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Trade Deal PT. 6 (Neutral)

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Yuurei and Renji were trying to figure out what to do as they were just enjoying the view that the guild had to offer. While they were doing that, it would seem like someone would be heading their way. He wouldn’t know until they got close enough. He would have a smirk on his face as he would look at Renji. It would seem like they were going to have something today after all. He would stretch a bit as he got up from the floor he was sitting on. Renji wondered why his friend got up but figured it was because he sensed something he didn’t.

“We have a job today I guess. This is going to be easy.” He said to Renji.

Footsteps would get louder and Yuurei would smile as he looked at his coin and he would whisper to it.

“I need to get things done quicker.” He said as if it would shine brightly before dimming out.



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Yuurei would turn to look at the person who had arrived at the scene. There they were with the letter in their hand. He had a smile on his face as he was happy to see them. They would hand Yuurei the letter and he would take it without a problem. The man would leave the area to continue sending things out. Renji would look at Yuurei and he would nod as he understood.

“Alright what are we doing today?” He asked Yuurei.

The Seraphim would open the letter he would read through it and would smile as that was a simple task. He would fold the paper and place it in his pocket as he looked at Renji with a smile on his face.

“We’re going to Worth Woodsea and negotiating a trade for a village is all.” He said to Renji as he understood.

Yuurei would crack his neck as he was getting ready to take flight.



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Renji would climb on his shoulder and now that they were ready, he would start hovering from the ground with his cape and soon enough he would start making his way to his destination. Renji would hold on tight as he wasn’t going to fall off and fall to his death. He moved through the place as he would see that the forest he lived in his entire life was coming into his vision. He had a smile on his face as she wondered how things were going to go with this talk.

He would soon make his way to the forest, and he would start to descend. He knew the trees would guide him where he needed to go. They had a life on their own and knew what he was feeling. The Seraphim would land on the ground and he would start walking through the forest of the sea. It was beautiful and relaxing, and he couldn’t help but be one with it all.



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Yuurei would keep walking and the trees would guide them through it. He had a smile on his face as Renji climbed down off his shoulder. They were walking together, and he wondered why these chief’s throughout these villages were stubborn as hell. They didn’t like changes, and it was Yuurei’s job and others to make sure that they could force them to change.

The Seraphim would keep walking and soon enough they would make it to the village. When they got to the village they would be stopped by the guards that were stationed. He would look at them and they would keep him from stepping in.

“I’m Yuurei, and I’m here for a quest. I can enter a different way, but I would like for you to let me in without me doing that please.” He said to them giving them their options.

They looked at him and then at each other. It would seem like they knew who he was now that they stared at him and would walk to the side.



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Yuurei would smile at them, and he was glad that they understood. He would walk in without a problem now. His movements through the village had brought people to look at him. He would look at them with a smile on his face as he would keep moving. It took them a while to realize who he was, and they would smile at him. They wondered why Yuurei was here but knew there wasn’t a point in asking that question.

He would keep moving and soon enough he would think about who he should be talking to before he got to the chief’s home. It was then that someone would approach him and he would smile as he didn’t think anybody would approach him there. He would look at them and they would wave at him as they finally found the guy they hired.

“Yuurei, you’re here. I was hoping you would show up. I can take you to my father if you want me to.” He said to Yuurei.



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Yuurei would smile at him as he was glad that this guy had arrived.

“Sure you can take me to your father. You can tell me about how stubborn he’s being if you want to.” He said as he laughed at that part.

His client would laugh when he heard Yuurei’s words, but he wasn’t wrong about his father. He would just shake his head as he was disappointed in his father when he thought about him.

“Yeah, we tried to get him to change his mind, but he doesn’t see the positive of us doing this trade. It was why I asked you to come. Hopefully, you will be the one to change his mind.” He said to Yuurei.

The hunter was fine with helping him out in this matter. He was going to be quick with it and hopefully, the man would change his mind so he could be on his way.



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Yuurei would look at him and then he would look ahead of them. They were getting to the place that he needed to go.

“Alright I understand. It shouldn’t be too hard for me to change his mind.” He said to his client.

The two of them would continue walking through the field and they would see the place where the chief would live in. His client would come to a stop as he would look at Yuurei. The hunter would look at him as if it would seem like they had made it.

“This is as far as I can go. If you want a chance to convince my father you don’t need me in there.” He said as Yuurei would smile at him.

He would nod as if he was okay with doing this on his own. He had planned on doing that from start, so it wouldn’t bother him now.



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Yuurei would enter the establishment and when he did everybody would look at him. The two of them would look at everyone and they would just smile as they walked through it all. When he had gotten to the end, he would see the chief of the village waiting. It would seem like they were all waiting for him to say why he was there. The Seraphim would smile at him as he was glad to see this guy was living well.

“What brings you here in my village? I didn’t expect Yuurei to show up here ever. So want to tell me why you’re here?” He said to him.

Yuurei would look at him and he would keep his smile.

“I’m here because I was told you be stubborn with your decision to trade with another village. I think it is wise that you change your mind on that.” He said as he paused for a second.



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The village chief would hear those words and he would shake his head. He knew his son would do something like this, but he didn’t think that Yuurei would be here. He would sigh as he figured that he would have to listen to Yuurei after all.

The Seraphim would explain the situation about the villages, and they needed to trade. It would be the best thing for them as they would grow as a village. He spoke to him about how they will need them in the future and possibly the other way around. After they spoke a bit more, the village chief would agree to handle the situation and go through with the trade after all.

Yuurei would leave the place and he would speak to his client. The man would hand him his jewels as he was glad that he changed his father’s mind. The Seraphim would leave with Renji and they would head back to the guild.

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