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New Faces (Good)

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Yuurei would take on a job that he had found on the job board. It would seem like an old lady needed his help with stuff. He figured he would lend her a helping hand. He felt that it was only right, so he would take it and he and Renji would be on their way. He would move through the city without a problem and he would see that there were people looking at him and whispering. It wouldn’t take long, but there would be others who would wave at him, and he would do the same thing.

When he got to Sultry Heights, he would see the old lady from before. It would seem like she would need his help with something. He would approach her with a smile on his face. She would notice him and she would be glad that he had shown up.

“It’s you, follow me.” She said to him as she would enter the place.



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Yuurei would follow her and while they were doing that, she would hear him explain everything to him. It would seem like the people that were working today were all trainees, and she needed someone to watch over them. That was going to be his job, and he had decided that it wouldn’t be a problem to do. He would help out those who needed it and would commend those who knew what they were doing. They would all be in the lobby and when they got there, Yuurei would look at all of them. Meirin would look at everyone, and then she would walk away as she knew that this man had it from her.

He would look at everyone and he would have a smirk on his face as they all had a smile on theirs.

“The name is Yuurei Starlight, and I will be your manager for the day.” He said this to them.



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They would all introduce themselves to him, and after they had done that, they would all split up to do their respective task. The Nephilim would watch them get to work, and he was glad that everyone was doing what they were supposed to do. It would seem like they all knew what to do. This was good, he would go check on everyone else, and it wouldn’t take long, but he would see someone was struggling. Yuurei would move to them and he would help them out. They would thank him for the help, and they would continue on with their work.

It would take them all to evening to be done with their work, and he would gather everyone back to the lobby. Meirin would speak to them all about their task and once she was done with that, she would move to Yuurei and she would hand him his reward for helping out.

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