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House on Haunted Hill [Group 4]

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#1Kuri the Callous 

House on Haunted Hill [Group 4] Empty Wed Nov 02, 2022 2:43 pm

Kuri the Callous

The Beginning: Entrance.

Dear, My lovely Guest; Jikan, Rosalia, Skald and Mimi

I have invited you to my little party in a house full of history and stories. Let us play a little game. If you survive the whole night or find what is making the house so lively, you will receive a lovely gift for the pumpkin king to receive a reward from him. I have plenty of booze, music, food and some touching gifts to carry around with you if you wish to adventure off into the spooky area.

Up a hill, your ride will drive to drop you off to a large metal door. Heavy that it may be, it opens by itself to welcome you in. As soon as you walk inside you will be invited by a buffet of food. The lights are modern as they're in elegant shell-cup bulbs on each column. You will notice that the whole place is made out of super thick concrete and marble, from walls, floors and ceiling. All are welcome to splurge to the food. On the left side, there is a bar fully stocked to the brim for our guests. On the right, there is a table with five suitcases with numbers on them one through five, unopened. What is in those suitcases? Why don't you find out for yourself. Above you where the middle table is, there is a beautiful large and long stained glass that has quite the unique taste. Music of course can be played as there is an old fashion juke box waiting for you to mess around with.

Rule Recap:

  • Everyone will post three rounds before you travel past the first large dining party room. 1st Post will be you entering the house in whatever attire you wish. 2nd Post will be you introducing yourselves or if you know any of the other guests, you may chat along with each other.

  • If you do any actions; touch something, observe or anything as such. Let me know.

  • We are using the 20 Dice.

  • Please pay great attention to Kuri's posts as they will give hints of important things to grab, look at or not do.  

  • Each person has 1 Action and 1 sub-action. Ex; You may move from the Dining room to go downstairs into the basement hall. Sub-Actions are Searching in the Room or using an Item you may find.

  • Certain rooms may have something that'll tell you a way out of the house or be useful to you. Plus, you may find history about the room you're in.

  • 48 Hours start after the 3rd round is over.

  • Magics, Weapons, stats and other combat related items have no effect here. Companions and a single summon may be used for socializing only.

  • Lastly, don't forget to have fun and beware of the hunts that may begin!~ If you wish for Kuri to physically be there for possible extra content, let me know! We can also do a group DM for easier access. I also have maps of the floors for after round 3 if it is required for directions.

    P.S: Please don't be too harsh on this, it's an experiment. ;-;


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House on Haunted Hill [Group 4] Z

Wheels crept-ed and roared, a red glow fading in and out alongside the curves and twists of the mysterious hill. The fogs and void of the night eventually parting to reveal the destination before
jikan's eyes. With a turn she curved her vehicle to the side, left leg pressing to the ground to tilt and lock the mana red motorbike. Her blue green eyes covered in red contacts for aesthetics on this day. Her costume was subtle and in all honesty.Not done with a lot of effort. Unaffected, these red colored eyes gazed at the large metal door towering in the front.

Swinging her left off her bike, Jikan walked forward to see the doors open by themselves. Smoothly as if they were weightless, a gust of air blowing past her as if the spirits of the past were running around her. Through her. The night was cold and chilly, she could feel it in her bones. Climbing up the stairs and walking in, she saw room. A buffet of various foods on a wide and long table. Above a beautiful stainless glass bottom. The lights stylish, modern and yet elegant. A dual personality to them; shell shaped in each column. Looking down she saw that the floor and pretty much everything was a combination of concrete and marble. Thick. How dense one could wonder but, it looked sturdy. To the left was a bar, to the right there was a table with...five suitcases?

"Well...if that isn't a look at me sign or a thing to be cautious of, then I don't know anything else". She moved towards more of the room, hearing the door close round her. She would not go to any of the rooms quiet yet, but she would look around at the space around her, turning her head as she did so while holding her hands behind her back, fingers intertwined like fate and destiny.


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Peacefully sleeping in the carriage, she rode in, Rosalia was unaware of how close she was to her destination until the driver spoke up and let her know. Her eyes fluttered open, and she found herself looking out the little window, her destination right before her eyes. The carriage door opened, and the driver walked her up to the towering building. Once they were at the massive doors, she almost went to knock on it, but the doors swung open and she walked inside, thanking her driver before the doors closed behind her. Dressed down in a sage green dress and a few choice pieces of diamond jewelry, it looked like she wasn't the first to arrive. Walking further in her eyes spotted her old guild master. This was amusing for more reason than she could count and gliding past the food and over to the bar she would get herself a drink before getting closer to Jikan.

Well, well, well I didn't think I'd see you again for a long while. Funny running into you here Jikan. With her appearance drastically different from the deamon she was before, Rosalia could only wonder if Jikan remembered her, and if she didn't a little reminder wouldn't hurt.

House on Haunted Hill [Group 4] RWQKRQQ

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House on Haunted Hill [Group 4] BcjNO9a

He was running a bit late it felt but that was to be expected, a servant of another was always busy with that or another thing. But the letter that he received inviting him to this party of sorts peaked his interest. So taking a carriage to the house was the best thing to do. Upon arriving he noted immediately a few things that looked familiar.

Maybe it was the make of the house or perhaps that bike that sat out front? Was that Mistress Jikan’s ride or just a happenstance of the fact? Stepping out of the carriage the seven tailed demi human adjusted his tie and took in the surroundings. The door opening up for him brought a moment where his hand moved to his hip-

Right he hadn’t brought those along for whatever reason. Shaking his head the party goer moved forward; The first person he saw was a stunning woman in a sage green dress. He was polite and didn’t stare; but his attention immediately was pulled by the presence of someone he had not expected to see here…


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It would almost seem like everything was in order, Everyone was here and arrived on time just as all needed to do. Just as the door closed, Something stopped it at first was seemed like it almost must be some kind of joke by another being not related to party that was forming here. Then a part of fur patch and an eye could be seen. It was Alistair's head peeked through the door."Well come on then."Alistair said the normal typical cattian way he was. Then coming through the door to hold it open for none other than Miriko.

She was the very last to the party and she was late because she was a bit nervous."Wait...I feel nervous here."Miriko mention trying to talk herself to go through the door. Then almost like he expected it Alistair let out a sigh the with a bit of a speak from Miriko she was in the door from Alistair. After they got through the door the massive cat would mention."You were the one who wanted to come here, for inspiration for a painting or a drawing so come on let's go."Alistair did sound a bit more forceful this time but it seemed he was trying to be sure Miriko stuck to his plan.

Much to the dismay, Miriko almost had wanted to not stay here because she felt a bit nervous about it, There was a strange feeling here she was not prepared for. But Miriko did not move into any of the room of the build, She was still by the front door as she start to talk herself mentally to move forward. Alistair would start walking forward slowly to be sure to show in some way it was harmless to walk here.

#6Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous

She swirled her drink from the bar as she leaned over the counter. She wasn't always here, but her portal made it a swift and silent teleport to here from where she was. Her red eyes seductively looked at all of them as they came in one by one. Kuri licked her lips slowly as she could imagine the taste of their blood and bodies. The Ghoul in her wanted to dive in, but she had enough control over it. Sipping on her cocktail she decided to make rainbow shots, each shot being a different color. Thankfully, she was able to be silent, enough for them to not notice. Once everyone decided to come in, including her dear daughter from this universe, she stood up straight.

Her height was about seven feet. Her long purple hair was twirled in thick braids, resting against her bosoms. Kuri was dressed up as a devil since she thought it looked cute. "Well, look at all my cute guests," she put her index finger against her cheek while eyes wandered to each one. Jikan, the woman who had a huge thing for her daughter in the Dark universe. Mimi, who died, but she secretly brought her back to life just like her siblings. Skald, their 'sibling' died in this same house and then the mystery, Rosalia. "Shall we have some drinks?~", she offered as the bar was away from the table. It was normal for the host to offer food or/and drinks. "We also have a buffet as well over there," she giggled and pointed towards the middle of the room. Above it was a stained beautiful glass. On the opposite side of where the bar is, there is a large, long table that had cases with numbers on them.

What will her cute guests do?~

Actions: Poured out drinks, showed them the drinks, food/stained glass above it and the cases on the table.


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On did Jikan look, taking glances around the room before hearing the door open up once again. Being swung open to reveal a woman fitted in a wonderful sage green dress with a number of pieces of jewelry for an accent to her look. The purple eyes and purple hair a stand out that brought the look into an interesting style in combination of her selected dress. The unknown woman glided over, past the food table to the left towards the drinks. Collecting one before gathering herself back and towards Jikan. Giving an unexpected formality. She knew Jikan's name, which, was not a truly surprising thing with her reputation in Fiore and her status as a Guild Master. But, she talked as if she had met Jikan before.

Jikan looked her up and down with her eyes, trying to make out where this person was in her memory bank. But, Jikan was very confident that she never saw this beauty before. "Ah, hello. Do I...know you?", Jikan stated confident that she had never seen this person before. Perhaps she should focus on her voice and think if it sounded familiar?

While Jikan thought about who this person was and spoke she found that the door opened again and this time it was a familiar face. Skald. The butler of Sleeping Calamity stepped forward into the unknown Haunted House. She lifted her head towards him in a nod of acknowledgment. "Hello there Skald. Fancy seeing you here".

Jikan about to ask Skald a question when she found yet another person entered the house. One that she really did not expect to see who made her heart flutter ever so softly. In a 3 way motion, she stuck out her left hand in a wave; greeting Skald, Alistair, and Miriko. It seemed that the cattian and painter was here on a journey for artistic inspiration. "Hello you two". Jikan voice spoke, filled with a little bit of pleasantry of seeing Skald, Alistair, and Miriko.

However this was the unexpected things began in the night. How many would come in this house and the outcome she did not know. But, time would tell. A mysterious voice called out, and Jikan's eyes shifted to the source. A purple haired braided lass dresed in a devil outfit. A face famous and familar within Fiore but, this one was of a different realm. It was the dark raider; Kuri. The killer beauty (literally) at the bar creating drinks. Just when....did she get here...and how long had she been looking at all of them? "Normally, I would be happy to accept a wine glass. But, I think I'll do otherwise on this night", she said eyeing the drinks and food. Warm welcome or not, she was not really in the mindset to try food or drinks from a possible foe while not knowing the ingredients nor seeing the food being made.

Jikan shifte then, walking towards the room where the briefcases were. "Either way, I know a few of you...and the host in name at least. So I suppose I'll introduce myself for formalities. I am, Jikan Supēsu. And I hope this shall be worth the travel", Jikan said as she began to scan the suitcases.

Action: Talked/greeted everyone, Moved to suitcase room
sub action: looked at suitcases

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Fiorian 33ff33
Boscian 3399cc
Joyan ff99cc

#8Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
@Jikan with The Suitcases
You will see that each one has a number on them. 1 through 5. Kuri looked over at Jikan and smiled as if it was something good that Jikan did. Then again, any choice can be good. It depends on how one sees it and their luck. "Jikan, dear, they won't bite," she paused and giggled, "Unless you try to touch more than one," she replied. It was noted that Jikan can only touch one suitcase and may open it if they please. Each case had something different so pick carefully. Maybe they will have useful things or perhaps just some party favors. Kuri never gave a hint at what they had nor which ones were useful.


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It wasn't a surprise that Jikan didn't recognize her and she wasn't about to answer her question right away about it either. Giving a smile she would open her mouth to say something else but she would be interrupted by the arrival of two other individuals. The new arrivals were unknown to Rosalia as she turned to them, smiling and waving as a light greeting. A voice from the bar turned Rosalia's attention towards it though she kept quiet as the woman speaking was the one who got them all here.

Rosalia  would watch and wait sipping the drinks she already had. Once Kuri had stop speaking Jikan spoke up and introduced herself. During her introduction Rosalia would eye Jikan near the suitcases, taking note about what Kuri said in regards to them. Hello everyone, my name is Rosalia Cledrua, I figured I'd keep the introduction train going. Once Rosalia said her piece she'd wait in her spot. She wanted to know what Jikan would do with the suitcases, which one she would pick if she decided to pick any. Curiosity was building up within her like a boiling pot as her eyes wandered over to the suitcases, wondering just what was inside each of them.

Action: Greetings and Introduction
sub-action: looking at the suitcase table

House on Haunted Hill [Group 4] RWQKRQQ

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He was not the last to arrive here, a woman that he could only describe as just as beautiful as his Mistress and the stunning individual wearing the sage green dress. Skald had to wonder what sort of host they were going to have if their tastes were this refined when it came to the personalities and appearance of those that they invited. But perhaps that was the entire point of inviting people of this caliber… But then why invite him? He’d manage a minor shrug at that thought.

The butler remained silent as Kuri appeared; their outfit was reminiscent of the devil which already set a strange sort of bar. The kitsune gave a polite bow of the head, his ears flicking a little when he felt her eyes on him. The offer for drinks however…

I will have to decline for the time being; thank you.

It wasn’t rude to refuse drinks or food from a host at least until he was able to get some more information about said host. The kitsune smiled a little bit at Jikan; returning the nod with one of his own. His arms were politely folded in front of him when addressing her.

Likewise Jikan, If I had known that you had been invited as well… I would have made better arrangements of transportation.

Skald would turn his deep blue eyes to the other three guests. Curious for the moment as to what their relations were with Jikan. When it came to prominent mages there were only a few he actually knew by name and even fewer he knew personally. With jikan introducing herself, then moving to the briefcases the fox would quickly step with her. Though he remained a reasonable distance from her.

The woman in the sage green dress introduced themselves as Rosalia Cledrua. A name he was not familiar with. But taking the hint he’d give a small nod of his head. Introducing himself was par for the course at this point.

A pleasure Madam, My name is Skald Ragnulf. I am Jikan’s butler.

He chimed in with that last part; figuring if anyone wondered how he knew Jikan it was best to lay that part bare. That and he didn’t mind the idea of being know as someone’s butler. It was kind of his whole job anyways… His eyes went from Kuri to the briefcases and then back to Kuri. He’d give her a formal bow; deigning until either told by Jikan or the host that it was alright to open the briefcases.

Thank you for having me tonight Madam.

Action: Talk/greeted everyone, Moved with Jikan to the suitcase room.
Sub-action: Looked at the briefcases


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Miriko really did not want to start walking into the room yet, She was still well mentally nervous and scared to walk anywhere beyond the door she was by currently, that would not shock Alistair so the cattian would just pick up and carry Miriko the the main room just so other people were around her and they could attempt to find this idea of art she wanted to make.

Miriko was trying to not freak out about Alistair just taking Miriko by the back of her dress and carrying her into the room. Then placed her before the drinks."Just maybe consider having something to drink to settle yourself a tiny bit."Then well Miriko looked around, chose the more calming of colours around her. So when drinks where offered she walked over and simply ask this woman far more comfortable with herself to show some skin more ever then Miriko would in public or around people than she ever would."Ahh....I hate to be so simple..I just need a glass of water."She was trying to not be so nervous that she started getting quietter, But this was Miriko she was scared of the things around her in her mind.

Alistair was more interested in the snack around just incase something seemed worth to sit back and casually eat. After all he still had to some what watch Miriko but never knew if you found some fish or not to munch on. Both kind of forgetting to mention their names. Mostly because Alistair was a bit on watch in case something could be risky to Miriko as well.

TLDR:Alistair and Miriko enter the room with everyone, Miriko attempts to nervously get a glass of water, Alistair is sniffing around to check for danger or fish to eat.


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The member 'Mimi' has done the following action : Spin

'Dice 20' : 17

#13Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous

She grabbed the red drink and smiled as she tasted the red liquid. It was raspberry with some strawberry and mango. Kuri enjoyed the little fruity drinks. Her eyes watched Jikan and the others take interest in the cases, which she was happy for since some of the other groups didn't pay attention to it at all. "It's lovely to meet you all, and such a lovely introduction as well...~ Hope it lasts.", she jested, but was also serious. Mimi and her cat decided to request water and some fish, which was an obvious assumption since he's a giant cat. She chuckled darkly and pointed towards the middle of the table that was right above the stained glass. "There are fish there if you must," she then prepared a glass of water for her daughter of another dimension. Once it was done, she gave it to her and cat walked towards the cases to show them.

Once she was there and behind the table in front of everyone, she spread out her arms to showcase the cases. "You all may pick one. Each have different things that may help you in the soon future," she riddled softly and pointed at each case, starting with the case with the #1 on it all the way to the one that says #5. "Now, you must be specific in which number you choose, darlings,~ We wouldn't want a misunderstanding..." she chuckled and grinned.

  • Gave Mimi some water and her cat some fish. They were thankfully safe to eat and drink.

  • The cat is able to safely get their fish and leave the table instantly.

  • Now, everyone must pick a # of their case.


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Roslia had not answered Jikan's introductory question. A fact that was fine with her as well, there was a lot going on that was pulling at her attention in this spooky house. It was not from a lack of effort on her part though, but timing.

Well, for now, the cases looked normal. Well, besides the numbers placed on them. Definitely something to note. And with Kuri's words they probably had some type of twist to them. The type though was an unknown factor. And that smile, it was one that made Jikan feel that it was an entertained one. But alas, that could end up being two fold in meaning or hidden. "So one each hmmm?", she said turning her eyes to Kuri before looking onward to the other three humanoid beings within the house.

"Oh come now Skald. I love riding that thing. Almost as much as Maxx. I would have done the same either way. It is a surprise to see you here though", Jikan said in a matter of fact manner as she looked at the cases, already deciding which one she would grab and open.

Jikan stuck out one of her hands and placed it on top of the third suitcase. Her eyes stopping to see Miriko being carried like a kitten by Alistair, a sight that almost made Jikan laugh. The poor Gothic painter was doing all that she could to not freak out by this turn of events and all of this aura within the house. She had never heard her speak so quiet before.

But back to this game that Kuri was playing....

Would it be 'lovely'? Would be chaos and horror....mostly likely. They were dealing with a dark world invader after all. The question was what type of 'lovely' was this foe aiming for and hoping to last tonight? Jikan almost did a double take and spoke at Mimi and Alistiar, taking the gifts of these unnerving woman. Ugh....why was she caring anyway? They could make their own decisions.

"...Alright, I will go with this one, number 3", she said before pulling it away from the others and opening.

sub action: talked, pulled case away from other cases as well from her body as much as possible
Action: opened cast

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With the introduction of each person Rosalia gave a smile and a wave. She didn't know any of the people here outside of Jikan and that was only due to their past guild interaction when she was apart of Sleeping Calamity. It seemed even with her introduction Jikan didn't recognize her and at this point it was fine with Rosalia. With her attention swinging back around towards the host once everyone said their piece, Rosalia's eyes once again glazed over the suitcases. According to the woman they could only pick one each and Jikan was the first to pounce.

Rosalia watched and waited as Jikan picked Suitcase number three leaving four suitcases left. Rosalia wasted no time in picking the next one as she didn't want to be the last to pick. Gliding over to the suitcases she let her hand hover over each one twice before plucking the number five suitcase. She had no reason or rhyme for it she just let gut feeling take over. I'll take number Five then. I've got a good feeling about this one With suitcase firmly secured within her grasp she moved next to the table with the drinks, and returned to watching what the rest of them would do. Having seen Jikan already open her suitcase she thought it best to wait on that.

Sub-Action: Grabbed a suitcase
Action: Moving to the bar area

House on Haunted Hill [Group 4] RWQKRQQ

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Skald would manage a small yet somewhat polite bow towards their host; a pleased smile on his face. Hearing the ‘rules’ about the cases the kitsune considered what number he may go for. One or Five perhaps? He’d flick his ears and watch Jikan pick theirs. Then it was Rosalia’s turn to pick which… She took number five. His eyes flicked from that one and he’d look to the first case.

Well I can’t help but try to take care of things you know that Jikan. Ah. I received an invitation which… I’ll admit was surprising to say the least.

Giving a small shrug the kitsune would move over to the first case; gingerly picking it up and then stepping back to look towards the others. Jikan was already moving to open theirs but perhaps he should wait a moment or two? He was immensely curious to see what was in there or perhaps… well maybe nothing at all would be in it.

But he’d keep that charming smile on his face the whole time, holding the case in front of him with both hands firmly around the carrying handle. He had to wonder what was in his… were they all the same? Or perhaps…

Maybe it was a trick? A treat? It was… halloween wasn’t it? That was an amusing thought he figured.

Sub actions: Talking!
Action: Picked case #1 and waited~


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Miriko wondered why everyone was starting to get cases but nonetheless she had settled her mind mentally to think but still she did have manner."Thank you.."She did still say rather meekly because well it was just how she was normally with people she was still slightly uncomfortable around it not that she meant any harm with it. Miriko was just that way, She had no idea who this lady was in anyway so it was strange for her, But alas she kept it the best she could leaving the table to go play along with choosing a case.

But took a sip of her water and seemed to look over what was left, number two and number four. options she never minded having at all she just needed to think which number. It would not take all that long because for some reason she choose to pick number four. Then she would get ready to open it just she did not want to the first to open her case But she would consider opening it when she was told too. since she was not told too. she was just standing there waiting to see what when it would happen.

Action taken: drank water, took case number 4.

#18Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
She smiles as she watches everyone take a case. How lovely it was to see it so. No dirty tricks of course. If people opened their case, they each got different things compared to the other. The owner of the case can let anyone else know what they got of course, but without that person's knowledge, they won't know what the other guests got. Kuri flicked her long velvety hair while going towards the table, but before she could she suddenly hears a loud alarm. A siren with lights flicking as many could see the windows being blocked by a meter thick barricade, created by cement and steel.

It was quick, too quick for anyone to change their minds now. After it was finished, and the siren got quieter she was starting to turn around her guests to explain she isn't sure what is happening. Kuri opened her mouth and suddenly the stained glass shattered. Large pieces of glass struck the marble floor and the table. Thankfully, no one was there at the time as that would have surely been gruesome to watch. Finally, the Siren stopped, and she walked towards the doors to budge it open. "Mmm," she wondered as she pulled harder. It didn't budge at all. Swiftly, she turned around and looked at her guests. "It looks like we will have to find another way out or..." she walked away from the door, around the table and glass, stepping on mini pieces of it on the floor. "What a waste," she muttered and now towards the upstairs.

"I will be looking around and seeing something. You all may wander, but be careful... I heard this place was alive..." she chuckled darkly, hands feeling the railing while going up.

Actions: Everyone must now find a way out as staying in one place can be quite dangerous. Being in here even more so. Before Kuri leaves, players may ask her a question and roll or start exploring without saying anything.

48hrs has now started.


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"Very fair Skald. Your can do personality and initiative is always appreciated. Let's see how that works for you in this house with our host then", Jikan said in soft pleasantries as she opened her case. No explosion or unnerving feeling....good signs so far. Jikan leaned forward her costume glasses tilting on her head as she gazed down. Reaching out her right hand to brush a strand of her hair to the said. Interesting. Crucifix and First Aid? Well....okay then. "So a Cruxifix and a First Aid kit hmm?".

No dirty tricks so far... What happened next though made Jikan sit up straight and blink as she closed her case and held it close in a secure careful grip. A loud blaring alarm was suddenly going on, lights flashing before the windows slammed. Cement and steel becoming layered on them. Fast, an interesting speed that Jikan found herself unable to react to. ...this was some house. As Jikan looked around her ears became adjusted with the sounds as they slowly died down. Her eyes went to Kuri, thinking that this was the game of their invader ghoul host.

Kuri's mouth opened and the stained glass shattered suddenly. Large pieces of glass struck the marble floor and the table. Then the sounds of the alarm finally stopped. "Some house welcoming...",she said eyeing the glass and damaged table. At this moment Jikan had just watched Kuri. Careful and observant. "Kuri... never mind", she started before turning towards Miriko and Skald. "You two, be careful. If you choose to move separate.....yell if you need me", Jikan said in a very straightforward sigh her eyes lingering on the two for a second as she walked forward upward into the hallway above the table the cases were on. Her eyes shifted as she took careful observation of her environment.

Action: Talked to Miriko and Skald, moved to hallway above case table
sub: looked around

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re rolling using Millenium puzzle due to Jikan doing ic actions

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'Dice 20' : 15

#23Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
A sweet little voice tells Rosalia that she needs to move or else they will come for her. She is safe this round, but next round she will not.

#24Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
A unnerving laughter befalls Skald and whispers that they needs to move or else they will arrive. They are safe this round, but next round they will not.


House on Haunted Hill [Group 4] Empty Sat Nov 19, 2022 12:20 pm

Gather what she could and making sure to make her way from the table and to Alistair. Miriko hated the idea of needing to leave quickly but she also valued living as well. So she would just make they left the room everyone else was in at this time, Was it smart the way she was doing it? No she was more worried and scared for life and not thinking about staying with other people. Miriko was smart and pretty, Just not the smart part when she was scared.

With what she got from the case, Miriko would start going up stair since it was not ideal to stay here pointing with Alistair where she felt it was safe to go. after all going up would be safe right? it would at least be safer so she could think up a plan. muttering to self while she went up."mother help me, this choice might not have been the best I have come up with..."Miriko mentioned because she was scared and Miriko would just get lightly pushed by Alistair to make sure she would continue on because she needed to focus on getting some where else now rather then thinking.

TLDR: Miriko's going upstairs with Alistair.

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