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I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito)

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I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Thu Aug 17, 2023 6:17 am

The Magnolia Station, a lovely place that people would go to to travel the world. A place she was not privy to make use of. This was a place she'd just come to visit and loiter around. She didnt have much money to get a ticket out of here. And even if she did, where would she stay. She has no money for inns. Granted she could do quests now that she was a guild member. But she was so new she didnt know the ropes how to do those. She wished someone would show her or tell her.

But her Guild Master was away. Probably on important business. She pouted at the idea. She could never catch a break. And those like important and strong Guild Members are probably having the adventures of their lives. Being awesome and such. Basically, they had literally anything better to do than being in Magnolia. Anyone who had the opportunity to go away does that. Because people are sick of it. And those who arent from here just see it as a new and exotic foreign place. She'd just sit down on the floor of the station, hug her knees as she'd watch people come and go. It was a bummer she couldnt be like the rest. She wanted to go far away and never come back. At least the guild gave her more freedom


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Thu Aug 17, 2023 9:08 pm


Kaito and followed by his exceed Revy walk out of a portal way that they had come through from the north and he stretches he always missed the east when he had to be away for a certain amount of time but he also knows that the Guild master is currently in the north so he figured since he had heard that some new members joined that he should come and greet them as the guild master is currently away but the hard part will be finding them. He wonders if he should meet them with his mask on or not, he looked around the station to see if anyone really stood out and he started to walk as he had not noticed the girl that had been around five feet from him hugging her knees.

Revy looked at the girl and she got closer to her and she looks at the woman with a tilted head. "Kaito hold up. Hey are you okay miss? Do you need some help?" The exceeds voice is kind and reassuring to the woman that she is safe and free to talk to them as they will help her.

Being told by the exceed to wait he looks toward the woman that he is unsure how he had missed as she seemed to be in a bright pink hooded sweat shirt and pink hair peeking out and was she also wearing a mask? He now wondered if the woman was copying his fashion of wearing a mask or if she had her own reasons for wearing a mask like that.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Fri Aug 18, 2023 5:18 am

She looked over and saw the cutest exceed in her life. She wanted to hug it and nuzzle it and adore it. She was holding back the urge to do so. But boy did she want it
"Me? Im ok I guess. Im just bummed out a bit I guess. But its fine, nothing you should like worry about"
After all, they were strangers and why would strangers help other people. It was a foreign concept to her.

She then looked from the exceed up to Kaito, and then immediatelly looked away because she was bashful she attracted someones attention. Like she really wanted to hide. Maybe she was just not used to meeting new people. Or maybe she just had a lot of bad experience with meeting new people.
"So um... sorry if I distracted you and stuff" they clearly had better business to do and she'd feel bad if she was wasting their time


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Fri Aug 18, 2023 6:40 am


"We are members of Fairy Tail this cities guild, if you need help we are here to help you I promise!" She pulls on Kaito's pant leg making him get closer to the woman and then he gets down on her level and he flips back his hood and he slides his own mask to the side revealing his face to her and he rubs the back of his neck. "I am Kaito, Fairy Tails strongest mage so I guess you could call me the guilds ace." He opened his cloak and revealed his arm and unwrapped the bandages on it revealing his guild mark to prove to her that he was who he was claiming to be.

What he looks like:

Revy stands tall and she smiles bother hands on her hips in her exceed form still and she points back at the woman. "We will help you with out fail." The exceed is proud of herself for hopefully getting through to the woman and Kaito has no idea what is going on besides Revy was worrying about this woman and Revy was trying to act more coy and cocky now to not make the woman know that she is worried about her and maybe causing the woman to feel like some kind of burden when really she is not a burden. Kaito was as well a bit worried as the woman's remarks back seemed a tad bit out of line with how she was currently looking.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Fri Aug 18, 2023 7:58 am

The cute exceed spoke that they were Fairy Tail members. She looked at them surprised "!!!" and then the boy got down to her level and showed his face. She covered her face as she blushed
"Omigosh he's so cuuuute" she thought
And then she heard him introduce himself
"sbuaukyhdgvjs OMIGOSH!! Its Kaiitoo, the guilds ace. I heard so much about him! Oooh he's prettier then I imagined. And he's face to face with meeee" she thought in her internal mini panic and such

Ok keep calm. Dont freak out. She watched as he unwrapped the bandage and started showing her the guild mark
"Ok I am absolutely freaking out. Im freaking out. Im freaking out" she just mentally kept repeating as she tried to keep calm, but was blushing red
"Oo-oh. We're guild mates then. I-Im also from Fairy Tail" she did consider raising her shirt a bit to show her them her own guild mark. But well, she was already shy as is. And doubted they wanted to see that.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Fri Aug 18, 2023 1:26 pm


Kaito wondered if the woman is okay as she was acting kind of strange. He then hears that she is a part of Fairy Tail. "So you are one of the new members of Fairy Tail are you?" He put his gloved hand out to her to shake her hand and he wonders what kind of magic she might have from looking at her but he can't tell. Revy looks the woman over and she rubbed her chin and then smiled at her. "Is there anywhere you were looking to go or things you wanted to be shown too?"

Revy was already in her tour guide mode and she was willing to help the girl go anywhere she wanted to go and she was not scared to tell Kaito to be the taxi to get the girl around for this guide around the east as Revy knows that they need to make the woman feel at home. "You can ask for lunch on us if you want." Kaito looked at the exceed and he was starting to wonder if Revy was more trying to buy this woman or impress her.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Fri Aug 18, 2023 1:41 pm

She gently took his hand to give a soft handshake. She wasnt really firm in her hold. But mostly because she was being shy and insecure at the moment. Especially since this was a senior guild member, who also happened to be pretty and has a cute af pet companion sidekick thing. She nodded to Kaitos words that indeed she was a new member.

Sally looked at the exceed as she was asked a question "Ehm... uhmm.. I usually loiter around here because I always wanted to travel outside Magnolia. Its just I cant yet. Im hoping to do some guild quests to get the jewels. But I dont know even where to start, Im completely new at this" she fiddled with her fingers. Like when the two index fingers would each eachother sorta thing, however you call that

She curiously looked at the exceed companion who was like acting now like a total girl boss. Even she didnt know how to react to that and she just looked at Kaito
"So um... what are you doing here? I thought someone like you would've been adventuring far away from Magnolia?" she asked


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Fri Aug 18, 2023 6:21 pm


Kaito looked at her and he blinked. "Why would you think that are my tales saying that I am some callous man? I came back to meet the new members so you are include in that unless you rather me not bother you?" Kaito backed up away from the woman as maybe she was not interested in coming to do things with him so he wasn't gonna force her as he knows that he is not everyone's cup of tea and that was saying something.

Revy looked at the woman and then followed after Kaito as she was not sure what was going on. Kaito was moving away from her and the woman sounded like she was not interested in a way so Kaito was just going to stay back and not bother her. "Well if you go somewhere don't go to the lower district in Hosenka you might become a slave or a rich mans toy." He figured it was a fair warning as Hosenka since ED was destroyed was a bit more of a breeding ground for trouble makers than it use to when it was facing down the time dragonslayer and a Illumin worshipping zealot. Kaito had done his time down there and he is a hard face to hide so he couldn't really do the undercover missions much anymore but he figured that he should warn the girl before she trusts the wrong person and ends up on a leash.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Sat Aug 19, 2023 11:38 am

"N-no!" she definitelly didnt think he was callous or something "I just thought you were too important to be here" was it bad that she said that? Oh gosh she really was awkward with people. She's def not used to this. She meant it like in a good way. Being important is good, right? She thinks it is. They were a somebody and not a nobody.

She got up and went over to him "Wait wait! I never said you were bothering me" she said panicked, she never said that! Where did she say that? She just said how come she was here and like asked him what was he doing here? Was it rude to ask. Now she wasnt sure of anything and that was scary. He mentioned Hosenka and the dangers of that place which did make her shudder. But then again she didnt have the coin to go anywhere.
"Wait! Since we're guild mates can you teach me about questing like where do you go and stuff? What do rookies do! Im totally lost" she spoke. Was she being clingy? Oh gosh, now she was second guessing every word and thing she did.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Sun Aug 20, 2023 3:51 am


He was too important to be here? He is starting to wonder if there was some weird rumor going around saying that he was too good for his own guild or something. He sighs and rubs his temples. "Miss... I have no idea why you would think I am too good to come home and see the guild I am a member of, I feel like some one is passing a rumor around that I am unfriendly and self centered or something…" he has no idea why this woman is acting like this and why she would think that he was too important to return as he is just a normal person yes he has fame but he isn’t a bad guy.

He heard her ask him where she was to take quests, he was confused but maybe she had been too shy to ask the lady that man’s the desk while Judith is away. "There is a quest board in the guild hall, quests in other parts of the country there are open boards to look over, of course the guild you work for still gets their cut." He opens a portal and it shows the quest board in the guild hall. He then looks back at her and he gently pet her head. "Anything else you need ?" his voice is kind and he hopes he doesn’t scare her.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Sun Aug 20, 2023 10:02 am

He sighed and rubed his temples.She felt bad if she offended him since she didnt mean anything bad. Besides what was wrong with being too good? He thought someone was spreading a rumour about him? She didnt really say anything to that and figured it was best to hold her tongue or else she'll say something bad again making the situation worse. Let him believe what he wants to believe then.

She decided to ask him about the quest stuff, since she had no frame of reference how to do things since the guild master was away. Truth be told, she had no idea the receptionist dealt with those things as well. She listened and nodded as he'd explain and make a mental note of it. Suddenly then she'd watch as he opens a portal and it shows the quest board in the guild hall. She blushed like a lot when he did pet her head gently. It did make her feel more at ease because that meant like she didnt offend him too much and got on his bad side. So she was happy about that.

Now though he asked if there was anything else "Um no. But em...you said you wanted to meet new members right? Like what did you had in mind? Can I tag along?" she asked. Truthfully she didnt need anything. She wanted to do something, but she didnt know what.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Tue Aug 22, 2023 3:16 am


The man rubbed the back of his head as he hadn't really had any idea just to come and visit and meet at least one new member as he didn't usually handle meeting new members that was more the guild masters thing but he knows she had business away from the east so the new members that were joining while she was away on business, and he was going to take a stiff guess and say the other man that should be helping is out on business as well. "W-W-Well that is the thing I have no idea and as you are the first I met. So is there anything you would like to see or do that I can help with?" Kaito is clearly nervous and unsure of what to do here, he was good with taking on threats but dealing with strangers and people in a normal way he struggles as he is not a very confident man.

Revy just looks at Kaito failing to really look like he has even the faintest clue in the world and she walked up to the woman and she looks at her. "Dear would you like some lunch or something on the space case?" She giggled at calling Kaito a space case cause he was fumbling hard with this and was not taking the first steps as he is bad with people and situations like this. She knew that she had to help him as he might be strong, famous and good looking but he is still awkward.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Tue Aug 22, 2023 12:26 pm

He started to like stutter and such and it was just super cute. She really wanted to hug him now. He was like not only handsome, but as awkward as her, which made him super relatable. It made her think that maybe she too can be powerful and super as him one day.

She then turned her gaze to Revy before she got to answer Kaito. And Revy asked her a little bit easier question "I dont know what a space case is, but I like it already. Give me something on the space case" Yeah she failed to realize that Revy was just talking about Kaito.

She then curiously looked at Kaito and considered answering him. But she had no idea how he can help her. She could try quest stuff and maybe developing her magic more as she didnt get far with being self taught.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Tue Aug 22, 2023 6:21 pm


Kaito had turned a bit red at being called a space case by the exceed and he heard the woman agree and he laughed a bit as this was normal he guessed. He opens a few portals showing the restaurants that were in this city as he figured that they should stay close to the main base at least for the day as this woman seemed a wee bit flighty and unsure. "Where would you like me to take you to eat. say you agreed to have lunch on me." He motioned her over to the portals so she can pick what she would like to eat.

Revy had started to giggle as the woman had also called Kaito a space case she thinks that she is already going to be quick friends with the new member as she seemed either fun loving and played along or she might have been too nervous to fully understand that she was making fun of Kaito some times just not knowing what to say and how to act to the people around him. "Maybe if you ask nicely I can tell you some of our adventurers as well as misadventures." Revy gave a thumbs up as she walked over and looked at the portals and she sees that Kaito hadn't held it against her as he had even offered the fish place the Revy had lover to go to.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Wed Aug 23, 2023 6:57 am

Yup she was totally unaware she was calling Kaito a space case. Granted when she heard it. She thought it was a case that had space aesthetic or powers. Plus space case was a surprisingly fun word to use. Though when she saw like portals appear and the fact that it was Kaito who made them, it certainly made some mental gears turn in her head where she was connecting the dots

She was impressed by Kaito's magic which she saw as super neat and cool. She was shy when he asked her where she'd like to eat and she fiddled with her fingers as she gave her answer "Y-you can take me to your erm... favourite place to eat?" yup a two in one. She gets to know more about him as in what he likes to eat and where and she gets to eat yummy food herself

When she heard the exceed she happily clapped to that "Oh?! I wanna hear some fun and cool adventures and misadventures!" she was so excited to hear that. It was like story time, but with a handsome and cool person.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Wed Aug 23, 2023 9:30 am


His favorite place? That was not a restaurant but if that is what she wanted he guessed that was what she was going to get. He closed the other portals then he opened a portal to a strange place that had like a line down the middle that separated the light from the dark. on one side of the line was a sunny beach with sand and water with beach chairs and beach toys. The other side was darker and cool with a light breeze and it seemed to be all grass like one would lay on and star gaze the sun and the moon of the sides were what looked like stained glass. Looking up the line you would see there was a house that sat on the middle of the line. Kaito walked toward the house.

Revy was following behind him, she guessed since the woman had asked for his favorite place to eat Kaito was the one going to be cooking and serving her as Kaito liked to be alone and eat in the home when he could so for the moment this was his favorite place to eat at. "Seems you are in for a treat some of Kaito's cooking. Any special you would want dear to eat or drink so I can pass it on to him to do for you?" Revy smiles at the woman and has her enter the home on the light side.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Thu Aug 24, 2023 8:03 am

What she didnt expect was to be taken to a guild mates home. But made sense if they liked to eat at home the most. And heck, even being served a homecooked meal. Thats like priceless. She feels guilty tho that she'd waste his food.

She looked at the exceed who asked him if she wanted anything special so she can pass it by.
"Umm, I guess it depends whats on the menu. I dont wanna say something like chicken and then be like no chicken. You know?" though even if she knew what to possibly order.... actually no. She had no idea what to order even if he had all the food in the world. She was still a bit speechless of the scenario. Though drinking wise, she wondered if she could get something like beer or would that be a no, so she doesnt get drunk on him


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Revy walked up to her and giggled. "Just name it and he will make it and if he doesn’t have the stuff to make it he will get it and make it, he is usually a good host if you want something, so just name it." Kaito just keeps waiting he is unsure if she is being difficult or if maybe she was not looking to eat his cooking and he guess he can’t blame her as his cooking mostly pales in comparison to the guild mothers cooking but he was still good in his own right.

He walked in deeper into the kitchen getting things ready to be cooked once the woman said her answer to him so they wouldn’t have to worry about anything just cook and enjoy the meal before he takes her back to the city so she can be on her way to anything else she might have to do that wasn’t being held up by him trying to be a proper host and guild mate to her.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Fri Aug 25, 2023 8:07 am

She didnt know at first what, because she was a bit anxious about eating with a new person. She already had issues with her appearance and her ugly face and her braces. So she was very like... 'picky' about what to eat to look presentable. So a burger would not make her look pretty despite her loving junk food. Thats when an idea popped in her mind
"Aha! I know! Cant go wrong with a classic fiorian meal! Spaghetti!" and nice wine for a drink. Spaghetti is a nice and healthier option than junk food. Maybe romantic even. Plus wine is a more sophisticated alcohol drink.

At first she didnt know what to get. But now it seemed things have clicked. So all she now needed to do was wait and let Revy tell Kaito what she wanted as well as waiting for him to cook. But safe to say she was a bit swooned, a handsome man like Kaito. Not only being an amazing and powerful mage, but also a cook? What more can a woman want


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Sun Aug 27, 2023 3:35 am


Revy looks at the woman that just ordered that and blinks the she shrugs and walked to Kaito and she tells him what she wanted and Kaito was surprised she wanted something so basic but he did give her the choice to pick so he will respect the woman and her choice. Kaito started the process to get the food made and he took and set the table while the pieces cooked, so he may combine them and make something out of them for the lunch or dinner he was never good at times for when something changed from lunch to dinner. He set the bottle of wine on her side of the table so she can start to drink a little if she wanted.

He than returned to the kitchen and make the dish come to life as he plated it to bring it into the dinning room so they  may begin to eat  and enjoy the bounties of his work. Revy looked at the woman while she was standing by a strange dial. "What time do you want it to be set, to fully enjoy your food?" Revy turns the dial a little to sunset, then to night and the lights in the room turned on. Revy waited for her reply so that the woman can fully enjoy herself.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 3:27 am

Little did they know, she could've gone for more basic. Like fries and a burger. But she opted for something more graceful than junk food. Spaghetti is romantic and so is wine. And she gets to be with a handsome man like Kaito.

Soon enough the meal would be made, but Revy asked her for the lighting. "Do the most romantic option~" she'd say happily. Now thats a mood setter for the light.
She liked Kaito a lot even tho as of now she barely knew him. But he was so handsome and strong, it was hard not to look up to him. Though now she had to be like super serious and presentable, if she was to impress him and make him like her. So she shouldnt be TOO energetic or hyper or giddy. And also not be too shy and awkward. Now that was a challenge


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Tue Aug 29, 2023 7:23 pm


Revy looked at her blinking a bit confused but she did as the woman had asked of her though she had no idea to why the woman had wanted that type of lighting and she figured it was probably rude to ask to why the woman wanted to have the lighting set to that. Revy then went to her own seat and hopped up into the chair and she looked around the room a bit as she was not use to the lighting being like that and she waited for Kaito to bring in the food.

Kaito soon after had made sure that they were served and he had even makes some garlic butter bread toasted so that it can be enjoyed with the food and he hoped that it wasn't too over board for the woman that had been the guest of honor up until this point. Kaito then took his seat with his food and fruit punch as he didn't drink alcohol. "Please let me know what you think of it."


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Tue Sep 05, 2023 12:29 am

Hey, the exceed asked her for the lighting. You dont ask that question lightly. And as an easily impressionable girl who can get the wrong idea just because someone is handsome and treating her nice, well... one can see why she wanted such a mood and eating some nice spaghetti with a cute boy.

Kaito would soon properly serve the food. Everything was tip top, amazingly served all around. He then asked her what was the food like or rather to let him now what she thinks of it. Since Sally was eating at this point and wanted to reply even though her mouth was full, just decided to smile and give him a happy thumbs up. Though after she was able to speak, she'd say "a 5 star review for sure. My complimens to the chef" in a cutesy manner. But soon she'd return to eat. Not stuff herself, but just to make sure she finishes the meal while its warm.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Tue Sep 05, 2023 2:42 pm


Kaito had hear her say the five star thing and he wondered if it was more her just trying to pump up his ego a bit or not. "Thanks but I don't think it was all that." He relaxed and started to eat more himself he is very careful not to make a mess or get his face dirty as he is more of a clean type if he can help it that is but he was sure the woman probably saw it as a bit pompous of him to be doing like that.

Revy looked at the woman feeling like the woman was plotting something. "So how are you liking fairy tail so far?" Revy wanted to get the woman to talk and see if she slipped and let something out that she can get a lock on and see if she was going to be the right or the wrong type of person but Revy had a fear this woman might have gained the wrong ideas from Kaito being nice to her.


I'm Gonna Stay Here Forever (Kaito) Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 1:14 am

She was funnily enough just as careful as Kaito as to not to make a mess of herself. Wanting to leave her best impression on her superior. Revy asked her what she thought of Fairy Tail. When Sally had her mouth empty of food, she'd answer her
"I love the guild. It feels like home. I wish I joined sooner. But I have a hard time meeting new people. Usually when I tried to make friends... ehm... it wouldnt work out" she'd then take the wine and drink it. Like no sip, no grace. Just a gulp. Like taking a shot, she emptied her glass.
Just thinking of what once was, it was pretty upsetting. She didnt wanna think of it. Instead focus on the here and now. She was happy. And Kaito was a gentleman. If only she could hug him and hold him. He was one of the nicest people she met

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