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Pest Control PT. 27 (Neutral)

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Yuurei and Renji were relaxing in the office as Yuurei had finished working. He had caught up with everything that he had allowed to stack up. The paperwork was no longer there, and he was just relaxing as he was trying to find a way to kill time. Renji was relaxing and taking a catnap as he was waiting for them to do something. It was then that a knock on the door would happen. The Nephilim would look at the door and he would lean back on his chair before decided to answer the door.

“Come on in.” He said as he waited to see who would show up.

The messenger would show open the door as he would see that his guild master was waiting for him to come to him. He would approach the desk and he would hand Yuurei the letter as he would step away from him. He would bow slightly before he took his leave from the room.



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Yuurei would look at the letter and he would open it because he didn’t know who it came from. He would read through it, and he would see that it was from a new client. It was a pest control situation, and it would seem like they needed to clear the place. He would take on the job and make sure that everything was clear so that he would get paid.

“Renji we got a job to do in Orchidia. Let’s be on our way and see our client.” He told Renji.

Renji would get up from the couch when he heard this. He would yawn and stretch a bit as he would then rub his eyes as he moved over to Yuurei. He would climb his friend until he was on his shoulder.

“Let’s be on our way.” He said to Yuurei as he would smile at him.

The Nephilim would move to the window, and he would open it.



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Yuurei’s wings would sprout from his back, and he would step out of the window. It was then he would hover in front of the window, and he would close the window before flying off to Orchidia. He would enjoy his time in the air as he would go through quickly. It was a quick trip to Orchidia and he would see the city from where he was. He would smile as he would start to descend to the ground. When he got there, his wings would disperse as he was now walking around. He didn’t want to bother anybody with his transformation, so he was quick to return to normal.

He would walk through the streets now as he would see people looking at him. They would wave at him and say their hellos to Yuurei. He would see this, and he would wave at them and return the greeting as well. The berserker kept moving though as he had somewhere to go.



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Renji would get off his shoulder as well as they were walking around. He was taking them to their next destination which was the market district. The light mage would continue with his greetings, and he would make his way to the marketplace. There he knew where he would go as he walked through the streets quickly. It wouldn’t take long, but he would see someone waiting for him at a store. He figured this was his client as he was just standing there. The store behind him had looked abandoned and it seemed like it needed to be fixed. He would walk to the man that was waiting for someone. When he got close enough, he would come to a stop as he would wave at the man.

The man would see this, and his eyes would widen when he saw who it was. He was happy that Yuurei had been able to come to do the job he asked him to do.



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The man would walk over to Yuurei with a smile on his face and he would look at Renji as well. It would seem like he had two people who were going to work for him today.

“Hello there Yuurei. I’m glad you could show up. I was happy that you personally made an appearance. Do you need me to tell you anything about this place?” He asked Yuurei waiting for any questions.

“I’m good with you telling me anything. I know there are a lot of rats inside of the shop. I will take them out without a problem. I hope that I can solve everything without killing them, but who knows. That’s why I need a few things from you while I’m inside.” He said to the man waiting for him to speak.

“Sure I will make sure that I can get you anything you need. Just tell me what you need.” He said waiting for Yuurei to speak.



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Yuurei would smile at him as he was glad to hear that he was cooperative with him. This would go smoothly, and he would be able to get things done.

“I need you to go get yourself someone who could clean up all or any dead rats in your shop. Then I need you to also get someone that can seal walls and make sure that it is sturdy enough so the rats can’t come back.” He said to his client.

The client was fine with what he heard as he looked at Yuurei.

“I’m fine with that. I will get everything you need just take care of the mess inside please.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage would hear this and he would look at Renji. It was then that the two of them would make their way to the front of the door. He would open the door and the two of them would enter the place for their work to begin.



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When they were inside of the place he would look around as he would feel the vibration coming from the right side of him. It was then that he would look at Renji with a smile on his face.

“The rats are on the right side of the shop. Let’s be on our way and take care of these guys.” He said to Renji as they would start making their way to the end of the right side of the shop.

When they got there, they would see the rats that were just hanging out and plotting to do things. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he would put the Rat King’s Circlet on his head. When he put that on it would seem like they were planning on breaking out of here and causing chaos to the city of Orchidia.

He would shake his head when he heard that because he knew he would have to do something about it. He wasn’t going to ask them to leave because he knew what they were plotting, and he wasn’t going to allow that to come to fruition.



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“Sorry to break it to you guys, but you aren’t going to be able to do anything like that. So how about you relax and surrender.” He said to the rats as they looked at him angrily.

They had heard him and understood what he had said. Still, they didn’t care what he said as it was time to take him out. They would start running straight after him. He would see this, and he would prepare himself. He would start dodging the attacks as he would smile at them because they weren’t going to be happy with what he was going to do to them.

He would use mana to get the equipment out of his bag as they would appear on Nephilim’s body. He would be fully equipped now as he figured that he would start attacking them with everything that he had.

Renji was in the back as he was just watching the fighting begin.



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Yuurei would continue moving around and soon enough one of them rats had gotten close to him. He would punch the rat quickly as he would send it flying to the wall. It gave him enough time to dodge the attacks of the other rats. The Nephilim was still on the move as he wasn’t trying to get trapped by any of the rats. He would kick another rat up into the air as he would move and so would all the other rats.

The light mage would step forward and he would take out yet another rat that had gotten in his way. It was enjoyable to see them be taken out. He didn’t like the threat they had given to the people of Orchidia. As the rats had close the distance between him, he would continue to take them out slowly. The Nephilim looked at the remaining rats as he figured he would be able to take out the remaining ones quickly.



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Yuurei would continue fighting with the rats and he would take them out. The fight between him and the group was simple. He would see the rats falling to the ground and when there was no one left, they would look at each other. It was then the rat was going to run away, but Yuurei wasn’t going to allow the rat to be able to escape. He would run to the rat without hesitating as he closed the distance between the two. He cut the escape route and he would have a smirk on his face. It was then he would kick the rat as it would fly to the wall, and he would sigh.

He took a deep breath as he would relax himself. He placed his equipment back into the bag as he was done with fighting. He looked over to Renji as if it was time for them to look for the hole in the wall.



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Yuurei and Renji would go around the area now as they were looking for the hole in the shop. While they were doing that, Renji would find a bunch of valuables around the area. He would put them in his bag as the two of them would continue to search around the place. It wouldn’t take long, but the two of them would find the hole that the rats had come from.

When they did, Yuurei would search for the next and it was something to temporarily find a way to cover the hole. The berserker would find something, and he would quickly cover the spot. Once he had done that he would make his way out of the shop and to the client that was waiting for him.

He would explain to the group where they could find the hole and the rats as well. Renji would also hand over the valuables that he found in the shop. The client would see this, and he would take it and hand Yuurei his reward. The two would take their reward and be on their way back home.

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