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Yuurei and Renji were hanging out in Baska City for the day. They were making sure that when they finished the west, the people there knew his name and that he had helped them with everything around this place. It wouldn’t take long, but that same kid from before was approaching him. He was running to him, and Yuurei would stop moving. He would let the kid catch up to him and he would wait for him to give him an envelope. He would open it as he knew that it was from Fernando, and it would seem like his friend wanted to see him again. It would seem like something was going wrong. He figured that he would go and check it out and hope for the best. He knew that he was going to get paid for this, so he didn’t hesitate to accept.

Yuurei and Renji would change their destination now as they were moving to the boutique shop.



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Yuurei would move through the streets of Baska and he would wave at the people who would look at him and do the same first. He would smile at them as he was happy to see the people here were happy to see him. The Nephilim would keep it moving and soon enough he would be at the door to Fernando’s boutique store. He would enter it as he would hope that everything was fine with his friend. When he got inside, he would see that his client was preparing for the fashion show.

This was good and it would seem like the girl that was here last time was still here. There were even a few new people, which was great. He would see that they were working hard, but it seemed like something was bothering Fernando. He would move over to his friend, and he wondered what was wrong.



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He would move over to the man and he would tap him on his back. Fernando would jump up in the air as Yuurei surprised him. He would have a smile on his face as he was happy that he was here. He would look around at the models and then he would look over to Yuurei once again.

“Follow me Yuurei, so I can tell you why I asked for you today.” He said this as he would start walking to the back of the place.

Yuurei would hear him, and he would follow behind him as he was wondering what was going to happen. It was quiet for a bit while they were walking, and when Fernando felt safe, he would start talking.

“I think someone is trying to take me out of the fashion scene. I had a heavy cabinet that almost crush me and after that, a chandelier fell above me, and almost crush me too.” He paused as he continued walking nervously.



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He wasn’t sure if anywhere was safe, but he knew that he needed Yuurei to get to the bottom of this.

“I think the person who is trying to kill me is Jaune Chameur, who is a rival designer. He has his own boutique shop and I kind of need you to spy on him. Make sure it is him who’s trying to kill me and confront him, please. Do you think you could do that for me?” He asked Yuurei as he was hoping for a good answer.

Yuurei would hear everything, and it would seem like he was going to have to see if this man was truly trying to kill Fernando. He would sigh with disappointment that things were turning out like this.

“Yeah I will go check him out and see if he really is the culprit.” He would say this to Fernando.

Fernando was happy to hear this and he would take out a piece of paper as he would hand it over to Yuurei.



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Yuurei would take the paper he would read over it, and he would nod. He knew where he had to go, and he was going to head over there now. The Nephilim would exit Fernando’s boutique and he would start making his way to Jaune’s place. He would wave at more people on his way to the boutique, but it wouldn’t take as long as the place was close by. When he got there, he would see that Jaune was leaving the shop right now. He had gotten here at the right time, and he would go to the rooftop as he didn’t want anybody to recognize him.

He would follow the fashion designer from above as he was wondering what he was going to do. He would keep moving around the place, but it would seem like Jaune was a regular person enjoying his day. He hoped that was the case, but then they would be back to square one with who was trying to kill him.



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Yuurei would keep following the man and he wondered when he was going to slip up. It had to be some time or any time soon. Still, he was going to be patient and basically follow him until he had gone back home. It would be the only way he could confirm that it wasn’t him. As he moved through the roofs of Baska, he would see that things were getting weird. This man was close to Fernando’s boutique shop. He would see the woman he had found to work for Fernando leaving the place.

He hoped that Jaune was going after her, but he was wrong. He would see that he was following the woman, and Yuurei would follow him. He wondered what he was going to do to the girl, and he would be ready to save her if anything. He would keep moving as it would seem like Jaune was waiting for her to get to an isolated location before he made his move.



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Yuurei would keep following the two of them and he wondered if the girl was behind all of this. It wouldn’t take long, but he would see Jaune moving closer to her and soon enough he would grab the girl. He could sense danger coming from that man and he would get upset with this. The Nephilim could see that she was scared for her life, and he figured that he would stop all of this. The Nephilim would jump down from the roof and onto the ground. His cape would allow him to land safely without crashing into the ground.

This would cause Jaune to jump back from the girl and point the dagger at Yuurei. He was caught off guard, which made him nervous. He wasn’t sure who this guy was, but it wouldn’t take long for him to realize who it was.

“Are you trying to kill this girl to sabotage Fernando? Did you try to kill Fernando?” He asked him waiting for an answer.



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He would stare at Yuurei and it wouldn’t take long for Jaune to notice that it was Yuurei who was in front of him. That wasn’t good and he didn’t know that Fernando had hired someone so strong to protect him.

“Man, I was just harassing her because I thought she was someone else. And as for Fernando, who cares about that man? I hope he truly drops dead, so he could stop competing with me.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would shake his head when he heard his words, and he knew that he was the person behind trying to get rid of Fernando.

“I need you to come with me. You shouldn’t be free to do whatever you want.” He said this to Jaune and when he moved forward, Jaune would use a magic scroll to escape the area.

Yuurei didn’t feel his presence anywhere, which confused him. He didn’t think a magic scroll could be used for dimensional getaways.



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Yuurei would rub the back of his head as he knew that Jaune had escaped for the time being. He would walk over to the girl to see if she was okay. When he knew that she was okay, he would smile at her, and she was glad that he was there. He would make sure she would be fine when she left, and he would go see Fernando. When he got to his boutique shop, he would enter, and he would find the man. When they were alone, he would tell him what had happened and that he had gotten away. Fernando wasn’t happy about that, but now he knew that he wasn’t going crazy.

He would make sure that things were more secure around here and that his models wouldn’t be left alone and with someone who could defend them. He would hand over Yuurei his reward as he was glad that he was able to do this for him.

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