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Neden’s Game [Knuckles Shi]

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(Disclaimer: Explicit Song Material)

Erebus sat perched on a rooftop, staring into an ocean of passerby’s. A half eaten chicken sandwich was palmed in his lap with his right hand. The air smelled of cigarette smoke, but of no fault to Erebus. The men behind him struggled to keep a girl restrained, they were ransoming her. Half a million jewels, and simply awaiting the next stage. They were probabaly 5 meters from the ground, on top of a downtown roof. The roof was about 20m by 20m, so it was by no means a very large subsidiary. Something the weaker criminals offered was nice discreet locations, without that connection, Erebus wouldn’t be able to do so much behind closed doors.

Sitting to his left, was a metallic helmet, with braided coils. A new piece he’d added to the collection. But he couldn’t eat with the damn thing on, unless he figured out the visor options. That would take awhile though, the text inside was alien and foreign to comprehension. Hence why Erebus wouldn’t be able to describe the numbers it showed to him. Only he understood it so far, all the others had let this masterpiece go. His clothes were typical, lightweight, and concealed under a cloak, the Nightstalker. On his left arm, decorated in black and red metal, six-inch needle claws tapped impatiently, sliding against the stone surface. Creating an anxious, nauseating feeling for his hostage who was being babysat.

Erebus expected the young woman’s family to arrive shortly, provided they not risk losing her life, of course, the Don had other plans. Erebus was a death dealer, and this maiden behind him, squirming under the knee of a dangerous thug, was nothing but cattle to a middle aged version of the hero Ere once aspired to be. And… she had a taxing debt to pay. Her father’s life.

“Lousy… 500,000J… can you believe that.” Erebus recounted how he’d defended this same man, this time last year. For that small lump some. He even warned that if he not be paid to bodyguard, that extortion would eventually find its way back. Only, if you aren’t paying Erebus, you’re against him.

“I’m getting three million for this now, typical unlucky customers.” He’d chortle almost at the fact. At least when he was to himself, he had a nice conversation. Erebus doubted other crazy people had half the same fun or success. Half choking on laugh and the food, lettuce would fall from his lips over the side of the building— causing a few people to stare up at him, clearly disgusted with whatever they were looking at. He held the bird out, and watched them turn around and walk off quickly— yeah, fuck off. He had two legs swaying over the side and couldn’t be bothered by the weak slaves of the consumer world. Instead, his entertainment was rather childlike for a sociopathic super-killer, agent of darkness, whatever.

Erebus then jumped backwards, his feet allowing him to hover and turn the same way one would up onto a ledge— though clearly flat surfaces were not an issue to this criminal, now facing his crew. He noticed a thunderstorm approaching in the faint distance. Strange, and foreboding. Wonder why, he’d finally pitch the question audibly to the grunt force. His captive was making all sorts of hoarse noises and annoying whimpers, so Erebus quickly pushed the thought out of his head and crouched down to look at them. Erebus loved to psycho-analyze afraid people— and under the bandages concealing his face, he was grinning.

The men simply shrugged— realizing quickly how off-putting the silence and staring could be, one rubbed his beard and turned away, the other pushed a clip into a simple firearm, pretending to be ignorant of the dread setting into the girl…

They knew what they had signed up for.

Ten more minutes until the family arrived.

Ten more minutes ‘til he could slide.

In ten more minutes, buddy? We’re rich again.
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Knuckles Shi

In the distance, not too far away, another member and Don were playing around with his hammers. He was learning tricks with the Shattered version of Mjolnir. Lightning came down and boomed, coating the user in magic that granted the power of Thor, the god of thunder. He was lucky to own and use the first Mjolnir blessed by Odin, the god of war, as well as a copy of it blessed by the void, allowing him to use his hammer in both hands at the same time. The shattered hammer had a different set of tricks!

He cast another spell from the hammer by feeding his mana into the hilt. The storm gathered quicker, shifting the ground around him into the landscape of the void. His main hand hammer had a spell like this, but it only bolstered the power of lightning-based attacks. This spell amped up his lightning and empowered his arcane damage too.

All that was left was to test his power on something or someone. There had to be someone around. The thunderstorm was likely to attract attention. As he waited, Knuckles saw a wealthy-looking carriage drawn by the most ordained horses he had seen in quite some time. Without missing a beat, he ran until he was able to head off the carriage.

He intended to rob the carriage, but upon seeing him, they offered to pay him 5 million Jewel to help them get back one of their beloved family members who had been taken hostage. After thinking it over, Knuckles accepted and leaped aboard the rear of the carriage. Within a few minutes, Knuckles arrived with the family to make the fake exchange. Upon arrival, Knuckles leaped up to the roof of the carriage and looked upon the group awaiting them.

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The sound of feet hitting the spot Erebus sat moments before, made him turn his check and look into the contestant’s direction. Erebus stood up straight and immediately recognized another Don. “Oh.” Erebus thought for a moment. “Well this just won’t do, they hired you?” Erebus lifted both his middle-finger and index together, gesturing his men toward Knuckles Shi. The two gangsters, gulped as they had witnessed this man when the new Dons’ were chosen, they didn’t waste any time hesitating though. The first began firing off ineffective bullets in Knux direction, Smith & Wesson shells bouncing off the concrete flooring. The other thug wrapped a chain around his knuckles and ran in the moment the other’s guy clip was emptied. He hoped he might be able to push the Daemon over the edge and just end this anti-climatically.

Erebus meanwhile knew these two were dead fish out of the water, Ere pulled the Apex helm over his face, and equipped a black sword into his spare hand that flickered with red lightning when it conjures up from his mystic ring. Assuming the other two lackeys had died now to the Daemon. Erebus offered his fellow guild member a few words before they barrelled towards the extremes, “It’s a bit inconvenient for me to be doing this with another Don. As you can see, I’m working here. These items don’t buy themselves. But, I’ve never been able to say no.“ Erebus addressed with a light laugh. If charged into right away, Ere had a few tricks that might stall the enemy out.


As the helmet lit up the HUD display and outlined all the facts surrounding Knuckles’ power. He had a small mana pool, but his strength was in the realm of Gods. Truly, the sight was menacing. Even to Erebus who credited the man where it was due.

“My, my, what a talent.” He figured audibly. “And you aren’t even X-rank in the bingo books.” He recounted. “Guess I’m falling a little behind you and Nana. At this rate, I’ll be the weakest member in the organization. — Mmm, can’t be having that…”

Erebus would lunge at the Daemon, attempting to slam the bladed side of his sword into the Daemon’s left leg, if he were parried, Erebus would rotate and pivot on his back leg, and spin so that he ended up on Knuckles far left side, balancing on the edge of the building.

Should he slip, Erebus no longer feared fall damage, regardless, his feet would find the mark and his black claw traveled toward the stomach as he did so, it would thrust forward inching closer, possessing a high strength himself, the blow would be enough to dig a straight shot to the abdomen of the Nordic Don, if it didn’t make connection there, Erebus would force his Claw to instead block, and act accordingly, his ended this combination by raising his leg and leaning backwards. Unless slighted, Erebus would thrust that knee straight up the center of his target; with nimble discernment of the Hammer-Wielder’s movements.

Erebus had all the mastery needed in his swing… He was blessed with that gift, to register attacks and mitigate harm to himself, it was a beautiful nightmare of recklessness and elegance bleeding together to create a ruthless executor, it was that one talent alone that started this all for Erebus. After all, Ere was built to endure long combat in melee fashion.

If the knee did indeed ‘check’ any further damage in that very moment or dish it out, Erebus would take his chips with him and pull out to retreat. He was not willing to bet on simply outlasting a foe who was this physically capable, he would combo his knee and springboard backwards, using that moment in clash to propel himself away from Knuckles (used as his surface point) and travel backwards 10m— retreating to the building where the girl was tied up.

Should his attacks have been successful, Erebus would be impressed that Knuckles not be sent flying through the air into the building across the street from them.


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Knuckles Shi

The two lackeys of the other Don came towards Knuckles. It was sad to see such fodder presented to him instead of the other Don facing Knuckles from the start. However, it would be a nice warm-up match.
As the two lackeys approached, Knuckles paused, closing his eyes. He silently whispered a prayer to Odin, the Allfather in Norse mythology. He sought not only strength but also wisdom in the impending battle. His fists clenched, and he could envision the ravens of Odin - Huginn and Muninn, Thought and Memory - circling above him, their black eyes glistening with anticipation of the ensuing fight. His prayer was not a plea for mercy but a request for honor and valor, the true signs of a warrior in the eyes of Odin.

Knuckles, gifted with two of the God of Thunder's hammers, got ready to meet his challengers and send them to Valhalla. With a duck and a weave, he avoided the first attacker as he sent his main-hand hammer into the man's chest, knocking him off his feet and onto the ground. Knuckles could feel the attacker's chest cave in as the attack landed. For the second attacker, Knuckles rose with a push off the ground, letting out a roar as he brought the second hammer in his left hand upward into the man's jaw.
The aftermath was immediate and decisive. The two lackeys lay sprawled on the ground, one gasping for air with a crushed chest, the other unconscious with a possibly broken jaw. The dust began to settle around them, a testament to the swift and brutal combat that had just transpired. A hush fell over the gathered crowd, the roaring cheers replaced by stunned silence. Knuckles stood tall, his chest heaving from exertion, his eyes hard and unyielding as they scanned the area for any more challengers. His hammers, gleaming with the faint traces of the fight, rested heavily in his hands, a symbol of his victory. The specter of Odin's ravens seemed to hover over the scene, their imagined caws a grim melody to the fallen warriors.

Don Erebus had dawned his helmet and came towards Knuckles with a sword attack to his side. Knuckles met the attack head-on with his hammer, allowing the two weapons to swing out in battle against each other. As the head of the hammer met the blade of the sword, Knuckles pushed through, as the force of his own attack was stronger than the one that came at him. With a grunt, Knuckles watched his opponent's movements.

Knuckles' counterattack strategy was a blend of brute strength and strategic finesse. He ingeniously used the weight and heft of his hammers not only to deflect attacks but also to unbalance his opponent. This was evident when he met Don Erebus's sword attack head-on with his hammer. The impact of the weapons was not just a test of strength, but a tactical move where Knuckles used his superior force to push through. This move showcased his sheer power but also his keen eye for opponents' movements and openings, displaying how he used not just his brawn but also his brain in the heat of combat.

While the damage dealt to the sword should be enough to break it, his hammer was not spared from any damage. It would take 2xS worth of damage, showing signs of being heavily tweaked. It was still usable though, and he had plans to do just that.

Erebus would then try to go for his stomach with a claw. Instead of meeting this attack head-on with his other hammer, Knuckles would roll to his left, avoiding the attack until his feet touched the ground again, where he would stand back to his feet. Instead of pressing in for an attack, Don Knuckles lifted his Shattered Mjolnir into the air and cast the last spell he wished to cast this bout. Calling down Lightning upon Erebus, aiming it down to his head. The spell would be boosted by the spell he had cast earlier, allowing it to deal an additional S rank of damage for a total of 2xS. Upon impact, Erebus would be drained of mana equal to this spell's damage.

"Being the lowest on the list is nothing to be ashamed of, take pride in yourself self Don Erebus. For from this day forward, I am no longer a part of the Syndicate.  I have come to realize I can gain much more with a group I have a history with. They have men with honor.  You and I have much in common. I do not wish to leave you with a bad omen, you may call me a friend in the future but right now in this fight, I am the Enemy. "


"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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The clash of the weapons created a thunderous shockwave that shook Erebus to his bones. Had he not been an grandmaster and an acrobatic fighter in one, it would have been enough to fully put him off his feet and over the side of the building. But planting his leg hard, he managed to hold his position and his body upright, however he missed his strike with the Chaos Claw and Erebus watched the Daemon roll to his feet, only in time to see Knux lift his arm and instantly thrust his hammer to the heavens.

Erebus winced.

A fallout of golden lightning would slam into the mercenaries frame, forcing him down to his knee. His HUD began to glitch out from the magic and needed a second before its screen resisted the electrical offset. A moment after, the screen rebooted and went back to normal. In the meantime, he couldn’t quite hear what Knuckles was saying. The words were mute, the only sound Erebus could hear was muffled beeps and bloops in his helmet. Static began to ignite around the visor Ere wore, and he knew that he would be unable to hear anything audible for the duration of the battle.

“I can’t hear at all what you’re trying to say. But this action clearly says enough to me, it will not go unnoticed— you signed a contract Shi. Are you a coward then, hesitating when the going gets tough?” Erebus said venomously, his eyes noticed the cracks and burns in his hook sword, he could not feel his mana move through it normally, and found himself reeling from agitation. The HUD showed him that his weapon would soon fail too, showering it’s overall health loss and allowing Erebus to compute these data figures as he spoke.

Am I getting shown up right now?? He thought back to himself in that moment, and then he was taken to remembering the past. The losses of allegiance and the setback that came with it when Odin died. “Then leave. It doesn’t matter if you do, the Syndicate that you helped create will bring you home. I will bring you back up to terms with your agreement and to our coalition Knuckles. Consequences just can’t go unchecked, especially not from a Don as respected as you are by the rest of us.. or were.”

In one rapid lunge Erebus would be in front of Knuckles to force a fencing jab of his blade, a bait and switch, for the instant that their weapons would clash next, Erebus would disappear behind Knuckles using Chaos Controller on his Chaos Gauntlet. He would do this if anything were to be sent at him as well, activating it as a counter-strike technique to get him behind his foe and out of vision. From that, he would combo his attack to deliver forth the attempt of a mighty punch to the man’s back; something Knux would no doubt feel, the force of which would be enough to slide his hand straight through the Daemon’s armor and open a huge flesh-gaping wound directly to the warrior underneath it. Erebus would propel himself out of harms way before Knux would be fully able to capitalize, thrusting himself away in a blur of high velocity wind without restraint. A flash of purple light saw his damaged sword changed into a black iron pitchfork, if the sword were even still there.

If the lunge was successful, it would have sent Erebus over the side of the building now for sure, Erebus would stop motion all of his movement in mid-air by activating his boots. Allowing him to find solid platform where there was none, standing like a phantom over the crowded ground of Hosenka, publicity— media, and all eyes catching view of the battle raging between the Dons. It was clear to the trained eye, that he was luring the tiring foe into his own aerial warzone, since Erebus could see that Knux possessed little mana left, he would exert and juice the enemy of all that energy. The long game. Such was going to be required, Knux still had Akudama’s chip embedded into his neck after all.


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Knuckles Shi

He watched as the lightning struck the helm of his former ally. They said something about how they could not hear, and Knuckles looked a bit confused. This was the first time his hammer had ever had that effect, well this was also the first time he had really struck someone with the hammer. The first time he had even used that spell. What more wonderful things could Knuckles learn if he kept fighting with the twin hammers?

Unfortunately for Erebus, Knuckles never got the implant put in his head. He had enough voices in his head currently and has never liked the idea of others being able to send him messages. This was becoming very fun, it seemed the sword did not snap like he had thought. He was getting all fired up, his lust for battle growing. But, Erebus made one mistake. Knuckles could deal with having to answer for his rejection of the agreement and fight every single Syndicate member if he had to, but one thing he was not was a Coward. Everything else Erebus said well that fell on deaf ears, enough though it was not Knuckels who had been defean.

In an explosion of his daemonic energy known as Obscura, Knuckles would jump into his Full Daemon transformation while his former ally had been chatting away, it did not take minutes it was not brought out by a sudden scream of powering up, it was near instant, but now his hues were glowing, black wings arched out his back and black Obscura energy cloaked his body and infused into his shatter hammer making the Arcane type now Darkness. Playtime was over, and it was time to show Erebus what a "Coward" he was.
The sword came in and met the armor, before Knuckles could counter he felt a punch in the back of his armor causing his left foot to slide forward, as he turned and Erebus Lunged, Knuckles followed with a mighty flap of his wings and two Lunges of his own, with his body further enhanced by his transformation Knuckles flew at the same rate of speed as Ereburs traveled, matching him, then did so once again as he trailed him off the roof and they headed down however, while Erebus free fail, Knuckles was in a controlled descent with his wings and flew behind him before Erebus reached the ground.

This is where Knuckles slapped the heads of his hammers together and swung them at once aiming for the back of Erebus, attempting to pay the man back for his own attacks on Knuckles, this would be ground-shattering damage. Screw the money, screw the enjoyment. It was time to make a statement, after his hammers would arc to hit Erebus, Knuckles would follow through allowing his body to twirl in the air as he lowered himself to the ground landing only 3 meters away from the Don. One of his attacks dealt Magical, from the shattered Mjolnir, while the other dealt physical damage, if either one landed it would reapply the deafening. If both blows would Land it could possibly have left Erebus hindered in any further actions.

With Dented Armor Knuckles hovered over the ground as he lifted both hammers up to chest level, he was a Daemon on the hunt now, screw the job he had been hired for. It was time for the Clout Chaser, to chase his prey into victory.

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Erebus is defeated, Knuckles is victorious.

Erebus felt the chase was on, the daemon on his feet, however. Erebus could do a few neat tricks, and rather than stand, face turned away from Knuckles, ran so that his feet kissed the wind, traveling in a cicurlar motion that tilted his body horizontally, before at an abrupt moment, he’d slide upside down in what one would view as an upside-down position. However, the clash of his sword this time around would shatter against the weapon, which possessed enough strength to damage his armor and break it as well. In the moment that Knuckles would do this however, Erebus delivered a walloping uppercut with his off-hand in the veil of his body— he used himself to conceal the attack— the entire movement a set-up to see it make it’s mark, however as his footing made him appear upside down in the air, the attack would instead come down against the head of Knuckles instead of uppercut his chin to the skies, before his elbow of the same arm would travel right back up against the same mark, a rapid hand to hand movement, unfortunately. Without anywhere left to move, and his mana gone he felt his reserves deplete… and he fell. Unable to control the winds henceforth, but his boots made his landing soft— at least, as soft as it could be.

“Oh… That’s interesting. ‘Suppose you and I will be fighting again.” He said in a jest, just as he fell and the daemon would likely be setting out to end this fight, he would see a hammer coming in for him no doubt. The last thing he’d see with his ransoming botched— his guild beginning to crumble with the shifting of loyalties and leaderships.

Very well— Then Erebus would set out to change the world alone, he would represent the wrath and vengeance he had known his entire life. Nothing more or nothing else, and he’d fulfil his promise to return for the Daemon. That much he was sure on— but as it seems today, he was bested. He turned over the leaf, and watched the Daemon fly away before his consciousness faded.

The force of Shattered Mjolnir was enough to vibrate the chasm between the buildings and cause the onlookers to scream in enjoyment and bewilderment. Albeit they were all defeated and quickly began to freak out and disperse.

Meanwhile, Erebus would be sent through buildings below by the damage, still slowly just before his back hit the ground, with the force of Shi’s God to blame. Left there defeated and knocked out…

It would be about five minutes before he awoke and fled this scene, scaling and running, it seemed the guards in town caught wind of the attacked and sent for an agent to have Erebus arrested, unfortunately. The Rune Knights chase him from Hosenka’s port, where they were near— all the way out to Bosco. Where he next encounters Konstantin Sokolov. Who also bests him— the sudden realization of his mortality begins to cause Erebus to lose his mind, an insufferable race back to the top becomes the center of obsession— and the Dark chooses a champion once more.

- End and Exit -

#8Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles stood tall, his chest heaving from the exertion of battle. His fist tightened around the handle of the Shattered Mjolnir, its power still resonating from the final, decisive blow. Despite the fatigue, a wave of profound relief washed over him, followed swiftly by a victorious surge of adrenaline. He had proven himself - not to Erebus, but to his own self-doubt that had echoed Erebus's taunts. He was no coward. His heart pounded in his chest as he looked down at the defeated Erebus, a mix of satisfaction and pity coloring his features. He had shown Erebus, and everyone present, that he wasn't to be underestimated or labeled as weak. The crowd's cheers still echoed, a sweet symphony of victory that drowned out the previous taunts. Knuckles knew, at that moment, he had not only vanquished his foe but also the ghosts of his own insecurities. As he turned to leave, the Shattered Mjolnir in hand, a sense of calmness and purpose settled over him. He had truly found his calling as a Mercenary, working for the highest bidder.

As Knuckles distanced himself from the Syndicate, he found himself immersed in a sea of emotions. There was an undeniable thrill in the newfound freedom, a sense of liberation that lightened his steps.
However, the idea of being hunted in the future cast a shadow over this victory. His muscles tensed at the thought, adrenaline surging through his veins, fueling his alertness. Despite the threat looming over his head, he found a strange peace in the uncertainty. It was an affirmation of his decision, a consequence he was willing to face. His life as a mercenary had taught him many things, but above all, it had shown him that everyone had their battles to fight. His just happened to be more literal. The prospect of danger became his motivator, not a factor of discouragement. It kept him sharp, ready and continually pushed him to improve. His resolve hardened, and a determined smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. He was no longer running from his past, but towards a future he was actively shaping.

As the sun set on the horizon, Knuckles found himself at a crossroads. He could continue his path as a mercenary, never staying in one place for too long, or he could seek a new purpose. The latter seemed appealing but also unfamiliar and daunting. For so long, this was all he had known. But change was inevitable, and with each passing day, he found himself yearning for something more. Maybe it was time to put down his weapons and find a new way to make a difference in the world.

But before making any decisions, Knuckles knew he needed to confront his past and face the consequences of his actions. He couldn't continue running forever, and it was time to take responsibility for his mistakes. For the first time in a long time, he felt ready to confront his demons and make amends. It wouldn't be easy, but it was necessary for his growth and redemption.
As he journeyed back to the city, Knuckles couldn't help but feel a surge of optimism for what lay ahead. Countless battles survived, and brushes with death too numerous to count had taught him valuable lessons that now guided him on his new path. No longer a mere mercenary, he had transformed into a purpose-driven warrior. Determined to harness his skills for the greater good, he aimed to make the world a better place, one battle at a time...

Returning to the city, Knuckles was welcomed by the glow of its lights. Making his way through the bustling streets, he headed towards his airship. There was only one destination that occupied his thoughts since parting ways with the Akudama Syndicate - the North, the place where his true journey had originated. It was there that he, along with Zari, Erebus, and Nana, had formed Sleeping Calamity. Should they come for him, he awaited their arrival in the North, ready to assert the power and influence he had acquired as a Don.

As he strode through the city, a whirlwind of emotions coursed through Knuckles' veins. Familiar sensations of anticipation and fear, remnants of his past life as a mercenary, mingled with a newfound sense of purpose and determination. It was a blend that felt almost foreign to him, yet invigorating, infusing him with a long-lost energy. Surprisingly, a sense of relief washed over him, the weight of the world lifted as he finally made the decision to confront his past. Though the prospect of facing Zari, Erebus, and Nana was daunting, it was a necessary confrontation. Knuckles felt ready - ready to confront his past, make amends, and embrace whatever the future had in store. Amidst this emotional storm, there lingered a hint of excitement, an anticipation for the uncharted territory that awaited him.

Pausing in a moment of gratitude, Knuckles bowed his head. Despite the biting cold gnawing at his skin, he welcomed the sensation as a stark reminder of the raw power of nature and the gods who governed it. "Odin. Thor," he began, his voice resonating as a low rumble, echoing off the snow-capped mountains. "I stand before you as a humble warrior, grateful for your blessings in battle." Inhaling deeply, he felt the frosty air fill his lungs. "Your wisdom and strength have guided my blade and shield, leading me through countless trials." Raising his head, he looked up at the gray sky. "With your blessings, I am prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead. I express my gratitude for your patronage and humbly request your guidance in the battles to come," he concluded, a sense of calm washing over him. The gods had listened, and his path became clear.

As Knuckles gazed into the distance, memories of past battles flickered through his mind like a flurry. Each fight had served as a stepping stone that had led him to this triumphant moment. The sweat, the blood, and the exhilarating thrill of each clash resurfaced in his thoughts. There was the fiery clash with the giant serpent in the pits, the deadly dance with the rogue band of marauders in the forbidden forest, and the heart-stopping duel with the phantom knight within the shadowy halls of the castle. Each battle had been unique, testing his mettle in different ways. Yet, the common thread weaving through them all was the invaluable lessons they had imparted. Every strike, every dodge, and every moment of vulnerability had fortified his skills, honed his instincts, and strengthened his resolve. Now, standing victorious on this icy precipice, Knuckles realized the profound significance of those battles. They were not mere encounters; they were experiences that had forged his path to this glorious triumph.

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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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