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An Early Break for The Ladies from Iceberg(Katio.)

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An Early Break for The Ladies from Iceberg(Katio.) Empty Sat Apr 22, 2023 5:18 pm

How Averie was ever talked into this was a good question, But she was here in Lalahawan again but not along, Some how either teasing her enough or sweet talking her enough Helena had talked Averie to come here with her a bit earlier then most people would for the summer rest that might happen. There was still a fair amount of people on the island it was to be expected.

But that was not the reason why Helena had bugged Averie to be here. Which would annoy Averie because it was not explained to her. Just there was food, some books, time with her sister and all she had to do was bring herself clothing and bring a swim outfit. It seemed it might turn into another Helena teasing herself endlessly about her flaws, Which would not shock Averie in the slightly, But Averie had yet to come out of the beach house yet anyway.


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In the time that Revy had been missing Kaito has been trying his best to better himself but he just keeps falling flat on it at every turn. He came to the island to try and relax and stay out of trouble if he could but he isn’t sure that he even wants to wander out onto the beach as of this moment as he was alone and he truly felt alone and like there was no hope in it all but he figured siting out on the deck of his beach house might be safe enough for him to try and just let the sun fill him with a little warmth plus he doesn’t think that anyone will bother him if he doesn’t bother them as he was not going to stand out he was just going to relax and hope no one just decides that today is the day that they come to bother him just because he exists.


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With in the background there would be a developing conversation at hand that Kaito could pick up,only because the other woman talking that was not Averie was not really quiet when talking in this matter. But this entirely conversation. But there would be a few words that Kaito might have picked up to know who was close by. The key part was that conversation starting was in Icebergian."Averie come put down the books and come outside for a while! I didn't get you to come spend time with your sister for you to stay inside!"they yet to be known by Kaito. Helena would say state that out loud in general. It was not loud enough for a person to hear it echoing across the entire island, But loud enough that people a few feet away could hear it.

To Kaito who has yet to hear this voice, the woman calling out in iceberg and calling at the name of a woman he knew of. But this women sounded far more lively, older and happy. A bit of a different comparison with how Averie was."Do I need to come out there and bring you out myself? You can at least bring one book if you go swimming."Then she let out a bit of annoyed. But not aggressive at all but if anything like it was expected to have this happen. But still no answer from Averie. But Averie never often spoke loud enough to be heard so loudly.

Averie would eventually stick her head out of the building she was staying with her sister and finally would continue the conversation."Just one? that isn't fair at all."Averie spoke up also in icebergain as she went on to explain how unfair that might be."That won't last me an hour out here, can't I just bring three?"she was trying to bargain with her sister curretly.


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Kaito was listening for anything that was going on as he heard the voice being loud there must be something going on over in the next beach house over and he looked over to the house and he wondered if he should check it out or if he should stay and mind his own business as it was really none of his business to stick his nose into it but he was going to do what he thought was right and he went over and he knocked on the door of the beach house. "Is everything okay in there or do you need help?" Kaito stays by the door waiting for an answer as there might be some one in side that was in need of some help and he would and should help them if he can but he is unsure if that was really the case or if it was just okay and he should have just stayed at his beach house and minded his own business and just waited and saw if anyone came or went from the place.


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Over all it was not a stressful matter at least to Helena she seemed delighted that some one else was here to enter this fray of a conversation, only because compared between the two while Averie was more at home and quietly hiding away in her free time, her sibling is more social friend and honestly wanted to always meet new people. Averie however realizing who was there kind of froze in place for a moment realizing who it was and what was about to come down.

Helena however. The much taller woman than Averie was, their features did match some what, but Helena was almost like a giant in some manner compared to her sister, her eyes where also red compared to her sister's red eyes. Averie so far was just seen as a head sticking out of the door at this time, Helena was swearing a two piece swimming outfit that given her strong womanly figure showed off much but she seemed to have the personality to back it up."I would not say I need major life saving help." Helena sadly was the first to say something in return. Averie still however have yet to say anything seemingly in a long string of things in mind she would be considering doing at the time.

Then Helena just brought up."I am trying to get my lil sister to come out and come swimming, I don't suppose you have ways of convincing a shut in nercomancer study to come outside for a few hours don't you?"Helena gave Kaito a wink. But was different that was for sure. She was a bit of a flirt in feeling and some what also far more out there. Then Helena patted Kaito on the head because she was a overly friend person and said."Hello dear stranger, Helena Eleanor Yates. eldest child of the Yates family."Compared to Averie, Helena's fiorian was perfect and had no flaws or accents.

Then she pointed over to who at least Kaito knew of the two of them."That is my sister Averie Mallory Kazia Yates, The youngest of the family."Then Helena continued her attempts to try and continue to bring Averie out for a at least a few hours, Having a sun hat on, two towels tucked under one of her arms it seemed Helena had been prepared for a while.

This moment might be interesting."Oh oh Averie this nice man might be a friend  for you in the future, why don't you bring him bottle of water." Then Averie snapped back into reality for a moment."Huh what..? Kaito?"And thus Averie was now back in reality and seemed not shocked but unsure what to think about Kaito being here.

Helena picture:


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Kaito sighed as he had indeed had stuck his nose into something that he had no business in being in. "I do not know what or how to get someone to go do something they disagree with." He turned and walked away back to his beach house’s porch and gets back in his seat as it wasn’t his place to get into the middle of their fight or to try to help her older sister to force her to come out to the beach. He was not one to get into family issues as really he had, had enough of those himself with his brother being a meat head and being jealous of him and wanting to fight him and prove something he had no want to have to prove and he waits as he figures that the older sister was probably going to keep him included in this little thing that her and her sister had going on and he wondered what was going to happen next but he wasn’t going to dictate it.


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It seemed one was out of luck in this matter. Averie seemed some what content for the moment but she was still in bargaining stage. She had to hope it would continue on before Helena resorted to more normal things that she would do to get her way to continue on with the missions that she some how managed to get her by the means of wanting to spend time with her sister and it was entirely set up by her."Two books and you don't have to put some kind of illness in me to force me to move."She knew that had to be added into the mix.

But would the other relent in this matter? so far she seemed to think about it."What is the point of going swimming, If your bringing two books? won't they get water damage?"Spoken back to her Averie almost seemed to be a bit confused. Almost like what Helena said was far more stupid up front that what could make logical sense."Why would i bring the books by the water?"Averie asked.

In which was followed up with."Because your going swimming first before the book reading."it seemed rather then take things away, she was trying to choose what comes first. But she was not arguing against that either almost like some one had to take the stepping stone to break this balance.

But they both seemed to stare upon one another at this time."Two books, but if you take too long, I won't be nice about whatever get you out."Averie letting out a sigh closed the door and for now was left quiet.

Merely mentioning to herself."Why we butt head over this will is interesting."Helena seemed to mean well but did not know why this might happen all of time.


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Kaito was at this point completely confused to why this was even a fight did her older sister not respect her choices or was her older sister a control freak that was not going to let her live her own life and make her own choices. Kaito sighed as this was a pain he now wants to help defend her from the sister. Kaito walks over and speaks in. "Just let your sister read some people are just not meant to be in the sun and getting buried in the sand, Averie is just one of those people." He had come to help but he seemed more to have said something stupid and thoughtless with his big mouth to try and stop the fighting as he was going to be honest, Averie just more seems the type to rather read then go into the water and swim or surf. Now that he thought about it could Averie even swim or do things like that?


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It seemed at least in the end the problem felt some what solved Averie seemed to have closed the door and prepared to move on. Kaito seemed to at least some one stood up for Averie, if anything Helena seemed to actually enjoy that."Oh? being my little sister's knight in shining armour huh?"She sounded happy about it not really covering it up that she found it entertaining and she could not help herself at all. She needed to joke about it slightly."Come to play hero to my little sister? I am sure she could actually use one over all."Helena seemed to mean this all in a harmless manner.

If anything she seemed more interested in socializing over all."Do not suppose you have any interest in joining us in this trip? After all Averie could use a friend."at this part, It seemed almost as if she sounded worried even if Kaito was correct about it but over all was trying to just help Averie maybe blossom out a bit more. Helena seemed like a carefree woman who was a bit much at times but since she had nothing to hide it showed that she well was trying to solve a worry.

So putting her sunglasses on the top of her head she let out a worried sigh."You are entirely correct, Keep in mind I am doing these things for attempting to better Averie's life...so that way she finds a person who is willing to do that with her, She might seem unaffected by it. But she is horribly lonely."Helena was expecting some kind of negative blow back to hearing she was doing this to better Averie because she knew very well it seemed fairly much the opposite.

As these two talked, Averie seemed too have actually gotten change, something that her sister had most likely gotten made for her because she knew it would look nice on her and she would be able to endure wearing at this time."Alright alright...I am coming." Averie did not sound defeated but most likely just annoyed because it was most likely he was carried away reading something and was just at the good part of the book. Normal reader things.

But Averie had two books fairly tall in size, being carried by ghost hands while she walked out in a swim attire, if anything she was trying not to give her sister more means to prod at her for anything else she might express at time, not out of fear if anything more just wanting to be spared of it for now around Kaito. Sure she did feel a bit off around Kaito in this but she was here and trying. Merely not giving herself enough credit.



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Hearing the woman call him that he looked at himself and he doesn’t see any shining armor and he knows he isn’t a knight. "I feel you are seeing something ma’am as I am not wearing my armor and I am also not a knight, I am of Fairy Tail guild." he shows the woman his guild mark to prove he was of the guild and not a rune knight like the woman had said to him which kind of confused him and he guessed that Averie hadn’t spoken of him or her sister would have known about it. "Also I am not so sure about the hero thing as I am just a normal dude." Kaito never really agreed that he is a hero as he is more just a guy that has to do what he can when he can does that really make him a hero though?

He looks strangely at the woman as he is unsure what she means by do it with her, as there was really no context unless she meant to go on the trip with her as she had asked him if he would do. "I am not dressed for a beach trip, I would need to return to my beach house to change for that." he was not really sure why she would invite a stranger that she doesn’t know fto go on what sounds like a sister bonding thing as he is not related to them. Kaito rubs the back of his head as he is very unsure about this as it just feels weird now.

He then hears Averie say that she was coming and he looks over and sees her, he has to be honest he was not expecting the necromancer to be showing so much skin. "Averie are you really going to be wearing that? I figured you were more of a one piece swim suit kind of woman." To be honest now he feels like he has to come as to keep watch over them and try to keep them out of trouble, as the older sister looks like she is barely wearing anything and Averie is wearing a very revealing swimsuit.


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This seemed to get Helena to chuckle a bit more, only because it seemed the entire idea of a merely figurative phrase was a bit lost at this time, Helena was also just going to mention it was a phrase and not meant to be taken literally.  So she thus it lead too her saying it this way."It is interesting some one has take a figurative statement literally." Since Averie was not here for why it was said she just kind of listened to it. But she seemed so far comfortable in her shift change in attire, she might have looked a bit different compared to her normal look. Even then it seemed the sun here made her look a bit more of a person and a bit less pale, for one in her life she had some colour in her skin.

But Helena would continue the conversation about not feeling much of a hero."What makes a hero is one actions, never really seemingly a hero. I learned this from the people i have saved with my magic."Helena mentioned because she never considered herself a hero just one doing their job as she always would tell some one."We never can say we feel the hero, it is merely the ones around us who think it."Even giving Kaito and Averie a wink about it, it seemed to the idea of a lesson from her with out reason.

She would point to Averie."Even if you had that minstrel nun chasing you, You where still a hero to that child you saved with your magic."Helena was there for that. Even Averie having to mention."If only she did not need to get beaten up...she thought I was a daemon."Averie saying that sounding unhappy with the results of what had happen there. Not because she had saved people but in the end some one else still did ended up getting fairly hurt from the results of what was going on.

As for her swimming attire she looked at her self for a moment, Then kind of thought about it for a moment trying not to let her thoughts get the best of her."I ahh...got told by my sister I was being brought a swim suit...."She did not sound ashamed from it but almost like she was going to try thinking too much on it.


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Kaito blinks and he wonders what is going on and he wonders why the woman had said that thing just then and what she was talking about as he was the most famous mage in the country if not maybe the world but he had no idea what all that entailed him too as he was not one to really worry about them as they were just how people viewed him so he wasn’t going to let it bother him as he had other things to worry about and now it seemed he had roped him self into something else now.

"Also seems you joined a guild as well from the mark you have…" he was not sure how he felt at seeing that she had joined a guild and that guild at that. He sighed and just walked off to go and get changed into his swim wear so that he didn’t look weird while he was on the beach and he wonders why but he won’t ask her.


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Both of them never really highlighted the fact they where in guilds. But it seemed they had things going on where that was not much of a problem."It is a recent situation, I have not done much with the guild merely use it as a means to help me research more magic related things."Averie mentioned it seemed almost casual about it but she seemed to have go out of thinking about other things at time. Averie used it as a means to do things she wanted she had not really grown attached to may people. At least openly anyway one's ever growing problem of trying to express many things. she knew of things that could happen over time.

When Kaito seemingly head off to change Helena then just seemingly walked offer herself mentioning something to Averie about making sure they had drinks. Averie looked around puzzled what to do to for the moment because she was along. Then she thought of a perfect plan. After pondering it over she then found here there was some free and unused chairs and umbrella.

Setting up the chairs Averie seemed already setting up their spot to sit and wait, with that she sat in one of them. she had not arranged thme in any order just leave them close enough under shade to help cool them off. But she was sitting in a chair and already opening one of her books. The title was in Fiorian and it was more studying into how to say more complex words in the language, Averie had been studying hard to make her Fiorian work. But so far when Kaito return, Helena was not there at this time to a quietly small nercomancer woman reading away, Almost expected of her here.


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This answer from Averie had dissatisfied Kaito as joining a guild shouldn't just be done like that and to only use them for some means to an end. He got changed then he ends for the beach and he wonders if this is going to be a pain in the butt or if this might just live up to be fun rather it started on the right foot or not he was going to try to enjoy it even if he was not one for this kind of thing as the older sister seemed either crazy or like she wanted Averie to grow but she seemed to be going about it strangely. Kaito wondered if this new woman was about to use him like a pawn tp try and help Averie grow but he would go along to make sure that this goes well enough so not to cause any issues and to get this all over with faster. He finds them and he walks up to them hopefully they will be having fun.

Kaito swimsuit:


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It does seems almost dismissive. Part of Averie's growing as a person at this time might be not only her few already massively known flaws. If it was in some manner nothing that major to Averie surely it meant it was not anything major to anyone else right? Sure there was.

But unless it was ever brought up to Averie she would never really think of it as anything less than just her going into things to learn more. But thus there was a quiet nercomancer known as Averie. If it was not for the books Averie might have just started to practice magic for no reason rather than to pass the time. But for once she seemed to be reading rather slow. even squinting her eyes a bit almost like while speaking it had been not much of a problem and she had improved well, but she still had spoken with some kind of accent, compared to her sister who some how speak three languages with out problem.

Averie was not taking into account the may years difference between herself and her sister. Then she seemed to place her finger on page like she was trying to say a word. Then she would just mumble to herself in caelum for a moment. "How people learned this language quickly is beyond me."It was different because she had not spoken Caelum in a long time but she seemed not annoyed or frustrated but  merely mentioning it to herself.

Then Averie looked around from the book for a moment with it dropping from her hand."Huh...she normally isn't gone this long...some one must be trying to make a move on her."Averie mentioned when she looked around. but she did not realized where her book went, from mentioning it and returning to her book she did not see it anymore and did not clue in it had fallen out of her hands.


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Kaito looks around as he sees Averie's confusion. "Did your sister ditch you or something?" He doesn't see the woman's sister anywhere but he guessed that Averie might as well have ditched her sister so him asking with the assuming it of her sister might not be the best of all moves but he had no proof of the other wise she he guessed that he wound wait for the woman to tell him if there was anything that she wanted to tell him and to see if she needed anything. "Also I took so long I had to find one that I was feeling today." He was talking about his swim trunks and he figured she didn't care that he had said that any ways as he kept looking around but was not seeing her sister any where an now Kaito thinks that maybe this was a set up by her sister and that was even more of a headache as Kaito knows that he is pretty crap company and he is even worse now as he didn't have Revy to bail him out if he makes a mess up.


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In some manner it seemed Averie's slightly socially stunted mind would most likely take place at this time, nothing horrible intended it was just how Averie was at the times. It was over all a bit different compared to most people it was just the idea of learning not to be a bit odd."No Helena did not ditch me."She mentioned about it. almost as if she sounded almost confused about the idea. It was an entirely different matter most likely.

But she would explain it because it felt like a good conversation at the time, She even closed her book."Helena seems to have a natural charm to her, She has this way of bringing people to her with her beauty and charm. Even if she is a mage to collects illnesses and disease."In which showed light to that woman how she was far more dangerous than she looked at least during that moment she was around. Most people saw a really tall woman with very notable female features and was not shy about it all that much. to guess she was the type of magic she was even when hinting about it might not be that easy right away.

"But she does care about her family she looks after me like a mother would, Trying to raise me in some manner like my mother would while I am not around her."did it let off the entire idea of Helena being an overly caring sister? Averie thought so. They were already odd people for the most part. So she would continue on explaining a bit more about her."She also does look after since she thinks I am at times unable to look after myself as much as I could."Over all Helena was starting to seemingly not be so bad just a different because of her personality compared to the other two talking at the time.

She would end the current thought of hers with this."She attracts a fair amount of people, questionable with their intentions but over all my sister means well, her only desire seemingly and sadly not yet achieved."What the goal was Averie seemed not to mention either because she did not know or did not just want to let out things that might get the wraith of Helena's motherly attention and well meaning.

Then she would continue on the conversation just between the two."Well I am glad you had options, Since i don't keep a lot of swimming attire, Helena managed this one as she promised for coming here."However Averie not being one to not at least try for the social strangeness she had and knew each other might have too."But I would say in a good way your idea worked out for you."It was the closest thing that Averie could think of as a compliment and that was her trying to put effort in. She just had to hope it was not awkward now but trying.


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Kaito was unsure if that was her trying to compliment him or insult him with what she had said. "What is this desire she wishes to fill maybe we could help her." Kaito hod no idea what else he could have even said outside of what he had just said when a group of guys started walking over and Kaito's eye shows him their weak spots and he wonders why that had happened as that only usually happened in a combat time frame and not always while he was walking around so he wondered if that meant they had wanted to fight him but they seemed to just walk past him straight to Averie and they crowd around her.

"Hey pretty lady how about we ditch the beach and we go to a bar or my beach house and talk over some dinner and you can show off your swimsuit." The guy was a leaner man that was seemly built well for how he looked and Kaito was wondering why they were acting like an ass and wondered what they meant by show off her swimsuit.

The bigger guy was the next to shoot his shot as he flexed his huge massive muscles and he winks at her then says his pick up line. "For such a small woman you really have a good body how about you hold it against me~?" Kaito wondered why the guy would ask such a thing of the necromancer as she didn't seem the type to be hooked in by that kind of line but maybe he had misjudged her and this guy saw something different that Kaito didn't see when he looked at Averie.

The last guy to throw out his lure to attempt to bait Averie onto his arm was a shorter guy with what looked like a decent pair of glasses and a shy smirk. "I see you are a woman of decent class and have good taste in books how about we have a date and afterward study some anatomy together." Now Kaito had to admit he thought of all three of the guys this one probably had the best chance of swooning Averie as that seemed like a smarter pick up line than the other two had put fourth one airing on his looks the other his bulk and Kaito waited to see how Averie would react or how she would handle her self from this onslaught of guys that wished to spend time with her and probably the night.

Kaito wondered if Averie's sister would have been here would she have been cheering Averie on to pick one or not but Kaito had no reason to stick his nose into it but if she rejected them and they didn't take the no he would help her defend her self vs these guys it was the least that he could do for his friend if she was in need of it.


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Over all Averie seemed focused and more interested with her conversation with Kaito at the time. After all even if Helena seemed like a bit much and over barring at the times but you could tell even if Averie's stunted ways of being still cared about her sister."Helena much like most people desires a sole man to marry, She has never been one to sleep around or lead people on intentionally."Given how Helena was it was much like Averie might look dangerous for being a nercomancer. Helena might seem like she was the type to maybe mislead people with things they might want.

Starting off by stating."It is a theory at least...I am not yet brave enough to ask her...That she is overly motherly and caring for me because she always wants to be a mother with her own family while doing the things we do currently."So far every Yates seemed to do risky and dangerous things in some manner. "But has yet to find a man who she believes will be honest and loyal that will believe while she is off collecting the illnesses and disease that she isn't going to break her bonds of a relationship, Or won't cheat on her while she is gone."Maybe it was just something Averie saw over all. To think Helena had trouble keeping a partner was an odd one to most people but if she travelled around more than Averie did it was logical to see why.

Then Averie quietly lead into Katio's ear to make sure it was not spread around."Also a theory of mine, Helena in her task might be also acting this way because she has no family of her own and is unable to bare children after a few risky situation she tried to help in."That was a damming thing to mention of a theory but it might be something that help over all explain many things or Averie is was just making a rumour.

Then the three brave souls tried to lure Averie and each time Averie almost  be lost in her thoughts and be unsure what all to do. in some manner Averie was not use to people making passes at her and it seemed to make her mind blank, However she seemed to over all not be interested in these people."No...I am fine, I am better here with him. then with any of you."Averie was brave enough to speak up for herself. She was comfortable just here sitting here and reading a book and talking to Kaito some how having a good time in her life.

Helena seemed to finally showed up watching from behind the umbrellas set up, With watching quietly Helena seemed to get a good chuckle about it."At least give them some credit,There are plenty of pretty women at this beach island." Helena mentioned with three drinks in her hand all just bottles of water."But good luck in your trial good fellows."Helena seemed to lead them with the sign that they where not going to have any luck with Averie.


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Kaito wondered if what Averie said was true though he is unsure if Helena would really have to worry about such a thing as she seemed able to actively lure people into herself and he wondered why she would want a child as of all of this that sounds strange, a baby would just slow down her life style wouldn’t it? He is unsure if Averie really knows that or if Helena might have told her that to try and trick her into believing it for a good laugh. Kaito watched as Averie just flat told those guys no just flatly like that and he figures that she just doesn’t like to be hit on. He watches Helena finally make her grand appearance and she pretty much just pokes fun at them for failing to get her sister to take them up on their offer for a date to just stand and talk to himself which in itself was odd to hear but he guessed that Averie must have some kind of reasoning for not taking the free food of a date or companionship.

Maybe Averie had turned down those men so that her sister didn’t feel bad or get jealous of her getting a date and wondering off for a good time leaving her sister behind but Kaito is not one hundred percent sure what the reasons were but he guessed that he was still going to be having to stick around and being on the beach.


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Alas the situation moved on. Most people struck out but Averie seemed to be picky and or possible just clueless. But she clearly stated what she wanted anyway. Still unsure how to continue to bring up what maybe her thoughts and heart wanted at the time."Look at that managed to handle that well." Helena broke the quiet moment since not a lot of people had spoken between but alas everyone had water.

Almost as if she had never left in the first place. It had Averie put the book away just in case but she seemed to not push Averie to go swimming in the water at all. her face out of the book seemed good enough for her."I almost expected her to just say nothing and look into the sky like she did not know what to do."She was not making Averie if anything remarking some one was getting better.

Averie just looked at it and simple said."I am content with the two people around me right now, I don't feel I need anyone else."And she seemed to leave it at that. Averie did not realize she was becoming a heart breaker quickly, Even if she regretted a part of it later on.


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Kaito had no idea what was going on at all with this woman she just got three guys that hit on her but she had just shrugged them off. He guessed that maybe she just didn't like men and he shrugged. "So what are we going to be doing? Swimming? playing in the sand, burying Averie in the sand?" Kaito wondered what they were going to be doing as there was a lot that these two could want to do and he was just here as a tag along really so really he doesn't want to push his way to telling them what to do but he wanted them to look around and have fun.

He looks around on the beach and he wonders where all of the other people are had Helena scared them away or was it the other guys and the others hadn't wanted any trouble as those three had seemed more like they were special people and he wondered if they were the local thugs.


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It was a good question and Averie did merely look upon the both of them waiting to see what would be suggested. But Averie would this time be the first to suggest something."Sand castle?"The most teen age or childish suggestion Averie seemed to be warming up to the entire idea of not just being face first into books for once in her life. It seemed like it was another attempt of progress forward in other things and hopefully it would get an ever watchful eye of some one else away from her.

Helena seemed okay with it even if she wanted to go do something else."Good good, less time reading the books. But since we are all free being to choose in which we go, I am going to go for a swim."Not being one to waste time it seemed yet again Helena being herself was already off to do other things.

"Have you two have fun."
It seemed Kaito was left to do over all what he might want to do, does he attempt join either of these two or do something else he might want to do. Averie was hoping Kaito would go with her and build a sand castle but also was the type to not force or suggest anyone to do anything they might not want too.


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Kaito was a bit taken aback by the book worm woman wanting to build sand castles as she had not struck him as that kind of woman when he had met her here but he guessed that the more quiet and shy woman might need him more than the out going flirty one and he wondered what kind of sand castle she wished to build out here. "what kind of one are you looking to build here miss Averie?" he looked at her inquisitively as he wondered what she had in mind and he got his tools together and started to get things to help support the sand castles and such but he was not sure how well or not that she will be at building but he knows that she will probably do her best but he will make sure that he supports her.

He starts flattening out an area for them to build so that they can have a good ground to start with and he waits for anything else to be told to him so that he can help her do the best that he can do and he hopes she has a strong plan in mind.


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It was a good question over all it seemed she had thought this some what through over all what was going to be done for this sand castle, not going to bring up that she read it all in a book some where."It does not need to be a massive one, if anything I am not super experienced in making them."She started off of with that. If anything it was a chance that if needed they could make a larger one, Given that Averie had not a single idea of what she was going she was not going to make a large one.

Averie would admit she was use to other things."Snow castle, igloos, snow balls and snowmen is another story."But it seemed if Kaito wanted to get things to make a sand castle it was an option, Averie just thought they needed just herself and that was it.

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