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No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open]

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#1Judith Karlinius 

No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 9:21 am

Judith Karlinius
Alas the fun part for Judith was when the gatherings happen, Judith as always was prepared for these things, With the entire idea Judith made herself ready and prepared for such a situation that she did show up in a swim outfit she figured would fit the island perfectly. Even with a strawhat and everything, Judith made herself fit in almost effortlessly. Almost like she had been expecting to do this for a fair amount of time and she just needed the time to pull it all out. But until then she had to just hide it away.

Nonetheless there was things to do, she just was going to wait until other people showed up, after all these events where boring alone, So she was just waiting to see who else would show up, At least if no one else did she would have no problem going at it alone, But that was just Judith, she was prepared to tackle some things alone. She just often expected her other fairy tail members to follow eventually after her, Relaxing upon a railing of a building Judith seemed to be as her was normally, Delighted and happy with the world around her.


Judith's summer attire:


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Well if there was one thing this otherworldly being loved. It would be to relax in the summer sun. Ghost had known about this place for some time now and decided to take a small break off from his self-impaired training. You see unknown to his other guide mates. Ghost has lost the ability to use his magic. Not lost but more or so can no longer use it. These things happen when one needs to rediscover themselves. Especially seeing as he is a part of the guild's main attack team. But for the sake of it, all he needs to get it together and not just rely on his ability to go all angelic on people.

But that was later because as of right now he is taking another break. Just as the duo arrived on the island. That would be looking around as Rayne was carrying nearly all the bags that they brought along. As Ghost was walking ahead she would not be far behind. As she was walking but was wobbling from side to side. As Ghost looked back and started to smile and laugh a bit. Rayne was clearly regretting her deal with Ghost. One where whoever loses would have to carry most things. Soon enough they made it to the gates of the check-in place or whatever you call it. That is when Ghost would say out loud. "Ummmmm...I wonder what kind of tea and sake they have here?"


#3Judith Karlinius 

No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] Empty Wed Aug 10, 2022 4:04 pm

Judith Karlinius
Slowly it would be time for things to start, Then again Judith had little things on her mind to that needed to be in place to continue, maybe she just needed more people of her guild here, maybe more people over all with these celebrations but if need be she easily gets by with how many where starting to show up, But at least some one else show up and Judith knew them, better then the faceless people who would just be passing by at chance. But ideally in Judith's mind she would have honestly just have more of the guild show up and that was enough to keep her content.

But with Ghost here maybe the suggestion she had in mind for once in her life would be something not her normal."You are best not tea on a hot day."After all this was not just normal summer heat, it was island summer heat that was much greater then what he was use too. So she would suggest that to him. But she left it that since side from that it would be his choice what he got, Judith was not serving drinks and being a normal person today.



#4Kaito Todaro 

No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] Empty Wed Aug 10, 2022 5:55 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito walks out of a portal onto the beach and he looks around and he wonders if maybe he had come on the wrong day then he caught the scent of the guild leader, this is the first time he is seeing her in quite awhile he wonders if she will even be able to recognize him after so long plus he has grown quite a bit stronger since the last time he had set foot around her. He figured maybe she might be happy to see him maybe she will scold him for staying away for so long it was hard to tell as he had been gone for awhile and reports of his less then good deeds might have reached as well. He walks across the sand with Revy walking right be side him. As he approaches Judith he waves. "Been awhile guild mother, miss me?" He has a big dumb smile on his face.

Revy looks up at him and she shakes her head at him. She then looks to Judith and she smiles and she bows her head to her. "I swear I have been trying to keep him out of trouble it is just kind of hard as he is a walking trouble factory."

Kaito laughs as she says these things as he isn't really that bad he is just a wondering spirit that some times ends up a little in over his head and he tries not to make to much collateral damage if he does have to use his magic or his powers out in the open. He looks around for anyone else that show be around. He is showing more skin than he is really use to but it was a dress code restriction so he really couldn't show up in his normal gear that he would show up in but he did still have his own straw hat that at least fit the theme of this event so he did have one piece of his gear that he was able to bring with him that didn't stand out from the crowd.

Revy gets to work setting up a spot for herself and Kaito who kneeled and helped her set it up and he sits with Revy who looks at him as he stayed a bit distanced from the other people that are here as he is still a hazard to them if they end up touching his skin. He doesn't want that to end up happening here.


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As a nice gentle breeze hit his skin. Just as he was about to reply to her he would hear a voice. It was a voice he would hear in the guild every so often. As Ghost looked over he would see that it was that dragon slayer guy. As Ghost tipped his hat at the guy not to say hello but more in a welcoming way. As he talked to the mother fairy Ghost would then say to her,"Tea could be enjoyed cold as well Master Judith it does depend on the flavor of it all though... But on that note, this is a lovely place it is short of the heavens. It remains me of Sanctuary in a way well a part of it." Soon he would look at the clear blue sky as he took a deep breath in as Rayne saw this.

She would see Kaito and his dear friend making out their spot to relax. Rayne would then say to Ghost
Joy-Boy same we have been flying for hours and I am beaten. Please excuse me while I go get something to eat." Soon she would spread her wings out as Ghost looked on "Well then you be careful ya hear." Just as he said that she would start to fly away.

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#6Judith Karlinius 

No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] Empty Sat Aug 20, 2022 3:58 pm

Judith Karlinius
I some way it was just more of a warning over all, since most people she was use too just did not handle heat over all but add in the heat here being higher then most she just merely wanted to make a point."I mean if you want to risk heat exhaustion then do so, After all this land is hotter then most places that hot tea would make it worst."It was more just still a warning over all just in case because well it was a fair risk."Unless it is served cold with ice, Iced tea is equally a good drink for a person."She would suggest that just to see what would happen, it seemed like the better idea if he really wanted it.

But look at that Ghost was walking away for some reason and Judith just said."At least return sometime."Judith mentioned to Ghost because it was just how they still thought of it. But it was just how things would be most likely.

As for Kaito."I would never assume Kaito is in trouble to start with."Which was a fair statement for Judith to mention."I miss all of my members, It is just how the Fairy Mother watches over all when she can."The better statement to say about it. She was not the most powerful of guild masters, but she was one of the more caring and nosey ones in terms of how her members were.



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#7Kaito Todaro 

No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] Empty Sat Aug 20, 2022 4:44 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito Keeps the light jack he had on, on as he wasn't going to really be doing anything here beside watch as he always just feels out of place during these kind of things as he wasn't really a social butter fly and their is really nothing here to do besides looks at the water and play with the sand as it was probably a bad idea to talk to the guy that caused a huge scene at the event where the new guild master was named as he seemed to just cause unneeded issues and seemed to not understand messing with rune knights are not the best things for the look of the guild.

He draws in the sand with a stick and Revy joins him in drawing in the sand and he wonders if Judith really did always miss everyone and he highly doubted she thought he was staying out of trouble as she had probably heard that he summoned a blood rune wish maker that gave him a wish on the top of Eternal Nightmares guild hall. So he knows, she knows that he has been up to no good and that he beat up a member of the Rune knights him self to get a Rune to summon that being.


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As Ghost heard Judith say what she had to say. He would give a big cheesy smile as he would reply to her."So you say but you forget one thing about yours truly I am a bit more hard-made than humans ya know. But I will keep that noted Master." Soon he would turn to see Kaito yet again. His heart would start to beat a bit faster than normal. As he looked on at the man playing in the sand. Ghost would be sure to take noted details of how he looks more effective for his memory bank. As he looked over to Judith he would say to her."Say level with me for a moment Mother Fairy there were rumors of a certain Dragon Slayer getting up to no good. They say this slayer of dragons was extremely Powerful. You don't think Kaito would go rouge, do you? I mean, after all, even angels have secrets." Ghost would start to laugh and then he would retract his statement.

"Just a wee bit overthinking things. I guess I don't know the guy too well and I was wondering if you could introduce us...Pretty please?.." He would say to a friendly tone of voice.

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#9Judith Karlinius 

No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] Empty Mon Aug 22, 2022 2:15 pm

Judith Karlinius
Not matter what one's worry seemed to be Judith might not really seem to care unless she really need to stop in. The guild master Judith was always made her views clear when asked."If you doubt a person and their intentions believing they going to go behind their morals, What good is over thinking it?"Judith mentioned because if she was ever clear about anything was the faith and trust she had in other people in this case Kaito she had complete faith in him. After all Revvy and Kaito had to open up to Judith first to see a small amount of path forward in way Judith wanted to see if she could show him.

But Kaito also knew things about Judith that she might not up front want the guild members to know, between her family members dead or alive. Who they where, their story, Even where a few were now. Kaito knew this and as far as she knew, has yet to speak a word of it."Oh sprouting branch, You have nothing to fear of Kaito. He and his small friend are harmless to any of the guild members as long as they don't do anything to him or the exceed."Judith mentioned but she would walk over to Kaito and Revvy because well.

No matter what, Judith always did some things in her own way. But as Judith always was, She could know she could not know. But as always she was not judging him in the slightest for anything. Picking up Revvy the Guild master put Kaito's exceed on her should then she would walk over to Kaito and look at him in the eyes, but if Kaito might expect something negative was only met with the normal motherly smile of Judith."I am happy to see you again Kaito, No matter what you are doing  you will forever be harmless to me."Judith was leaving it up in air if she actually knew or not, But maybe it was best to assume she also really did not care right away either unless she had something needed to do."I had hoped we would meet in Magnolia, But here is also works as well."Judith mentioned there was not stress here for her or from her, it was not needed or even wanted. To cause it was pointless and unneeded here.



#10Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Revy looked at the woman as she was picked up and rested on the guild master shoulder like a parrot. She smiled as it had been quiet awhile since she had seen the woman and she relaxes. She looked at the other male mage that she had over hear talking about Kaito like he wouldn't be trusted. Who did that self important man think he was as he was some low level ankle biting dog.

"Now guild master Judith, calling me harmless is a bit of an insult don't you think?" He laughs softly as it was a dumb way of covering his own thoughts about the trouble he could cause if he wasn't careful and if he didn't know how to hold back so not to hurt the people around him, but who knows how long that will last as he gets stronger every day and soon he might even be stronger then the now ex guild master that seemed to just slink around and disappear when you really need to find him for anything. He looked at ghost with his red and purple silted pupils and a mouth full of sharper teeth than a normal human would have then looks back to the woman with his exceed. "I think I smell fear on that one. He still giving you trouble?"

Revy looks over head as she wondered if any of the birds on the Island will be flying around in search for the bigger fish before the day ends and she wonders if Kaito will talk her to get some more as she knows he is pretty tired of fish since she has wanted nearly every night they have been here she thinks that maybe she will give him a break just for today and big something else to eat when they go to get something to eat.

Kaito wonders if the guild mother is really going to guilt trip him for not making his way back to the east very often to see her. "Yeah the life of the heavily requested famous mage of Fairy Tail, always on the move for the next request asked of me." He knows that to her that probably sounds like an excuse to just get away from having to face that he is probably a very bad member even if he has the power and strength to be a great one he is never around for the guild he is always on the road and taking quests and earning what he can as he seeks that which he has not found yet.


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As he heard the guild master say her peace. Ghost would look on and tilt his hat in an appreciated matter. As he came to realize that the master of the guild truly saw no wrong in the guild members. But before he could say something she would walk over to Kaito and pick up his flying cat person. Ghost would then hear the two exchange that's when he heard him being mentioned. Ghost would give a smile as he knew it was time to truly meet the infamous dragon slayer of the guild. As he walked over to the trio. The wind would be blowing and his Kimoto would be flying in the air. As his speedo would be showing. Ghost would see the exceed on the master's shoulder and then he would say to her. "Wow if that was Rayne the poor thing would have fainted. I wonder how can I break her out of this shy phase?"

Looking over to Kaito after he made that joke and laughed a bit. "Now then the word fear is used when one does not the unknown. We as guild mates are also strangers to each other. After all, a guild is an extension of the family. Yet we avoid each other out of fear of becoming just that." As he said that Rayne would be just now returning as she landed close by th group. There was one problem she landed a bit further away than normal. As she was hiding behind a large sand rock. Ghost would see this and wonder why she did that. But then started to laugh as he remembers why and then would say to the group,"See I got a real scary cat."

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#12Judith Karlinius 

No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] Empty Wed Aug 24, 2022 6:02 am

Judith Karlinius
Was it truly an insult? Not in her mind at all but still good enough to laugh about only because in Judith's mind, he will be harmless, Ghost will be harmless almost all people where until she needed to be proven otherwise."If you take me calling you harmless as an insult, am I going to ask you how your are going to change my mind?"This was not posed as a Judith question, but a guild master question. To have this posed you had to remember, Judith was not a guild master of fighting strength and power like most would expect, but it was entirely her means of knowing and keeping to connections to people one might not assume she knew up front."Unless you really want me to consider you a threat, in some manner then I can easily hand Revvy back over and I can deal with you accordingly."But given Judith said this with a smile the entire time, You knew she was not serious at all.

But alas maybe these two were giving each other unneeded tension between one another."No, Ghost has always been that way. I just simply allow it to be until problems arise from it." Not the safest guild master practice but since it has worked so far she would stick with it until things needed to changed. It kept everything pretty simple."If Ghost wishes to continue being anti-social that is entirely on him, But it would ruin the entire reason I invited the guild to join me here."it was a grand scheme by Judith, Get everyone on an island that the guild master of Blue Pegasus got her hands on and invited people to. To have this socialize and talk to other people with in the alliance and their own guild.

It was a perfect plan, if anyone else but Judith and Kazimir actually tried that she knew came around. The theory was never better then the practice at times, But her heart was in the right place. At least still it was just Judith being Judith, She was not just referred as Fairy Mother just in general for a reason."And even if I worry, One must be happy and delighted with their path in life and continue doing it. I can be curious all I want but I do not need to learn right away."

She would leave it at that. But for Ghost's part about fear."The only one who is scared of their own guild members, Is the one who is often speaking about being another being and how it isn't the path. By that I am referring to you Ghost."She needed to point that out because Kaito was more then forward being around her guild members, At least improved enough since Judith last checked on him about these things.


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#13Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
He looks to the wood elf woman and he wonders what she had meant by what she said. "Oh how would you deal with me?" He was curious to what she would say would it be kicking him from the guild would it be something else like a punishment for him to have to handle or some sort of dangerous mission that she might need done or was it just her saying it to try and humble him but he wasn't sure if he was unreasonable in him saying that she should at least be a bit weary of him as he was a dragon slayer and he had some sort of near divine power. He would see himself as a potential threat if he were in her shoes but he guesses she had seen him as an injured scared newbie mage that she found hiding in a bush as other mages came to try and find and fight him cause others had attacked him cause they thought he had been stalking them.

Revy was wondering why Rayne would hide it wasn't like they would bite her if she were to come close plus there weren't a ton of people around only the four of them besides herself of course but she guesses it was something she use to be from before they were sent off into the world but it seems she never grew out of it.

Kaito has no idea what to even think of those two as he was just here for a small break before he goes back to taking on dragons, villains and other high level things that he handles nearly daily as an X rank mage of Fiore and he wonders if there are any rookies that are showing promise since he had left the guild all that time ago.  "So Judith any good fresh up and coming blood you should be bragging about?" He had to ask as he had been out of the loop for a good bit of time from what was happening back at the guild as he was called in all sorts of ways for tasks that don't really allow him time to just relax like this with all of them like he use to when he was stationed in the East and never had any want to leave it as it was the base.

Revy looks at Kaito and she wonders if he was worried that the guild might be dragging out in the east since he moved to taking on the other parts of the country by storm and helping try to contain the evil in the world a bit more and help those that truly were in need in that moment. She doesn't think him being gone for that long would really cause much because he was still flying the banner for Fairy Tail even though there was no difference where in the country he flew it, maybe he might be a bit home sick for the east and Revy just hadn't realized it.


No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] Empty Fri Aug 26, 2022 12:43 pm

Ghost would let out a small laugh as he tends to. Seeing as the sun was beaming so high up. He truly did come here to better the binds he had with his guildmates and that is when he would say out loud. "I was thinking this is nice for the guild to get out and relax. I mean I protect the streets from crime all the time and so do the rest of you all. But it is like a bee hive at times. We all be so busy taking honey from the flowers that we don't stop and truly smell the flowers. We try so hard to defend the good times it's as if we don't get to enjoy them. I mean it's not like it's gonna last forever.....RAYNNEEE... Check it out our guild members want to meet you and there is even a flying cat just like you."

As he said that he would look on as Rayne would slowly pop her head out from behind the rock. As she did that she would be shaking in her little boots. How she was feeling it was like her world was ending out of the blue. Sure enough, Ghost would look on and then would say to her."SLOWLY BUT SURELY...Is the way Rayne its ok here you are safe[."/color] As he said that he would watch as she slowly started to move toward the group. It was as if Ghost himself could calm her down. She is doing a lot better since the two of them meet so long ago on that Christmas day. So sort to speak it was as if their bond was a gift from the heavens. Looking on Rayne would finally be where the group was.

As Rayne would not have her head up as she was so shy. She was talking to the ground but still aiming her words at them she would say,"Exceeds Joy-Boy-sama Exceeds is what we are called any how I already know Revy..I..I..I don't know...ttthe Dragon Slaayyerr and ttthe n...neww Guild Master." As she was talking she was stumbling over her words. As Ghost would rub her head to calm her. As he would then say to the others,"see mates she will come around when she gets use to ya all that's all. But now that we are here what's on the To Do List?"


#15Kazimir Seiryu 

No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] Empty Mon Aug 29, 2022 7:43 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir stepped closer into the sun rays of the island's embrace. Sand invited weary travelers to rest and bask in the peace of the beach. The sea lapped along the shore as the wind mage stepped closer and closer. He let out a small sigh, thinking about all the things still lingering on his mind and what he needed to do. Perhaps, now wasn't the time to take a break from the task at hand. Take time off from the never-ending quest he had decided to undertake.

Judith had invited him here, along with the rest of the guild. She knew he still used the rune knights for information and could leak details to them that would eventually find their way to him. Kaz turned around from the event and started to walk away when a gentle tug on his arm stopped him.

"Kaz...you may be a vampire again, but that doesn't mean you can't stop to enjoy yourself," Mist said. Kaz shook his head, "The quest is more," he started to speak but Mist pulled a swimsuit out of a pocket dimension and slammed it over Kaz's head.

"Go change,"Mist laughed and Kaz peaked his eye out of the small hole of the swim shorts. He laughed back, remembering more of what it was to be human. He still had to hold onto it from time to time. With a nod, he quickly changed behind a tree and walked out onto the beach. The sun was almost blindingly bright, but as his feet traveled the sand, it became easier to see.

In the distance, he saw all the main members of the guild...well almost all of them. Kaito sat drawing in the sand. He had become a wizard of great regard. He knew the man would make a name for himself in no time. Trouble followed his name as well as some interesting rumors. But that was all part of the process. They had almost passed by each other near Eternal Nightmare. Did the young man take part in any of the aftermaths there? People talked about his power, and just maybe the Dragon Slayer had Surpassed the wind mage. It put a strange smile on his face, thinking about passing on the responsibility of Ace to the young man. Something from the meeting of guild masters that seemed like so long ago.

Ghost stood out in the open too. A curious lad with a shy exceed. He bore the path of the Nephilim. Something that reminded Kaz about his mission, but he cast that thought to the side for now. He wondered if the young explosive mage was able to unlock the full potential of the form yet. He had been silent for a while but always managed to keep his face around the gatherings. With them all in a circle, perhaps those two mages would actually spark a friendship.

And of course, Judith, who had fully taken on the role of pulling them together.

Kaz reached into the pocket dimension and pulled out some snacks he had gathered on the way, just in case he had decided to stick around for the event. He held a small basket at his side. Mist floating around him and darting off to see the other exceeds.

Hopefully, they weren't going to be too terribly late for the event. Did they know about the tragedy of Odin? The wind mage decided on his walk, that he wouldn't talk about work for once...at least not too much. Water rushed over the mage's feet and he wiggled his toes for a moment. The last time he relaxed like this was with Karisa and the kids.

"HEYYYYYY, we made it," Mist called out.

He smiled once more and waved at his guildmembers as he reached them. "Been a little while. I see we're all doing well. Still the same core group as before huh?" He set down the basket and flipped the lid open to reveal some pastries. He was surprised he didn't see anything from Judith.

"Looks like I beat you to the punch. They aren't as good as Kaito's cookies though," he joked and then pat Ghost on the back. "Good to see you. I hope your journey is going well." He wasn't sure what they were all doing. Normally he had an agenda for things or talked about training, but for once he wasn't sure. So he sat on the beach and kicked his legs out in front of himself as Ghost asked about the To Do list. kaz looked over to Judith and waited, but was content with anything. Even if it was just hearing how their journeys went so far. He also wasn't sure if they knew he had transitioned back to the undead.

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#16Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
And thus another joined, this was shaping up as well as she wanted it too. A few things set back. after all she would first answer Kaito."Is that a challenge you wish to figure out. After all I have three plans in mind already. All won't be any good if i mention them."Judith with her normal smile, it could be unsettling to think that. This was not a lady of combat for plans and back up ones. Did Kaito wanted to have to take into account how many things Judith could to do to manage a threat if she needed too. But it was not entirely her point with such statements.

But nonetheless it seemed more and more as the time passed other seemed to come, Almost how Judith hoped and liked it to be."Well well, it seems there are two exceeds now? Almost makes me want to consider seeing if there are any others roaming about one of these days."Judith mentioned casually because it could honestly not work out, since she did not know where they could be found if if she could. Logically she would also just most likely get busy with other things.

But since Kazimir was here it seemed a greeting was needed."Greetings, Can't say it was because I didn't think of it. Sometimes I don't wish to carry so many things far from home."This was one of the few times Judith could be lazy, But maybe that was one of the few times maybe it was a good thing that she was. She did do enough that she might need just an over all break for some things. Even with being lazy in some ways. She made it work in others."But even if I am lazy this time, did you bring enough for the rest of us?"Judith had to ask to be sure.



#17Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito knowing he shouldn't push his luck decides that maybe it is time to make a hasty exit from this place as the guild mother seemed annoyed and the other blood here is a bit strange and he isn't sure he is really right to be here he gets up off of the sand and starts to pack his stuff away as he feels that it might have been a poor choice to have come here to be around them as it will just make it harder when he has to leave and not return later.

Revy looks at Kaito and she hurries over to him cause she can tell something is up with him and that he was starting to feel like he has to move again and she turns back and she waves at the group as she follows the strange mage who she wonders if he is actually okay or if he is not okay anymore right now she knows that he might just feel like even though he is around people is he really around them or is he just there taking up space in the middle of it all and he has no want to be in the way anymore.

Kaito hears the ex guild leaders voice and he figures that he is just hearing things as that man has been a ghost for pretty much as long as he has been in the guild besides for slight bits where he appeared and caused mischief for him or others that he has seen so he figured he was just hearing things so he kept just walking on not looking.

Revy looks back and sees the man and mist had just shown up and she wondered how they were doing but she was not going to get left be hind by Kaito as if Kaito wants to leave he could be across the country or in a whole different country in the blink of an eye and their is no grantee that he will even come back to get her if she was to fall behind and get left behind. She knows this man well and she knows something has him on edge and it can't really be anything good if he is on edge about it. She also wonders what the hell joy-boy is and why they would call him such a stupid thing but she guessed it was fitting to have a stupid person have an extra stupid nickname to match them for it.


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As the sun would beam down on the hit sand so of this wavy island. Ghost would look on as he awaited the next move for the guild. Would it be to play some games or even go up against another guild and a series of events? That would be fun to do as he looked on. He would soon feel a pat on his back. As he looked back to see who it was it was no surprise to see the former guild master himself. To which Ghost would give a big smile into seeing. "It is going well, to say the least. A bit of hiccups here and there but for the most part I'm hanging in there mate...But seeing as you no longer the captain of the guild. I wonder what you up to?" He would soon give a playful elbow shove himself.

As Ghost looked on he would see the two guild masters former and new talk to each other. With a smile on his face he still could remember when he first ran into the two of them. He did not have Ranye with him then but still good times. It was so long ago and what not. The group had fought off a gang of whatever those people were and back then he even saw how the guild strongest member and most loving one got down first hand in battle. This is what inspired him to even join up with the guild. But as he looked on he would see none other then Kaito easing away. The guy was a real odd case to Ghost and too much time on someone hand is a bad thing. As he he saw this Ghost would have a bright idea call out to him.

This was in hopes of him turning bad around and not leaving. As he did want to have a conversation with him in some point in time. "HEY DRAGON SLAYER KAITO, hey where you going? The party is just getting started you know." Ghost would look on as he too had a busy week plan and made time for the guild as he would go on to say to him."I hope you and the cap'n is all good mate seeing as you packed up and a swift and tried to leave?"


#19Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
As the wind mage approached, Kaito was already making his way out. A small smile drug at the sides of Kaz's mouth. He was always on the go it seemed. Or maybe something had happened and he was uneasy around the wind mage. He hoped he didn't scare the man off or something. Nothing to be done about it now. Much like himself, if the young mage wanted to be gone...there would be little anyone could do to stop him. Jumping dimensions afforded him that ability.

"Wonder what he is off to?" Kaz asked aloud but expected no answer. "You should take a break sometimes. I brought plenty," he turned his attention back to Judith. In a lot of ways, the wind mage was tired himself too. This was a much-needed moment away from all the troubles of the world. Although he needed to swing back by and see how his family was doing.

Kaz laughed at the nudge, "Not much from me. Just trying to bring down corruption within the church. I have some good leads. So I won't be staying for long. Good to hear you are keeping a lower profile than normal." He replied. Seemed that the person had toned down if only a little and was sporting a more mature look at that. had he really been gone that long?

With Kaz talking to Judith, Ghost broke the calm waves of the beach by yelling after Kaito. "I don't think so," Kaz answered Ghost. The former guild master couldn't think of a reason there would be a rift between them. But he waited to see if the man would turn back around as he unpacked the pastries.

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Judith Karlinius
And like that he was gone, Judith almost wanted to think she was doing something wrong. It even showed a bit of sadness on Judith's face for the moment. But she sighed."I guess I will have to talk to him another time then."Judith mentioned to herself casually. her chance of having a conversation with one of them in which she considered rare was gone, At least for now a few other people where here. It would do until Judith might want to go relax for a moment alone, Even if she was social Judith did have things she had to ponder over.

One already gone, Another not here for along. In some manner."Always so much work to do, Yet only now some people feel the wear of it."Judith mentioned that as if she was already in thought of it. It seemed however Judith did not have much news in terms of what she was up too. She was a person with many things hidden. But that was just her she did not need to often disclose much.

But these two seemed normal and happy so Judith would not or mention much else at this time.




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Well if anything Ghost would not be surprised at the Dragon Slayer's behavior. Maybe he didn't want to hurt anyone while he was asleep. Seeing that he can create portals and all that. By him being asleep and using his magic while doing so could be bad news. Especially if the others are sleeping as well. As he looked on he would hear the former master say "corruption within the church." His eyes would grow wider as such a thing was not heard of. But clearly, it was but this was something he would have to look into as well. As he looked on he would simply push it to the back of his mind but it was something to not overlook himself. As he looked on and saw the master a but frowning and what not Ghost would take his right hand and then would start to crack his finger knuckles.

As he then would lean down towards the ground. As he started to channel the last bit of his magic left. He would look on at the sand as he open his eyes. The magic would shake the ground soon enough, it would be shaped into the guild hall surrounded by its members.  Ghost would look on and then would say out loud."We'll my magic ain't what it used to be but at least I can do that. So I say cheer up master we hear to have fun in the sun and nothing more." As he said that he would have a smile on his face. As Ghost just wanted to form bonds with his guildmates. As he would then say again. "Speaking of other guild mates I was planning on meeting up with Espy after this. So let's have a good time while the times are still good"


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Kaito Todaro
The man looks back at ghost and he raises a finger toward him, Kaito has a thought of just releasing his spell to shut up the loud mouth but he puts his finger down not casing the spell because he knows it won’t do anything plus he didn’t need to get yelled at by Judith cause he attacked a guild mate or as he just realized that the ex guild master was in fact here are well. He sighs and he guessed he needed to walk back for they were graced by the floaty man himself and they really can’t be denying him an audience as it would be disrespectful to not at least speak words to the man since he decided to come out of hiding for the first time in like 100 years.

Revy looks at them and she relaxes as they seemed to be, being able to stay and relax but she wanted to be careful as she didn’t want anything like fighting to start out of no where.


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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz stepped back as ghost used is destructive magic as a form of art. It was pleasant to see something being used in an unusual way than it was intended. He could tell that the news of the corrupt church rang a bit in Ghost's ears, but the man didn't say anything more about it, so Kaz left it at that. It's not like he could really be honest with them anyway about what he had seen. About why he needed to look into the church in the first place. It was just something that would have to sit in the back of his mind, along with Alisa's.

"Meeting up with Espy huh? She can be an interesting one to travel with. We've never really gotten the chance to sit down and chat." This time for once, it wasn't due to him being the busy one. Things just didn't seem to pan out time-wise for them. She always had something to run off and do. Thinking about the pair of them, they'd make an interesting duo for sure. Just how well would they work together?

Then as if he had a change of heart... the dragon slayer turned back to face them. It seemed Ghost was able to reach him after all. Although it was still hard to tell if it was because they were about to fight or enjoy a lightly tense meal. Either way, Kaz finished unpacking the food. "That should do it." He said as Mist flew down and began chewing on his pastry. He didn't waste any time enjoying himself and then handing a pastry to Ghost's exceed. "Time to eat," mist spoke.

As Kaito returned Kaz would hand the man a treat, hopefully before he and Ghost butted heads."Good to see you. I've heard a good deal, about your path." He nodded and faced the waves of the ocean. He was going to try and slide his question in quickly so Judith may not completely hear it. He doubted it would go unnoticed and wondered how she would react.

"I've been looking into the church and had a question for you. Before you head out again. Do you think you could open a portal to the realm of the seraphim if you wanted to?" he glanced back at Kaito with a curiously cocked brow. Mist just shook his head, seeing that Kaz was about work as always. The man couldn't just slow down.

Mist flew over to intercept Judith if the guild leader was going to interject on Kaz's question. "So Judith. Not often you are around this many Exceeds huh?" Mist flew between the guild leader and Kaz, more so in a chatting way and not actually trying to prevent her from walking where she wanted to.

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Judith Karlinius
So a question was posed to her in which she found interesting, Nonetheless she was interested in the end of the slight change in the moment."Well For the longest time I thought exceeds where considered rare, starting to think it isn't the case anymore."She could laugh about it only generally thinking about a few other things. But she enjoyed the animals as much as she did people.

Since Judith was still for the most part relax she did not mind just quietly listening to the rest of the guild members talk among themselves."Maybe much like the rest of the guild members, I need to consider some kind of companion of my own."Judith could not help but laugh about it in the end. because what would she be actually seeking out in terms of companion after all she desired none but her husband because she was happy.


#25Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito is nervous to find out what this man has heard of him, as he seemed to have just doing bad thing after bad thing as he went along on the path he was following accidently yes but was there was little excuse to it if it was all going to go wrong and he was unsure. "Uhhh what have you heard...? And do you really want to be messing with them of all things? I probably could but that is just a super dangerous thing to do." He was unsure if going into their realm was really a good idea for his ex guild master as that could probably mean a lot of fighting cause they have no idea how humans had gotten onto their turf so easily.

Revy enjoys the goodie that she was handed to snack on and she hears the guild master speak of getting her own companion. "What are you planning to get a trained monkey of some sort to help you serve the guild?" She giggled at this idea and wondered if she could get a trained monkey like that or if it was not really a thing they could see out side of Stella.


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