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Trade Deal PT. 4 (Neutral)

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Yuurei and Renji were in the office in the morning. Yurrei had a lot of work to do but was usually done by the afternoon. While he was going through everything though he would hear a knock on the door. He would look over to it as the mail had come early. He wasn’t sure why, but he figured that he would let them come in, so he could see who had sent him something.

“Come in, the door is open.” He said to them as he waited for them to come.

Renji was laying down and sleeping on the couch the entire time. It was too early for him to be doing anything and he knew he wouldn’t touch any paperwork. The door would open, and he would see who he knew would be behind the door. The man would approach Yuurei with the letter and he would take it from him as he would leave the room.



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Yuurei would look at the letter in his hand and it would be different from all the ones that he had gotten. He wasn’t used to this one, but he knew where it had come from. The aroma from it was from the deep green no doubt about it. The Nephilim would open, and he would read through it. He would lean back on his chair, and he would rub the back of his head. He didn’t think he would be heading down there, but it would seem like he was going to deal with another village.

He didn’t understand why they couldn’t deal with this on their own, but that was why he was here. He didn’t mind doing this and it would seem like this was a case that barely happen. He would look at the work that he had left to do and was trying to decide on what to do.



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Yuurei would sigh as he figured he would do the work that was on his desk later. He didn’t want to keep the village waiting so he read through it. He was meeting with the chief’s daughter as it would seem like she was going to tell him what was going on. He would get up from his seat and he would look over to Renji. The Exceed was napping and he was planning on leaving him here. The cat would open his eyes when he heard Yuurei’s chair move, and he would see that his friend was planning on going somewhere.

“You were going to leave me Yuu?” He asked him waiting for an answer.

Yuurei would blink a few times as he would rub the back of his head and chuckled a bit.

“You were sleeping and it’s early, so I figured I would leave you to it.” He said to Renji.



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“It’s okay if I was sleeping. I don’t want to be here the entire time. I need to find a way to get stronger remember.” He said to his friend as he would walk to him.

It was then he would climb onto Yuurei’s shoulder as he would be ready to move out. The berserker would see this, and he would pet him on the head. He was right and he figured that he would start heading out now. He would open the window and he would climb out of it. This was one of the places he couldn’t teleport to using his key. There were no doors over there.

The Nephilim would jump out of the window, and he would grow wings from his back. When he did that, he would turn to close the window and once he was done with that he would start flying through the air as he was making his way to his destination.



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Yuurei and Renji looked at the letter, and Yuurei had known where to go from there. He was glad that this was an area he was so familiar with. He would move through the place, and it wouldn’t take long for him to reach the forest. He was above it all and he would look at the forest. He knew it was better if he would walk around to find the location than try to find it in the air.

He would descend to the ground and through the tees as well. He would land on the ground and disperse his wings so that his presence wouldn’t bother the forest and the creatures that lived around it. He would start walking through the place as he was making sure he was going through the correct path. It wouldn’t be hard to find what he was looking for and it would allow him to move easier.



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Yuurei would keep moving through the forest as Renji would get off his shoulder. The two of them would start marching together as they were looking for the place. It was something that they had to do before they could do the job they needed to do. While they were looking around the place, the trees that would try to hide these places would let them be known as they knew who it was.

The Nephilim kept moving through the place and he would soon find the place he was looking for. It was a nice village that was in front of him and he would move to it as the guards would stop him in front of the place.

“Who are you?” He asked Yuurei as the Nephilim had a smile on his face.

He was about to tell him who he was, but a woman would approach them with a serious expression on her face.



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“Let him pass. He is the half-elf who got the blessing from higher beings. You can let him enter as I asked to come here today.” She said to the guard.

He heard her words and he would look at Yuurei and feel like he was an ordinary person. He would step back as he didn’t want any problems. The Nephilim would nod at him and he would enter the village and he would look at the woman who vouched for him. He was happy that she had because he didn’t want to talk his way out of this.

“Thank you for that, I guess you’re the one who wrote to me?” He asked her waiting to hear what she said.

She would smile at him as she was glad he asked.

“Yes, I was the one who sent you the letter. I’m glad you could come because it means I can settle this with my dad.” She said to him.



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He heard her and he would smile as he wondered what was going on within the village and with the chief.

“So is he being stubborn about something that is going on within the village?” He asked her.

She would look at him and she would sigh as she was disappointed with her father’s late decision. Still, she figured that if he was going to help her, he would need all the information that she could give him.

“Yes, my father is being stubborn. We need to start trading with another village soon, but he is trying his best to say that we don’t need their help. He is out of his mind, and I need someone to make him see that. I was hoping someone with your influence can change his mind.” She said to him as she was hoping Yuurei would be fine with this.

The Nephilim would rub the back of his head as he figured this might happen. He understood his influence could get a lot of things, but he didn’t think people would feel and think the same thing.



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“I guess I can see what I can do. It shouldn’t be hard to tell your father that he’s doing the wrong thing for the village.” He said to her.

She was glad that he had said this and the two of them of continue walking through the village. She was taking him to her father’s home and hoped that he would be able to do something about this.

“That’s good to hear that you believe that as well Yuurei.” She said to him as she had finally taken him to her father’s house.

“Be stern with him, please. He doesn’t know you personally so he will listen to someone as famous as you.” She said to him.

Yuurei would nod as he would look at Renji and the two of them would enter the man’s home. The men that were guarding the place would let him in without a problem because she had told them that he was friendly.



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Yuurei would move throughout the house, and he would see a man who was sitting down and drinking. It would seem like he would stare at Yuurei.

“Why are you here?” He asked Yuurei as he was looking at him.

Yuurei would look at him and shake his head.

”I’m here because I need you to open your village to trade with the village you guys trade with. The situation that is happening within the North right does not give you the option to do that. You will harm the village you live in and the people here. I advise you to listen to my words and change your mind.” He said to the man.

The man would look at Yuurei and he would scuff when he heard.

“Why would I listen to you and what do you know about these lands?” He asked Yuurei.

Yuurei would shake his head when he heard this from him. He knew a lot about these maps as it was where he had grown up.



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“My knowledge of the North is well verse. I lived in these forests my entire life. I am indeed half-elf.” He paused as he would show him his ears to show that they were different.

“I know what it’s like here, and I know the problem that is outside. There were vampires that did a lot of damage to the North. I did stop them. I need you to go through this for everyone’s sake. The people you’re trading with you wouldn’t need this if they didn’t ask you to trade with them. Why would you forsake their lives as well?” He asked him waiting for him to think it through.

The chief would hear Yuurei say this and it would seem like his village’s life wasn’t just in his hands. He had said if he didn’t do the trade then they might perish. He rubbed his forehead a bit he would shake his head as he looked at Yuurei as he had given him a lot of good points.

“Fine I’ll go with the deal. You may leave.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would bow slightly he would walk out and he would get paid for changing the man’s mind.

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