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Yuurei and Renji didn’t find anything to do the day that they had helped Yua with her criminal problem. Still, it was a new day, and it would seem like they had gotten another letter from the woman. This was interesting and it would seem like she would need their help again. He was fine with that as it would seem like they needed him to entertain people in a play as an antagonist. He figured he could give it a try, so he decided to head over to the theater once again.

The two of them were walking through the streets and would greet the people that would wave at them. They would smile at the ones that were avoiding them. He didn’t care much about them, so he would just mind his business. He would continue his march toward his destination and soon enough he would find himself in front of the theater again.



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“It seems like we’re back here again, but this time I get to be in the performance.” He said to Renji with a smile on his face.

The Exceed would hear this and he would just look at him and wondered how this was going to work out. They would both enter the place, and they would quickly see that Yua was waiting for them. Yuurei would wave at her to grab her attention, and she would walk over to him. She was happy to see him once again as he was the person she needed.

“So I need you to play the antagonist in the play as I said. The thing is you’re going to do a battle scene at the end of the play and lose to Tomura at the end. Of course, I want you to remember these lines, as they would be simple to remember. You will say them toward the end and at the beginning when you appear.” She said as she would hand Yuurei his lines.



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Yuurei would look at the lines he was going to be reading and then he would look at Yua. It would seem like she wanted him to follow her. He would do exactly that as she would move to the place where he would be dressed up. When she got him there, they would start dressing him up and taking off his current attire. He would allow this while he was practicing his lines and making sure that he knew them all. They didn’t have to put makeup on his face because he was going to be wearing a mask. Yuurei knew he didn’t need makeup anyways as he felt he was handsome as is. It wouldn’t take long, but the place would start.

Yuurei would watch from the side as the play would continue to go through just fine. The people there watched as it would play out. It would take a while, but his time to get on stage would show up. He would enter the stage spreading his wings out as he would fly in.



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People were surprised about this, and Tomura would start his fight with him. He would see an attack coming, and he would parry it and then launch an attack of his own. He would hold back when he attacked, and Tomura would dodge it as he would strike Yuurei with a sword. The Nephilim would dodge the attack as the audience was captivated by the fighting that was happening. He would say some of his lines as he fought Tomura, and he would speak back to him. They were exchanging blows with each other, and Yuurei would even use his magic to create stars that would make him endure more hits.

Yuurei would have a smile behind his mask as he was enjoying this. It just sucked that he had to lose in the end, but he understood why. He was fine with their fight though as Yuurei was tough as they could make them right now.



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Yuurei figured that right now would be the best time to take the hit with the sword. He would rush straight toward Tomura as he would give him the cue. The hero would see this, and he would stab Yuurei with the sword. The berserker would grunt from the attack as he would grab his wound and fake blood would come out. He would speak his final lines as he would fall to the ground. Tomura would say his lines and the crowd would cheer because of the spectacular scenery. Once it was over the curtains would start rolling and everyone would be excited.

Yuurei would get up as he would take his mask off, and the curtains would open up as everyone had gotten ready to bow to the audience for watching. When it opened Yuurei would bow as everyone was excited and happy about the play. Still, now that it was all over Yuurei would head over to see Yua.



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He would wave his goodbyes to the cast in front of him as they were glad that he had arrived on time for the fill-in. Yuurei would go see Yua and there she was waiting for him. She would wave at him, and he would approach her. She would thank him for helping them out, and she would take out a bag of jewels. Yuurei would see this, and he would take it. The Nephilim was glad that he had done this and now he would have gotten paid. When he knew that it was the right amount, he and Renji would be on their way out of the theater. When they got out they would look around to see what to do for the remaining of the day.

“Let’s see what kind of stuff I could buy to make food for later.” He said as Renji would be excited about this as they would be on their way.

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