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An Early Break for The Ladies from Iceberg(Katio.)

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An Early Break for The Ladies from Iceberg(Katio.) - Page 3 Empty Tue Jun 13, 2023 9:35 am

did it work? kind of but Averie was still even unsure about it in the end, She did not entirely understand because she in some manner was still stunted in how people can work and their emotions this was something most people did pick up upon but she did her best and tried."Oh...is there something I could possible do. In remedy this problem?"Averie asked because did want to make sure but had a feeling the answer was not going to be something along the lines of no or nothing. But she still would try anyway because it was right in her mind.

Then well she would explain why she wanted Apple juice."Orange juice would also be nice...i just seemed to enjoy them the most between all of the things I try, unless there is means to celebrate then that matter i drink different things."It seemed she kept things in line of how she did things.


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Kaito looked at the woman and he laughed a little as she said that orange juice is just as good he was not expecting that from her but he was not sure if she was doing it on purpose but he guessed that he needed to relax a bit and hopefully Revy will return and other things as well will fall into line for him. "Lets go get the apple juice I will follow you but do you want to stop and grab a towel or something before we go on?" He had gotten onto the beach as he wondered where this woman would lead him and if she was going to cover up or if she was just shameless as he went to put his hoodie back on.

He had no idea where Helena had gone to either, and as it was her idea for this beach visit one would think that she would be, being a good hostess and lead them to fun and not just keep taking off and disappearing.


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Kaito might be wondering that where as Averie did not seemed to be thinking about it too much. As rude as it might be Averie herself was already a bit off and at times could be seen as a bit bizarre. Helena was mentioned to be a bit different, Thus it seemed in the end Helena was extremely weird. At least some where off in the background the hat Helena was seen wearing was there floating about and moving around. So she was still around but most likely was distracted by something.

As for his suggestion it seemed logical."Yes, that might be a good idea...might be good to some what dry off before getting it."She seemed to agree to it. But the main goal seemed to have been achieved everyone was some what distracted from their own mind sets at the time and they dd not have a looming figure trying to meddle between them all.


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Kaito wonders why they are both so flaky and he sighs as he doesn't understand they are like they are or if there was something they were testing to see if he is a gentlemen or not but either way he wonders if the necromancer will be turning more heads or if she covered up they would stop staring at her, Kaito was starting to sound like he is an over protective older brother in his head.

Kaito got his hoodie on and he starts heading toward the juice bar with the woman hopefully right behind him or next to him as he walked toward it as he didn't want her to wonder and get herself into any trouble that could be avoidable and he was going to keep doing his best as he needed to not ruin this woman's day. He pulled out her seat so she can sit down and then he took his own seat and he looked at the menu of the juices that they had but as they said Apple juice it was going to be and he waited for the woman to pick if she was really going to go with apple juice and if they should order for her sister as well or not.


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It seemed maybe Averie would be a bit more happy about these things matter going in the way they where. Looking around for a moment Averie seemed even if she was comfortable almost like she was checking if she was left anything in terms of alternative clothing aside from her swim outfit and normal clothing. In which was not really the case at this time."Guess I will have to consider getting one another day." While Kaito had a hoodie, Averie did not own one, But she did not seem cold or like she was worried about it at the time.

Plus the sun did feel nice because she was use to the cold so maybe that was that benefit. Averie seemed to be able to keep up with out problems as she was looking about this place. At least in luluhawan everyone for the most part was in swimming attire. But at the juice while Averie was not looking at any of the people. Helena at the juice bar, she was not looking at them but she was getting something for herself at the time.

Then Averie seemed to look."Yes apple juice seems better for the moment."Averie came to her choice rather quickly at this time. Helena however looking over for a moment, Look at how casually Averie seemed to be, Gave Kaito a wink like she was busy with something and walked off to do something something.


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Kaito hears Averie's order and he looked at the sister that was clearing ditching them and causing this to really just all be on Kaito's head and he signs as this was not how he thought he would be spending his day and if he was really going to to be here all day maybe be should make her sister worry and sneak Averie off to somewhere else that way Helena would have to worry that Kaito ditched Averie and something might have happened to her while she wasn't watching the woman like a hawk. He got their order in and he tells them that they will get the juice to go and looks to Averie. "Lets take it and go somewhere else, how does that sound?" Kaito had made a plan as her sister was just ducking around and not really watching and this just felt like a massive set up so Kaito wasn't going to play this game and he was going to take control of this for himself.


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Averie did not have much else of how these things would work in Kaito's head if anything she was delighted there was things going on while just she just seemed content with how things where progressing. Kaito's ideas about how her sister were not a thing she would pick up on and Averie if anything was just more delighted she could sneak away and have a casual not outside in the heat for at least this time. Then would finally speak about the offer."Yes sounds a bit more fitting."Letting Kaito know she did agree to the idea.

It was kind of easy to sneak off when no one was really trying to pay attention them, Averie alone did not bring much attention to herself. But they where leaving Averie still left in some manner the only other person who might care where she was on this island knew she was leaving with Kaito at this time. At one point looking behind her Helena could be seen in the background and close enough to give Averie a coy wink. but Averie had juice and a reason to not stay outside so she was happy.



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Kaito had heard her answer and he was happy that she had agreed and that this would not take more convincing from him to her to go. Kaito did want to keep it safe so he was going to take her to safe places as he sipped his juice and he knew where ever Revy was that she was probably happy that he was at least being friendly and not just keeping everyone at a distance and he knows that he needs to be careful about how he does these things and how far he lets them go as from where he is right now she was not interested in him he had given her space from her sister for herself to breath and not have Helena pushing her around or doing strange things to the poor woman. Kaito makes sure to stay close to here so that they don't lose the other or him let her get hurt some how to something he doesn't see coming but tries to enjoy the time with her.

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