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Behind Bars [Jikan]

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Behind Bars [Jikan] Empty Sat Oct 15, 2022 12:40 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin staggered into the doorway of a local pub. A bottle of sake in one hand. The door swung open wide and the light mage shambled inside, raising the bottle high. Under his other arm was a drunkard he had met at the previous pub. The man passed out as soon as he entered the pub. Jin let him fall and shrugged.

He shambled to the bar and set down the bottle. The others began to leer at the man that had just plowed his way into the bar. A few of them stood up to deal with the young mage. His name was still fairly unknown. Once the group got closer, they saw the faint outline of the Eternal Nightmare symbol on jin. The men held their breath and began to ease away. They all knew that the leader of the guild had been murdered not long ago. And so far the rest of the members hadn't made too much of a stir.

"Hey, barkeep...I decided to meet someone here and have a chat with them. You mind if I rent the place out for an hour?" The bartender was about to say yes when the patrons started to stand up and protest. A magic circle appeared with a healing light beneath them all. It stole their vitality and left them sitting on the ground unconscious.

"This will do," Jin said as he helped all the patrons back into chairs as if they had just drank too much and passed out as well.


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A body moved in the night, cloaked within the veil of shadows. The malachite-green fields seemed to be covered in a bright sheen under the dawn moon. The sound of yipping fox cubs breaking the quiet of the world in a background song to the world. Clouds shaped like tufty pillows glided slowly across the sky. They carried an airy, warm, drizzling rain with them. It cleansed the land and banished the strangling coldness and stunned silence of spring. Plinking and pattering off the leaves, then fading into memory, the rain energized the flora. It left behind a world baptized and rebirthed by its liquid grace. Song thrushes trilled as the spectre-silver moon began to wane and the fog of flowers in the meadow slowly revealed itself. One could smell their aromas hovering in the air, the orange and pink flowers crunching under the weight of the worlds' gravity.

Versace-purple crocuses seemed to glow before her eyes. Jewel-green grasshoppers bounced atop the grass like leggy trampolines. In the stony verges, Rafael-red valerian sprouted from between coral-black cracks. Spears of dawn light suddenly drenched the farthest corners with their golden magic. A pair of misty-eyed cubs yelped as they saw her before darting to safety. A murmuration of starlings wheeled and banked overhead like wind-tossed gunpowder. The rustic scene was spirit-renewing and let the fresh scents wash over her nose.

The figure slowly opened up a door to a local pub.The back of their hair in a long full pony tail with the sides let loose in a strand that flowed to her chest, a pink ribbon holding it in place with a few pins as well. A big red umbrella held on her back, the decorative inside and outside placed with a single black dragon that wrapped around half way. A black and red colored kimono was around her arms, flower petals patterned all around on her cloak. A pink second colored cloak was under this red and black kimono, the sleeves of the pink clothe held up on her shoulder.

Jikan walked into the pub, an apple held in her right hand and being gently tossed up in the air repeatedly. Bodies were in their seat, the previous protesters unconscious in their seats. However, to Jikan's eyes they were simply relaxed or sleepy due to being too drunk. Jikan reached an empty table, catching her apple one last time before taking a bite and sitting down. Other patrons within the pub looked at her, a few lustful eyes at seeing the beauty, a few fearful eyes at recognizing her guild symbol on her back shoulder as she walked by, and others that only looked at her with a plain look. Having seen the woman in her adventures in the country so far, these eyes knew that Jikan was a calm demeanor about her.

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#3Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The person he had been waiting on made their way into the room. A more elegant entrance than the rough first encounter they had in the prison. They seemed to be catching up on the short amount of life luxuries missed out on with the brief time in lock up. Jin turned around to face the person and hopped off the chair. They had already gotten to know one another fairly well from the battlefield. In fact that had been most of their interactions and Jikan has seen the paladin near death more than most.

Jin pulled out the chair opposite Jikan at the table and slide into the seat. "Good to see you again. Thanks for meeting me all the way out here. A bar seemed a casual place to meet," Despite having wobbled in with a bottle, he was barely inebriated. Most of it was for show to keep his low and unassuming profile.

"So...I wanted to talk a bit about an alliance between our guilds," he dove right in.


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It was unexpected to get a request from Jin Tatsumi. However, the fellow seemed okay to her. He had lent some aid in her jail situation, breaking out and collecting her other captured guild members of Knuckles, Hassan, and Ittindi. She had no problem breaking herself out, but, she was no fool. She knew searching the large underwater prison, finding, breaking free, then escaping with all of them would had been a hard challenging task. Regardless of the little squabble that occurred with Toma and Erebus, the guild master of Eternal Nightmare, Jin, did lend her aid. Combined with the few times she fought alongside him in this temporary trust amongst dark mages and light mages against the other world invaders, she did not mind hearing him out.

She would be a little careful though, and for a different reason than normal beyond safety against attackers. Jikan found Jin to be a bit of a strange pervert and glutton for punishment.

"Good day Jin. It was nothing, I do love any excuse to visit this beautiful country", Jikan said shifting her blue green eyes towards Jin as he sat down at the table. Jikan lifted her left hand, a small magic enchantment on the limb to make it appear normal. Her demonic arm concealed under it to the untrained eye, but any mage and likely adventure would be able to tell the air was beyond a normal limb attachment. She had no shyness on her lost arm, but sometimes she did feel like doing something for appearance. A lady had to look as good as she felt after all.

Elbow leaning lightly onto the table, Jikan placed her left hand under her chin. "Such a casual place for a big topic. So....what's going on to cause this hmm?".

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#5Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
"It is pretty nice," jin looked around the room as if looking out into the rest of the lands around them. They had only been around one another in times of strife, so this was a nice change of pace. He was unaware of the...interesting viewpoint that Jikan had of him. It was easy to see that he was one. But he hated using the whip as much as everyone else hated seeing its ability in action. But He couldn't throw away a good thing.

Jin eyes the arm for a second, seeing something different about it. or perhaps just an unusual feeling. "Magical enchantment on your arm? Seems like a strong one." Jin was never shy about just speaking about something.

He let himself slide into a relaxed position in the chair. His legs turned to the side. "Yeah...I hate big places. Plus most of them are sleeping anyway." He shrugged.

"Well...things are getting kinda wild around here. As you know...Odin is gone. Now Erebus is missing. But in a nutshell. All I really want you to know is that we still plan on taking out nobles and seeing if the king is really fit." He folded both his hands on the table as a weary expression crossed his face.

"At first. I didn't really care about the plan. I mean I don't like the nobles but leading an attack seemed like a lot of effort. But Odin offered me a deal. unfortunately..he is gone. But there still needs to be some changes. The guild right now is focused on Blue Pegasus...having been the ones that killed him. And then the nobility. I'd like you to stand with us. Really give it to the nobles and the Light Guilds."


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"I have gotten to travel and view a few places in this world. Some in more of a....chaotic time in their history. But always something nice I have been able to see. I don't know quite why, but this country has certainty has been one of the most joyous places", she said in a calm voice, letting the small talk trickle from her lips as the two of them eased into the real conversation that brought them here. Jikan spoke while she watched Jin's eyes scan across the room. The ever observant eyes of an experience...situation haver. Likely eyeing the mood of the room, the people, and the interested ears perhaps. Even then, this environment was still a lot calmer than all the past times they had talked. The jail break, the invader horde, that fight with the invader commander that was apparently a doppelganger of one of Fiore's more powerful citizens.

A bit relaxed and casual, Jikan respond to Jin's question. "Yes. Just a simple concealment. Can't have regular folk become fearful by seeing it". Jikan was not the type to be shy answering and speaking about something. She expected Jin to notice, it was all about if he chose to bring it up. She found that she did that often with everyone, letting them pick up a dropped card she placed. "Big places are fine. It all depends on how the people in big places are", Jikan turned her head. Seeing the half drunk people slouched over as well as the people put unconscious by Jin that she did not know. "Very much so".

Jikan turned back towards Jin, her eyes closed and her lips in a straight line. Her left leg shifted, crossed over her knee as she listened to him speak. She began to speak when he was done, her eyes closed and her head still resting on her hand. "Yes, I heard about it. But hearing that it is true is another thing. Erebus going missing is a big thing though...", Jikan said calm in a whisper like voice. Soft to be only heard by Jin, but not a real whisper by any means.

"That is what I understand your guild is all about right. Taking out nobles, at least the ones that hide under the masks of their positions and shadows to abuse people. I do hope so, if not this conversation ends here. I have no interest in killing nobles simply because they are nobles", she said opening her eyes gradually. "Seeing if the King is fit is fine, one can appear good, but actions through hardship is one thing. And who he was working under him and under then, and under them. Is another, which I am sure you are aware of", Jikan said sitting up, taking note of the weary face on his face. A missing friend and a dead one, would be a tiring blow to one's soul, even more so if one tried to continue their ambition and goals. "What was this deal Odin offered", she asked shifting her eyes to Jin, fishing for bait.


"A war against Blue Peagsus...well. That makes sense. Beyond the fact their guild master killed Odin, which of course his loyal alles would want 'justice' for. The guild is a strong force, and allied with the King. Taking care of the shield, at least weakening them, would make the paths to your goal easier"..."Odin would be proud of this in the future thinking".

Jikan removed her hand from her head. Tapping her index finger softly on the table in a continued beat. "But Alas. Why. Would I join in? I was no friend to Odin or your guild. I have no history against Alisa or her guild. What can you offer me? My guild?", she spoke in a soft serene voice, oozing a bit of calculation and coldness under a soft voice.

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#7Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
"It has a pretty strong cultural presence. Has always been a little more engrained then some of the places I've been to too." He added. It was also his place of birth but that wasn't worth diving into. The crowd now had slid a little further away from the two. Knowing they both gave loyalty to guilds considered dark. It was nice to finally have a chat with the woman in a place that didn't threaten their lives.

She answered about the mysterious arm. "Ah...concealing what exactly," he asked with a slight tilt of his head. "The bigger the place, the more trouble I find myself in...usually," he replied with a hand on the back of his head and an awkward laugh about it. Although his reputation was changing after he opened up the clinic in Oak.

Jin leaned a little to one side as she replied. "It's...troubling times. There haven't been many situations where a mage has been killed. The light guilds may be getting bolder. Then again Odin was pushing pretty hard." He shrugged not knowing all the small details.

"No no...nothing so rampantly evil as randomly killing. He rose his hands up toward his shoulder and waved off the notion of wanton destruction. "Just the corrupt ones. Not even necessarily kill, as much as remove them from a position of authority. I'm not a person for random murder either. I'm probably more soft than the rest of the guild would like," he put one arm on the table and his other hand pressed against his leg.

"Oh" he replied surprised that they would ask about that deal. He stiffened up for a moment. "It was something personal. I have a quest to accomplish and he agreed to help me do it in exchange for helping his guild." he hoped that would be enough of an answer but probably not a satisfying one.

"I figured it would be an easy choice given the tenants of your guild," Jin smiled back and called for a refill of drinks. "I'm not asking you to avenge Odin. Or stand with us against the nobles. I'm asking you to join us in a test of strength. One of the biggest this country has seen. A war of the guilds. Dark Guilds vs Light Guilds. No tournaments...no rules... Just the strongest sides victory." He tried to appeal to the warrior nature of Sleeping Calamity. A guild founded on the pursuit of strength. And the paladin could find no other moment that would give as true a moment to test ones strength than this.


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Jikan nodded her head at Jin's words about Joya. The red headed woman did not now that Joya was his birth place. Shr had not asked personal questions of the man nor did she use her information to seek that depth of information about him. That, would come later. For it was all about something else. Jikan eyes remained in Jin as her ears picked up the moving and shuffling of chairs and bodies. The people within the bar were moving away from the two. Allowing even more of a personal space to be created for them and their conversation to be private as well as unheard by the ears within the business.

It was nice to talk to Jin and have it be at ease with no nonsense.

"Courious are you?", she asked while continuing to tap her index finger a soft hum lefts her voice as she let her magic relax on the finger. Showing the tail mark of a demonic arm that was now hers. A by product of her fight against dragon's attacking Orchidia, and the cost of her protecting her territory. A debt was paid that day, to herself and a demon. And due to it she was able to dig deep and come out victorious. After showing Jin the finger, she let the magic concealment return.

"Yes, bigger place typically mean more people. Normally nosey or trying to prove something as I'm sure you've experienced". It was just like that. Affiliation and constructed narrative. Regardless of the work Jikan and Sleeping Calamity did in Orchidia. The dark guild spreading their name and power in the town causing some stability and resources to flow in. And with Jikan's careful actions and plans, it was going better than she had thought it would with her simply wanting to control her well being and her loved ones.

But that was then, Jin's and Jikan's actions legal, illegal, or somewhere in between had to be considered perhaps at a later time. For now, business was being discussed. It was true that in the terms of killing, from her experience within the lands of Fiore, that was not a light mage thing. Capture, stopping, perhaps at times trying to reform but mostly locking them away until they died of old age. That was her understanding of how the light affiliated mages functioned, at least mostly. To be honest it made Jikan happy to heal someone getting their hands dirty. Far too often she found it prevent long term problems being resolved. And because she was not one to shy away about getting her hands dirty if needed. The public immediately grew to see her as weary of troublesome regardless of results.

It was interesting to see how the public would view this. Would it be happy for Alisa stopper a high ranked powerful villain. Or would there be outcry because she had committed murder. And again and again. Jikan had heard from the whispering voices judging her, 'killing was bad. Regardless of the conditions or situations'. "That has been going on for awhile I think. Not just the light guilds, but neutral guilds as well, even ones popping up now calling themselves independent. In the end I just see it as people fighting for power, land, and resources. Forget whatever they wish to dress it up as really". Still though, she was indeed curious about the details of what happened. Odin was once a good mage and ally to the Kingdom after all. Oh the story that must have led up to that final interaction...

Jikan leans back in her chair giving a satisfied nod to Jin's response to her stated limit. A softer expression showing for a second before going back to the cold calculative business expression. "Good. Glad to hear that I won't have to have....a conflict of interest eventually with your group. ...softness fine. One has to have a gentle and firm hand with dealing with people. Weakness though". She waved what she was about to say pointlessly off getting back to the conversation.

She was surprised that Jin did give an answer to her eyeing question. But now that she was here, perhaps she could do something with it. "I see. Well. Good luck in your quests. If you need to hire a hand at some point, I'm always up to do a trade for people I find worthy", she said before moving on yet again.

"Hmmmm. You wouldn't be wrong. An excuse to fight against strong warriors always get my members excited. Seeking growth and all", she said before waiting to receive her refill. Letting go the glass slide into her hand before she continued. "A test of strength, why...I do like the sounds of that", Jikan said with a soft uptick in the right corner of her mouth. "Sure. At a price of course. Sending warriors who wish to go and perhaps resources in this grand game will have to be compensated", Jikan said with a sip drink before placing her glass back down.

"I'm sure you're guild can afford some coin spent on aiding the goal you wish to achieve".

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#9Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin exhaled and leaned back, seeing that it was a full demonic arm. He wasn't sure what kind of control it took to keep that kinda power tame. "I see. Well...that's nifty...and a little scary." Did she always have that arm? Even during the prison escape? Either way, it was a neat ability to have, and a casual surprise hidden as well. How many people fell victim to that arm, not knowing what it was?

"People's endless struggle for it. It infects us all." Jin replied. No one was safe from such base urges as those. And the more the stakes grew, the more people were willing to do to get it. And now Light guilds resorted to more than just a prison sentence. "There are a lot more independent guilds. With everything else going on, it's taken the eye of the government away for a moment."

It was a relief to see that they weren't going to collide in the future. But then, he wasn't sure why they would or what her guild's goals were. Would they even care if Eternal Nightmare was just out killing people? "You know me. I try to be more go with the flow than rocking boats. Conflicts of interests shouldn't be hard to avoid." Even though this talk was about rocking boats. It was...different because of Odin. Principle in a way.

"Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. Hunting for an old light mage in Joya. I'll give you a call when I'm ready to embark." he appreciated the offer and being seen as someone worthy of it.

"We can spare a little bit, to accomplish the goal at hand. Taking down the light guilds a couple of notches is worth it." He wasn't sure what the price was, but forming a formidable force. One that Fiore had seldom seen from dark guilds. Would be worth it.


Behind Bars [Jikan] Empty Thu Nov 03, 2022 7:58 pm


"Maybe a little. But, it is still just an arm", Jikan said with a soft chuckle, her posture staying relaxed and at ease as. She watched Jin, to be honest, she had not shown that many people about her arm since she had acquired it. Either the limb was hidden until it was needed in battle and it came out due to Jikan having to divert her focus. Beyond that, it was only given to people she wanted to know. Jin, handle the reveal pretty well, she expected many people to be freaked about it. She know she was when she first saw it on her.

"Tis is the curse and rule of the living. Want and need. Although, I suppose at times it can be a virtue as well. It does motivate people to improve and grow strong". Jikan replied adding a nod. What Jin said was true, no one was safe from such a reality completely. In all honesty, she was surprised that it took so long for death sentences to be brought out. Now that they were, she wondered if there would be sanctioned killings. Ordered death due to crimes. Perhaps the Fiore King and the Kingdom as a whole was getting tired about the magical and physically powerful criminals among them. Or, perhaps the light mages and their magic council were deciding to take it upon themselves to be more serious on such matters. "Hmmm perhaps. I wonder how such groups popping up with work in the system of the government...and the underworld".

This little detail was settle then. Jikan was not sure of how many members a part of her guild would care about nobles being killed. Or about people being killed. But for Jikan at least, she had that line for her own personal reasons. There were many unknown facts that both guilds did not know about each other, but at least this basic understanding of Eternal Nightmares' goal and planned actions for the future. Just what was this group going to do in their journey she wondered? "Actually. I don't", Jikan said in a flat tone and gaze towards him. "Jin, I don't know you at all personal. Or anyone in your organization. Sure, I know of some people due to their reputation, even seen some in the flesh. But, that is truly just a drop in the bucket of their reality. But, rocking boats isn't often desirable. Boats getting close and bumping against or with each other though along the way, well, that's fine. Depending on what happens".

Jikan leaned back in her chair after speaking and crossed her arms, giving a simple nod of her head to Jin's response about her aid possibly in the future.

"Glad to hear. Per amount with each situation will be discussed. I know things sometimes can't be talked about prior all the time, so needing help urgently in unexpected cases may just have to go with the flow as you would put it", excellent. A possibility of fun thrilling fights as well as revenue. depending on the scale of events, the amount would shift, but hopefully it wouldn't be too troublesome to ensure payment. She hated chaos within business.

"So Jin. What exactly is your group planning to do first that I need to know of?".

#11Jin Tatsumi 

Behind Bars [Jikan] Empty Sat Nov 12, 2022 2:47 pm

Jin Tatsumi
"HA, just an arm from...," he replied surprised but kept quiet so others didn't hear him speak it aloud. Just an arm was a bit of an understatement. He also didn't want to outright say the words deamon or anything here. Mostly just to avoid tipping anyone off about Jikan's secret. Not that there were many around that could hear anyway.

Jin crossed his arms in thought to her response. "Yeah. Hard to tell how everything is going to unfold. if this was a killing that was spurred on by rash actions. Or if others will try to emulate it and strike as well. Rogue justice it seems. One thing for a knight to do it...another for guilds to take it upon themselves. But the balance of power has always been...shifty." He sighed thinking about how much things changed and stayed the same with the ruling parties.

He cocked a brow, "huh," he started. "Guess you're right. We really don't know each other that well. But then again. Base desires aren't too hard to figure out. Fighting for coin...fighting for justice, power, freedom. Just the paths that swerve a little."

Jin shrugged, "Heck...Eternal Nightmare...I don't know some of them that well. Just that we are all in this for a main objective. Most of the people in the guild aren't exactly...the open and talkative type." he thought about some of the more rogue members of the group. Heck most of them didn't even know Odin's true intentions.

He gave a gentle slap to the table, "Great," he replied to the agreement on the payment concept. "Well...as far as getting things started. Many of the group are fired up about Odin. We'll retrieve his body. some of us will begin pressing Blue Pegasus. I'll be using that mostly as a distraction to get the essential defense force for the nobles out of the way and I'll strike at the corruption in the monarchy."


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She just have a whimsical look as Jin started with a HA.  Thankfully becoming quiet before going on with anything else. It would be an inconvenience if the whole room found out about this little thing just because Jin yelled out about it.

"Very well put Jin. Interesting mix of possible motives. So many strings of fate to be pulled, and cut", it was interesting to say the least. The winds of change that started as gusts. Alas would it really do anything in the grandscheme of the hierarchy snd system? One could never know but Jikan could most certainly be a player if she wished sje supposed, or be the foundations to watch little winds be formed.

"All just nuance", she said to his cooked eyebrow. She got him thinking of simply thinking a 'who cares?' "Maybe. Oh bases are all fine and well. A foundation needs to be clean to go up straight, but, one should check how it is built along the way, less it be crooked  and topple,". It was a hassle for such a thing but realistic needed. Although it was funny to day this when she didn't do much of that in her own guild. Personally it was a few rules here and there, and as long as no one weaker her crossed her lines, they could do a lot. What was it like for Eternal Nightmare though? Did they uave the same ideas and paths to it, or was there variation?

"OH, getting his body will be such an interesting thing to see. A difficult task at this point", it was with someone truly possible after all from her memory of rumors. If it had been done sooner...well, probably just as difficult.

But mostly Jikan was curious. Pressing Blue Pegasue, weakening the corrupt noble forces, and getting Odins body. How would that all be done?

Delicious. Curiously delicious.

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#13Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
"Yeah getting his body is going to be the tricky part," Jin crossed his arms thinking about it. Thinking about how he got caught up in this whole mess of things too. None of this was any of the reasons he had joined the guild, oddly enough, in the first place. And now without the figurehead...where was it going really?

"Honestly things will be pretty diversionary I presume. We'll send some people to secure the body, and at the same time make some moves on nobles. Divide up the attention of the guild a bit. But getting the body isn't my zone. I'm just a healer," he shrugged with a laugh. It seemed as though things were going well enough with the conversation. Jikan was pretty open about helping with the right price tag and circumstances. The paladin waved in some more drinks for them.

"All in all though. It's a pretty cut-and-dry tactic. It's just getting all the pieces together to see it through. So tell me more about you through and sleeping calamity? There any overarching agenda's?" He asked and then poured both of them some more to drink. For all that had happened. Jikan was the only member that he knew and he knew even less about the functions of the guild other than their hunger for strength. She spoke like a person that took great care with the organization of her group.

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