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One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.)

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#26Kaito Todaro 

One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 4:48 pm

Kaito Todaro
The woman rubbed her chin as she thought about what the woman had said about it. "I know I bring more to the table then just my curse. I am decent at cloths making, I am a good cook, I thing I am a decent fighter, I speak a decent amount of languages and I can take them anywhere they want." she is not sure if this is what she meant but it was really the best way she could think to answer the woman as she is hoping that the curse killing people was just in her mind but she was sure that she wasn’t the reason but it didn’t stop her from blaming herself.

"I don’t think it does half way changes." she was not really sure how much the key can really do beside full male or female changes and she really doesn’t want to tempt the fates by playing with it at any time with out fully knowing what might come of it.

"I guess I should ask if you have advice then, even if I am hopeless probably. I should probably ask my guild master as well though she might scald me." she laughed softly cause the guild master might actually give him advice as well as a birds and the bees talk that might horrify him in some way cause he has no idea about those things.


One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 24, 2022 4:50 am

She did focus on that last part a bit more then what he was explaining."Well good I don't have to worry about a particular werewolf mother complaining about their wife having such an item then."She could laugh about it because at one time she recall a bit things a fair far beyond normal couples ways of thinking she learned from being around them."But a very useful tool nonetheless I must say."Almost like Nasira was being a bit more welcoming in some manner she just casually took Kaito by the hand and use it as a means to kind of just test her."Follow along with me, This will be some most likely you future partner might want to do."Yup Nasira was getting KAito to hold hands with her while they walked to kind of just help her grasp to what could happen.

Then she had to ask about the guild master."Is...is your guild master that cruel?"She had to ask because she had no idea entirely anything about mentioned guild master, But also then again had no idea Kaito was also in a guild but it was more of thing."Because I don't wanna assume you are getting such treatment just for being a guild member."This showen Nasira did not know many things yet but at least she was not shy to learn of them.

#28Kaito Todaro 

One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 24, 2022 9:43 am

Kaito Todaro
She nods as the woman made her request to walk with her hand in hand and she guessed that was fine as they had their gloves on so no risk to the woman she is walking with. "No she isn't like that I meant that I would probably be scolded for just walking around hitting on random woman, instead of consulting her." She laughed softly and rubbed the back of her head with her free hand and keeps walking with the woman, she noticed that this woman's grip was pretty firm or at least firmer then she thought it would be.

She figured that was because she was trying to prove a point more than anything else and she guessed she had to respect it. Kaia kept a decent grip not too strong not to lose cause she knows that she is strong as hell and she is not aiming to hurt this woman's hand, She wonders where this woman is going to be leading her to in the end, she guessed in the end it didn't really matter as much as the journey to that point.


One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Tue Oct 25, 2022 1:14 pm

This in some manner lead Nasira to be in some manner even more worried about what she heard starting to think this guild master was a rather controlling person, Worrying enough she had to ask at this point."Is....is your guild master that controlling, Is she some kind of tyrant?"Whatever way Kaito/Kaia was trying to explain it was not working well. Because Nasira was thinking their guild master as some kind of overbearing rule that control their lives."Do I need to plan some kind of future rescue mission to save you from this guild master?"This was also just how Nasira was.

A bit different then most people then again their walk seemed pretty casual even with walking. As she was walking and considering the few worries on her mind of things that she might need to do in the future over things she did not entirely know of. She was distracted by the smell of something nice, It was something she considered an akin of her former home land."I smell...curry?"In which Nasira in some manner was interested enough in that smell to start walking towards it, it seemed for the moment she was almost too serious for a moment now put aside.

#30Kaito Todaro 

One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Wed Oct 26, 2022 10:17 am

Kaito Todaro
He sees he is causing this woman some confusion about what he is meaning. "She sorta acts like a mother figure in many ways, I was meaning she wouldn't want me just running around and hitting on any woman that I saw like that. I could be wrong but that makes me seem very desperate and very undesirable as a man." She rubs the back of her head as she feels like maybe she had painted Judith in a bad light there without meaning to do so. she hopes she didn't just make the woman think bad of his guild master, if she did then she had done something that she would regret for a bit.

she looked to the woman when she said the thing about curry and she looks around as she followed her and she wondered why there would be curry around here. She wondered what was up with the woman and if she was okay cause she seemed to be very distracted by something.


One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Thu Oct 27, 2022 2:30 pm

It did make a bit more sense in some manner but for some one who had never met this guild master it still was a bit strange to hear about with out context."That does sound a bit more over barring...but that is just me."Then again Nasira did not understand it entirely she was more of some one doing things entirely on her own way and manner. Most likely the reason why she was so forward and almost a bit more casually commanding then most women. But she was far more polite then forceful which she knew it was how it worked for her.

But it seemed Nasira was getting the point at least."Does this mean your guild master would not trust you to gain a partner on your own?"She sounded like she did not assume this entirely but just started to seem more curious about how this works."Because one only fights awkwardness through trial and error." At least Nasira said that only from her own means of trying these things

But Nasira seemed to at least show it was not that much of worry."As long as she isn't some kind of controlling person ruining lives I guess it isn't that much of worry compared to what I assumed."Then Nasira then casually walked over to one of the many stores around here this one however was a simple food cart run by one person. Then with a single hand opened up her translation book like she was going to figure out how to order something here.

#32Kaito Todaro 

One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Thu Oct 27, 2022 5:23 pm

Kaito Todaro
"Hmmm maybe a bit. I think she trusts me to get my own partner, who knows maybe and arranged marriage to strengthen a bond between two guilds." She was teasing with the last part as she doubted that was something that could happen even or was even a thing plus what woman would even agree to be that sacrifice to "him" unless they were paid a metric pile of jewels to do it cause she was not worth fighting over nor did she think there would really be a very long line of women that would like to fight over "him" anyways.

She followed behind the woman. "Yeah I think she is a more helps to unruin someone's life." She wondered what the woman was doing and she looked at the book and she tapped her shoulder. "Do you need some help to get the order or are you wishing to just handle it yourself?" She smiled and was willing to help her the best that she can in this moment cause she was trying to help her by walking her around like this.


One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 29, 2022 6:09 am

It seemed Nasira had some how managed to get her way through a conversation crudely enough to get a plate of curry, sure it was a paper one and it was things she could throw out easily but it seemed she managed to get what she wanted, She just needed to practice it a bit and maybe to herself over all it seemed Nasira was just going to go about things her own set ways. This was how many years a person got use to being just by doing things the way she normally did, She seemed to be just a person doing her own life.

She would take a few bites and ponder for a moment, what exactly unruin might entirely mean."Unruin some one? I don't hear many people who work this way..I don't hear of many people trying to progress and better other's lives so often that isn't just trying to do something to benefit them."She mentioned that making sure at least she was not chewing on anything while she mentioned it and talked about her idea of it."Then again maybe i am not use to kindness of other quite yet."

#34Kaito Todaro 

One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 29, 2022 7:46 am

Kaito Todaro
She looked at the woman and she wondered what she meant that she hadn't been use to the kindness of others yet, had they had something happen to them that they had to attack her or something were they double crossed and left for dead this woman kind of confused Kaia so she figures she will ask and find out what this woman had meant by that. "What do you mean by that? Were you mistreated?" She looks a bit angry now to find out a nice woman like this may have been mistreated and might need to let it out to her about it. What kind of monster would cause this woman to distrust people and not know kindness.

She looked around for if anyone was staring or looking like they might cause this woman distress and she is glad to see no one really seemed out of the ordinary that was around them which means that she isn't going to have to floor some creep or other person that may mean this woman harm.


One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 31, 2022 7:58 am

It was an interesting question, One that Nasira honestly did not answering at this time. She was entirely able to look forward beyond such past events even if at times she might internally struggle."I was kidnapped to be sold off as a slave to other people at one point. Mistreated is a fitting word."Nasira said about it she seemed yet again not even bothered or stressed out about it."I am entirely just cautious at times for how people treat others."It was used as a means as a lesson to help other progress forward in life towards helping other people.

But she would even mention how she did not want to have it ruin the moment at all."Events happen I am free now and thus I have the feeling of joy for life and seeing things as they now, As well as a desire to see it all be protected for people should be free to enjoy life."This was just just all in the end a woman finding a means to enjoy life form things beyond her control and being grateful for it.

Then well she would just remark."This is pretty good, not far off from the curry in Deserito I grew up with."She laughed about it because she expected different flavours of styles of curry. She just always enjoyed many things when open to it.

#36Kaito Todaro 

One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 31, 2022 10:48 am

Kaito Todaro
She looked at her and she wonders what to even say to what she had just admitted as she has no idea what it would be like to be a slave and nearly be sold off though he did spend his childhood in a cell being poked at and people trying to find out how to harness his cure to use against others. "Well I can't even probably understand what that was like to be kidnapped and sold off, the darkest thing that happened to me was spending my younger years being a pin cushion to learn how to use my curse as a weapon."

She looked at the woman and she rubs her chin. "Curry in Desierto?" She wondered if that was where curry was from or if the woman was just making a comparison to curry that they can get in the country. She has never really tried curry before either but for now she was good on food for now as she was not seeking to feed her hunger.


One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Tue Nov 01, 2022 10:10 am

Before even considering going on about her life as a slave she just would simply mention."My parents told me Curry originated in Deserito weather that is entirely true or not I may never know yet, But i just like eating it because it reminds me of other times in life."More peaceful times most likely in life but alas she seemed as always in good spirits and just making the best of life."So I do like to compare."She seemed pretty comfortable considering her admission.

But it was something she was never going to consider have hanging over her head."Even then, it will never define me as a person, even if such events are horrible."She didn't seemed to use it for pitty in anyway just as a lesson to show some one can move on."There will always be some scars, some things in my mind that might never leave me, But i am happy still in the end."But then again if she was able to be as she was now who was anyone else to complain."I hope you did not achieve their goal, Then again i am happy with how you seem okay so far."Nasira mentioned trying to keep everything in a most positive life.

#38Kaito Todaro 

One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Wed Nov 02, 2022 4:43 am

Kaito Todaro
"Yeah I don't say that as my way to get pity either just that so people understand why I seem a bit stand offish or stunted and why I don't like to be touched randomly." She sighed a bit as she realizes how much she is really broken on the inside, she wonders if maybe that is more why she can't seem to get the hang of connecting to people on an actual level where they mean something.

About the curry comment she rubs the back of her head. "Well if that is what they think then I see no point to fight it as it could be true." She wasn't really sure how correct that comment was and if it seemed like she was being more contradicting with how she said it.

She looked at the woman and wondered what the next stop was and if it was going to be more sight seeing or if it was going to be something else, she is unsure what this was to teach her or how this was to help her to understand, but that could be that she was naïve to this lesson as she has mostly just kept herself alone in this all besides letting Revy in closer to himself.


One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Thu Nov 03, 2022 10:39 am

It would all tie up soon but she would kind of play it out slowly."All matter of how it is taken, I took my problems as learning lessons after the fact of how to do about my life."But she would finish up her food pretty quickly and then seemed to ponder for a moment. At least these pondering things would just be harmless at this time because it was just other things she wanted to try."Tell me would you like some ice cream? Not just me but I am sure your companion who has been quiet the entire time would like something too."Nasira said just to not leave Revvy out.

she had been awefully quiet at this time but did not mind."After all I think it would be nice to have this time no?"This was all nice and peaceful like she intended."After all surely they have ice cream work a bit different then compared to home."She just sounded curious about it. it was one of many lessons she had in mind for herself to look into.

#40Kaito Todaro 

One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Thu Nov 03, 2022 11:08 am

Kaito Todaro
She looked at the woman when she said companion because she had been walking alone this whole time and Revy hadn’t been near or with her so how does this woman even know about Revy from where ever she had been watching her from as she had been trying their luck with women. "What companion are you talking about ma’am?" she looked around and did not see Revy around any where so this woman knowing about Revy has just raised red flags.

"ice cream is okay but I need you to explain how you know about her." she opened a portal and finds Revy and pulls her through and Revy looked at the woman.

She is on edge now cause this woman knew about someone that was not with her and if there might be something afoul here going on as this woman made a point to speak about the companion that had not been around them so it was weird to her.


One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Sat Nov 05, 2022 11:26 am

Nasira was a bit more in tune to things around her, she had watched a few things in the background form time to time."Unless that exceed that has been following us around isn't yours...but I will still offer her ice cream nonetheless."Nasira was talking about Revvy. She had picked up she was around with things that did make her stand out slightly but just kind of left it to be a bit more of a lead up to it as she assumed for the most part it was happen stance, but she could also guess and be wrong too.

Nonetheless she would also add in. "If I am wrong do feel free to correct me, I am just trying to be polite."But given he was reaching through a portal and such Nasira seemed it was harmless to guess it but they both got ice cream out of it.

Nasira seemed to have no problem making sure everything was okay in the end if she pushed something too far, To anyone else she was use too she was just normally this way and at times extremely quiet and sometimes considered mute, Nonetheless she returned with ice cream cones for all of them, sure they were all vanilla but she was just keeping it safe and fair.

#42Kaito Todaro 

One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Sun Nov 06, 2022 12:31 am

Kaito Todaro
She went with the woman to get ice cream with Revy following along as well and she hoped that this didn't go wrong or turn into something else like a fight or her and this woman ending up at odds over it. "It is fine I am thankful for the offer just was caught off guard by how you did that." She tried to keep herself from getting too paranoid about it as the woman could have just noticed the exceed as it is a known fact that Kaito had an exceed partner, but did this woman even know that was really who he was or was it just a lucky guess. No matter how hard she tried her thoughts kept swarming her with thoughts how this woman could be an enemy or a spy sent to get close to him but he guessed if that is true she wouldn't have flat told her as a him that she fancied women over men.

Revy wondered how she had gotten drug into all of this and not left at a distance and she thanked the woman for offering her ice cream cause that did sound nice at this time.


One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Nov 07, 2022 11:27 am

Then well after all they all had their ice cream Nasira would kind of just remark about the situation in the end."At least it is a harmless offer, with reason and good intention."Nasira could laugh about it because she was just in a good spirit over all, but this was also because she was slowly leading to other things also she could not help but just enjoy ice cream for what it was, things like that never did last long no matter where she was or who she was with. The again she also had yet met anyway who did not like ice cream either.

But she would ask just to see the opinion she would gather."But I will ask, how did you feel about this little venture?"She asked for a reason and she would reveal it after an answer was given, after all it was something she wanted to hear an answer of.

#44Kaito Todaro 

One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Nov 07, 2022 4:18 pm

Kaito Todaro
She nodded her head to it being with reason and good intention as she had seemed to have meant no harm to them with what she had done and the ice cream was good here as well but she had to wonder how Revy was dumb enough to get caught by someone that shouldn't have been able to put them as they were together unless this woman hid a darker truth behind this that she hadn't lied about but hadn't been fully up front about.

She looked that the woman when she asked her that question. "I had fun with you and you clearly seem like the big sister type so that werewolf boy is lucky to have you as a family friend or an unofficial aunty to him. You were gentle with me and you made sure that I didn't feel over whelmed." She smiled then patted the woman's head gently as she was glad that this woman didn't just put her through hell and she was very nice and kind and she was easy enough to talk too as well and she may or may not have taught her something.


One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Wed Nov 09, 2022 7:50 am

It all worked perfectly in the end as she kind of hoped it too, After all Nasira did this with no bias reason or thoughts at all. But there was some kind of minor lesson she honest wanted to show them both. But she gave them a delighted smile and listen. She had some studying to do later but she actually was far more focused on having fun and talking to people over all. This was all normal of her to do since she always tried to make these moments brighter. A goal was always to reflect how you wanted the world to feel around them.

Then Nasira would actually tell her why she did this all."I know most likely his mother and her now wife are happy with what I have done for them. I am planning to visit them one of these days. Just kept myself busy with other things."Then well Nasira in more of a teaching way would actually say what entirely she intended to mention and show."These kind of things, Are how any part of being around a person should be...at least how i think of it. I figured it was best for you to see and experience it yourself." Then again she just wanted to spread the joy around for the people.

#46Kaito Todaro 

One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Wed Nov 09, 2022 10:46 am

Kaito Todaro
She reached over and she ruffled the woman's hair as this was a cute thing that she had done for them and she started to talk. "Well still thank you for your help but I think the woman I like will be a bit harder to get to have this kind of fun with as she is pretty popular." She laughed softly and she keeps walking with the woman and looking around.

"Who are you ma'am and what where you trying to do with Kaito or achieve with Kaito?" Revy was finding this woman sketchy and she was walking and watching her very closely as she was not sure about what she should be doing right now as this whole thing was to try and get Kaito some confidence around women and she was going to think this was not really a good idea as this woman was being far to causal  and she sighs and she tries to relax.


One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Thu Nov 10, 2022 12:28 pm

Over all the entire means of what she was trying to show was done, Nasira was pretty happy with herself even to the some what question of other people at this time."It might be a challenge in other ways, But I would like to think it was a good lesson to start with."Nasira was not trying to make it exactly perfectly to clear up all of the problems that might needed to be solved, But Nasira wanted to think it was one of the better starting points at this time. Then again it was just nice to have a moment to share with people.

as for Revvy's question she would just say."I am Nasira Sahra Zahra, I am merely trying to show Kaito the starting attempts to learn how dates are suppose to go, Don't really need to be that bad." She mentioned her full name with out a second thought to see if it would help."Sometimes the best lessons are done by the hands that know how to be firm, gentle and guiding at the same time."She hoped it was a good enough answer for Revvy, Even if her honest intentions where strange at times.

#48Kaito Todaro 

One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Thu Nov 10, 2022 7:02 pm

Kaito Todaro
"Yeah but you did me a big favor." She understands that the woman was making this simple to understand and she knows that she will have to adapt to what ever happened while they try to talk to the woman he has his eye on. She looked at Revy as she started questioning the woman that had been helping her.

Revy was taken a back by the woman announcing her full name in a crowd of people that looked at her like she was some kind of nut case or as if she had something that she wanted to prove. "Well I see, but how is this helping him, I don't think he will even talk to the woman before she is scooped up by some other person anyways." She knows that Kaito's curse puts him in a very bad spot when it comes to dealing with other people and she wondered if this woman has taken that into account.


One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Fri Nov 11, 2022 3:21 pm

It seemed Revvy would make it an entire case and problem herself. Even more then Kaito seemed to have a problem with."Interesting...you assume there is more then just plainly wanting to help?"Nasira seemed to not take this into account. After all she just had honest intentions and did not seem to take this into account.

Much like how much she will have to do to counter balance all of the most likely unhealthy intake of food she just ate while here, But she did enjoy it and a feel better about it"Are you worried that they won't apply what I was intending to show to other possible women fitting for partnership?"It was very teacher like of explaining but considered she was a caretaker of a werewolf child she most likely tried to teach them reading and speaking at some point. But now it seemed her focus was on Revvy

#50Kaito Todaro 

One Desiertian Woman's Path to Exploring A New World.(Social/Kaito.) - Page 2 Empty Fri Nov 11, 2022 4:07 pm

Kaito Todaro
Revy looks the woman up and down and she wonders if they are really trying to help him or not. "Since you think you know so much what type of woman do you think would be good for him to go for?" Revy figures the woman will just just something dismissive to her and nothing of any value to her or Kaito as there hadn’t been any signs of anything useful being shown to him as far as Revy can tell.

"I am more worried about you setting him up to fail and it being some kind of joke to you." Revy is just more being over protective of Kaito than really doubting the woman actually she wants to believe that the woman is helping him but now she wants to test the woman and see what she knows and what she is really setting up to happen with Kaito and some poor woman he attempts to do this with.

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