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Pick me Butler [Open]

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Ittindi woke up less nervous than usual. He had decided to go with his 3-piece purple suit along with a matching felt top hat. A square striped tie and a pair of matte black dress boots with a flat heel. He had accomplished a couple good deeds in town, while also talking to a figure that helped scrape all the questionable things he did with his Young Master. From this moment on he’d have to be quiet about him, at least until he decided what he wished. His thoughts wandered wondering if it mattered what his Young Master thought or what Ittindi thought. It was a question he wasn’t willing to face yet, so he shoved it down for another time, possibly with tears and some wine.

 As he approached the gate to the Rune Knight headquarters’ he wasn’t surprised by the guards outside. They giggled out his outfit, something that Ittindi had grown accustomed to too. The unfashionable, undesirable could never contemplate true style. Either way once he enlisted the worse knowledge was wearing a military uniform. Eventually he’d be of a rank where it had some actual style in uniform. He wondered if there was a faster way to progress. It’d be something he’d have to ask when he found someone, he could butter up too.

“Good Morrow Gentlemen, I’m looking to enlist into the Rune Knights and was hoping you could be of assistance.”

So much for discipline, the two gate guards could barely maintain a straight face as Ittindi finished speaking. Still, they managed to tell him to go into the main hall and someone should attend to him there. Ittindi partially felt as if he was being led on, either way he’d be able to find someone of importance inside. He’d open the door to the building.


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It had been only been a short period since the events that led to the merge of the Collective Mind and the Rune Knights, and already it started to feel like it had always been like this. Honestly? Primula was not certain what to think about that, did it mean humans were quick to adapt and accept change? For the robot girl it was still a mystery all of its own. In hindsight, she had at least started to understand the reason why Kon had driven the Collective Mind for this fusion. It was in a way a masterful move on his part to obtain the power that was left in the absence of a proper leadership for the Rune Knights, and in one fell swoop he had not only become one of the most influential individuals when it came to the authority of Fiore's law enforcement, it also granted him a great source of power as well in terms of the resources the rune knights had at their disposal.

But now the question came that had occupied Primula's mind lately: What would Kon be doing now he had obtained this power? From a balcony of one of the higher floors of the main hall of the headquarters, Primula could overhear some knights who were standing guard redirecting a stranger to the guild hall. It seemed they were seeking to get enlisted into the Rune Knights, a choice she had heard was starting to get increasingly more popular with the recent influx of recruits.

As the door opened into the hallway and the stranger stepped inside a voice called out to him. "You're dressed too formally for one seeking enlistment into the Rune Knights."

A soft hum of an engine followed as the robot girl descended from the balcony, the propulsion units underneath her feet humming lightly as they slowed her drop till she finally landed a few steps away from the man. "The Knights usually prefer wearing armor, keeping them somewhat safe from a confrontation with troublemakers. Yet you're dressed as if you came seeking a noble to serve."

A light tilt of her head followed her eyes gazing firmly at the newcomer as if she was inspecting him from head to feet. "Peculiar, but not unappreciated, there is something refreshing about this change of pace. I am Primula, and although I am by definition a Rune Knight, your best bet would be to get your enlistment papers checked either by Kon or one of the stuffy meatbags that handle the new applicants." She paused for a moment, the robot girl adjusting the tilt of her head so that she was looking more neutral once more. "Although, there been a lot of you visiting lately. The last one even got lost and arrived in my atelier. Had to explain to him that the floating structure was not the latest recruitment gig of the knights, it was actually my home..."

To which the robot girl sounded mildly annoyed. "Need me to find Kon for you?"


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As Ittindi opened the door he was greeted by a child, one of the cleanest children he ever met. He was impressed, he valued cleanliness over all things. He of course had come prepared with answers for questions like these. He knew what he was and had no qualms about displaying it vibrantly. He’d speak in his usual calm, and relaxing tone.

“You’re right about one thing Mam, I have come to serve. I’m tired of serving just those who can afford me does not every person deserve the best? It is for that reason among others I have come seeking to join. I wish to be the best butler, and to be the best I must service everyone not just one class.”

Primula would introduce herself; she spoke with such conciseness he wondered if she was truly as young as she appeared. She was also a Rune Knight which was perfect for him, though she mentioned that it would be better to inducted by a man named Kon. He was the leader of the whole organization; this person must be of a very high rank to so casually offer to take him to the famed General of the Rune Knights. Or was it part of some grander scheme to create a sense of belonging. He hadn’t studied much about the actual culture of the Rune Knights. Ittindi figured he’d be bullied for his attire and manner of speaking, nothing new for the world’s best butler. Success is the best revenge, the words of his Master Butler echoed in his head. Then more violent words would come into his mind from…well he needed to stop thinking about him for now. Better to keep him off the mind in case there’s some kind of mind reader. His intentions were pure but some of his former connections were not, he hadn’t made any contact since the guild fight. His weakness being a shame he still wasn’t ready to confront. He couldn’t look emotional on his induction day afterall.

“Yes I’d love for you to take me to anyone who could help me register. I’ll of course wear whatever uniform is required.”

He would give a slight bow after speaking to emphasize his respect for a senior of the organization. Then he would take a quick glance around the hallway to take in the splendor of their headquarters. It did need some cleaning here and there, but that was something he could do in his free time for fun. While it wasn’t what he expected, he did feel like he was making the smart decision in joining.

That's when Ittindi would remember he had taken a side job as a butler later that day. Cutting off their meeting short Ittindi would wave and tell her he'd be back at a later time.


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