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An Early Break for The Ladies from Iceberg(Katio.)

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An Early Break for The Ladies from Iceberg(Katio.) - Page 2 Empty Fri May 12, 2023 4:14 am


He wonders why this woman had an interest in making a sand castle but he guessed it was just better to go with it and worry about the details later as he had a lot that he needed to do and very little time to do it. Kaito then realized something and he guessed he should ask her. "Averie you remembered to put on sun screen so you don't burn badly right?" He is now worried that the woman had not taken the time to properly prepare herself for the beach as he waits for an answer he pulls some sunscreen out of a portal in case she needed some of it. He started damping the sand a bit to make it so the sand is more clumpable so they can build with it easier and will be harder to just have someone step a bit to close and have the wind from their movements make the dryer sands crumble.


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Sun screen? that was never mentioned in any her books as she recalled, well anything that was normal guides. Then again it did not come to her mind that she forget that part between all of the other things. Well there was things she read about sunscreen, aside form forgetting it was not books about needing to make sure that it was used.

But because she was rushed and over all in mentioned somewhere before, Averie was just told to bring herself nothing else so she did exactly that."No....I was just told to come here by Helena..."Thus they where back to the realize of in fact Averie only brought herself and some clothing she just happen to have at the time and that was it."Is it super important to have?"This is a woman use to the snow, maybe summer places were not that much noted yet or she had that much trust in Helena that she did not even ask if she bought any and she was not around to answer either. Thus she was stuck so to say.


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Kaito sighs and not wonders if this was also part of Helena's trap here or if this was just an innocent over sight on the other woman's side of the things. "Want me to get your shoulders and back with it since we don't want you to get horribly sun burned and hating life?" He makes sure that his hands are clean so he doesn't have sand on his hands as he doesn't want to make a mess or to scrap her back and he puts some sunscreen on his hand and hands her the bottle of sunscreen and covers his hands in mana so that she will be protected from his curse as he doesn't want to hurt her.

He keeps waiting until she gives him an answer so that he has her permission before he tries to help her protect herself from the sun and not end up looking like a boiled lobster. "Just remember that this is going to be cold on the skin so it might feel funny alright?"


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This entire matter would have been easier if Helena was around to be asked about but in the distance lingering around in the water and just seemingly floating in place you could see Helena relaxing in the water, With little to no worry most likely on her mind but she seemed to be enjoying swimming. It might seen a bit off to invite your sister out for a break and not do anything with her, It could easily be part of a plan. Maybe Helena just was also trying not to push Averie to do so many things right away.

But for now Averie seemed to have no problem with being touched or even with the matter of the problem going on."It will be cold? I am sure that might be a nicer feeling, So that will be fine." She seemed to give the fact it was okay and agreed to ti and quietly waited.


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Kaito sighs as he was about to do this and he hopes no one gets the wrong idea about him doing it. Kaito started rubbing the sunscreen on the necromancers back and shoulders to help protect her from becoming a burnt mess that hates life and regrets her choices as she was not ready and it was mostly her sisters fault for her not being ready. "Why would your sister who is a protective sister not warn you of the dangers of being out here in the sun to get burned to a crisp." He looked at the sister that was just other in the water floating around like she didn't set her sister up to get the worst night of her life from being covered in burns that her poor skin would probably never recover from.

Kaito finishes getting the woman's back and harder to reach areas protected in sunscreen so that she can enjoy her day and not have to worry about it at least for a few hours but by then the woman would probably be ready to return to her cabin to read and recharge.


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It seemed at least Kaito did express that point, While Averie did not seem to think about it too in depth and why it would be much of a problem. After all in some manner the balance of Helena was very much watch over and caring for your family. Thus trying to think up of how to explain it in a manner that might make sense, But over all it did seem illogical.

But Averie seemed to not think anything too horrible over all, Averie was an odd lass, but she was still mature for the most part she was not assuming anything with Kaito helping."It might be the case of. She has it and used for herself but only did not because i did not ask as a learning lesson in life to prepare even if she had everything covered, she call is...Tough love?"Averie thought that was the phrase she was looking for but over all she thought she explained it well.

Whilei n the background you could see people talking to Helena while she was casually floating in the water, then she seemingly stood up from the water, Looked at the people she was talking too. Then they seemed to run off. Whatever she did most likely was not overly healthy for them. Then she went back to relaxing in the water.


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Kaito was not sure how smart that is to have her sister get hurt to prove something like that but maybe she was right but he sighed and he sat in the sand. "Sorry if I had made that weird in some way, I wondered how you would react to that but at least now I am sure." Kaito plays with the sand in front of himself and he wonders if there is something coming on and he wonders also why he did that at all and how risky it was that he had done that as he doesn’t need the poor woman to be targeted for seeming to be close to him and he wants to make sure that he takes care of it before there is anything that comes this way. Kaito watched the water for a bit wondering if he should just disappear from this world and not return as he is a bad omen and he shouldn’t really be here in this moment as he is not sure that he should ever be here in the sun with other people.


An Early Break for The Ladies from Iceberg(Katio.) - Page 2 Empty Fri May 19, 2023 5:10 pm

Kaito's worry seemed almost not needed at all. If anything over all it seemed that how this worked out the nercomancer was far more happy about with what Kaito did about the matter. It was better then most people's ideas with the matter people must have thought touching her was almost going to ruin their life or something."Sorry for what? If anything I thank you for doing it and thinking of it. I don't assume getting a tan would make anyone like me for my personality."Averie mentioned because it was just how she felt of it.

Even then she would also say."Helena does try to help a lot, It is why she never has a home, No family aside from myself, my brother and parents. Even then we barely see her."Averie started off with that. Helena did not seem like she was steering up to return so they had yet, they had a bit more time."She only ever wanted family...until her mission of making sure her is able to cure anyone is done, she will never attempt a family."Averie saying attempt with that theory mentioned earlier it almost seemed Helena might ever achieve either goal.


An Early Break for The Ladies from Iceberg(Katio.) - Page 2 Empty Sat May 20, 2023 9:08 am


"Sounds more like a fools errand more than a goal but we will see about that and if she can really do it but a tan probably wouldn't hurt you, but letting you damage your skin and get hurt are things she should be making sure you don't have happen to you." Kaito moved away from her and he gets back to working on a sand castle and keeping his shirt on covering his back and he keeps him self planning and trying to think of what else he can do here or if this was all just one giant distraction that he shouldn't be having right now and that he should be getting free of and he puts a fake smile on his face as he doesn't know what else he can really do as he feels a bit empty on the inside like his soul was messing something and he was not one to think that he was going to be able to find it here and now so he will need to get around it all and to take on something bigger.

Kaito was making sure that the towers and the outlooking pieces were in good form and shape before he started moving to other parts this was him trying to stop himself from thinking or make sense anymore as he needed to just shut off his brain as he was starting to feel like he can't breath.


An Early Break for The Ladies from Iceberg(Katio.) - Page 2 Empty Mon May 22, 2023 12:46 pm

It was an fool's errand even in some manner Averie's own task was a fool's errand as well. But that was their fates it was the fate of any child bearing the Yates last name. She would even explain it it as such as well."Well...it is the fate of us Yates to be this way, It was the agreement that took place as started learning out magics."It was explained basic manners but it was almost like It was just what she had been told to expected."Necromancy, a mage of Plagues...a Mage of ruin. we are all appointed to solve these fool's errands even if pointless, We are also asked to achieve our other life desires between that goal."It still might not seem like it but Averie,Helena and their brother yet to be named by either of them were all in some manner learning the most dangerous kinds of magic for some kind of reason of using it for good. Helena had gotten far because she was the oldest and had many steps ahead compared to the unnamed brother or Averie.

But Averie even if she seemed to understand some of the people's view of how these things were perplexing and confusing in terms of their behaviour all of the time."Over all, I could assume Helena had a good plan, just forgot some parts to rush it out."It was Averie trying to show it was a bit more of a lighter way.


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He sighed as this woman seemed to not be giving up and she wondered what was going to happen or if he should even keep bothering to keep worrying about it as they all seemed like maybe they were mistreated and feel they have to serve this grand plan for some reason that was out of their control. "Maybe you should break the cycle before you waste your life away or get yourself killed." He started working on the finer details of the sand castle as he had nothing else that he could really say to her as it wouldn't do any good and he realizes when he is in a losing battle as this fight isn't one that he had wind with his fighting skills and he thinks that he might just be stupid for sticking his nose into other peoples business and he does his best not to hurt the sand building he was working on and he wonders if the older sister is just going to walk over and kick it over wasting all of this work.


An Early Break for The Ladies from Iceberg(Katio.) - Page 2 Empty Thu May 25, 2023 1:33 pm

Averie seemed to take the suggestion to heart, after all this was not the first time she had heard something like this before. But the other person she heard from was mush more rude about it compared to Kaito and also did not try to kill her."It would not be the first time I heard that from some one."Averie mentioned while she would finally join in on trying to make a sand castle seemingly distracted by the conversation at hand. But she seemed not offended or bothered some how. Thus her story about the manner would continue on.

"I will give you credit for not holding me against the wall and holding a knife to my neck...unlike that nun that spoke a funny language before attacking me."It was vague details so it could have been any nun really. However since Averie had not really been paying attention and looking over her at that moment was Helena who had been nice enough to not say much."She was a pretty, for a very rude nun from minstrel."Helena seemed to mention in detail of what in which she noted of that person."She could really work on her people manners more."Her hat covering her in shade glasses covering her eyes. Then waiting for a moment to see what would be said by either of them now.


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He heard the woman speak about being held against the wall and he wondered something that if this woman was just into getting herself assaulted or something as she seemed to have been harassed and attacked a lot and driven from areas with threats of assault. "I guess I need to ask this as I have just seen you be attacked and hear of you being mistreated, are you into pain or something?" He asked this fully unaware of the maybe sexual way that could be taken as he had heard rumors of people that love pain and love to get hurt while fighting and he half expects that his own brother is one of those people but he is unsure if Emil is in fact like that.

He looked at Helena as she said nun from Minstrel and he thinks he knows the very nun that would hold someone at knife point if she thought that maybe they were an unholy being or if she thinks that leaving her alive meant something else got more powerful like a dead god or something. "Oh was she looking for a fight or something?"


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It was a good question to ask Averie and her answer was already fairly simple to it after all. that entire idea of it seemed flawed and illogical of her. "No not at all."Averie answered. She wanted to feel offended in some way but seemed in some manner okay in just being not because these where important questions."It just take making one person uncomfortable and spreading there is a practising nercomancer around to start giving people ideas that I might be a threat."Averie explained because it was just how she seemed to see it happening.

Then Helena added it."Maybe....just maybe summoning a giant skeleton arm out of cliff edge, Was not the smartest idea."In which puzzled Averie was unsure how it was helpful after all she had to solve a problem and save some one."That child lived, I used at what was at my disposal to save the child, There was no other option it could have been with how far they would have fallen."Then Helena seemed to sigh that in some manner this lesson was not getting through to Averie at all.

So she would explain it."And when people see that, They thought your idea might kill the child as well. Averie your suppose to learn a bit more from that."Helena seemed to be a bit less sweet as she was normally and trying to teach her a bit more now."Then that nun got word some one casting dark arts in endangering some one, Then you wonder why she holding you by her neck against a wall."Maybe how Helena was trying to teach Averie was not going to work. Even she had a point, she was still worried about her sister.

Averie seemed to stop to think about it."So...the normal of my life? I never attack anyone why would they assume I am a threat to start with?"With that being said Helena seemed to facepalm right away.


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Kaito gently patted Averie on the back with a smile. "I see you are just a trouble maker huh?" He then goes out into the water as he was done with his sand castle and the other woman had finally shown up so he didn’t have to be so close to Averie as her sister can watch over her for the moment while he swims and tries to think as he is unsure even why he was here besides her sister had wanted to make him watch over her sister like he was a baby sitter or something as that was all he could guess at from this. Kaito watches the water and he wonders if he was doing the right thing ditching Averie to swim and he felt bad that he had done it as she was doing her best and he sorta just took off on her like that.

Kaito swims back in from the water and starts walking back over to her and he wondered if Averie could even swim or if it was not a thing that she had deemed needed to know. "Averie do you know how to swim?" he has stopped just short of her looking down at her from where he was standing on the beach near their sand castles.


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Being called a trouble maker seemed to actually have Averie express some kind of emotion form her which was a bit different compared to most people seeing Averie her expressing something in the realm of emotions for once.She sounded almost embarrassed in some way like she did not think it was possible at all for such a thing to happen with Averie"I am not!"Some what embarrassed and insulted it showed Averie had emotions.

But the next part was. most likely showing why the entire Yates family where just a bit off even if they where for the most part friendly and nice."Oh are you sure it isn't just a phase you were a always good girl growing up."Helena mentioned with that conversation going on and Kaito moving towards the water Helena felt it fitting and in some manner a good guiding way for Averie to have this happen.

"Yes i can swim why?"Then with out any other words spoke Averie seemed to almost become weightless some how and Helena picked her up and threw her into the water form where they both stood at the time and Averie well almost seemed unable to stop it."Then go swimming like I invited you too."Averie would land in the water just if she was swimming right away was a good question.


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Kaito seeing Averie being lifted wondered what her sister was about to do and he watched her get tossed like she was nothing and Kaito went running that way to go and make sure she doesn't get hurt and make sure that he saves her if she is hurt or if she might be turned around under the water so she isn't swimming down instead of up if the impact with the water hadn't already knocked her out and Kaito dived in to look for Averie and she swam as fast as he could toward her if he catches sight of her and he wonders why Helena had just thrown her sister like that and if that was really the right answer to this all or if she did it just to be the annoying older sister type. He gets a feeling that this woman might really like his older brother who was nearly as thoughtless and believe strongly in learn by doing and tougher love than anything else.


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Whatever Helena had done was something Averie was yet able to explain, who knows what mixture of ill health Helena thought up to make Averie some how become lighter and fall quickly. But she was just about to fall into the water as a really fast pace of speed so her mind was not really on how in depth a mage who learned and took in so many horrible illinesses got some kind of illness that made a person become light for a small period of time. As she already felt better for the most part it was must have been made to leave the body quick.

But she was alive and okay did some one catch her? she did not know, but she did look around to see where she was at and what was going on around her. Since well it was her knowing she was okay and safe.


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Kaito had gotten close enough to her while her eyes were shut and he used his own magic to pull her to the top of the water so she didn't get harmed and he wondered what Helena was thinking to risk harm to her own sister. "You okay Averie?" His voice carried a tone of worry in it as he was not sure if she had been hurt on impact or not as she looked like she had been thrown hard enough and fast enough that the waters surface pressure might have done some harm but the first thing was first to find out if she had been harmed by hitting the water and it seems that her swim suit held in there as well so she wouldn't be facing any beach side slip ups. "You sure she loves you?" Kaito hadn't wanted to ask that question but he knew that he really had to ask as Averie could have been harmed even if ir was a prank or trying to be funny.


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After all this situation being settled and over all situation with being thrown as she had. Averie did seemed like if anything she was unharmed and not all that in danger in the end at least because some one stopped it. But she did need to answer Kaito and he did not blame her in anyway for seeing what had happen with her. After all it was fairly strange and confusing to see it happen at times."I seem to be okay. I would assumed it would not have ended will for me."For just having this happen Averie was remarkable casual about it.

as for his question Averie did have a fair answer for him was most likely the odd one he did expect in some manner."Yes I am sure, she would not have nearly killed that nun if she didn't."Which she did seem to hold on to and value."Just...my sister is a bit odd."


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"If my brother ever threw me like I just saw your sister do to you, I think I would have creamed him." Kaito was just being honest but he had also lacked the experience that growing up with a sibling was like, so he couldn't fully understand what it was like to have the bond she has with her sister as he doesn't have that kind of bond with Emil and they are more like just two people that found out that they are brothers and nothing more beyond that.

Kaito was not sure how the hell Averie is not mad at her sister and he helps her back to closer where she can touch her feet and stand and catch her breath he was not sure if he was even doing or saying the right thing as he is mad at the sister that threw her but he knows getting into a fight with Helena will not solve anything and will just probably make Averie mad at him for acting on something that happened to her.


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As much as it was odd she did not pay it much mind. They both where people raised differently use to different things. "Well I don't entirely blame you...I have a feeling in a normal sense i should feel that way. But I some how in the end seem to be okay." Averie mentioned while Kaito was busy doing the things he was. Checking over Averie still seemed to show she was okay and seemingly unphased by what happen. Even if it was something that if not stopped as it did might have hurt for her, Kaito did a good thing.

Averie still over all seemed to be able to keep her composure event at times with these matters she might feel differently and almost be able to express it."Did you find anything wrong yourself?"Averie said this because she felt fine and like nothing was wrong.


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Kaito sighs and just floats on his back and he wonders if he just drowned now would he just find a good ending and find peace. He really has no idea why he bothers he keeps just getting slapped by the hands of fate as he can't seem to win. He wonders if Averie is still there beside him or if she has swam off he just stays still and he doesn't look around he just stays floating as he has no real idea of why Averie puts up with being attacked and tossed like she was and he can hear things and people talking that echoed in the water as he floated with his eyes closed there never seemed to be peace in his mind only war, was it just he can never truly relax or was it just that every time he did relax all hell broke loose and it ended up with him having to fight for his life and just hope that he came out on the other side alive. "I am going to be honest I am not sure if I am coming or going." He had floated farther out to sea.


An Early Break for The Ladies from Iceberg(Katio.) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jun 11, 2023 11:10 am

He might not know where he was going but Averie seemed willing to give him some kind of answer to possible choose going. If he was that worried about it Averie would suggest something pretty simple. Only just to make sure it was Kaito did not have much to stress about in the end. "If you are unsure harmless to just go to shore."She said because that way some one did not have to worry about it much longer. Did Kaito need to be guided? would he even listen to her? both where good things to ponder. Maybe after this who knows what would go on

So she would even suggest just in case."Maybe as I think I will rather then my sister go get you something to drink. You know...more than water maybe some apple juice."She suggested something harmless after all Kaito did kind of catch her and they where just kind of here.


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"I don't think it is so much that it is more like I feel a void in myself." He was still floating away toward the sea as he was not sure what he was even thinking as there was too much on his mind as he had lost someone, he had fought a robot, his mind just kept racing as there seemed to never be an end in sight as he just felt lost inside but was he really lost or was he just over stressed and over working himself to burry other issues that he was having was he just needlessly pushing himself to be more that he really is or was he on par with where he needed to be and see if he could really let him self go or would he just drown.

He heard the woman speak and he stopped floating and flipped up right so he was swimming and he looked at her. "Not sure why you would pick apple juice of all things but if that is what your next want is for this day then I guess that is what we should do." He started to swim into the shore so she could lead him to where she wanted to go for this apple juice.

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