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Runway Drama (Good)

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Yuurei and Renji were in front of Fernando’s boutique shop today. He had asked them to come over and here they were. He wondered what they were going to be doing today. He would enter the shop and Fernando would look at him as if he was happy to see him. Yuurei would see that Fernando wasn’t alone as the people he had found were also practicing. This was good and he was delighted that he was able to help. They had all stood here, which meant they wanted to do this.

“I’m glad to see you’re all working hard. This should be good whenever the fashion show happens.” He said to them as he looked over to Fernando, walking toward him.

They would all wave at Yuurei for a few seconds before they would get back to work. Fernando would nudge him to come over to the corner, and Yuurei would walk over to him to see what was wrong.



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When they had gotten to a spot to talk, Fernando would sigh with disappointment because he didn’t know what was going on.

“Yuurei it seems like everything is going wrong. The outfits that I created have little mistakes on them, which I know weren’t there before. It would also seem like things like shoes and makeup are going missing as well. Hell, even the people here are getting the wrong outfits for them. I don’t know why, but I feel like someone is trying to sabotage my work.” He said to Yuurei upset.

The berserker would hear this and he would look around the place wondering how this could happen. He would rub his chin as he was looking at him.

“I’m assuming you want me to find out who’s doing this and get everything back for you, so you could continue the rehearsals in peace?” He asked him waiting for an answer.



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Fernando would hear Yuurei and he would smile at him. He knew that he was the man for the job, and he was glad that he had him come in today. The Nephilim would look at the models that were here. He wasn’t sure but one of them would be the culprit. Of course, Yuurei would make himself invisible, so they didn’t know he was there spying on them.

He would watch them as they were practicing like normal. They seemed to have been trying to get everything right. He was glad that was the case, and he would continue to watch them work hard. Renji would look around the place as he was trying to figure out a good place to nap. When he did, he would lie in the corner, and he would close his eyes. Fernando would go to the back as he was fixing some of the stuff that had been tampered with.



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Yuurei would look at them and it would seem like nobody was being suspicious at first. It would show one person started acting up and he would try to mess up someone else who was getting dressed. He was surprised to see this, but he didn’t step in or anything like that. The Nephilim would continue to observe as he was trying to make sure he had the right person. It wouldn’t take long, but another person would try to mess with someone else. He was surprised at this as it would seem like there was more than one person.

Yuurei would shake his head as he would continue to watch them and wondered what else would happen. Still, he had two people to report to Fernando, and he would soon find more. As he continued observing them it wouldn’t take long for him to see someone else had stolen from one of the other models and he would shake his head at this.



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Yuurei kept looking and it would continue to happen as everyone was practicing. He was noticing that everybody was doing it to each other. He just thought it was a few people, but it was basically everyone. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This was insane and he figured that everybody wanted fame, but not like this. There was one, however, who stood true to themselves and did their best even though they were being sabotaged as well. Still, the berserker never saw them once trying to mess with someone else. They would continue to work hard, which was a good thing, and he was disappointed with everyone else.

Yuurei would leave the area as he would dispel his magic as he figured he would go tell Fernando everything he had seen today in rehearsal. Renji would see that Yuurei had appeared again, and he would get up and he would follow him. He wondered where his partner was going.



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Yuurei would move through the back of the room as he was looking for Fernando. He would continue to search for the man until he saw that he was fixing some of the clothes he had created. He would approach him, and Fernando would look at him with a serious look on his face.

“It seems like everyone has their own part to play with sabotaging. It looks like they want the spotlight on themselves and doing what they can to ruin the others. There is only one girl who hasn’t done any of that as has been trying her best the entire time.” He explained to Fernando.

Fernando would hear this and he would go to everyone that was there. It wouldn’t take long, but he would fire them all except the girl that Yuurei pointed out. They were all surprised and would leave after changing back into their own outfits. It was then Fernando would pay Yuurei his reward for finding out who was messing with the stuff.

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