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Pest Control PT. 23 (Neutral)

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Pest Control PT. 23 (Neutral)  Empty Fri Nov 11, 2022 2:12 pm


Yuurei and Renji were enjoying their time in the guild hall. This time he was at the guild hall drinking a bit with the mates that were around. They were excited that their guild master was down here. They could see how lively he was and that he wasn’t the weird strict guild masters others might have. Renji was drinking alongside them as he was waiting for something to happen. The two of them had not gone on a job this entire week, and he figured that one would be approaching them soon. Of course, Renji was right to think that and soon enough all the guild mates would stop drinking and turn to the man who approached them all.

It would seem like the messenger had arrived, and he would start handing out letters to everybody there. It wouldn’t take him long to finish his work and he would hand the last letter to Yuurei.



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Yuurei would take the letter and he would see that it had come from a random person. He didn’t know who it was from, so he figured it had to be a client that needed help with negotiations. It could be that or someone who needed cleaning. He would open the letter to find out and he would read through it and he would smile. He figured this would be the case and he was fine with this as he would get up from his seat.

“Renji, we got a shop to clean, let’s be on our way and get this done with.” He said to his friend.

Renji would hear this and he would drink everything that he had left, and he would slam it on the ground as he would look over to Yuurei.

“Killing pests again are we?” He asked Yuurei waiting for an answer from his friend.



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Yuurei would chuckle when he heard the question, but he was right.

“Yeah, we are, but that’s okay. As long as we get paid then it doesn’t matter right?” He said as he would leave the guild hall.

Renji would nod as he was right about getting paid, and he would follow Yuurei. He would see that their transportation today was a bike. He would hop on the back of the bike, and he would wait for the Nephilim to get moving. Yuurei would start moving through the area with his bike and he would move quickly.

He would travel through the fields once he was down from the mountains, and he would go through things quickly. The people who were walking wouldn’t get to see who was riding the bike with how quickly he was going. It wouldn’t take long, but the berserker would make his way to the entrance of the city, and he would stop his bike at the front.



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Yuurei and Renji would get off the bike and they would enter the city as the guards would keep an eye on his bike. The Nephilim would walk through the city as he was following the directions on where to go. The people he would come across would wave at him as they were happy to see him in the city. He would wave back at them, and he would keep it moving. The Nephilim wouldn’t take long, but he would make it to the shopping district, and he would continue his walk around the area.

He kept moving around and soon enough he would find himself in front of a shop. There was a woman standing in the front as she would look at Yuurei, and she knew exactly who he was when appeared. She would approach him with a huge smile on her face as she was happy, he was there.



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“Yuurei I’m glad you could make it. I bought this place, and it seems to have a bunch of rats inside. I was trying to go inside but they attacked me, and now I’m too afraid to go in. Do you think you can handle this problem for me?” She asked Yuurei waiting for an answer.

Yuurei would look at the shop behind her and he chuckled because it seemed like he was going to clean up another person’s mess.

“I can do that without a problem. All I ask of you is to get someone to clean up all the dead rats, and to have someone who could repair holes.” Yuurei said to her.

She would hear what he said, and he would nod as she understood what he wanted her to do. Once that was done, he would make his way to the shop, and he would open the door. The duo would enter the shop without a problem, and they would close the door behind them, so no rats would escape.



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Yuurei would look around the place and he would rub his nose as he didn’t like the smell that was in there. It was going to get worst when he killed the rats that were in this place. The berserker would feel a bunch of movements around the left side of the shop. He would look at Renji and then he would look over to the side and he would start walking to the area. When he got to the room, he would see that there were a bunch of rats moving around. It would seem like they were doing something but would stop when they felt a presence in the room. They would see that it was Yuurei and Renji and they would be on guard.

They would make noises as they would start rushing to Yuurei. Renji would leave the room and they wouldn’t hesitate to attack him. He would dodge the attacks as he was moving around the place.



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Yuurei would keep on dodging the attack of the rats that were coming after him. They seemed like they were trying to attack him at the same time, but it wouldn’t work. They would just trip over themselves as if they were missing. He would just chuckle when he saw this and figured that they were not used to combat. Still, it would see that they were quick to fight, which meant that they were used to hunting in packs. He would continue to watch them as they tried to take a bit out of him.

It was soon that he decided it was time to attack. He would start swinging as he would take down one of the rats that had been unfortunate to be too close to him. He would watch it drop to the ground as he would look at the other danger around him. It was then he would punch a second rat and it would fall to the ground after squealing in pain.



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Yuurei would continue to move around the room that he was in, and at the same time Renji was just watching it all happened in the corner of the door. The rats were failing their attacks, but Yuurei was bringing them to him, and he would take them out one by one. This was part of his plan as he was swinging his arm and then extending his right arm to the rats that were trying to run away from him. This was not something he thoroughly enjoyed, but it was something he was going to do.

The Nephilim would continue to strike down the rats in front of him as they were going down one after the other. The rat numbers were going down now, and it was going rapidly. He was getting hits easier now that their numbers were no longer crowding him. He would slide back as he would look at the rats remaining, and they would screech as they were upset with what had happened.



Pest Control PT. 23 (Neutral)  Empty Fri Nov 11, 2022 2:25 pm


Yuurei would stare at the rats as if they were just standing there for a second. That was when they all started running to him and he would just have a smirk on his face. It was then he would just start moving to them as well. When they close the distance between each other, the Nephilim would strike the first rat he was close to and jumped into the air to dodge the next rat that tried to attack him. He would look at them as he landed on the ground and would move straight to the rat closest to him.

He would kick the rat and it would be seen flying to the wall and then dropping to the ground. He would look around and he would see that they were coming at him in different directions. He would jump over there, and he would gain distance between himself and the rats and he would get into a fighting stance.



Pest Control PT. 23 (Neutral)  Empty Fri Nov 11, 2022 2:32 pm


Yuurei would start running straight to the rats that were left, and he would start striking them down with ease. He didn’t let them get the time to turn around and get ready to attack him. Instead, he would go through them like they were innocent creatures. They would fall to the ground after they had been hit by him and they would all be finished. He would see this, and he would sigh with relief as his job here was done. Renji would see that it was all clear, and he would come inside the room. When he did that, he would look around the place as he was looking for anything that he could pick up.

When he saw there was nothing in this room, he would look at Yuurei. He would know that it was time to move on to the next area of the shop and he would start moving.



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Yuurei and Renji were going through the shop now. They were searching for anything they could find to take back to their client. It wasn’t just that as Yuurei was looking for the hole where the rats had come from. Their search was long and tedious, but soon enough they would be done with it. He would find the hole and he would put something in front of it so that none of them could come back. When he was done with that, the duo would make their way to the door and exit the area.

When they got out, they would see that their client was with two people, and it would seem like they were geared up. This was good and he would explain to them where the rats were located. Then he would look at the other guy and would explain to him where the hole was located within the shop. When he was done with that, Renji would hand over the belongings as he opened his bag. The client would see this as he was surprised about it, and he would hand them the jewels that he promised he would give them. When they saw this, they would take it and be on their way.

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