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No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open]

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#1Judith Karlinius 

No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 9:21 am

Judith Karlinius
Alas the fun part for Judith was when the gatherings happen, Judith as always was prepared for these things, With the entire idea Judith made herself ready and prepared for such a situation that she did show up in a swim outfit she figured would fit the island perfectly. Even with a strawhat and everything, Judith made herself fit in almost effortlessly. Almost like she had been expecting to do this for a fair amount of time and she just needed the time to pull it all out. But until then she had to just hide it away.

Nonetheless there was things to do, she just was going to wait until other people showed up, after all these events where boring alone, So she was just waiting to see who else would show up, At least if no one else did she would have no problem going at it alone, But that was just Judith, she was prepared to tackle some things alone. She just often expected her other fairy tail members to follow eventually after her, Relaxing upon a railing of a building Judith seemed to be as her was normally, Delighted and happy with the world around her.


Judith's summer attire:


No Better Place, For A Luau[PSF – Luau/Open] Empty Yesterday at 8:48 am

Well if there was one thing this otherworldly being loved. It would be to relax in the summer sun. Ghost had known about this place for some time now and decided to take a small break off from his self-impaired training. You see unknown to his other guide mates. Ghost has lost the ability to use his magic. Not lost but more or so can no longer use it. These things happen when one needs to rediscover themselves. Especially seeing as he is a part of the guild's main attack team. But for the sake of it, all he needs to get it together and not just rely on his ability to go all angelic on people.

But that was later because as of right now he is taking another break. Just as the duo arrived on the island. That would be looking around as Rayne was carrying nearly all the bags that they brought along. As Ghost was walking ahead she would not be far behind. As she was walking but was wobbling from side to side. As Ghost looked back and started to smile and laugh a bit. Rayne was clearly regretting her deal with Ghost. One where whoever loses would have to carry most things. Soon enough they made it to the gates of the check-in place or whatever you call it. That is when Ghost would say out loud. "Ummmmm...I wonder what kind of tea and sake they have here?"



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