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Guarding, Touring, Peering (Good)

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Yuurei and Renji had decided to take on a job from the job board. It would seem like they would be guards for the day. That was fine because they didn’t mind protecting people from danger. They were heading to the hotel where they were supposed to go. They would do just that, and while they were doing that, people would wave at them, and they would do the same thing. It wouldn’t take long, but they would make it to the place. Renji would see the old lady and the two of them would greet her without a problem.

Yuurei would show her the job sheet, and she would smile at him.

“I’m glad Yuurei showed up to do this. Come meet Kaito the tour guide for the day.” She said to him as she would lead him to the man.

Yuurei knew Kaito or at least the Kaito she thought she would make him meet.



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When he got to the man, he would see that it was a different Kaito, and he would chuckle a bit. He thought his friend would be the one doing the tour guide. If that would have happened, then he wouldn’t have known why he was here to protect him. Still, it would seem like that wouldn’t be the case.

“This man right here is Kaito and he’s going to be guiding the nobles that are coming today.” She said to him.

They would both bow to each other as it seemed like he knew about Yuurei. When the nobles arrived, they would see that Yuurei was there and the tour guide. They were happy that they would see such a famous mage in front of them. They wanted him by their side for quite some time.

The man would clear his throat, and the tour would start. Yuurei would move to the back of the group as he was keeping an eye on their surroundings.



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The tour would continue as the man was bringing them around Hosenka. There were people who would look at the group. Of course, they knew that these guys were nobles, and some people wanted to start something. Still, when they saw Yuurei, they would step back. The famous mage was their bodyguard and they would only shake their head. They were lucky to have that man around them today.

The tour guide would continue without a problem, and it would continue for several hours. Still, it wouldn’t take long but the tour would end, and everybody was impressed with Hosenka. Yuurei would disappear and he would make his way to Meirin by the hotel entrance. When he got there, she would be waiting for him, and she would hand him his bag of jewels.

Yuurei would thank her, and he would be on his way to see if there was something to do in this place.

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