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No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open]

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No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] - Page 2 Empty Thu Sep 08, 2022 9:39 pm

As Rayne looked at Ghost he would shake his head in a friendly way. Letting her know it was ok to take the snack from him. As he would then follow up with a reply of his own. "Yeah believe it or not I was actually on my way when we stopped here as I saw master Judith and Kaito down here. So let's just say I tend to go with the flow or in your case where ever the wind takes me. Sion enough he would start to enjoy the snack as well. Although it has been quite some time since he ate anything. Based on his fast he was on. But it was not food he was eating but juice he was drinking. As he was enjoying himself he would see Kaz and Kaito talking. Soon enough his eyes would go big as he overheard the two talking.

His eyes would go big as he clearly did not miss hear what the former master just said. As he began to he Kaito responds it was a better one than he expected. But could the space Dragon Slayer truly get to the Golden Lands? No not even he could summon up that much power. As Ghost looked on he would say out loud to try and change the subject. "Wow this sure is some good juice...Hey Captain where ever did you get such juice from?" Looking on Ghost really was sweating over here. Wondering just what was Kaz up to then again he did say something about the church and whatnot. He would look over at the two then went on about his busy thinking to himself "ok something going on. But what I can't say for sure. I need to speak with Kaz in a one-on-one. When this day party all said in done." Soon enough Rayne would finally join the other two exceeds as they spoke with Master Judth.

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#27Kazimir Seiryu 

No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] - Page 2 Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 7:12 am

Kazimir Seiryu
He smiled at Ghost's quip about the wind, "Fair enough. well, I'm glad that you made it here. Seems many of the members in Fairy Tail are aloof these days." He wondered what all Ghosts had been up to and if he was able to uncover the deeper mysteries of his race. Or better yet, how he would react knowing what the wind mage was truly up to. "Same for me. Luckily I was already in the area doing some training."

A small laugh escaped Kaz, "Nothing too crazy. Just some bumps around Eternal Nightmare. Nothing more than hearing you've been pretty busy hunting things down." It didn't matter too much to Kaz that Kaito has stirred things up. That was more of a matter for Judith now anyway. And Kaz wasn't going to say too much in case he didn't want Judith to know. The wind mage was just fortunate enough to be around EN at that time.

Kaz crossed his arms and looked at the sand in thought to Kaito's response. He probably could huh? Interesting. He really does possess dangerous magic. "I've killed one once so I think that bridge is already crossed. But they implied a way to reconnect with the other side. I wanted to see if mortals could harness that kind of travel as well. Not to go there, but more or less to know, in case of another invasion. To know exactly what our assets are if we need them." It was a clear enough answer. One that was part of the reason. But he very well couldn't say it was because he doubted the nature of angelic plans and processes. And feared they were acting out of pure self-interests and that the true god didn't care at all.

Ghost chimed in, to change the subject and Kaz met it with a raised brow. "I picked it up from Oak. You okay Ghost?"

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#28Judith Karlinius 

No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] - Page 2 Empty Wed Sep 14, 2022 8:40 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith not quite sure what else to do in terms of the conversation between the rest of her guild members when they all seemed to be perfectly fine at this point could just go about an answering Revvy's question with out worry."Why worry about training a monkey, I am fine working as it stands now in the kitchen."Judith mentioned to the answer of that ponder but it did get her to think about what she would really choose.

But when it was posed to her Judith just simply stated."Maybe, I need to get a dog just as magical as I am."She laughed about it slightly about it because it seemed opposite to all of the exceeds around her, But she wanted a slightly magical dog. the normal pets with just a bit of a it's own way of working a bit different then other ones.




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Kaito rubs the back of his head at hearing himself called a mortal he really can't say that he is still mortal fully any more but he just nods along as he wasn't looking to bring up that he had gained a new power after his time in that fight with the rune knight and summoning the blood god at Eternal Nightmare. "I guess still even if you had beaten one I think you know there are far stronger ones there and you would be on their home turf, but allies does sound like a nice thing to have if this goes side ways." He looked to the guild mother as they spoke about a dog and he wonders if he could see her with a dog or not.

"You sure you would want a dog of all things?" She was unsure how good a dog would be to have around but she guessed that the guild mother would have the caring nature enough to get through training the thing and getting it to do things but she wonders where she would get a nature dog from. She knows Kaito has a earthen beast that helps him in the north but she wonders what a nature dog would even look like would it's bark be worse than it's bite?


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"Awww yes juice from a plant made from oak. It is a very nice juice. It gives it that after-cool taste that makes you want more." As his voice would change over to a joyful yet nervous kind of tone. He would continue to speak."Almost like a golden apple I ain't have one of them in so long. Hey, captain you mind if I ask you something. I know it's not the time or place but." As he said that he would start to speak in a low whisper as he knew Kaz could hear it with his super hearing. Or at least he believes he has it being a Werewolf and all.
"Your interest in the church is quite something but going up there with that thing. Captain, why are you trying to go to that place where the light never fades?"

Ghost truly wanted to not be left in the dark. As he asks that question with true concern. As he looked on he would view the Dragon Slayer and then would say out loud to him,"How does one truly eat space? It's nothingness yet everything all at once. Kaito you truly are nothing less than amazing


#31Kazimir Seiryu 

No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] - Page 2 Empty Sat Sep 17, 2022 6:03 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz waved off the idea of fighting in the other realm. "I'm not talking about leading an assault. Just want to know all of our capabilities. Especially if we can do it, maybe they can find a way to get back here too." he gave a nervous laugh about the whole thing. He didn't plan on leading an attack on their realm though. Nothing that extravagant. But he did want to know...maybe even peak behind the curtain. Especially after Illumin. "I have a good source about illumin and the seraphim that I'm looking into, is all." But it was nice to know that it may be possible. Now they just needed to test that theory out one day. As much as the wind mage enjoyed his magic. People had some truly impressive gifts.

And Judith seemed happily distracted by the talk about a magical dog. Very much like her.

"It is pretty refreshing. have as much as you want. I snagged some wine from Eternal Nightmare too. I met with Odin and he....he let me enjoy some when I was there," he spoke with a little solemness in his voice.

Then he heard the whisper of Ghost in his ear, but not from any senses being heightened as a werewolf. He didn't know if Ghost wanted to talk in private but Kaz didn't care for the others to know.

"Oh yes...and I know you are a Nephilim and this may all be abrupt to hear. But There is an answer I need to get there. I've been interviewing deamons and nephilim around Fiore about it as well. About their transformations."


#32Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
The funnier thing was Judith could easily many things she wanted, Revvy did seem baffled by Judith wanting a dog but then again she could want many things over all and it would maybe seem as a shock from the guild master who never asked for much from anyone else."As much as an exceed would be nice to have around Revvy, I do have to ponder how many of your kind don't have homes with how many people around seem to have them."Judith mention as a general mention because it seemed like a good idea to maybe seek something different, that is if she entirely ended up looking for a companion that was animal in nature.

But side from that, she let people just talk upon themselves unless she was engaged. Thus why for the most part Judith was talking to Revvy for the most part while everyone else was talking to each other.




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Kaito was just so confused by all of this the ex-guild leader that just shows up then askes him to transport him to the realm of those in which he should not mess with especially with a light magic weakness but Kaito has no idea to if that was really a thing that was right for bringing that up now and now Ghost is saying it is some kind of monster that space but he is not the galaxy dragons slayer he is the dimensional dragon slayer and he is majorly confused how this man has that confused.

Revy is wondering if Kaito is really okay as he looks completely confounded and confused by these people and she thinks she sees why he doesn't come home more often or to guild meet ups as they are a headache and a half to deal with and this was stacking up to just be a huge ass mess for him in the end and she wonders if he is just gonna take off.


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Ghost looked on and would remain silent for a moment but he kept his wits about it luckily. As he would not talk in a low voice he would say to Kaz."I am not talking to you when i say this as one was chosen to have a Grace. But as a friend. If you truly want to learn more about such things go to the founding church it has all information on it. Even Kaito could take you down. There won't be no getting back. As the land of light is a master of- No wait basically what i am saying is Captin people without a Grace can not enter those lands without a direct invite. I have seen your power and it is beyond powerful. But as long as he is up there that power is nothingness and i don't mean that to be disrespectful. But more of a don't go getting yourself killed type of thing."

Ghost Truly did not want him dying but going there is like a prison for the most part for those who came uninvited. "But I have to admit you just might still go. So there is another way if you want to know."
As Rayne looked on she would start to pay attention to the conversation that was being had with Ghost.


#35Kazimir Seiryu 

No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] - Page 2 Empty Sat Sep 24, 2022 9:21 am

Kazimir Seiryu
He listened as Ghost expressed the hesitation he had in Kazimir's plan. Despite the wind mage trying to ease their minds by affirming it was mostly for knowledge of if they could, there was still some worry. Aside from the guild master that seemed to be focused on the future magical companion.

Kaz reached into his basket and pulled out a drink. Kaito had already been on his way out and now he was surrounded by a flurry of conversations. He knew the man was more of a recluse. That's how they first met afterall. He handed the drink to Kaito avoiding making contact with his skin, just in case. "Don't sweat it. It was just nice to know. Thanks." He turned back to face Ghost.

"Everything is under control. Without a direct invite...We'll see about that. But if you know another way, these are all important things to think about if we are attacked again," He rose his brow and unrolled a beach towel to sit down on. "But for now, let's get away from all that. Enjoy the sun for a bit."

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#36Judith Karlinius 

No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] - Page 2 Empty Sun Sep 25, 2022 8:20 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed with no one paying any attention to Judith at this point, It was about the right time for her to sneak away, not that it was anything harmful it was just how Judith was, it was about the rest of them getting along and her just her talking to other people. Now that everyone was trying to talk to one another it was just about her time to leave.

Sure it was going to be questioned why Judith upped and left but it was just how she worked, who needs to know when you can ponder and find out later. It was a fun game in her eyes, she knew it annoyed people at times, but it was also just Judith normally to do these things. But would just see that she was not with in a few moments. The only person who might have learned that she was gone was Revvy who got a good bye pat on her head and if she was still on Judith she would be placed down too.





No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] - Page 2 Empty Sun Sep 25, 2022 11:13 am


Kaito feels he has had enough of this place and he is heading out before he gets caught up in some one's crazy time and he saw the guild mother bail and so he figures that he as well should bail, signals Revy close and she jumps toward who Kaito just leans back and catches her as he disappears through a portal from the beach to another place on the island as much as he likes seeing the guild mother the guild members are far to strange even for his liking as well as he guesses he needs to mentally prepare himself for helping the ex-guild master go to the realm of the holy at some point so he needs to get ready for that as he will be able to do it but hitting that target might get even himself in some hot water that he is not really ready to deal with but he figures if it comes to it he can go down fighting some of the lesser ones before a god of some kind ends up smiting him where he stands.

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