fun day, Ittindi-kun," he murmured, a tired but content smile crossing his face. He tilted his head back, gazing up at the velvety darkness sprinkled with glittering stars. The moon shone overhead, a luminous pearl suspended in the heavens, its soft light washing over Tōga's face.

The day's revelries had drained his energy fully, leaving his body and mind sluggish and foggy. But even through the haze of exhaustion, Tōga could appreciate the simple beauty of the night sky stretched out above him. The moon's tranquil glow soothed his spirits, its timeless presence a reminder that, though the day's pleasures had come and gone, some things endured. Letting his eyes drift shut, Tōga soaked in the delicate moonlight, finding a sense of peace even as weariness continued creeping through his bones. The celestial sphere watched over him benignly as he rested, its beauty undimmed by his faded drunken state. For now, the burdens of tomorrow could wait - he had this moment of quiet communion under the moon's gentle light.

Ima rest here for a little,”

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