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Santalicia - Drinking Games [ft. Ittindi]

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Wlecome to La Fortuna de Su Señora
- Her Lady's Luck, ft. Ittindi
Halloween 2023 Social

Stella remained an enigma to Tōga, a stranger in this distant land. Far removed from the familiar shores of his homeland Joya and the company of the Rune Knights, he found himself adrift in unfamiliar territory. The traditions and customs that had shaped his childhood, the companions he had known as lifelong friends, even the cuisine that once filled his belly - all were now distant memories of a past life left behind. He wore the mantle of Rune Knight to conceal his truer purpose on this journey - the restless spirit that yearned for adventure. For now, he was content to wander these foreign roads, drinking in the rich experiences of the traveling life. Though someday he would return to the hearth fires of home, for the present he relished his time as an explorer in this terra incognita called Stella.

Santalicia - the capital of Stella - shone with a radiant beauty unseen by the Dragon Slayer's eyes before. The architecture was uniquely crafted to complement this sun-kissed land, with tan and wheat-hued buildings aligned in geometric harmony. Tōga drank in the unfamiliar yet captivating cityscape, enchanted by the play of light and shadow on the intricately arranged structures. Though the style was alien to his experience, he could not help but admire the artistry and vision that had shaped this urban paradise. Santalicia was like a living sculpture wrought from stone and sunlight, beautiful beyond his imaginings. The capital revealed itself as a masterpiece, and Tōga felt honored to wander its luminous streets.

As any eager traveler would, Tōga set out to explore the bustling capital. He strolled its crowded streets, a shock of pink hair adrift in a sea of sun-browned complexions and chestnut locks. Unfamiliar with the local tongue, he waved cheerfully nonetheless to all he passed - meeting welcomes, confusion, and irritation alike with good-natured grin. The reactions of the townspeople mattered little to Tōga; he refused to let anything dampen his enjoyment of this long-awaited adventure. Weaving through the urban maze with carefree steps, he charted a meandering course by whim and curiosity alone. Each winding alley and sunny plaza offered new sights and sounds to savor. Tōga immersed himself fully in the lively tempo of Santalicia, determined to make the most of every moment in this fascinating city.

Wandering the lively streets, Tōga's aimless path led him to a small tavern. As if on cue, his stomach let out a great rumbling groan, the hunger pangs suddenly racking his belly. Fortuitous timing, for the entrance before him read "La Fortuna de Su Señora". Tōga grinned at this small blessing - the fortune of our lady - which granted him this oasis just when he needed it most. The aroma of savory spices and roasting meats wafted through the doorway, beckoning the famished traveler inside. He crossed the threshold eagerly, mouth watering at the prospect of sampling Santalicia’s fare. The tables seemed welcoming too, offering rest for weary feet after a long day of roving. Tōga sighed contentedly, ready to be nourished in body and spirit, grateful for the small graces that made each day of his journey a delight.

Crossing the threshold, Tōga's hazel eyes grew wide, his mouth agape in wonder. Though modest in size, the tavern bustled with patrons, alive with mirth and revelry even in the brightness of day. He wove through the cramped yet convivial space and took a seat at the worn wooden bar, slipping seamlessly into the cheer of his surroundings. The air rang with boisterous chatter and raucous laughter, as people from all walks of life came together to eat, drink and make merry. Tōga drank in the warm, welcoming atmosphere, feet tapping in time with the upbeat traditional music. In this little corner tavern, he blended perfectly into the tapestry of Santalician life.

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Ittindi had made it to Santalicia, as part of his vacation around Stella. He had learned during their travels they were celebrating the day of the dead, Ittindi found a perfect suit to go with the occasion. It was patterned with orange and black diamonds that were on opposite sides from pants to jacket, then the opposite side was orange pumpkins with a black background. He had on black ankle dress boots from the republic of seven, a white button down shirt with an orange black tie that matched the pumpkin side of his suit, then he had received a free face painting on the streets. Ittindi was pretty sure it only happened because he was washing an old man’s feet on the street. They thought it was kindness, when his feet were so dirty Ittindi almost puked at their sight. Either way he had skull painted on the left side of his face that completed his look. Ittindi always enjoyed the moments when he didn’t have to be in uniform.

As he wandered the streets during the festivities Ittindi would take in the large array of outfits, there was such a distinctive style in Santalicia. Ittindi did admire some of their more unique designs on suits and ponchos, he’d have to buy some clothes here before he left. He wondered what they called their cleaning workers in this country, something he’d have to discover a little later. The liveliness of the culture seemed to be in stark contrast to some of the more serious countries he had visited in the past.

That was when he ran into the old man who’s feet he had washed earlier, he was with a couple of others now. One even had a small instrument he was playing as they sung poorly but loudly down the street, occasionally another passerby would join in song or laugh and encouragingly slap the back of the instrument player. When the old man saw Ittindi he’d shout in their language, which Ittindi had managed to grasp enough to buy things but not much else. One of them would offer Ittindi a dusty bottle of brownish alcohol, they had all been passing it around and drinking. Ittindi found it disgusting to put his lips on the same bottle as others; instead waterfalling a little in his mouth. It was a horrible idea as the liquor had a little spice, before it went to sweeter notes. Coughing the rest of the group would start laughing as Ittindi found himself wandering around the streets with them. None seemed to speak Fioran, though their language had some familiar words.

They ended up wandering into a small bar called La Fortuna de Su Señora. Ittindi was surprised just how many people fit into it. He’d push past the crowds with his own group until they made it to the bar, there they’d start shouting for the bartender’s attention. Looking around as they did Ittindi would notice Toga, and his Rune Knight insignia. It seemed that he wasn’t the only one on vacation, he’d sit down next to Toga while waving at the friends he just made.

”Greetings, I’m Private Amali its nice to see a fellow Knight enjoying the festival. Are you here on vacation as well?”

Ittindi's Outfit:

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The lively chatter in the tavern bubbled with excitement for the upcoming Day of the Dead festivities. Tōga had only been in Santalicia a short while, but it was clear these celebrations were a cherished tradition for the townspeople and all of Stella. In his wanderings across the land's sweeping vistas and hidden wonders, Tōga realized he had overlooked the true soul of the country - its people. Their joy and traditions gave meaning to the places he explored. As preparations began for the revelrous holiday, Tōga felt himself drawn into the spirit of the season and the community around him. Though a newcomer, he was no longer a stranger.

Tōga gazed around the tavern in wonder at the festive scene before him. Patrons were adorned in dazzling colors and elaborate costumes to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. Men and women wore vivid face paint in intricate designs, donned flashy embroidered wares, and embellished their outfits with feathered hats and jangling jewelry. The holiday was a vibrant tribute to loved ones who had passed on to new adventures. As stories and fond memories were shared around him, Tōga felt enveloped in the spirit of community. The tavern buzzed with laughter, reminiscence, and an air of joyful remembrance. Tōga regretted not having a costume of his own to fully join in the festivities. The creative splendor of the people's outfits and the meaningful traditions behind them captivated him. Tōga realized he had been missing out on truly understanding this culture - now he was eager to become part of it.

To Tōga's right, a cheerful vendor nursed a mug of mead as the bartender kept it topped up. An array of festive décor and masks sat in boxes around him. On this celebratory day, it was customary to give decorations away freely or sell them cheaply, as a way to spread the infectious joy of the holiday.

"Good sir! Could I trouble you for one of those fine masks?" Tōga called out with a grin. "Any one would do, I'd just like to join in the fun!"

The vendor smiled broadly and rummaged through his boxes. He soon produced an ornate dragon mask painted in deep crimson. Tōga's smile widened as he accepted it - as a dragon slayer, the mask suited him perfectly.

"Many thanks, my friend," Tōga said as he donned the mask. Its weight felt comfortable and right. He appreciated the vendor's generosity in sharing his wares to welcome others into the holiday spirit. Tōga felt his outsider status slipping away. Hidden behind the scarlet mask, he was now part of the camaraderie and joy that pulsed through the tavern.

He'd enjoy a few moments of conversation with the vendor until a new, forgein sound invaded his senses. “Huh?” Tōga turned quickly, his body shifting in his seat as flashes of pink flickered to life, his spiky hair greeting the Ruen Knight before his dragon-masked covered face did.

“Ayo! Hi! I’m Tōga it’s Good to see another Knight here,
” Tōga shouts.

And you can say I’m on a vacation. I’m here on a mission, but my superiors are giving me a few days to relax, so I decided to come into town, and stumbled upon the festivities!” The sergeant explained, his smile invisible behind the depths of his decorative dragon mask.

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Ittindi would receive a large glass from the bartender, as his friends from earlier were dancing while the man with the instrument joined the band playing in the tavern. He’d raise his glass towards them, and they’d let out a variety of interesting shouts, some of them in rhythm with the music some not. It was a red alcohol maybe a wine loaded with a variety of fruits that Ittindi couldn’t name if he tried. It was a refreshing taste; he could make out the hints of citrus meddled with fruit in the glass for a sweeter fruity dry taste. He really enjoyed the mix taking a large sip while listening to Tōga introduce himself. Ittindi assumed the man was a higher rank, they all seemed to not care as much about introducing their rank. Unless one was in uniform then the honorifics became as important as the name, he thought of the few he had met from Collective Mind before the merge. It was possible Tōga was from there they also didn’t seem to care much for rank.

” Well, it’s nice they’re giving you a few days off. I wasn’t aware of the festival when I planned on vacationing here either, I don’t even speak the language.”

Ittindi had to admit it was odd talking to someone in a mask, but after the first few bungled conversations in a different language it was nice to talk to someone who spoke Fioran. Now what did he want to talk about? Ittindi had been working on small talk since his entrance into butlery, however those conversations were meant for the rich. He had struggled as of late to connect with more common people, one of the benefits of joining the Rune Knights he’d have plenty of practice.

”So have you done anything particularly fun in Santalicia this is my first day here.”

Ittindi was curious, he hadn’t traveled much in his life mostly dedicated to work. With his recent addition to his tongue, he found that people were more receptive to him offering his help. That was one of the many benefits he’d found with joining the Rune Knights. He hadn’t been treated particularly well by members of his rank. Ittindi was sure it was due to his magical prowess being above the other privates, he still was very polite to his class regardless. He had a feeling he’d be moving across different units often from his dress as well. There’d been more than one time where he was judged in the barracks for his off-work attire. They’d be even more upset if they found out he was often taking cleaning jobs still in his off hours.

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The tavern La Fortuna de Su Señora buzzed with lively conversation and laughter, the sounds mingling together into an energetic melody. Patrons nursed drinks in hand as they traded stories and jokes, their voices rising and falling in animated discussion. Behind the bar, the vigilant barkeep and waitresses kept careful watch, swiftly refilling empty mugs before their owners had a chance to ask. Though small in size, the tavern's service was seamless, with servers adeptly catering to their regulars' preferences. The convivial atmosphere carried late into the night, fueled by free-flowing spirits and the easy camaraderie of people relaxing after a long day's work. Here, strangers became friends over shared drinks and tales, woven together by the vibrant spirit of the place.

Tōga was astonished by the attentive service at the tavern, the servers adeptly catering to his every need. No sooner had he taken a swig from his mug than one of the barmaids swooped in to top it up again, as if by some liquid magic. Beneath his crimson mask, a rosy flush was beginning to bloom across Tōga's cheeks as the mead started to take effect. He could feel its warmth spreading through him, loosening his inhibitions. Had he been alone, surely a hearty belch or yell would have escaped his lips already. But mindful of maintaining decorum next to his fellow Rune Knight, Tōga kept his excessive drinking in check - for now, at least. This was only his first round after all. The day was still young and his thirst was nowhere near sated. Tōga settled back in his chair, ready to enjoy more of the tavern's bountiful hospitality. With such excellent service, his cups would never sit empty for long.

"Oh yeah, I'm having a great time!" Tōga exclaimed jovially. "To be honest, I can't understand most of the chatter going on around here. But smiles - now those are a universal language, one that the good folks here seem to speak fluently!"

He turned back to the vendor, who knew little of Tōga's native Florian tongue. Yet despite the disconnect in verbal communication, they had found their own means of conversing. When one flashed a grin, it was readily returned by the other. Their smiles had become a common currency, bringing a sense of camaraderie. Raucous laughter erupted between them as they cheered with raised glasses, taking hearty swigs before returning to their tasks.

In this lively tavern, spoken words seemed almost unnecessary. The patron's spirits were infectious, transcending linguistic barriers. Tōga was simply happy to be part of the energetic atmosphere, exchanging smiles and raising drinks in a universal toast to good company.

"See?" Tōga grinned, turning back to the private. "Amali, was it?" He purposefully omitted the man's title - here in this foreign land, sharing drinks, rank and creed mattered little.

"This is my first time here too! I'm just as lost as you," Tōga chuckled, taking another deep swig. In his merriment, he forgot to pull his mask back down, leaving the draconic visage perched atop his head. Pink curls spilled out messily around the edges, and the flush on Tōga's cheeks was now fully visible. The alcohol was clearly taking effect.

"But I know how to have a good time, and so do these fine folks!" Tōga exclaimed, gesturing broadly around the bustling tavern. The lively atmosphere was infectious, making formalities meaningless. In this moment, they were simply two men sharing libations, boundaries dissolved by drink and the spirit of camaraderie. Caution and composure could wait for tomorrow - tonight called for revelry.

"So come on, Amali! No need to stand on ceremony here. Let's see if we can't drink these people under the table!" Tōga declared merrily, holding up his mug in invitation. Propriety was the last thing on his mind now, overtaken by an urge to fully embrace the night's festivities.

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Ittindi would absorb the atmosphere around him, trying his hardest to not think about some of the dirtiness. The staff in this tavern were doing an impeccable job with their service. It would take magic to keep the place clean with so many patrons, something that Ittindi could provide. He’d take a large gulp of his sangria, trying to shake his mind from his greatest hobby. Looking over back at Tōga he’d listen to him talk about his experiences in Santalicia, he seemed to be in the same boat as Ittindi regarding the language.

” Absoutely, the language of life needs no translation. I couldn’t agree more Sir Tōga.”

The bartender would smile at Tōga and then chuckle at how Ittindi was nursing his sangria slowly. There wasn’t any reason he was drinking slow, more of a habit from his time serving noble families. Typically, they drank fast, and he’d hate to be the one who had taken more than a cup from his employer. One of the men who had come in with Ittindi would come lean over on his shoulder, his breath reeked of alcohol and some kind of pipe herb or maybe tobacco. Ittindi would stop breathing from his nose as he ordered Ittindi another cup of sangria and pointed to Ittindi’s mostly filled drink making chugging motions. Figuring it was vacation Ittindi would loosen his tie, not enough to be noticeable to anyone. However, for him it was a huge sign of him relaxing, then he’d chuckle at the man who bought him a second drink. While chug wouldn’t be the appropriate word, Ittindi would quickly suck down his drink from the straw. He’d then push the cup to the side and take a sip from his new straw. Listening to Tōga Ittindi would chuckle again at the thought of dropping formalities.

” Well, I do think its worth showing everyone here how we drink in Fiore. I’ll never drop the formalities Sir Tōga, someone must remind everyone how important formalities can be. You see I plan on being the world’s best Butler. Formalities can be fun, let me show you follow me!”

As Ittindi answered Tōga he’d stand up the man who was playing some kind of string instrument would look over at Ittindi and raise his glass. Ittindi would raise the empty one laugh at his mistake and pick up the full one as some of the crowd cheered him on. This time instead of sipping fast he’d actually take the straw out and chug the drink, except for the fruit. He’d pull out some jewels and get the barkeeper’s attention. He’d make a drink motion and point at the band, then he’d jump and use his magic to shoot himself up a couple meters doing a backflip and landing near the band. While Ittindi was only trained in formal dancing he found that their dancing was similar to quickstep but more informal with quicker movements. He was quickly swept up in dancing switching partners every minute or so. Ittindi did hope that Tōga would follow him to dance floor. If not he’d return back to the bar in 5-10 minutes to get another drink and talk more to him.

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Tōga nodded along absently as Ittindi spoke, feigning engaged attention. In truth, the Dragon Slayer's focus had wavered as soon as his formal-speaking companion addressed him by title. The use of such rigid formality made Tōga's eye twitch slightly in irritation. He had forgotten everything Ittindi said thereafter, his mind stuck on the offending utterance. Tōga was no stickler for protocol, especially not today amidst the frivolity of celebration. They were here as comrades toasting life's mysteries, not to stand on ceremony. He wished Ittindi would drop the stuffy facade and embrace the festivities' spirit of jovial camaraderie. Still, Tōga maintained an expression of polite interest, continuing his rhythmic nods. He supposed some souls were not so easily liberated from the strictures of rank and etiquette, even on a night meant for casting aside differences. For now, he would humor Ittindi's propriety and hope further drinks might yet coax out his festive side. There was time yet for revelry to unite them as kindred spirits.

Tōga lifted his mug from the table, hands raised in protest as he swallowed hard, stopping Ittindi mid-sentence. With cheeks still bulging from a mouthful of mead, he waved dismissively to signal his disapproval at the unwelcome title. Gulping down the alcohol, Tōga let out an exaggerated sigh before speaking.

"Please, enough with the formalities tonight, friend," he implored, a touch of gentle exasperation in his tone. "No need for lofty titles between drinking companions, eh?"

Tōga gave Ittindi a hearty pat on the back, hoping the informal gesture would help melt his colleague's rigid propriety. His aim was camaraderie, not decorum.

"We are all equals today," he continued warmly. "So let us toast, laugh, and share tales as friends with no thought of rank or station. The holiday cares not for such frivolities, only for the joyful union they might hinder."

Tōga raised his brimming mug, smiling in invitation for Ittindi to clink glasses and fully join the festivities unencumbered by formality's burdens.

Tōga's plea struck a chord with the private, who sprang into action without delay. Auburn eyes widening in surprise, Tōga watched as Ittindi unfurled to his full imposing height and turned to address the bartender and band. The lively strings and woodwinds that had been fueling the festive atmosphere now fell silent under his commanding presence. Before the stunned Dragon Slayer could react, the air was suddenly alive with magic as the butler-in-training launched himself into the air. With graceful agility, Ittindi danced from partner to partner, deftly navigating the crowded tavern in a dazzling display of footwork and acrobatics. The music swelled triumphantly once more as he led the enthralled patrons in a jubilant dance, a living testament to the bonds of camaraderie forged that night.

"Whooooa!" Tōga roared approvingly, raising his freshly refilled tankard in salute as Ittindi drained the last of his mead. The Dragon Slayer's face was alight with elation as he watched his friend cast aside his normal formal rigidity and surrender to the infectious rhythm. Ittindi moved with carefree abandon, his lithe form weaving effortlessly through the raucous throng. Each graceful step and joyful spin resonated with the very spirit of revelry, radiating an aura of warmth and camaraderie that spread through the tavern. Where moments before had stood solemn guards and suspicious strangers now danced a lively host unified in fellowship and celebration. With a grin to split his face in two, Tōga cheered his friend on.

Caught up in the revelry, Tōga was not one to be left on the sidelines. Grasping his frothy mug in one hand and a giggling barmaid in the other, the Dragon Slayer plunged into the seething mass of dancers. They were swallowed instantly into the churning sea of flailing limbs and whirling skirts. Tōga's muscular frame twirled and spun his partner with an awkward exuberance, their bodies swaying and stomping to the riotous beat. After an energetic bout, the pair emerged breathless from the throng, faces flushed and grinning widely. As Tōga collapsed back into his seat, his eyes met Ittindi's with a look of shared mirth. The day was still young, but the festive mood showed no signs of fading anytime soon.

Didn’t know you had that in ya,

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Tōga would again ask Ittindi to let go of the formalities, Ittindi pondered if drinking would be the situation to explain himself. He thought better of it as Tōga had joined him for the dancing, he always found dancing to be just as entertaining as fighting. Ittindi preferred cleaning to both of those things, but he had yet to meet someone else who found cleaning to be enjoyable. He’d be nice and just call Tōga, Mr. Tōga though even that felt to informal for Ittindi. In his experience the main reason people hated titles or formality is having someone from the elite class looked down on you. Ittindi planned on fixing some of the chagrin against formality and politeness. It would be necessary in his goals, after all it was just a sign of respect, no need to push the meanings further than that. Ittindi truly believed that everyone deserved respect, at least until they didn’t.

”You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, that’s exactly how I keep beating other privates at sparring.”

Ittindi would say matter of factly to Tōga as he made it to the bar, he was going to order another drink at the bar when there was some shouting in their direction from a nearby table. Ittindi would turn and sitting at the table were two of the men Ittindi had come in with, and two other men facing on opposite sides they were calling for Tōga and Ittindi to join them at the table. Ittindi would walk over and plop himself on the same side as his friends, there was a seat open for Tōga as well. Once he sat down they’d pass Ittindi a shot glass, and a mug of beer, from its yellow color he’d assume a lighter beer. The table would start yelling in joy as Ittindi sat down, they’d go even wilder if Tōga came as well.

Whether they were both seated or not after a minute or two and everyone at the table had a drink, one of the men would start drumming rhythmically on the table. The whole table sans Ittindi and possibly Tōga broke out into some kind of shanty. Then right in the middle of their chorus of cacophonous singing they’d start making motions at Ittindi and Tōga. It wouldn’t be hard to guess what they were signaling as Ittindi would take his shot around the same time as the table. He’d cough a little it had been a while since he had taken a shot, let alone not even knowing what spirit he was having. While it was smoother than he expected there was a burning sensation as he went to cut the shot with his beer. The singing had picked back up, as some at the table were laughing at Ittindi’s cough, and now some were swaying with the rhythm as some beer spilled on Ittindi. One of the few downsides he found to drinking was that it was inevitable that a mess was made. He’d wait a few more rounds before he’d consider removing his jacket, better to let it catch all the beer, he didn’t figure he’d be using this suit very often anyways.

”So Mr. Tōga I’ve heard there’s a point of drinking that I drop formalities. If you truly want me to stop you’ll have to race me there and hope you remember the finish line.”

Ittindi would joke with Tōga, in truth their was no point in which he’d stop with titles. It was one of the training’s he’d received while with his Master Butler. He’d go out and drink with the rest of the house crew, and anytime a butler was caught not using formalities he’d have to pay for part of the drinks he had that night. Ittindi quickly got to the point where he didn’t pay a dime, one of the many reasons he climbed the ladder so quickly. His reddened face, showed a lot less sobriety than his voice implied.

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"I'll keep that in mind," Tōga replied thoughtfully, Ittindi's words resonating within him as he took another sip of his drink. The old adage of not judging a book by its cover had been ingrained in him since childhood, echoing across the chapters of his life like a refrain. From parent to friend, colleague to enemy, its truth rang out clear though at times ignored or forgotten. In this moment, the Dragon Slayer appreciated the familiar wisdom once again, letting it sink into his perspective like a smooth draught of ale.

"Maybe we'll spar one day. I'd love to test that discipline of yours," Tōga proposed, his tone devoid of malice. His words danced with playful anticipation as he imagined crossing swords with the private. What secret skills lay hidden behind the man's stoic exterior? Was he a master of mystic arts or martial prowess? Tōga's mind raced at the thought of their imaginary duel, eager to unravel the mysteries his potential opponent held. Though no clash was planned, the promise of discovery fueled the Dragon Slayer's excitement, his smile bright with the joy of imagined battle.

Before long, Ittindi's fellow Rune Knights beckoned them over to their lively table. Ever sociable, Tōga rose eagerly, weaving through the crowded tavern to join the two knights. As he took his seat at the now full table of four, the Dragon Slayer's smile widened. A shot glass was slid his way, filled with amber liquid promising further revelry. Tōga's keen eyes took in the drink's hue, anticipating the heady rush to come. Though the knights were still strangers, the shared merriment of the moment bonded them, as tangible as the drinks they now raised. In this warm atmosphere of camaraderie and cheer, Tōga was happy to make new friends.

The day had flowed by in a swirling tide of revelry and Tōga rode its waves eagerly. He downed his shot with relish before joining in the drunken anthems, his voice loud and joyfully off-key. The lyrics stumbled past his lips as he struggled to keep pace, but no embarrassment touched him - only delight. He had danced wildly earlier, feet pounding out rhythms of carefree abandon. Now music and friendship lifted his spirit higher still. In this moment, fun was the priority and Tōga pursued it with open arms, letting the song and alcohol carry him along in their sweet thrall. The day had been full of surprises but he welcomed them all, drinking in each new delight.

"Challenge accepted - barkeep, more drinks for the table! Doubles all around!" Tōga bellowed, flagging down the waiter with vigor. The table before them was already strewn with empty glasses, evidence of their prior revelries. But Tōga was eager to further Ittindi's goal of drinking formality away, and so summoned a fresh bounty of liquor to inundate their company. The Dragon Slayer would be the tide to sweep aside reticence and propriety in a new deluge of drink and cheer. With a sweep of his arm, he cleared space amidst the vestiges of their earlier merriment, opening the floodgates for further camaraderie to pour forth unconstrained. This day had already overflowed with fellowship and surprise, but Tōga was committed to see it crest even higher upon growing waves of bonhomie and booze.

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Ittindi still sipping his beer would listen to Tōga’s words, at the mention of a duel Ittindi nodded. He did love dueling, though he suspected most of that came from the time with his Young Master. Ittindi wasn’t a believer of battle as a god like him, however being around someone who fought so much. It was only natural that some of that predisposition would rub off on Ittindi. It also helped that he didn’t appear to be a mage of combat, his string style was like him unsuspecting. Ittindi also didn’t fear losing in combat, another lesson imparted from his Young Master. There was much more to learn in defeat than victory. Looking back up at Tōga Ittindi would respond,

”Haha well, I’m available for sparring at any time Mr. Tōga. I use thread magic, a minor magic but I’ve never had a problem keeping up with the majors. Mastery of the basics is what I believe in.”

It was how Ittindi typically described his magic, it was a more common one. He hadn’t seen many uses it to the violent means he did, more for supplementary use. Another advantage of his, there was no reason strings couldn’t be sharp enough to pierce through his adversaries. He needed more defensive magic; he hadn’t practiced much since his last solo session. Looking over at Tōga Ittindi wondered what kind of magic a man like him used. He hadn’t met anyone with pink hair, he assumed it was self-dyed…it was doubtful that the dragon mask was indictive of anything that magic was lost and he hadn’t met anyone who had used it. Though there were always rumors of mages who could, Ittindi had expected to meet some being in the Rune Knights. Hopefully it wouldn’t be at the end of a warrant.

”Mr. Tōga do you know any drinking games? I only know the basic ones like flip cup. It shouldn’t be to hard to describe it with words to the rest.”

Ittindi didn’t get drunk often, however he did drink regularly. It was something of a rite of passage between service workers. You’d work crazy hours, sometimes having to fill in for others during your shift, and as a reward they’d go get drunk together. Ittindi quickly learned this was a wild waste of the meager amount of money they were paid. Instead, he’d go out and only have one or two drinks, as a result he’d built up a decent tolerance to alcohol. He tried to keep getting wasted down to once every other month, which is why his speech would stay steady until he was black out drunk.

Ittindi would smile as the workers brought more drinks at Tōga’s request. Ittindi wasn’t even sure what he was drinking now, but he’d slake his thirst. Their was a crowd starting to gather around their table, and the band had started to slowly creep towards their table. As the music encroached, Ittindi would throw a couple of his jewel coins at the band while clapping his hand to the rhythm. After he finished his drink he’d start to clank his glass at the table, hard enough to make a noise but soft enough to not crack the glass.

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"Thread magic?" Tōga exclaimed, his ale-fueled enthusiasm making his voice ring out louder than intended. A flush rose in his cheeks as the effects of the mead settled in, betraying his overindulgence to all who looked on. But his wits had not yet abandoned him completely. Despite his accidental outburst, his mind clung fast to Ittindi's words, hungry to understand more about this fascinating magic. Though the drink may have loosened his tongue, it could not dampen his curiosity.

"That's amazing!" Tōga exclaimed, his voice tinged with alcohol-fueled enthusiasm and a touch of envy. "I wish I could work wonders like that." He sighed, tugged between his ale-soaked admiration and his lifelong love of magic. How he yearned to master every arcane art. But he knew such mastery was likely impossible for one man alone. Instead, he would have to content himself with being an observer, and honor the unique gifts possessed by others. Though he could not claim their skills as his own, he could still appreciate the marvels they worked

"Mastery of the basics is always key," Tōga intoned. "Everything lies in the details." He knew well that on the battlefield, a firm grasp of core concepts and nuanced tactics could spell the difference between victory and defeat. More gravely, it could mean the difference between leaving the field alive or finding oneself delivered to the afterlife - be it heavenly or hellish. For in war's harsh crucible, defeat so often invited death. Tōga had seen it too many times. The basics were a warrior's lifeline, the details his deliverance. Without total comprehension, the field could readily become a killing ground. There was no armor against ignorance.

"I'm a Dragon Slayer," Tōga offered simply, summing up his magic in a concise statement. In his ale-tinged haze, he neglected to specify which elemental affinity fueled his draconic sorcery. But at least he remembered to convey the core concept behind his rare gift. Dragon Slayers were scarce in the world - or so Tōga had been told. These diverse magics were each unique to a single wielder, never duplicated elsewhere. Every elemental power served but one mage, becoming their tool for deliverance or ruin. Tōga was blessed to be counted among these few Dragon Slayers. Though at times, he wished he knew of others. The loneliness of uniqueness wore on him. Still, the magic thrumming through his veins was a gift beyond price. And he would wield it as best he could, no matter the cost.

Drinking games…. Hmm, honestly, no! I usually just drink to drink, hahahaha” he smiles, canine teeth poking through his wide grin as he continues to take swigs of his drink as the barkeep returned, several mugs and shot classes in hand as he lined the table with an assortment of different drinks.

But flip cup sounds fun! How do you play?

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Tōga became quickly excited at the mention of Ittindi’s magic. Ittindi was unsure if it was because the man had run into another user of his magic or if he was just excited to learn about other magic’s. in this world it could get hard to tell, Ittindi had run into both types of people. Their was always other possibilities as well, these were just the two most common that Ittindi ran into. He’d listen as Tōga would excite himself thinking about Ittindi’s magic, before delving into philosophy. It seemed that Tōga also believed in mastery of the basics. It was probably taught to him by someone similar to Ittindi’s own master butler. Some words stuck with you, keeping the memory of a role model alive. That was when Tōga would reveal what his magic was. Ittindi’s jaw would drop as the words came out the man’s mouth.

”Wow, I’ve never met someone who had that ability Mr. Tōga.I honestly didn’t think it existed, then again one of my former employers has a hammer that lets him control lightning. Is it true that you  guys all know dragons?

That was always the part of the lore that confused Ittindi. If they were dragon slayers why would they know dragons? He always wondered if they had to kill the dragon to get its power. Either way he didn’t think it was a good question to ask someone. Especially not when on vacation, better to leave the stories of the past there buried. The idea  of sparring a dragon slayer did excite Ittindi more than just a regular spar with typical magic. He wondered if this man enjoyed going against the variety of the worlds magic to test the mettle of his magic, or if it was a simpler need to prove prowess like his Young Master.
”Well the rules to flip cup are pretty simple. We’ll need a couple of those clay serving cups. Then we can use the pitcher of mead they’ve been bringing.”

Ittindi would pour himself a half full cup of mead, then put it near the edge of the table. Then he’d drain the cup quickly put it on the edge of t he table and using one hand try to flip the cup to downright position. He failed the first time, then he’d take back to the edge while explaining the rules.

”You chug the mead, then you got to flip this cup using only one hand no magic. Once it lands upside down you get to move on to the next cup. That’s it would get us drunk fast enough in the old days.”

The games rules were simple, but actually landing the cup required a great deal more finesse than one thought. Most often people would put too much force in flipping the cup, having it do more than one flip in the air was inadvisable as a strategy. Ittindi would fill his cup up again and look at Tōga for when he was ready to start. Their crowd was starting to grow as others came to see them playing their drinking game.

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Though flattered by others' awe of his rare Dragon Slayer Magic, Tōga is often made bashful by such admiration. He comprehends the reverence for his one-of-a-kind abilities, which dragons sparingly bequeath to but a single human. While multiple dragons have passed down their elemental mastery to distinct dragon slayers, these gifted mages yet comprise an elite few against the legions of magical practitioners worldwide. Compared to the tens of thousands of sorcerers across the land, the 10 to 20 dragon slayers scarcely amount to a droplet immersed in a vast ocean. Despite this insignificance of scale, Tōga's magic remains profound and singular, setting him apart from the masses. Though discomfited by the resulting veneration, he cannot escape his own uniqueness.

Ittindi's reference to Tōga's dragon mentor dims his smile somewhat. "To be forthright, I can't recall how I came upon this magic," he admits. "One morn I awoke able to wield flames as a dragon would." Though memories stretch back as far as mind can reach, a hazy void shrouds the precise moment of his fiery awakening. His past fades seamlessly into the present, his aspirations flaming toward the horizon. Yet at the genesis of his power lies a blurred epoch, the details melted into obscurity. While the provenance of his gift remains a mystery, its presence blazes within him, as integral to his being as the dragons are to their elemental dominion. Perhaps the mystical creatures themselves would marvel at his mastery, no less innate than their own.

"Would be nice to know a dragon," Tōga muses, his mind drifting to visions of befriending one of the majestic beasts and mastering its primordial fire magic. Though rumor held that dragon slayers gained their gifts by violently overpowering the creatures, Tōga hoped a more benign truth lay behind the moniker. A gentle soul, he could never imagine harming another being just to amass greater power. Perhaps instead, the dragons willingly forged a magical bond with the slayers, sensing in them a kindred spirit. Or mayhap the slayers' moniker stemmed not from slaying actual dragons, but symbolized how their magic could decimate foes as fiercely as the legendary wyrms. A whimsical dreamer, Tōga preferred to believe that dragons might mentor human disciples, forming an alliance that engendered cooperation rather than bloodshed. Though the origins of his gift remain obscured, he honors it by using his talents to protect rather than destroy.

As talk turns to flip cup, Tōga's cheerful spirit reignites. His keen gaze follows intently as Ittindi fills a cup emptied of it’s mead and sets it at the table's edge. With a flick of the wrist, Ittindi sends the vessel aloft in a graceful arc before it tumbles down, emptied of its contents. Though he declares this a failed attempt, Tōga watches enthralled, eyes alight. The simple clay cup, spun through the air in a dance of amber, entrances him.

Catching the excitement, Tōga swiftly grabs a mug and fills it halfway with mead. He glances at Ittindi, camaraderie glinting in his eyes, as a throng gathers around their table in anticipation of the drinking game. The crowd presses closer as the start nears, but Tōga's attention remains fixed across from him, where his newfound friend readies for their friendly bout. An air of eager tension electrifies the tavern, yet between the two men lingers an easy mirth, spirits kindled by their unexpected bond.

I think I got the idea of this – let’s go!

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Ittindi was surprised at Tōga not knowing much about the origin of his magic. He always assumed that Dragon Slayers were some larger-than-life kinds of mage, hearing him made it sound much more human. Ittindi would think the same thing as Tōga at the thought of knowing a dragon. It would be quite the status symbol to know a pretty much extinct creature. It was also possible that Tōga was lying to Ittindi, after all knowing one of the rarest creatures in the world wasn’t something you just told anyone. Either way effectively was the same for Ittindi, as his thoughts of dragon were replaced with a different kind of thought.  He wondered what domain Tōga was a master of; it was rumored they could even eat their own element. The idea of sparring someone like that, still made Ittindi’s blood rush, or was that the alcohol? Ittindi couldn’t be sure, he knew after the next cup or sometime in the round he’d start to have the spins.

Ittindi’s voice didn’t change too much as he got drunk, however he had one tell tale signal. He’d start to rotate in his seat clockwise or counterclockwise for the rest of the night. He wasn’t sure why he did it, his best guess was that his body was swaying to keep up with the head spins. Ittindi’s limit before reaching his spins wasn’t to far off, and it would surely be reached after one match. That wouldn’t get him to a blackout mode, that was when he’d consider himself done.

”Alright, Mr. Tōga 3…2…Drink!”

Ittindi would finish saying drink, while bringing the first cup to his mouth. The mead went down smoothly, the aftereffect of sweetness had Ittindi grinning as he positioned his cup. He’d flick to hard the first time, as the cup did two flips in the air before hitting its side. Ittindi would grab it quickly bringing it back to the edge, landing it correctly on his second try. Trying to not break his momentum he’d go to down his second cup quickly. Before he could get the cup to the edge, a burp escaped. While Ittindi covered it with his elbow the noise was audible enough that he would quickly speak.

”Excuse me. Chugging to fast I suppose”

Ittindi face had already started to redden from the alcohol so his embarrassment wouldn’t be to obvious. It seemed so odd to him, a couple weeks ago he was having a hard time finding a Rune Knight to recruit him. Now here he was on vacation running into another coworker by complete coincidence. He’d got to flip his second cup, Ittindi wouldn’t find the luck he had on his first cup. After 6 set ups he finally managed to flip it back. The crowd behind him was still cheering him on, picking up in volume as he struggled.



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The fiery spirit within Tōga ignited as Ittindi's countdown began. Auburn eyes honed in on the cups before them, vessels half-filled and thirsting for action. The Rune Knights readied themselves for flip cup combat. Though Tōga had heard the rules just once, he felt prepared to play. Yet as always when competition neared, a knot twisted in his gut. Not nervousness but anticipation - he yearned to plunge into the moment. As Ittindi's countdown ended, the battle commenced!

Tōga tilted back the first mug, guzzling its contents with ease. His lips glistened from the frenzied chug before he positioned the cup at the table's edge. A single finger rested beneath as he flicked, launching the vessel skyward - too far! Laughter erupted as Tōga's forceful flip sent the cup smacking the ceiling. It crashed down violently amidst the mirth. "Eeek!" Tōga chuckled though flustered by his misaim. He repositioned but overexerted again, unable to temper his strength. Cups careened wildly askew as Ittindi finished his round in a clumsy kerfuffle.

After some practice, Tōga got the hang of it, though his first round fumble left him lagging two cups behind Ittindi. But a grin never left the Dragon Slayer's face, even facing likely defeat. He downed each vessel, still striving to win against the odds.

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Ittindi hadn’t looked over much to Tōga and his progress, though his snafu was so obvious that Ittindi did catch that. It seemed that Tōga was very powerful or didn’t know how to control his strength. That was one of the hardest parts of the game for him as well. It almost felt like he should be flipping with just one pinky to get the power just right. There were still 3 cups on the table for Ittindi to finish and flip. He’d cough a little as he went to down the next cup. This time the acidic nature of the mead hit Ittindi before the fruity sweetness. A sign that he was chugging a little to fast for his bodies liking. However, Ittindi resolved himself to finish the contest, if he needed to throw up he could always do that later. Looking over at Tōga again he’d shout to try and be heard over the raucous of the tavern.

”I probably have a couple more rounds of this in me. Though I will need a small break after this round.”

Ittindi would finish shouting and go back to his cup. The flip just didn’t seem to be coming to him, he kept underpowering the cup flip, afraid to end with a cup in the air. Ittindi didn’t want to seem like he was trying to showboat or one up Tōga. Especially since Ittindi didn’t even know if the man would eventually be his boss. He’d keep focusing incrementally increasing his power until the cup flipped just right. Now if he could only remember that feeling for the next cup. As he chugged this one much slower, feeling the viscosity of the liquid as it hit his throat. Ittindi hadn’t drunk like this since he was probably at the Shi Manor now that he thought about it.

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Ittindi's words drifted past Tōga like smoke, barely registering amidst his laser focus on the flip cup game at hand. Winning was the sole prize occupying his drink-addled mind; even a competitive showing would do. Embarrassment rarely clawed at the Dragon Slayer these days, dulled by indulgence's comfortable haze. But the thought of stagnation, of not pushing forward somehow, ignited an inner fury. So he narrowed his eyes, tuned out the chatter, and prepared to advance down the table, come what may. Tomorrow would bring forgetfulness, but tonight still held potential victory - or at least progress - if he could harness that simmering rage and stay focused on the cups ahead.

"Y-yeah, sure!" Tōga shouted, though he had no clue how his words fit into whatever Ittindi had just said. No matter - the chatter faded as he focused on the cups. After countless flubbed attempts, success! The first cup spun gracefully, landing rim-down with a satisfying rattle. He whooped triumphantly, adrenaline surging. Now to recreate that perfect flip. But as he gulped the contents of the next mug, precision proved elusive. The cup wobbled and tipped drunkenly with each effort. Frustration simmered - the first success seemed a fluke. Bleary-eyed, Tōga steeled himself and tried again. This time, the cup spiraled beautifully once more before landing upside down. A sloppy but vital step complete. On he pushed down the line, determination growing with each point scored. The cups demanded his full attention; the chatter could wait.
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Ittindi went to move his cup to the edge, when the feeling froze everything. The cold sweat, the need to vomit it all up. The acid had hit its climax at the top of his stomach and bottom of his throat. Ittindi would remember what the Master Butler taught him about drinking. He’d put both his thumbs in his fist and clench them. While his rotating would slow down he’d continue to move in a clockwise motion. He couldn’t touch his cup for a bit in this state. The crowd was still to absorbed in the activity to notice, Ittindi was about to throw up. Instead, they thought he was doing some kind of taunt to Tōga. Tōga could see that Ittindi had a pale sweat if he looked up, but it was possible that he was too absorbed in his own cups to notice. After swaying for a minute or so Ittindi would feel the nausea retreat, at least enough to flip a cup.

The thought of his last cup after this flip was done was the scary part. How would Ittindi pull off chugging when he was already so full. He needed another burp, but he didn’t feel any in his gut. His first flip would spin twice in the air before landing on its side. Ittindi was upset, he swore that he remembered the same power he did last time. Was it possible that these cups weren’t uniform? Or was it the alcohol, things had gotten to the spinny phase. The focus, it had dulled the screams of the crowd, or was that the alcohol too? Ittindi couldn’t really tell, he wondered when he had lost his tolerance to alcohol. He used to be able to drink a lot more before he felt this drunk, one more round might end up blacking him out.

He'd flip his cup again; this time it would only flip once before hitting its side and rolling. Ittindi caught it before it had made it to Tōga’s side. He needed to focus, up just a little less power. He’d flip again this time it wouldn’t even flip just going straight to its side. Ittindi needed to care less, that would work he could feel it. He’d flip it 3 more times until it landed. Then he’d stare at his last drink in horror knowing that it could ruin his whole night if done to fast.

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Strategy was a dish best served sober, yet Tōga was far removed from sobriety after several drinks. The flip cup game had become a drunken chess match between masters as he and Ittindi enthralled the rapt crowd surrounding them with stumbling genius or brilliant stupidity - they would decide which phrase suited them later. Since the game began, the tavern had grown increasingly animated as patron after patron flocked in to watch the Rune Knights' struggle. The bartenders and waitresses loved it too, for as the spectators placed bets, ordered drinks, and feasted, they remained content to observe the entertainment unfolding before them.

Tōga's gaze fixed on the third cup, having finally vanquished the second just moments ago. He drank its contents in one go and, after a few failed attempts, flipped it perfectly to balance on its base. Through the corners of his eyes, the Dragon Slayer noticed his opponent, Ittindi, struggle to maintain composure. Though intoxicated himself, Tōga recognized the telltale signs - the lifted head, closed eyes, and controlled spins. He had seen many a toilet the morning after one too many drinks. Ittindi was mere moments from vomiting. Though he could end the contest, Tōga knew his fellow Rune Knight strong enough to overcome this bout of nausea. Still, the alcohol had clearly clouded Ittindi's usually keen senses. Tōga wondered how much longer the man could last in this drunken game of skill.

And so Tōga opted to press on. Tilting his head back, he downed the contents of the third mug in one long swallow. Now his balance teetered at an all-time low, and he struggled simply to stay upright. Yet he had to persevere in this game. With wavering focus, Tōga grasped the empty cup and made attempt after attempt to flip it onto its rim once more. His coordination continued to fail him, the cup clattering uselessly on the table again and again. But surrender was not an option - not when Ittindi still opposed him across the table, even as his complexion grew paler by the minute. This contest would continue until one of them folded completely.

You done yet, Ittindi?” he drunkenly jokes.

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“I can’t tell if the mead is to strong…or hic.RUgrppl..I’m to old.”

Ittindi would hiccup into a burp while talking. It was very gross, and he almost considered leaving the bar on the spot. It did give him enough room that he considered the last drink on the table.  Tōga had noticed how trashed Ittindi was, it hopefully wasn’t to apparent. Either way, he wanted to finish this game, he didn’t even look up to see how far Tōga had gotten before he had his cup up to his lips. He wouldn’t chug it, instead he’d take a big gulp of the liquid then set the cup back down. Letting it sit a second before going for another gulp, this was a little less harsh on his stomach. Ittindi didn’t plan on throwing in the towel, but he knew that he couldn’t chug it all in one go. The crowd was still cheering him on all the same. As he could even see some transferring money between each other betting on different things, typical bar behavior. Ittindi loved cleaning up after a long night like this, if he spoke the language he’d get hired for sure. As it was he’d have to content himself to a long night of back pain he’d probably not end up back in his bed.

After 4 more gulps with long pauses in between Ittindi finished his last cup and took it to the edge. He nearly spun himself out his seat as he stopped for an instant one arm off his chair hovering ready to catch himself. He had managed to regain his spinning balance and went back to rotating looking back at his cup. It seemed that Ittindi had vastly overestimated his tolerance to alcohol, when in truth he hadn’t drank in quite some time.

“Wooh, this mead hits you hard like a wine you know..out of nowhere.”

He would go for his first flip, and have plenty more as he struggled against his drunken stupor. Ittindi didn’t seem to be having any luck no matter how much he bracketed between strength. Eventually he was just flipping it at complete random much to his side of the crowd’s dismay.

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Tōga forced out the words between hiccups and stammers, as the contents of his stomach threatened mutiny. The day and night of revelry was catching up with him - the constant motion, the endless drinks piling up like stones to form a churning mountain within. It was no longer a matter of if, but when this internal avalanche would come crashing down. He was determined to push through the game for as long as he could before the inevitable eruption overtook him. The alcohol had written checks that his body was struggling to cancel. Each new sip stacked precariously atop the teetering peak, adding to the vertigo and uneasy roiling in his gut. Tōga knew this was a losing battle; the mountain could only grow so high before it collapsed in a violent torrent. But he persisted in defiance, willing his increasingly unsteady legs to carry him further, to eke out every last moment before the deluge broke free.

Through the hazy fog of inebriation, Tōga watched as he finally caught up to Ittindi, the tortoise overtaking the hare. After hurriedly slamming back the preceding cups, Tōga now clutched the final mug. One last chug, one final flip, and the contest would draw to a close. The two competitors sat poised at the climax of this thrilling game of flip cup, the decisive moments at hand. Tōga peered blearily across the table, his reddened eyes struggling to focus. The night had been a blur of flipping, drinking, cheering - but now the finish line was in sight. This final round would determine the victor, the last cup the culmination of their breakneck race. Tōga tightened his grip, rallying his drunken mind to the task at hand. The room seemed to spin around him, but he kept his wavering gaze fixed ahead. With this final feat of inebriated dexterity, the winner would be decided. The crowd held its breath, waiting to erupt as one champion emerged victorious.

Tōga took a deep, steadying breath as he reached for the final drink. The crowded bar pressed in on him, patrons crammed together suffocatingly as the space grew over-occupied. He gulped down the lingering mouthfuls, no longer savoring the taste or pacing himself. This last swig he wanted to finish in a single go, eager to end the night's revelries before the looming pain could catch up. As the drink seared down his throat, Tōga stumbled, the room tilting dizzyingly. He had consumed too much too quickly, the alcohol hitting his system all at once. But he forced his wavering focus on the cup before him, ignoring the patrons jostling around him.

With a shaky exhale, Tōga gripped the cup tightly in his clumsy fingers. No more lingering or delaying, he told himself. In one decisive move he would flip the cup, concluding this boozy marathon. The crowd pressed tighter in anticipation, hungry for a victor. Tōga shut out the suffocating closeness, zeroing his blurry vision on the task at hand. It was time to finish this. With a final rallying of his drunken spirit, he prepared to make his triumphant, if unsteady, final move.

Tōga winced as a thunderous belch erupted from his mouth, the pungent fumes of mead and ale assailing his senses. As a Dragon Slayer, his sense of smell was heightened, making the experience all the more nauseating. Fighting through the piercing stench, Tōga steadied himself and positioned the cup. With a flicker of his wrist he sent it spinning skyward, the mug twirling artfully through the smoky air. It seemed to hover for a moment, defying gravity, before descending to the table below. The cup wobbled perilously as it landed, teetering on its edge as if taunting Tōga before finally settling. The crowd watched with bated breath as the mug steadied, creaking ominously before resting in place, its outcome secured. Tōga watched through bleary eyes, willing his inebriated body to stay upright as the decisive moment played out. At last the cup lay still, marking the end of their game in dramatic fashion. Around him, patrons erupted into raucous cheers, the winner decided in a heart-stopping display of drunken dexterity. Wincing against the clamor, Tōga exhaled, the stench of alcohol still sharp in his nostrils but victory now assuredly his.

He had win.

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In his drunken stupor, Ittindi had managed to be caught by Tōga in the contest. He had at least managed to not throw up, though the thought of his belches penetrated deep into his soul. Hopefully that wasn’t something that Tōga would remember him by, that would be inexcusable. The crowd was cheering now louder than ever, it couldn’t have been for Ittindi’s failed attempts. Looking over he could see why as his cup flipped almost in slow motion completing the game. Tōga had won, he was standing victorious, as the crowd gave him a standing ovation. It was if they had just finished slaying a beast that had been kidnapping children. The crowd really knew how to pump others up, he wondered if that was because they were foreigners, the festival or a little of both. Either way Ittindi felt very well received, as bar staff came to clean their table. Ittindi stood up, very slowly the room was still spinning fast and walked over to the bathroom. It’d be a slow journey, but he’d make it all the same, he had managed to avoid the need to vomit. He couldn’t escape the other need, as the liquid mead sloshed inside him, he’d relieve himself and sit back down at the table. He could still the lingering smells of Tōga’s own belch, it permeated just at their seats, as Ittindi didn’t realize it until he sat back down.

”When a man is beat, a man is beat Mr. Tōga. I’ll definitely need a little more time before the next round. It’s been years I didn’t think my drinking game would diminish quite so much. Going to need to drink some water on my walk home for sure.”

Ittindi knew one of the greatest secrets to avoiding a hangover was drinking water on the walk back home. It was hard for him to remember this fact when he blacked out. He knew that there was little time before he approached that zone soon, especially if they had another round. The music was still playing and Ittindi was bobbing his head to the rhythm, had it been playing that whole time, Ittindi couldn’t remember anymore.  His mind wandered again to work; he wondered what job Tōga was here for specifically. A dragon slayer, and one with a decent amount of endurance wasn’t something you put in a foreign nation without good cause.

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The contest had ended, but Tōga felt no sense of victory. As he watched his fellow Rune Knight battle through the grueling trials, pushing past pain and exhaustion to keep fighting, Tōga realized Ittindi's valiant efforts were those of a true champion. Though the final tally placed him second, Ittindi's indomitable spirit shone brighter than any medal.

While the crowds roared in rapturous applause, thrilled by the dramatic finish, Tōga stood apart, on the verge of retching. In his mind, the two were equals - Ittindi deserved to stand beside him on the winner's podium. His gut twisted with shame at having claimed a hollow prize. As Ittindi staggered over to congratulate him, Tōga knew the bond forged through their shared struggle was the only true reward. Whatever the judges ruled, they would leave this contest as brothers.

Tōga sputtered and hiccuped, struggling to string his words together. "I-I'll n-need more than s-some time before another drink," he slurred, swaying unsteadily. As he fought to regain his balance, the revelrous crowd sensed his need for space and parted before him, clearing a path to the bar.

"Water sounds n-nice," Tōga agreed, his parched throat clenching with nausea. In truth, no liquid could prevent the pounding headaches and roiling stomachs that awaited them come morning. They had simply imbibed too much. But water, that humble solvent, offered sweet relief from their self-inflicted misery. Gratefully, Tōga shuffled towards the beckoning oasis, Ittindi steadying his steps. The crowd's boisterous cheers faded to a dull roar as the knights sunk onto empty stools. As they sipped the chilling liquid, clarity slowly returned to their bleary eyes. The contest was over, but their brotherhood had only just begun.

"You surprised me today, Ittindi - in the best way," Tōga admitted, leaning heavily on his comrade as they meandered towards the bar. Though he tried to stand tall, he sagged against Ittindi's sturdy frame, the effects of drink leaving him unsteady. As they slid onto barstools, Tōga's words slurred with exhaustion and intoxication. "If you were watching closely, you'd notice I'm using you as a crutch right now." He gave a wry chuckle. "I'm afraid I overindulged in the f-festivities. But you - you impressed me. P-pushing past pain and fatigue to the very end. You have the true heart of a champion, my friend."

Tōga clasped Ittindi's shoulder with pride. As waters arrived to soothe their parched throats, a deep understanding flowed between the knights. This contest had proven their mettle - both physically and as brothers-in-arms. Whatever the morrow held, they would face it together.

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Tōga would stand up, declaring Ittindi’s inner thoughts as he walked back to their original spots in the bar. Ittindi would groggily follow next to him, making it there shortly Tōga leaning on Ittindi for balance.  They’d both get glasses of water, the bartender chuckling as he slid both to them, some citrus fruit on the rim of the glass. Ittindi would drink it slowly, not wanting to burst he felt bloated enough. The music was almost getting to the point of being to fast for him. Which is weird, because they were still playing very similar songs to when they entered. Now it seemed to reverberate off his imbalance, like one of the brass instruments could easily knock him off his feet. As he was sipping on his water, Tōga would talk some more, a feat that Ittindi was finding more of a challenge the longer the night went on.

”I get that a lot…..service and formality don’t have to be elitistst. They just usually are, I plan on changing that…..slowly of course.”

Ittindi was sure he got most of his words right there, it was hard not to slur, but his years of training were helping. Would he remember this conversation tomorrow? Ittindi was bad at predicting when he was on the lines of a black out experience. There was a definitive line once he drank to much, but he was hovering on the point he did hope he remembered most of his night with Tōga. That’s when Ittindi would feel Tōga claps him on the shoulder. Ittindi almost lost his balance but propped his elbow on the top of the bar trying not to slump too much. At Tōga’s compliment, Ittindi would chuckle, it was obvious then that he had come an inch to puking. Still he had managed to avoid it, no need for everyone to see the stew he had earlier today.

”Yeah, it was a good vacation nightttt. Becoozing the greatest butler in the worlds will be no smalls fea Mr. Tōga.”

Ittindi even with the water was having a hard time forming complete words randomly. He hated that part of drinking or drugs; the lack of complete control frightened him a tiny bit. It was a safe enough bar, and he hadn’t heard of any villainous things going on, but in the back of his mind Ittindi worried about the what ifs.

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Despite the raucous din of the tavern swirling around him, Tōga listens intently as Ittindi speaks. The bard's words are not boastful threats or empty bravado, but cautious and sincere. An undeniable faith rings clear in his voice - faith in himself, his art, his purpose.

Tōga cannot help but feel a spark of admiration. Here is a man standing firmly for who he is, without pretense or compromise. The Rune Knight respects such authenticity. Ittindi's conviction comes not from ale, but from somewhere deep within. In this bard, Tōga sees a kindred spirit - one who lives by his beliefs, come what may. The tavern's chaos fades to the background as the dragon slayer focuses on the man before him. Though their paths differ, their integrity binds them. Tōga honors this common ground as he listens to his newfound friend.

"We aren't done yet!" Tōga declares, oblivious to the lateness of the hour. In his ale-tinged zeal, the evening's revelry seems endless, though dusk's gathering shadows tell a different tale.

Stepping outside, the dragon slayer blinks in surprise as the last dregs of daylight yield to night's domain. The blue sky he recalls has vanished, replaced by an endless swath of dark purple and black, dotted with glittering stars.

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