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I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito)

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I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) - Page 2 Empty Thu Sep 14, 2023 12:58 pm


Revy looked at her as she spoke and she tilted her head and she wondered what the girl meant by that and if there was something that she hadn't yet shared with them or if this woman was just overly shy about things and that made it harder for them to connect with the others that were around her and she wonders why the woman had taken the time she did to join Fairy Tail. "Is there anything that you need us to tell you about the guild or do you think that you have a good handle on it from where you currently are?" Revy wanted to make sure that the woman was doing okay rather they were okay or not with what info that they know and she wonders if she can really let herself be.

Kaito feels like that they might get along as they were a fresh blood but he feels that she has a strange aura around her and he is not sure what it is but he will still watch over her to make sure nothing shady happens to her. She seemed too nice and trusting and that means someone might take advantage of that and use her for things or favors that lead her in the wrong path.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) - Page 2 Empty Mon Sep 18, 2023 2:10 pm

Revy asked her a question and she would answer "I think I have a good understanding where I am and what to do." it was basic rudimentary knowledge, but she got the jist of it. She was sure she can do some questing. Though one question did pop in her mind
"Oh one thing. About the guild and quest rewards. How does that work? I do a quest and I get rewarded in jewels and I guess life experience as well, but like, does the guild get a cut of the reward? Like how does the guild function in that regard in terms of finance? Is that something an average member doesnt worry about?"

Yeah that was something she didnt know, the more background and not flashy stuff. The Guild Hall was impressive but like how did the guild afford stuff like food? She assumes the guild members contribute to the guild or maybe its just you earn your own money and food. After all, a guild mate was treating her to some fine dining at his humble home. Oh she really had to not think about it or else she'd blush. Yeah best not to think that. She looked at Kaito and smiled a bit "I love your cooking" it really was amazing. She cant remember the last time she had a good meal like this.

Little did Kaito know, she did narrowly escape being led to a dark path. She did deal with shady people because they were her friends. But that friend group dirfted apart as they grew up. She had a chance to join the Dark Guild where her friend was calling her, but she declined and made up reasons as to why


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Revy smiled at hearing the woman ask and as if with magic of her own a scroll on the wall drops open and shows how the guilds cuts to how a normal member gets paid Revy picked up a pointer stick and she used it to point as she talked. "As you can see here the amounts posted on a request are the amount the cut of the job that goes to you is as a member. The guilds cut is usually the posting fee or a small cut of extra reward." Revy seemed happy that she was able to do such a thing and help teach a new member that was asking something of her.

Kaito laughed softly as he had not expected Revy to go teacher mode on this poor girl and he then heard that she loved his cooking. He was not so sure of the level of acceptance of his okay cooking. "thanks but yet again my cooking pales in comparison to the guild mothers." If he was anything he was humble as he was not able to really compare himself to many in the world as he had become too strong and he had done a lot both alone and with the help of his friends but he never really feels as if he had earned the right to say that he is really all that great as if he had only stumbled into greatness and such.

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