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No roosting when the Trials Awaits

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Lumikki looked over the note she was sent for a third time. One of her ravens has passed it on just the day before and so she decided to humor it. She was so used to getting called over to the Worth Woodsea by her ravens that she found this to be a nice change of pace. At least there was a chance for some interesting trouble to be had here. If she was correct in who sent this to her that is.

As she leaned on the wall to walk all those he came and gone, sure enough just in the distance she could make out a small toddler walking her way. Only it was not exactly a baby but an incrediablly small man, which if course Lumi would normally now the differnece. Being short herself and raised by Dwarves and all. It was just this man was the literal depiction of a baby, but she herself did not care to inquire on what ever curse he may have place on him.

“You come surprisingly on time for someone I figured would blow me off entirely.” Leon, the one she could figure was a child but wasn’t, would remark.

Lumikki shrugged, ”If I know I’ll be doing something then I don’t mind going there one time.” As mischievous as she was, she was still raised with the honor and discipline of a Dwarf. Honoring time was one of those ideals.

“How professional of you, I like that! It makes this kind of work a lot easier to get done. Now! If you remember the boy from last time, this will be centering around him. Yuka should be in this location,” He pulls out a map and hands it over to her so she could see just what he meant. Pointing to the spot as he kept talking. “He tends to visit a shop over there on Tuesdays. The plan is for you to instigate a fight and stand back watching over him. Only step in when things are looking pretty bad. Simple enough right? I’m sure you understand what it is you gotta do?”

Lumikki looked over the map and had the gist of where the kid would be. Not caring to much for the reasoning as to why he would want the kid to be jumped in the first place. Honestly she just found the whole thing to be really funny. ”Aye, simple enough and I got the time to do it.” She took off in her raven form and set out for the spot. Finding the boy just where Leon said he would be and landing just nearby.

Lumikki would shift back to her Daemon form and just look around, trying to make out who would be the best opponent for Yuka to fight or at least someone that would make the encounter easy.

Sure enough this loud guy comes walking down the block, talking to his friends about how many girls he had the night before and how he had the money to pull them. Quite the work he was and he put a bad taste in her mouth but that would only make him more perfect. It would only make it that much easier to take him out when all things were said and done.

She walked over to the loud man and began her ploy. ”Aye mate, is it really true that the kid over there destroyed ya the last time ya fought? He was telling me about it just a bit ago and here ye are walking in on perfect timing. Figured I could hear it form yer mouth how ya lost to a child.”

The man was taken aback about the mention of him losing, let alone to a child. Looking around furious to see just who she was talking about. Lumikki pointed Yuka out from the crowd so that he knew exactly he was fighting.

”Aye bloke, its that on right there.” The man was sent off in a frenzy, just mumbling and murmering about how no one could talk about him like that. She giggled as she saw the idiot go. He sent his fist out the moment he was by the kid sending the boy flying into one of the stalls. His friends would approaching themselves to help but he held his arm out as if to say that he could handle this on his own.

At least Lumikki would hope he could. Would be sad if he actually lost this fight. And of he went, wailing at the kid who was still trying to get up from the stall. Yuka was crying out asking why was he being attacked but the man would only answer that it was what he had coming. With enough the the guys decent hooks, Lumikki figured it was time to step in. She walked up to him mostly unnoticed since everyone’s eyes were on the fight. When she got close she would brush her hand along his back and the man more than slow down, he halted. The frost rushed along his skin and crept for his bones. He could not even relax his body enough to fall over, only stay in his statue of a form.

”What a shame. No one told ya, ye could kill the boy did they?” One of her frost talons scooped up the boy and she took off, her talon trailing as she went to meet Leon back in the spot she met him last. She dropped him down, by this time he has mostly come to. Leon would run over where he went wrong and how this is the kinda stuff he needs to start picking up and getting stronger for. But Lumikki didn’t particularly care to hear it as the small man handed her, her cut of the pay and she would took off.


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