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Pest Control PT. 25 (Neutral)

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Yuurei was finishing all his paperwork as he knew that today would be a busy day. He had a lot to do today. He was getting ready for that as he knew that something would come any second now. When he had gotten himself ready, he would look at Renji and his friend was sleeping the entire time. He would smile at him, and he would just crack his neck. His face shifted to the door that had been knocked on. He would look at the door with a smile on his face as he expected this.

“Please come in, I've been expecting you.” He said to the person behind the door waiting for them to come inside his office.

The man would open the door and they would look around and would smile at Yuurei as they were glad it was not a trap or anything like that. He would move close to his guild master and he would hand him a letter.



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Yuurei would look at him as he was quiet as ever and he would look over to the letter and he would take it from him. The man would step away from Yuurei when he had given him his letter and he would leave the place. He would close the door and the Nephilim would open the letter. He would look through it and he would smile as it would seem like he was right. He was ready to go as the duo was going to be taking out rats today. He would stretch his arms into the air for a bit and then he would walk over to Renji who was napping away on the couch.

He would get close to his friend, and Renji would feel Yuurei’s presence next to him. He would open his eyes slowly and he would see that his friend was ready to leave. He would rub his eyes as he would get up from the couch as he felt he deserved this nap.



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Renji would stretch a bit and when he was ready he would jump off the couch and onto Yuurei’s shoulder. He would look around and he figured that they were going to travel by flight to get to the job quickly.

“What do we got to do today?” He asked Yuurei.

Yuurei would smile at him as he would walk to the window and he would open it.

“Today we’re going to be handling rats. We get rid of them and then we can go on to something else to do today. We had a lot of paperwork to do today, but we should be fine now.” He said to him as he would step out of the window.

While he did this his wings would sprout from his back and he would close the window as he would descending now. It was then that he would start flying as he was heading to Orchidia.



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Yuurei would now be walking through the city of Orchidia and he would wave at everyone who looked at him. They were excited to see him in the city, but it was always like this whenever he came to visit. The Nephilim kept walking though as he would make his way to the market district. While he did that, he would continue greeting people as he was looking for his client. His movements were swift and soon enough he would see someone hanging out in front of a store. He examined the store and knew it wasn’t open and looked abandoned.

This was how he knew he was here, and he would approach the man who was waiting for someone, which was possibly him. When he got there, he would come to a stop he would look at him and wait for him to say something.

The man would look at Yuurei and his eyes widen when he saw who it was.



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The man would look at him for a bit longer before he walked over to him as it would seem like he was waiting for him now. He would approach Yuurei and he would have a smile on his face.

“I’m glad you could come to show up Yuurei. I was wondering if you would show up or if you would have sent someone to handle this.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage would hear this and he would smile at him as he understood why he had felt this way. Still, he was here and he would take care of this without a problem.

“Yeah I figured I would take care of this and get rewarded like the members in my guild would. I also have done this a lot so it's nothing new to me. Still, it doesn’t stop here. I need you to get two specific people while I’m in there.” He would pause to see how the guy would react to it.



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The man would hear Yuurei and he was fine with doing whatever the man needed him to do.

“You have my attention. Who are these two people you need me to look for?” He asked Yuurei waiting for an answer.

Yuurei would hear him and he would smile at him and he would look around the place before speaking.

“I need you to get someone who can clear out the rats from the shop inside. I will kill them all, but I won’t be clearing them out. Then I need you to get someone who could fill a hole. This hole is probably the source of where the rats are coming from. I will find it and I will temporarily close it, but you’re going to need a permanent solution.” He explained to his client.

The man would look at Yuurei as he understood what he needed to do. He was glad that this man had explained everything to him.



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“I understand, Yuurei. I will take care of that while you’re inside. Thank you for the heads up.” He said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim was glad to hear this and he would walk to the shop. Renji would walk as well as they were both looking at the door. It was then that Yuurei would open the door and the two of them would enter. When he entered, his client would leave the place as he would take care of what he needed to do.

Yuurei would look around this place, and one thing came to his mind. Who the hell owned these and why were they constantly selling them with nothing but rats within them? He would look at Renji as he would use a bunch of different equipment today.

He would open his school bag and his new gauntlets would appear on his arms. On his head, a circlet would appear. The only thing Renji would hand him was his armor as they looked around.



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Yuurei would feel the vibration and he knew where to go. He would walk with Renji to the room where all the rats were located, and he would hear them making noise. The thing is he understood them this time. The circlet he had allowed him to communicate with them. He would make some noise and they would all turn to look at him. Still, they didn’t attack Yuurei but instead stared at him as they had seen the circlet on his head.

“I need you to leave this place in the hole you had come from. I don’t want to kill you if I don’t have to and now that we can communicate it's easier this way.” He said to the rats.

The rats would look at him and one of them would speak to Yuurei.

“Why should we leave and listen to you? We only have one leader, and it isn’t you. You don’t get to tell us what to do.” He said to Yuurei.



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Yuurei would look at them and he would shake his head because he thought this would be easier now. He didn’t want to kill them, but he was hoping they would listen to reasoning. He would try one more time since they didn’t attack him.

“I know I’m not your leader, but I don’t want to kill you, if I don’t have too. You see I’m the one that has killed your brethren in the past. I never had a way to communicate with you guys, but now I do. So I ask again, please leave in peace.” He said to them.

They would talk amongst each other at this point as they knew who he was now. There was a person who was constantly killing them, and it seemed like it was him. It made them angry, and they would look at him. It would seem like talk for a peaceful surrender was no longer needed.



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Yuurei would get into a fighting position and a Taijitu symbol would appear under him. The rats knew this meant battle and they would start running to him. He would look at them and it was time. He would move around the place as Renji would walk away from the room. The Nephilim would parry the rat's attack and he would punch one of them and he would send it flying. The others would scream and curse Yuurei as they were running to him. It would seem like there was one giving them instruction, which was something he never knew until now. He would avoid their attacks now that he could hear them. It was an easier way to dodge things.

He would counterattack a bunch of the rats with precision as they were falling to the ground one by one. They were shouting and screaming from his attack and soon enough there would only be one left.



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Yuurei would look at him and the rat wasn’t moving. He was just looking at Yuurei and he was wondering if he could get out of this alive.

“Please let me live. I will make sure that everyone knows about you. Please I will leave right now.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would look at him and see that he had taken out all of his companions. He would look at the rat and he would shake his head.

“Go and don’t ever return.” He said to the rat.

Yuurei would watch the rat run and he would follow him. It was how he found the hole quickly and he would close it once the rat went through it. Renji would follow him and once he was done with this, they would start looking around the place. They were making sure that everything was collected here and that there weren’t any other rats hiding there.

When he was done with that, he would make his way to the door and he would leave the place. Outside he would see his client with two guys waiting for him. He would explain everything to his client and Renji would hand everything to him. The man would reward him, and Yuurei would be on his way.

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