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Behind The Scenes: Pt. II [Quest: Yuurei]

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Behind The Scenes: Pt. II [Quest: Yuurei] Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 11:57 am


Yuurei would make it to the outskirts of the Orchidia Forest fairly quickly. There he would move around the area. He would make sure that he was well hidden and moved around to hopefully find the hooded figure. While he was going around doing this, he would have Renji on his shoulder this time. He didn’t want his friend to be caught or be left behind. While he was doing this, he would have his eyes look around until he spotted something. Well, to be exact he had found someone, and it seemed like it was the hooded figure.

This was good, and now he was ready to see where he would lead him and probably reveal his plans. When the man walked into the forest, Yuurei followed behind as it was time to stalk his prey. He made sure to stay behind, so he wouldn’t get caught, but he was fast enough that the guy couldn’t lose him.



Behind The Scenes: Pt. II [Quest: Yuurei] Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 11:57 am


Yuurei would continue to follow him, and he would see where he was going. It wouldn’t take long, but the person would take a potion out of their person and would pour it into the soil. His eyes widen as it would seem like whatever that potion was caused all the problems they were facing right now. That wasn’t good. Still, while he was watching him it would seem like the man noticed that he was being watched. That wasn’t good, and Yuurei only knew this because the man looked behind right before running away.

He would shake his head because this man was in for a rude awakening. Yuurei would chase after him and he would quickly close the distance between them. The hooded person would look back and he would be surprised by this as Yuurei would tackle him onto the ground without a problem. The berserker would get up from the ground as it seemed like he rendered the man unconscious with that tackle.



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Yuurei would pick up the man and he would put him on his shoulder. His job was done, and he had known what he was doing to the soil. Still, they needed more information, and bringing him to the inspector would be for the best. The Nephilim would make his way back to Nilan’s office, and when he did that, he would put the man on the chair.

Yuurei would watch Nilan do his job when the man woke up, but it seemed like nothing was working. The man had refused to speak up, which meant that it was going to take a lot of work to make sure that this guy would crack. Nilan would walk over to Yuurei though and he would smile at him as if he had done a good job. He would take out a bag of jewels and he would hand Yuurei his reward. The light mage was happy to see this, and he would let Nilan know to contact him if he got more out of the guy.

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