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Translate the Note (Good)

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Yuurei and Renji had taken a job from a lady name Luciel. She would have given him a note for him to translate as it was a different language that was no longer being used. The Nephilim understood what this meant. He was going to go to the library and find a way to translate this. He would take the job as he figured that this was going to be fun to decipher. He would move through the streets of Crocus as he was heading to his next destination. He wondered what this thing said and what it could possibly lead to. Maybe he would be able to find a lost page with this, but he wasn’t going to take this away from Luciel.

He would make his way to the library and while he was doing this, he would wave at the people he would encounter on his way over there.



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Yuurei would finally make it to the library, and he would enter the place. The Nephilim would smile at the librarian as he would continue moving through the place. He would look through the dictionary area as he was looking for the Valan Runic language. It was what he needed, so he moved through the aisle that was for different types of dictionaries that were in front of him. He would go through it all and he would look for the one he needed. It wouldn’t take long, but he would find the Valan Runic dictionary and he would take it.

He would move to a table, and he would sit down and he would read through it as he was trying to translate the note that he had gotten from Luciel. He was going through everything, and he would start noticing something. He found it weird, and he knew that he was doing it wrong, so he had gone through it again.



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Yuurei would go through deciphering it all again, and the result would be the same thing. He would scratch his head as he was realizing that he was deciphering a grocery list. He had gotten hare meat, cabbage, potatoes, and ox hooves, which made him chuckle to read this. It seemed like someone didn’t want anybody to know what they were getting from the grocery store, but he had deciphered it. He would shake his head as he would get up from the table and he would go to the librarian in the front, and he would hand her the note and its translation.

He would tell her that this was for Luciel, which she understood. The librarian would hand over the jewels that were meant for him if he were able to get the job done. Yuurei was surprised, but he wouldn’t hesitate to take the rewards. When he did, he would leave the library to see what else he could do for the day.

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