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One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.)

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One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 3 Empty Sun Nov 13, 2022 6:22 am

If anything it seemed her lessons were not being taken out of context or in a manner that is almost far beyond a simple thought of manner."You assume a person needs to be on type to be understanding to work with a person? interesting...at least the best answer maybe not some one so overly protective over harmless suggestion that never have been proven."Nasira mentioned the type of is always hard because Nasira could admit one person she loved was not one she was ever expecting or considered her type to start with."I would suggest for a better answer, one he may never expect."It was a confusing answer but much like many things. an answer that had a bit more in thought later on for them both.

But in some manner Nasira started to just see this a bit more of an endeavour of just some one far too stuck on just aruging then allowing something to happen over time."This will never be considered a joke, I am entirely more about suggesting things that may improve a persons life, I will never be exactly correct. But if they is worry then maybe in the end I will just leave it for their choice to learn what they take for me trying to show some kind possible examples for a good date."But nonetheless maybe it was just Nasira over staying her welcome and she needed to leave."But I guess maybe I have imposed myself too much."With that Nasira simply bowed and left.



One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 3 Empty Sun Nov 13, 2022 11:07 am


Revy just looked at the woman dumb founded as this woman had just told her off and she just keep hitting Revy with facts that she was just trying to help and she wasn’t looking to cause harm to Kaito just ready him for what he might be facing and that what she said may of seemed like she was more attacking Kaito and her doubts of what the woman was saying was more undermining what the woman was trying to help with him and his confidence.

Kaia looks at them and she smiles as the woman is right and she knows that Revy is just being over protective of them cause she wants to see him be happy. She also knows that Revy think they are thinking of trying to confess to a woman that is far above his league and Revy is scare that they are gonna get hurt and maybe never try again. But she doesn’t think the woman she plans to speak to about it would aim to her him probably just freeze up.

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